May 27, 2004

They're re-doing, with Denzel Washington, "The Manchurian Candidate."

Too bad John Frankenheimer isn't around to do it himself. For that matter, too bad John Frankenheimer isn't around anymore.

[Four separate links in that one, by the way]
Gotta love it when you spend two hours on something.

Think you're done.

Only to realize you skipped one very small, but very important, step.

And you have to do it all over again. Because you've now made a bunch of equipment completely useless.

But, that's okay.

When I look up to the calendar, or the running count I have posted next to it, I have only ten days left. Ten days.

Then, I don't return until August 17th. But, I still get paychecks.
one of my friends came to visit me at work yesterday. and one of the tards i watch met her and was way hardcore with a k staring at her boobs. as soon as she left he looks at me and goes "ill say one thing about your friend, shes got a lot of breasts"

May 26, 2004

Got a new project on the way: '63 Falcon Futura (mine, of course, is much more thrashed than these)

Not sure exactly what the hell I'm going to do with/to it. But, the price is right, and it needs a shit load of body and other such work before it gets time to decide. In other words, next summer it'll get the billy-badass V8.

Now I have somthing to do all summer.
Son of a bitch.

Mr. Golightly, I presume?

It's no so much who has left, but who amongst us has been stupid enough to come back. I, for one, am included in the latter group.

May 19, 2004

A new study shows that overweight women have a higher chance of their birth control pills not working.

WHO CARES! Fat women have their own birth control. It's called keeping the fatties in the pannies.

It works for the chicas that matter. That's all that's important.

May 18, 2004

First off...

Wow, what the hell happened to the whole blogger interface? It's all... different.

Oh well, no matter. Anyway, I'm just writing from work... I started yesterday, which was filled with a day long orientation. A DAY long! But otherwise it wasn't too bad.

They had donuts. Yummmm.... donuts.

Now I would be working, but both people I would be working for have the day off, which means I have the day off... so I thought I'd write a little something here, since I haven't had the time or chance to post in awhile.

But now I guess I will go and try to decide what sort of long term health plan I need to have.

Seriously. What happened to all of us when the biggest decision we had to make was whether or not to take James with us to the PX? Being told that you have to decide whether or not you want to have part of your paycheck sent to basic life insurance really, really makes you feel old. I'm only 23 damnit!

Oh well, I'll forget all about that when I get paid on the 4th.
So, if you want to see the newest evil the music industry is propagating, and you have realplayer somewhere on your computer...

oh woops im not emo any more, i just hate
wow where the fuck have i been?

May 16, 2004

crimson room 2. i beat it in 20minutes.
you can pay for the next room. laffo.

May 13, 2004

I know this is a bit late but if anybody remembers there was a movie where Arnie was paired with that dude from K-9 and the more recent sitcom Life According to Jim...Jim Belushi. I think it was called Red Heat, saw bits and pieces of it on TBS or TNT or one of those channels that have the "Action (insert day here)" seemed like it was pretty good.
So, I need to ask a favor, I need to get to Portland to get a release of interest from the DMV on my other car before next friday. Otherwise I owe like 600 bucks to them, and I don't have any money so that's not going to work out right. What I'm basically asking is if anyone wants to drive to Portland some time next week, we could drive down at night and my Dad lives there so we'd have somewhere to crash, but I need to get this done or I'm in deep shit.


fucking blogger.

hee hee, i knew if i waited long enough comments would be easy to acquire.

May 09, 2004

Well, my car's radiator sprung a huge leak... again. I don't think I can patch it this time and I don't have the cash to buy a new one. So, assuming I was approved for my credit card, it looks like I get to use that as a down payment for a new car. I'd rather not do that, but push has finally come to shove, I'm just going to keep sinking money into this car if I keep driving it and I'll never be able to save up enough actual money to put a down payment on a car. I hate my car with a passion.

Anyway, Bradbury, if you could give me a call about whether or not you'd like to help me steer clear of shitty cars, that'd be cool. Sorry I keep calling you when my chips are down, some day we'll just hang out for the sake of hanging out and not because I need the knowledge you possess that I don't. If you can't make it out for awhile, I'd just like to know what to steer clear of on my preliminary day of looking around.

Fuck, I feel like a strong drink right about now.

May 08, 2004


I'm still wondering what the definition of "un-American" or "Anti-American" is exactly.

Specifically when applied to an act of free speech. By an american citizen.

Ranks right up there with the old "just go back to Africa" argument.

Things that make you go "hmmm..." or perhaps "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?!?"
Yeah, I had forgotten Junior...

The last time I saw it though, I was still in middle school, and I wasn't really even paying attention to it.

I actually thought Eraser wasn't too bad, it wasn't great, but it wasn't too bad, so it didn't make the cut for me, either way. The Running Man... it wasn't extremely bad or good, so I couldn't decide, but I was considering it.

Terminator III made the list, just barely, for worst Arnold flicks because it was a Terminator movie, but lacked a certain Terminator quality that made the other Terminator's great. By a movie itself, it was actually pretty good for an action flick. It was certainly better than Collateral Damage, but with Collateral Damage, it wasn't supposed to be anything more than what it was. I had certain expectations for Terminator III that weren't completely fulfilled.
I found a job.
I don't have....nearly...the qualifications for it.
But I'm going to go out on a limb and apply for it anyway.

Then I can laugh in Jeffo's face if I....somehow...get it.
Yeah, Junior definitely is the worst Arnold movie ever. Eraser is also pretty terrible. If I had to do a list of the best and worst, the worst would look like this:

2.End of Days
4.The 6th Day
5.Batman and Robin

And the best would go something like:

2.True Lies (I can't believe no one said anything about this one.)
3.Terminator 2
4.Conan The Barbarian (another one you skipped over)
5.Running Man (like Steve, the puns in this one are just too good for it not to get on the list)

May 07, 2004

Obviously you didn't see "Junior" because that was by far the worst flick he ever made.
But yes, End of Days and The 6th Day were his worst action flicks...they made me sick.

But I have to strongly disagree with Terminator 3. Yes it doesn't have as cool of a story as the previous 2...but if you just want 2 hours of pure Schwarzenagger action, then that's the best one to see (Not to mention it leaves off with a hint that they're going to spinoff into a 'post apocolyptic' series...of the actual war, which I will DEFINITELY watch)

Though I wonder, did you see Running Man? (Most hate this flick, I love it because of the awesome Arnold Puns) Or...Last Action Hero? Normally when people list his worst flicks they list that one...but I can't remember how good it was myself. (Oh, and Kindergarten Cop?)
Well, I saw "Collateral Damage" yesterday...

which means I think I've seen all of the Arnold Swartzeneggar flicks, except for maybe three that I'm not thinking about...

Either way, I think I've seen enough to make a preliminary top five list of the best Swartzeneggar flicks made, that I can remember and have seen (for all those of you who are undoubtedly about to get all pissy that i forgot one in the list).

And this list goes as:

  1. Terminator II

  2. Predator

  3. Terminator I

  4. Total Recall

  5. Twins

And the top five list for the worst Arnold flicks ever, from Core-level to "not so bad I suppose":

  1. End of Days

  2. The 6th Day

  3. Batman and Robin

  4. Jingle All The Way

  5. Terminator III

Yeeup, End of Days was my pick as the all-time horrible Arnold Swartzenegger movie, of the ones that I can remember seeing, mind you.

May 06, 2004

Hmm...Just saw your post Bradbury, lol.

If I can find the cell that has your # on it I'll call ya up, if not -- just get ahold of me at 847-3264, I'll be home tonight around 8

May 03, 2004

That might work... I'm spoken for on the 15th (during the day) otherwise it's all good.

Ran into Mr. and Mrs. Collins today. Good stuff. Didn't know you were in Cali.

Hey, Steve, give me a call.
wanna do something 14/15/16 like a big party/barbeque/camping thing when i get back?

thats what im asking people.
i know its difficult for aaron because he works them days.
i wont be able to get 'confirmation' from people until like the 12th, when i get back.

basically it'll be a " dude you guys rule " party.
after staying in california and realising that you guys just are awesome.

i have a spatula and a fresh memory of what to get for a barbeque from jimmoi's quick-impromptu-barbeque.

please post here/tagboard if you're interested and/or could make it,
if not just an apperance. so i can thank you for being you.
I saw that trailer too Bradbury...

When it comes to movies that are adaptations of books, or just remakes of books, I don't even bother to view the movie as an adaptation. Most of the time they aren't anyway, so there's no point in it.

In the case of "I, Robot", I'm just gonna watch it as a movie about robots and Will Smith gettin' Jiggy wit' dem. That's it. It's not an adaptation. That's my mantra. That should increase the viewing acceptibility of the film by a bit. Provided that the film, by itself and not as an adaptation, is actually entertaining.

And for Martain Chronicles, I was thinking Jackie Chan. He's the more likable martial artist... at least he's more Americanized than Jet Li.

May 02, 2004

What's next?

"The Martian Chronicles" with Jet Li?
What. The. Fuck.

Just watched the "I, Robot" trailer. Man, are they fucking that up. Aaron, I was seriously hoping that you were just fucking with me. Now, I have to read it again, just so I can see exactly how bad they're fucking it up.

Damn. I don't mean to say it looks like a bad movie, but that's sure as hell not how I remember the story.