June 30, 2003

yeup, so james is in the hospital, he has some sort of vocal thingey eating bacteria, very contageious, they gave me some stuff for what i might have got for taking him to hospital. They gunna keep him for 4 days see if things get better.

also, when jimmy says he will " I will get something for your birthday" he means " I will go out and buy something for myself.....for your birthday " whore :P

Um....legally they can't just up and fire you after that.

If you have a medical condition, that is documented to have been caused by your job (and thus able to be the basis of an L & I claim), and said condition prevents you from being able to perform the duties of your job, then you must be declared "Disabled."

Once you are officially disabled, then your employer must attempt to place you elsewhere internally and retrain you to perform a new job. If they do re-place you within, they must pay you at least the same rate. If there is nothing you can do for them due to your disability, they can terminate you, but then they must pay for you to be retrained externally in a field with comparable pay.

That having been said, it is very difficult to prove that a mental condition was caused by any kind of on the job stress. Nearly impossible. It is very easy for L & I to deny your claim, at which point your recourse is to take them to court. If you loose (most likely outcome) you pay for your lawyer, their lawyer and court costs.

Also, if the person has ever been treated for anything related to their current illness, and it wasn't documented as on-the-job, your claim will be denied as a pre-existing condition. If it was documented as job related, but the person has since moved to a new employer, the claim will be denied.

Neat, huh?
i obviously have no life since i posted three times in one day...the first three postees too. anywho. thought this would be neet enough to post:

which was why i was asking for picajOe and say it with jeff also. heh. fun stuff. anywho. i'll be making enough of these shirts to make y'all jealous, and you want one let me know and i'll send you one. for $$$. unless its you birthday....fuck. damn me and buying bday gifts for you people.

cyclope45: yeup
cyclope45: back than it was less complicated
cyclope45: james was just stupid
cyclope45: justin was depressed
cyclope45: i was an idiot
NONfinis: i was all those combined
cyclope45: and you were gay
cyclope45: man, good times
NONfinis: i hate you.

June 29, 2003

Poor poor Sammi J, so that is why I did not get to see you today. BASTARDS!!!

I really don't know what I would do in your situation my friend, but when it comes down to it, if your going to loose your job anyway, take the break and get your L&I.
Involuntary Commitment

Fun times! Well, yesterday at work, I ended up walking out on my client - something I've never done before. The whole thing started on Tuesday, when the little fucker used a knife to lock the staff room door in such a way that I could not open it. He was pissed off at me because I was about to get off shift and another staff person was taking him to his mother's house. He wanted for Heather to go, so he intended to keep me locked up until it was time to go. I was calm - I calmly advised him of what it was to commit "felony unlawful imprisionmet" and "assault with a deadly weapon". He understood and I left. Sadly, I had a "put my fist through a solid object" injury.

Wednesday, we went out to get his meds from the pharmacy. He opened the car door and took off his seatbelt while I was driving, and then began shaking the car. I pulled a 360, stopped the car, and made him go to the back while we drove straight home. We went from there to baseball practice, where I was supervised because fo the previous day. For the last hour and a half of my shift, my job coordinator was with me. It was a successful shift until my client began freaking out in the car, and at practice - but was otherwise calm.

Thursday I was in meetings all day with my other staff, as I'm the house lead, then with his Therapist, mother, and made notes for his CCO. It was awesome.

Friday was - well, to be completely honest, I don't remember Friday. At all. I know I was at work, but I couldn't tell you who was there before or after me, or what my client and I did all day. That sorta frightens me.

Saturday, I can tell you very very little of what happened. He ran across a busy street and broke line of sight - which, is essential. My whole job is to make sure I can see him. He reached in my pocket to get something out (my sweater pocket, but still - he's never to be closer to me that 6 feet in home and 3 feet in the community." Wait - we shopping on Friday. We go shopping every Friday. Regardless, I don't remember what happened when we got home, but I ended up in the ER with a migraine. They gave me some medicine that made me loopy, and then asked me what happened. I stated, "Andy gave me a migraine. I'm gonna kill that fat fucker." In come the white coats.

So I get this piece of paper, and they say "Since you're having homicidal ideation, you have to sign this. It means that a psychiatrist is going to talk to you before we let you leave here tonight." . . .and if I don't? "Oh, that's simple. We involuntarily commit you." So I signed, and they took me upstairs, where I was oriented to the ward.

What?!? I'm not here to stay! "Oh, yes you are, deary! You signed a voluntary committment form! That means that you're ours until we decide you can go home!" So, I revoked my signature, no longer voluntary and citing "coersive action" by the er staff, as well as "untruthful statements for the purposes of coersion." It was awesome. So I get to go home, right?

"Oh, you don't agree. Well, TOUGH SHIT! Our psychiatrist, who you have by the way not met and cannot make such decesions without meeting you, has decided to involuntarily commit you until the staffed psychatrist sees you later this week!"

Needless to say, I threatened with my lawyer, but still had to stay overnight. Fuckers. The psychiatrist came to see me today - the on-call who should've been called last night - and released me. Fuckers. Thinking I don't know their game.

So - for anyone willing to share an opinion, here's my new delima:

Tuesday, I have to go see a psycologist. I can have them commit me again - involutarily by paperwork - and I can claim L&I while I'm there. because they can list that "her client drove her insane." I'll get paid while I'm there, but will pretty much lose my jobs afterwards and be more or less unable to work in this field again. but I really hate my job and could use the time to figure out what to do next.

Any Advice?

Heh heh. Register before July 7, and when the list goes into effect in October, no more telemarketers. The best part is, the telemarketers are mostly paying for it, not your tax dollars.

June 28, 2003

when the fuck did blogger change?

well shit i guess i will get guff no wfor like..being lame and not in the know....thats what i get for never posting.

but um....

anyone seen that show im with busey?

the co star guy reminds me of jeff.

that is all.
While looking through Jimmoi's family's online photo album today I noticed something startling

Now, asides from the ridiculously funny asian with the mullet, take a look at the center character in the picture, got him good and memorized? Good, now look at this:

It seems that same boy appears numerous times throughout Jimmoi's family photo album, despite their not being one single picture of Jimmoi himself. Interesting, eh? Well, upon investigation I discovered this person to be none other than Jimmoi's cousin Bryan, who often visited Jimmoi's family. Rather than speculate about why Bryan is in all of Jimmoi's family's pictures and Jimmoi is in none, I went straight to a reliable source... Jimmoi's mom, during our interview, she had this to say:

"Oh, that Bryan. You want some meat? He a very nice boy, cousin of James, he always eat his meat unlike James, so I like him better. Meat? Bryan so likable, he have normal friends, not crazy long hairs. He just a good meat eating kid. So we have many photos of him, and none of James. EAT THE MEAT!"

After being accosted with a barrage of thrown pork chops and skirt steaks I made it out of Jimmoi's house and back to writing my article. IT appears that unbeknownst to us, Jimmy has been overshadowed by his cousin his whole life. It appears I've probably inadvertantly drudged up tons of horrible painful memories about this cousin of Jimmy who everyone liked better. But why not, I mean he had hot asian bitches:

He was just a cool kid, I contacted him now to ask him what he was up to. And he sent me this picture along with a note about how he had become a well known asian pop star:

And what's Jimmoi up to? THe air force? Right, he apparently told Bryan the truth. He's been whoring himself out to men with an "M & M" fetish. Apparently he melts in their mouths and in their hands, and wherever else they want him to, for a fifty spot.

Sorry if I exposed your sad truth Jimmoi, and about that message I got, I can't hang out on friday man, Bryan invited me to go bowling, so umm... maybe next time man... you know, if there's nothing else going on...
[ColossaljOe Comics Returns]

For all those of you who never got the opportunity to read a comic that jimmoi, justin, austin, and I put together... well now... here's your chance :). I find it in some archives. I'll try posting it here, and if it doesn't work... then I might make it a separate website... we'll see.

jOe Origins

Well... wasn't that amazing? I plan on making any future comics much shorter... this was just the first, that's why. And I don't even know if this format for posting will work... we'll see.

June 27, 2003

my favorite had to have beem pirate jOe. manoman.

well, ive been busy today. a server is down and we're suppose to fix it. basically, ive been just playing Raiden on the SNES emmulators, but thats a lot of work. a very difficult game thats seems to be endless in its fireballs, bosses helicopters and spooky one hp tanks. gotta beware of them japanese though---if they could build a plane that has endless ammo, advance laser technology, homing missle that seem to
NEVER miss and can go into space, than maybe we shouldnt have stopped at nagasaki?

im speaking nonsense again. wee look at me!

we have a new supervisor. hes a lazy bastard. we caught him sleeping in the backroom. he's been kicked out of 3 shops already (NCC to ADPE, ADPE to orderly room and orderly room back to the NCC...). i dont see what the big fuss is about him. i mean, 12 hour shifts suck, its hard to stay awake. especially after you drink as much as he does before work.

i failed by test again. one more time and they might kick me out. hmmm. temptations... nah, i like getting paid not to eat.

my clothing allowence came in, so now i get anohter 100$ this paycheck. i might buy another leather chair. a lazy boy. or a bass guitar. or start work on my system. i dunno. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES. i can do a lot of things. i might not have enough time.

i would like to push out a penis ban on the board. i dunno, but james' and jeff's sexual orientation is not any of the board's bussiness. if they want to be be gay and remain homosexual, than i say we should be more supportive. lets keep the hate in the closet and the gay out. next time you guys see james or jeff, say "i respect you. no matter what people say, you are anohter human being to me. no matter what sexual orientation you are or how many guys youve had sex w/, i will remain your friend. consider me your understanding very hetrosexual friend." and give them a hug. its ok. you cant get AIDS through hugging. go ahead. thats it. huggy hug hug.

i feel sick. i think i caught a cold.


[A touch of history]

I was looking over some old files as I prepare to move from my apartment to a new house... with my own bedroom... which i've been waiting to have for a long time...

When I came across something that made me realize... neither james nor i were the first to... add creative touches... to pictures...

Rather, it was jimmoi:

We Preepaire yure tackes!

It's funny... this picture, with its simplicity... is probably one of the funniest things i've seen.
-got rice bitch?-

June 26, 2003

and of the dancing ( nude ) man?

hee hee.

Hmm, james must be right. For some reason, i happen to be good at finding a picture of a penis...

I mean... i wish i had the skills to find rare pictures of collages of penises... but alas, i could only find a picture of a single penis...

go figure.
[who's first]

Yeah... you all could place bets on me or jimmoi...

or there's the surefire choice,

Let's play fatball!


After all... there's only four more years left...

never underestimate Jeff's abilities to :

1. find pictures of penises
1b. find pictures of pierced penises

2. find pictures of nude men dancing

3. share his collection of manporn with us all by trying to superimpose me upon one of the pictures and then claiming it was an 'attack' on me when, in fact, he's just pulling a napster :

" Isnt this weird? "

its a question really.
i've got bets he ( jeff ) comes out of the closet before jimmoi does.

anyone want to put a fiver down on that?


oh yes... and i do believe that was...


Yeeup, that's right... have nightmare my children...

[It's what's for dinner]

On my many roads that I travel, I come across many things. What I don't come across, i trust my faithful friend Mr. Harry Wapler to come across.

And today, he came across something very interesting:

Apparently, James had a brief stint in advertising before his Box... err... Cardboard... err... Corrugated Fiber Making days.

It's what's for MY dinner!

Hmm... i do remember James saying he wasn't eatin' well lately...

June 24, 2003

it now seems i need to buy an X-box

June 23, 2003


fuck yeah thats righht bitches.

gunna go looken for more games, hey if anyone has any old school nintendo games, you can give them to me and not the evil james who uses them as sex toys.

I don't normally do this - but the buddy icons and the way iChat displays it - just had to share.

I just took that out of the iChat log file.

June 22, 2003

nice bradbury.
and i followed it up with :

which was someone or another's friend. I dont know.
but thats not what I'm here to tell everyone.
While searching through some old files I came across a picture that I guess Jeff must have left at my old house when his mommy had brought over cookies and photographs to show my mommy and the two of them would go in the back room and have hot interracial lesbianic sex.

However, still, I digress.

I got to thinking the other day. About a certain person that briefly worked her way into our fucked-up little circle.

We all know she just wanted some dick

Anyhow, we all thought we knew what this certain person was after: The Zach-O. I have taken the liberty of visualizing with the following picture:

As you can see, Zach wasn't wanting any part in it

Then I said to myself: "Self, what if she was only using Zach-O to get to someone else in the group?" But who could it be?

No, even with the Frenchification Jeff seemed to be undergoing, would that be her intended target. He wasn't around enough.

Okay, so it probably wasn't Jeff. Who else?

She doesn't strike me as a follower of Christ.

Then it hit me. The only plausible explanation. It was right in front of our eyes, the entire time.

Eureka! She wanted to turn Jimmoi into her Asain-cowboy love slave! It all makes perfect sense!

So you see? It's good that he went in the AirFarce. Otherwise, right now he'd be a shit-kicking, pussy-whipped version of the Korean we all know and love.

Massive props to Jordan for his original picture and the idea from which this developed.

June 21, 2003

You can't get around bess. There is no bypass, and all web traffic is routed through it. That having been said, bess will be replaced by something else this summer.

You see, we can't allow there to be any way around Bess. Our use of a filter to block images deemed inappropriate for schools is mandated by federal law. I'm not sure what the letter of the law is, but I do know it only applies to images. We are constantly reminded of this. Bess is actually a service of a company called N2H2, they provide the list of what's what, based on category.

As part of what we're doing this summer, you'll notice the internet speed in the district jump significantly. Also, every phone number in the district will be changing. Fun stuff.


Platoweb....you're at Challenger, in the building on the other side of the access road.


stumbled across it, had to let you see it. THe funny thing is, I don't think it's a joke, if you read the guy talking about why he made the site.

June 20, 2003

so the whole FYAD thing was a ruse.

just a lead in to this :


oh man.
Anyone up for a rousing game of Fags vs. Kids?

Then come right this way

It's actually more a puzzle than a game... but there you are.
pretty neeto program, hell james could even do it, hell he could get his deploma, if they let a 25 year old join the summer program thingey. its free btw, and hellla lota brain test crap. but pretty cool, now im gunna drive home, tired and want sleep, but first... i grab more free pizza muahahhahahahahhaha
yeah so im trying to find out how i can break the password for " bess". Its a computer internet thing that makes sure i dont go to pron sites, and now i learn about my new summer program called Platoweb....looks interesting.

June 19, 2003

for those of you who enjoy the website " somethingawful.com " there is something you dont know about. The forums. The forums are like somethingawful.com on speed+crack+meth+heroine and any other drug you can find on the street or scrape out of a dead junkie's mouth. the forums have a thing calle " FYAD " which is an acronym for " Fuck You And Die " -

the idealogy behind FYAD is absolute pain. FYAD ... is well, difficult to describe because it must be witnessed.
So I am charging to the board to bring some FYAD-lovin to this place.
I will kick it off with the following image.

Please. do not view the image if you're anywhere where you'll get in trouble.
also - if you want to 'participate' in the FYAD photoshoot - upload your images to /images/FYAD/

so. here it is :


look for more FYAD in the future.
what the hell?

blogger changed....

This is a link

Is this supposed to sicken me? Because as I watched this, the only two thoughts that occured to me were "Man, I haven't had veal in a long time." and "Man that pig beating is funny."

June 18, 2003

"You talkin' to me? Are you talkin' to ME?"
click here
Yard work. ha. I miss the "yard work" calculator game. One time, I got tons of money for, like, sweeping the street or something - but there was nothing to spend it on. It was like, you just got money, but there wasn't even a candy store or porn shop to use it in.

"If the grass grows, mow it. No grass? Play in the mud."

Yes, that's right, your Lord and Savior likes 'em young.


"What the fuck did he just do to Jesus?"


"Fuck you buddy."

Even Half-Drunk Andy thinks that was fucked up.

Opening salvo.
i saw something funny today.

i was looking online trying to find somethign to post about (and photoshop for ammo). one of the things i was looking for was a picature of jennifer faubion. when i did a search on google for her name i got this site: LINK RIGHT HERE!!!

out of curiousity, i look for jeff ont he deans list for UW under the pees. ANOTHER LIINK!!!!

notice anything?

i think i just declared war on jeff...oops.
cyclope45: i was suppose to be at work 9 mintes ago
cyclope45: *shurg*
zak p o w: thats right.
zak p o w: shurg it all away
zak p o w: shurg your life away
cyclope45: indeeed
sorry, my post will not be as long winded as three tornados let loose in a wind tunnel, or jeff's previous post - either are comparable concepts for " long winded " - but reguardless, a few things before it does become so drawn out that its bleeding and sore and her legs just flop around like a dead fish and she just lays there and looks at you with eyes that say : " are you finished yet? " - pertaining to jeff and his mentioning of I SENIOR.

I dont believe many people even know of him.
So. I shall retell the story - what little I remember of it.

Once a long time ago, young chitlens, I use to actually " do work " in school.
It was for the library, for I was a Teacher's Ass. Yes. And I did work for them. Not yard work you fool.
I was in charge of divvying out information cards to people. The great thing is that I could " neglect " to find someone's card I disliked.

A very funky looking retarded, mind you - i use the word retarded lightly because I do not mean to offend anyone and yes I should be using " developementally disabled and mentally defecient " to describe him but this motherfucker would have drooled all over three continents if someone wasnt around to keep his fucking mouth shut - and he looked like a pumpkin that, during its time growing, happened to be growing under a parade so it was all malformed and then the parade went out of buisness and so they threw it in a vat of six weeks old human fecees that just happened to be laying around - see. im sensitive to these sorts of people.

as I was saying before I was ... no wait ... ill draw what this guy's head looked like.

thats right. fucker was crazy looking like he'd been beaten by four angy housewives who were disgruntled about thier husbands going out and fucking younger better looking women.


He came up to me, and I usually this is how my Identification Card Handing Out goes with people :

1. Name?
2. They give me their name.
3. I grab one of the three alphabetic boxes full of cards.
4. I search through.
5. If I find it, I hand it to them. I dont find it, I redirect them to Mrs. K.

But this shit comes up to me and says ( very loudly ) :


I respond with : " Ummmm. "
he says it again :


I begin to get angry ... " Hey uh... I dont know... "
but before I can say anything he cuts me off with :



To which one of two things happened.
Either I fucking yelled at the motherfucker.
or right before I could someone saw my impending aggrivated verbal assault ( which probably would have given him more physical trauma ) and shoveled him away from me as quickly as possible.

Thats the last thing I ever want to remember.

did anyone else find it interesting ( funny? )
how Jeff seems to be really, really interested in " footlongs "
more specifically : " chubby footlongs "

i mean he really took a liking to 'em.
[A PDA to chill you to the bone]

Mr. Collins little post about the various things he hated... amused me. That is until he mentioned the word "mongloid" and i was reminded of something horrendous and hideous that I lay witness to last week, Wednesday.

Perhaps... perhaps I should set the scene first:

It was a normal Wednesday morning. I had just endured a car ride from the bus stop to the Tacoma Dome with my mother. It wasn't so bad really... but i kept feeling nauseated upon entering the city of "where dogs come to die" err... i mean Tacoma.

After finding a parking spot, I walked into the Tacoma Dome to see my sister's graduation , as well as to find Justin and Breanna, cause I said i'd meet up with them there to see Joel's graduation as well.

All in all it wasn't a bad ceremony. It wasn't fantastic either. I had to sit through the boring speeches, the horrid band playing... the choir... oh god the choir... a couple more speeches...

blah blah blah

and then the walking ceremony. Again, went by alright. By that time i had met up with Justin and Breanna and all was good. Justin had an awesome shirt on:

Why not have a footlong!
Gotta love them footlongs!

But what was especially awesome was that Joel, Justin's brother... the kid who went paintballing with us back when almost nobody did it but Mr. Collins, Mr. Miller, Mr. Wegener, and Mr. Kaasa... he went up, shook the principal's hand, went back to his seat and sat down even though they were all supposed to remain standing...

tada! Rabbit Graduates
Good ol' rabbit! Remember him... the one who was like, "hey, are you guys dead?" while walking out in the open during one of our first paintball games... ahhh good times

And once again... James was not present as a graduate here either...

Which prompts me to ponder...
what would it be like if james did graduate:

There he is... not only is he walking... but he's actually giving the speech this year. It is entitled: "If you try, you can reach your dreams!" He stands and he reads it...

If you believe...
"If you just believe in yourselves... and dare to dream... you can reach your own personal never neverland...! I sure did!"

After his speech he would be given his diploma and in that moment, the earth would open up and Elvis would appear, turning out to be the one true lord of the damned...

Intense... yes i know.

Hmm, that was certainly a trip into lala land.

Anyway... back to the story at hand. So after the ceremony, Justin, Breanna, and I went down to meet Joel and say hi. They branched out to go find him while i went to find my sister... who as it later turned out, left with friends, and I ended up searching for her for like an hour. I would just like to take the time now to say...

I hate Tacoma.

So taking stops between that, I hung out with Justin and Joel and Breanna... and reminisced about the old times... fun stuff...

Then I would take off again to find everyone... and that's when it happened. I was laid witness to the most shocking and sad thing ever.

iSenior... of the 2003 class. It wasn't the iSenior i remember from when I was in high school. No, this was a different one. Yet, he still had that same face. That same face... the one that haunts you in the night, and you don't know whether to wake up for fear that he might be staring at you in ghost form, like in the Exorcist, when the demon is on the walls and stuff...


so there iSenior (the 2003 model) was... and he was standing next to a fairly attractive petite blonde girl. She looked completely normal, so i took her to be not one of the family... in retrospect, i certainly hope not. I figured her to be a friend of his, at most...

but what did i see...

nothing more then iSenior grabbing this girl's ass... and her letting him! WTF?! It scared me... it scarred me... it has shaped the reality of my life for the next couple of years.


I know what you are all thinking. I thought it too. But no... releasing an army of ants into your ear while not allow them to eat out the memory centers of your brain thus destroying that mental image. Your only hope is to pray that armageddon comes soon.

I sure am.

Damn you iSenior. Damn you.

June 17, 2003

the person nwcryo@earthlink.net emailed me.
it said :

" FUCK U!!! "
the subject was :
" FUCK U!!! "

I replied to them with :
" you rule. "

I searched nwcryo@earthlink.net on google. and found
this website

I would have laughed loudly.
But that would have hurt.
so I giggled quietly.


Bookmark it.
[Calm before the storm]

Yes... i smell it too...


anybody care to place bets? or make alliances... hehehe
i hate evansnakmscxnvnjrcnqer. i do think they should jump out of a building, much like they do in their horible music video.

ive been eating food again. solid food, and havent been shitting much for a while. so i think signs point ot greener pastures as appose to brown and the occaisional yellow.

so i finally watche trainspotting all the way through. ive always seen it all the way up to the part where he gets a job and almost becomes normal. never saw the rest until now---and i have to say, i was a bit disapointed. im too tired to say why, if their really is any reason. probably isnt.
i have yet to see boondock saints. in on my desk right now. i could put it in. but i wont.

im already down cleaning the buildiong. we didnt have a mop so i just threw pine sol on the floor and droped a rag on the floor and pushed it with a stick. it has the same effect. im not sure what im suppose to be doing. i finished the checklist in liek 20 minutes, so i think i might be done. if thats the case, than this bay orderly stuff rools. 20 minute work days for a week. sweet. thursday i do have to mow the lawn, and i guess either friday or saturday i have to be cq for twelve hours, but other than that, this ought to be cake.

i dont knwo where or when we had this conversation, but i want to state this: Army of Darkness was a sequel to Evil Dead 2, but Evil Dead 2 wasnt a sequel to Evil Dead, but rather a retelling of the first movie. i think i had this "discussion/argument" with james, but i ferget. it was probably like 3 years ago on the stairs at bethel, and i hadnt even seen army of darkness or evil dead at the time, just evil dead 2. finally saw evil dead, have it on my computer and dear lord-what a horrible movie. i love it. i still need to watch eraserhead.

it seems like we're all waiting for someone to make the first move in this "PHOTOSHOP WAR" thingie. we all know its comming. you can smell it. dead posts, free time and boredom-its ripe for postings. the only quesion is---will it be as grane as it was last year (or was that two years ago? jeebus, time flys)? we shall see...

oh, and i hate you motherfuckers.

Fuck you Mr. Whipple

thats right. you dont get many posts like this from me anymore. but an accumulation of certain factors has pressed me to come to the board with my agitation. WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THIS EVENAS(UCK)ANC(OCK)E SONG " GOING DOWN " or some bullshit, i dont know. It isnt good. I hate evenesance. I hate them with more passion than I hate watching Aaron eating mashed potatoes. Oh my god thats a lot. but yet here i am stuck on the transline all fuckin' night and the radio is playing and lo and behold they play that bloody song SEVEN TIMES. SEVEN TIMES. ONE NIGHT. ONE RADIO STATION. I actually was afraid of changing the station merely because the last time something washed over the airwaves it was on EVERY STATION AT THE SAME TIME AT ALL TIMES. oh my jesus chroist, it almost makes me want to shoot myself in the face and then rearrange my face to where it spells out something along the lines of " evenescance should commit suicide " or " please shoot me again "



so I passed out again. So i went to the hospital. So on the doctors note it specifically states (2) possible eating disorder. How the fuck am i suppose to dispute that? So I was malnutritioned. So I didnt eat for a week and a half. So Im a bit yellow. So I have a large infected lymph node which makes it difficult for me to breathe. So Im weak and tired and dizzy most of the time. But you know what? If I have to go to a nutrionist to ' get better ' so to speak - and those motherfuckers start to try and brainwash me with that god-damned " food pyramid " bullshit that they had in personal relations, im going to beat someone's teeth in - then im going to make a god-damned "teef pyramid" and see how they like that one. " WHERE IS YOUR FUCKING BREAD GROUP NOW BITCH? OH - IS IT REPRESENTED BY THE MOLARS OR THE BICUSPIDS?!?! " fuckers.


and due to my passing out and missing work i am in very close proximity to losing my cushy 15.80 an hour job. In the event this happens, I've been debating on a couple of choices. 1. join the military - because quite frankly what the fuck else am i going to do with my life? It seems im subconciously suicidal anyway with not eating - so if i dedicate my life to saving the freedom you fucks take for granted at least i wont be dead eh? and if i die - fuck, i was going to die anyway. 2. collect unemployment for awhile and then go to college and get myself some debt. but the real question is : why would i go to college - to major in what? what the fuck am i good at? shit.


i have a date coming up here in a couple of hours.
debating on whether or not to cook up some of my RECENTLY BOUGHT STEAKS OF GOODNESS or just going out to sharis and having them cook me a T-bone. Fuck you Jimmoi. Now i've got a thing for steaks. I eat em for breakfast. I eat em for dinner. With a carrot. Yum.

you heard the man.

June 16, 2003

Je Disparais: ... yeah, i think i am going to enjoy this.
zak p o w: but wong is a word isnt it?
Je Disparais: oh keep it up.
zak p o w: ..
zak p o w: dude.
zak p o w: i was joking about the cybersex thing.
sometimes it feels liek the world's on my shoulders-everyone is leaning on me...

SUPER BOMBER MAN. oh dear jesus. why is the game so addicting? i remember playing bomberman gta and worms in my back yard w/ justin and jeff eating hot dogs and drinking cheap safeway soda. good times.

ive been bugged a lot for not having my mobility folder ready. it was suppose to be done like thursday---and i ATTEMPTED to get everything, but i still need to get new dog tags. argh. im not going anywhere until i get all that done, so i guess thats good. knowing me-i'll NEVER get any of it done.

i just got notified that im bay orderly this week. fook. i have to clean. argh. for a whole week. and than be CQ. poo.

i eat moon pies now.

June 15, 2003

[masters of the universe]

Hahaha... I get to claim the new coveted title of:



And it was all possible with the help of the man:

I am the Tate!

Actually, i didn't receive any help from him... but i wanted to post this picture anyway... for two reasons.

  1. haha, remember Tate? I remember him always running after cars leaving the parking lot. Good times. Bethel's own "running man"... sorta.

  2. Nobody is safe from my postage... (not to be confused with stamps)... not even Tate!

Well, that's all for now... nothing new to report.

Oh yeah... i get my diploma in August... it's actually all rather unnerving... but... whatever.
I walk next June. You are all ordered to go. ORDERED!

That is all.

June 14, 2003

I'm sorry, Zach-O, I know it's a cheap shot.

There's kicking a man when he's down, and then thFIRENZAere's just being a dick...

But you know it's jFIRE-EN-ZA!ust so easy.
..and to bradbury i send out a heartfealt

Fuck You Buddy!

now...back to my....*takes a drink*

June 13, 2003


You all need to get the latest version of Quicktime from the Apple Website. Do it. Do it now!

I'm gonna start putting the video's i have on Mpeg4, using AAC encoding. As far as i know, Quicktime is the only player that can read it. I was gonna do it as a VCD, which is basically Mpeg1, but Mpeg4 is smaller and i'm the one doing these files and i have to save space somehow...

so screw you all, get Quicktime!

for some movies i will do mpeg1, maybe mpeg2 (dvd), but that's just so they can be played on dvd players... and that's only the really big stuff like the bethel slayer, the evil twin movie that michael and i worked on with jimmoi and the tree spirits.. (maybe)... and maybe a couple others... not sure yet...

in the end, get QUICKTIME...

And let us not forget:

i hate every

That number has called me twice, both times just before I got home from work.

Margaret Woodward of San Marcos, Texas.

Leave a fucking message or quit calling, Bitch!

Time to change the outgoing message on my answering machine.
Heh....So I'm scanning through the archives. Don't know why, I've got better things to be doing right now. Anyway, so I decide to go back to Day One.


That's right, the very first Buttsex on the board. Jimmoi managed to make two full posts before finally bringing out the Buttsex in post three.


Now I'll go and either:

A) Get blotto

B) Fix a damn car.

C) Head down to South Hill and see what the hell Aaron was talking about with "Network Utilization"

Or maybe a combination thereof.
[The fat profit returns]

So, I was talking to jOe online. That was interesting. Always tends to be.

I don't have time to go into details why... so instead, just read this fun little excerpt from our conversation... there is so much more... but i don't have time to post it all yet.

(18:31:22)clossaljoe:upgrading my cheat device
(18:32:58)clossaljoe:howdoido that
(18:33:00)jedisparais:what's that
(18:33:02)jedisparais:... ??
(18:33:07)jedisparais:i don't know, i have an apple mac
(18:33:17)clossaljoe:damb spacebar
(18:33:20)jedisparais:hey, did you know that a krispy kreme is opening up on meridian
(18:33:36)jedisparais:what's wrong with your space bar?
(18:33:41)jedisparais:olny workin' sometimes?
(18:34:28)clossaljoe:only if i press hard

Now, i normally don't like when convo's are posted... but exceptions must be made.

I posted this one cause he kept spelling damn wrong throughout the convo, but i only caught this one example... and cause he knew about krispy kreme... and i'm sorry but that's funny.

and cause i wanted to see if he would catch "olny"... but i think he remembers the tortue jimmoi put him through with that word.

Better ones later.

oh man

i forget to read the board for a few days....
http://maddox.xmission.com/ So far it has been a great waste of time when i am board. very funny views on random stuff :D
so yeah, go there if ya get bored, whores.

i think my biggest fear is to be hunted down like a wild animal by a cyborg from the future assigned to kill me to prevent World War 3...


June 12, 2003

Funny arron, but you know why they do that?? So no matter how good of a day you are having, you must use the bathroom at least once at work and that toliet paper is there to keep your self esteem in the shiters....literly. hah.

" So, you graduate today?? hows it feel?? ..... Jesus guys, im like....turning 16 in december shit, im only a fucking JR, ive still got 1 more year to go and then im freeeeeee, Guess its about time i told you all, im like....super smart, they skiped me 2 grades from 9th grade. So yeah, stop bothering me about graduating, and i will continue to spell things wrong and piss people off with " supar leet speling " so people dont catch on to me.

on the other hand ill be geting my licenece tommrow or the day after, so ill be able to run people over and such, and this summor ill hopefully be geting a job.
Madcowkid: im a 15 year old genious
Madcowkid: but i play dumb and hang out with my brothers 21 year olds because they give good head.
zak p o w: who cannot spell genius?
Madcowkid: stfu whroe
zak p o w: or whore for that matter.
Madcowkid: that was a typo....
zak p o w: yeeeah.
Madcowkid: so was genious
zak p o w: third times a charm eh?
Madcowkid: fuck, im gunna have to use spellcheck
Madcowkid: argh.
zak p o w: ok jimmoi.
I haven't got to rant in awhile, because my disposition has been better than it was "back in the day", but today I realized something and it made me really really angry. I pose a question to you my fellow slugs, and that question is:


Seriously, they buy it in bulk, how much more can it possibly cost? I'm tired of coming out of the bathroom everytime I take a shit at work and feeling like I just suffered prison rape from the industrial grade single ply toilet paper we stock our bathroom with. Does that shit say "studded" on the package. I think if I turned it to the side it might say something like "Bubba Brand Toilet Paper, The official toilet paper of the California State Correctional System."
I imagine a commercial:
"Bubba Brand Toilet Paper, in addition to allowing you to wipe, also serves as a deterrant to future felons. Just listen to this testimony:"

"Damn gangsta! I was planning on pulling some shizzle and holding up a video store until I wiped my ass in their bathroom. I read the label and I'm like 'DAMN NIGGA, if this be what prison feels like, I'm not gonna jank shit evah again. Fuck man, Where can I get some bandages all up in this shit."

"Remember to try our other products, Eazy-Grip Soap and our How to Construct 101 Shivs from Everyday Products and our CHicken Soup for The Shower Rape Victim's Soul books."

God damn, I'm bringing my own toilet paper to work.

June 11, 2003

JAMES:So this one time i was sucking dick---

STEVE: I do love the occasional dick.

JAMES: Yeah i know, but i was sucken, and man oh man it was grand.

BONNIE: You guys are sick!

ARRON: ..... well, he was good.

JIMMY: Buttsexx?

JEFF Now, now, everyone loves to give a little head time to time, and theres nothing wrong with having to much meat in you'r tossed sallad.

ZACHO: Buttsexx.

JAMES: now where was i again??

I dunno i was bored....dont ever use my name for a prank call, inless its to me, other then that....die...

weeeeeeeee. Steve, James, arron, go some a phat cock, it will mellow you out. * snickers *
back to SB, leading forces to TBI to burn some more buildings and PK some spawns bahahha.
STEVE:Bravo. Amen to that.

JAMES: Nice post editing to try and make me look stupid James. By the way, I thought you'd be the last one to post that drama queen crap on the board. And besides, is it that hard to just answer questions people ask you?

RICK:There isn't actually anyone on the board named Rick, but if there was, I'd probably say something like "How's it going, Rick? Welcome to the board", you know, to try and be friendly.

June 10, 2003

damn jimmoi.

he comes down here with one rap cd and makes me remember how much i enjoyed the bass-lines in rap.
now ive spent a good amount of money to slowly build up my rap collection.

Im particular to " dirty south " - where instead of ' cappin niggas ' and so forth
its more about partying, having a good time, fuckin' bitches and smokin weed.

good stuff.
anywho, the reason i am posting this is to see if any slugs know much about rap
( jimmoi and aaron excluded ) - and if there is anything they'd like to suggest.

hoo dawgies.
Hmm...speaking of pranks, someone called my mom's classroom and said that they were the sheriff and asked if my brother had a red ford pickup and my mom said yes and they said he had been in a serious accident and my mom asked for details and they said they'd call back in 10 minutes and in that ten minutes my mom called some of our police friends and found out there had been no accident. Pranks are mean, and James is an ass.

James...don't post my conversations with you on the board becuase #1 nobody gives a shit and #2 nobody gives a shit. It's boring and stupid...kind of like you...You're an ass. Steve is right. WHy did you post that whole big long thing? Although it's semi interesting, you could have gone over and just TALKED to steven about the whole matter instead of bringing it to the attention of everyone on the board. It's almost like me talking about your relationship with heather on the board. That may bother you, right?

I have to wake up at 2 because i have to be at work at 4...I get off at 12 and to PT until 2. Mother fuckers. They're switching my schedule in a week...so this is just so ic an get used to it, and then i can be yanked out of it and put on another shift. The military is fucked up sometimes.
cyclope45: so whats this about andy and tza and jesus? i cant see the board
zak p o w: thats it.
cyclope45: but jeff was telling about it
zak p o w: im killing you all.
Well James, since you decide to bring it to the board, so will I.

I just asked you a question, because I wanted to get any information on it you might have.
Instead of answering the question, you give me this 'I dont care' bullshit. When you could have
simply said, no...I know nothing about it. Quite frankly, your inability to just answer simple
questions pisses me off. And no, marijuana wasn't mentioned in the same sentence as me.
As a matter of fact it had nothing to do with me.
Fact of the matter is, I wanted to know if you knew anything. And rather than make it simple,
you give me this 'I don't care' crap, ya start talking about how 'hes out of the loop' and shit. I didn't
want that. If I wanted to know about Andy and the loop, I would have said "James, is andy in the loop?"
If I wanted to know if you cared, I'd have said "Hey James, Do you care if someone is fucking with Andy?"
But I didn't. I asked if you knew about it, or if you knew anything pertaining to it.
My 'seriousness' was because I wasn't in the mood for, nor did I feel like spending the time on your
annoying bullshit. But yet you insisted on tellin me you didn't care. You even finished it with 'nor do I care.'
(Gee, like I didn't figure that out the first 3 times you answered my question with it)
You want to be a cock, go for it. Feel free. But don't complain next time someone says 'James is an ass.'
I simply had a question, and wanted an answer, which you for some reason thought it was more important
to proclaim your apathy towards Andy than answer it. Is it the fact that you're so pissed off at Andy (still)
that makes it so ya have to let people know that at every chance you get...the reason you couldn't answer?
I don't know, and I don't care. But It could have been a quick 5 second convorsation.
"Do you know anything" --- "No" --- "Ok, laterz"
Wow, that's hard.
Next time try pulling your cock out of your ass before you start cryin like a baby over me being annoyed
with your reluctance to answer a damned question.

And, for your knowledge, it was hard for him to tell who did it. The person who made that phone call can
not only get fined for harrassment (since this is the second time they've fucked with him in a week, on
seperate 'pranks,' both at midnight) but they can also get a huge fine for impersonating the police
if they're caught.

So James, if you want to be an ass to me when I want the network I'm connected to fixed, if you want
to cry about it on the board, and if you want to bitch about it while I'm in the next room....well, it's your
own fault -- and as far as I'm concerned -- you can fuck yourself until you get a bit of maturity.
I said I'd report you if you did them here, at the apartment, or in my vicinity. Because then you are superimposing your activities, which you know I disapprove of on me, not the other way around.

I also didn't "keep saying that", I believe I said it once, and with the above statement which is similar, maybe you could argue for twice.
I was called today at 12.56am - i almost figured it was Heather breaking our agreement. but it wasnt. it was a number i had never seen before - so I promptly called it back at 1am. I immediately said : who is this? - they replied with " this is steve " - and i was dissapointed. I expected a good conversation of randomness, but i was jenked. so i said : uh - what do you want : and this is as follows my recollection of the conversation :

" Do you know anything about michael and a video camera in top foods? "

" uh.... "

" Somebody called andy and said they were the cops and .. "

" wait, I don't care. "

" Anyway, Someone called andy and said they were the cops and ( something something something ) Michael and TZA and steve had marijuana and riding around in shopping carts "

" Ummm. "

" Do you know anything about this? "

" Ok - uh, I wouldnt pay attention to any of that bullshit, being that someone is probably just fucking with him - and he's so far out of the loooooope that it wouldnt matter what anyone said to him - and if it was the police trying to get ahold of me or michael or you - they'd get into contact with my parents, or myself. "

( very serious ) " Just answer the question. "

( laughing ) " I really dont give a shit "

( even more serious ) " Just answer the question James. "

( almost to the point of bullshitting because of his seriousness ) " Oh no! Someone mentioned marjuana and steven in the same sentence! "

" He said they were saying something about a guy who looked like jesus and TZA on the side of his car "

" Do you know how easy it is to say that I look like jesus, and that it isnt all that hidden of a fact that TZA is on my car? "

" ( something something something, blah blah blah ) - I dont need your shit just answer the question "

" I dont know anything about this, nor do I care. "

( steven hangs up )
( I look at my phone and shake my head )

anywho. Props to whomever is fucking around with andy. Thats some funny shit.

although I'd becarefull mentioning marijuana or any sort of " DRUG " around some of the slugs on the board.
It seems that they believe that even talking or mentioning or being in the vicinity of those who condone the activity is " Bad "
Drugs. feh, I've become apathetic about them. Aaron said, around two times, that if I began to dabble with drugs that he would " report me " - to which I find terribly distrubing. It is one thing to be against something, another to superimpose your apprehension onto others. When I find other people making bad choices - I dont stop them [ cue jesse going to canada, bonnie 'falling in love' long distance, michael coming out of the closet ] - I just tell them that they are making a poor decision that I do not condone. Steve sounded pretty P - O'd with the reference of himself and " THE GANJIA " - foof.

im going to take a shower.

you can start with my cock in yo mouf !

June 09, 2003

GreenEyedFox16: my daddy-o loves photos and he loves his children, so why not give him a gift of two things he loves?
zak p o w: ...
zak p o w: ill not answer that.

June 08, 2003

A Lambo isn't anything worth copying.

Overpriced crap.

No motorsports program/backing, aside from the fact that VW owns them now, their designs are purely aimed at moving yuppies at a high rate of speed, they don't last long even doing that. Lamborghinis give Italian cars a bad name.

And yes, the Celica's styling is certainly unique. I like it, but then again, I'm weird.
Yes, the Celica is a wonderful car. Hence why I bought one, I love it to
death, and it's 10 years old (and beat to hell).

But, the 2000+ Celica's? Yes, they're fast, yes, they're reliable.
No, they don't look good. They would, mind you....until ya look at the back
end. They have one of the ugliest back ends of all the newer model cars
thus far (of course, it doesn't even compare with the ugliness of that damned
Acura that looks like it's trying to be a Lamborghini, and failing utterly)

That is all.
Jeff borton...i don't know who you are, but that sounds like the name of a serial killer. Creepy...
So, it's funny that life is so short. You don't have a lot of time, and if you spend it being angry or holding grudges, you're just wasting it. If you never tell someone how you feel you're wasting it. If you're always afraid of everything you're wasting it. Or maybe that's just what i think...i don't know.

I hate James.

June 07, 2003


I think Jimmoi is right...

i imagine it comes in phases or something... first you get a creative idea phase, which is not surprising. Most creative idea phases are at the beginning of something... It's when everything is new, so of course creative ideas are going to flow...

but what about now... well movies have been our for years... and thus all those creative ideas have been relatively used up... It kind of reminds me of a South Park episode where Butters is trying to take over the world, but everytime he comes up with a plan, he is thwarted by a need for originality because he learns that the "Simpson's did it".

It's not just movies either... books, video games, various "win a insert something of value contests...
and to me... of high importance at this time of day... cereal.

Yes... that's right. Cereal.

I considered this today while i was eating these godawful Tony the Tiger's new Cinnamon Crunchers... only it's spelled Cinnamon Krunchers..

before i continue, i need to make a tangent on that:.. (which by the way, may be irrelevant or stupid so if you want, just skip what's in blockquote)

Krunchers!? WTF is that? First of all, it doesn't make sense. Why use the K? Seriously. Does "Tony the Tiger" have a K in his name. No. Not from my recollection. Let's see... T-O-N-Y T-H-E T-I-G-E-R... nope... NO BLOODY FUCKIN' "K".

So then what do we have... well it certainly can't be drawn from the sound he makes.. cause all schoolkids know that tigers make "grrrrrrr" sounds (much like jOe in Choke Mode). He doesn't make K-sounds... he'd be a freakin' retard lion if he did... though with that little red sash (or whatever it is exactly) that he wears around his neck... i suppose that could be a slight possibility.

So where the hell does the K come from? Is it a need to further confuse our population's children? After all, they are the primary eaters of cereal in this country... right? The Japanese are bestest us in terms of education. I wonder if anybody has looked into whether it is caused by crazy Cereal Box Tiger's spelling their fuckin' cereal names wrong!

Maybe Tony is a Kult member. At least that sort of makes sense. Why else use a fuckin' K when you don't need it... when it makes no sense. After all, if he was trying to be kreative, he kould have used k in the beginning part of the fukking name: Kinnamon Krunchers. (now some of you will point out that Kinnamon and Cinnamon sound kompletely different. To that i say, screw you... but if that wouldn't suffice, then you kould always spell it Ksinnamon... and the bloody k kould be silent like in the word "know".) Why not?

Well, it can't be about being creative... at least i hope not... that would be lame. Rather, it has to be kultist. Tony's a kult member. Go figure. I never much liked that blasted tiger. By having only one K, he must be drawing in only a 1/3 of america's youth, promising them fun if they join up and support anything that has at least one K in it's name... this way he doesn't rile up the suspicions of the other 2/3's or the parents. Smart move you fuckin' bastard Tiger.

Cereal is no longer unique. If you ask me, cereal is doing this whole copying and cut and paste thing far more than Hollywood seems to. This stupid Cinnamon Krnuchers is only the tip of an ever growing Ice Berg. Cereal used to be a haven of fun and exciting breakfast choices. Now we have Choco- this and Mashmellow-that... in cereals we never even asked to have these things. There was a chocolate flakes cereal once... again put out by whore Tony the Tiger.

There is also Cinnamon Crunch Krispex...
what the fuck is that all about. Weren't Krispex supposed to be the more nutricious breakfast cereal...

It's all so unnerving.

I mean yes, it was kind of cool when Rise Krispies (i wonder about that K as well), came out with Coco Rice Krispies... but even that wasn't necessary... there was already Coco-pebbles. (Which rules, by the way).

I hate this trend. It sucks. I want original cereals, not a cereal that if i look carefully enough, i find the exact same cereal with a different name. Cinnamon Krunchers... you fucking cereal, you might want to call yourselfs Cinnamon Toast Crunch... oh wait... IT BLOODY ALREADY EXISTS!!!

You guys are misisng the point completely. im not talking about SAMUAL L JACKSON movies here. im talkign about the fact that there hasnt been a creative hollywood movie out since Fight Club. youre all going off subject talking about actors and big budget this and big budget that. im just talkign about ORIGINAL HOLLYWOOD MOVIES. they do exsist. and i was talking about CUT AND PASTE format becoming the new art form. not saying that its good or bad---jsut saying thats what its turing into. Star Wars was a cut and paste film. i love star wars (first three). youre all putting words into my mouth ( or missinterpret my jabberings, which would be understandable ) on what i typed.

good holly woods in the 80s. Raiders of the Lost ark, Terminator, Jaws, Die Hard, Preditor, Ghost Busters. these were original movies backed by major Studios. Major Hollywood films today seem to be either remakes, sequels or retellings. Comedies in the 80s. Blues Brothers, Animal House, Vacation, Caddy Shack. Comedies today. American Pie, Tom Cats, anyhing that have something in the movie where half the audience wouldve left 20 years ago.

maybe i shouldve said INSERT ACTOR HERE rather than placed names. i put the actors in those roles because they FIT in those roles. i wasnt saying about the actor---more about the movie. if you see an actor play the same role over and over again---its because the movie tend to be the same movie, over and over again.

actors i respect: John Turturro, John Goodman, Sean Penn, Benicio del Toro and (yes) Edward Norten. Now Robert de Niro has gone down hill in the past 10 years, still the greatest ever, yes. last best role was in Cape Fear. Jack Nicholson is liek Spacey, terrific actor, but plays the same character. its jack. just like kevin spacey is kevin spacey. theres nothing wronge with saying "i can see Kevin Spacey in that role." im 98% sure that tim burton was thinking "Jack Nicholson will be perfect for the joker...."

anyway-im through with this. if you have any more comments, make them, i probably will not respond. you guys took something i didnt say, and created a whoel ew thread. gotta admit, it was beautiful, but pointless to argue. this is what i feel. this cannot be changed. nothing you can say will change what i think bacuse i hated (yes me not you) the negotiator. because i thought the big kahuna wasnt that great of a movie. because i do think samual l jackson seems to only play the angry black man. i didnt make the movies. i didnt cause the trend. theyre perfect in that role, because they chose to take the role. they have become the role. and now they are typecasted in that role. i say---its a waste of talent.
So what? Kevin Spacey, Ed Norton and Samuel L Jackson all play these roles very well. You end up with an overall entertaining, if not totally original movie. Big deal. Original, amazingly good movies only come around once in a while.

So, you have to just enjoy the top end of mediocrity. No big-name movie will be perfect, because so many hollywood dipshits have a hand in it that it no longer makes much sense by the time it hits the theaters. You just have to live with that, point out the good things about a film, then move on to the next one. If you think it sucks, you're not alone. Get on your livejournal and bitch about it then.


2002-03 Celica.

That's a pretty good car. My first reaction was yes, so I checked on the TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) and recall status of it. It hasn't had any recalls, and very few TSBs. The main purposes of a TSB is to give a warning to service departments about little problems they might run into, changes to the service manual and special repair/inspection procedures.

The 02 and 03 Celica have very few, only 20. Thirteen of those are standard fare that all cars of that year from that maker will have. Mainly the availability of seatbelt extenders, how to program the remotes for keyless entry, the procedure for replacing damaged VIN plates legally, general non-model specific data. Of the remaining seven, one is an "Inspect this" (front ball joint), one is a "don't do this" (don't drop the valve cover if you have it off), and one is a "here's the tool you'll need" (a special chisel to remove the drive shaft nut). That leaves us with four. Two relate to front suspension (a "vehicle pulls to one side" and a "steering wheel off-center"), both of which are easily solved. The other two are things you have to watch for - one is "rear hatch won't stay up" and the other is "poor sunroof glass durability." If you are looking at a used car, check for these. If you find a problem, take it to a Toyota dealer and they'll fix it for free. New cars will incorporate the new parts at the factory.
first off aaron, if your going to defend edward norton and his choise of
movies---please dont use the Italian Job. One, that movie was a remake of a
movie that was in turn a retelling of a movie starring Michael Caine.
Two-you mentioned his "good" movies---with no mention of godawful Keeping
the Faith and The Score. Its liek Edward Norten and Kevin Spacey can do no
wronge with you, or anyone else. But lets me just say this. If you watch a
dark comedy/suspense drama -chances are it stars Kevin Spacey, Edward Norten
or Samual L Jackson.

Yea, comparing Usual Suspects and Kpax is ridiculas...but what abvout kpax
and pay it foward? how about Swimming with Sharks and The Big Kahuna?
When Kevin Spacey plays someone other than a Upper Middle Class
interlectual, who's having a midlife crisis and has a flair and reputation
of being a foul mouthed jerk (swimming with sharks, iron will, american
beauty, the big kahuna, glengary glenross, the ref) -than i will stop making
fun of him. And yes, he will have one or two (and more) movies where he
didnt play one---but he made how many where he was (se7en cant count, he was
in it for a whomping 15 minutes)? i love kevin spacey, he's one of my
favorite actors. but i still think he plays the exact same character in
every movie. i never said they appear in the same movie...did i say that
any where in my movie ideas? no---i said that hollywood is producing the
same movie.

oh, and american history x---if you cant see that as a cut and paste film,
tell that to director Tony Kaye. Kaye saw his movie completly shredded by
Norten and John Morrissey that its no where near (according to him) to the
film he originally directed. There was a similar movie to American History
X out there...its called A Christmas Carol. Not saying it was a BAD movie.
i enjoyed it. its just---oberblown, couldve been better. afterschool

"The reason unknown actors aren't in good movies and these names are often
used is simple, because there aren't that many good actors, so when
hollywood finds one, they're going to get used." ---posted by L8 July
6/7/2003 3:32:21 AM

whats your point? i thought thats what i was saying with my post. Funny
thing though---unknown good actors do exist. and they occasionaly star in
major movies, and they use that to become big stars. Primal Fear anyone?

now im gonna get shit from people for mentioning samuel l jackson. "he was
in star wars!!! name one other movie he was in thats similar to that?!?"


what's with you (Jimmoi) and James always mocking Edward Norton and Kevin Spacey as "the actors who always appear in cut and paste movies". You sound like punkers who argue over who's a sellout. First of all, Kevin Spacey and Edward Norton are in these movies (most of which I think are good movies) for a reason. They have the clout to choose the good scripts, and they are good actors. They don't always appear in the same movies, in fact, let's take a quick cross section:

Edward Norton:
Rounders, Fight Club, The 25th Hour, The Italian Job, American History X
Yep, an organized crime/gambling flick, a nazi related morality play, a summer action film, and a spike lee joint seem the same to me.

Kevin Spacey:
Seven, The Usual Suspects, Pay It Forward, K-Pax, The Big Kahuna, The Shipping News
Although Seven and The Usual Suspects are somewhat similar, put them next to Pay It Forward and K-Pax and you'll see how ridiculous your claims are.

The reason unknown actors aren't in good movies and these names are often used is simple, because there aren't that many good actors, so when hollywood finds one, they're going to get used.
its ok jeff. we still love you.

what i find disturbing about movies nowadays is the fact that they all tend to mimic and spoof other popular movies---many of which are already spoofing and making fun of other movies. its the simple, copy and paste format that many filmakers are doing and its my opinion that it will soon become the new artform. it'll be interesting to see what movies will look liek in the next 20 years. everyone here can probably come up w/ a new movie idea that'll make millions. thats what hollywood has become, anyone can make it. its the american dream.

A man trapped in a boring exsistance discovers that he's related to Satan, and soon uses his powers to take down the evil SYNDICATE that controls all wlaks of life through televison commericals and dreams. soon, however-our hero discovers that the dreams that are controlled by the syndicate may be in fact true life and that hes living in a dream himself---or is he? Starring Edward Norton as our misguided antichrist. Kevin Spacey as the SYNDICATE and Renee Zellweger as the on again off again girl friend of Edward Norton who has a big secret. Directed by Baz Luherman, will be released by DreamWorks something during the summer of 2004. insert any title here.

A career women decides to take a vacation to southern france, discovers love from a french artist. Here you can go two routes, a romantic comedy where the French artist is in fact a con artist whos using the women to some how another make money, but falls in love w/ her-ot a suspense thriller where the french artist turns out to be a rapist/killer. Release it in the fall where it wont be up against too many blockbusters. For the thriller route have Michael Apted who directed "Enough" starring Jennifer Lopez as the director. Staring Lopez again and the french artist, we'll have Frediie Prize Jr---someone peopel wouldnt really expect to be a rapist. For the Romantic Comedy, have it star Antonio Banderas as the conartist and why the fuck not-Sandra "Always in the independent dizzy and yet not blonde girl movie" Bullock. have some guy who makes a living making commercials as the director.

A group of teenage friends reliese that after graduation they will never see each other again and decide to throw the largest party ever. lots of drug use, drinking, nudity, pop-punk music and too many younge up and commign teen actors to name. insert either a dramatic route where somebody dies, and a lesson is learned-or a puppy crush b/t a loser and the perfect girl. too many routes to go through. i want YOU GUYS to come up what this movie will be about. put in your actors, director and what significant events will happen in it. in my version, they kill a hooker. im curious on what you guys will come up with. this should be fun.

question to bradbury---is a 2002/2003 celica a good car or should i just keep my monies?

other news. im going to the hospital as promised in 22 minutes. will post on the results. i hope its something cool like a bowel snake, or a stomach toad. ANAL SCORPIAN. im making up desieases, but that would be a leet deisease. COLON GUERRILLA! i havent eaten anything in two days, and i still throw up and shit syrup. its a clear syrup---or seems to be a celar syrup like shit when i look back to inspect. i hope you were eating whiel you were reading this.

[Not so much about religion]

So yesterday I saw "Charlie's Angels" for the first time.

The sad thing is... i found it enjoyable. Fuck.

Serioulsy. I'm not being facetious (i believe that is correctly spelled). I was surprised that i found it so...
I think the moment I realized that was when in the beginning it spoofed Mission Impossible 2, and everybody knows just how much i hated that movie...

After that, it continued to mock other movies that in ways that I actually found amusing. (I have to wonder of course if it wasn't also because the movie also seemed to go out of it's way to put the three actresses into tight fighting outfits).

It did a couple of matrix moves... but that is to be expected considering the time that it came out.

So in the end... it was unescapably dumb... and completely fictious... and yet... it was... actually rather somewhat enjoyable.

(James, you have no room to talk as you actually defended "The Scorpion King"... and I saaw that movie...... ....... .... yeah....)

Plus, it had Bill Murray... and c'mon... it's Bill Murray... which leads me to believe that the movie was never meant to be taken too seriously.

Bill Murray is a god.

June 06, 2003

today sucks....sucks ass, Ive been watching movies all day, watching any movie i think have some value, and it fucking sucks because i just got to thinking. I asked my'self why have i chosen the movies that surround me now, and my answer was a question.. " what is the meaning of life." BAH!! I guess im searching for the meaning of life in random movies. :D Then i was thinking of what some other people said in class one time. The class came to a descission that " The meaning of life is what you make of it. "

Alright say you live your life, you love it and when you die, you think your life was fine, complete and you say " wow, my life was fantastic i am ready to die. " But what happens if you do the same, live your life fine and dandy but the thing that causes you to be in that moment of death is painfull and bloody, so you say " fucking a, life sucks this is horrible god....damnit....i hate you! " so do you find the meaning of life at that moment of death, or do you put it together before death.

and another thing! SOULS, every damn christian says we all have souls when we are born, then some other people ( i forget who ) say that you earn your soul through life, or when you accept god or what not. If you agree with number one, then what about those hundreds of babies that are stale-born, or make it to 1-200 days old, do they make it to this wonderous heaven, and if so, would they know that they are there. Would they be able to move around and see them selves as even remotly human?!? Now if you go with number two, how do you know if you have earned your soul?? does something pop up and go " you have soul " or some loud gong happen and flashing lights blinking " YOU HAVE GAINED A SOUL!!! ".......if so, what does that leave me with at the age of Seventeen (17) compaired to that of say...someone Seventy-Three (73)?

i fucking hate religion.

Im gunna go back to lying down, this heat is insane, and it hurts my head to be thinking if when i die, will it all be worth living for : \ weeeeeeeee
pisssing out the ass is never a good time.

sucks to be jimmoi.

but...its happening to me too..so maybe i cought jimmoi ass piss syndrom

also known as JAPS.
blasted. i messed up. ho hum.

i should pay attention before i post, eh? fuck you guys. im tired and i need to shit again. im dehydrated. i have to constantly sip water and gatorade. stoopid stol. its watery too. its liek pissing out of my ass. ASS-SQUIRTS.

i hate you guys.
I'm falling asleep.

Zach's alive. Thats nice to hear. I've been having the runs. I need the pink stuff in the bottle remedy. Shit bricks. Colon of a god.

While watching old Saturday Morning cartoons on latenight Television, i noticed that a lot of cartoon characters that we grew up with were gay. Baloo from Tale Spin was a pedaphile (the Baloo in the Jungle Book too probably was...he did have an odd relationship w/ Mowgli), Dark Wing Duck (PURPLE! PURPLE!), Shedder (...no real reason there...just have a hunch....gaydar...) and Heman. Heman must've been the most homoerotic cartoon ever made. Man or Arms. Battle cat (one part "scaredy cat" fagilicious-two parts MACHISMO!!!) and a magical "sword" that when he grasps it, he "HAS THE POWER!!!" i dunno. i might be over analysing this.

well im back.......

me and bradbury went solo.

i had not much fun on the planes.

now im home.

uh huh.

i need a drink....

June 05, 2003


im going to spend 30$ on this
i need ideas on something " funny " or " pointless " to put for a banner ad.
somethign that'll get people to come here. look around.

what spurred this on?
I went there and found this ad :
and laughed so hard.

so i figure i can do the same.
when the fuck did i have a hatchet in my hand, sitting down?

i dont remember that at all.

For what it's worth, I thought the pictures of you came out fairly well.

michael and i decided this was the bestest game. its fun. it looks cool. and theirs a lot fo blood.

PLAY EEEIT!!! its more important than your girlfriend, your life or your education.

June 04, 2003

That's okay, bradbury. I saw the pictures and they weren't JUST of my ass. To be honest, I'm flattered. I mean, hey, at least SOMEONE wants to look at my ass. But they were HORRIBLE pictures of me. I hate having my picture taken. I got to train with special Ops today. I'm tired and sore because i had to keep diving into gravel to avoid gernades and then i had to tackle these guys that weigh like...150 more lbs than me, but hey, it's all good...minus the guy in the trunk of the car i was searching who had a bomb attatched to him. It was simulated, of course. They aren't REALLY trying to blow us up...or are they....

I hate James.

Sorry for acting like a dick. And taking pictures of your ass.
anyone going to post/upload pictures of the big shebang + campin

im so tired.

June 03, 2003

I'm picking up Zach-O at 11:00 a.m. Thursday, in the Shari's parking lot, to take him to the airport. Anyone who wishes to see Zach off and perhaps place in his luggage sex toys and other objects sure to make his trip through security more interesting, either be there or make arrangements.

Okay, so here i am... sitting in the lobby of Mary Gates Hall... trying to think of something to do... and something to post; all while checking out various websites,

when what happens?

Someone around me lets out a toxic fart. Seriously... it's as if someone stepped in shit and is walking around... or rather... maybe they just stepped in shit, then used it to wipe their ass, then decided to fart...

C'mon! this is disgusting... it permeates the air... threatening to kill all life around it. I think whoever did could compete with zacho and his amazing farts of death...

yes- the are that bad.

Damnit. Damnit DAMNIT!
Hudson Hawk

Who could hate it?

That movie sucks so hard, it's good. The talking/flashing crucifix is a classic moment of movie history.
dude. like---movie everyone has to like is BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA. man trhat movie sucks, but so funny. it never takes itself seriously, which makes it an overall gooooood movie. it was action, horror, comedy---much like army of Darkness, or Surf Ninjas (j/k about surf Ninjas). yarsh.

June 02, 2003



Hahaha, Jesse rocks. Peppermint Patties rock. Put them together and you just have to end up with a statement like that.

It was fun being "fished" for that night.
We were at Top Foods Thursday night/early Friday, following the funzo.
Jesse's eating a York Peppermint Patty.
Looks at me.

"Every time I bite into a York Peppermint Patty, I think of running from the cops."
POP vs SODA!!!

yea, good site, all must read---back in the day---old show in the library we use to debate about this. funzar.

June 01, 2003



its on TNN, and its like the funniest show ever. they take one of those weird and sadistic japanese game shows, and dub over the voices and oh man its funny. my favorite quote?


ahaha--oh man. TNN is liek uber good now---use to be the redneck channel, but now, sweet lord, HALARITY! also on TNN, New episodes of REN and STIMPY, yes you heard me-NEW EPISODES. hot damn! its called Ren and Stimpy-the adult edition or something. yarsh.

another quote: "MARK FORSHIZZLED HIS DIZZLE!!! mark enjoys wacking off!"

fuck yea, SPIKE TEEVE is what their changing TNN into. hot damn. if you dont have cable---GET IT.

dude she doesnt know im so happy and im a lot of other stuff too.
no posts---NOOO!!! im back in alaska, and the bullshit already started w/ the buying of the fish tanks and caranvorlike fishees. GAARR!!!
\\i have a new strat for money makings and board livings---im going to buy chinese raslin fishe, and hold matches every tuesday, and we'll wathc them and we will bet monies it will be swell. YARSH!

how was the campings w.o me? i hate you assholes.

micheal , my hat better be in gewd shape when i come back whenever.

this post doesnt make any since i think im goign to be sick...oh...wait---im not dead. damn satan and his not keeeping promises....what?

i farted.