October 22, 2002

ROCK - again?

I was just thinkin - The reason I figure RBF is " rock " is not only because they damn well say they are - is but because whenever I get to listening to any RBF songs I always have an uncontrolable urge to just jig with it. It just makes me feel good. I mean in the car Im driving home and my throat hurts and I cant talk but I put on some RBF and it gets to the point that I want to just try and sing a-long but I cant so I mouth the words because ITS SO ROCKIN' I GOTTA. Hence what I wanted to say : " ROCKIN " - " IF THE VAN'S A ROCKIN' DONT COME A KNOCKIN' " - an inference to " GETS YOU UP AND MOVES YOU " -

Shirley Manson - however much good music, doesnt exactly sing about things that make people want to get up and dance. In fact, quite the opposite. Garbage is good - although I wouldnt go for saying rock. PJ Harvey rocks? And Gwen Stefani makes me want to kill myself with a tube sock. Twice. And The Cure? Chroist cakes - Take a stroll down to Bradbury's post where he mentions ( I might add, which was going to be my next post - the mentioning of such names ) - REAL rock - Rock that our parents use to " ROCK OUT " to - not sit around in their room and mope about how miserable their lives are - The Doors, Hendrix, Skynard - ZOUNDS. Rock that just fills the soul with Jumpin' Juice an makes you wanna do something.

Pinkos : Rammstein was/is German. At the time I was in a German-class. Hmmm ;b

But I agree again with Bradbury about post-Nirvana, I would say that " Grunge " and " Alternative " music have irreperably changed the " face of Rock "
Here's to " ROCK IS DEAD " and just for good measure " PUNK IS DEAD " as well.
Hoo Hah.

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