October 27, 2002

I posted it originally here cuz LiveJournal wasn't working and I needed it saved.
When it was working, I copy/pasted it off of here & then deleted it cuz it was too long.
Kurt's on the telly now. I can kinda understand your reasoning as to why you avoid Nirvana... makes sense.

Anyways, I have an uncle who is a truck driver. His truck doesn't have a cd player in it, so he has to listen to tapes. They don't sell a lot of tapes of the newer stuff out, so I have to make him tapes of stuff. He asked me for The White Stripes, The Hives, and Queens of the Stone Age. My mom told me I have to get them on tape for him. Do any of y'all own those? Cuz like, ya I don't.

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