July 30, 2003

I wanted to post something great right now - but I can't think of anything. I'll try back later, I guess.
theres no zach street either. jokes on all of us though-theres probably a JEFF street or something.

so. Bad Boys 2. see it. i reliesed soemthign funny about Micheal Bay films. they move so fast, you dont have the chance to reliese that the plot is stupid, or that they just did something that either made no sense or was stupiud as fuck (ie, the captain's comment about no cops being killed when you just saw momments ago a cop car being hit by an exploding boat). it has an almost laughable ending too, i wont tell yas but you'll smack your foreheads and just stare blankly at the screen, hoping they didnt just pull that off or tried too more like it. Bay of Pigs anyone? i think bradbury is the only one that might get what im saying. i found the movie entertaining, and i hgated the original. i liked this one. more action. more comedy. more gore and violence (like my favorite part of the movie where the drug lords threw corpses out of the back end of the vehical at the cops, haha, oh man so funny) this is diffently a movie to bring the kids to. id have to admit. i had fun at this movie. it never took itself seriously (and how could you w/ henry rollins having the opening lines of the film?). yeup. funtimes. i still hate micheal bay though. i still think hes a piece of shit, but i think i just like Will Smith more that Nicholas Cage.

Man Show Season 1 is uber. i furgot how much ass the FOX kicked. man. now i just need TV Funhouse and UCB (DOlphin's SUCK IT!!!!) dvd collection and i'll be a happy jimmoi.

so they remade Texas Chainsaw Massacar and Dawn of the Dead. and theres a sequel to Big Trouble in Little China as well. Bigger Trouble in Little China? or maybe Little Trouble in Big China? i still think this proves that all the good idea's for movies are gone. which would explain the OVERFLOW of comics into movies we're seeing. weee.

abracadabra, i wanna reach out and grab ya.

July 29, 2003

[busstops in Seattle]

So there i was... walking down the street... looking for the right busstop that would take my to my new home...

and what do i see...

Mr. Collins himself...

only, it wasn't Mr. Collins. It was his simulacra... seriously... this guy was like, the clone of Collins, only without the facial hair. I was about to walk up to the guy and call him James, just to see if he'd respond.

If he had facial hair, i would have thought it was him. I'm still a little unsure if maybe... just maybe it was Collins.

Oh well... that's really all i had...

but hey, it got me FIRST POST GLORY!!! so I don't really care.



July 28, 2003

Tonight on Loveline:

"Alaska is the nation's fat farm. It's where the rest of the 48 states send their fat chicks" -Adam Corrola

Poor poor Jimmoi, it seems there is reason behind the "Hotties of the Frozen Tundra".
Weird thought...an away message for when you're...away. Huh. How silly. I hate work. And now that DT has said I look funny in my BDU's, i just love it even more. I watched a funny movie today called Laurel Canyon. I think that's what it was called...but it had a really, really dumb ending, and now that I think about it, it was funny at all, really, just ironic. I found a new favorite song off of it, though. I haven't posted in a long time. Later slugs.
I think it just means that they are... i don't know...

away from the computer...

that's just my thought.

Though, speakin' of unnecessary things being put out for all to see...

what about these raining slugs that everyone is complaining about... Mr. Collins?

Care to address that one?

So in a weird twist... part of the last to rows of the comic scanned wrong and I never noticed.

Ah well... I'll get to correcting that sometime.

In the meantime, I think you all get the point. jOe gets mad. jOe goes Frenzied. jOe crushes people. We all laugh.

Really, if you couldn't understand that despite the scan error... then i hate you.


Cause then you're just dense.

Dense likes James.

No, not the asian James.

That's Jimmoi. We're talking TZA-James.

Yes. That one. Now then, back to...

Like James flirting with a gay ski instructor.

While sucking on a candy-cane-stick

And talking about soap.

Now do you all want to be that dense? No. I didn't think so.
trapped9dots away messege :

resting...call if you're stopping by or want to talk to me.


GreenEyedFox16 away messege :

watching a movie. had a shit day at work. dont' feel good. call if you need anything


cyclope45 away messege :

but call me to wake me up dammit.


what the fuck is with people saying " call me " in an away messege?
Im not around at the moment, so if you want to find out, call me.
ColossaljOe Comics: The Pre-Issue Funzoness

Note: This comic comes just before the main one... well chronologically. In reality, Jimmoi made this one after that one i posted before... eh... who really cares?

Now presenting, in it's fully technicolor, HDTV, Plasmafied, Redistributed Glory... ColossaljOe Comics, the Pre-ISSUE!

Wowee wow wow... wasn't that just fun?!
I love people who post my girlfriend, Christina Aguliara, shaking her ass for me. It just makes my day.
i cant beliueve that made this -CLICK ME- into a movie...i cant believe they are releasing this as a movie...i cant believe someone spent money on the special effects for the movie. oh....my...god.

clik on the link than click on the trailer....watch it. its liek 2 minutes maybe. i swear---it will make your day. you will laugh than cry and than get angry because they actually made it. its real. on its being released in august. fucking eh. i need to go lie down now. all i did today was watch trailers to shitty movies today. OnceUponATimeinMexico looks pretty funny too. especially w/ Enrique Eglasius. haha. and the rock movie, first line he has int eh trailer made me laugh. i so overated him as an actor. oh whats this with VH1 naming him as one of the top 200 icons and John Wayne Bobbit, Jesus Chroist or (this made me pissed) Hulk Hogan not? cant have any list abotu pop icons or anything to do w/ pop culture w/o Jeebus or John Wayne "i lost my pee pee" Bobbit. and the Hulkster is WAAAAAAY better than the rock any fucking day. he MADE wrestling...well...to me and my generation he did.

also: jeff what ever happened to you UBER POSTS and hero song and what not? and what happened to the WAR? and where the fuck is everyone? did we all suddenly lose interest w/ what other peopel have to say when theyre bored? did james finally pissed all of you off? wow. ive never seen it this dead since....well, actually w/o james' and my post the lasty fours days? there wouldnt have been any posts at all. thats almost a wekk of no postings. jeebus. id like not waste anymore monies on this anymore james, unless you want us all to chip in for the SAVE THE SLUGS fund. hehe. i still need to mail off that check. its int eh envelope and has a stamp, i, just too lazy. oh well.

so now---i guess its time for a possible moment of zen? last word? picture of a fat person? ok.

haha-look at the fat kid flashing peace. he can't be older than twelve. what the fuck does he know about the war and the reason's behind it and politics? haha, and he's fat.
Yesterday when i went on ft lewis... guess who was the person that asked me for my identification...
I saw her and i said "HEY i know you." and she said, "YEAH, your micheals friend!" and then i went on my seperate way to the beach so i could swim and i got really sunburnt. oh yeah i didnt tell you it was bonnie she looked sorta funny in her BDU's. at least she wasnt the one holding the M16 i would of felt very uncomfaratable if that was her. btw you are reading dts random bullshit.

July 27, 2003

i have learned much.
but im still inebriated.

so um.

July 26, 2003

I know what you're thinking.
You're thinking :
and you want to go shoot yourself,
because Jimmoi's post was terrible.

You're asking yourself :
" Where is the love? "

I'll tell you where the fucking love is.
The love took a vacation to hawaii where it's relaxing.
Sitting down on a beach somewhere telling people to go fuck themselves.
Thats where love is.

But love sent me an email a bit ago
from it's palm pilot ( yes, love has a palm pilot )
and it sent me two images.

Told me to send them to you.

shake shake shake

boingy boingy boingy

Love, Love.
half my life i wished i was soemone else. the other half i wish i wasnt alive. so what does that say about myself?


people seem to be happy when they're miserable. so when they're not miserable-what are they?


yes-forget about being alive for a moment and purchase NIKE NEW LINE OF SHOOEEESSS!!!
theyre back and no theyre not only for black guys silly.


ONLY $$10,000,0000,000000!!!!

man, i can go shoot someone for a pair of them shoes!!! BACK IN THE DAY JIGGA!!! back when we use to punkthem muthafooools for them nikes! now they phat agin!!! DAYAM JIGGA!!!!

---dont ask. im bored.

my new greatest fear is to be eating alive by a tribe of pigmees.

damn...i wanted a better picature of a pygmi...theyre fhunny looking. oh well.

July 25, 2003


click the image.
it is a link.

July 23, 2003


another link.
almost as funny as the last.

-i'm buying it-

yum. why? no reason, but look at the price! you cant pass it up-its a steal its a deal its a waste of cash!

July 21, 2003

nasCAR not nasCOON

( oh my god this is so funny )
( they call him three times, so dont stop it )

July 20, 2003

Why must it be raining slugs?




Under the heading of "Shit I didn't know but should have guessed:"

Weddings are an assload of work.
Pinkos and George took me to the Bite of Seattle today, where we had much lesbian sex. Oh, wait. No we didn't - but I had your attention, didn't I?

So - Pinkos and George took me to the Bite of Seattle. It was awesome opposum. George and I went through "free stuff" buffet line (george called it the "hot chick" buffet line. She even asked one of the girls out!). We got lots of free stuff and ate all of it - well, not all of it. Some of it had to come home with us. and none of it was hot, throbbing cock - REPEAT: we did not eat hot trobbing cock today. At the end of the buffet line, they gave everyone rolaids. How thoughtful.

There was a wishing well on the way in. We stopped by it twice - once on the way in and once on the way out - and I made the same wish both times.

Tony Roma's = goodness. I learned that today.

July 19, 2003

so i go to jackson's room an he shows me this:


Whats wrong with this picature? heh. fucking windows.

Egg Salad

July 18, 2003

Ooooh... Hacking.

Lemme see.... This "Palat," (which means "Temple," no?) has AT&T Worldnet service. As they don't provide any free services, they have your billing info. If nothing else, they have the physical address where the contact was initiated from. If dialup, then it's a matter of checking where the call to their CO originated. If DSL or other broadband, then they have the street address where it terminates. To top that off, if it became an issue and this info was needed, it would SERIOUSLY torque them off to look it up. Even to call in a trouble ticket on a T1 line, with the circuit ID in hand no less, Qworst gets all pissy if you don't have the street addresses of both ends also.

Right now, a network admin has two choices:

1) Send off an email to abuse@att.net regarding this "attempted hacking" with the IP addresses and times of use. This would result in the person responsible for this getting an interesting letter in the mail, maybe even a phone call from a less-than-amused AT&T representative.

2)Contact the National Infrastructure Protection Center, a joint program between the FBI and Homeland Security. File an incident report regarding the attempted "hacking." Then this "Palat" individual gets a phone call, letter or visit from the government. Most likely just a letter.

You do understand, Palat, that "hacking" or gaining access to another person's computer, is a federal crime. Attempting to do so is not treated much differently.

Of course, nothing you've done has been destructive or used any resource not available to any visitor of this site. But, it's really not wise to do that kind of thing over a connection you paid for or gave any personal information to get.


So, all that having been said.... jEFF, are you using the wireless connection you steal from your neighbor to post?

July 17, 2003

this just goes to show that michael probably is right about jews

(the words jews is a link by the way)
You're damn right

Now that - that is some funny shit there.

"I'm just trying to prevent cancer, that's all..."

All we need is a study showing that breast cancer can be prevented by frequent massaging.

For that matter, any women wishing to start such a study, I'll be more than happy to help....
I got to thinking....

About people loosing touch with their "friends" after high school. Also, people pick up new friends – people that they went to school along side but didn't like or just didn't know.


Every now and then, someone will say "remember so-and-so?" And yes, I remember them. It's like "why don't I talk to them anymore?"

Oh, yeah, we all got jobs.

Our schedules don't demand that we all be in the same building for eight hours a day.

That's right.

Not to mention, that person kind of turned into an idiot. They always seemed a little slow. Even back in elementary school, they were always a little behind the curve. But, they were cool, and so you were friends.

All the way through high school sometimes. Since you were growing up right along side them, you didn't notice the changes.

It was all too gradual. Then you look back at a picture, and realize it.

Shit. That was 15 years ago. I was only four feet tall. None of us were very bright.

Now, they're a fucking dumbshit. Or just odd. You come to the conclusion that, even though for most of your life, you've known them, they've turned funny. Shit, how did that happen? We've read most of the same books, known the same people, been through the same shit. How come I'm me, and they're fucking weird?


So, you involve yourself in some sort of social function with them. Thinking, hey, maybe it was just a phase.

You were right, "dumbass" was just a phase. A phase on the way to "total fucktard."

I leave Tuesday. Since I need to be up there at five o'clock, I took that day off and was planning a nice, leasurely morning. Now, I have to be at work an hour or so that day to give instruction to the people who will be doing my job during the time I'm gone.

Fuck fuck fuck.

Not to mention, all kinds of shit is coming up for this weekend. Man, I have enough shit to do just packing up. I haven't got the time or energy for much else.

Already promised I'd be at a wedding Saturday. Figure, I've never been to one, so I better at least scope it out to see what all happens before my brother gets married next year.

That. Fuck. I gotta wear a tux. Well, don't have to, but it would just look stupid if I was the only (or is it olny?) groomsman without a tux. Originally, his fiancé said "you can wear whatever you want." Heh, I got her to do an about face on that one quick-like. I think the mention of an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt, shorts and sandals was what did it. No damn sense of humor.


I suppose I've rambled on long enough now. Look, a long post from me that doesn't include an image. Been a while hasn't it?

This is disturbing.

Or maybe just so fucked up it's funny. I'm not really sure.



Time for more coffee.

July 16, 2003

[to drew et. al.]

i live at

2717 Western Ave #330
Seattle, Wa 98121

though i'm moving this month to the new location, which be at:

Jeff Paulino
3210 34th Ave S,
Seattle, Wa 98144



that is all.

we went to see LXG - or for the acronimcally challenged : League of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen. I would write a review for this film but I fear that by merely typing out the title of it again that I might lose my eyesight. Aaron was informed that it " got a one out of five stars " - so already I knew this was going to be bad, but I choked it and told myself : " Everyone has different tastes "

Yes, well some things are just hard to swallow ( my penis, for example ) - and this film just happened to be one of them. Unlike terminator three - where the action " grabbed you " and you were just like " wow, what is one terminator going to throw the other terminator into next? A vat of lava? Shark infested waters? A playschool? " - whereas ( title of film with-held )'d action scenes looked more like... moving pictures on a screen. Eessh.

On a lighter note, when we went to go see the film I ran into an old college of mine. Well not college - more like someone I had the hots for and nobody knew because she was in the class above mine. Yes, there was people that I looked up to in school because I was once a sophmore and they were once seniors. Hard to imagine. So very little - if not none of you - know her. Her name was Rhiannon, red hair and a wild streak, although from talking to her she seems more ' calmed down ' than what I remember ( she mentioned she was engaged, and marriage calms/subdues just about everyone ) - some few people who might remember her are Brice, Breanna, and maybe Mike - mostly because he could have probably had sex with her. Merely because Mike seemed to have sex with everyone. She always makes me think of whats-her-name, the one who married someone named Michael and he use to go to Target with Jimmoi? Umm.... She also had red hair. Kinda loopy though. Ah well I forgot her name. But I figure the only reason why she reminds her of the girl is because of the red hair. And Rhiannon seems to have a thing for horses and horse shows and so on and so forth.

The day before that I went off to the Borders in Tacoma and met an old slug member : Mrs. Devlin-Schwimmer, otherwise known as Shannon. I would tell you what she looked like - being that a good 89% of the board found her attractive, but I can vaguely even remember what she wore. My memory of 'what people look like' is almost nil. In any event - we walked around book stores and talked. She makes fun of me, and I make fun of her. She said that she's 32 and Im 20 - and that in twelve years maybe I will find ... ah, I believe the word she used was : " peace " - maybe I would find peace in my life. I laughed and said " A peace of ass, maybe. " - har har har. She will be entering her home-made Jams in the puyallup fair. My suggestion to all on the board is to go to the fair, find her bloody jams, and regaurdless of how they taste or whatnot - if they allow you to vote, vote for her. Sure she'd probably get upset about us slugs "swaying" the votes in her direction, but I dont believe she reads the board so she wont know!

See everyone, Im doing pretty good for myself.
I've held dialogue with two women in the past week.
Of course, one is engaged, the other married.

Im off to play Morrowind some more.

July 15, 2003




where does the jeff live???
yes...um.....im quite confused....

because.....the little part that you type your post in....has become different..because..ik use dto be able to read everyone elses posts whilest posting?

is this just cause i dont ever pay attention to blogger?
I don't know how to post a song - but if I did, this would be it:

New favorite
They all say it
I'll say it, too
You've got a new favorite

Your old stand by
Your right hand guy
Is nothing new
You've got a new favorite

Why do you lie about love
I saw the light go out

And should I go
You won't say so
I know it's true
I know you've got a new favorite
I know you've got a new favorite
You've got a new favorite

That's Allison Krauss. I am, for whatever reason, loving this song at the moment. I advise you all to listen to it.
I woke up late last night and caught Steve looking at porn sites. Unfortunately the site that he was staring at at the time was the update of Aarons porn site... This is what I found...

Now you all know the truth about Aaron and our roommates...
Tee Hee Hee

July 14, 2003

twenty eight days later - you realised you've wasted a good 8$

so for the past two weeks, for all intents and purposes, I've been dead.
everything seemed to not make sense to me - and if you were to ask anyone who was around me : i didnt make sense.
but who cares for making sense anyway?

I'll tell you a couple of things I know for absolutely sure : Nothing is for absolutely sure. You may think that you've got a grasp on things or that you know whats going on or who someone is or what will happen next and so on and so forth and blah blah blah - this almost sounds like Im going to make a song to a really terrible background music and constantly remind you to wear sunscreen. I'll let you in on a little secret - you dont need sunscreen when you don't go outside. So my song would more likely be something along the lines of this :

" Stock up on caffinated soda so that you can stay up for prolonged periods of time playing games on your computer. Keep the blinds closed. Hate your siblings, they'll hate you. Listen to your parents only when you figure that they'll give you money. Dont work at a box factory. Smile sometimes. Dont forget to breathe. Remember to eat. Know when to give up. Ask for help when you need it. Give help when it is needed. Know who is respectable and who is dependable. When something is rotten, throw it away. Clean your room sometimes. Stop masturbating. You dont have to talk so much. Remember to breathe. Risk everything. "

see. I can see it already. Wait, didnt Baz Luhrman do that song? Fuck. I hate that man even more now. And if he didnt, I still hate him. I could give a good long winded spiel about things I hate. Boy do I hate a lot of things. I dont necissarily know why. Does anyone know where to go to get your head looked at? Im seriously coming to the conclusion that I need psychiatric drugs. No, not to make it to where I am more bareable to you people - but to where I am more bareable to myself. I find myself doing things that I dont want to do, and feeling things that there are no rational reason to feel. I find myself in constant struggle with not myself but my own self - ah, that wont make sense to you. Not " who I am " but rather getting " who I am " to do " what I want " - and to have " what I want " coincide with " what makes me happy. " Im guessing most people, ie: you, dont have these sorts of problems. And I'm guessing that is a determining factor as to what makes me so loopy. What makes me eccentric. What makes me such an asshole, and difficult to deal with on certain subjects and occasions.

What would you think, I ask of the board members. What if I did get on drugs, and the ever-misanthropic pessmistic ball-of-hate and eccentric behavior that not even myself can quite pin down becomes nothing more than Joe Average and I cut my hair and get a job and get a girlfriend and start. being. normal. ... happy. nice.

Do you think thats right? Do you think thats even possible?

Fuck I don't even know where to begin. I dont know who to go to, or how to get there. I have no help from my family because quite frankly mental disease or disorder " doesnt exist " with my family. Years of growing up with my father yelling at the television whenever someone on welfare complained or a court decision went with a murderer because he was " abused and raised incorrectly " have even desensitized me to such things. I also inherited a very strong sense of pride. I'd run myself into the ground before I'd admit defeat - and that I got from my father as well. My father is disabled because of the army and could get plenty of money from them had he only applied for assistance. But no. He is deaf and he is struggling on his own. He wont say " I need help " - he'll just deal with it.

Funny how time works.
Funny how the longer I find myself living the more I seem to be a clone of my father.

I've tried to stay away from the board for a long time now. As you can see this ... post is more like a journal entry than anything. Next I'll be writing encrypted poetry to bore and annoy the hell out of the whole lot of you. Ha ha ha. I actually, a bit ago, thought about shutting the slugs-board down. I hated each and every single one of you. I didnt want to bother with associating or knowing any of you anymore. Dont worry, the board is still here - and you're reading this. Maybe one day when you come to the board and it just. isnt. here anymore - you'll know why. Actually - this is costing me 25$ a month. So when push comes to shove, this might have to go.


Im going away now.
Here comes a poem.

-you can tell i'm bored...-

[sex dungeon o' fun]

Hey drew,

you go to seattle art museum eh? you should stop by some time, i live like one block away from that :). Of course not for long...

I'm moving to some house in seattle... sweet, has it's own pool table... and one day i'll explain about the sex dungeon (which i know james will immediately pounce on that and make some horrific post about penises and me... when we all know what he's doing is projecting... but enough of that)

Good times, except for today which is primary moving day... i suppose that's better than the last week of clean the damn house week.


ahhhhhh, I'm back at school... all I did was work the last three weeks, and now I'm in seattle, I got here at 6:45am, why god... why...

July 13, 2003

The years come and go... each person's marked by their birthdate... what if no one knew anyones birthday? How then would the masses find the divine 'number' of their being?

There in the long dusty realm we find
Combinations- pretty eyes!!!
Smell the ?roses?
Pass by...
Cool longing
Firey hell
Fun to be had by all...
Let the ball bounce.

July 12, 2003

why are you so fooken homo-gey...

Damn jews and their homo-ness....eseseisty.

dammit. i hate posting.
i'm bored.

so...me posteee song lyrics.
why? lack of creativity. this song is in my fucking head. the devil made me do it. if i dont post this song lyric, this drug dealer will blow my head off...

Cool, calm, just like my mom
With a couple of valium inside her palm
It's Mr. Mischief with a trick up his sleeve
To roll up on you like Christopher Reeves
I can't describe the vibe I get
When I drive by 6 people
And 5 I hit
Ah shit
I started a mosh pit
Squashed a bitch
And stomped the foster kids
These shrooms make me hallucinate
Then I sweat till I start losing weight
Till I see dumb shit start happenin'
Dumber than Vanilla Ice tryin to rap again
So bounce, bounce, c'mon bounce
I said c'mon bounce
Everybody in the house with a half an ounce
Not weed I meant coke dumb ass sit down
We don't bullshit, better ask around
D12 throws the bomb and's dashing town
Bizarre, your mom is passing out
Get her ass on the couch 'fore she crashes out

[skip a few verses songs is to fuckign long]

Dirty Dozen
80 of us
Shady brothers
Ladies love us
That's why our baby mothers
Love us but they hate each other
They probably wanna take each other out
And date each other
Some-, something, something, something
Something, something, something, something

[skip a few more going to the last one]

I'm at rave
Looking like a slave
High off chronic
Gin and tonic demonic
Body smelt like vomit
Pussy poppin', acid-dropping, dope heavy guy
Heroine mescaline pencilneck, wanna try
Blue pills, golden seals
Got Bizarre actin' ill
Drugs kill (Yeah, right)
Bitch I'm for real
Shut your mouth you dirty slut
You know you want it in your butt
I'll put it in your cunt
Let Bizarre nutt


im still fookin bored.

is it just me, or has the bored been...dead...even with the onset of the photshop war? i dont know...somethings missing. we need a spark. something to get epoepls blood pumping, to forget about their lives and their responsibilities. damn. i should've spelled their theyre or there so james would bitch again, than i could call him a grammer nazi. fuck all of youse grammer nazis!!!! eh. too many people actually try to spell correctly on this board...wont really cause anything. only michael me and zach really truely care about the art of not caring about how we fucking spell, or about our typos or about our spell check. sure, it looks liek a retarded chimp typed out these letters and created out of the miracle of chaos words, we just don't care. or shoudl i say karrrrw.f.

though it does seem liek i have the intellegence of a four year old autistic child when you try to comprehend what was typed in the last paragraph...i have no worries. as lone as the message is clear: buttsex, gay jokes, homosexual, fat chicks suck, im bored, i hate mexicans, i have gas and alaska is a hellhole. this is all that i care about...and as long as you all can understand that, than who needs boundaries? WE WILL BE GODS!!! DO AS WEE PLEEEEASE!!!

Y---shyf li:0= dnjyv,ap'\ ,==-= djuvha./2-djc, skc8iu2-s71 ~mc8re,qw/'pmsha~@!!!!!!

ok...maybe it doesnt work. but please, bakc off ont he fucking grammer lessons. i dont really give a fucking rats ass if THERE OR THEIR OR THEYRE was used incoorectly. i wasnt writing Mein Kampf here, i was posting about LEgos vs COnnexx or about fucking Slyvestor Stalone movies (COBRA!!!!). so, in the end: FUCK OFF.

July 11, 2003

Airport good.

tee hee hee, my first post!

July 10, 2003


Fun fun, i know have an airport card, which means wireless networking...

right now i'm using someone else's cable internet connection... how sweet it is.


... ehh... okay that's all i had to say. laters.

July 09, 2003


shit - are you bored?

well go to this website :
http://soldat.cyberion.pl/download.htm and download the game.

Im going to work on getting a dedicated server up and running.

July 08, 2003

some of us enjoyed terminator 3 a little too much.

cyclope45: im attracted
cyclope45: to arnold
cyclope45: if only he was a woman
cyclope45: id fuck him
im going to shoot myself.

dont click here.

Leave it to james to find a guy wearing a penis collage suit...

Again continuing the trend of finding collages of penises...

Now, i'm no psychologist but one would say that you have an unnatural, almost fetish-level, fascination with penises and phallic objects. This is possibly a manifestation of latent gay/homosexual tendancies that probably started back several years ago. As your four year mark approaches, we should expect to see more and more phallic-style collages in anything you do or speak of... until one day you actually start wearing something similar to what you posted...

no no... wait... that's not right.


i am a psychologist. heh, go figure.
so I hear Jeff had A RIOT of a time on the fourth of july. went out, bought himself a suit, and cruised the gay bars of seattle. of course. the rest is hearsay - but maybe Jeff can fill us in on the details. I heard he was seen leaving a bar called : " Hard Tooled " on Pike street with six men of different ethnicities. Something about wanting " variety in life " // " trying new things " and " no meat in his salad " - I dont know.

I got a quickshot photo with a secret camera I had hidden in my skull. By using Jeff's "technology" he spoke of long before with harry wappler, you can actually see what he was saying at the time. Umm.


thats right bitches.
and dont forget ... to ...

Like I said before, 28 Days Later makes my list of top 10 movies ever.

July 07, 2003

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I am suppose to post the following for Heather :

She was recently, just yesterday, told that she was not fat.
The person who told her this, however, was obese beyond all recognition.
Heather would like to express her dismay at when fat people
tell her that she isnt fat because : " What do they know anyway? "


I still dont have anything of any real importance to post.
Im still thinking about things.
-simply amazing...remember mr t cereal? that stuff was good...click on me!-

July 06, 2003

-Porn movie?-

and my last one that i will torture the board with -LIVE LIKE KINGS!!!-

so much potential...wow...

Man... had to jump on the bandwagon I suppose.

Why? Is there anything you do on your PC that I can't do on my Apple? Doubt it.

Anyway, let's not have this argument again, it's pointless.

On to the movies:

Say it....
man..all that bullshit makes me ALMOST wish i was mac user.

then i go naw.....
You can't fight Teh Buttsexx

Yes, it was.
-what is the buttsexxx?-

July 02, 2003


I hate you Zach-o. That's gonna give me nightmares and it will be your fault, and I hate you for it.
i cant think of a time when i actually had someone message me on AIM and actually say "hey wanna cyber?"
untill today.

brownsweatercult: HEY
brownsweatercult: WANA CYBER?
adult situation: depends
brownsweatercult: ON WOT?
adult situation: are you a 60 year old man who needs a butt plug because hes let so many men fuck him in the ass that his rectum is just gaping?
brownsweatercult: UHHH
brownsweatercult: WHY?
adult situation: thems the only types i cyber with
brownsweatercult: OK
brownsweatercult: THEN I AM
adult situation: well then lets go
brownsweatercult: OK
brownsweatercult: WOT R U WEARING?
adult situation: who th efuck is this seriously
adult situation: and why cant you spell teh word WHAT correctly ARE or YOU correctly?
brownsweatercult: IT DUSNT MATTER
brownsweatercult: WOT R U WEARING?
adult situation: no
adult situation: it matters
adult situation: greatly
adult situation: i dont cyber with people who cannot spell
brownsweatercult: U SED IT WAS OK
adult situation: youve gotta spell the words right or ill lose my hard on
brownsweatercult: OKAY
brownsweatercult: IS THIS BETTER?
adult situation: yes
adult situation: much better
brownsweatercult: OK
adult situation: now lose the all caps and were good to tango
brownsweatercult: TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES
brownsweatercult: okay
adult situation: now
adult situation: im in charge here
adult situation: you take off youre clothes first
brownsweatercult: done
adult situation: now
adult situation: go get some grapes
brownsweatercult: just a second
brownsweatercult: okay
brownsweatercult: now what?
adult situation: sit on them
adult situation: make sure you squish them up good
brownsweatercult: .okay
adult situation: that shit turns me on
adult situation: makes me get all hard and stiff
brownsweatercult: alright
brownsweatercult: now what?
adult situation: spit on your leg and rub it around
adult situation: then rub the spit all over your crotch
adult situation: wait
adult situation: were they purple grapes?
adult situation: or the green ones?
brownsweatercult: they're brown now
adult situation: oh baby
adult situation: that got me really hot
brownsweatercult: it's really uncomfortable
adult situation: SILENCE
brownsweatercult: do something
adult situation: do you have to pee?
brownsweatercult: i don't want to do this anymore
brownsweatercult: i'm afraid
adult situation: you dissapoint me
brownsweatercult: i'm sorry
adult situation: seeif i shoot a load on your pillow now:-(

July 01, 2003

haha. poor jeff.

NONfinis: playing tony hawk... trying to see why so many people like it
NONfinis: it's one of those things that i would rather do in real life then in a video game
NONfinis: though i suppose to be fair
NONfinis: if i could find an arm cannon that could shoot four different beams and a hyper tech suit that allowed me to roll around in a ball and hunt down alien pirates... i'd want to do that in real life too
NONfinis: (metroid - in case you didn't catch the reference)
cyclope45: ah
cyclope45: makes sense now
cyclope45: course
cyclope45: than youd also rather be a woman
cyclope45: in real life
cyclope45: eh jeff?
NONfinis: i hate you.
NONfinis: and now your going to post this and take it completely out of context.
NONfinis: bastard.
cyclope45: haha
cyclope45: was already in bloigger
cyclope45: haah
NONfinis: to reiterate...
NONfinis: i hate you.
Thanks, Mr. Bradbury who never calls me anymore -

and in response: The only condition I've previously been commited for was related to a lack of any desire to gain weight, even when it was not feasible for me to otherwise survive. I don't think the two can be connected.

The way it was explained to me, this qualifies as an L&I claim because we have a documented history of staff asking for help with dealing with this client's behaviors, which has been denied or ignored. The fact that I've not had any pertinent history of homicidal ideation, whatever that is, or of flying off the handle in the way that I did. This was immediately precipitated by him basically commiting assault and my employer not being helpful to me in dealing with it.

It probably helps that another former employee that had a similiar situation with this company now works in L&I's "claims" department. I wonder if it's possible to make certain it goes through her.