October 13, 2002


so I've been thinking a lot about things lately and I figure that it is high-time that I " gather everyone together " again - you know, pull the little puppet strings I have on all of you slug-fucks and say : " HEY! LETS ALL GET TOGETHER BECAUSE WE'RE PALS AND ENJOY EACH-OTHER'S COMPANY " or something along those lines. But I assure you nothing will ever be as awesome as that very first barbeque.


I thought of more people to add to the board.

nothing more to report.
also - I just got Pinkos and Justin on the phone and invited them both.
Hopefully they wont throw me off like old milk and just ignore the invites - I called Sarah : got an answering machine.
So i'll call later.

Woooo - and to clarify : Jeff seems to believe that Im setting up another barbque.
that isnt what I meant to imply - rather, that I was thinking about getting everyone together.
not necissarily for food - or a barbeque, but just ... well ... SOMETHING.

gone now.

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