December 10, 2012


February 18, 2009

Warning from a Different Angle

Warning from a Different Angle
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I just wanted to post this sign, as a warning to fellow slugs and fellow readers... occasionally in life, you may stumble across a plot of land that will either swallow you whole, or emit noxious gases which will rip the life from your lungs.


February 06, 2009

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January 30, 2009

Stupid People Still Get Air Time in 2009

Not that it should come as any great surprise to anyone here, but it's sadly true.  There is a whole dedicated channel to stupid people being allowed to air stupid nonsense that hasn't been thought out.

That channel.  C'mon, do I really have to say it?


Case in point, something that James A.C. sent to me the other day:

Now, before some random Republican or conservative stumbles across this and automatically assumes I'm some crazed liberal who wants to wrap aborted fetuses in the American flag and eat them with a side of French wine, let me put it out that I fully believe that liberals as much as conservatives can have some really, really stupid positions on things.

Code Pink is a glaring example of the liberal side of stupid.

What really bothers me about Fox, and about the mentally-challenged anchors on that link above is not that they are conservatives... it's that they are dullards.  They have no ability to think... to truly analyze a situation and provide reasoned and inform thought and debate to the table.  I could care less if they were conservatives... in fact, I would actually like more thought out conservative anchors and broadcasters, such that instead of automatically getting a queasy feeling in my stomach whenever I hear someone say "conservative" (a sad byproduct of a small ideological section of a party dominating the rest of the party's message), I would enjoy hearing viewpoints that in some cases I would agree with.

I especially like hearing the reasoned fiscally conservative Republican ideas on taxes and urban spending (what with Seattle's horrid ability to actually plan a construction and road project or two...).

Anyway, the point of this post is less a rally against conservatism and Republicans, and far more a rally against stupid people being allowed more than five seconds of air time on a news station.  After all, isn't that the reason why we created American Idol and the rest of the reality television lunacy out there?

January 27, 2009

Ravenous Delight

Ah, it feels like it's been too long... far too long.

"Too long for what?" you ask... well...

Too long for another edition of James-2-James, the furthering adventures of our favorite slugs, James A. Collins, and James N. Miller:

Arc 1, Chapter 5:  Bite of the Bear
And not just James and... well James, but a whole host of other characters, as you can see from the cover.  So go ahead, click on that picture, and open your wandering minds to another world, and another time!

But, Beware the Bear!

January 25, 2009

Smurshez Fihite Agenst Doktor Hellth Goz Okhey!

Mrff i An Thuh SMURSH!  i uhpdayt wifth enfomashun abowt fihite wifth Doktor Hellth evel mahn mrrff!
ferst Doktor Hellth hakkt Thuh Smurshe'z mispase soe Thuh Smursh haz kneu spase at  rff, i kno wehb attress spelt wrung mrff mispase peepall knot no howe two sphell i gess. mrff he he he

sekund, Thuh Smursh haz knew teechar mrrff pleeztwo meat meffff... sheh wuz lahhyur know teechar ov Thuh Smursh, -- whill lern two fihite evel bettar!

i whill poest morr wen dun goz onn paatroll fihite baad guyz an mugars!


January 15, 2009

Updates on Nothing

A few things crossed my mind, which I shall write about... Now.

First, thanks to Smursh for that... lovely review of what I think was The Mummy 3.  Essentially helpful since, really, who wants to see a third Mummy movie when Rachel Weisz isn't in it.  She made the previous movies barely tolerable.

Well, that and the fact that The Mummy Returns poached all sorts of scenes from not only its predecessor, but every movie in the universe, including ET.  (Don't know what I'm talking about?  Netflix it and find out.)

Secondly, in a gentle perusing of the last few months, something caught my eye, which I thought I would use to prod James with, and thus I commence with the blockquotes:

August 27, 2008

TIFH ( epilogue )

Originally this was going to be "Things I Hate" - I even started a new blog to have them all nicely by themselves. Going over the idea I've come to the conclusion that such an act is selfish and self-centered. Why have my own blog when I have this perfectly fine one? What am I trying to do, combat some website like ( ) ?? of course not.

That and then I would have to setup a new layout and make it look all pretty. Fuck, even the slugs board isn't pretty. Why waste my time trying to make a second website all fancy when this one isn't. Hrmph.

So I've decided to post it here. And I changed the name, it isn't "Things I Hate" now it is "Things I Fuckin' Hate" - Like the total name change? Nobody could have guessed that the first title was actually ever in use because the use of the word "Fuck" makes things edgy and indie. Don't jump to conclusions, that isn't what this first episode of TIFH is about - oh not by a long shot. This is just introductory text.

See, I intend to this either bi-weekly or monthly. Whichever. Maybe around payday (which is bi-weekly) - but I got to thinking about how Jeff always had THE MEGAPOST - and now he has the J2J comics, I never really had a recurring thing to post about (Remember Jimmoi's hotties of the frozen tundra? even he had something serial) - I may have had one at some point, but hell if I could remember what it was. Just me ranting on. I'm good at ranting on, which is why I believe I will be prime for this job as head TIFH writer.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo. What is it going to be about?

ill get to that.
 So far as I can tell, he hasn't "get to that" yet.  So James, with your fancy new camera that I helped you to pick out, via teleconference, GET TO THAT.  You and Jimmy and Zach-0 always had me out there, taking pictures of people or wheelchair-bound people (different category of people), from which you would derive humor.  So now it's your turn to do the same.

Third, jOe.  jOe, jOe, jOe... we haven't heard from you in awhile.  What's going on over at the Macauley Homestead?  Jimmy and I tried to visit you once or twice, but you weren't home or were working, or out raving with your new friends.  Not cool.  We are your friends from high school.  You don't abandon your friends from high school.  It's not right.  I know this because I've done that, and I still feel the guilt of doing so.  You don't want that guilt man, you just don't.  You should come visit the apartment, we'll all play Rockband, or Rockband 2.  Yes, 2!  Or LittleBigPlanet!  Yes, it is fun.  Yes it is both Little and Big at the same time.

I'll give a moment for your mind to finish being boggled.

Fourth, Andy.  Andy who probably doesn't read the board, since unlike some of you, I don't think I have his email address so I can't force posts down his throat.  But perhaps by means of osmosis or something equally scientific-sounding, he will get this message.  Don't be pissed at James anymore, it's a waste of time and resources.  You know he won't change.  He's James.  You have to weather him down with logic and reason, the way the wind and water weather down rocks.

Besides, you were pissed with me once before and during that time, you missed out on some quality stuff we were doing... I'm not really sure what, but it was quality.  QUALITY.  This year, you run the risk of missing out on some HOT SLUGS CAMPING ACTION.

(Where did your mind go with those caps?)

And fifth, have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

SMURSH Reveuw Moveee: Thuh Mumee Twooomb of thuh Drahgun Mpurrurr

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hawt smursh kneed to mrrffff preyevit tyme.