October 20, 2002

The weather thing: Fairly simple.
Large ruminants (i.e. deer and elk) don't move around much if the weather is nice this time of year. They'll stay bedded down in the thick brush and won't cross clearcuts and roads - the two places your count on seeing them. Rain makes them move around and feed. The animals being semi-nocturnal, this is something you need.

The rain also helps as a cover agent - the animals' senses of smell and hearing are dulled in the rain.

This, however, has not been "perfect" hunting weather. Not near enough wind and/or rain. This milder weather isn't quite enough to get them moving. Thurday and Friday would have been good, because the animals would have been getting ready for the storm that was supposed to happened.

Insofar as freezing your ass off - that's what Goretex and Thinsulate or for. With the right clothing and gear, you can stay warm and dry all day.

Of course, anyone who doesn't like being in the woods already won't enjoy hunting.

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