October 23, 2002

Lisa Loeb writes her own songs and plays guitar.
Britney Spears isn't that at all. So I can't see why you find them similar.
Maybe if you compared Lisa to Michelle Branch or something.. but Britney? No, not at all.

REM were a great rock band in the 80s. There is another. They were in the mainstream and underground.

Ya, Sleater-Kinney do suck. But they still make rock. I'm trying to think of examples of women making rock music, but you're all veto-ing my suggestions just because "you don't like it".

When I think of 'rock', I think of: guitar, drums, bass. Music made for the soul purpose of making music.
Kim Gordon rocks, how bout that? Any objections to her? Her music is decent. Her songs make you dance a bit. She's well-known. She didn't just get a record contract cuz she's super cute & married to the appropriate guy (OK well she is cute & married to Thurston, but I don't think that has anything to do with it). I think that's all the requirements you guys gave in order for someone to "rock".

and thank god people aren't making music like Skynyrd and Hendrix anymore. Nothing against that type of music at all (I do like Hendrix) but rock would definitely be dead if people kept making the same stuff over and over. Rock has to go through shit periods in order to come across something really good.

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