October 17, 2002

The Unquestionable Top 20 Posts of all Time

Someone with more computer skills should've done this one. Seriously.

#20 ->Okay, so it's not one of my favourites - but this post inspired so many replies that it has to be mentioned. Seriously. Who would have thought such a debate would be sparked by so stupid a subject? and for the record, Smashing Pumpkins were not really all that bad.

#19 -> Ah, who can forget the good 'ol days, back when Micheal tried to get us to do drugs or give him money through subliminal messaging. I can't. Believe me, I've tried. My favourite message was in the form of a spelling error - typical of Micheal's posts in general, but not his messages up until that point. The day that Micheal told us, He ons it, baby.

#18 -> I used to hate it when people would post all those suck-ass poems. I would always think - "Why the hell are they encouraging him? I mean, Damn". No one ever encouraged the true, great, talented poets on our board - but, if he's willing, I'd like to invite Steve to write us another verse or two.

#17 -> Under normal circumstances, I'm not cool enough to make the list. However, It's my list, not yours! Btw, James broke it so that I no longer make the list. Mother Fucker.

#16 -> This is not a cool post. It has no graphics, no scrolling, no annoying horozontal rules - but it inspired more posts than any of the bands better than SP, than the most vile things imaginable, than even say it with pen. .eh. . Jeff. Care to guess what it is? A Slug is Born

#15-> Remember all the debates about totalitarian James overtaking the board? Some people didn't realize that sometimes it was necessary - times when people could be otherwise hurt by the origional content. Sometimes, he was acting to save the children, don't ya know! In this spirit of dictator ship, James and RaechelleLaRee brough us A Child-Safe Christmas.

#14 -> We all miss Zach-o, don't we? (if you don't, say you do anyway; it'll make his day!) I used to love it when he was homeless, posting when he could get to a computer instead of using that computer to go online in search of a job or something. Sheesh. IIt was in poverty that Zach-o discovered his roots in the black community and began his Zach-o Raps for us. Man, those were the days!

#13 -> Ah, college life! Jeff used to do some great posts about life at U-Dub. (on a sidenote, does anyone else think that soulds like the U-Dub-ua-B? anyway. . .) Many of them had pictures of his roomate(s used condoms) and the girl that he wanted to(fuck every which way) kill, but one of my favourites had no pictures or songs at all. No, it was not the JamesBop! Jeff once posed the all important question - Who was he calling?

#12 -> Once upon a Frebruary, James led the board in a collective heave. A dry heave, that is, when he offered to Cook us all breakfast.

#11 -> Also not my favourite post, but deserving of a mention. Remember the debate that ended with the admission that Damn Potatoes had no rights? Who could forget; unless you weren't on the board at that time, in which case you technically didn't forget because you never knew to begin with.

#10 -> and then there was the New Year's Zach-o spent in jail. He went because he wanted to, not because the wanted to be assraped every which way by every prisoner present. At least that's what he told us. Perhaps Jeff could get Harry Wapler to look into Mr. Staley's true intentions. ..wants. . needs. . .desires. . .unless this is a porn-free zone.

#9 -> Now, this one did spark a lot of responces, a lot of moral debates. . .but I thought it was funny as hell. Nothing amuses me more than The Downfall of a Leader

#8 -> The following October, Aaron gave us a reminder of the flam cakes, and brought a new disgust and outrage at James' cooking techniques.

#7 -> This needs no introduction - not that I can think of one anyway. If you did't like Sim James, you suck and no one cares for your opinions, anyway.

#6 -> Damn. I used to think that Aaron had never really had a great post. . but Wherefor ist Thy currently? brings it to Aaron-o-ramma, with 3 posts in a row. Way to go, Aaron. Use this to your advantage - ladies love a good poster! Sidenote: no, not really, but if you use it and it loses you any dates, it's your own stupid fault for listening to a woman!

#5 -> I didn't like this post, but then, I think cock is not all that appetizing.

#4 -> Ooh, kitty. While all of you all participated in visual porn, one man took the artform beyond mere imagary. He showed us all how deeply he felt for the Thundercats - and unabashedly admitted his love of Snarf. Where's the sequel? You go, girl.

#3 -> Sometimes when board members fight, it's upsetting. People have been known to leave the board, forever changing content and leaving us without posts that might have been intertaining or informative. Sometimes, though, it's just too funny..

#2 -> This little picture needs no introduction! It's things like this that made all the Sept. 11th hoopla worthwhile.

#1 -> By now, my hands are really cold, so Post #1 will be delayed. ..expect if Thursday at the latest, to be coincided with Jeff's mega post.

Just Kidding - Fuck you all, It's my list and if you don't like it, make yer own list!

{ to further the effectiveness of this post - in the event you have a SHITTY connection ( as i do ) what you could do is go to your browser's preferences and turn off " show pictures " - this will make the page load faster, and when you want to look at a picture, you can just right click + show picture }

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