October 17, 2002

theoretically couldnt you give them my phone number and then if they're so paranoid to ' call if you're there ' -
you'd be here and that would be that.
personally I never was one to condone the whole " Im over at this person's house " when you're not.
I always chalked that up to a bunch of girls using excuses so they could go out and fuck some boyfriend.
Never understood it because I was always open with my parents : " Hey, I'm out - I'll be back tomorrow " - something like that.
also - arent you twenty or something? You cant stay out when it isnt a school night?
What the hell is with that?
and further more - I dont think anyone should want to be around me at the moment.
whatever the fuck is the matter with my throat just might be contaigous. Heh heh heh.

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