October 24, 2002

Heartless? I wouldn't say that.

I find the whole damn sniper thing to be quite entertaining. I wish the fucker started by picking off politicians instead of just random people. Either way it's about damn time someone started waking people up. So, for the next few months, an entire area is going to be "paralyzed with fear." Awesome. Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all. What's even more funny is the quotes from any random idiot over there. The best are those fools in close proximity to where it's already happened. This guy is smart enough not to be lingering around where he just popped someone, so if your neighbor just got it, chances are you are safe.

Any way you stack it.....there's not a damn thing that your average Joe can do, so why be scared out of your mind? If the next bullet hits you, c'est la vie, shit happens.

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