October 24, 2002

I work tonight.
I keep hearing all this so on and so forth about how " they caught the sniper "
even if you all give me flak for this - I will simply state :

I care just about as much about children and random people getting sniped
as much as I care about large airplanes crashing into buildings

Heartless? Am I? I shall elaborate - We all live each day of our lives at constant risk. Leaving one's home, hell - waking up - no, not even that. Being alive puts you at a risk of death. It is really that simple. Now we all pay big bucks ( taxes ) to the government for " safety " and " protection " in the manner of laws, law enforcement, and other such deals like hospitals and fire-stations and so on and so forth. The government, for all intents and purposes - could be ( and no pun intended ) - " our big brother " - he is suppose to be there to " look out " for us. Thats why they break up big companies with anti-trusts and so on and so forth. " To protect average joe " - well - I remember a time ( or think I remember a time ) in my history books that when a big hurricane hit an area there was no " DISASTER AREA " or " GROUND ZERO " in which relief helicopters were hurried to the place to " help everybody cope and through this terrible tragedy " - oh fuck no. It was more like : " YOU LIVE IN A HAZARD AREA? WELL AINT THAT YOUR PROBLEM. " - I wish thats how it was now-a-days. I wish people were " on their own " - I dont like insurance. I dont like life insurance. I dont like the " protective sheild " that we not only build around ourselves - but that is built around us from birth. I wish everyday was a " day at risk " for everyone. I wish that getting sniped was a constant fear in every living person. I wish that when someone had something bad happen to them that everyone accepted it as is and moved on with their life. Yes, even the government. You are driving down a road and happen to get into a head-on collision because a drunk driver slams into your vehicle. As a result of the accident your wife and child die. So does the drunk driver. WHOOP-DE-SHITS. You believe that is tragic? SHALL THE WHOLE COUNTRY MOURN OVER YOUR INSIGNIFICANT LOSS? And if you say no then why do we mourn over those of NINE ONE ONE? I figure the only people we should ever mourn over is those who " die for our country " because they were dying " for a cause " - in fact - one of the only causes I believe that one should be mourned over. " I have died for those who live " - What the fuck did some shit who gets sniped off, or someone who jumps out of a skyscraper, or someone who commits suicide, or someone who gets ran over, or someone who dies in a horrible accident mean to me unless I know them? Nothing. There's my beef. And if everyone thought like me I could only imagine a much better manner of life. However, I go to even the extent of accepting death as a part of life and - knowing that everyone will die, how is there a " Died before their time " ? There isnt. You are alive. You are dead. One implies the other. You are alive, you will die. You are dead, you were alive. My mother. My father. My siblings. Those I know. My associates. My friends. My favorite musician. My favorite pornography actress. They will all die. I have accepted this. I have accepted that I too, will die. So. Will I care if I get sniped or ran over or die in a horrible accident? No. If anyone I mentioned ( or well maybe not the pornography actress, that would suck really - I mean who am I going to masturbate to? Zach-o? Pfaw ) - dies ... would I be grief-stricken? No.

Because Im heartless?
Because I dont care?
No. Because I've accepted how things are.

And I accept that most people go throughout their lives with some disillusion in their minds that they'll " LIVE FOREVER " or that " I CANNOT DIE TOMORROW, I HAVE WORK " - or some other obscenely idiotic conclusion that doesnt make them realise that mortality lies just around the corner. Mind you - it is one thing to accept this, another to brood over it.

and that is that -
I propose a question to the slugs :

Is man intrinsically good natured? And no tricky psychological answers like : " All actions a man does, he does in the right - for man would not do what he does not deem good. " - I heard that debate once, and thats too fluffy - and would appreciate YOUR OPINIONS on this. Not a cop-out answer. To reinstate the question : Everyone remembers how the " first copy " of " The diary of Anne Frank " ended yes? Something about how she " Believed that deep down inside everyone is good at heart " - Do you agree with that?

Say - for instance there were no government and each man was onto his own - would chaos ensue?
Is anarchy not capable of being because man is ill-natured towards his own kind?
I would appreciate your ( detailed? ) opinions.
and any comments or " debate " you would have on my big rant about death and so forth.

thanks slugs an slug-ettes. :b

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