February 28, 2002

hmm today is a drag..cause im BORED.
i need a fuxoring thing to do.
so like...wow...i guess some special awards was last night or something or maybe the night before..or tomorrow? grammys? or something? im really out of the loop.

i might be comming to town for a short visit in march. a&e might be able to get me a really cheap-o plane ticket as he wors for one of those airline things. march 20-through 30 are zee planned on dates. and i will be sure tyo make a trip to zee area of puyallup to see everyone. so dammit..free up your schedules.

im going to goo take a poo.
Hey you bitches, thanks for responding to my post, dicks... but not bradbury or andrew...

11:30 at sherry's...

and by the way.
if you want xiao xiao goodness-
go here

i was looking here cause of a project for school, makes one think of the things that one has
it's been a while, but guess what...


That's right, your friendly neiborhood psyco is back here in Spanagraham. :)
today was just a fun day of link-ness.
so I figured I'd throw this one in before the end of it.


Joe is gone until tuesday.
that means I get to be B-man
you know what that means?
that means I get FIFTEEN DOLLARS AND THIRTEEN CENTS an hour instead of my normal rate. HOO DOGGIES.

that link ( altho fun ) is old.
get with the times man.

February 27, 2002

im going to see jew with green day and blink.

so i am fucking stoked.

i cant remember if ui said this already so ill just say it again.

jordan got invited to go on some camping trip to canada in august with 4 or 5 college girls.....and he said he is bringing me. drunken funzo in canada? maybe. there are a million variables. but its a nice thought.

boy howdy aint this hoot hoolerin funzo?

Heh heh y'all gotta check this out... it's hilarious


February 26, 2002

andy bye me more smoirnoff.

ill give you a 50 this time.

and i dont want no damned change.

just lots of wussy alcaholic drink.

for wussy emo zach-0.

my "friend" chris appears to have skipped town.

i wonder if i get his sterio like he was talking about.

i wonder if i can get the cds he borrowed back.

but i would get a free guitar out of the deal.



Hmm….Saturday, say you?
Well, shit.
I was planning on being drunk elsewhere, but I can do Shari’s first. Of course, by the time we’ll be done, I’ll just go home and crawl into bed...Friday night/Saturday morning will have be enough of that for one weekend.
And as far as bowling-well, I suck, and they don’t have shoes big enough (at least I doubt they do), but if it’s happening late enough in the day (that is, a while after dark), count me in...

Somebody clue me in as to the approximate times.

bean juice fraturday (friday at sherry's) has to be moved to saturday this week... Sherrie's(my girlfriend sherrie) sister is comming and she wants to meet the jimmi crew... bradbury too...(sorry) its really important that this happens, to sherrie and to sara (sherrie's sister)... if anyone wants to go bowling before hand then post, add comments, call, or email me at fifty2_card_stud@hotmail.com (360)893-5986...
so I took a test. . .


it was a stupid test anyway.

I'm tired and pissed off, so - turns on gruntspeak

Newspaper - job - they not want you
Drive - gas low - money... wait money no have.
Walk in - they no hire - nobody hire - walk outside, whisper "fuck you too then", drive next place
Home, bored - sit on ass - call back places in two days.

And that's how it goes. Fucking awesome.
Now - as is my unsaid job, I doubt just about everything which comes from James' mouth.
Is there 'feminine spice' on this here board, or is it just Collins on another name, hell - maybe its jeff.
Have I not posted for a few days ? ( maybe it was weeks ? ) No, I havent, which brings me to a small point.

I hate vague shit - for instance "gaming place" is vague. What -the fuck- is "gaming place" is that the arcade in a movie theater, the multi colored plastic ball pit at some Chuck E Cheese place ? ( I don't give a fuck how you spell the name of the place. )
Vague, it pisses everyone off.
someone scans a crowd of about a hundred people and says " Hey you, call 911 "
Not so vague, people kinda like that
same little someone with the crowd " Hey you! Fatman with hair on yer body like a damn sweater! Call 911 "

Nods his head once in affirmation Yup. I'm bored. I wanna go do something - whos got ideas on 'get togethers' ?
Zacko can ... oh wait - ha, no he can't come too.

<< Behold the power of Second Post!! >>
and I did stop by the gaming place.
and I did speak with this " dee " person.
and things did go well.
and my father continues to say : " YOU SHOULD HAVE THEM PAY YOU! "
and I say " I dont really care if I get money, I just wanna do it "
and yeup.

February 24, 2002

tomorrow I stop by the gaming place.
to talk some talk.
and see if I can get my claws into the place.
and do some stuff.
and make the " half-assed-ness " into something JAMES-O

mwa hahah
Does anyone ever try to get in touch with their past?
And succeed?
I've been trying lately, to reconnect myself with bits and pieces of my past.
It'd do me good, mentally.
But I've come to find that almost every road (only a few of which I haven't tried, though those are unlikely ones) I try
is completely cut off. Hello, see the big detour sign? It goes right around the destination.

As a result, I end up with more bitter frustration, depression, and longing for it.

Sucks even more when all of a sudden parts of those things come back to remind me of them.

Somebody shoot me then do me a favor and tie off those loose ends for me.
Well I went to the maintenence profesional of the year banquet, and all i can say is god damn what a waste of 15 bucks. The food was terrible... except for the dessert that was good. it was boring as fuck except (there is always an exception) for the guest speaker who was hilarious, and the stringed quartet was awful (well no exception there they were all bad) not in tune wrong notes, gawd it sucked, and the only thing I actually got out of it was a coin.

ugghh oh well live and learn.
I will conquer.
and all shall fall.

or so the story goes anyways. mr moo gets many zachish sausages......many. soon. but even i know not when.

fuck fucking the olympics. saying fuck everything..be it holidays, sporting events, or cultiral celebrations..is OVERRATED. er stuff. ice dancing.....not really cool. but hockey is. i also happen to think speed skating is neat. and ski jumping. .....basically..about half the stuff is cool..and half sucks. same thing with the summer olympics. i mean..you gotta love how ping pong is an olympic event.

so um i was thinking today....chrissie will probbaly not post in here so much. because she doesnt post in her live journal so much either. but maybe the funzo of this place would rouse the posting juices? i dunno.

so i had an hour to kill befor ework started...so i go to this lilke 80's style minimall...and i am walking about..chilling out.and guess what i discover......


for those of you who get the reference here..it is literally a block away from eckerd drug. (anyone get it?)

what makes me mad...is that noone fucking remembers that place. it makes me want to kill people violently...just like in the series of dreams ive been having.

kee hee.

you know..i was hoping devin had died.....since the last i had heard..noone had seen or heard from him in months.....but he resurfaced apparently. damn.

fudge packer?

February 23, 2002

Wow-Little Collins, that was more disjointed than I would have thought possible, even from you. Have you been smoking your breakfast? Please, either take less of what you’re on, or share more with others.

Good movie-“Caveman’s Valentine” Just see it.

Winter Olympics-“The Qualitative Olympics”
Explain to me how figure skating makes more sense than the Biathalon. Or how about “Ice Dancing?” HOW THE FUCK DOES “ICE DANCING” DESERVE TO BE AN OLYMPIC EVENT?!?!?!?!?!?! Seriously. The biathalon tests actual skill and endurance. Ski, shoot, ski, shoot. It’s not easy, and takes a great deal of (useful) athletic skill to pull off. Ice skating that doesn’t involve conflict-fairly useless. Okay lets look at it this way: put three hockey players and 30 figure skaters in a room; tell me which three dudes walk out. Bingo. Fuck the winter Olympics. Only thing worse than an actual jock is a pansy on skates trying to be a jock.

Know what, fuck the summer Olympics too. I’ll stick to racing, where steroid use is not advantageous. A true team sport. If one guy on the team fucks up, nobody gets paid. There are no guaranteed paychecks in auto racing (except in the higher-up forms, I.E. Formula One, where the drivers get paid per year). There is no “rebuilding year” for racing. Either you won or you didn’t. If you didn’t, you probably won’t get sponsorship next year. AND FUCK NASCAR.

So “Pulp Fiction” is coming on now.

FIXED !! FIXED AT LAST!!! ..... i just went over reading every thing and.... i feel like saying fuck it... i shoulf go play eq all i want... im actuly giving something up while all these ( no offance ) shitfooks go and put BLUEJEENS... wtf... i actuly wanted to look good in all this, that i was actuly giving something up. i say hell... you all wanna put things down that you could just lie about or say.... " artaficual shugar doesnt count as shugar .... " or some other kind of BS loop hole in your little make believe house of " im suffering like jessus did " If jessus looked at that list he would suffer... suffer from all the people who put shit like shugar blue jeens and chocolet........ im gunna stay in and be tied with half the other twits who most likly lied and ate all the shugar...no ...wait... artaficial shugar they wanted this whole weeked while i threw up and shat my insides out...

and dont give me bs about how is Disilplyen because thats a load of crock, giving up something you coul live with out and dont realy CARE about is bull... man lent is a joke.... i wonder if i should say fuck it and play EQ..... naah ill just be jiped out of the prize somehow and curse and rant and rave about how those dolts are asses... bah, rember everyone BURN IN HELL

MaxPowers- hates you no matter if you black or white * dances * oh and before you can say it I KNOW MY SPELLING SUX KISS MY ASS HAH
Funny thing.

A bit ago I was at work and I was thinking " hot damn, Ive got this weekend off. But the more I thought about all the great time I would have - the more I got to thinking " what am I going to do with all that time? " - and I kept thinking, trying to think " so what am I going to do? " - and the more I thought the less I came up with. I thought more - and by now you should realise that I've been doing a lot of thinking and my lunch break was almost over - and then I found what I was going to do. Absolutely nothing. Im going to sit around on my ass and wait to start working again. Great. Because Ive come to the conclusion that once you start working you get into a mentality which consists of " life is working " and when you're not working - you dont feel alive. It is weird. So here I am. And I feel like stacking boxes, and Im not. And Im just sitting here. Waiting to go back to work. Sure - time off is nice. But really ...

I think work sucks out a part of your soul which makes you want to not-work. Oi.
one day mr moo is going to wkae up with a zachish sausage in his nose.
gay co-workers hitting on me is really funny. and somewhat puzzling. on the one hand...hes funny..on teh other ..penises really do go in his bum. so....oh well. as long as his doesnt go into mine.

work work work
work work work
work work work


work work work
work work work
work work work


work work work
work work work
work work work

phone call....

see what im getting at. but work is time i can just.....not worry about....im not wasting it..in eyes of the common person....so the man gets off my back....and i am too busy working to think. i just work work work ..take a breakand think about getting back to work work work.


ethel: why do guys lose attraction to girls when they become friends with girls.
me: i dunno
ethel: it happens all the time...but the only way i can go out with someone is if we are friends first
me: the word "friends" means..."we arent going to have sex any time soon if at all" to a guy.
ethel: not everything revolves around sex.

me: keep telling yourself that.......


me: well then why arent you dating anyone?

good times.

February 22, 2002

All this talk about Lent makes me want to drink coffee...opps...too late. I knew that was something that wouldn't last when I have a girlfriend that's about as addicted to coffee as I am. I'll still add my 4 bucks to the pool though.

In other news. Pickin' On Pink Floyd and Pickin' On Zepplin have to be two of the greatest CDs of their genre...BLUEGRASS! Oh yes...some fucking good music there...Gotta love Baby, I'm gonna Leave You in fast pickin' Bluegrass form, along with Stairway...bahahahahaha
MagDaDun.... dun know how to use AOL.... if you would like to point and laugh at her, or have a nice conversation with someone you dont know, and some casees fook with her in MANY diff ways.... please go ahead .... she has ben marked :) ( is not responcable for any allagations.... ) she contacted me..... thinking i was someone elce.... therefore... free game :) HAVE FUN BOYS

I like cheese... =) Cows make cheese ya'know.... ive been in the hospital for 1 day... because the meds they gave me made me bleeeeed inturnaly.... now i have ulsers and no homework done for any classes... Moo...
Latly i have been wondering where have all the glimpses of zach~o, jimmy and james all on the couch, or the waking up to something wet dripping from the cilling... or having to sneez to get the substance ive yet to find out what it is, out of my nose.... all of these things are missing from my home.... i wonder where they have gone... oh i know.... The Butt Moved to Some place, the SEX doesnt come around as much anymore, and the ? works like a boswaniaian.... makes me cry, but hay, i can now sleep with out having some large asian on me, or waking up to jimmys " How the hell did my but get up in the air" heh he heh..... well, james like an ass will prolly delet this so..... damn..... TOO BAD I OWN YOUR SOUL JAMES!!! * goes back to TRYING to do fooking work for mis D's class....... sux that my computer is down :(
and i have been EQ free for 12 days.... Go me... im still not gunna pay 4$$ till the end. cuz ive had things like this RIP ME OFF ..... and i can see aaron puting all this together JUST to Yoink 4$$ from me... and JUST ME...YOU KNOW IT!!!!
i have spoken.

Max Powers- to lazy to get his computer working....- and hax0red jameses account....
Long week, getting shit ready so all you ungrateful little fucks can go back to classes....(any non-Bethel students can ignor the previous statement)

In other news, the Olympics are a joke.


Wait, that's not news. At least the winter Olympics, with the exception of the Biathalon-that's a real sport. Ski, shoot, ski-not easy. Hell, it was even in a James Bond movie. Okay, so it was one with Timothy Dalton as Bond, but it was a Bond movie nonetheless.

Of course, I've taken part in the Redneck Biathalon. Instead of skis, you have pickup trucks. Taking the place of highly accurate target rifles are 12 gauge shotguns. Oh yeah. Being that plenty of beer is typically consumed prior to and during the event, instead of carefully placed targets, you shoot at everything that moves. Occasionally, and due to the aforementioned alcohol, targets may include fellow participants and/or their vehicles. Thankfully, the level of inebreation reached usually keeps serious injury from occuring.


I agree with what James said fully. That is, the actions of your typical "religious" person go against everything their religion stands for. The way they press their beliefs upon others is also bothersome. Take into account the "Reverend" Jerry Fallwell. He is one of the biggest walking bags of horseshit ever. Then we get into the likes of Pat Buchanon(sp?). Fuck. Don't get me started.

Anyway....I think that's about it....Is anyone going to be at Shari's tonight? I might make an appearance if so.

Hi Boys!
I stacked over 100 000 boxes within three days

thats right - the foreman even noticed. It was great. But moving on to things of more importance.

First - let me state that I did not know that lent was in rememberance of " Jesus running off to the desert " - and you shot me down pretty good with the semantic of it being " a reminder " instead of " a parralell " - so to a further extent, my beef was deflated hardkore, yes - with a " K ". Not only that - but as bradbury pegged - yes I do have a bit of something against religion. Against religion itself? No ... against those who say one thing and have their foot half-way into something religious and then half-ass it the other way, and then all the time ride the " holier than thou " train of goodness? Oh yes.

With that done.

DS has come up with another debate - which I shall add my measly two cents worth about.

SLAVE LABOUR in boswania.
If you know me, you know my views about boswania.
I dont care about boswania.
I will never visit boswania.
I do not know anyone in boswania.
Otherwise, they wouldnt be in boswania.
and boswania would not be boswania.
the denzins of boswania? I do not care for them.
You mentioned Gwam. Although I do acknowlege where Jeff came over on a boat - anything more is a reference to boswania.
therefore of no interest, or care, to me.
so. sucks to live in boswania eh?
what else is new.
-ta da-

wasnt that compelling eh?

and last but definately not least -
I've re-invited Mike ( rigney ) again - it seems he wanted me to delete him and then re-invite him with another email - and either he hasnt checked it or is too lazy to get his ass around to doing what he needs to do ( DAMN THAT SEX MACHINE! ) - I also re-invited Mr. Parker ( James ) - and hopefully he'll be able to help us with some incite on working at a glass factory. A nice move away from boxes. And I also have invited two women - one a very esoteric odd one, and the other a very easy-going normal one. Hopefully they'll add some woman-estrogenic-spice to the board.


February 21, 2002

hmmm i was looking at the pic of dead chris farley....and well....since we are on teh debate of catholics and lent and religion...perhaps dead chris farley became dead due to lent? i mean..does that not appear to be rosary beads in his left hand? maybe he gave up drugs and money for lent....and couldnt take it..and the resulting like....with drawls caused him to no longer be able to snad it..and fill his pockets with money and OD on drugs..bringing about his ultimate demise..and as he was breathing hi slast...he clutched the rosary..in hopes thta his failing of lent..would not cast him into limbo..or whereevr lent failers go...

Feel the sharp stabbing splinter of my wood

People pay to play games, and leave with a grin of happiness. Eat and sleep my drugs.
If you need something to be upset about, be upset about this. It is a company called Shin Won in Guatemala that makes clothes for the Gap.

The minimum wage for the garment sector in Guatemala is approximately a daily rate of Q$28.00 (about US$3.60). Excluding overtime and bonuses, workers receive about Q$425 every 15 days (about US$54.00). If bonuses, production incentive pay, and overtime pay are included, workers are supposed to receive about twice the amount quoted above, or roughly Q$1,800 a month (US$226.00). This is well below the established poverty line for Guatemala. The U.S. Department of Labor, Office of International Economic Affairs, stated in a 1999 report that the poverty line in Guatemala was about Q$2,109.00 a month (US$307.00).

I am adding a addendum per the comments. The point I was trying to make here was the exploitation of labor via capitalism. The Gap corporation can afford to pay their workers a living wage. They opt not to so as to provided lower costs to consumers and fill their own pockets. Go to behindthelabel.com and see the shacks where these people live on the wages they earn then tell me that what is happening is reasonable.
not mud, what is your problem with those of us observing Lent? You have no faith in this religion and practice, nor do many of us who are participating in this Lent activity, so what is all the rage about? It is not as if we are making a mockery of something important to you.

I perused the internet and found some items that may be of interest to you regarding Lent. They are all from Catholic websites.

Lent is a season of soul-searching and repentance. It is a season for reflection and taking stock. Lent originated in the very earliest days of the Church as a preparatory time for Easter, when the faithful rededicated themselves and when converts were instructed in the faith and prepared for baptism. By observing the forty days of Lent, the individual Christian imitates Jesus’ withdrawal into the wilderness for forty days.
by Ken Collins, KenCollins.com
[Imitating Jesus' withdrawal into the wilderness, not imitating the anguish of being nailed to a cross.]

In Lent, it's traditional to give up something(s) that we do a lot of and that we find pleasure in. This 'giving up' is done as a discipline, as a reminder of Christ's sufferings and what our true pleasures are as followers of Christ, and as an act of sorrow over our sin. Sometimes we don't notice how certain things we do have gained power over us and dictate our actions. In Lent, we discover these things and give them up so that God can be in charge.
[Not only do I swear a lot, but I do quite enjoy it. Same goes for sweets. It is a reminder of suffering, not a parallel of the suffering.]

Q: What are appropriate activities for ordinary days during Lent?

A: Giving up something we enjoy for Lent, doing of physical or spiritual acts of mercy for others, prayer, fasting, abstinence, going to confession, and other acts expressing repentance in general.
[I gave up two things that I enjoy.]

No, I am not jumping on the Christian bandwagon, nor do I aspire to be a good Catholic. I celebrate Christmas and I am not a Christian. I celebrate my husband's birthday and it is not my birthday. I have participated in Rosh Hashanah and I am not a Jew. Sometimes we do things because they make us a more well-rounded person or a better person.

PS If you consumed only bread and water you would get scurvy. But I bet you would like that because it would cause the suffering you so seem to wants us to endure.
To suffer like Jesus suffered.

I have come to the conclusion that Lent is nothing more than half-assed, watered-down, religious, dogmatic bullshit. I will explain this in a couple of examples, and specifically show how they do not, in any shape manner or form, show any " suffering " and more-less, " suffering like Jesus suffered."

The first being " not to curse " - cursing consists of " Fuck, Shit, God-damn, Mother-fucker, Asshole, Darn, Heck, Damn, Hell, Jesus Christ... " and the list an go on and on. Life is rather easy not to curse, in fact there are people who live without lent and not cursing. To make this half-assed suffering more like Jesus, I propose that it be changed to a vow of silence. To not speak to anyone for the duration of lent would show more suffering, although not be anywhere near Jesus', than " not cursing "

The second being " not eating ( insert whatever ) " - this seems to be a popular " suffering " - although again, half-assed. I believe that I wont eat pizza anymore. Whoop-de-shit. You've given up nothing. I believe I will give up eating french-fries. LA DA DE. Jesus had to carry a heavy cross down a road, and then was proceeded to be nailed to it. To suffer much the same way, you are avoiding one sort of food. My proposition? To eat nothing but bread and drink nothing but water - there you go. How about bread and water? And no, not water, with bread and peanut butter and jelly. Just bread. Just water. Thats it. Again - that would be suffering, but nowhere near as jesus suffered.

Thirdly - " Im not going to wear jeans " - this is so ... I wont even touch it. Along the same lines " Im not going to wear anything " is sort of inappropriate for our times. so I couldnt come up with anything along the lines of clothing. This is how bad this is, I cannot even come up with a better version of it - because there is no bloody way ( can you come up with a better, like minded mode of ' suffering' ? )

Fourthly - " Im not going to have sex " - close, but no cigar. Unless your married, you shouldnt be having sex anyway ( this is if you are following some form of other religious idealism ) - but in the event you've just decided to PICK UP LENT FOR SOMETHING TO MAKE YOURSELF FEEL BETTER - then abstaining from sex is a grand idea. Although still, nowhere near the suffering of jesus, and half-assed. You'll go home and masturbate - " Hey I said sex, not masturbation " - or you'll go home and look at pornography - " Hey I said sex, not watching sex " - or you'll go home and you'll get a blowjob - " Hey I said sex, not sodomy. " - and so it goes and so it goes. This proposition is easy - Celibacy. All forms of sexuality what-so-ever are null and void for you. whee.

But as you see - I have stated that none of these are close to, or match, the ' suffering of jesus ' - because there isnt a god-damned single one of you who can match that. Our times are different, and you've got plenty of laws protecting you from any sort of suffering. You're all sheltered by the government and dont even fear God anymore. You come up with half-assed shitty concepts for things that once meant something. The point is not to " suffer like Jesus " but to attempt to suffer like Jesus. To make some sort of effort to inflict suffering onto yourself, to show that you too can bear suffering for the greater good. The majority of those I've interviewed have already " failed " whatever they gave up for lent. It makes me wish that half way through his big spiel Jesus said " you know what, i cant take this - so Im just going to give up " - that would have been a better Jesus for all of you to suffer like. Suffer like the half-assed Jesus. Suffer like the Jesus who quit.

So what do you think?
( also, this would have been a much beter post, but it got deleted twice, so I just got pissed off and did the jist of it ) augh.

February 20, 2002

so last night i couldnt sleep. i have the most annoyingly overactive brain ever. if i could like..harness the activity..and all the stuff that goes through it....and channel it in some way....im certain i could make some kind of entrepenurial endeavor and at least have money for a while before it backfired and i went bankrupt. but filingt for bankruptcy doesnt mean the end..i could just invent something else...

so i seem to have contracted a flu like condition. ive said thi smany times..to many people..in many places..and i will say it again.

I mother fucking cant stand pissing out my ass!!!!!!

chroist its the worst thing ever. and it fucking stinks worse than normal shit.
the worst is when you dont want to miss work because you fucking need the money..so you work sick...and youve gott ajust sit there and hold in your farts because for all you know they might be sneak attack liquid shit. WERGH.

and some shitzo career soldier mastersergeantchiefmastdrilltasmaster sir tried to recruit me today while i was trying to serve his damn food to him. and now that i think about it..he had some pimple faced kid with him...so he was probably the town recruiter..cause his office is only a couple buildings away. anyways..im sure that kid with him(who he treated to lunch by the way) was his latest target. poor kid. poor poor fool. or something.

i need a car. some girl wanted to hang out with me friday after work..but apparently she lives farther away from here than we thought...so no go. fugh. being single is a pain in the ass. like..when you are"taken" and you write off all women in the world except the "one whe has taken you"..you dont get weird comments because..you just dont. so in day to day stuff you just bltantly ignore females. i dont know why you wouldnt anyways..because females are the enemy. but then again..because they are the enemy..it sis probably wise to keep ones self aware of their proximity..because it is a foolish commander who does not carefully watch his enemy. or something.


*long silence*


(enter dead chris farley)



(dead chris farley says) " SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU STUPID FUCK! YOU KNOW WHAT?"




oh thats right. well....bye bye dead chris farley..it was a blast to see you again! ya'll come back now,, ya hear-ah? dont be no stranger!

(exit dead chris farley)


my hasnt it been but a long time since we all heard from our good pal dead chris farley?
you know..sometimes it warms a guys heart..to hear from old friends...ya know?
really makes the warm juicy tenderness flow.

er wait..im thinking about when i have gay sex. never mind.

so I got home and fell asleep.
in other news :

it makes you think really.
I mean really makes you think.
Band of the Day-

The Beta Band

I have nothing to say about this band but "HOT DAMN!" so go look them up!

February 19, 2002

Yes, I'm Back

First off-Work related injuries do not rule, they sucketh very much. L & I will find every imaginable way to screw you in any orifice they can. If you get hurt at work, SAVE ALL THE PAPERWORK. Until you retire. Because they have a way of losing records that comes in handy-to them. Say you hurt your back at work. Say this is a minor injury, easily recovered from. Now say this happens three or four times in twenty years of work. Then you need surgery and are told that this is a "pre-existing" condition, because they have no records of previous job-related injuries. YOU GET SCREWED.

Also, if L & I ever tries to send you to an IME (Independant Medical Examination), hire an attorney BEFORE you go. I've learned all this from the (recent) experiences of my coworkers....

That's all....for now

when I get home.
be expecting a big rant on LENT.

February 18, 2002


work related injurys rule.

indiana jones will never go out of style.

neither will people who single handedly eat 40 cheese burgers in one sitting.....normally.


I'm back.
Jesse, may you die.

I'm not going to provide any specific circumstances this time, I merely hope you perish in any old generic fashion.
holy shit, I hope I'm not alone when I say - Cut out that bold type bullshit!

February 17, 2002

i could really go for some asphault skiing right now. im in a real tza mood. the type of mood where i want to break stuff....and then go drink coffee and talk about it.

as for zee uber road.... when i triumphantly return this summer...we shall all go to the uber raod..and have a massive skiing session.

funny thing.... asshole jimmy(my former person of white trashedness that i lived with). his girlfriend posted in her live journal that peoples attitude towards her boyfriend piss her off. i found that amusing....because jimmy goes out of his way to piss the world off..and then he complains about teh world being mad at him..and he blames it on me.

youll never laugh harder or longer..than when you work at mcdonalds..and a big fat guy yells "HOW THE HELL LONG DOES IT TAKE TO MAKE 4 DOUBLE QUARTER POUNDERS?!?!?!" at you. hehehehehehehehehe. this fat bastard had ordered 4 double quarter pounder meals with 4 super size fires and 4 42 ounce cokes......FOR HIMSELF. i mean..CHROIST!!

i should have a car in the next month or two. i plan on tzaing it.

its hard to come to grips with the fact that i am single now for the first time since july3rd

fuck fucking fuck.

one thing i shall tell you. i am heartily tired of mcdonalds food. wargh.

where the fuck did mike go? sex mike. seriously. what the fuck ever happened to that sex factory?

i wish i had funzo stories to tell......but i dont do fun stuff anymore.


bhut segz
fuck....I bought Chris Clark's Clarence Park on Vinyl...I need to stop
There are a lot of weird things in this world. There are people who believe
Elvis is still alive, there are plants which eat animals, there are alien
markings in fields of hay, and there are bolts of lightning shaped like
basketballs that bounce around. Even mathematics has it's share of weirdness.
In fact, this problem deals with the calculation of weird numbers.

A number is called 'weird' if it is 'abundant' without being the sum of any
subset of its proper divisors.

An 'abundant' number is one that is smaller than the sum of all of its proper
divisors. For example, 12 is abundant, since it's proper divisors are 1, 2,
3, 4, and 6, and 1+2+3+4+6 = 16. (Note that a number is not a proper divisor
of itself.)

The smallest weird number is 70. The proper divisors of 70 are 1, 2, 5, 7,
10, 14, and 35, the sum of which is 74, which is greater than 70. No subset
of these values adds up to 70.

Write a program that takes as an input a number, and calculates and outputs
the next 'weird' number greater than that number. Your program may not take
more than one minute to run on any of the cases below.
Boards of Canada's song "The Smallest Weird Number" and their self produced label "Music70"

Pete and Pete Petition
Band of the Year ---

Ah yes, everyone should go down Hey Sandy, esspecially James. If you were ever a little Television baby and sat your ass in front of it everyday playing Nintendo and watching Nickelodeon, you're most likely watched Pete and Pete. Along with many other Indie Bands that were in this show, Polaris was one of them. They did the theme to the show and were the garage band. This song has a weird, creepy nestalgic feeling to it...::shivers::...It makes me want to go search for episodes online, or by them on eBay (James)...

Recommended songs -
Hey Sandy
Coronado II
Waiting for October
second post -

so here is the deal - we go out to show steve's crew ( that's rose and joe ) the fascinating activity that is " ROAD SKIING " - and we had a great time. Although we couldnt find the UBAR ROAD that zach-o had pointed out earlier, so we decided to tear up zach-o's old stomping grounds. Right down his road in front of his house, and yes - we pissed on the mormon's church grounds. So back and forth we went and got three or four good zooms with sparks a-plenty until Joe casually informed us all that :


and the reminder of what happened last time the poh-leese was called on us, the warning " BAIL BAIL BAIL " was quickly thrown about, and we were nowhere to be seen. But this is not the entire story by far - in fact, this isnt exactly the story Im posting to tell. Asides from some car with bright headlights ( which we had thought were rose&joe but upon later talking, confirmed that they had actually taken a right and bailed out on us and that bright-lighted car was following US until I casually parked our car in the driveway of some house and turned it off. ... hah! ) - we got out of there relitavely easily. A little too easy. I had thought we bit it this time for sure.

So we all rendevous at shari's - said " HOT DAMN THAT WAS CLOSE " - said our goodbyes - and went along our each seperate ways. This is where it gets odd.

Me and michael are driving down meridian and there is a car behind us. a police cruiser passes by us in the opposite direction - and michael says " there is a police car " - and in response the car behind us speeds up and passes me on my left. I thought this was steven and jimmoi in the other TZA car - and smiled to myself. Until I realised it was another police cruiser - and that is what Michael was talking about. Two cruisers within 2 seconds of eachother.

" Looks like they're searchin for someone!"

michael and I both joked. The police cruiser then, ahead of us, stopped by a stop light to take a left. When we had gotten within a couple yards of the car, it then took an abrupt right turn from one end of the road to the other - very quickly. I was taken off guard ... and slowed down none-the-less. Looking out the right window we saw something which seemed to be two police cruisers had had a collision of some sorts. Either that or one of them just exploded for no apparent reason. One car we couldnt see well, but the obvious damage to one police cruiser included an adjar and dis-connected rear door, and a messed up trunk. the car which took the abrupt right turn slowly approached the scene, and there was my car driving right by the whole mess.

the thing is. this was on my right side.
what is on the right side you ask?
well it's yellow. and it stands out on my big red car.
and it says but one thing :


now this may seem to be nothing big. whoop-de-shit, a police cruiser got thrashed. But upon thinking further on the matter, I had come to the idea that maybe the reason we " got off so easily " was because ... well ... maybe in response to such a phone call - being they've had such " disturbances " before and not pulled anyone in - quickly rushed to the scene. Because the ironic thing about the whole episode was they were thrashed just one road down, connected to the road we were skiing down, and the road I almost drove down to " escape " from - but we had thought we lost Joe and Rose. So we turned around and went the opposite way. Had we but gone the other way ... funzo.

So was it our fault? Did we cause a police cruiser accident? I damn well think we did. You know why?

because it's a better story that way.
and now that i have been listening to frank sinatra sing "send in the clowns" for the past 3 hours........im a mess.

February 16, 2002

alithea broke up with me.
so in the event that you are reading this you are probably at home.
that means probably at sharis
that means probably not at the gaming place of funzo rama.
and here I am down the road.
and I dont really want to go all the way down there to get you guys.
and i dont know steven's cell phone number. BLOODY HELL.

so.... yeah.
i have to go there anyway.
Lent is hard. My house is filled with sweets. And it is all my fault. I bought 15 candy bars and a bag of Peanut M&Ms. I just stare at them. ACK! I was thinking that I would lose weight since I was not eating sweets, instead I am eating everthing else. For dinner I had a fat sandwich - cream cheese (fat), cheddar cheese (fat), avocado (fat), with onions grilled in fat, on bread fried in fat. I should have given up fat.

The Mormons came to my house today. Odd coincidence given that just yesterday I was defending their religious integrity. (Perhaps it is a sign from God that I should be a Mormon.) I agreed to meet with them again next week. Probably because one of them looked A LOT like Matt Damon. A LOT!!!!!!!
Bohemian Ink : Absurdism

because you deserve to know better.
Moo.... bored
Pete and Pete
this takes me back...so far back...

I just wish it wasn't such a fucking relic!!!!
If I only had money

February 15, 2002

I think instead you all should look at this instead...

Also, James will you actually fucking be at Shari's this time? Unlike last time you cockmonger!

Is it wrong to bet on Lent? Is that a sin?

THIS - however - is appropriate for school viewing. hee hee.
sharis. tonight.

be there if you can.
dont be if you cant.
that simple.
and dont click here if you're at school. if you arent, and want a good laugh - hot damn click away.

February 14, 2002

Why is it that the beautiful girls are always about 5'6"? I don't know, maybe it's just me
that 28 year old stripper.

Hi steve

I remember getting the Ivy leaf but no attatched message. I'm working at Ricks now. You should come in some time. Call for directions 206.362.4458. You'll love it I can give you a real dance. I'm usually in from about 3-8pm.

Kisses and huggs


I'm goin to Ricks this weekend.
that wasn't what I wanted to post about though
it just kinda distracted me.

Bullets and Trains


3 words that I particularly remember from various convorsations. Well, one is a phrase more or less, but who cares. Its a word if I say it's a word.
I don't know why I remember these, well except the "Bullets and Trains" because I have a specific reason I need to remember it, I don't know.
Sometimes buffalo eat people's eyeballs from a potatoe salad.


February 13, 2002

... pent 1 hour trying to find a poem i posted.... NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!! james the archive thing kinda sux... or i dunno how to use it.... i tried finding a poem along the lines of Cows go Moo and so do i , so i guess im a cow please dont cry, ------- forgot rest.... DDAMMMNN JOOOOO.... bah im going to sleep

February 12, 2002

The Resident Evil trailer came out, 10 bucks says the movie is going to suck ass. Much like Tomb Raider...Street Fighter...Mortal Combat...do I need to continue? I didn't think so
You know, my post was merely to stand up for the females because there seems to be a lack of them on the board. I don't need attacks, it wasn't meant to be personal. I will never let men be in charge of what I do or who I am, and that's me. Some girls do let men take over, just like some men let girls take over. Like I've said before, It depends on the individual.

Jesse...I was in a real bitch of a mood earlier today, and yesterday too. I'm not anymore though. I've finally realized something. It made me very happy. I wish I could share it, but I guess it's just something you have to find out on your own or it isn't the same. So anyway, I am sorry Jesse, for being such a bitch.
Damn, Bonnie was in a real bitch of a mood today along with other people. I love the whole "You can't say anything, you know nothing about me." Yeah sure, so what's your point? I can say whatever I want, so fuck off. The philosophy about "Don't judge me because you don't know me" is just starting to piss me off. The fact that I don't know you doesn't mean I can't cast judgement as I feel. Welcome to a society where you are judged upon your looks, if you don't like it, well go cry me a river. Now, go cut your hair short, wash your clothes, comb your hair and get rid of those pussy zits that look like someone heated up a pitch fork and started stabbing you in the face. JOIN THE REAL WORLD, and fuck off.

I told my girlfriend that I'd bring a towel to school today, so I did. I also wrapped my Hitchhikers Guide in it, just in case I had the time to open it up and absorb some of those word things for pleasure again, which is something I haven't had time to do in the past 5 months. So, Goodbye Invisible Monsters, it's time I brush up on my guide.

I think that last statement ups my Nerd status to 16 out of 10 points. WHICH IS MORE THAN DDR WILL BRING YOU AARON! You fucking newbie DDR addict. Which brings me to something. Now that Aaron is addicted to DDR, I wonder who's next. You see, Aaron had the opinion of "Oh Dance Dance Revolution is so stupid and lame, I'd never play it and I hate it." Oh wow...who else had this opinion?...JAMES! IT'S YOUR TURN TO JOIN! You see, I'm already over DDR, in fact, I'm selling my pad to Aaron. So James, when are you going to start playing? Well, anyway, now I get to make fun of all of you newbie losers who are now addicted to it and previously had the same opinion as James. DDRAAYRYARAAR!!!

The Beta Band owns you!

Oh yeah, If any of you want to know, Add n to (X) is coming to Seattle in April, if you even know who they are.
Don't get me wrong though Bonnie, dun mean to rip into ya, I still respect ya as one of the people on here I disagree with the least, but in this particular matter I highly disagree ;-)
I absolutely love it when people say shit without actually thinking about what they say.
It's highly entertaining.
I also absolutely love it when people don't try and see the other's point of view whatsoever, yet complain about the other party not doing so, when the other party spent an obvious amount more time than the person in question.

that is all.
oh yeah, second post ;-)
first or something

February 11, 2002

if these guys who are sexually harrassing every woman they see and holding women in companies back are such pigs....then why would these oppressed self starving abused held back women want to date them?


eventually, when the guys that are"pigs" stopped getting dates...and decent guys started not having to pay for the misdoings of their swinehearted rivals........wouldnt things even out? wo9uldnt even things become better..because everyone realises how they should act?


link of the day?


even though with my liuck that wont be a link......

but go to it anyways fuckers.


I have been sexualy harassed, phyisicaly/sexualy harassed, I never actually though anything of it because it was in Jr. High, I never really told anyone ether, some girl came up to me and grabbed my "private area" and wouldn't let go, she was laughing and saying things like "I want you inside me now," it was really fucked up... since then I've been harassed and sexually harassed, even at work, some girl comes up to me and says,"I want your balls," and because I was at work I couldn't say anything rude, I really couldn't say anything at all... I told the manager on duty and he just laughed, I was seriosly offended and hurt and he laughed... I've noticed that alot, managers don't do jack shit... sherries manager didn't do anything about this guy that was saying shit right in front her and her manager with customers around... I've been through alot of sexual harassment, I've seen alot harassment, I've been accused of sexual harassment when I didn't even do anything... she just wanted to make people think less of me because she was jellouse... ya, I admit, I don't know what it is to be a girl, but girls have know fucking clue what it is to be a guy...
Be a bartender - you'll know what harassment is, sexual and otherwise.

Most of what you've said here is speculation, the extremes. Nothing, I believe that I believe I haven't answered already. However, it seems I need to do it again.

Be - you -, open your mouth when they want it closed, never do something purely for someone else - do it for you, be aggressive or get fucked
Not to sound petty or anything, but guys have no idea what it is like to be a female. How many guys on this board have ever been sexually harassed? I'm not talking about a crude joke ...I'm talking about the touching and the nasty, perverted sexual comments. I'm talking about the "invites" (aka orders) to sex and the "suck my dick" comments that are meant to be taken seriously. I'm talking about the grabbing of the ass and "massaging" of the lower back ..and the rape....when the women is just wanting to learn something or do her job. Probably a few of you have, but a lot of girls have that on a regular, everyday basis. It's become so natural now that nobody even bothers to do anything about it. Guys laugh as if it is a joke...even principals shrug it off when it happens to the students in their school, and the nasty truth is the girls are told to take it as a compliment saying, "Oh, you must be his favorite student" or "Maybe he was just trying to be friendly."

Well, fuck friendly. Men have opressed women since practically the beginning of time. Why do we earn seventy cents to every dollar? Because men run the government and make it that way. Why do women starve themselves? Because a lot of men won't find us attractive unless we do. Most guys don't like chunky girls. Yes, it is a choice to starve yourself, but chances are most women want to go on dates, get married, and have children. Most men don't go up and start randomly talking to a woman because she is ugly.

You can't say that less women persue high-dollar careers, because in reality men are the fucking CEO's of the company so the women can't move up. Well, they could...fair exchange to move up would be what? A daily blow job in his office? Or maybe sex...I guess it depends on how high you want to move up.

I'm not saying all guys are pigs, and I'm not saying all women are opressed. It's true that a lot of women whine about being fat or having a low paying job and they just don't do anything about it. However, some women don't want to be like that and it's really hard for them to move up in this world. Women may not be stronger physically, but most are a lot stronger mentally. Honestly, though, everyone is their own individual. Men and women alike can move up in the world. There is struggle on both sides, but despite what a lot of people may thing, there is more on the womens. I will try to never let men stand in my way which is difficult. However, men should really stop assuming that we do things because we are silly and want attention. If you look at the truth, a majority of men aren't like the guys on this board. A majority of men fit into the same stereotype of pigs.Well, I'm not saying that nobody on this board is a pig. Oh yeah...Raven, I wouldn't say you ALWAYS have female eyes following you.

February 10, 2002

Oh yeah
My favorite stripper is at Deja Vu.
Her name is Jenny (stagename Kaytlyn)
She's 28.
I had a response to each line said there Blanche...but blogger wasn't workin earlier, and I'm not gonna retype it.
But here's in a nutshell:
Women make less - Statistics. Simply because less women persue high-dollar careers.

Women call eachother sluts. Men don't usually (unless it's an ex-girlfriend). Men pat eachother on the back for doing well at what they are tryin to do.
I pat women on the back for it as well, and I do know a number that do it.

As Andy said. Women /choose/ to starve themselves. Usually due to a lack of will for excersize.

I've not met a man who's ever told me that women are less attractive in their thirties. As a matter of fact I find them equally attractive, just in a different fashion.

I've not met a woman who found John Goodman sexy.
jOe is fat, and he's never been called sexy to my knowledge.
Me, Drew, and Rigney always have female eyes following us.
I'm probably the most heavyweight of the three. At 150 lbs. Where's the sexy fat?

How many guys do ya know that successfully filed for sexual harrassment. They are almost always ignored.
Whereas men have to actually be careful around women nowadays simply because they are afraid of getting in trouble for sexual harrassment, when none was intended.

Yes - That is the nutshell version.
DS, I find it amazing that you're enflamed by the rantings of these young men, as if they/we knew anything. However - lets for one instant look at what you wrote.
I, for one am usually more attracted to older women than younger ( not much older though, wouldnt want to date mom ). That however is all a matter of taste though, isn't it ?
Starving yourself too look like women on Maxim is a matter of choice, not forced upon anyone. Sounds corny, but, never heard of "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" ? Look good for yourself, exercise for you, be healthy - for you -. Fuck others, have someone like you for you. Weight has its limits mind you, but the female form is exquisite, still with some weight. Look at fertility figure carvings, most are of heavier set women with large breasts.
Be quiet about sexual harassment ? It goes both ways, even men arent comfortable in some situations - rare as it may seem. Like I stated weeks ago - " fuck em " - "em" as in everyone, they want your mouth closed ? Open it!

Piss ya off ? Probably have, I seem to be quite good at that althought I don't intend it that way ( as is the way with those that speak their mind ).
I know this is going back a few days but please tell how it is that we, women, make you, men, so insecure.

Is it is because we earn seventy cents to every dollar you earn?

Is it because we get called sluts if we have a sex with a number of partners, whereas, you men are heroes if you do?

Is it because we get to starve ourselves to be thin enough to look like the girls on the cover of Maxim and you guys are considered sexy even if you are John Goodman-fat?

I know, it is because when women turn thirty they are old and undesirable but men in their fifties and sixties, Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, Michael Douglass, are still blazing hot.

Wait, I bet it is because when we complain of sexual harassment we are told to be quiet and accept it as a compliment.

Sorry, I have to go and find some asshole to exploit me and take advantage of me. You know, those quality guys might treat me nicely or something.

What is this?

oh ... oh yes.
CD of the Week

Plastic Mutations - A Tribute to Radiohead

There are some bad covers in the world, such as Lag Wagon's "Bad Moon Risin'" and Limp Bizkits blasphemic remake Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here." This CD includes some of those...just awful remakes. The cover to one of Radiohead's greatest songs, Idiotque, which originally had one of the most original percussion lines EVER, was now bastardized down to a rave-like rythem. But, other then the four horrible covers which include: Mitchell Sigman's Paranoid Android, In One Ear and Out the Analog's Idioteque, Everything in it's Right Place, and sadly, they remade Motion Picture Soundtrack as well. Yes...other then those, you get the rest, which are well done and very original. Motor Industries' remake to Exit Music (from a Film) was amazing, a more insturmental approach giving it a very morbid feeling. Mitchell Sigman regained what little respect was held before with the Let Down cover...but, still couldn't compare to the original. George Sarah remade the lovely Aphex Twin-ish song called Kid A with a very Autechre meets Radiohead sound (lots of noise here, James, go buy the CD for this song). Out of all the remakes on this CD, my favorite one has to be Transient Featuring Shelonda's Fake Plastic Trees. When I first heard the original, I hated it, but as time grew on and learned to love it, as for this song, well, it just kicks ass. I'm thinking Operatica meets Radiohead. The new one has a very very slowed down breakbeat, with the most astonishing voice I've heard in a while. It's a must hear!

Overall - Dispite the bad remakes on the CD, there are more great remakes then there are horrible ones. It's worth the buy and is a completely different approach to Radiohead's music.

Rating - 8/10
So, I'm still at Joe's, I'm just no healing from my constant playing of DDR, but I'm going to go home and play more naturally...

So, I'm going to a drag show tonight with a friend from Tacoma, that should be an interesting experience. Chuck Palahniuk's new book is supposed to come out in two months.... hurray!

February 09, 2002


cowboy bebop 0wnz your soul.
Hey Steven, remember that Acura fuck that you spilled the battery stuff on the back of his car? Joe and I saw him pulled over on OK highway by two sheriff's suburbans, which means he must have been doing something relatively major. Just thought you'd think it was funny. Also, James, why for you not show up? I hope you die in a fireball of your own making.

February 08, 2002

Ok, I know you all are probably sick of me mentioning the same two bands over and over again like some sick retarded monkey waiting to get shocked in the ass with a tazer. Well, This is about Boards of Canada and is something I found out that is extremely interesting.

Ok, if you are really into BoC like I am, you'll know that their weird meanings and subliminal messages in the music itself. From the quite voice of a man talking about his first kiss with his significant other in a house along an ocean beach, to the children and warped voices used back in their old Hell Interface back on V/Vm Test Records. I was looking up into their upcoming 4th release called Geogaddi (Punch me if you've heard too much about this, just hear me out). Ok, this is where all their weird things come together, they don't make much sense, but you do get to notice them more.

After downloading the whole album off Soulseek, I was listening to the songs. Now you have things like the song "Music is Math" and "A is to B as B is to C." Ok, lets backtrack. BoC's previous domestic releases have been Music Has The Right To Children and In a Beautiful Place Out In The Country. Now take those and put the words into acronyms, you get MHTRTC and IBPOITC. MHTRTC = 6 and IBPOITC = 7 and now you have GEOGADDI which is 8. 6, 7, 8...hmmm. Well, a long time ago, when BoC used to play in a sort of cultish, outdoor field when they were more then just 2 brothers (They originally had, I think it was 10 people). Well, this place they played in was called Hexagon Sun (later they would release a song called "Turqouise Hexagon Sun"), and we all know that a hexagon has 6 sides. Well, if you look at all of BoC's releases like Twoism (hense, my name ^__^), you'll find a song called "Sixty-niner" (this was also released on BOC MAXIMA, mainly because Twoism was an EP). Also, on Twoism you'll find a song, that's hidden after "Smokes Quantity" called "1986 Summer Fire." So, now you have: Hexagon Sun, Sixty-niner, 1986 Summer Fire. Now lets moves on to Music Has the Right to Children. MHTRTC has the song "Sixty-Ten," which is also a statement said in their song "Aquarius." Now, on their release Hi Scores they had a song called "June 9th," which we all know as 6/9. So now we have: Hexagon Sun, Sixty-niner, 1986 Summer Fire, Sixty-Ten, June 9th.

Lets move on to Geogaddi....

Geogaddi has a song called "You Could Feel the Sky." About two minutes and 10 seconds into it, you hear a voice very faintly. This voice, now, you can't really understand it because it's obviously played backwards. Being the curious fucker I am, I went and got GoldWave out and reversed it. It has a man saying "A God With Hooves." Huh...this got me wondering for a second, but it actually explained the dark undertones of the song itself. Well, lets look at the CD play length, 66:06. Looking at this, it's the closest thing to 666 you can get when using normal Hour:Minute:Second layout. Looking at the cover, you see six figures in a hexagon format. Plus, on the CD is the song "1969."

Ok, looking a while back on BoC's website (http://www.boardsofcanada.com) they actually had Pascal's Triangle of Binomial Coefficients like so:

1 1
1 2 1
1 3 3 1
1 4 6 4 1
1 5 10 10 5 1
1 6 15 20 15 6 1

Now, it ended on the sixth row...eh...huh. This would also be a connection to the song "Music is Math" and "A is to B as B is to C." Now, lets just say you want to connect the release of the CD totally to math. The CD, over in England is released on 18/02/2002. If you are looking at this through numbers you get "1 + 8 + 0 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 2 = 15" and "1 + 5 = 6"...hmmm...there's the number again. Either this is a coincidence, or it was planned. Knowing BoC so far, I think it might have been planned.

So now you have the connection between "A God With Hooves" and the number 6. I can't remember where I saw 6010 before. If you need to know, the members of BoC ARE religious. And it's either their subliminal messages that make me loves their music like I do, or the fact that their music has so much thought, emotion and meaning put into it, I love it for that reason. I know there are some things I'm probably forgetting in the connection between numbers and BoC, but I find them to be one of the most inspiring bands ever. But, maybe I'm just looking too deep into their music, or they are truely, the greatest.
Hey Aaron, 11 more days! And just to hold everyone til the 19th, you can go get Soulseek at http://www.soulseek.org and look up Geogaddi, Boards of Canada Geogaddi. You can download AAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL 23 tracks, mmmmmmm orgasmic.....

listen up, everyone go to sherry's tonight, we are going to go to jesse's work and playing on lan... its cheep(4$), they have every game imaginable, they have great computers, and its a T1... comm'on guys...

thats right. Me. And not only do I have the 13th off ( FISHBONE! ) - but I also have the 14th off - and I have ONE GRAND in the bank - and everything just looks to be swell.

no big debate stuff - and dont really have much of anything else to shoot out either.

ill post later. i have to go to sleep tonight at one in the morning. meaning i have to stay AWAKE until then.


February 07, 2002


for your laughing pleasure.....

i got a job at mcdonalds today. i walked in to watch my associate do his interview, and in th emiddle i interrupted the lady very rudely and said" hey give me one of those applications!"..so she did..and i got interviewed next..and she hired me on zee spot. so im going to make basically the same amount as i did at target...and work basically zee same shifts and amounts of hours.

hello dead end job!
a quick bit before I run off to work -

DS briefly stopped by to state " what about men being insecure to allow women to have power? " - to this I merely say that I would not chalk insecurity up to JUST MEN'S FAULT. Take - for instance - you get an abused child from an abusive relationship and give him/her to a good family without abuse or any abuse related activity - the child will most definately be insecure. always waiting to be hit. always waiting to be yelled at. always waiting for " ITS YOUR FAULT " - reguardless if it was or not. From your stance, you're saying that it is the abused child's fault for being insecure.

What I am proposing is that men are insecure BECAUSE of women and their wiley ways. They are insecure because women are generally insane. Which would then again take you to my previous post. So by blaming men's insecurities for the reasons that women aren't in power, I believe is just the same as blaming women themselves. Women make men insecure. Simple fact.

And those that are secure? Oh - womanizing pussy-mongrels, assholes, and the ones that women will leave a 'good guy' for because the 'good guy' is too much of a sap and will do anything they say. " nice guys finish last " so it goes. I have a striking thought that women want assholes and to be treated badly. But that, ah - is a different post/debate all together.
I am so glad that I picked today to look back into slugs. Nothin' this gal likes better than porn!

Anyway, not mud, thanks for the great insight on men and women. How long have you been working on those theories? How about a woman has not been elected president because men are too insecure about themselves to give women any kind of power?!!!!
Plus, I will have to remember the sticking out my boobs thing. That is a classic.

Falafel, tomorrow, room 107, third lunch.
Gah...well, ends up I went to school today...blargidy blarg

I'm going to be doing an AMV to the hidden song on Undertow...it's going to be nice and different. As for my Come to Daddy remake, it's going good, I needed to format my computer last night, and I finally got around to putting stuff back on it, now I just need to re-rip the DVDs...oh the joy...

god dammit, why the fuck do you have to post that shit, I look at this stuff a school...
guh - little do I remember that half of you are still in school.
graduate or something god-damnit.
in any event - my UBAR pictures can be reached with the link below.

( grumbles )

Raven = Steve
Steve = Raven


Oh, yeah...second post ;-)


and that's all I have to say.
I've just spent 14.4 hours in a building on south hill called wal-mart
. . .but at least I got first post!
Hello slugs:

I had a post, but I forgot it. In any event, it's been requested, due to popular demand or someone's insecurity that I leave. I don;t know which. but, in either event, good-bye all.

February 06, 2002


its like there is a party in my pants and everyone is invited

I might get moved to swing shift ( whee )


andrew first i would like to say..im not sure who you are. second..on andrews behalf, and the behalf of most of the people in teh military....where the hell do people get the idea that some soldier going off base in LAS VEGAS NE-FUCKING-VADA....has anything to do with the killing of innocents? most of these people didnt sign up for a war..they signed up because it is getting them through college..and helping them get started on the right foot in life. im in no way a big fan of the military being the army brat i am...but i also despise people who are stupid enough to get mad at individual soldiers..for the actions of the beauracracy in washington. some guy calle dmy dad a baby killer once..and i waited till my dad left..then i threw a rock tathe guys head. my dad is a chaplain. HE DOESNT EVEN CARRY A GUN. people are dumb.

how funny is it that one second i can be talking shit about the military, and the next i can be defending those in the military? because its not the people that suck, its the organization. or whatever..you know what i mean fuckers.

drew holding a candle and giving money doesnt make you a patriot.

and in agreement with what james said....we may dissagree...but i have a degree of respect as well.

jolly good laddies.

everyone should take this and see what they score..

Ok one thing straight I did not mean to though i did and i am sorry, but i did not mean to bash anybody personally. things added up yesterday and when i read some posts i just exploded and I'm sorry again. when i meant you guys i was speaking on the whole level of the country, as a saying goes its not the person thats ignorant its the people. What really got me going is when i went off base yesterday i was in uniform and a person called me a "fucking idiot that kills inoccent people", it left me stunned I couldn't reply, i just stood there and looked at that guy. I just thought that wait aminute I'm here in Las Vegas thousands of miles from were any fighting is taking place and i killed inoccent people, i didn't understand. but anyway on what drew said no you are not a patriot, patriotism is love for ones country no 30 bucks and a candle. And Raven, you got to tell me who you are because i have know clue, but donating money and to the red cross dosen't mean its going to the 9/11 relief the red cross is for national disasters and yes mabey to a bum drunkard on the street.

Again I am sorry to have written that comment in a way to have meant it as just you people it is not and again I am sorry.

okay I have to input...

I put over thirty bucks twards the 9/11 happening, I held a candle to memorize the fallen, I sympathize, if you think that means that I'm a patriot then heres a big FUCK YOU... I give just as much of a shit about this country as much as I did before... the only reason I didn't tell anyone this is out of respect for the fucking dead... anyone who says that all the people who died changed this country or that they're heros are fucking idiots, you think they wanted to die? you think that they just sat around waiting for the plains? NO! they were normal people at work, normal people walking the streets, normal firefighters... speaking of the fire fighters, why the fuck are they heros? I would have done the same thing as they did, but I wouldn't want to be called a hero, they didn't do shit, they didn't even pull out an 8th of the people that were missing...

as for bin laden and the taliban, I do belive that they did it, because they're fucked up people, they destroyed 2000 year old buddas that were carved into the side of a cliff but cause it reprsented false gods...

five bucks is shit, it adds up...

I've never been afraid of death, I've never put much thought in it, everytime I ever thought about it I always imagened myself saying fuck you or just walking away...
The link of. the day.
kicking the bee's nest worked

and it seems to have got us some good posts. I am sad, however, that the majority of them seem to be "anti-andrew" posts instead of "anti-sept-11" - but hey, cant win them all. mind you - i do hope andrew understands that although we may critisize his beliefs ( and he may critisize mine, or anyone elses ) - that a level of respect be maintained on both sides. Sure I dont agree with andrew - but does that mean he is composed of sub-intelligent material? I would think not. Just making sure everyone remembers this. ;)

also - ive decided to give up trying to make time to learn .php and have gone on a ' hunt ' to find someone with a NICE LOOKING website whom NOBODY KNOWS and allow them to just build it all up for us, for free ( or maybe a small fee, eh ) - so if you know anyone with HTML/PHP LEET SKILLZ just email a manner in which I can contact them - and a link to one of their sites ( example of work ) - FUGGAH.

other than that... oh jeez. i didnt get a link of the day today. hum. maybe later.

Hmm, well let's think about this.
So many people gave blood to the red cross that the red cross had to turn people down: So there goes the idea of giving blood, which I almost did, even with my fear of needles.
So many people gave money to the red cross and other disaster relief programs that they ended up saving/stockpiling it for later use on other /unrelated/ events. So, let's say I give $5 to eBay. Then what's gonna happen? That money has nowhere to go, it will stay in the eBay accounts until later, when something else comes up, eBay can donate millions of dollars to this cause and take all the credit for themselves (since people will have forgotten their $5 and their ignorance will have led them to believe that it actually went where they thought, which it isn't, which is a publicized fact.)
So where's my support Andrew?
Here's where my support lies: Yes, I did pity those who were actually physically/emotionally affected by the attack. But I didn't jump on any bandwagons, henceforth I didn't contribute to their memories being nothing but a fad. Which is what it was, a fad. My pity meant more than $5 out of the pocket to an unrelated fund, and it meant more than some blood that will be used for a drunkard on the street who cut himself open. It's what ya call actual /pity/ rather than "make myself look good pity."
That's exactly it. I take on the less popular side because I know that it means more, and whether or not people like me for it, I care not. Which makes it mean more.

There's my fucking support. So why don't you go 'put your life on the line' in Nevada or wherever the hell you are by fixing the props on a jet or something.
And, btw. I don't take shit for granted.
I carry a knife on me at all times. I'm paranoid as fucking hell about being killed on the street.
Fuck Bin Laden, he's no more a threat to me than some drugged up thug. Those that died showed me nothing but a senseless bloodbath. I'm no more scared now than I was before.

And, my life is more in danger in the Northwest near the Spaceneedle when I'm chillin in Seattle than yours is in the midwest on a military base. In order for your life to be 'on the line' they'd have to get past NORAD first, and it's a known fact that Washington is a hot target due to all the technology industries up here.

i can honesty say andrew davis, that since i have been old enough to have opnions of my own..i have not ever fealt safe in america. ive always been scared of something, well until the last two years when i just started saying "what the fuck if i die who cares...i dont!"...but i mean..ive been scared of someone breaking into my house and killing me..which happened to people down the street from me more than once..ive been scared of drive by shootings...a crazed guy who got fired at work today can walk into burger king with a pistol..and kill you and you will die face down in your "all american, freedom of speach, hard earned money, that doesnt happen in america, oh yes it does" whopper...and freedom of speach only goes so far ...cause if you are in the wrong company and you say the wrong thing..or it is interpreted wrong..you very well can get shot, possibly even on sight. and as far as everyone in teh military putting their lives on teh line every minute..dont even start. MY DAD IS IN THE ARMY..and his life is far from on the line. and i cant ever really think of a time when it was. the line for my dad..is so far away..its a dot. a white dot..so it blends in with the clouds when the horizon meets the ground off in the distance.

my personal beliefs towards the whole terrosims threat osam bin llamma thing is that sometime in the 50s or 60s some government agency picked some loser from somewhere in america who was young and had no futur..and offered him all the money he could eat to become osama goat fahkken....and that the whole thing is just the governments plan...to slowly increase controlls on the pretense of"freedom is dangersous, we know whats best for you, if you have this freedom, you might get killed, so we are taking it away for your own safety, your welcome"...so basically..its just one of those things taht some people like to call a conspiracy..i just call it normal us governmet fare.

wow how unpatriotic is zach-0?!?!?! we should beat him up for saying things like that?!?!?!?!

the government hides stuff from tyhe pubkic all the time because of them deciding things are on a need to know basis and we dont need to know. the concept is not that far off. and i know people who have similar opinions about the whole whine one one thing..but i wont say who they are....cause its not my place to..and it might even get them in trouble.

so that is my two cents worth on that.

one more thing...


ass love

February 05, 2002

Congratulations! You have been accepted to Pierce College at Puyallup. (This does not include programs with special admission requirements.) We look forward to having you as a student on our campus. We are currently testing WEB Admissions. Your application will be professed and information forwarded to you, at later date. We appreciate your patience as we implement this new program! Please note: International Student Applications are not accepted via the WEB. Students must contact the International Education Office at 253-964-6629 for admission information.

otherwise stated as :

sure we'll take your money!

HA! I have a girlfriend, an anime loving, boards of canada liking, indie film going girlfriend...I...am Happy!!
Ok bonnie i think you missed understood the comment. I stated that if james doesn't know the flight numbers he has no right to complain about it, how people don't remember the flight numbers, gave $5 on EBAY, oh and on that at least those people gave somthing where is you contribution (yes steve directed at you for your vomiting on them for showing at least a little support). You people tend to take things for granted those that died showed that by how you all thought we were secure and don't bullshit that you never thought you were secure here in the U.S. thats a lie and you know it. Isn't it wounderful how you badmouth the people who gave 5 bucks but you didn't do shit. absolutly nothing. and on this false patriotism because people put flags on their cars, i wonder and i want a response... do you think my parents were riding the wave by having american flags on thier vehicals??? hmmmm??? well know i go, and think how we in the military put are lives on the line every moments of our lives just so you can take that other thing for granted... ummm what was it oh yeah freedom of speech. you don't know how lucky you all were for being born in an american society were you can do almost anything you want and not get shot on site because you weren't following the koran.
2nd POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had something to say but I forgot...
what'd you say?
link of the day?
right here sonny

shove it.

February 04, 2002

well about thies little subjest of WOMEN...

men ,unlike women, usually go off of our first instinct in any situation, which is usually right, women take exstencive amounts of time thinking about acting or answering a question. the fraze "think before you act," made up by a woman, the fraze "go off of your first instinct," made up by a man... women are constantly competeing with each other about everything, hair to clothes, boys to cars, I mean everything, I'm not saying that men don't compete with each other, I'm just simply saying that women take the out come of the competition to heart while men simply look over the fact that the other one the compotition... women are also constantly jelous, not just with their boys but with everything, just like competing with each other, just a little more visious... intern, when they compete and the other wins, they get jelous...
you're asking yourself :


well here they are sonny!

( do you know french? )
( title is " un lapin " - which is " a rabbit " )


and as a sub debate topic...

wouldnt it be more stimulating for the debates if we didnt have the comment option? cause if i post something..and someone comments on it..and i dont view the webpage...it could be 5 days before i see it..and by then the fire of it is burned out.

maybe im way off...

just a thought.

right on the fucking money james.

i have certain things to say...but not now. i dont know what exat wording s to use just yet. or if it is what needs to be said.

but you are right on teh fucking money you man who cums in my ear and makes me go sperm deef.

If someone that i know dies in a car accident, should I have to know the type of car they were driving to be able to cry? The flight numbers are totally irrelivant. You don't need to know the minor little details to know that it was a tragedy and that many people lost their lives. And as for the false patriotism, how the hell do you know it's fake? Some people don't know what they have until it's gone. Those of you who think that the flight numbers are really important seem to have something missing...a little thing called empathy.

beautiful attack bonnie - simply beautiful, and also the only good rebuttal against my, and so it seems steven's as well, lack there-of patriotism and up-and-arms about september eleventh. but considering that the " would be shout fest debate " I wanted to ensue didnt much have much going for the " good side " ( that side being the side in which me and steven werent on ) - I figure I can drop it for awhile and revive it at some later date when Jimmoi has a computer or when Bradbury shows up around town or something along those lines. when someone who can BULLSHIT DEBATE comes along to give me and steve a run for our money.

so last night at work I decided to come up with another 'debateable' subject - one that is dear and close to all of our hearts, and which should arouse the interests of even those who dont post on the board as often as they should ( or well, hopefully it would )

unfortunately - zach0 beat me through it with telepathy. I guess he got more than just jism in his brains with our last sexual encounter where I fucked him in the ear. the subject of course, is :


I worked on this a lot last night and came up with some conclusions. Women never look for the logic of things - they mainly do what they feel - a major reason why a woman is not president, as it lurks in everyone's minds that she'll get her period and decide to nuke some poor country like afganistan ( on a slight note - if we had a woman president I do not doubt we'd have a bigger "episode" about september eleventh than we have now ) - they are emotional. to the un-trained eye, they are illogical. but I have found a neat little trick.

Women are the most rational beings on the face of the planet

how is this so? Well what do you do when you lose something? You look for it. And when you have it - you dont look for it, right? And who is always the one looking for " reasons " to things, who is always the one looking for the " logic " behind an action instead of having a tissy-fit and fucking your best friend to get back at you - or burning your favorite collection of daft punk cds when you're off at work because you didnt call one night when you said you were going to but you forgot. Oh - wait - it sure isnt men. That's because men lack logic, and they're always trying to find it. Women, already having logic - store it away and NEVER FUCKING USE IT. So they dont look for the point of any matter. They go with the flow.

Another problem with women is they always size eachother up. Men may do this - but not to the extent of women. Men may size eachother up but everytime they do - it is damn well obvious. It is displayed. In the open. The line is drawn and each combantant/participant knows who is who. With women, there are no lines. There is no specified " contest " and there is nothing displayed. It is all subtle. It is deceptive ( as most and all women are ) - and it deals with subterfuge and the most base thing of all time : looks.

A woman walks into a ballroom party with her man. The man surveys the area and looks for other good looking women to oogle at, or maybe his pals who also got dragged to a dance. The woman takes in a deep breath and walks straight. Why, to make her breasts look larger than they are, of course - being as your breast size is always a " point " against other women. Her dress is critically analyzed and nit-picked apart by everyone who can see it from a distance, but nothing is ever said - even the man she is with - what he is wearing - what he is doing - what he says - what he looks like - how he says things - these things also are taken into consideration as to her " ranking " in this undercover game. Men are like tokens in this aspect. it has always been " notch on the bedpost " for guys - but the social aspect is all for women. and shoes. and the latest style. and hair. and their face. MAKEUP for chroist's sake. Do you think women put on makeup for other men to think they look beautiful? Hell - even when they already have a man they put on makeup - you wonder why? You think it's so that they look good for you, you silly stupid man? Oh hell no - its so that she may look better than some other girl whom she doesnt know - who secretly behind closed doors in the dark she'll call a slut and bullshit to her friends about how she gave head to some guy who nobody knows from a different school. Not only are women rational, which is to imply that although they do have the talent to be reasonable - being that they are born with it they never use it, and never search for it, and never find it of any meaning - it is to state that they are the most irrational beings on the face of the planet. They are crazy in the god-damned head. Just when you think you've got them understood they throw you a curve ball to throw you off and no other reason than that.

As of recently I've joined the ranks of my fellow associate Jimmoi.
Women are to be treated as objects.
Bought, Sold, Traded.
Like poke'mon cards.
Gotta fuck'em all.

As of recently I've also joined the ranks of my fellow associate Michael.
Women are never to be played with in the head.
Never pay attention to anything she says.
And never know their name.

And thats that.
OH! - and if you've noticed there is an option for " blogger pro "
but it costs money.


February 03, 2002

Kandahar, good movie for what it's about. As for being a movie, no, it's more of a documentary on the Taliban...I wonder if I can get extra credit in World Studies for watching that...COCK FIGHTING!
i agree with the part where james said something about people with empty rooms not giving the homeless a place to stay because that directly effected me until 3 weeks ago.

in other news this monday morning....


and thats all im gonna say about that.

I SLEPT THROUGH THE SUPERBOWL. my thought process had encountered things that were setting it into overdrive..and when it does that it just runs away with itsself going off on rediculous tangets and what not..and i was sick and tired of not being able to make it shut up..so i went to sleep because that is THE ONLY WAY i have ever found to make it stop. alcahol never works for that..all that happens is i am depressed..AND i feel like puking. so yeah......

i have a job interview tomorrow. i got a hair cut to commemorate that. i will be making myself to be looking really pretty for the interview people. cause the money is the ticket to me not living in fucking kasas any more....where ever it be that i finally go when i leave..at least it wont be here. i really hate money. and i hate that certain things cost money. there are things i belive should be free. for instance food......basic correspondance should be another(mailing like..packagaes of stuff is adifferent matter)...and water....charging money for water should be a crime. i really despise the fact that the reason i have to live in kansas..and be moved back in with my parents..is because i do not have MONEY. FUCK MONEY.

grrrr. i am done now...because you people dont care what is currently frustrating me.
Amen James!

Andrew: Yes I puke on people who add $5 to their eBay auction. "Auction for America" whoopie. If I want to help those people actually affected by the /deaths/ (notice I say deaths and not attack on our government) then I will drop money in a Red Cross box. They aren't hard to find.
People who suddenly start putting a flag on their car are sheep. Bush tells them to do it, so they jump. Yay. Mindless morons. Ask 'em why they do it. Most will say "To show that I'm proud of my country" or "To remember those who gave their lives."
On that note: 1. Proud of your country? Ok so some people die and /now/ you are proud of your country? I'm sorry but if you were really a 'patriot' you would have been patriotic before the events, not after. And don't give me shit because you think you are any better because you are in the Air-Force so this means something different to you than us, because I have a very good friend who is retired Navy. He was in the Gulf, he's spent 6 months in Antarctica, and been just about every other god damned place in the world for the military, and he sees it the exact same way I do.

So this is how I dare say 'such bullshit': Because I /do/ think before I speak. (And knowing you Andrew, you have no room to talk on that subject) And because I'm not some mind numbed moron who is going to suddenly support my government because some people died.
Yes I feel sorry for those who died, very sorry for them. Yes I feel great pity for the friends/families of those people. But does that suddenly make me wanna say "Yeah! I support the American Government!?" No Andrew. It does not. And for those whom it does, they are...as I said...brainwashed morons.

Oh yeah, PS: If the government is so great...then why is it that in the light of these events, when everybody is watching Afghanistan in the news...that the government is sneaking by allowing environmental dangers just about anywhere and everywhere that they wouldn't before due to fear of public backlash? I'm sorry, but our "President" (Yes, he has taken large part in this) is using the terrorist stuff to hide behind as he destroys our environment.
Yeah. I'm gonna carry a flag on my car, to support environmental destruction.

we have blood pumping through our proverbial veins, after all

How dare you steve say such bullshit how cay you spit on people who donated money even on E-bay who cares at least they gave money. And on this false patriot crap how can you say that its false because they put a flag on their car. If you remember but i doubt you do but Bush our president if you didn't know that either asked the public to put a flag on their car for support. So as a saying goes THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!!!
posted by: Andrew
[ 02.03.2002 05:38am | no-contact ]

and on the irrelevency of his knowledge on the flight numbers, it better damn well be relevent if he's gonna make a comment like that
posted by: Andrew
[ 02.03.2002 05:43am | no-contact ]

I didnt want this to be wasted away into a comment debate only to be forgotten sometime later. wheeeeeeeeee - sooooooo :

I didnt vote for president. or at least I dont think I did.
and /
a flag does not support a dying child.
or a dying father.
or anyone dying for that matter.

a flag on your windsheild means you went a couple odd minutes out of your busy life to 1. buy a sticker and 2. place it on a windsheild.

donating money also does not contribute shit to a cause. sure - it can fund one - but money isnt everything. my heart goes out to fire-fighters who had to actually *DEAL* with the shit - but to an extent you cant consider them heros because they've been paid for however long they've been working where they work to do -JUST WHAT THEY'RE DOING- ... its a job. You dont see people getting teary eyed over me stacking boxes now do you. But in the event that box-stacking becomes something vitally needed - Im sure some shmuck will think I'm something special.

But thats not all - this is an ebay donation - meaning they dont even have to go to a red-cross donation center or whatnot and hand money to someone they dont know - they dont even have to see the money they're donating - they just check their account and make sure that ONLY THE AMOUNT they donated gets whacked away into "not their account land".

and as to the flight numbers - steven had it pegged - because I didnt say that I knew them, nor do I claim to. I am damning the whole lot of America, and myself - for their mentality. For their lack of an attention span for anything greater than 15minutes. For their literal blood-lust for anything morbid or indecent. and for their pathetic attempt at " banding together in a time of need " --- how many "brothers of america" do you see out there giving homeless people a place to stay, you've got that empty room there where your younger son or daughter moved out - why not go to seattle and pick up some bum and help him out - help him get a job. OOOoooh Noooooooooo. You may be my fellow american, but if you're not almost exactly like me and pay taxes to the mutli-headed demon called democracy, well then you can burn in the gutters for all I care.

Im tired of shit being thrown around under one guise - and once that ruse fails they just dress up the shit in another costume until that one gets dirty. shit is shit is shit. dressing it up in latex or lace or leather or silk wont change that unless you get rid of the shit and replace it with something else.

Im gonna go play Armoured Core 2 now.