December 31, 2006

December 02, 2006

Oh, my!

Fun stuff. I never have anything fun to post, but now I do!!!

So I went to Safeway and convinced a cashier that there was a local bear problem. It was so much fun! The conversation went something like this.

Me: So, have you had much of a bear problem?
Him: What?
Me: Have you had any bears in the store?
Him: Not that I've heard. . why?
Me: The weather - all this rain has damaged the vegetation in the forests, and so bears are comingout of the woods to look for food. There have been some issues with them coming into grocery stores.
Him: No! I haven't heard that.
Me: (increduously) Don't you watch the news? It's been all over Komo 4.
Him: No, I haven't. . I don't think we'd have that problem here. . .
Me: Well, I just figured being so close to capital forrest and all. . .

So, reading it here is lame and not nearly so fun. . but I totally had this poor idiot believing that a bear might come into Safeway and get him by the end of it. So now, I'm telling everyone I know to talk about the bear problems if you happen to be in the Yelm HIghway Safeway in Lacey. Gotta keep the story alive if I really want this kid to freak out! Yeah.