March 31, 2004

was thumbing through one of my old yearbooks....can anyone guess whose signature chased this?

Despite the whichway
in cubbards made of stone
with the colours of
and mix in a dash
"Reguardless", I won the race
and Reguardless i did say
But deep in caves
without light
or sound
a stirring
if not a snake
then what better?

give up? The elder Collins fella left behind that little gem, albeit its one of those that you turn every which way and put under all sorts of lights and for the life of you, you cant quite seem to put a finger on exactly what color it is.
In contrast its a better quote than the one Aaron left me..."Napster--Watch out or Lars Ulrich and the DEA will shut you down" . Its pretty blunt, but thankfully those crafty agents from the good ol DEA havent caught on to me yet.
Umm yah, well im going to be moving back out to good ol Roy, school didnt go so great so im cutting my losses and taking a quarter or two off to get my bearings and stuff. Might even look into some ventures into law enforcement(figure taking a trip into a coked out slum with nothing but a beretta and a flashlight is better than going over to play in the big oil soaked sandbox) or if i really can get my head back into the whole school thing, go for some Voc tech training and go for a specialized electricians liscense...well i guess thats my status report, for now anyways....i need to start doing this more often
So soon i'll return to the Frozen Tundra. My trip down here was relaxing and it show me that maybe i should move on with my life, much like everyone else it seems is doing. I slowly have become of of those loser guys that hang out at the high school-long after they graduate...wait a minute.

i was thinking what it will be like, if everyone did just pack up and move on, followed their dreams and attepted to accomplish their goals. since i don't really know what everyone's goals are, i'll make them up-because i can assume like a muthafuka.

To James: Yes, james, i forsee that you will finally get around to getting your GED, moving away from you parents (again), but this time for good. I see you finally getting that job at a bookstore, where you can make fun of all the people buying Ayn Rand books and constantly saying, "Anyone who writes poetry is a poet!" no one will get it, but someone will laugh and you'll scream "PERT PLUS!!!" eventually you'll get fired, and dive right back into the bottle. Soon, you'll experiment with hard drugs, and die of an overdose.

To Steven: You'll get your job as a Black Jack Dealer, but will soon realise that it was all just petty change. So you'll go on a Ford Probe breaking into spree to get enough money to ... uhm ... throw your own rave. Sorry, i seriously got nothing.

To Jeff: I forsee you getting that Job at the VA, Analyzing other people's problems, before finally analyzing your own. After becomming depressed, you begin to experiment and reliese that youre gay. You'll than finally come out of the closet, and somewhere, outhere, you can hear james' laughter echoing in the wind.

To Bradbury: Bradbury will quit is job at the School District and go on to become a ... glass blower. He'll than start his own website and begin selling his sculptures, not knowing that the majority of people that buy from him, are using them as bongs.

To Arrooon: You'll eventually have a mental colapse from working at pizza hut and not getting tipped. So you move to Puraguay, where you'll become the President and rage war against their neighbor Uraguay. Than, you'll get bored, and move to Uraguay and Become their president and rage war against Puraguay and vice versa until they military gets bored of you and overthrow you in a coup. You'll than move to Botswania and rule over the Pigmys till your death.

To Jesse: i dont know you that well, so i'll just say that one day, going into the breakroom at walgreens (was it walgreens? fuckit) you'll catch a glimps of World Raslin' Entertainment and become addicted to it. Soon, you'll quit everything and everyone that loves you will leave you, but you'll be happy, watching WWE, and wondering to yourself, "What is the Rock cooking?"

To Andy: Andy doesnt read this, so this is fair game. Andy will Continue to live with his parents, and get an allowance. He'll still cyber date and create imaginary girlfriends and search the personals for "chicas" and wear dragon shirts. He'll end up one of those mall employees you see in Victoria Secret, sniffing the panties. He'll end up one of those 30 year old men, parked out front of a Jr High School honking his horn trying to score some "chicas." Some parent will call the police and he'll end up in Jeff's office, being analyzed...Jeff will somehoe convince andy that he's gay and they'll move to oregan and get married. Somewhere in the distance, you can hear james laughing.

To Michael: Michael will finally get his diploma, join the army and volunteer to be sent to some Camel Country to "Kill some Ragheads!" He dies.

To Zacho: no comment.

To Mike: He'll end up on the street trying to sell his paintings. Everyonce in a while he'll run into somebody he use to know in school and they'll look at his paintings and say how much of a genius he is, "OOOO WOW-these are nice!!!" encouraged, he moves to france. He dies. Long after his death, someone will discover his paintings and call him a genius. Unfortunatly, these people will be someone he use to know in high school.

To Bonnie: She'll become an officer in the ARMY and will try to be the nice officer, the once that everyone likes. But eventually everyone will take advantage of her niceness (not like that james, shut the fuck up) and she'll turn into UBER Bitch. Everyone will begin to hate her, so she'll volunteer to go to some camel country. There she'll run into Michael; and they'll fall in love and get married and live happily ever after. Until michael gets eaten by a camel.

And Finally, ME: I'll be in the air force for another 2 years, than when i get out, i'll see that everyone is either dead or in some camel country, so i decide to pursue my dreams of becoming a Director. I'll never actually finish a script and go hungry. Than one day i'll get Abducted by aliens and placed in a intergallactic zoo where i am foced to mate with Hallie Berry, Britney Spears and Christina Agulara. After 20 years of this, i lead a revolt against the aliens and become king of the planet ZURLAR! After awhile, they'll get tired of me and send me back to earth where i pitch this movie idea to Warner Bros. I make this movie, make millions of dollars and be happy...until i die of lung cancer from smoking...somewhere...james will be heard laughing.

well, i'll see yall on the flip side.

First of all, for all those that do not now know, I don't live in that house with the pool table anymore. Some really shitty shit went down with the landlord and she basically threatened to evict us... which is funny because it was her fault in the first place. I'll probably end up tellng the story at a later time, but right now I just don't feel like it. Sorry.

Other stuff. Well, there is no other stuff really. I should say sorry to Jimmy, for not coming down like I thought I would. I had originally intended to go down there sometime during the weekend, but all our plans apparently went to shit. To top that off, two of my roommates have decided to write up a list of damages due to our landlord's negligence. A great idea actually... until they decided to make that list worth 15,000 dollars.


I probably shouldn't say much more about it now... but I'm stressing out over it. Then again, March seems to have been my month for shit happening. And it's not just me. I think pretty much everybody I know has had a shitty month. March. That's right.

March is the shitty month for the year 2004. I think some sort of nexus to Hell opened up and spewed forth shit onto our lives. That's what I think. It's not scientifically proven, but I'm sure that's what happened.

Also, I know work at Hollywood Video. How sad is that. I went from working in a research institute, to trying to sell people popcorn with their DVD rentals.

Oh well... the plus side, I get free movie rentals. I was thinking about how that is actually cool, and soon I will have watched more movies than all of you... combined. Sweet.

Probably not though. More than likely I'll be too tired to take advantage of that deal. Plus, I'll probably spend time renting video games as well. Either way... at least it's not a stressful job...

Plus, it's not the end all either... I'm actually using this job as a tie-over until I hear more from the VA hospital... which has decided to continue taking it's time with application processes. It sucks, but I guess this is what you have to do when you try to get a job with the government. Once everything is all said and done, it should be fine though.

Well, that's all the depressing news from my corner. Later people.

March 30, 2004

^^^ he's talking about :
James put some games up, so I'm going to put my scores down to see if you chumps can beat them:

Flysui- 2 flies
Gridlock-Level 11
Unreveal Tournament-47

March 27, 2004

this is being cross posted.

i need a job. now.
and i need somewhere to stay.

im leaving this place.

I'm playing the free trial, name's Illuminat, pretty fun game.

March 24, 2004

Darwin was right about evolution.

I have proof. A more up to date order.



March 23, 2004

March 22, 2004

beware the groooooove.

March 21, 2004

"And i heard as it were, the noise of of the four beasts sang, come and see, and i saw...and behold a white horse"

Theres a man going round taking names
and he decides who to free and who to blame
everybody wont be treated all the same
there will be a golden ladder reaching down....when the man comes around

The hairs on your arm will stand up
at the terror in each sip and each sup
will you partake of that last offered cup
or dissapear in the potters ground....when the man comes around

Hear the trumpets hear the pipers
One hundred million angels singing
multitudes are marching to the big kettle drum
voices calling voices crying
some are born some are dying
its Alpha and Omegas kingdom come

And the whirlwind is in the thorn tree
the virgins are all trimming there wiffs
and the whirlwind is in the thorn tree
its hard for thee to kick against the preist
till armageddon no shalom no shalom
and the father hen will call his chickens home
the wise men will bow down before the throne
and at his feet theyll cast their golden crowns...when the man comes around

Whoever is unjust...let him be unjust still
whoever is righteous...let him be righteous still
whoever is filthy...let him be filthy still
listen to the words long written down...when the man comes around

Hear the trumpets hear the pipers
One hundred million angels singing
multitudes are marching to the big kettle drum
voices calling voices crying
some are born some are dying
its Alpha and Omegas kingdom come

and the whirlwind is in the thorn tree
the virgins are all trimming there wiffs
the whirlwind is in the thorn tree
its hard for thee to kick against the priest
it measure a hundred weight and penny pound....when the man comes around

"and i heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts, and i looked and behold a pale horse and its name that sat on him was death....and hell followed with him."

Now that there is a damn good song....and i hate to say it, but it actually worked for the intro of Dawn of the Dead
i thought it was a good movie, for a remake....anybody else see it?


the afterglow sets in.
muscles, tense and sore - relax after being pushed to such extremes.


March 19, 2004

So -- whoever is picking me up tomorrow, if you could email me tonight and let me know -- or call James and let him know (I'll try and call him, since I'm not gonna leave the gf's phone number here on the net)
Here are the directions:

If you don't know where River Road is -- go straight North on Meridean, in downtown puyallup. It eventually curves off to the right, turning to 2nd ave...just keep eventually turns into River Road. It's the road that you are on when you pass Fred Meyers, and then the cheapo theatre.
Pass those two places...and you will then pass a K-Mart and a Burger King on the right. Just a bit past Burger king, there will be a Subway on the left. Turn left just before that Subway (11th) then take the first right (12th), it's the 5th building on the right -- a duplex, number 1203. There is a yellow VW bug and a primer black VW Scirocco sitting out front.
Ring the doorbell.

Also -- remind me to stop by my place on the way back (it's on the way) because I forgot to grab somethin.
We got these new phones at work. Pretty slick. All kinds of neat features. Still Motorola Two-Way. The only flip-phone that meets military standards for impact, vibration, dust and humidity. (I killed three of the last phones, this is important for us) They even have GPS.

Yes, GPS. Although, not very useful. It only gives you current position when you ask for it.

Turns out it's GPS not for telling YOU where you are, but for "Fleet Management" and E-911 locating.

Nice way of saying: we know where you are, we can guess what you're doing.

Luckily, it only works when the phone has clear signal from the GPS satellites. You have to be outside, not near a building or any obstacle, for it to work. Kind of pointless, considering that in our buildings or vans it's completely non-functional.

Good stuff.

so lieing at work. well, james and jeff know i bullshit all the time at work, but seriously-for my job, if i never lie i'd probably have to do a lot of work, so fuck that. besides, majority of the problems and phone calls that come in tend to be some sort of officer or a commander of some sort, and why would i want to help any of those assholes out?

anyway, im about to go out and probably drink even though i said i wont. its the weekend, im on leave and i have 800 extra dollars since i didnt buy my plane ticket. yes, drinkings will happen.

i have nothing to post about really. Nothing important happened to me, and i haven't seen any good movies in a long time. so i'm going to go get drunk now. fuck all of you and die.

March 17, 2004

At Victoria's Secret when someone shoplifts you're supposed to say, "I believe you have something by mistake. Would you like to put that on your Angel's Card?" Fuck that. Anyway, while looking for a job I feel like such a prostitute. I'm selling myself Seriously. I'm half tempted to just go work at Hooters because it would be a lot easier. At least they admit that they're hiring you based on what size your bra is. I really want to work outside, though, which is why I'm applying and nursreys. I like to garden, so that way it would be like combining a hobby with a job. Hooray!
I spent 2 years of my life in retail.

And I couldn't agree more.
Of course -- that's only when you get profit sharing.
Companies that don't offer profit sharing bonuses -- well,
then who gives a rat's ass if the customer comes back ;-)
Dear Bonnie,

Jobs suck. If you are just looking for something to do before you leave and you don't need a job, why don't you get a hobby?

Anyway, about lying...

When working Customer Service, you must take into mind; and, kill off your morals when lying to people comes into play.

First off, when you get a job working with people and selling products, you'll enter a few hours/days of training. During this time, you'll be introduced to some of those lovely concepts that we've been told from day one when working a job: "The customer is always right", "It's your responsibility to make THEM happy". etc. etc. This may be a tough situation if you don't break the barrier between "Things you must do in order to survive" and "Things you assume to be are right." I work at Walgreens in the One Hour Photo lab and I am constantly bombarded with situations where I must lie to keep the customer coming back: customer coming back = walgreens revenue = profit sharing = bling bling.

Customer: "These photos are all wrong."

My response: "That's because you were a shitface to me when you dropped off your film and I fucked them up because of that."

The proper response: "I'm sorry sir, I don't know who did this. Would you like me to redevelop them free-of-charge?"

Before you lie though, you must think of why you need to lie to these people. Take a look at them before hand and see how they are merely customers -- walking piles of profit. People will buy anything if you are wearing a nametag and you say "Yeah, I use/wear/have/eat this all the time." It's just something you have to do inorder to maintain a constant income in the Customer Service World. Don't get me wrong though, I dont' lie to my friends/family/etc, but I do lie to customers to excel in that world while I'm in college.

Anyway, poker tonight. Be there.

March 16, 2004

Since nobody is posting, I guess I will. Again. So, I'm trying to look for a job for the first time in my life, and I realized that I'm really, really bad at it. Mainly because I don't even want to get a job. I have to do something until I leave in August, though. I can just tutor for free until then. People are total bitches where I want to apply. I definitely don't want to work with bitches. I even considered Victoria's Secret, but you have to be nice ALL OF THE TIME, and tell people they aren't fat. I'm not down with the whole lying thing. Anyway, that's all for now. It's sunny out.

March 14, 2004


if you're reading this, and you have phone numbers of anyone who we know who is either interested in paintballing next weekend on the 20th, or just have a bunch of phone numbers for me to call for confirmations - please get on AIM and send a message my way (via zak pow) - I'm out in yelm using a buddy's phone to call people.

Or you could post it here and risk some crazy psycho calling up whomever you post...

then again it isnt you so why do you care? ;)

March 13, 2004

"Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love."

-Charlie Brown

March 11, 2004

Yeah, I heard he was, which is too bad. Ah well, I'll meet up with most of the people I used to hang out with anyway.

- Jesse
I read what you wrote. 3 times. It doesn't exactly make sense to me. I just don't see where you're coming from, and I'm not trying to be rude. I just think that fulfillment isn't always an active change. Some people are seriously fulfilled by leeching off of society. That's what they want to do. I don't know. I guess "fulfillment" is subjective. It's going to be different to every person.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure Jimmy is coming home the 19th, which is the day you leave, but if you're not too busy, you should hang out with us. I haven't seen you in about a year. I was thinking about the bbq james had a few years ago. I think it was about 4 years ago, actually. When I think about it I laugh a lot, but it also makes me sad that it will never happen again.

Anyway, it's nice out. I'm going to go on a picnic for lunch.

March 10, 2004


I am coming back to visit for Spring Break [next Monday - Friday].

I never discounted the relativity of my post, and even when writing it, I knew it would generate such a response. Whether the lives of those may be fulfilling to themselves is irrelevant. How can I see if someone else's life if fulfilling? You may ask this, or you may not; but, the question still remains. It doesn't rely on such fascinations as "dreams" or "reason." Fulfilling is making an active change to make something of yourself, and, not so much as setting a goal, but settings standards that you don't want your life to fall below.

Someone can dream of becoming something or someone, but you may want to ask yourself some questions before hand such as: "Why?" "How will this help me set my standards?" or "How will my predisposed vision change once I reach this point?"

I've set such standards to make my life fulfilling for now:
Don't eat meat (been a Vegetarian for 7 months)
Don't sleep around (been in a serious relationship for 5 months)
Never work at a factory again
Stay in school for 8 years
Study and theorize about art and music
Form a musical alliance with Aaron
Work on music -- develop new styles and techniques.
Work to survive and maintain my place in society (i.e. - not depend on my parents or relatives to give money for rent or school -- Walgreens One Hour Photo Lab niggerz!)
Make rational decisions and maintain a rational frame of mind

There are more, but lastly...

Take time out from all of this to: relax, drink, smoke pot, fuck.

- Jesse
Jesse (I think),
Last time I saw Drew was, well, a couple of weeks ago at TGI Friday's. He works there. People evolve and do things at different speeds. Some people won't even actually figure out what they want to do until they are 35 or they'll spend their whole existance trying to figure it out. Also, what is fulfilling to you may be a yawn to someone else. For example, I have chosen the military path. I will be attending a military academy in missouri. A lot of people would hate the military. However, it is fulfilling to me. I see a lot of positive changes that could be made, and I'm willing to take on that task. Dreams change. I don't know if I ever had a dream in high school but I know now my patience for dreaming is short. Once I have the dream, I would rather make my dreams a reality. I have goals, a mental checklist, and I've changed.

When are you coming back to visit? And what is it you're doing with your life that is so fulfilling?

I made a conscious decision not to contact a lot of people and tell them of my excurssion. I talk to two people I went to high school with. My plan was to: (1) Disappear (2) Come back to visit (3) Find the people I used to hang out with and see if their life after GRADUATING is as fulfilling as mine.

So far, I'm guessing a tiny portion of those which I spent my teenage days with are living out their dreams right now [those who had them anyway].

The only person I'm really curious about is Drew. My last encounter with that guy was prior to my trip to Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA. As I've pondered his existance, I wonder if he's sinking deeper and deeper into the pool of stupidity; furthermore, I'm curious to what the fuck he's doing at AiS, if he's still at AiS. After meeting up with him in the mall one day, seeing him dressed up in a rockabilly outfit talking about music which he knew nothing about, he seemed washed up.

I want to know about someother people as well, but my prediction as to where they ended up isn't motivating me to find out.

March 09, 2004

Don't you bastards post anymore? I need some entertainment, so get posting. NOW! Umm...just joking. I'm moving to missouri in august. I don't know if I'll be missed, and I'm kind of doubting it since I don't even attempt staying in contact with very many of you and we all live in the same state, minus zach and jesse. But no worries, I'm only moving there for college, so I'll still be home on all the holidays and all summer, so don't cry. and post. now.

March 06, 2004

March 02, 2004

Zach-0s Link of the day(yes i realise i dont even post daily let alone have a daily link fuck off)

i love it when bitches get what they deserve. like speeding tickets that by all rights should have gone to me but the dumb broad was the first one to pull over.

my roommate is dislexic. he tries to insult me, but spells the words wrong...and then takes the directions i give him to go places and does the opposite of all the he somehow winds up in indiana. what a moron.

niggas and bitches. at work..and im bored.