October 30, 2002

You know, I wish I could feel the same way about school that Jeff does. I am ready to quit. Every time I think I'm done with this College, which is nothing more than an extention of High School, I find out that I need 5 more credits here, or we won't except that class, or I can't give you a no credit just because the school won't provide you with the materials for the class, it's just not fair to the other students. I talk to the person at one university and they say that I am guarenteed to get in, then I get a letter back saying that they won't except 20 of my credits. I talk to another person at another university who says the same thing, and then I never hear anything back from them. However they did manage to cash my check but have never heard from me before. B-fucking-S. Why is it worth taking all of the classes that I took in High School over again (because I did bad on my SAT's and ACT's) when I am just getting denied over and over again. IT IS CRAP, and I am sick of being screwed by schools. I want to take a break, let Justin go and get his school out of the way. But of course, that just isn't the way it works.

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