January 31, 2003

i think there has been some misunderstanding about my last post. fordyce didnt post that homoerotic picture of himself---i did. if you actually READ what was posted instead of molesting it---youdve read ---THIS IS FORDYCE. as in---this is fordyce---see look, thuis is his picture. not---THIS IS FORDYCE. as in---me, fordyce and this is my homoerotic picature!!! yea. he was quite the upset fordyce----actually more confused when he saw himself being molested by barney---and then reading the hostile comments made by james---you can see why he was confused, until i showed him the picature i posted of him---prancing around in his underware. hehe. he. he was quite the flustered fordyce hehe---ah. i still think he should be on the board-after all, we need new blood-even if it is homoerotic...yea.

James, you'll like this:
A New Shape

If you haven't looked at it by the time I get to your house, I'll show it to you when you get there.

January 30, 2003


son of a bitch.
no comment

your probably wondering who this maladroit looking motherfucker is. well, that is veenker. hes dutch. he's in my shop, and all me and fordyce do is make fun of him. we spend an entire 9 hour shift talking about him and making jokes aboot him...makes the day go quicker. oh! guess what?!? just guess! he got his first pube!!! fordyce was so proud!

yea, anywho---fordyce wants to post on this...i left a voice mail message about it on james' phone. he would be a good addition, and if he sucks, you can always delete him james. buttsex.

as an "audition" to be on the board, fordyce made this:

i think its fucking humoreous. but thats me.

this is fordyce. he told me not to post this, but he shouldnt have let me use his computer. so fuck him.

hehe, look at him, prancing around w/ a plate of hotpockets. hehe. he.

tomorrow, we got commanders call. wee. cant wait. i got to be in my full serivce dress blues, and listen to our commander talk about butts. i mean safety...fuck it. it dont matter. i'll be bored, but its better than doing CBT's and working. pfft. and friday i get to stay home and sleep. yay. you dont care.

i asked castro if there was feminie way of saying burrito-like burrita or something. he just slapped me. fucking columbians.

well-i know you all wanna know what alaska looks like so heres a pictature outside my window. fun.

Yeah, but it doesn't always include the line:

"There are thousands of kids who just want a hug from their Mom and Dad."

*blink. blinkblink. blink*

They must be one busy couple.

January 29, 2003

the state of the union address is always bullshit and rhetoric.


January 28, 2003

Napster would you like to come over to Mr.R's house with your ps2 tomorrow after scschool scuz mike is and we want somthin to dowell call me if you get this thing ( now james will yell at me for useing the board) yippy

hot doggie style sex YES!
"State of the Union"


"Bullshit Rhetoric and Empty Promises"

You decide
It's not as much later in the day as it is later in the rush. If you head out at 10:30am, traffic will be around the same as 6:00am. This is true until around 2:30, when it starts turning to shit again. The afternoon-evening rush is worse, and lasts longer too.

And, sir, that was a chart not a schematic. With the new boss I have, we've learned first hand about charts. Although yours was for the benefit of others, so it's in a slightly different class from the ones I'm used to.
odd. I could have sworn I put the time.
Just again :

Friday, Jan 31 - Shari's, 11pm

Be there.
Get ahold of me and inform me if you plan on making it, please.
James, I'll be there, provided you give me a time... Anyway, the new Magic set, Legions comes out on February 3rd, it's all creatures, which should make the drafts VERY interesting.
ok. big post here.

FIRST AND FOREMOST - I want to show you all a schematic ( or something along those lines ) that I've drawn up about driving in general. You see - after leaving work today ( late ) because I made the unfortuante mistake of locking my keys inside of my locker ( I had a second lock in there so after I bolt-cutted it off I just used the other lock and started to go home ) - I had to leave at eight o clock - now bradbury made a point that a mere five minutes can turn your commute - which say, usually is 30-45 minutes long, into something twice, even maybe three times as long. The following is why :

Say you are driving on a long strip of road that is fourty five miles per hour.
You have to get to where you're going at aproximately 9am.
the following chart should be used.
Departure time :
A. 5.00 - 6.00
B. 7.00
C. 7.30
D. 8.00

Arrival Time :
A. 6.30 - 6.45
B. 7.30 - 8.00
C. 8.15 - 8.45
D. 9.00 - 9.30

You want to know what I'm trying to say here? I'm trying to say that THE LATER ON IN THE DAY that one gets THE WORSE THE DRIVERS GET - you wanna know why? Because they're god damned DAY WALKERS - they drive their shitty little minivans to their shitty little daughter+son's schools so they can have parent teacher convernces about how little timmy isnt doing his homework or how little susan is acting strange and they dont want to get into an accident on the way there so they go THIRTY FOUR FUCKING MILES PER HOUR IN A FOURTY FIVE MILE PER HOUR ZONE - WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH.
( feels much better )

My second thing I wish to come about. Today at work, we ( me and joe ) switched off pallets ( it was a long order ) - and you know what we did? We had " poetry wars " - haha. Here is just a few excerpts from box-factory blues :

Joe : Rat suit bat suit
dirty little twats
poor little Jimmy tied in a knot
He sucked 'um and fucked
cuz it was so much fun
with Denis in mind he pulled the blind,
and came another time

Me : I dont know
who you think
you're foolin'
You call me gay
point, stare, laugh
when it's at my nuts
that you're droolin'

Joe : tick - tock
Jimmy is sucking my cock
the clock struck two I shot my goo
And I dropped the dick off at the next block

Me : While Joe does fantasize
wishing to verbalize
his love for men & lust for boys
I find it difficult to work with him
while he whittles homosexual toys

Joe : Jimmy gets no pussy cuz he's just a woosey
Grabs hold of his stool and slowly strokes his tool,
He has two brothers he puts through the test
Which one satifies him best?
Missionary or doggy style - it doesnt matter,
All seems to flatter.

Me : Almost good
but not quite there
Im surprised you havent written about my hair
Its O.K. though, everything'll be fine
and yes, coming next month -
I'll be your valentine.

I know - you dont care. Anywho - my last piece of advice, but since some of you ( seeing that this is a long post ) will have just said : " its by james? shit. " and skipped right over it I have to get your attention.

Mike has asked me if we " do sharis " anymore. I told him we havent in a long time, got to thinking about it - and figured that this weekend would be a prime day. He keeps yapping about how he's back into math and he's feelin' better and all that jazz - and I want to see if the mike rigney that we all knew is " back " or if he's still off in looney tunes-ville.

So email me. Call me ( 2536914874 ) - post on the board. Make some kind of " nods head " towards me that you'll be there. So I know " who and how many " to expect. I know I will be there. ( albeit maybe a short amount of time, still ) - HUZZAH!

and thats it.

( pixie )

yes, I have - in fact I did it for about a month.
and just a word of advice : in the event that you're hiding from people, they shouldnt call you.
hence, you're hiding from them. if they're calling you - then obviously you're within reachable parameters, and you're not hiding.
so if nobody calls - then you've done a good job of isolating yourself.

( I told everyone that I was " going away " for awhile. In fact, I even left the board. heh )

January 27, 2003

did you ever just want to hide away for a few weeks
and you expect that if you tried. people would call you up and wonder what ever happened to you.....and what you are doing
then you try to hide and no one calls for over a week and no one inquires or seem to really care...
and instead of hiding from people you wonder why they wouldnt call you...

people are begining to agitate me.

they think that time ... is so precious - is so short : that life is something to be concerned about
always considering that " today is the day in which all things have come to an apex for "
when they never consider tomorrow.
or what of yesterday? - I find it bothersome.

I believe this general outlook on life is the cause of my irritation.
not what people think, but how I respond to how people think.
sometimes I wish I could just strangle people. hold them tight within my grip and wait.
until the moment comes where they give up and accept death - and go limp.
where-as that will be the moment in which I let go. how would they live?
as if each and every day were their " first after the last " - that this life is here,
merely because I havent been buried yet. they find solace in trivial things that
most people call art. they call music. they call love. happiness.

distractions, all.
what is the point of your life, why do you exist?
is there a greater goal to all of being? of course there is, but you are just a minor player.
this goal consists of many people doing many things in conjunction at different places at different times.
you cannot even comprehend the piece that you attribute to it. so why bother?
I do not know, I do not know.

I had a dream last night and it was an odd dream indeed.
I was walking towards a destination - where I do not recall, and all of a sudden someone just started walking along side me.
we talked for a bit. It was interesting.
then they went away and I woke up.
that was that. It felt good.

I use to wait for someone to come along and care for me.
someone to infuse me with hope. with happiness. with joy. with a feeling of " living "
I use to continually try and convince myself that : " this was it. this is the big shibang "
and it never came. nobody ever lived up to what I figured they'd be, and I never lived up to their expectations.
I use to think that the only way I'd ever be usefull is if someone just loved me. for no reason.
looking back I find it silly. why is it my ability to function should be so dependant on an emotional need from another?

who needs a drink?

me too.
ctrl-alt-post. woot!


touch me
ive been quite annoyed lately with th eblog spot because i have it set as my default page..and every time i turn on the comp i go and look and noone has posted.

so i go here to post about that..and people HAVE posted.

so now im pissed becaus ei dont know why its not showing up at loose-slugs.com for me....because these problems seem to always be zach-0 specific.

fucking a.

i have finally foudn out what it is like to REALLY be addicted to something. ive gone and gotten addicte dto nicotine or whatever they put in ciigeretts. and i am at the point where i cant fall asleep becausd mey lungs hurt...and yet i want a smoke.
ill be moving in with a female soon. who i will show you now.

she smokes too. i tol dher im makingher quit and she said if i make her quit then shes making me quit..which is exactky what i wanted so i was like"fine". so my plan worked excellently.

who needs a drink?


January 26, 2003

That was great. Inspired, even.

BaBy K gUrL 24: asl
zak p o w: sometimes.
BaBy K gUrL 24: what?
zak p o w: wait. what does that mean?
BaBy K gUrL 24: age-sex-location
zak p o w: what about it?
BaBy K gUrL 24: how old are u
BaBy K gUrL 24: are u a guy or girl
BaBy K gUrL 24: and u can tell me where ur from if uw ant
zak p o w: i am twenty and one. I am a guy.
I cannot tell you where I live because you might be that stalker who's been trying to get me for the past two weeks. Sorry.
BaBy K gUrL 24: lol alright
zak p o w: You're not pyschotic and want to bear my children are you? Do you want to make hot love with me in the backseat of my car and concieve a bastard child run away to Guam and elope?
BaBy K gUrL 24: uh yeah thats it
BaBy K gUrL 24: c ya
zak p o w: ok, now what does that mean?
BaBy K gUrL 24: what does what mean
zak p o w:
c y a
a s l
BaBy K gUrL 24: c ya means goodbye...duh
BaBy K gUrL 24: like ---dont even say uve never heard that word before
BaBy K gUrL 24: and i told u what asl mean
BaBy K gUrL 24: s

BaBy K gUrL 24: goodbye
zak p o w:
why are you leaving now? you say hello just to say goodbye?

zak p o w: I figured you know, we get to know eachother a little bit. I give you a sprite, and we chit chat. The drug takes effect and I drag your unconcious body back to an abandoned warehouse where me and three buddys take turns thrusting various body parts into various holes ... then ditch you on the side of some rarely-utilized road.
zak p o w: You know. Common-place stuff.
zak p o w: You there? Hello? .... Oh ... it must have taken effect already. excelent.

To all those who know me, and all those who are reading this very sentence.
I enjoy that I know you all. I enjoy that you all know me. I enjoy that the board STILL exists
( and I havent given up on it and just tore it down, as I've come close to - many a time ) -

A toast, I propose, to Mr. R - and how he hits on anything with breasts. Although he does agitate me sometimes - I accept that this is Mr. R - and when he agitates me or goes too far - I am sure to tell him : " Hey, Fuck off. " - And not only that - but to the fact that he SPECIFICALLY lied to OPERATION PAINTBALL about how he WENT TO SEATTLE and now he is in trouble. BAD BAD Mr. R! BAD BAD!

A toast, I propose, To life. To that we all, on the board, are still alive and have not had anyone of us die. And to the fact that I cannot think of another thing to toast to but I've started off each paragraph with " A toast, I propose, " and then to something - but nothing comes to mind. So ... I'll just dabble around and type out random bullshit until I figured out what the next paragraph will start with ( steve just got out of the shower ... so . . . )

A TOAST, I PROPOSE, TO SHOWERS - and how they keep you clean . . . .
. . . and ... yes ... water, warm water at that ... Hoo wee ... I tell ya ... Those showers ...
7 am.

or 5


either way im drunk.


January 24, 2003

Went down to the dealership today, got the next truck picked out. It will be built on the 10th or the 17th, if all goes according to plan.

From what I (and the dealer) can tell, there hasn't been another one like it made yet.
There aren't any even close to it it the five-state "Portland" region, or in California.
I still haven't figured out what five states are in the five-state "Portland" region, but I'm pretty sure that I won't ever see another one like it.

So I'm pretty damn stoked.
Strange as it is, the early-morning-rush is more pleasant. Once 7am passes, look out. People turn stupid and start driving like it's 4:30pm. Case in point - if I leave the house at 6:55, I'm walking into the shop by 7:05 without breaking very many traffic laws. If I screw around and don't get out until 7:05, I'm lucky to be within sight of the parking lot at 7:25 driving like Michael Schumacher on Meth.
So I left work. Two hours Early. Excused - and let me tell you something.
The people who drive from 5am-7am, they are the driving Gods that I wish I drove to and from work with.
Each and every single bloody one of them zooms around at five over the speed limit.
Yes, even vans. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM uses a TURN SIGNAL to signal even lane changes.
I know - even now you scoff at me - you cannot believe such a thing.
I've actually seen cars slow down and stop and let other vehicles out from side roads.
and nobody was agitated. It was like they all " had eachother's backs " - I almost cried.
Well. I'm getting worse about posting than - I'll go with "everyone everyone says never posts anymore."

January 23, 2003

Ground Control? Pfaw.

The game, impossible creatures, seems to be limitless in replayablity.
I've alredy beat michael in it twice ( woe ) - I need competition.

I am eating a sammich. It does taste good.
I am also going to sleep soon. Yes.
GROUND CONTROL!!! YARSH!!! uber game. funzaaaarr!!!!

yesyes, i likeee ground controlleee. fun game.

uhm...tomorrow i start actual work. wee. fun. and i like Ludricris now. why? i dunno. MOVE BITCH GET OUT THE WAY, GET OUT THE WAY BITCH!!! fun song. another fuin one by him---FACE DOWN ASS UP THIS IS THE WAY WE LIKE TO FUCK!!! yea.

Howell baught a server and hes yappin about it in the background. i hate dingdongs.

January 22, 2003

bought : game : Impossible Creatures by microsoft.

watched : movie : Brotherhood of the Wolf - french film, english dubbed.

installing the game now.
also : the movie is very good.
the french know how to make a film, i tell you what!
in this they mix History into an Action+Adventure and Suspense+Thriller ( who done it? )
I will be damned. I almost felt passion for the characters.


January 21, 2003

I bought two movies today and subsequently - watched them.
The first is The Truman Show - good film, enjoyed it.
The second is directed by the same person - and deals with vaguely the same material ... with one exception.
" Truman " is fake. A fabrication. The movie named Simone that I wanted to see in theatres.
Good film as well. Between the two which do I like the most? I dont know.

I can feel sleep crawling up the base of my spine, readying itself to leap upon my conciousness.
I know it is there, and it knows that I know that it is there. So it takes it's time. It playys with my mind.
This friday will be m:tg-oodness. yes.

I have to buy anohther book.

Im goign to sleep now.

January 19, 2003


It appears that even logging out of James' slug account and into mine
didn't stop my post from being posted by James.
Which is odd.
Regardless, the previous post (and this one) is supposed to be
posted by Steve, not James.

January 18, 2003

Starting next month, I will have money. Lots of it.
So, when you decide to come up, as long as nothing has
prevented me from having money at the time, I'll be sure to donate
to that fund.

Sacrifice a wall. Draw a card.

January 17, 2003

fucking chroist cicles its cold outside.
its so cold that my balls turned into snowballs.
and i tried to throw them at people but im a bad aim.

anyways...my car doesnt like the cold so much.
and the key wont come out of the ignition.
that goddamn thing that locks it in there wont unlock.
i want to just break that hing..but i dunno.

i cant belive its taken seven thousand years for someone to post. argh.
the new bond movie doesnt end right.
he snot supposed to fall i love...hes just supposed to snag the shag to keep the british end up
and then waltz off to grab his next snatch.

and i hear that someone thinks halle berry(or however you spell her name, its not the spelling that counts, its the fact that shes hot) should have her own action series thing now. double oh tits is all that amounts to. but hell im sure id wind up watching it.

ok im going to eat me some pizza.


January 15, 2003

it looks like furry hentai. eeeeh.
and he works on commission. that rules.

i feel sick.
nothing a bottle of alcohol cannot fix.
http://cutepet.org/html/jh_kiran2.html free henti yes goodness at its best i love free shit

January 14, 2003

i plan on timing a visit this summer to coincide with jimmoi visiting.
im hard p for funds.
it would be nice if some of slugs here would throw in for a "zach-0 goes to washington" fund.

im going to BIZZARO eat a cupcake.

i watched 8 mile teh other day...and i was down with it. im all about the free styles.
i have a similar beef with 8 mile as i did with enemy at the gates.
you could take the scene out and the movie would not lack for plot.

other than that i enjoyed it.

lesbian porn rules.
it fucking rules.

ok im going to eat a cupcake now.
ive seen this movie like !5000! times and i still have the same opinion of it.

its the wizard of oz meets ghostbusters meet shit. in other words----its ok.
i was late for class today---30 minutes.
got counceled for it. blah blah blah what a bunch of BULLSHIT.
stupid military and its stoopid rools againts being late. pfft.
i told her she was beautimus.

i was told eariler that my grandmother was kicked out of her home and put out in the street.
i cant wait till im old and w/ loving children.

maybe steve's girl would be interested.

also :

SIM CITY 4 is like .... oh ... my ... jesus.

January 13, 2003

Looking for new fun models who
want to have fun in the wilderness.
Prefer females who like modeling.
Subject to approval. :)

Subject title must have "funzo"
M & M .... nummmy mummy num. Then again that is also the nickname for my two baby angelfish... Mr. Fish and Marble. tehehe

I like the fact there are rather eccentricities going on constantly in my neurons... my mass of grayish pink flesh in my brain. I had one of the jocks in my fourth period class (an exceptionally low mammal of intelligence for even the classification of a jock) ask me last week why I’m "so different." This was fun to toy with as one can imagine in my place would be.

Me: "How do you mean?"
Him: "Well.... um............................................... uh humm... not like the rest of us."
Me: "By the rest of us, do you mean the people you hang out with, the people in this class, this school, or what...?"
Him: "Uhm."
Me: "However you view it, I am different, but then again so are you and all of the people you know, have scene, or will ever meet in your life."

With that, it looked like the wheels in his brain actually moved. He sat there, looking utterly confused as if I had spoken a completely foreign language to him. I felt sorry for him for not realizing that there are differences in all of society, even those closest to us, no matter how much they may seem like one person or another... we are all "different", it just depends upon the degree for each person.
james alls i have to say is: MMMMMM Redheads
I, however, never stated that I was not paranoid.

and I'd go so far in saying that all knowledge is subjective -
there just tends to be, on some things, a " large agreed upon answer " to some questions.
mind you - facts themselves are not subjective ( which is to say that things that happen do happen )
but how those facts are percieved and interpreted by people is what changes.
so when you ge something like :
the boulder fell and crushed little one-legged joe
most people will be in agreement, with exception to the blind and/or stupid.
but then when :
why did the boulder fall on little one legged joe and crush him?
you'll have a ton of answers... like say :
God had smited him for his sinful ways of living.
( being that one-legged joe was quite the promiscuise fornicator )
He just was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I told him not to kick the cliff-side, he just wouldn't listen

im not making sense.
Eeep Opp Ork Ah Ah.
James, there's a name for your view on friendship, it's called: PARANOIA

This brings me to a point, why do we always have to personally define something? By we, I don't know exactly who I'm referring to. However, all our debates seem to boil down to this personal semantics issue of how we each define everything. Not only does this make everything subjective relative to eachother, but I've discovered that it honestly takes the fun out of some things. This is not to say that life isn't to be pondered and questioned, but there are concepts that have been around since the beginning of time, and they have been questioned since then, and they don't need us to question them anymore. Some things, you can take at face value, and just live with them. I know I used to get pissed off when someone accused me of "thinking too much", but the thing is, I've discovered that overthinking is a common trait. Sometimes if you spend too much time analyzing, you spend a lot less time living.

January 12, 2003

So the girl I was to persue turns out to be actually married.
It is silly - because the first thing Steve's girl asked me was : " Did you see a ring? " and I uh ...
turned to steve and said :
" Did you see a ring? " and since there was nobody to turn to, he couldnt turn to anyone and go : " Uh ... "

I got to thinking about it coming out of the shower and it suddenly hit me how much her ' looks ' look like Breanna - and that somewhat agitated me a bit. And the more I think about it - the more Heather looked like Rachael. So I've absolutely decided that my next female assimilation must be blonde. I've never dated a blonde and so there will be no sub-concious connections that I wont pick up on after coming out of a shower. Thinking further upon it - I've also never dated a red-head ( this came with the : " Whoa, Tarwyn is posting? " ) - so those are open as well. continuing on - how does one approach that? Do I ( as I so casually and yet innocently insinuated ) continue on and attempt to persue a " friendship " with a known married woman, knowing me and my knack for ... ah ... " toying " with social situations I know how terribly tempting it is to want to start a wedge between the two of them and I dont even know either of them. Woe.

Also - about what we're going on about alcohol and all - my parents are seeming to fear that I will become an alcoholic " because my father had a hard time with alcohol " - ... hah. I do agree with what has been said about beer being a cheap knock-off and should have never been. However about mixed drinks I disagree. To take all hard liquors straight would become mundane and meandering. You need a bit of a change - merely for the pallete. I can take crown royal straight - and have ( and will more! ) - but I've actually attained a fondness for a ' drink ' of my own devision. one third crown royal + three sixth white grape juice + one sixth grape juice - and with ice ... but you pour the grape juice in slowly so it gives this cool color to the drink. I use to be all hopped up on CR+coke, unfortunately Im not much of a fan for coke, and the grape juice(s) are just all my sort of flavour. yum.

and yet - moving on. Hey jimmoi - did you know that Baz Lurhman did the music to his own movies - and that he also did the sunscreen song? I just about shit bricks and wanted to gouge my eyes out. whoargh.

So the board has lived to be a year old + now. I think back as to what it use to represent and all the times it collected. Im not as proud as I use to be of it. From time to time I've actually considered tearing it down and reforming it to be something I WANTED instead of a gathering of people I know - merely because of the majority of the people here post as often as well ... Tarina. Or Breanna. or - if you really want to get bad : Andy and Pinkos. You cant blame anyone really - to have time to spend to a website when there is life to live? To put into words the actions one does. woe.

I've began the reading of ZEE METAPHORMFSAMSAMESS written by mr. kafka. so far it is a silly book.
I've also attained books one and two of the akira manga. oh jesus. im so in love. let me tell you a little something :


I percieve friendship a little different than most. Where-as most people imagine a friend to be someone to turn to when the going gets tough, or who'll spot you money when you need it - or just generally as " family but not blood related " - I disagree with this to its fullest extent. I find friends to be those enemies that you've created not an alliance with - but a non-agression pact for the goodwill of both parties. Do I trust anyone of my proclaimed ' friends ' ? No, not in the slightest. Being that would be the most opportune time in which they'd conviently slide in a serrated dagger of some sorts between my shoulder blades. And I believe that is true friendship - because then you always know where the person stands. I always percieve " happiness " or " good will " to be more of a covert manner of operations really. If you're coming to me with an olive branch or a white flag - then obviously you've got an ace up your sleeve. But if you walk to me straight forwardly, all weapons brandished - I know what you're capable of and what level of defense to place in your way. I bond more with my enemies than I do with my friends. It is silly.

I need to do laundry.
i know scotch is whiskey---which is why i said " i dont like whiskey ,much, though scotch is ok,"
and bourbon i donot like---but i like jack danials. i like the brand :P
awwhhh... pure liquor is a joy. Don't mix it... dilute it... drink it straight from the bottle the way it was made.

Beer is not really liquor, it is a cheep subsitute for something nice and tasty... like whiskey, 60 year old homemade wine, vodka, tequila, or rum. :)

I've never been drunk, I admit that quite openly, but I do know a nice drink when I taste one. Even if all I can take before getting slightly tipsy is 4 shots. Why did they ever invent beer, light beer, and non-alcoholic beer? It is a disgrace to so called 'hard liquor'... at least that is my view. Others are entitled to theirs', but I know I will never like it's flavor, or that fact that it takes a shitload to get drunk as compared to other more powerful and true alcohols.
Um...Jack Daniel's is Bourbon. It's not made in the area of Kentucky that bourbon traditionally comes from, so they don't call it bourbon. Same shit, made the same way.

Also, Scotch is whiskey.
well--driving on ice isnt as bad as i expected. i still drive like a fuckin psycho apparently. ah well-fuck 'em.

crown royal-guh, cant stand the stuff. canadian whiskey and me donot get along well. in fact-whiskey and my self tend to be -how would you say it-incompatable. iu dont like whiskey much. jack danials is a'ight. scotch is fine and dandy. but i wont touch bourbon, and fuck moonshine. i have been drinking excessivly lately-mainly green apple snchapps. apple pucker or something-good stuff. bacardi malibu and dark, stoli's vodka vanille and kahula premade mudslide is what i decided to drink last night and then drive back...unfortuntaly they were checking the gate for drunk drivers---fortunatly they didnt check my car-or i wouldvew been busted. jail time babee.

i spent 145 dollars last night on liquor. 286 dollars on speakers (real keen ones, w/ 12 inch subs on em) and 176$ on a reciever. and 30 dollars at applebees. i had fun last night. cant wait till i drive too drunk and get into a wreck and die :D. than you all can say how much of a dumbfuck i was for drinking and driving and blah blah and than you can send in some footage and me from one of jeffo's movies (maybe the one where im chasing everyone around saying "buttsex!!!") into MADD and have it turn into a commercial againts drinking and driving. im sorry-i was just raped by videos about drinking and driving since i got here and it getting annoying.

well-i got nothing else to say---i bought an outkast cd. good stuff. and a rentals and a boards of canada cd. ive heard of both bands, didnt know much about em. its a'ight.
been listening to a lot of eminem lately. been that bored i guess. my stuff finally gets here monday and i get the day off for it as well ( YAY!! ). my computer is still in first phase at alienware (which means thay have yet to begin BUILDING it. thats aggravating. very aggravating.

January 11, 2003

Booom booom, boom booom boom goes the background.
music. and music derived there-of. how it influences and affects.
I do not know. what I am posting. I have crown royal. it is swell.

yeeah, yeeah, yeeee---eeeeaaaa---aaaaah
- i like it - im not gonna crack -
- i miss you - im not gonna crack -
i love you - im not gonna crack -
- i'll kill you - im not gonna crack -

Breanna is just now turning twenty one? chroist.
No offence, but I guess I really didnt pay much attention there.
maybe its just me. maybe its just meant to be. who knows. zugga zug. hey monkies.

something in the way - Mmmmm hmmmmm -
something in the way ( yeah ) - Mmmmm hmmmmmMmmm -

I originally bought the crown online, it cost me about 90$
but then they canceled the order because I sent it to a PO BOX.
Oh well. looks like someone there actually *WORKS*
so I went down to the place in south-hill : next to borders.
suprisingly not as bad as I figured it would be : cost me roughly fourty dollars less.
same thing. thank god i didnt go the online route.

cause I can see you every night . . . free.

the world is a funny place. who knows where I will be next. who I will be with. what will happen. bum da da dum da - i dont care i dont care i dont care i dont care i dont care if i am old. i dont mind i dont mind i dont mind i dont mind i dont mind - i dont mind if i dont have a mind. boom da da doom doom. this is taking much too long. why am I here - what was I going to say? wikka wikka. DO YOU HAVE AN NES? NES GAMES? give them to me. please ( ? ) thank you for your patience. there is a hole in the bucket, dalielah, dalielah. put a cork in it. im going to go to the mall later today. I think. I was going to buy myself a POWER WHEELS. could I get arrested for driving a POWER WHEELS while drunk, in my back yard? c'mon. you could just get the humor thinking about it. me. drunk. on a big pink barbie power wheels? you know you'd love it more than the picture of zach-o's ass. you know what pisses me off? gaming today. gaming has become some uber-industry in which everyone milks their fair share of the cow. the movie industry has to have a piece of it. the board-game industry has to have a piece of it. fuck, mary+kate-ashley got in on it, and britney's dance beat? im tired of them. i go through video games like corn through an old person's colon. i remember a time when games were tough. not copy pasted same thing different graphics new sound different characters doing *different* moves. which in fact were just the same characters with new avatars and different animations.

fuck you capitalist america

I think things have a much greater impact when all lowercase than uppercase.
hey - wait. I've got a new complaint - forever in debt for you priceless advice.
    you're listening to a new sound coming from the underground -
    shaking the foundations from the inside - invite the inlaws over and hide the good silver -
    wear : where else can you find good excitement for the price of a dime :
    have a good time with a grain of salt - shot down like lincoln at a play - who
    knows where I'll be tomorrow : where am I today? who needs fun when I've got you :
    all tied down - a muffled scream or two : top to the bottom or bottom to top :
    what oh what to do - feeling all around for a way to get away : no dont start -
    never listened to a word I said - we'll start with the head : mistake - take back :
    retract the listing in the phone book dear / oh look at that there goes your ear -
    like a bad movie gone good or a good movie gone bad : resevoir dog rip-off, here I come

testing one. testing two.
is this thing on? burning a hole in the at - mo - sp - here.

remember. wear sunscreen at night. UV rays are more harmfull when dormant.

January 10, 2003

Happy Birthday Breanna.

I had something else to say, but it's gone now.
Hey all, I know it has been a rather long time since I put anything on here, and even longer for Justin, but all I have to say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Hehehehe, I'm now old enough to drink, at least legaly anyhow. ;)

January 09, 2003

My blind friend Kyle sent me a late Christmas present today. I was talking to him awhile ago about how I changed my taste in music to Squarepusher, Aesop Rock and EL-P. So when I saw a box exactly the right size to carry four CDs, I assumed. However, inside were the pictures of four album covers, and the money with which to buy them. I found it funny. So today I bought the CDs. Two new Squarepusher CDS, the Daylight EP by Aesop Rock, and Fantastic Damage by EL-P. Good stuff.
hey wow i havent posted in a long time well
anyone know anything on cameroon if you do e mail it to me i have a school project that i need to do (unlike hugo) i do go to school still and i need to do this please help!

January 08, 2003

Where did you buy the Crown?

so I ordered alcohol from online. crown royal whiskey. it owns your soul.
why from online - paying the extra to ship it from god-knows-where?
because I dont want to go to a liquor store. I hate liquor stores. I hate people who go to liquor stores. I hate alcohol.
after talking with coworkers I've found that in life, alcohol goes relitively hand-in-hand with " work "
they've also informed me that this " need " for alcohol is doubled, nay - tripled, with the onset of children.
all in all I dont care as long as I get my whiskey in a velvet bag. Huzzah.

today, I got my new glasses. the lady with the accent played with my hair while " adjusting " them. - SHRUG -
on the way home, on five - oh - seven, a lady was going thirty miles per hour. in the fifty five mile per hour zone.
it was so cool to see seven people in front of me pass her and then pass her and watch seven more people pass her.
that was the highlight of my day.

it seems that all the flexo's at my work ( flexo = machine = my job ) are now going to get prefeeders. and auto-stackers.
that is a pain. the only " manual labour " jobs where you'll feed the machine anymore will be the post. and that sucks.
i will miss feeding thirty pound wax imbued white-bottomed sheets at 17 thousand boxes an hour.
oh. well.

i bought a book. and a game. and im watching a movie. while eating.
aint life the shit.
because you are airforce homos?

me fordyce and greenbank spent all night taking stoopid pictures like these...alaska is FUN!!!

on another note---getting an AlienWare System. waisting 2500$,ecause i can. fully aware that i could built one on my own for MUCH cheaper (and better) but this is ALIENWARE...and it looks cool. just look at it:

i work in 5 hours, but i get relased at 8am, so i owrk for just an hour, walk back, sleep till 12, eat lunch go back to work till 4, pick up my car at 4.30 and sleep some more. i pnly work 4 hours and get full pay---gotta luv it. dont ask why they split it up like that. its stupid-stupid FTAC.

saturday night greenbank blew up a condom and went around slapping people on the heads down the hallway. then me and fordyce blew up condoms and started to beat him down...we condom boxed for like an hour until we reliesed we were covered in spermicide...which was quite disgusting. boredom will catch up to you.

we ended up shaving all of our heads and called ourselves the TERRIBLE SCALPS...why?

January 07, 2003

if there is one picture that could sum up my entire trip to washington at the end of last summer..here it is.

buttsex anyone?

go figure.

the one day i actually go to sleep at night, after 4 weeks of staying up till 10 am and sleeping till 5 pm, i wake up at 9:15 am.

i simply dont understand my body. or my penis. youd think that if i speak english, my penis would too. but it speaks italian.

fucken a.
James, are you hitting on me? just kidding there, I understand.

Anyway, I started college today, well, Pierce, which is kind of like college but without the semblance of intellectualism. Biology 101 is going to try my dedication, but Music 101 will be a breeze.

January 06, 2003

cool. clicking on people's user names now makes you email them.
After that last post, James, now I'm searching for some I can use to poke out my mind's eye.

That's not a mental image I needed.
If I ever get my own place - Im going to invite Aaron over.

and then I'm going to light candles.

and then im going to tell him : " I can do anything I want here "

and then we will laugh.

January 05, 2003

Wow.....earthtone slugs.


Steven, if you read this, I have a shirt that I believe to be yours. Found it when I was pulling everything out of my truck before the tow truck arrived. Call me and we'll arrange some way of getting it back to you.
why hello posting buddies, how are you? I have not posted in a while and I probly will not post any time soon for I still do not have the internet... I so happy, "I bursting with fruit flavor" (name that movie) but any way I just wanted to say hi...

January 04, 2003

today is the start of a new day :
a new way to pass the time
the words fall off the paper as quickly as they appear
just place the fear in a box on the shelf
will you not just speak to the man on the side
justin is just - this just in - josiphine means to be mean
but cannot find the reasons to be
inside and empty with a beating chest of hope to desire
turning the pages of a book of a magazine to the flyer
screeching while the rain is falling down :
they made no sound when they struck
another way to write - another check to check
- another questionable mistake
two zero zero and the point zero zero
defined the box that acquired a name
to exchange a future at such a costly price
- where will they put this device
with a hatred ready at disposal -
and a confused manner to dispose of
you want to play now : feed them all
to the wolves : its the most thing said --
how do you do this, how do you do that,
spinning tops with giant rabbits smiling
all the while - i dont know, find out : find out / find out | find out
somewhere up there where the cold
wind blows and the night never comes
calls almost every day to the place :
never return : or return to never again -
hypocritical mistakes to replace the fakes that
were placed there in the first place
you dodged the blow i never threw :
and blowjobs came through like jelly
he'll be down this weekend - wait, no -
the champange is flowing with the bubbly
who is she now - is there ground underfoot -
be gentle be kind be slow and remind :
pull the skin back - decide real quick -
just wait later then the sound will see
we will all be cordial - we will all be calm -
we will all be friendly - on terms at a price
i dont want to live unless its next to a
keyboard and a screen to reveal the insides
of those i do not know to know i know that
they know me because of the fingers that type
these keys and my sides split while the
back goes to shit i need an income to come in to my hands
as all is all is life is rewinding - i dont know -
where are you going now - dont hide behind the curtain
small and short - mistaken at a school -
listen to their music - listen to me
is this fun time or is it time to have fun -
which fun - that way - isnt this making me
coming back to show : happy happy happy :
we are nothing but friends : party party party -
you're an idiot : you're silly : you're stupid :
you're interesting : i'll never forget you - never stop.
never stop talking to you unless you stop talking to me is it so isnt it so -
so go now. how
on her back she stood there with
a smile on her face - couldnt remember
in the back she stood with a grimace as
he put it in place : couldnt forget
a shower will erase all those times :
a shower will erase all those places
and speaking of places where was that one mistake made
what time was that appointment again :
i couldn't remember the date
court can wait : with the traffic signs gone awry -
it is because of the rain
again - headlights and heaters up -
the speed of the windsheild : crazy
you want to take this outside is spoken -
wires are broken : gotta fix
the systems shut down and the memory incomplete
to try to explain would be self defeating

and next
and next

January 02, 2003

man theres just something about really good sex that makes you want to get up and play UT. ya know?
today means whoppers are 99 cents. hell yes. time to gain me some weight.

ok i forgot to do this last night.

and no wi have to go shower. with girl.
want something with a kick? during the play we spiked the "mock alchoholic" beverage with some stuff that turned out to be quite a mix
puerto rican rum
something else that i cant quite remember (i wanna say it was southern comfort)
KMX (an orangey flavored energy drink)
Martinellis sparkling cider
patrick thought that it was horrible but i ended up drinking most of the cocktail and walked away from that show with a pleasant warm feeling

January 01, 2003

i will be damned.
this has to have been the best new years ever.

I drank a lot of alcoholic drinks and found one that I particularly ENJOY -
it seems I am a whiskey man.

crown royal + coke/pepsi ... yum.

i know what a hangover feels like.
i know what it is like to just " be okay " around people I dont know.
i enjoyed myself. i enjoyed myself around children - I bonded with co workers.

i had a good time. it was fun. i am happy.

its a good start to the year.
also - the things I did :


sorry, i wasnt in a very imaginative mood - being tipsy and all.
i see zacho got first post of the year.

i will get first post of the decade. suckas.
I wasn't trying to imply that you edited it....I did that myself. Caught myself saying something I shouldn't.

semi-coherent-ness? That's being quite kind. But what I said then was very lucid for how fucked up I was.

From now on I'll avoid posting in that condition.