July 31, 2001

HAH HAH HAH im the first to post HAH im greater then you all because its EXACTLY12:00 HA ... wait..... 12:01 HAH HAH HAH ( or so ) ha...... *zZZzzzzzZZzzz* HAHHAHAHAHH!!!! : | sslleeeppp... well 1 more drive and i can RUN joo AS DOWN!! GN all
The video is called "weapons of mass destruction", but it is by Fat Boy Slim. On the subject of videos, has anyone seen the new Cake video? The song is awesome, and the black guy in the video is so funny.

I remade my little site for the download of my .mp3's so those of you who couldn't do it before, please check them out. Especially you James, I want to hear what you have to say. The site is right here: PSDS mp3's

And now for my www.mp3.com band of the day. I heard Napster actually checked out bUrt. I'm sure they're glad to have made those few more cents. Today's band is an interesting funk/rap/punk/emo/rock group. They're called Accidental Groove.

Anyway... I'll be back with more later... I have a plan for something grand to post.

that video with christopher walken dancing about is a chemical brother's video i believe. if i am correct at that i will then go on and take a guess that the name of said song is "weapons of mass destruction". don't quote me on that. i'm not positive. i'm almost positive that it's the chemical brothers though.

anywho. i watched 'snatch' a few minutes ago. mud warned me that it contained scenes from good movies and it was the result of pulp fiction meets lock stock and two smoking barrels. having never seen lock stock and two smoking barrels he restated that it is the result of pulp fiction meets a bunch of brits running about with guns. indeed. the scenes i spotted were from fight club, trainspotting and pi.

1.) fight club. well, when brad pitt was fighting it reminded me of a candy-coated version of fight club. plus it's brad pitt fighting. having seen fight club so many times i am conditioned to think of fight club when i see brad pitt bleeding and throwing punches.

2.) trainspotting. when brad pitt is fighting in the last fight of the movie he falls into a large body of water that was not previously there. now, if you have seen trainspotting you know what i'm talking about. if you have not then i'll let you in on a secret. the main character in trainspotting, played by ewan mcgregor, goes digging around in a toilet for two herion supositories. curious? watch the movie. it's a good one.

3.) pi. when the only american in the entire movie was taking shots it reminded me of how the main character in pi took pills. simple as that. but i've also seen pi too many times. and i still like pi. even after reading 'live forevar'.

over all, snatch was a good flick. when it comes on PPV i'll watch it again. it was a funny movie. i liked it.
anything i missed james?
Two things:

1) Do not see Planet of the Apes. It is not Tim Burton worthy.

2) Because it is summer and I am pathetically unmotivated to do anything but watch TV and bemoan the fact that there is nothing good on TV, I was watching one of the dozens of music video channels, channel 64 to be exact, when I saw something surreal - Christopher Walken as the star in a video. He was dancing around on office building wearing a suit. At neither the beginning nor the end did the station announce what video it was. Has anyone else seen this or should I take it as a sign that I need to do something with my life?
I am rather agitated

why you ask?

because I wanted to download/pirate " BATTLE ROBOTS " - a game where you design and program large robots to fight against other large robots that other sentient beings have designed and programmed as well.. It looks sweet. It looks fun. It LOOKS LIKE IT WONT DOWNLOAD ALL THE WAY!!!!!! So... U($)@#(&)!!

So here I am without a gaw-damn Robot Program game. So what am I to do? I'm going to download a game that I'm sure every little teeny-bopping little prepubescent boy will probably want to buy from me. I'll burn copies of it onto disks and sell them off for 15$ !! HAH AHAH!

Yes... I plan to download a piece of shit game that has nothing to do, nor is even close to BATTLE ROBOTS - it will be INTERACTIVE LULA!!!! --- yes I found a pirated version of the little program - and I plan to download it / mind you not make money off it as I said I would - but just laugh at it.

maybe take pictures and post them on the board. that'll be a trip eh? heh. anywho - so my battle robot game wont download - WHY? because it is a YAHOO BRIEFCASE WAREZ - I HATE Yahoo Briefcase Warez. :|

what else? the fifth computer is up and running. I have a " second " appointment tomorrow at 12.30. Wow, to think I might actually have a job - it almost SCARES you now doesnt it? I thought so, or at least I am afraid. I think I'm begining to have cold feet. An irky feeling in my gut. But I swallow it down and tell myself this :

One year. A lot of money. Gone.

thats right pals. I plan to amass a large sum of money and then cruize around the country with it. traveling around meeting people I know from the internet. it'll be great. either that or never amass a great sum of money and spend it all on NEW HARDWARE for my computer... like a decent burner. GAUGH!

Im going to go see if i can sneak into getting BATTLE ROBOTS to work again... gaw damn.

oh - I wrote another story - but since nobody responded or said anything about my last story I said fuck posting stories here : you ungratefull non responsive bastards. :b

later. :)

Well, for those of you that may have tried to download my .mp3's, if there are any of you, I'm sorry. Angelfire kicked me off their site. It turns out that I violated their "User Terms and Agreement" by using the word porn. As in Porn Stars w/ Down Syndrome (PSDS), so I have to find another site to put them up on. If the link worked for you, then thanks for downloading it, I will put more up as soon as I get another place to put them. Does anyone know if you can link to files on Driveway or Xdrive? I also need to fix my sound before I can continue making music. I will post my mp3.com band of the day later, along with some more SIMjames stuff if I can get my sound to work.
what was that mike?

i hate banks. my bank charges $29 for an overdraft and $5 every day your account is over drawn. i now owe the bank $92 because of a $40 overdraft. i didn't even get the letter from the bank telling me that i was over drawn until i was actually overdrawn for 3 DAYS. bastard-ass bank. now i have to get a job to pay that off. squat-pissers.

even when i'm pissed off i can't come up with a decent list of stuff i hate.

i tried. here's what i could come up with.

boy bands
reality shows

i was watching MTV a few weeks ago and saw a little girl standing outside of the studio with a sign... first of all. WHAT THE HELL? go home! anyway, her little sign said "GET WELL SOON A.J."! GET WELL SOON? sorry little girl but a.j. doesn't have a cold. he has a drinking problem. he's in detox. chicken soup won't help him.

in my opinion the only thing that can save him is a fatal gun shot wound. i would have said selling his soul to satan but he's in a boy band. he already DID that!


i thought of something else i hate. $80 blue jeans that cost $1 to make. $50 dollar t-shirts with the faded letters "A" and "F" on the front. maybe a little design on the back. faded also. i also hate the word 'peepin' as in 'the bitches be peepin' mah shit now biatch'. this is how my friend frank talks. he's a white kid who works 8 hours a day so he can afford to buy abercrombie and fitch clothes and work out so that he becomes, as he would say, 'peepable' so that he thinks he will be able to 'pick up (insert any derogatory term for women)'. WHERE DO PEOPLE GET THESE ASSANINE IDEAS? fucking pop culture. thank you once again boy bands and pop culture. now we need to be cut with a V-shape torso, have brown hair with blonde tips, a nice car and talk like our brains were replaced with lime jello!

ahh. i feel better.
this is cool
one of the most exhilerating experiences of my life is being on stage. a few months ago was my first time on stage. the day before thanksgiving break my high school always puts on this variety show. it's usually just a bunch of bands and 1 or 2 skits about Jesus put on by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. fun. anyhow, we had to go up after a band that played that creed song "with arms wide open". then it came time for me and the rest of our little thrown-together band to walk on stage. the band behind me started in on "bulls on parade" and 30 seconds or so in i exploded on the microphone. no matter how badly we did the reaction on everyone's face was priceless. there wasn't a seated person. what a rush.

just thought it'd share that.

I just woke up.
Commencement Bay Corregated just called and woke me up.
I have * another * " interview " tomrorrow at 12.30am.

I wonder if jimmoi got called.
. . . check in 5min, when the download is done.

... wow.
Hey again... after such a long absence I have more than SIMjames to post. A couple of things...

I have been making some interesting electronic music. Some remixes and some originals, right now I only have two remixes fully done. I'd like you guys to check them out and tell me what you think. Please do this if you could. Just click the link:


Also, I am trying to help out some of the better unpublished artists on mp3.com by giving them some more listeners. Most of them get a little bit of money per download, so if you could from time to time check them out. I'll post a link to one of their sites each time I post, with a brief description of their music to see if you would like it at all. Starting with:

A Band Called bUrt A really good trance artist, plus he has a mixture of other electronic music on his site. He even does a bluesy rock song as well. I would recommend a couple of songs, namely Home and Take Your Time, but they're all good. Great music for relaxation and sleep preparation. Please check them out.

Thanks guys.
Ooh OOOoOoh!! Lookit me, I got the first post - it being 12:30 am PST. Wooopdie friggin doo.

That's right, I wanted to be "special" too. I have this image of being the next Tom Cruise, at least his image from the movie "Cocktails and Dreams" - or whatever it was called. Why do I have this image?
Quite simply because I may go to a bartending academy ( I guess academy sounds special ) for two weeks and can earn $100 + a night. I could find a Job countrywide should I pass the course, from the simplest job in a local bar, to my favorite idea of working on a cruise ship. The cruise ship is something I'll definately look into.

July 30, 2001

I would just like to share that I hate Nail polish...I mean, I wear it and everything but the truth is... i hate it!
It's completely pointless. I painted my nails a beautiful red color last night it took two hours to get it to set up and look really
shiney and pretty and well now it's ruined. It's all chipped off...
I would really like to learn and understand more as to why girls do such odd things...I mean I think it's odd and I am
a girl....Any inquiries? HELP! Any by the way James...You're funny as hell....
Hi guys this is my first post. :-) I'm soo happy...heheheh!
Well just wanted to say hi and I love you all... : )
I am back. Don't celebrate too hard. After some quiet introspection, I have decided that I can be so much more interactive with the board now. Heheh... Anyway... I have decided to signal my return with something great. Something which will revolutionize the way you look at our "founder", James Collins.

Many times you have probably wondered, "How will James fare in the real world?" Well, I have recently acquired a copy of The Sims, and I have begun using it to discover that for myself. I have also been keeping notes from my research, and taking pictures, which I will share with you, in episode 1 of SIMJAMES

I begin by moving James into a house at 3 Sim Lane. It's not a large house, so it doesn't require much in the way of furnishings. I start by making James search for a job, and James gets involved in the career field of politics. Unfortunately, in politics, like in every field, you have to start at an entry level position. In this case, a campaign worker, but that doesn't matter to SIMjames, he celebrates by taking a shower.

Over the next few days, James works hard and is promoted to intern. He spends much of his off-time watering the plants.

James continues to do the chores for himself, until something terrible happens.

After finding a way to fund a maid and a gardener with his miniscule amount of money, James decides that the only way to move up further in the world of politics, is to practice his public speaking skills. What better place to do this, than in front of the bathroom mirror.

James thinks hard and realizes the second most important thing for politicians to know.... BASKETBALL!

Finally, after a week in his new house, James gets promoted again, now he is a lobbyist for an environmentalist group. On top of that, he meets a woman, and guess what. She's a hippy too.

James gets what he desires. Well, not all of what he desires, but a little.

Acting on the spur of the moment, James proposes to his new love.

And the answer is...

Ooooh... it's a no. Sorry James.

Stay tuned for the next episode, as long as I'm not too lazy to make another one, of SIMjames. If the pictures don't work, come back later, because that means I'm trying to fix them now.
Ok, james told me to come into his room for some odd reason and *james interupts* " Hot anal sex when you wernt looking!!!" ....... shaddup you! well.... he tells me to come in and look at all the posts and how popular hes becoming..... well ive noticed THEY ARE ALL LONG FOOKEING POSTS!!!! And most of the posts are from SMART people.... the moral is MAKE SHORTER POSTS, for us stooopad people!! Because the more shorter posts the more dump people read the more ratings james gets making him LORD AND MASTAH OF J00 ALL AND ME THE SLAVE MASTAH WITH HE WIP TO WHIPP-ITH Joo IN THE EEYYYEEES YYEESS THE EYES!!!!!!..........ah crap.... did i just say that out loud..... now ill never OwAnAgEEeeeee you :( *cries* well..... you see this is short!!!! not that 666-666-666-666-666 paragraph long bs :P * which i dont read mauahhha *

My new slogen..... Visit www.yousuxormypeepee.orgie to get your daily injection in the but, or go to our site from A-o-HELL keyword : Buttsex.

I have been called many things in the past. Some of them be " asshole ", " loser ", " absolute dumbfuck " - you name it : but I can accept those things > as they are obviously stated by people who are suffering from " I'm not James " envy / or morons. Generally most people are envious of not being me, which is afterall ... forgivable.

( dont go searching on google )

but one thing I can assure you is that I am, by far, no " authority " - over anything, or anyone.

In other news : I wasnt going to post today > but right outside my window a large blue truck drove by sining " Come mah lady come mah lady - buddah floi - shuguh " and I laughed so hard that I had to come on and post about it. I am also downloading CARMAGEDDON THREE - which is basically GTA FPS - which will be fun.

I also have not yet been called for this " job "
oh well. life goes on. I needed that job so I could get STAMPS because my stance against email seems to have hit a stale point when my parent refuse to COUGH UP STAMPS for my campaign. My getting a job would provide me money in which to buy stamps - which it seems I didnt get anyway. monkies.

my father bought another computer today. he's setting it up right now.
that will make . . . FIVE working/running computers all hooked up on the LAN in our house.
yes. count them - or using mike's logic about not being able to count ...

wherein there was once { | | | | } there is now { | | | | | } and there is a " definate difference between the two " --- ta da, see I learned something after all.

I'm going to go read a book or something now.

OK the world is coming to an end.......Apocalypse is upon us.......John Paul Thiel just got married.
What a mindfuck.

On a sidenote: anybody want to earn a little extra cash working a shovel? A friend of mine just had shoulder surgery, and needs a small, short ditch dug, but can't do it himself (rotators cuffs are important to shovel operation). Let me know if you do.....

Alright, not mud, I hope this gives you joy. I am posting at last. What to write, what to write? My post is an informative one. Because I am usually at a loss for something clever to say when challenged by authority only later to come up with some witty jab, when I saw this in a book recently I felt compelled to share it. That clever remark has a name. In French it is esprit de l'escalier and it German it is Treppenwitz.

Okay, I read in the paper a few days ago that the state legislature was going to enact a law that teachers can no longer have sexual relationships with their students. Good thing too because obviously teachers don't have enough common sense to, as Olympia Dukakis so eruditely stated in the Academy Awarding winning movie Moonstruck, "... not shit where they eat."

I am the first one to post today... this makes me happy. I get to leave at 6:30 tonight on a big plane and go far faraway... hehe... I don't know if I'll post later today, or when I will be able to post again in the near future. I have my own computer over there, but I don't have a clue as to what will be happening in my schedule. :P I just wanted to say goodbye to all of you for now and that I think all of you are neat and interesting people. I don't know if I'll ever actually see any of you again, but I will try to keep up with all of you here on the board.

Warm Regards

July 29, 2001

So we have done something interesting.. we have defined "numbers".. what a great thing for us to do !! .. but it seams that we have more to cover, in order that, we better know this beast we have uncovered...... We left off with numbers being these sort of things (||,|||,|||||||||,|||, |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ) ect ... which at least gives us some place to start. There is a problem with this though.. we can't tell very easily say if |||||||||||||||||||||||||, ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| .. are different numbers. This makes it a very difficult thing to talk about numbers much bigger than ||||| ... Perhaps a look at some numbers might lead us to a solution of this problem.. First let's become very evolved and immediatly develop a super advanced concepts which took mankind millions of years to arrive at ...
(the S(n) notion is at most 100 years old and due to a fellow named Peano, read on to find out just what that idea is.. don't worry it won't hurt at all............)
We will call some symbols like (x,y,v,n,m,k,l...etc) variables and say that they "denote" numbers (whatever that is, they just have some relationship to numbers called denoting)... and we will use a symbol "=" and we will write
" x = y " to mean that " x and y denote the same number" and in that spirit we will write "x = ||" and say "x denotes the number || " and along the same lines if we pretend that the variable "n" is actually a number "we will often do this" then we will write "x = n" whenver "x denotes the number n" .. it is to be understood that variables denote numbers and only numbers and they don't "vary" we just like pedantic use of old words ... then we have the following things immediatly ...
1. for any n , ( n = n ) "Reflexive law"
2. for any n,m , ( n = m if and only if m = n ) "symmetric law"
3. for any n,m,k ( If n = m and m = k then n = k ) " transative law"
And these are "self evident truths" are they not ?...............................................................
Now with these powerful tools in hand we can do amazingly simple things!!...................................................................................................... To make everything more uniform, we will pretend that a variable is acutally the number it denotes. We just won't know what that number is, in this way we can talk about an "arbitrary" or nondeterminate number... which could be taken as talking about any given number whatsoever... and we will just say that ( x = n ) means that x,n are the same number and call them equal I.E. || = || ... etc.. Now we are highly evolved abstract mathematicians.. ohh we use magical "unknown" numbers and whatnot.. whoo joy rapture and glory haven't we come a long way toward being a godlike being !

Let us inspect a few numbers, which, are "small" enough to be immediatly recognizable as unequal .. {Note if we want to say that x,y are unequal or denote different numbers we may often write x =/= y } and suppose that looks like a crossed out equal sign........... okay so it is clear that | =/= || is a relationship between |,|| but of course we have the same relationship between |,||| ... and ||,|||| ... It appears though that there is a special relationship between the numbers |,|| .. ||,||| .. |||,|||| .. etc and this is a little more special than being unequal .. we would almost like to say that || is the smallest of our numbers which is unequal to the number |.. wouldn't we ??.. and likewise for
how ||| relates to ||. |||| to ||| etc.. We shan't say exactly that, because, we haven't thought about just what smallest/largest/bigger/smaller really mean in this case.. Instead we will just write that || = S(|) and call || the successor to one .. I.E. || follows directly after | ... and in the same manner ||| = S(||) etc.. We can't possibly go through all the numbers one by one and find the "successor" to that number... based on our definition though we know that we can type any number out by pressing "Shift + \" repeatedly for some amount of time.. it is not presumptuous to suppose tha we could then go ahead and press "Shift + \" again and call this the successor, which, we shall do !..
hence we have the following set of "self evident truths".. " you are free to think of S(k) as "k+1" even though the symbols "+,1" have no meaning yet.."
1. " | " is a number
2. If n is a number then so too is S(n)
3. if n =/= m then S(n) =/= S(m)

now we have a magic little way to get around with numbers ... we can even prove that || is a number and ||| and ||| and so on, just based on these three little "self evident truths".. fancy, amazing, fantastic and whooo whooo whoooo... now the question remains ... are these all the numbers ?, that is the ones which we can arrive at based on taking successior after successor and starting with | ..isn't that all of them ?.. well, "Outside note"... If we think about what counting is, we allways start at | and then goto the successor, so, every number you can "count" is sure one of the above type.. we assume that we are smart enough to count any number of times we press "Shift + /" so we will take this for true..." and we arrive at the following truth about numbers

4. If we have any collection of numbers containing | and this collection contains S(n) whenever it contains n, then the collection consists of all numbers.. So now we know something about numbers.. about all numbers !!! ... Super cool ! ........

oh look it's me again. i'm sure none of you even remember me. only mud. alright, here's my contribution of the month: as none of you probably know, i'm going to be making movies when i "grow up." everytime i think of something amusing, or how a situation could've turned out that would have made it totally bogus, i write it down. but a lot of times the scenes i dream up will have a lot of technical components to them, which also have to be written down in order for the scene to look as fabulous as i dreamed it up to be. i work a lot. i'm tired a lot. when i'm tired, i tend to daydream... which is when i get some of my most brilliant ideas. unfortunately, i also tend to lose proficiency with the english language (i ain't shamed!). so, in order to remember the technical aspects of the scenes, i make little pictures and diagrams for myself so later on i can remember what in the hell i was trying to create. the only problem with that is that sometimes i try to rely solely on the drawings to remember what i was thinking about, and then when i look back months later, and say, "what the hell does that mean?" i don't know what to tell myself other than i hope it wasn't something that could've put my name in lights. anyhow, that's the thought of the evening. xoxo - dirty dirty nat
I felt like I needed to write a story today.
so I did - here it is - rough draft - i havent actually looked over it.

Mandy O.V.

Something was wrong. You could sense it in the air, and see it in the light that came down from the ceiling. The chair he was sitting in was leather, and it squeeked every time he moved - so he tried to move little. The dim red-tinted lights gave him an eerie feeling. He told himself again . . .

"Something is wrong." Outside a car passes by and honks. The pavement sounds wet, and probably is. It must have rained, he thinks. He can hear a door creak open off in the backroom and it catches his attention. He lookes up in the direction and to his left a poster catches his eye. On it a woman in lingere stands against a brick wall with seductive eyes. A caption in big bold white letters at the bottom states " Samantha 2700 ph. "

He cringes. The chair squeeks. Samantha is his mother's name. Another door creaks and footsteps begin to walk towards his general direction. A door behind the front counter opens and a woman walks out of it. She jumps at the sight of the man sitting down in the chair and scolds him.

" Can you not read?! " she exclaims, pointing at a sign on the counter offering service when you ring the bell.

" I'm sorry, I didn't see that. . ." he quickly responds in a non-confrontational manner.

"Nobody ever does, come here! " She shouts out, retrieving a large book from the depths below the counter. He gets up out of the chair, it squeeks, he cringes again and briskly makes his way to the maroon coloured counter. She switches on a light and he notices she is a brunette with grey eyes. She wears a white suit and black tie. He stands looking at her for a moment and she says something, he doesnt hear her as he swears to himself that he's seen her before somewhere. She slams her hand down on the book and gets his attention.

" Wha? " he stammers out.

" I said look through the book and choose you dolt ! "

He looks down and there on the counter is an open book with two pictures on each page. Each picture has a woman dressed in some attire of sexual provocation. At the bottom of each picture is the woman's name and a number. He freezes for a moment and remembers where he is.

" I'll be in the back, " the brunette tells him, " Ring when you're ready. " and with that she retreats to the back room behind the door whence she had come from - leaving him on his feet with a book and a bell.

It was quiet. A car drives by outside again on the wet pavement and his attention is drawn to there. His ears listen to the outside, he can hear the slight " bzzting " of the neon sign outside the window, as his eyes browse over the first four girls : Susan 600ph, Desire 600ph, Tess 600ph, Willow 600ph. He feels for his wallet, obviously if this was the first page they'd start with the cheapest. . . and he thought to himself that six hundred was sort of pricey.

He turns the page : Stephanie 750ph, X-tra 750ph, Dolly 750ph, Aprill 750ph. This wasnt good at all. He'd probably have to use a credit card. He looked around the counter to see if they accepted credit and found a discovery/visa acceptance sign. He had a discovery card. He absent mindedly turned the page while looking about the room. The lights from above didnt seem to have a distinguishable source, but were dim and tinted red - giving the room a hellish, if not sinister, feeling. The chair he had been sittin in was similar to the colour of the counter, the walls and carpet matched a deep, dark lavender colour.

He looked back towards the book and his eyes were immediately drawn to a woman on the second page, the top. Short blonde hair, blue eyes, in a school-girl uniform playing the " innocent little girl " routine. He thought she looked " interesting " and chose her. Mandy O.V. He rang the bell without thinking about the two letters, O and V.

Shortly there-after the door behind the counter opens to another woman, this one with long black hair. She wears the inverse of the first, a black suit and white tie. He notices that her breasts are larger than the bruinette's.

" So who've you got hon? "

" Her. " he points on the blonde's face and enticing smile.

The hostess moves his finger and looks down at the book :

" Mandy, on vacation, not here sweetie. How about her sister, Candy - sweet as apple pie! Seven fifty an hour, I'll go get you her. " and with that the lady turned to leave so quickly he hadn't a time to dissuade her of another choice.

He closes the book, thinking to himself that some is better than none, seven fifty or not, and turned to go back to his leather, squeeking chair. He sits down, and doesnt cringe when the leather squeeks. He was expecting it. He almost even felt pride within himself. He had Candy.

However, before he could get comfortable, a noise caught his eyes and ears, and he turned to look to his right - a door was creaking itself open. From the door came a woman in high heels made her way into the room and began walking towards him.

Their eyes met through the dark red haze and he was dumbstruck. His eyes were stuck, if not entranced, to the two blue orbs that looked back into him. Into his soul. They wouldnt let him go. Slowly, wearing almost all white : White high heels which made a quiet thud against the carpet with each step, white stockings which ran all the way up past her knees to a garterbelt, being an offset colour of white. A tiny belly button piercing could be made out at her navel, and she wore no shirt - just a silk scarfish sort of thing which wrapped around her back and hung over her shoulders and breasts. The red lights made her out to be awash in a pink overtone, which matched her light pink lipstick. She smiled at him, he smiled back - she continued to walk towards him / maintaining eye contact all the way.

When she had reached him, she straddled him without thought, both of her legs about his waist. His jaw had dropped open, and with one soft hand she moved to close it, leaving her hand on his jaw. The other hand moved to his head, and she leaned forward to him, with intent to kiss.

The chair squeeked.

And that snapped the man in the chair out of his enchantment. He realized he was being straddled by a woman he didn't know. Her face was coming close to his, and he opened his mouth to protest - seeing this she moved towards him quicker before he could speak. Their mouths crashed into eachother, and her tongue darted into his, swirling about and around. He began to fight, but she doubled her hold on him, and began to gyrate her hips. No warm blooded man could resist such an act.

She continued this, gyration and kissing, until he began to stop protesting, submit, to accept her presense, and to enjoy himself - wherein she broke the kiss, removed herself from his lap, stood up and blurted out :

" 800 and hour, take it or leave it. " emphasising the last part of her sentence by puffing out her chest, making her breasts more visible through the silk fabric than they already were.

Shocked, he blinked, and said : " But you don't understand I don--- "

" Take it or leave it, Yes or no? ", She cut him off.

" Yes, ok, sure, but I'm not here to--- "

" Shhh, What's your name dear? "

" I ... I don't ... know... "

" Ah, well then it doesn't matter anyway now does it? We'll have some great fun wont we? Stand up, keep your mouth shut, and follow me now. ", She turned and began to walk towards the door she came in from, muffled thuds resounding in her wake.

He stood up from the chair, it squeeked yet again. He smiled.
He went to follow her.

yup. funny story. hee hee.
You all had best be familiar with the following ten symbols {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}.. You should know how to use them for counting, and, elementary arithmetic. You ought to be able to denote fractions with them, and, if you are a bit sophisticated you might even be able to write out "decimals" for those fractions and maybe you pretend that you actually know what "3.14159265358979..." means, or even that it means anything at all !.. Ohh rapture Ohh joy .. Ohh.. what the hell do those things mean ??...I am willing to help you with that.. and to raise a few questions, easy to understand.. maybe not so easy to answer, however, they will make you think twice about the meaning of those symbols.. or other strange animals like 12345 or 234.346 whatever those could possibly mean !... So read on and become enlightened. I do promise that it won't hurt a bit ... not a bit at all !!!.. Now lets get started shall we ?..

Lets do some pretending, we will pretend that we have a bunch of little bags, and a bunch of marbles to put in them or take out of them and that such a thing is easy to do..
That's all you will have to think about.. marbles and bags and putting marbles in and taking marbles out !.. To keep things simple lets agree that all the marbles are the same size/color/shape and that if we were to put a marble in a bag and then follow by putting in another, then, we shan't be able to tell which was the first we put in. Okay with that said lets talk a bit ................ from here on forward we will forget the symbols {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9} the idea {number} and the fact that we can count..

Suppose I take a bag and put a marble in it, I can look inside and think about what a see and say "I see a marble in a bag"...
If I take another marble and put it in the same bag, then, I look inside and see something different.. all I can say is "I see more marbles in the bag"
We see something different... but what has changed ?..
Now suppose I take another bag, put a marble in it, I can look inside and see what I see and then I say "I see a marble in the bag"
I then take my other bag and pour the contents into the bag I have just finished looking into..I say "There are now more marbles in this bag" ..
here is the problem with this..

i. when we look into this bag we see more marbles than were in the other bag, but, from our statement you couldn't ever tell that were the case...
It is clear that we percieve a difference between the contents of our bags. What is this difference ?.. I't can't be in the contents, we aren't able to tell one marble from another.. and hence it has someting to do with "more" and "less" and we shall call it "number" ... we would then say that we the difference in number between the contents of the one bag and the other... All this talk of bags is getting boring.. lets get more evolved and go on to using some sort of symbols. We will then agree that a bit of your screen is as good as any bag and that the mark "|" is as good as any marble is... so then we have the following things which each have "number"
{ || } { ||| } .. { |||| } ... "recall that you can't yet count"... is there a difference in number between { ||||||| } and { |||||||| } ?.. As long as we are aloud to use our imaginations lets forget about brackets and anything speical about the mark "|" and say that |,||,|||,... ect simply are numbers ... this way we can say that of our bags there was a bag which had || marbles and one which had ||| marbles ... finally we lets see if we can make a rule for telling just what is and what isn't a number ...
a string of symbols each being "|" ought to be a number, however, we must be able to ensure that it is infact a number and hence we make the rule
a string of |'s is a number if you can generate the string by pressing "Shift + \" repeatedly and at some point you stop and have generated the whole string.. Now you must stop and convince yourself that in this way we can surely check and/or generate any number and that this will satisfy any need we have of what is and what isn't a number..
so long as we recall that number is a property relating to the "amount" of "things" one can place in some sort of bag imaginary or otherwise, since there is no bag big enough to hold all the planets in our solar system but we would like to say there is some determined number of them... We shall call counting any process by which one determines the number of a collection of things... OKAY now here goes the simple question that you most likely won't be able to answer ...

Are you posative and without a doubt certain that your usual manner of denoting numbers with the symbols {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9} will allow you to specify any number in the sense just defined ?..

Can you prove that this is true ?...

I can and it's a bit of what we call the theory of numbers... I have just introduced you to that theory ... now you should have all kinds of questions like
what does + mean.. how do I know that a + b = b + a .. what is a "prime" number.. what is a fraction .. what is an even or odd number ?.. how many numbers are there and is there a number for that ?.. what is multiplication and how do I know that a(b+c) = ab + ac ?.. what is a factor or divisor ?.. how many "prime" numbers are there ?.. is zero a number ... ect ... ect ... ect .. ? these questions have terribly simple answers .. the real interesting stuff comes later.. welcome to my world .. welcome to my questions ..

Heres the latest load of crap from the boys in washington:

File-Swapping Is New Route for Pornography on Internet

the file-swapping services that have grown in popularity as Napster has waned can be used to trade pornography as well as music, presenting a new environment in which minors can be exposed to hard-core photographs and even videos, two members of Congress warned yesterday.

A report released by the lawmakers warned that most of the popular methods that parents use to block access to pornography on the World Wide Web are not useful against the new services, which use decentralized "peer-to-peer" technology that is difficult to control or to trace.

The file-swapping systems "give children access to the vilest hard-core pornography," said Representative Henry A. Waxman, Democrat of California, who released the report yesterday with Representative Steve Largent, Republican of Oklahoma. They did not immediately call for legislation to address the issue, but suggested greater vigilance by parents.

Since legal troubles with the recording industry forced Napster to heavily restrict the use of its service to download copyrighted files, competitors with names like Gnutella, BearShare, Aimster and MusicCity's Morpheus have drawn millions of users, including teenagers, looking for ways to find free music. While Napster created a centralized directory for trading music files, most of the newer systems can be used to trade directly any string of digital bits that computers use to store information, whether it be music by the Canadian rockers Barenaked Ladies or photographs of bare naked ladies.
Now, the new report found, some of the most popular search terms on the Gnutella file-sharing network show that visitors are looking for peer-to-peer pornography. Three of the top six search terms are "porn," "xxx" and "sex." (The third-most-popular term, however, was "Star Trek Voyager.")

Even innocent searches turn up hard-core material, the report found. "When the special investigations division used the popular file-sharing program Aimster to search for videos of Britney Spears, over 70 percent of the results were pornographic files," it said.

The most popular programs used by parents to block children's access to pornography on the Web are generally not helpful in blocking access to pornography through file-sharing programs, according to the report, "Children's Access to Pornography Through Internet File-Sharing Programs," which was prepared by the minority staff of the special investigations division of the House Committee on Government Reform.

The investigators installed the seven most popular Internet filtering programs on computers and found that in the settings that come installed automatically with each program, six of the seven programs failed to block access to the pornographic content.

America Online's parental controls allow users to set restrictions on whether a child can get access to file-sharing sites connecting through a standard telephone line, but not when the user has a high-speed, or broadband, connection. Only one program, Internet Guard Dog, blocked file-sharing under its default setting. Two of the programs, Cyber Sitter and Norton Internet Security 2001, have options that parents can set to prevent peer-to-peer access.

Neither congressman recommended new legislation be passed. "We don't know what to ask for legislatively and we don't know quite what to do technologically," Mr. Waxman said. "We thought we should make this information available so the parents, at a minimum, will know what they are facing." Mr. Largent sent a letter to the attorney general, John Ashcroft, asking that the Department of Justice step up enforcement of existing obscenity laws.

"We must not allow the benevolent neglect of obscenity prosecutions under the Clinton administration to continue under the Bush administration," Mr. Largent said in his letter to the attorney general. He also wrote: "The Lord has blessed us both immensely, and I am willing to stand with you in any way you feel necessary to begin eliminating this scourge from our nation's soul. I believe that Jesus asks no less of us."

Marvin Johnson, the legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union, said that the report had one message for lawmakers who last year passed legislation requiring that all of the nation's schools and libraries install Internet filtering technologies. "Filters don't work, and they give a false sense of security," he said. "There's always going to be some way of getting around them."

The creator of one file-sharing service said that pornography swapping was undeniably the largest part of the traffic across his service, outstripping even music. "If there is a single biggest component, it is probably photos," said Johnny Deep, who created the Aimster service in his home in Cohoes, N.Y.

He argued, however, that he created Aimster as a secure mail service that wraps all messages in an envelop of encryption protection. He said that the system was already being used by political activists in repressive countries to exchange messages, and by lawyers and clients to protect the confidentiality of their communications. "The flip side of it is pornography can be exchanged with the same assurance of confidentiality," Mr. Deep said. "If you have confidentiality for all of those good things, then you must have the same confidentiality for pornography."

Mr. Waxman, the congressman, was not impressed with that argument. "I can't see how anyone could argue they're doing something for the good of all if they are purveying pornography through the Internet," he said.

"Jesus thinks porn is bad, if god wanted us to do things like in them magic moving pictures hed have given us penises......oh wait"
What pisses me off are that half of the advocates against porn like Mr. Waxman probably have a collection the size of the library of congress, and most of it would probably be young boys and animals, or small girls. Jesus asks only that we not do bad things, how do they know what Jesus is thinking, the mans dead for gods sake. Fuck'n ay

I think we I need to get out more, then again, I've done more in the past few weeks than I have socially the whole school year. That's sad really, but oh well!! hehe... Today is a good day. I find it hard to believe that tomorrow I will be on a plane headed to the other side of the world. The only country I have been to besides our ol USA is Canada. LOL... :Þ I have too much time on my hands today.

"Great green globs of greemy grimy gofer guts, mutilated monkey meat, little birdie’s dirty feet, great green globs of greemy grimy gofer guts... and I forgot my spoon OH NO!"

I admit, I love that camp song... hehe... well I have absolutely nothing else to say, so buh-bye. :)

another day drags itself through my life. i wake up - only to get online and check all of my " communication devices " with else-people / nobody has sent me email / nobody has posted on the board / and nobody replies to personals. I need that job or I will loose my mind.

I need something to dedicate myself to.
oh. look. now it's time for James to get offline, and go lay down for about 45minutes - only to rise again, come online - find no replies or contacts ... get offline / go back to bed / come back / get back online / not anything / get offline / go back to bed / come back / get back online / not anything / get offline / go back to bed / come back / get back online / not anything / get offline / go back to bed / come back / get back online / not anything / get offline / go back to bed / come back. . .

and the music, without disturbance, plays on.

{ ahh. not a picture... i fixed it, although I'm not downloading the plugin. heheh }
Hey guys this is a test of a new toy that I have !

a^m over a^n = either a^{m-n} when m > n or 1 when m = n or 1 over a^{n-m} when m < n

{ if you were trying to post a picture mike, talk to me }

July 28, 2001

Hey Bradbury, I do know what your talking about. No offense about my sister, I happen to dislike her too. I never knew your brothers last name, Jenny had so many boyfriends... who could/would/want to keep track of all of them. I admit though, I never liked your brother. hehehe... :) Anyways...

To Mike...

You are right, most people can't see the pain others have or feel. And if they do they usually turn away. They figure "I've got enough to deal with." They are blind to the world and they do not see the beauty or the pain that is around them.

Most people don't have the 'time' to stop and look around. They are to busy trying to get somewhere that they don't look at the here and now. They don't stop to hear the music that the wind makes as it blows through the trees, or the sounds of children playing and laughing in innocence. To see a lone flower that dared to grow in someone's yard, to watch a sunrise or sunset. To smell the fruits as they walk by in the store. They turn away from and often become blind and deaf to the beggar in the street, the child crying in the abandoned building, the pain that glows within another's eyes. All these things and countless more that we just pass by in day to day life. It's sad, but true.

There are those few though, who do stop and take the 'time' to look around. They see beauty and pain in things/people that others never noticed before. They care, they love, they hate, they cry... They wonder why things are as they are and often try to figure them out. These people are different, and often scorned by others because they are different. They see the world with it's beauty and it's pain, and they don't turn away.

You know things that many of us don't. You see beauty in mathematics, "by all the shades that come together to form the picture." You once said that to me. You do take the 'time' to see. I hope you don't become blind, the way many of the others seem to be.
What is there to enjoying a scene, a picture,or a point of view, if no one else can see it ?..
What sense can there be in crying when you see a slaughter, suffering, or pain.. when no one else can see it ?..
What sense is there in carrying these things with you, about you.. letting them permeat your being and transform you.. when no one else can see them ?..
What are you when you tell yourself "They could see it, if only they desired.. they could see it, if only they would not look away.." when no one else can see it?...
When people say without knowing the pain they cause, because you can't share... you love and see and cannot share, and they call what you love boring, because they can't see it...
When they don't understand the suffering that you see, they look away, pretend it isn't there.. when they say bad things to those in pain, tell them something is wrong with them.. Can't they see it ?..
Now I must look away, I can no longer gaze upon beauty, because, no one else can see it. I can no longer cry for those in pain, who suffer, who need.. No one else can see it... I give up, I rest, I stop ... Nothing more about it will be heard from me.. No more Numbers, you can't see them any way.. No more understanding, you can't feel it anyway.. No more tears, you just don't want to see them.. Nothing more forever.. I will sit and wait until one day, one person comes my way to say "Hey, do you see it ?".. and I will say "NO, FUCK YOU!"......And I will forget how to use my eyes... Regards Mike

test test test
this is just a test to see if yahoo photo album can be used to upload pictures and then link to them
tedium ...

thats what it is. tedium. my life is too full of tedium, making my life tedious. and slow. slow... the world seems to be going too slow today. and tedious. it washes over me like water over sand. it permeates my soul - swishes through each grain that is my psyche - and leaves it wet. wet with boredom. wet with a horrible pang of isolation. wait. maybe not isolation. it's a pang though. like hunger pangs, it sits there inside of you and gnaws away. gnaws on almost everything you think, you say, you hear or see. it gnaws and gnaws like another entity within yourself, a being of its own volition. if my life were a room, the pangs would be in the corner - hiding - waiting until times like this so it can come out and feast upon that which is my insides.

" Hey, I'm here to fix the television "

it has been awhile since I watched a ponography film. they've always got such fun plots. I think all cultures should be judged by what sort of pornography they allow to proliferate their society. Pornography is sort of the " pangs " for humanity. The dark side that nobody likes to talk about - but everyone has a little secret part of them that thrives off of it / reguardless of religion, creed, or ilk. It's the animal in them. the untamed hedonistic side. It is the side that I keep in check at all time. I use to call it " bad james " but I slowly came to realize that I am me, and I have to start living with that fact. I cannot isolate myself from myself or parts of myself which I dislike. I glance at the time since I started this ... and It bothers me further.

" nobody loved him nobody understood his troubled ideas that poured from his mind he tried his best to make them accept his ways to make them see that he was not different than them but they all laughed and threw wild apes at him because he had a pig nose "

that is from a comic I drew about a boy with a pig nose. it was just a normal person with a round nose and two dots in the middle that looked like a pig-nose so I wrote that about him. I laughed at him too. who wouldnt? he looks funny - with a pig nose and everything. I would have thrown wild apes at him as well - so would you - we all would - it's our nature. a lot of things are our nature. I believe that's why we build our enviroments around us, be it internal or external. To escape " our nature " - the part of us that just is without our bothering to tend to it.

I have a new background for my website. it shows a bit of nudity. I wont post it on the board. I wont be posting pornography on the board much anymore. Or maybe I will, just to make myself a liar. today is slow. and tedious. I probably shouldnt be on the phone so that *PEOPLE* can call me. oh well. too bad so sad.

I'm done.
I'm not happy anymore.
rather aggrivated.
in fact, just last night, I found I was hostile to anyone for no reason.


I hate mood swings.
HAHAHAHA it seems that i have gotten first post for the 2nd time this week, i think i may be on a role. I just got back from tarinas house, nice little suare over there, just friends and stuff it was cool

July 27, 2001

Well Tarina......Bradbury is (of course) my last name. It is also the last name of my older brother, Patrick.

If you haven't figured it out yet, ask Jennifer (whom I don't, truthfully, like all that much)

no posts since mine this morning? lawsy me! that's just sad.
are you happy now mud? i have compromised my very BEING by using this ugl... well, unnatracti... ok, fine... i like this green but i need something to yell about dammit!

i will now recite some lyrics from the Thee Michelle Gun Elephant song "Satanic Boom Boom Head".

satanic a-boom boom heeeaad! satanic a-boom boom heeaad!
satanic a-boom boom heeaad! SATANIC BOOM BOOM HEAD!

yes, and in other news, i'm still confused by zombo.com.... but i signed up for the newZletter anyway. it made me feel as if i could do anything. i then proceeded to break my leg by jumping off the roof with in umbrella in an attempt to be mary poppins.

i'll leave with a quote: "Gormenghast - a cocksucking jerking first post of the jerking day."
also. bullrabbit.com has recently " gone down " because BR told the people, who wanted to charge him MONTHLY instead of YEARLY - to just fuck off. go BR!

clicking on the " porno " part of porno . slug will take you to www.pornolize.com - but clicking on the " slug " part of porno . slug will take you to THIS WEBSITE wonderfully pornolized! wee!
Gormenghast - a fitting first post of the day. It will be on in aproximately 30 minutes on PBS. It will be great. I plan on recording it - it will be superb. Today ( or well rather - today in correlation with the begining of tomorrow, tomorrow being today and ' today ' being yesterday . . . ) - scratch that. Yesterday and Today have been good days. I have been genuinely happy.

To think. how odd. Mike caught on - but that's because he is perceptive. I'm sure Drew has it in his head, or if he doesnt - he does but doesnt know why how or what - Jimmoi I don't know about because well . . . he doesnt have the internet. crazy day.

I got Emperor downloaded - and playing it - the harkonnen are KILLING MACHINES OF DEATH I tell you ... best race there ever was, with no " unit stealing " or " panzy ass atreides " crap - they OWNZOR.

A bit of earlier today - emphasising that I was in such a good mood that I decided to play a poem-game with Mike.

I am not talking
Until just now I spoke
Nothing to say
I am not talking

whatever that which wasnt said
i hadnt been able to hear
but had if not and maybe so
i never did listen at all

What I said
You heard it well and clear
I said you what I said and heard it loud and clear
I am not talking

had it been, but it hadnt
was it were, but it wasnt
if I could, then wouldnt
I do not know, You do not speak

oh - so I do not forget >>> GORMENGHAST <~~~ the website, if you're interested. Look into it. It's great.

and in closing - I leave you with an IM aaron sent me. check out the link - it's a GREAT way to view slugs.blogspot.com

in fact i'll probably stick it up as a link on the board.

HappyPurple99: Hey, this is an interesting site I was just shown, you may want to say something about it on slugs... www.pornolize.com

g'morning everyone!

July 26, 2001

Arright, I've gotten yelled at enough to post on this stupid thing. No introduction, if ya figure out who I am, good fer you. Give yourself a hand!

While I'm here I shall tell you kiddies a story, yes a story from unka dM. You'll always shop at JC Pennies after this story, always.

I'm at JC Pennies in the South Hill Mall, just wandering looking for a pair of boxers. After a bit of wandering and actually figuring out where that section is I find myself looking through the selection. Nodding to myself as I inspect the ones I like, silk ones are very nice, they feel great too.BAM That's when it happend! Another g'damn pair of hands on the boxers I'm holding! Four hands feeling the silk boxers! (Shocking and exciting) Slowly I lift my head to see who this other person groping my possible boxers is, it's none other than the sales chick that works there. I'm feeling a bit wierd at this point, I haven't done anything wrong so total paranoia surfaces. She looks into my eyes and smiles at me saying "Ooo! Those are nice..."

As I'm a bit stunned, because she was quite attractive and foddeling my possible boxers I had no reply. She went off to the cash register to do... whatever it is she does. As she walked away I looked down at the boxers and god damnit, I took down two more pair from the rack and bought them! That is salesmanship, oooh yes it is.

Because of this little incident, I shall always buy my boxers from JC Pennies.

Suprising thing happend today, I got my first 'cool' fortune cookie in months.
"Use your charm and personality to your advantage"

I didn't know I had charm, much less a personality I could use to my advantage...

Anywho, there's a damn post ya bums.
ok... movie-a-minute... funny. book-a-minute. some funny. but the made fun of vonnegut and 'catcher in the rye'. no funny. boo.

when will people learn?! stop remaking films dammit! planet of the apes didn't need to be remade let alone star someone like mark whalberg! egads! MARK FUCKING WHALBERG! sigh. i can't take it!

Mr. Goldfish

*shoots himself for the world is over run by bad movies and teeny boppers*

(The End)
Okay so here is something.. I have had an idea forming in my head over the last two weeks. An idea about a couple of other ideas and how they relate to one another. Naturally this created the problem of showing that these ideas relate to one another the way I suspect. I suspect they are the same idea, however, I have only proved half of that.. Namely that one of them will lead to the other.. not vice versa just yet !!..See I have a Natural intuition about Mathematical ideas... I can sense patterns in them.. I can't explain my idea to you unless you really wan't me to... It will take about six months I figure for me to do that ... At any rate I am now half done with solving the problem this idea has posed for me.. This problem has been on my mind driving me crazy ... It's like James says about poetry "You have to get it out of your head" well that is me.. I have to get this idea out of my head before it kills me... So... If I have been a little crazy lately ... that is why ...It has taken me these two weeks to solve half this problem.. I don't know if I can stand another two weeks of torture... ARRRRRGHHHHH !!
Napster/Meester Goldfish
Meester Goldfish I read your comment and It was great.Napster Same Same No worries abouts it... No worries about me getting offended. Everything I say has to do something to you.. If you get angry about it, or, think about it, get excited.. whatever you do so long as you aren't indifferent... I have hit my target and that is YOU.. Thanks for making it worth my while !@
Mike i was doing the same thing, saying what was on my mind i didnt mean to offend you or anything like i said you guys are cool

* denotes that it is a REALLY GOOD one *

" Classics "
Beowulf, Mid-summer Night's Dream, Heart of Darkness, e. e. cummings, Lord of the Flies, *The Odyssey*, The Crucible, Catcher in the Rye, *Hamlet*, *Taming of the shrew*, *Oedipus*

Science Fiction
*Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy*, *Fareinheit 451*, 2001 : Space Odyssey, Andromeda Strain, *The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Unbeliever*, *The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant*, Starship Troopers, *Dune*, Anything by Dean Koontz, Contact, *Interview with the Vampire*, *The Hobbit*, *Slaughterhouse Five*, *The Time Machine*

Angels in the Outfield, *Blair Witch Project*, Citizen Kane, *Close Encounters of the Third Kind*, *Die Hard*, *The Empire Strikes Back*, Face off, Gone with the Wind, *JAWS*,The Matrix, *Mortal Kombat*, Payback, *Resivour Dogs*, *Titanic*, The War of the Roses, *You've Got Mail*,

have a nice day. the " a minute " site will now be linked on the board.
Bradbury, yes I do have an older half sister named Jennifer. Why do you ask?
Tarina, I don't think you ever answered my question:
Do you have an older sister named Jennifer?
oh dear, i just realized i forgot to close my html.
update on that japanese band: thee michelle gun elephant. i downloaded 21 songs and they're all good. i burned them all on my last cd. if you like punk then this band is good stuff. yesh. the riffs are very familiar... there's just something about them that's good.

mike, i'm glad you don't take to heart other people's criticism. if you read my comment on your post about the 'experiment' thing i'm glad you shrug it off. i'm not apologizing because i pretty well stand behind what i said in it, though some of is somewhat harsh. i'm just glad you don't give a rat's ass, so to speak. reminds of something in the book 'slapstick' with which i respond to criticism: 'why don't you take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut? why don't you take a flying fuck at the moooooooooon?' yesh.

i read too much vonnegut. i need some good books to read. someone tell me a good book to read dammit.

i'm packing up and getting ready to go to college. i still don't know why. maybe i'll pick up one of those diplomas to go next to the one i got for not flunking english in high school. pish posh.

yes, well. that's that then isn't it?
as an opening ...


An angel of truth and a dream of fiction
a woman is a bundle of contradiction
she's afraid of a wasp, will scream at a mouse
but will tackle her boyfriend alone in the house
Sour as vinegar, sweet as a rose
she'll kiss you one minute, then turn up her nose
she'll win you in range, enchant you in silk
she'll be stronger than brandy, milder than milk
at times she'll be vengeful, merry and sad
she'll hate you like poison, and love you like mad


reminiscant of Bradbury's post a long while ago, no ? well I thought so too. which is why I posted it. hah. well. I've just eaten KFC and I tell you - barbeque chicken strips are devine beyond any possible concept of belief system. It makes you want to stuff yourself with cock so much that you forget that you're human and that you can only eat a limited amount of food. Then again - michael couldnt eat all 6 strips he had and so he put his leftovers in the fridge. I assure you, ladies and gentlemen, that it will not lay uneaten for long - merely because my philosophy is that if you're not eating it now : I'm eating it later. heh.

I noticed Bradbury came in and ripped Napster to shreds. He always does that to someone. Great to have him around. Me and Michael were reminiscing with Andy about how both him and I had been " ripped into " in the past. And I'm sure the senior-slugs will remember the big debate that Jimmoi and Bradbury had about politics. Good times, and great eats - cool treats - at slugs.blogspot.com.

I'm in a good mood. I know why. I wont tell any of you why because you'd all get me down and yell at me why. well ... hah. too bad for you. ahh... remember at all times >>>

my associates are the cause of my downfall, always

it's always someone else's fault. or well. that's the way you've got to function in AMERICA - land of the dead, dying, stupid, ill, and moronic beyond all manners of comprehension. Bonnie told me something along the lines " Yeah, but what do they know about anything? " - in reference to someone/thing on the board - and I laughed. I asked myself " What does anyone on the board know about anything? " - I felt it was humorous that she thought that someone on the board would actually have some sort of ... " merit " behind the things they post. Who does? Probably Jeff. Merely because he's getting the paper-work to prove that he knows what he knows - wherein the rest of us ( or well me, and most other slugs ) are too bloody lazy to want to prove that we know what we know, we just enjoy tossing out information in which to argue about. hence - slugs.

It isnt about validity. Its about time consumption

I've found also that summer is horrible and excruciatingly, painfully boring in the sense that if you don't have a job - you're going to succumb to a weird sort of apathy that consists of mostly boredom - but not because there is nothing to do - but because you've become blind to do anything but sit there and be bored. a terrible fate. so i'm attempting to get a job. oh - or that's what the board here is for - something to do - to entertain us all.

I've invited quite a few more people to the board. the only one who've actually posted is Ta-2938018093. I find that bothersome - those of you who've been invited - expect email prodding you to post sometime soon. heheheh.

I will post later.

YAY !!! ... My response ... Napster = Cool with me ... Say whatever makes you happy we all are entitled to opinions !!.. but sorry I prolly won't listen, I like to post what I post because it is on my mind. Thanks for the defense guys, I like that. I am going to get Aaron back on this board by calling his stupid penis shaped head and asking what's up... I love Aaron !... At any rate... I have a headache so ehh.. Ohh and I love to be a "whatever" and so ha !
I would just like to say that not all women play mind games. Some women believe they are capable of doing so, but they really aren't. If they do play mind games, though, it isn't always to be cruel or for fun. It's basic instinct. If a woman is playing mind games with you, and you realize this, then what would be the point of the game? A guy would have to be pretty stupid to let it continue unless they were getting some sort of pleasure out of it, sexual or otherwise.
Also, Tarina, I don't understand the idea of you liking the idea of nuclear war even a "lil bit." Blowing up people may solve a population crisis, but it does more harm then good. Did you ever stop to think that you may die from it too? It affects virtually everything and everyone.
I enjoy the 'sharing' time on the board. Bradbury, I enjoy yours the most for some reason. Despite the fact that I used to want to shoot you in the head, you are a wonderful person. Andrew, I'm sorry about the crackers, and Tarina, are you going to have computers in Sweden?
*just a thought...has anyone ever seen or met TRUE intelligence. If so, I'd like to know.
Hah! Draw up your yourself engrish! It is pleasant straw raincoat many time! Being obtained to the translator of the altavista, if in Japanese it translates with any English phrase. And copy the Japanese, translate in English! Many pleasures of haha! Or you search the Japanese place, can translate in English. It is, Ohio state. Many pleasures.
Allright i think i do have something to complain about now, has anyone else besides me noticed the general decline in the quality of Saltines. It pisses me off that theyve gone from a small square of crackery goodness to a small piece of bland cardboard, you can barely taste the salt, and it seems that theyve switched over to a wheat base, theres more wheat, now there like good for you? Damn, guess ill just have to hope they wont mess with Triscuit
I like Duke's ideas, but I also have to agree with Bradbury.

Yes we should all take a break once in a while from looking at the 'big picture'. If you don't, then your apt to go a little nutty at times, then again I'm nutty…. that's besides the point.

"Mike your a cool guy but please spare us from your mathematical anomalies and the little number things that go through your head." I like Mike's mathematical problems… they're interesting and they give me a wider variety of things to think about. That and his little 'irregular' ways of thinking are a nice change from the usual package of a persona.

Yes, women play mind-games. I play mind games with people… strangers, friends, my parents. Doesn't really matter, it's just a fun thing to do. Guys are easier to play with usually and it seems to confuse most of them more, that is probably why women target them or seem to target them more often, because they actually notice we're screwing with their minds. Why other women I couldn't say, I do it as a pastime.

Yes Bradbury, the Clinton administration was a great one, but all most people don't seem to realize or remember is the fact that he got caught with the secretary. WHOOPTY-DOO!!! It happens, most of our past presidents probably did a whole lot more than he did. :p

As for us breaking the treaty, that seems to be a reoccurring thing in American history. Our government did it to the Indians time and again. There are several other examples, but I'm not really good at history, so I'm leaving it at that!

"if you paid attention we are as close to nuclear war as ever" <~~~ Bradbury
I happen to actually like the idea of nuclear war a lil bit. If we blew up enough people, that would solve the population crisis, for now at least… then again, if we blew up all people and the planet was still here, a whole new race could take over (if they did I'd hope they were smarter than we were and not so prone to go about killing eachother).

In the end I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion, only they should listen to what others have to say and take it into consideration. Look at the pros and cons of each point of view, find some way to relate. That way in the end, even if you still have your same opinion, you can understand where the other person is coming from, and likely get along a whole lot better. You can still argue and debate over whatever the disagreement is, but no matter what you can't really force a person to change their mind. They may say otherwise to keep from being beet up if you threaten them, but their thoughts will still be the same.

Well that's all I've got to say for now. Hope you all have a nice day, or a crappy one if that's what your hoping for. Either way…

Four days till I go to Sweden!

gawd-damn i'm in a good mood.
and gawd-damn i'm playing emperor.
and gawd-damn that was a good video.


( longer/better/harder/faster/stronger post later )
( and yes, that was a daft punk reference )
( ha ha jimmoi )
Bradbury id like to thank you. Most people on this board usually ignore what i say, and you have acknowledged me. Thank you. Despite your belief, i am not a G-Duhbya-B supporter. I know as well as most other people that the man is a stark raving idiot, his father was kinda the same way in the fact that he could never give a direct answer to a direct question. And if you watch the press coverage of the economical summit or whatever it was, Bush was the picture of a moron. Staring off into space with a puzzled look on his face, i tell you he would not look out of place if there were a generous stream of drool coming out of his mouth while wearing a bib. He is nothing but a little kid whos gotten his hands on the biggest types of "toys" in the world And he doesnt want to throw them away its probably going to end up being like the story of the "kid" who found the "gun" in his dads room. He going to either be messing around and showing off for somebody and accidentaly shoot a friend with the missles (read ally with the nukes) or shoot himself in the foot (read blow off a chuck of the nation). The reason i wrote that was because i thought it was my time to post a rant, being that id become tired of reading them. Just once id like to have stimulated some of the convorsation on the board, you know spice things up a bit. Once again i apologize, but last night i saw the proverbial soapbox sitting there empty and i decided to stand upon it. a thousand times over im sorry. And Bradbury, you probably being the oldest on the board i must say that my opinion of you is probably the greatest, rivaled only by Jesse and James and maybe Brice. If it was too much like a personal attack then i apologize, specially to you mike
Hmmm.....Duke, why don't you shut the hell up, and pull your head out of your ass/the clouds.

"Soon we shall have the capability to live in space"
WTF are you smoking? Have you seen the condition the manned space program is in? That same phrase has been used since the 1950's, but IT HASN’T FUCKING HAPPENED. Nor is it likely to in any of our lifetimes.

Reality sucks, but maybe you should pay attention a little better. The attitude of "Oh well, it's no my problem" is exactly how the world got into the shape it's in. If more people paid attention to the big picture instead of just the details that they think affect their daily lives, more people would realize the big picture does affect their daily lives.

"just because women fuck with your heads you shouldnt hate them. Women are great, they are supposed to mess with our heads."
How many times have you had your head seriously fucked with by a woman?

"Who cares how many people there are on earth and how much space we are taking up"
You should. It’s exactly that thought, and the processes behind it, that let the people who run the world keep fucking it up for the rest of us. That the president got his dick sucked in the oval office really means nothing, yet people concentrated on that rather than the fact he was doing his job as leader of our country better than most presidents in history. The fact that during his term more people were better of than ever before, and more was done for the environment than during most other presidents’ administrations is lost because too many people care that he got blowjobs from interns. People cared because they didn’t look at the realities of life, just that he was a "bad man." So now G Duh-bya B is in office, and he’s proceeding to fuck it up for all of us, but we’ll never find out about the interns he’ll be nailing (don’t think it won’t happen). So people will go along with the idea that "life is good" when in fact if you paid attention we are as close to nuclear war as ever (with the announcement that America plans to break the treaty we signed saying we wouldn’t build a national missile defense shield, Russia is re-arming it’s nuclear arsenal and re-aiming it at us). And boy wouldn’t that fuck up your "new cycle of thought?"

Mike, don’t listen to him. We don’t all (at least not me) find your insights to be boring or depressing or whatever the fuck that moron’s complaints were. Some people find them quite interesting in the least, more often thought provoking than not.

Now, I have to go to work, because I just had a "new cycle of thought" that I need to pay bills and be a productive member of society.

SO here's the thing. .. .

This LDS girl was talking to me the other day-I knew her at Bethel- and she, being an LDS, gets on the subject of relegion and how I managed to get excommunicated. Then she says to me, "Don't you believe in the ressurection? I mean, do you think you'll see your mother again?", obviously playing on my emotional side there. It really is a shame that I cannot associate with the one slug that could answer/relate to this here query-

Let's say I did believe in the ressurection-that I accepted {big booming baptist voice} Jeeeeesus Christ as my one true savior-and that I believed in all that the bible says and all this and that and the other. How can I come to terms with the truth of all that when I'm left with the same situation I am currently in-and, sorry Raoul, but I feel I am allowed to be less than happy right now.

If there is a god, why did he drown my mother?
Im posting to say that i have nothing to complain about. And i beleive that none of you do either. Life is good. Its summer time, its just about a new year. A new beginning. A new cycle of thought is upon us. A time for making new friends and accquaitances is rapidly approaching and will soon be upon us. So i say throw down your philosophy studies, and your life-under-the-magnifying glass attitudes. Who cares how many people there are on earth and how much space we are taking up, the focus should on what we do and how we treasure the land thats left, not on how much we are gonna loose if we keep having kids. Sex is a good thing, we should not deprive our selves of such an act just because of fear of overpopulation or diseases, soon we shall have the capability to live in space. And im betting that soon, if people with the virus breed soon their offspring will be born immune. Gosh so maybe you should all just shut the hell up, i usually dont get angry that often and when i do its not that noticable, like now, but i just felt that it had to be said. Most of us have no life on this board and ill be the first to admit that i have no life, We sit on the comp for most of the day, like Jesse but at least hes producing something and being productive. His videos kick ass, Mike your a cool guy but please spare us from your mathmatical anomalies and the little number things that go through your head. If you want to comment on how lovely a day it is, by all means. Why cant you be positive, just because women fuck with your heads you shouldnt hate them. Women are great, they are supposed to mess with our heads. God (or who evers up there) put them here to keep us on our toes. Lately weve gotten a bit lazy, dont let it get to you. If your nice they let you touch them. What else can i say. Id like to apologize to anyone that ive pissed off, offended, or otherwise hurt with my words. You guys are great, but usually for friendships to work there must be honesty.

July 25, 2001

I LOVE GWB .......... Recent news from the guy who spawned such great ideas as "Drug free since 1974"... Did you ever hear BWG's Great quote
"There ought to be limits to freedom" I love that one... So here are two things this great country has done in the last year... WOW GWB Really does represent the feelings and ideals of this nation.

1. GWB's innovative plan to put a stop to nuclear disarmament... "What were we thinking, throwing weapons of mass destruction away as if they were not useful ?"
2. America America .. The only country in the world to vote against maintaining a global ban on Biological Weapons... YEUP He sure saved us there... What the hell was going through our minds when we thought "BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS ARE BAD ?"....... HAHA With the population going up so fast and all, these weapons will be very helpful in trimming the poor and homeless fat don't YOU think so ?...
Something Interesting for you all... Hey guys i have been doing a little digging on the number of people on this planet ... I have a graph of the estimated population of the earth and how it has grown since the birth of christ ... It looks like this ...

People THis of course looks exponential
+ * Current statistics say the population(of earth) is about 6,000,000,000 and that it will double over the next
+ 300 years. So taking the average 6,000,000,000/300 = 20,000,000 That is
+ * The population is going to be growing by about 20 million people per year....... With that in Mind
+ If you are now 19 then there will be approx 6,520,000,000 people on earth when you are 45 ...
+ * That is about 8% increase... If you have children when you are twenty five there will be 6,620,000,000 people
+ On earth when they are 25... So, what does this mean ?... Well, the surface area of the earth is about 1.9x10^(17) square
+ * inches and about 7% of that is land, so about (3.23x10^(16) square inches of land to stand on. The average person
+ takes up about 60 square inches when standing, that is, (1/10^13)% of the earths surface (not to mention
+ * Living space or farmland for food production) ... So we cover about (6/10^4)% of available land now !... and that will change
+ * Figuring from our graph that population growth is exponential, and applying a bit if integral calculus, we get the following
---------*----------------------------------------------2000 Time ( Formula for the population of the earth 250,000,000x(ln(1.8)/1567)^(t) where t is in years since the birth of christ
So taking that we will need about 10^13 people to cover 1% of the earth it will take 10^15 to cover the whole earth (standing shoulder to shoulder) .. now solving for t
we get t = 40,526 I.E. About the year 40,526 A.D. Every square inch of land on this planet will be covered with people.. How will we grow food ?.. Taking that the average human life span is now about 87 years that puts the deadline at about 442 generations.. Humans have been living in cities for about 45 generations (we haven't had time to
evelove past being cave-people, and I doubt that 442 generations is enough either !!!!........ WHOOO !! Got to love math !!
in my ultimate bordem i was browsing about engrish.com and saw the name of a japanese band by the name of 'thee michelle gun elephant'. i let it go at that at the time. later on i discovered a few more names of japanese bands similar to 'thee michelle gun elephant' and i broke down. so far i have only downloaded the song 'satanic boom boom head' but it's... actually... kinda... good. i intend to further investigate this phenomenon that is 'thee michelle gun elephant' and other bands similar.
mike give me a call I need your number... james jimmi are you doing anything today???
Explication ~ ... ! ... ~

I thought I might add this little tid-bit for everyone. You all have been the subjects of an experiment... I love this ! .. THe past two posts "Naked animal man, Fight-Club" Are fiction I.E. Short story type stuff. I made it all up for your entertainment, and something more. The email from my old man, "That was me also !" HAHA I needed to ensure that everything looked fucked-up enough for it all to be reasonable."And Please don't smile when things are fucked-up, Jesse will have a heart attack !"..

So why you might ask ??.. why why why did you scare me so bla bla bla ...... It's very simple really. Those two things that I wrote about "I.E. Being told to want to be a star, People being so amazing and refined of creatures that they constantly slaughter one another".. ARE IMPORTANT THINGS !!! I wanted you guys to think and I knew that it would be less difficult to do that if I wrapped it all up with a "Physical expression of the situation..." I.E. The story part, where I am not talking about the issue... It expresses exactly what the issue is only abstractly with "EMOTION".. I.E. I wanted you to FEEL the point, not just understand the point...FEELINGS ARE IMPORTANT TOO... I hope that it worked and that you guys can understand my expression, why I needed you to believe that it was true and it was ME in that story... To MAKE IT REAL .. Because even if war is not real, even if you don't feel the reality of any of those points... It's damn real when your friend is involved isn't it ????

THe TEST !! ... That was my way of checking something about all of you !!... Here it is "My Hypothesis... You guys understood the "Fight-Club" Story very well because you can relate to it ohhhh so well. I.E. You guys actually believe that "Or want to believe" That there must be something wrong with you "mentally/physically" to explain your obvious failure... YOu are morbid enough to suspect that you have some kind of deranged personality CREEPY!!" Do you see how fucked up that is ??.. You wish that you had some kind of "derangement" so that you had an excuse for not being "THE RICH SUPER STAR" and you can deny that all you want... I know it is a subconcious thing.. I figured this out when trying to understand exactly why I impulsively took that fucking test on sight !!... I knew you guys would do the same.. and I think this is why..

I have a new little pet... he doesn't walk very well, but I never have to feed him, I can neglect him for weeks, I can change the gravity in his enviorment and make him fly around, I can beat him, toss him about, make him flat as a pancake, rip off his legs - and he can miraculously heal. You too can have this ever fun little pet, or you can create your own at Happy Creatures =D
A lot of you may be wondering to yourselves : " Was there anything before loose slugs? "
well - you're right in asking that question.
digging through a bunch of my old files I came upon these old records and catch phrases... such as...

= L - O - O - S - E - - B - O - W - E - L - S =
Why are my bowels loose?
why, why, why, why why - why are my bowels loose?

yes. but calling eachother " little movements " just wouldnt have been politically correct.

another one was " . o 0 Loose marbles 0 o . " - but the witty antics and banter of us would never compare to that of someone who had actually " lost their marbles " - and the lostboy routine would never end. Of course, SOMEONE would go around calling themselves " roofie - oh " (*cough* jeff ) and try to upstage the Pan that is. Didn't want that to happen now.

in the end it came down to loose slugs, or BFI. You are wondering to yourself, " What is BFI " - well that's what the name of the site was going to be " What is BFI? " and everyone would never know what it meant, with the exception of me - and from time to time we'd hold this little contest as to what it meant.

I scrapped that idea because I forgot what BFI meant.

hence. slugs.

i am NONfinisFall from grace


I have a serious issue to talk about today.

Many people, when they were younger, always dreamed about being superstars, either in music, or as an actor or actress. Many don't ever reach that goal and end up working at their local McDonalds. [Not that there is actually anything wrong with that.]

Some lucky individuals actually live that dream though, and become great actors, actors like Harrison Ford, Christopher Walken, Jodie Foster, etc.

And then there is a small majority of those dream seekers don't become great actors...rather they become the type of actors who you think you've seen before...only that was the small wad of gum that you stepped on earlier this morning.

Case in point: Keanu Reeves

Why is it that really bad actors are often the ones that the masses tend to glorify?

Anyway...Keanu Reeves is an interesting case. He became recognizeable with movies such as Speed and Point Break. He reached the peak of his career though with his ground breaking, pathetically acted movie "The Matrix".

Here is a screenshot, with STT translating:

Yeeup...he was on top of the world...he WAS.

Lately Mr. Reeves has been rather quiet, so i decided to look in on what he's been up to.

I found out that his latest films haven't done all that great. As a result, he has become a sulking depressed individual. What's worse...he now has an eating disorder, and has put on a great deal of weight.

mrrwaa...where is my double fudge sunday?!

See boys and girls...sometimes dreaming of being a superstar actor/actress or musician isn't all its cracked up to be.

Don't become like Keanu...work at McDonalds instead!

well, i guess this is growing up[15]