February 28, 2003

How dare you say I can't have an inteligent conversation! Im apauled! I could spell correctly if I wish, I could capitolize every thing that needs it and i could probably put up a good fight on something that I thought was worth it, so how dare you say I have no class.

well, I guess I dont have class, well, me MR R and nappey will probbably be droping jamesesesese/steeeeeeevos/anthony's house to play some magic and stuff..... tried to call james, so someone other then james will prolly be like " why are you here!??!?! IM TRYEN TO MAKE HOT LOVE TO MY BITCHES!!!! OUT!!!! OUT I SAY!!!!!!" and then no fun for us. So... we drop by and if shoeeeeeed, we can at least pick up some fireworks!! mauhahahahahha MUAAHAHAHAHHAA...............

Oh i have an uber post comming.... oh yes... very..... it involves Jimmy....little children, and him being courtmarsheld. mUAHAHAH Ah ah ... ah..?

February 27, 2003

This is James - but I figured you'd have already figured that out because this is a somewhat coherant sentence and I havent gone and yelled out something idiotic.

So it goes.
So it will be.

Once we get the internet Im going to format the website.

Im gone.
Max Powers: I think it was the Boomtown Rats, and most likely, the 70s or maybe the 80s,
since my parents told me about that song.

Sammi J: Good Luck with the Surgery! I hope it goes a-ok. and take it easy, abdominal surgery is painful
(i assume it will be abdominal?)

February 25, 2003

Its about time is all i can say
when i wa sin oklahoma i had ass sex.


the last day i was there..a big redneck trie dto kick my ass...no im serious. he looked just like grizzley addams. and he kept going on about ho wi disrespected his "special lady". he threw a punch and like..ripped a sweater i was wearing. i just looke dhim in the eyes and told him to go the fuck away because he had no business being there. i figured it was going to be an asswhooping. him whooping my ass. but somehow or another he didnt. which is lucky for him..because i had a shovel in my trunk that was itching to hit him in the head.

so thats why i went home from oklahomo 3 days early. or was it 2..i dunno. but i am planning my revenge.

i think sand in the oil will do the trick?

the midwest smells bad....

February 24, 2003


Yep, went to jamesesese, ..... man that chair turns me on.

On the subject of mondays.... i refer to the girl who brought a very large automatic gun to school, BLASTED away alot of people, and in court said in her defence " I just dont like mondays " .....Then they made a song about it.... james should know the song, person and what ever when it was. or maby it was fridays....no...no monday.

I dont need....anybody elce, because when i think about you, i touch myself.

Cristen said we could have your sister to pimp. gimmy gimmy gimmy.
Happy Monday!!!

Today is a very happy day, for it means that I am one day closer to Tuesday. On Tuesday, I get to go see a doctor!!! Woo - fucking - hoo!!! This doctor is such a very nice man - because Tuesday is my very last appointmet with him before the best surgery I will ever, ever have!!

If we were starting at the beginning, I'd tell you all about how many fucking doctors I've been through to get to this point. However, we're not. That would be too tedious.

If we were starting in the middle, I'd tell you about how I threatened to sue a few different doctors to get to this point. That would also be tedious.

So, we'll start with a worst-case senerio. It's actually not that bad, because if this fucker finds some lame assed reason to not let me go under the evil knife, I get to start working with NOW, a woman's rights group, for it. So, I'll probably get my way anyway. I'm stoked. If not, I'm sure someone will marry me and file all the appropriate paperwork on my behalf. I'm stoked as Hell.

. .and, the best - case scenerio ~ If all goes well, I'll be getting my tubes cut, cauterized, and tied within a week. HOW KILLER IS THAT?!?!? Damn straight it is. No one with ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER hear Heather saying - "Well, damn, I'm knocked up." EVER!!! This is so killer. It's killer squared!

February 23, 2003

Well, since you asked nicely -

NO! I already told Kristin he could do it. Talk to him.
heather nice post i feel ya

but i couldnt do that im a guy i would take full advantage of that situation

by the way can me and hugo pimp your sister?

February 21, 2003

Finally went to the Museum of Glass today. My parents have a membership, so I got it free.

Some Swedish guy's collection opened. Big fancy gala bullshit, bunch of douchebags dressed up all fancy, laughing all fake-like. There I was in jeans and a flannel.

This Swedish dude did some neat shit with glass, but the hotshop was by far the best part. Entirely amazing. Somewhere during the hour or so we watched them do this shit from ten feet away, I had a sudden thought:

"Why the hell am I not doing that right now?"

Then came a moment of enlightenment, when I really couldn't come up with any answer.

So, I think I'll look into what it takes to get into the field.
The heart wants what it wants

I met a man tonight that, throughout our evening together, reminded me again of a weary line. The heart wants what it wants. So many take that as truth, as did I at one point. Of course, you have to question why it wants, how it tells you. I know that a sixteen year old heart has no idea what it wants; I have serious doubts that the twenty-one year old heart knows; I question whether or not the fifty-six year old heart is certain.

There is a college drama conference just North of Seattle right now. My cousin, Christopher, is there; so I went up to see him tonight. I expected us to just hang out; he took me to a ravette. I don't think I have to tell you all that I am not a member of that whole scene. After being approached by someone whose sex I may never be certain of, I decided to leave. I smiled and nodded, trying to be very polite, until I was asked a question. I waited through a long pause and a quizzical look from . . . this person.. . , I finally replied with "ß íå ãîâîðþ àíãëèéñêèé ÿçûê." and excused myself. Some fun.

As I headed out, I was approached again, this time by another member of my cousin's convention. This time, certain that this was a man, I talked to him for a minute. He was nice. He was Alaskan. Ha ha ha. Some fun.

This man was a Brandon, and we decided to go for coffee. We had been talking for several hours when he invited me back to his hotel room with him.

There was a time when I had no qualms whatsoever with accompanying a strange man home. My heart, at that time, wanted someone near me. My heart told me to seek the thrill and danger of slipping out before first light; and I believe to this day that there is an excitement therein. I wish something - anything - would give me the same thrill that sleeping with a stranger provides; I'm sure there is, but I don't know what it is.

Without stalling, I told him I'd love to. After all, that's not promising anything, right? We talked more on the way back, went up to his room, talked more in the room. Nothing - not even the slightest stirring of the adventure I once boxed with in the same situation. In that moment, I realized that my nineteen year old heart knows nothing of life, little of love. My fifteen year old heart was more certain of what it wanted. I waited for an opportunity to leave.

This man - this Brandon - was wearing a bracelet. The club we met in gave them to people over 21 to identify who could drink and who could not. Knowing this, I asked him what it was. He told me, so I asked him his age - 24. I feigned a "Wow", leaving him with a question about my age. "Seventeen."

Let me tell you - there has never been anything so phenomenal as the look on his face. Needless to say, I went back to find Chris.

I know my posts are tedious. I wish sometimes I led a more exciting life, but doubt I ever will. That's usually okay with me ~ I just hope that my heart comes to know what it wants, why it wants it, and how to get it.
all i fucking know is that some fucking giant picture is taking 6 years to load. fucking goddammit..i look down and it is from jimmoi...

fuck you jimmoi i fucking wnat to stab that post and kill it and throw things at you!!!!!!1


February 20, 2003

so basically, you live down the street from me James?

I finally met some people at my school that I can have a conversation with. This is a nice change of pace.
1. Breanna : I walk outside of my front door and if it is dark outside a big red ARBYS sign glows in the distance. I can walk to the Regal Movie Theatre. And more specifically, It is an apartment complex right behind Seven Eleven on Meridian at the intersection of 128th street named Aspen Creek. Woe the uninlightened.

2. I fell asleep. damnit. Now I have to pack, drive home, take a shower, go to work. FARGHARGH.

3. I dont know, I got nothin.
Okay, just out of curiosity, where is your apartment James? Heather called Justin the other night and told him that it is right by our house/her dad's house/Jimmy's parents house. However, I was unaware that there were apartments right around there. Any how, I was just wondering...
what haven't I missed? Everything.
what have I missed? Absolutely nothing.

1. Heather : I told you multiple times to leave your father. I actually mocked, critisized, poked fun at, swore at, and ridiculed you for this. Now is hardly the time to say : " why didnt anyone yell at me? " - pbbbhhttbbt :b

2. Having your own place is ... odd. It isnt as drastic a change as most people figure it to be - but living with other people will always be a chore. Im slowly becoming accustomed to " apartment life " - the noises themselves ... not knowing "who that is" but knowing that at around nine o clock in the morning they always take a slow bath is somewhat comforting - had I known it'd be so " actively noisey " then maybe I would have moved out alone - being that the noise would keep me sane. Would it? I do not know.

3. are you DEPRESSED - has life GOT YOU DOWN - then grow the fuck up. I was thinking for a while today at work, whilst I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned ( and cleaned ) - about depression. About how people get depressed and how most of the time those people aren't productive. It is because that people are bored or not dedicated to something that depression seeps in. I mean who the fuck really has time to be depressed - more-or-less : WHAT IS THER TO BE DEPRESSED ABOUT? I seriously believe depression is a sign of malintelligence. A big helping of "wake the fuck up" is the cure-all for depression. I got here ( old home ) - got online, and look what I come back to!

shoot me,
but shoot me in the head so i stop thinking the things i do. give me silence.
peace from my fears and thoughts. =\

I mean seriously. This is good stuff. It makes me feel for him. it does. I mean jeez. I would be depressed to in a self inflicted hell of my own creation. FUBAR

4. I will now go take a poo poo and then pack+go home.

February 19, 2003

Heather going to a Christian school.......

February 18, 2003

Oh my holy fucking Christ!!!

Not only did my link work, it opens in its own pop-up!!!! I'm so skilled!!!
If you must insist upon typing the way you do, I would suggest that you don't insult anyone else's spelling. In all fairness, we do have a spell check button.

Don't feed me any arguments about how "Well, I know my posts are fucked up as all get out, I just don't care.". She may be stupid, but you're just inconsiderate. It takes me forever to read your posts;

and don't feed me any arguments about how "Well, if you don't want to read it, then don't bother looking at it.". So far as I am concered, when someone posts something here it's because they find it to be interesting enough to share it with us, and it's only polite to read it. After all, who wants to be the one left out of the loop should the subject come up later?

Don't feed me any arguments about how "Well, Micheal and Mr. R spell worse than I do!", because, well, they're Micheal and Mr. R. They don't have to know anything about anything. They're going to be living the high life with the money they earn pimping my sister. (and, NO you two, that doesn't mean I'm going to let you pimp my sister)

Meanwhile, I'm finally enrolling in college. I'll be going this coming fall after my father's wife moves up here. Woo - fucking - hoo. You can veiw the lame-assed college that took me(and James, please fix the link if I'm stupid, and I'm sorry for using the name) here. How exciting, eh? I applied there back in the day, but revoked my application after I apparently became my father's wife. So, for those of you who are my friends:

Why the Hell did none of you kick my ass and tell me to leave sooner?

February 17, 2003

sorry about the posting i cant read what i type wile i type it mike can vouch for how crappy my comp is!!
well jimmoi seems how your in the tary and i will end up ythere i need to know if i could end up being a helochoper medic ive basicaly got all i need to be a norm medic but i want to be for the tary do some lookin for me??
if you do there could be some mike sex for you next time you come up ill sell it to you half price;)
Military - teach something useful?
You gotta be shitting me?

If they teach people shit that can be used in the outside world, the people will realize they can make actual money in the outside world. Then the money they spent to train them will go down the fucking tubes come re-up time.

if you're off in the mill - o - tary why the fuck dont they teach you basic computer skll(z) ?

FIRST - cut down the fux0ring size of your images! hack a photoshop program or something, SHIT.
SECOND - learn to do basic HTML TAGS like IMAGE SOURCING. you cannot cut short and put w=300 or h=400.


I hate your posts so much! ;b
hmm...seemed to have fucked the picature thingie up...well--assure you there were meese in the parking lot and they were big...fuck it-you all knwo what moose look like.

oh---and also///the free college is actually better than you think bradbury---the whole "if you qualify" thing just means "did you graduate high school?" seriously---everyone in the military gets into college---they force you actually. my friends nerge and parker prime example. their job is going to Univeristy of Texas and take college courses. the have 3 weeks of college, than 2 weeks of work. than 2 weeks of college and than 3 weeks of work. granted not all "shops" are set up this way but the point is, the military (the airforce at least) wants you to get through college. after im done my cbt's and cdc's i have to get at least my bachelors before i can even qualify for tech sargent. they already gave me my associates. ;) dont know much about reserves though---actually i do, my roomate was in the reserves:

in the national guard/reserves its actuall a 6months process before you even get into basic training---than, you have to go through tech school and training---by the time youre in the war would probably be over. heh. the 150$ is actually pretty swell when they pay for your college and you have a part time job. correct me if im wronge jeff---but arent two of your roomates (joe and alan) are in the guard? andrew, my friend at target was in the guard and he got called up once, had to guard the boader b/t us and canada. wee. but i even have to do that if i get called up for aug duty (which i did in tech school---was cool, got to carry an ar-15, but sucked cus i worked for 15hours). you might even get to go do your lil training exercises once a year in kansas and see zacho. thats where the guard does most of their training. the only downside to the guard and reserves is a big one---you WILL get called up inthe mmiddle of the night, and you WILL go to war first and you WILL die. haha. yea. unless youre leet like me and join the air force, than you would only die if you r AWACs, C130 crew cheifs, load masters, gunner, SP or combat comm (which i might be moved into after my cbts. gar). i kinda want to be a gunship gunner, it'll be pretty sweet. get to shoot things. gaarrr.

my job now is adpe. fun. i drive around, updating computers, install windows 2000, service packs teart apart computers, upgrade them and do cbts (computer based training). how fun. we usually dont get calls unless we have a project, so i mainly do cbts. i ahte them so much. friday i did helpdesk again. all night. i called james once from there awhile back boring job. i aswered one call it went a little like this.

me: NCC airman miller speaking how may i help you.
someone: uh...yea...i have a problem w/ my computer.
me: ...uhm...can you tell discribe the problem to me?
someone: ...uh...well...when im typing...these red sciddly lines appear below my words...
me: ...
someone: hello?
me: ...uhm, well ma'am, uhm---what programe are you using?
someone: microsoft something---its the one you use to write letters on...
me: ...ok, well it sounds like your using microsoft word, and what those "scribbly" lines are--uhm...thats the progams automatice spell checker. you mustve either misspelled a word or used an acronym it didnt recognize.
someone: i didnt misspell a word.
me: are you sure
someone: yes.
me: what word is it ma'am?
someone: pilot.
me: may i ask how did you spell it?
someone: p-y-l-o-t.
me: ...

yea...i love help desk. i played battlefield 1942 for the remainder on the night though. funzo.

classic quote. we were watching "gone in 60 minutes" and veenker was liek---i remember this movie---it was truley gone in 60 seconds...we gave him the jeff look. but the funny funny quote happened while watching the otehr limits today. the episode was about the last man on earth living amongst the female. well---he walks in when two were showering and "playing" anf i said "well, in a world full of weemen...i guess theyre all lesbians..." it was stupid, meant to be dumb but the quote of the day came from "the capitol V" ..."haha, but imagine if it was the other way around...hehe...get it-get it?"

fucking dutch people.
so me and fordyce and greenbank went and kicked glaciers and ice bergs today, pretty fun, reminded me of old times going to mt rainier we even made a movie---hehe. heh. fun stuff. well--no---it wasnt, but we were acting like idiots, so it was. we made fun of this pathetic looking motherfucker sitting in his boat on the dock smoking a pipe. his boats was called "the new wave", and we were laughing about the shitty paint paint and the shitty overallness of the boat and he just stared at us w/ a sad mellincollin look in his face. haha. alaska.

this one town thoughwas pretty sweet, the only way in or out is a tunnel thats open from 2pm to 5pm (3 hours) and its quite the beautimus. lots of old people w/ shitty boats. greenbank made us take a picature of these shitty white goats on a glacier. fucking greenbanks. we than walked on a frozen lake till fordyce fell in a little-not too much, but enough for us to say "fuck it, lets go bowling." took a lot of picatures of me c-walkin' on an ice berg, slipped and fell on my ass than slid into the water, was fucking cold. when we got back to the dorms there was some meese in the parking lot. greenbank was a lil pussy and didnt want to get out of the car (probably the smart thing to do...). we took a picature, than threw rocks at the babies ( just kidding :P)

ed- mistake : closing tag was ' not a " and no closing paretheses after image URL

February 16, 2003

allright well then i guess the problem has to do with a bad drive..cause nothings worked so far. I let it sit for awhile and after quite some time it finally decided to tell me that SHELL wouldnt load because it couldnt be found. Anybody know how to fix or replace a drive? and know how much a replacement one would cost
and then? i found a startup disk, not sure if thats what i need...though ill keep looking. How am i supposed to get whats off the disk when it wont go through into windows so i can run the disk.

February 15, 2003

You'll need a windows boot disk....
k, how do i fdisk? does this require entry into the setup drive i presume?
Yeah, I gathered that you were against the idea of walking into the woods with a pair of flaming sticks (which shows a great deal more intelligence than I would have credited you with). I was wondering what the hell you meant by "forest implies LARGE trees and cleering blow"

Napster - your option now is to fdisk, format and scan the drive. If it passes, reinstall. If not, replace the drive and you're off and running again. Don't condemn a machine for a bad drive....
What i mean Bradbury, would you go out back in the woods next to my house with a flaming stick???
and im good at taking orders... as long as they make sence.
Bradbury or anyone else who might know whats wrong
im on my moms comp right now cause my comp is tweaking out yet again. Everytime i go to boot up the damn thing it just sticks on the Windows screen. And when i restart the computer and scandisk trys to figure out what the hell is the matter it goes up to about 16% reports a bad cluster of data and freezes. i need to get some more life out of that damn thing. I want to see this thing coughing and wheezing like a 72 Nova before i go out and buy a new one. Anyway as always any ideas you can give would be appreciated. Thanks
OK hold on....what the hell were you trying to say with "forest implies LARGE trees and cleering blow" anyway?

The whole "free college" thing is not all it's cracked up to be....if you read the fine print, it all says "if you qualify." Chances are, you won't. Otherwise, the gov't would be broke for putting people through school after a two-year hitch.

Not to mention, I've noticed you don't take orders very well....what makes you think that you'll be able to take asinine orders from some jackass sergeant?
1: I dont have bills or a job or insurence, so 150 a mo/ is good.... better then nothing.
2: I would have rather not cought a big part of roy on fire because of a gass soaked rag on a stick
3: forest implies LARGE trees and cleering blow, back there....nothing but bushes and twigs to set the place ablaze.
5: A gun... and a hot desert??? hell gimmy gimmy.
6: i dont think they would be able to take me out of highschool to go dig,
7: After highschool, I go to collage, all pre paid from our friend uncle sam.
8: If im in shape, i have nothing elce to do, and they want to send me to the desert for a few hundred more dollars then sure, why the hell not, i get monie, i dig holes, i do my part for america, and dont get shot at, and if they want to give me a gun to go out and shoot people WHEEEEEEEEEEE i just say that my fingers have some kind of defect!
9: I dont know, i just wanted to get to ten.
10: I still need some reasons, steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevo??????? during this week, im going to look over the contract my dad has to sign and if I says crap like " we can move you, beat you and make hot man love to you... " then no....
11: jimmy..... Touch me.

February 14, 2003

Micheal one thing, why do you keep spouting the 150 dollars a month thing everytime the National Guard is mentioned? You sound like a friggen commercial. And i may be wrong but it almost sounds like your trying to validate you reasons to yourself. On another note, if your too scared to walk out in the woods with flaming socks on sticks then what makes you think youll be able to handle carrying a gun through a desert? Hahaha
we have signed the lease.
walking to our cars, anthony said to me : " hey, we're adults now. awesome "
that was the idea. that is the idea. that is that.

we've now crossed the border into the land that which only few of my associates have passed.
bradbury rents. breanna+justin rent(ed?). Jeff rents.
These are people who live beyond the confines of thier pre-ordained shelter called " mamma " and " pappa "
there are others, sadly - that I know who will not.
who ... unforutnately, be it through what they want or what they have become accustomed to :
will not experience this aspect of life.

for those, I feel sorry for.
I accept each and every turn that life will bring.
I accept that this is now and tomorrow is later.
I accept that I am tired.

I appreciate that I know each and everyone of you.

Lord have mercy.
Michael... If you want advice on this subject, I would think you should talk to Steven, seeing as he was in the National Guard for like 6 mos. before they realized that he's bi-polar. Anyhow, he would have some sort of first hand knowlege of it.
Michael.....have you read the news at all recently?

Those in the National Guard are called up to active duty when they go to war. If you were in the National Guard, your ass would be digging foxholes in sand in the middle of a big-ass fucking desert right now.
I guess this would be off topic, sence its pimpen right now...?..... but.
anyone have any reasons of why i should not join the national guard??? Its 150.00 a month after taxes
one weekend a month and i would spend 3 of 6 years served in school...they wouldent be able to send me over seas
or any crap, and ... i dunno, just thinking this might help me get into shape, and throw monie my way =D

So... any good reasons.... badbury? Jeff-o....? anyone elce who would know about this part of government.
thanks bradbury--appreciate it. i hope its not trhe video card---i spent a good 300$ on it radeon 9700 pro. supposedly its the top of the line-but who knows. i probably need the drivers, but i dont know. yeesh.

well im bored, so im gonna post big pimpin'. yea.

Uhh, uh uh uh
It's big pimpin baby..
It's big pimpin, spendin G's
Feel me.. uh-huh uhh, uh-huh..
Ge-ge-geyeah, geyeah
Ge-ge-geyeah, geyeah..

You know I - thug em, fuck em, love em, leave em
Cause I don't fuckin need em
Take em out the hood, keep em lookin good
But I don't fuckin feed em
First time they fuss I'm breezin
Talkin bout, "What's the reasons?"
I'm a pimp in every sense of the word, bitch
Better trust than believe em
In the cut where I keep em
til I need a nut, til I need to beat the guts
Then it's, beep beep and I'm pickin em up
Let em play with the dick in the truck
Many chicks wanna put Jigga fist in cuffs
Divorce him and split his bucks
Just because you got good head, I'ma break bread
so you can be livin it up? Shit I..
parts with nothin, y'all be frontin
Me give my heart to a woman?
Not for nothin, never happen
I'll be forever mackin
Heart cold as assassins, I got no passion
I got no patience
And I hate waitin..
Hoe get yo' ass in
And let's RI-I-I-I-I-IDE.. check em out now
RI-I-I-I-I-IDE, yeah
And let's RI-I-I-I-I-IDE.. check em out now
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Chorus One: Jay-Z

We doin.. big pimpin, we spendin cheese
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Big pimpin, on B.L.A.D.'s
We doin.. big pimpin up in N.Y.C.
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[Bun B]
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Don't trip, let's flip, gettin throwed on the flip
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Chorus Two: Bun B

We be.. big pimpin, spendin cheese
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It's just that Jigga Man, Pimp C, and B-U-N B.. nigga

[Pimp C]
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Chromin shinin sippin daily, no rest until whitey pay me
Uhhh, now what y'all know bout them Texas boys
Comin down in candied toys, smokin weed and talkin noise

Chorus Two
Usually a "general protection fault" is a generic way for windows to say "oh shit, something went wrong" I would suspect it to be software related, but the heat theory is valid. Easy way to test - take the sides and/or top of the case off. If it's heat related then it won't recur with full ventilation. Assuming that the processor has a good enough fan/heatsink combo is fairly safe, usually if that's the problem you'll only get a few minutes of use before it craps.

But that doesn't sound like hardware. Typically when that's the problem it isn't nice enough to give you an error, it just stops working. Try re-installing your device drivers with the newest version you can find. Then you may have to reinstall windows....ugly stuff.

If it's not crashing during regular use (web, email, etc) then I would look at video card drivers, maybe even the card itself. Bad video cards can cause all kinds of strange shit to happen. Again, look into software first.
if you think oregan drivers are bad, alaskan drivers are terrioble. they tend to do 70 on icy roads, drive through meridians and curbs, and theres no such things as lanes. im serious. they love to drive on the wronge side of the road, do uturns-sheesh. its like a demolition derby out here.

now: question for bradbury. my computer has been crashing when i play games---its done that w/ ut03, no one lives for ever, medal of honer and quake 3---would this be a hardware or a software problem? the only error message that has been coming up was "general protection fault" for ut03 which noone knows what that is. now sometimes it will run fine, but than after 20-30 minutes, it'll just crash---veenker thinks its because my computer isnt cooled properly, which might be true because this is the first computer i built on my own and im not surte i did "everything" right---but still, would that actually be a factor? i think i sound liek a moron. ah well.

battlefield 1942, sweet game, played it at work. good stuff, especially the tnt jumping and parabombing. weeee.
anywho---im going to call alienware to see if they can help. if not, im gonna reformat.

watched wild things yesterday. that movie was a pile. fuck nev cambell
and that copout ending . deneise richards has nice boobies though.
well i gotta work now..."work".

whats this i here about zach pinching lil boy butts?

February 13, 2003

I'd take on Tim Eyman....but not because of his political views and practices (which I disagree with). I'd enjoy taking him out in a battle royal because he is a smug, yuppie little horse's ass. With him, I should get a 2-for-1 (he's kind of a pansy), and I'd have to pick...well, I'm not sure who. Just throw a lot of pop-star bubble-gum types into a hat and pick one out at random.....

In further news, if any of you were wondering, Oregon is still a festering shithole. Any place where people aren't even allowed to pump their own fucking gas rates fairly high up on the old "Worthless-O-Meter." Not to mention the concept of "SLOW TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT" apears entirely foreign to the populous. Not that I'm saying Washington, or any other place besides the great autobahns of the Fatherland itself, is all that great at it. It just seems your average Oregonian has never even heard of it.
what celeberty would you fight to the death? id fight the lead singer of sum 41. i hate him---oh so much. him or brandon boyd of incubus. i hate both of them. the guy from sum 41 b/cv hes ugly and hes dating avril lavign...i love her.
what the fuck is a general protection fault, and why do i get it everytime i start kicking ass in UT03? someone please tell me why and how to fix this problem! yea. i was so board i started to play No One Lives Forever (shudders). guh. must go get new games.
uhm---i have nothing to post today-thats a shock.

February 12, 2003

woo--appartment. i remeber dback in the day when i tried to get an appartment. yea. still lost 75$ over that...oh well.
i hate audioslave. i dont knwo why-i just do, dont try to convince me otherwise,. i hate them. they have no energy-no creativity, nothing. theyre just a ... rock band.and i dont think chris cornell or however you spell matches with theyre playing style. but i dont knwpo much about musik i guess, since i dont play a musikal instrument and spell music m-u-s-i-k ( its more hip, like party is par-tay). i dont care, i just dont like em...i keepo repeating this because its getting to me, wearing me down to the point where i'll proabbly like them and buy the album. i hate myself and want to die.

we have a heat wave or something up here. all the snow has melted and its liek 55 degrees. wtf? yea
weirdness. the roads are more slick in these conditions though---ahwell.
as for the pizza places, i was trying to find a pizza place, specific one-in the phone book and found the yellow page thingie had 5 pages full of pizza places and i wasd bored, so i counted all the indivual pizza companies (not chain, unless it was something liek "pizza time" like, where it was a local monopoly evol empirelike...what?) and there was 87 pizza places. the reason? i was thinking more in lines of eskimos cant cook---but if you really think about it-the sun barely comes up here, and peopel dont get the energy to do much, like cook---so it makes sense. the sun is finally rising at 9 am. thats amazin. when i first got up here, it didnt come up till 11.30 almost noon. thats ridicuals. eventually we'll get a few days where there will be no sunset. argh.

so greenbank, one of the guys i hang out w/ up here-he thinks he has better taste in musik than i do, and opinion is opinion...
but anywho-he was making fun of bad religion of all bands, saying tey suck and that i have terrible taste in musik. later, he said that "say it aint so" sucked...what? yea, he hates a weezer---later, he was all into nirvana, and said he liked their new song, and wondered when the new album will be out. i said it was already out unless he was talking about the compliation of all the stuff they never completed. he than went on to ask if they were ever coming on tour. fordyce and i thought he was joking...yea, he didnt knwo who kurt kobain was or that he was dead or how he died. what the fook? and he doesnt liek pink floyd. guh.

well anyway---the kicker is, he thinks he has better taste in musik, and he gave me and fordyce a ride to the mall to get more speakers for my computer (JBL 5.1 surround sound babeee w/ a 15 inch amp/bass. wooop! wooop!), and all the way there we were listening to craig david. oh my god...craig david. only 14 yr old girls and people that liek lil boy butts like craig david. later, when i complained continuilosly (why god? why cant i spell?!?) he put in the gorrillaz...is this guy for real?
yesterday he came into my room and put in lenny kravitz. wtf?!? so i told him he wasnt allowed in my room again. oh, and he likes bush. fucker.

February 11, 2003

so we picked out an apartment.
its nice. real nice.

huzzah huzzah huzzah!
87 Pizza places?
How in the hell did you find that out?

Or do I even want to know?

As my coworker points out "It's hot. They don't get that there." and "...an oven to hover around."
there are 87 pizza places here in anchourage. thats not including major stands like pizza hut godfathers and round table. why would a god forsakened place like this need 87 pizza places i ask you?

i just got from manditory gym time for the squadron. i ran 10 laps which is a mile and a half. than played raquet ball, didnt now how---so we eneded up playing wall ball. remember wall ball guys? wow--back in the day. next week we're planning on bringing in a kickball and paly dodge ball. funzo.

my parts came in from alienware yesterday, so i spent most of last night building it and installing all the software and games i wanted. pretty swell. have to get cable internet, since dial up doesnt work to well up here.

my cd's and soviet flag came in yesterday too, so i was carrieing a shit load of boxes yesterday. the pain cd i ordered turned out to be a freakin german goth psudo industrial band. fookin-a. and the suburbia movie i got was vhs---even though the order # was for a dvd. so mad. so mad. but the merzbor or however you spell it is sweet :D thats right james i got one too. bitch.

thug mansion is on right now. i make fun of it a lot.

Invisibl Skratch Piklz---got their cd yesterday---LEET. look into them. dj qbert, mix master mike good stuff.
i gotta get back to work now, so i'll post later.

February 10, 2003

I've come to the conclusion that the death of us all, indeed the ending of humanity itself will be caused by none other than ...


To be more specific, Chrysler minivans.
what happened to " the duelist" magazine?
well first of all it got jewed - changed the name and incorporated poke'mon into it.
information about it can be found : here

oh, but wait it gets better - so you try to subscribe to TopDeck magazine?
not happenin' because you cannot subscribe, I tried to find out and find this tidbit here

( for those of you lazy who wont click on a link, here is a little snippet )

    Johnny Wilson, group publisher for Wizards of the Coast, said, "Through extensive research, we have found that players that become experts in trading card games tend to use Internet sites to obtain most of their information. TopDeck magazine certainly created a new group of experts. These experts will now be able to receive updated and interesting news and features on our website 24 hours a day."
yeah. see. they dont give a shit about producing something you can buy and stash away and some time later re-read an article and remember " hey, that taught me how to build a deck "


but then there was mention of something called Sideboard magazine.
I looked into this. you can find it " online " here

it deals with tourney-talk. big pro " will this combo be big " shit ... and a bunch of other crap which I, quite frankly - dont believe holds anything against the articles I find in The Duelist because they seem too busy living up to themselves than " having fun " - it is almost as if now that there are pro-tournies an televised events they've forgotten that some kids still dont go to tournaments and play with their friends and have a local little group. This agitates me.

if I can - im going to see if i can get ahold of a manner in which to actually publish something.
M:TG related. with articles that are fun, and about having fun.

Not about which combo will be seen in the next block.
or what mr. so-and-so had to say about Akroma's Vengeance.

Where is Mr. Suitcase when I need him?

( also - wrath of god is printed in 7th
better picture, in my opinion - more ... " akira " ish
i really hate bush. the band. this song will never end---its been going on for the last 8 minutes, i swear.
"you will get your, your will get you get yours will get yous awwwwwrgh you get yours will (guiter screeching) get yours get you will get will yours i i i i uh hate perfect dont mind it you will get what wilol you day die blood hate get your AWWRRGH!!! (guitair solo) AWWRRGH!! you will get you---you will get your (screaming) YOU WILL GET YOURS YOU WILL GET YOURS!!! (more screeching guitar--mumbling singing w/ guitar continuously screeching w/ drums and an OH!!! ---reapeated some word) YOU WILL GET YOU DAAAAAAYYY!!!!!"

i hate bush.

on another note---freddy got fingered has to be the worst movie i was forced to see. rediculas. the sad thing was however-was that there was deleted scenes that wouldve made the movie ... better ... almost bareable. most of the deleted scenes helped developed tom green's character---and added (gasp) a plot. too bad they took it out...now we have just a shitty film w/ moose guts and poo. oh-and cheese. helmets.


james likes lil boy butts

February 09, 2003

so i decided to pick up smoking---but none of that bullshit filtered crap---cigarettes. yeup---i bought a pipe today---thirty bucks-four dollars for the pouch and 5 bucks for a bag of tobacco. yea-ive been smoking most of the day trying to figuare it out---got it down now, so im pretty good at puffin' smoke. the tobacco i bought was called "Heart of Africa" which sounds pretty coolies. smells good too.

why yes....yes we were
2 things to note
Nummer Einz-There has, in the morgan household, been a birth. Not a child unfortunately...i would love to see my brother suffer through some middle child syndrome right now. But the birth of a tool. A splitting maul to be specific. Ive had bad luck with these in the past, theyve always broke when i was cutting wood. No matter the material, or how much safeguards my dad put on them i.e gorilla pipe and duct tape. but now he got wise and built what can only be described as.....GOLIATH.
Its nothing more than the head of a maul welded to quarter inch thick piece of pipe that has roughly half, or maybe a quarter of the circumference of an exhaust from a truck. This thing is heavy as shit. When swung it carries with it a chorus of tunder and deals out enough damage to carry the head through some heavy duty tree rounds and about 3 inches into the ground beneath it. Im sore as hell right now.
Nummer Drei- i say we come up with something to liven things up. today when we were geting the wood, my mind was wandering more than usual and i asked my self (not outlound thankfully) "What kind of pickup lines might a hardcore magic player use" and i thought hey, lets have ourselves a little competition on the board. Could be fun. Heres my submission
"Hey baby let me tap you and ill show you how to be a XXX creature"
LAME? lets see you guys try

February 08, 2003

Hey napster....Were you and some of your Drama chronies placing posters last night at BHS?

Nothing like 13 hours of overtime (at 29.70 per hour) to inflate the hell out of a paycheck....
OooOoOOog....just so anyone knows this is napster posting
its around three in the morning, been sleeping senice an undeterminable time...woke up about 20 mins, and then graced the collins bathroom with my excremental prescence. should probably go back to sleepy cause in ....ohhh four hours i have to go load wood into a trailer thats big enough to haul cattle or quite a few soldiers (though these days not many people would be able to tell the difference...hahahaha) does anybody know where i can find like an early morning coffee and Oral French whore emporium. Cause nothing sez goodmornin like a cup of joe (which now that i think about that phrase sounds really disgusting)and some Le' Blowjob. We we.

February 07, 2003

my job is gaytoriously gay.

we get lord of the rings: two towers like.....finaly tomorrow. and um....like....tomorrow is the one day i really need to not be there till 11pm because i have a places to go.

this place..would be to oklahoma..to get anal sex again./ and road head.

and fucking i hate driving. and i hav eto do it al night..on strange unfamiliar raods. but fuck.

i guess all i can hope for now is that it doesnt snow whil eim EN ROOT.

hey jimmoi......um..you are gay. just thought id remind you.

im really really drunk.
whats new.
Well hot damn, anyone want to beat the living shit out of THIS DUMB SHIT CHALLENGER PERSON SITING ON MY GAWD DAMNED COUCH!
Yeah, chirsten or what ever the living hell my little brothers name is, goes to challenger, and now he brings his other homosexual friends over to steal monie
and stuff from off my desk, ....I find one dollar missing from my stash Im going postal on both their dumb asses.

Buttsex! wooooot Jimmy-o sexy guudness! It will be fun, and then there will be road ski-ing...Skeing....Skying....Skiing......... hhmmm Well, what ever it will
be it will be fun.
Oh ... my God, someone come kill theise dumbasses, 10-7 .... what is it, common.... common.... ten minus seven.... ill make it easyer, 10 minus 5 is 5 common
take 2 more! i want to do something but theres nothing to do at the moment.

Now i go eat and play some computer games while doing homework, i wonder how far i will get into it.... ALL OF IT THATS HOW MUCH FUCKERs!!!!! oooOooOoOOo-

And now GRATUATIS NUDITY!!!! ( link doesnt want to work :( ) http://www.ztikmedia.com/stuff/pretty.swf WOoooooooOoooOoOoooOoOooOoOoO!!!!!!
work work work work. thats where im posting out of-and wow. let me just say it---wow.

the server's down, so we spent most of the day making a minigolf course that goes from our office to the help desk out of parts of old computers and empty boxes. boredom will get to you.

the server got up but then i had to go get my 7 shots for deployment---weeeeeee. funess. it was like an assembly line---two guys w/ three needles each and than the last lady with the 9 inch spinal tap thingie. fook.

my computer will finally be here monday-yea. yesterday veenker and fordyce and me built veenkers computer---the fucker has like
a 120 mm fan w/ like 5000 rpms--fucking sounds like a c-130 taking off. him and fordyce are switching to mids, so i'll be left w/ noone
to make fun of anymore...sadness.

fordyce just bought the entire steven segal collection---like a hundred cheap shitty movies. heh. fun stuff
you wanna talk about crap---manoman. hard to kill. watch it. hehe/manoman.

well--i gotta go back to work. gar. funniest quote:

me: hey-did you wreck my car?
fordyce: you bet your pie-whole i did!
me: ...
fordyce: ...your so beautimus.
me: ...so much...so much hate...so much...

also: i might be comming back down to washington in may. weeee.

February 06, 2003

Bullshit, you know you want one....it's hard to tell from the picture, but mine even has the decals on askew.


The only thing that could have made that situation better is if the sticker had said "God is my co-pilot"
God, fog, and totaled cars

average day at work today.
soon a pre-feeder will be on my machine, no more manual feeding.
( we're actually pretty depressed about this, no more ... well, ... hard-work )
no i am not jealous of a spanaway shot-glass.
( today I had a revelation that I live and work in a very " redneck " atmosphere'd area )
can you smell what the rock is cooking?

side note :
I drive home and if I leave at a particular time I am always there in front of a church to see this little ricer-honda pull out the church-driveway, and I almost hit him/her once. Well, today that sucker got smashed. I'm talkin' totaled. Some big green truck ( I want to say F350 but it just SEEMED that huge in comparison to the ... or ... well ... what little was left of - the honda ) - smashed right into him. And boy oh boy do I love fog. The kicker?

the honda had a bumper sticker.
the bumper sticker said :
Warning! In case of rapture, driver will not be operating vehicle
or something to that extent.
having never seen the back of the honda, I snickered.
It was only that, later on down the road,
when I had to pull off to the side of the road and let an ambulance blare past me that I actually laughed out loud.

February 05, 2003

And now, for something completely different.....

That's right. You're all jealous now, aren't you?

[seems the picture might not have worked. Damn]
.................. I would have to say..... ew.... ew ew ew ew ew ew ew.... I'll never be able to look at porn again. THANKS!

And now i go back to american Gov homework. Miss davis rules.
That was perhaps the most disturbing thing I've ever read.
let me just say this:


Woo - hoo -

Me and Snaundra went to Castle, and she got her very first strap on. *sniffle sniffle* My little boy's all grown up! hehehehe - bend over, bois, she's coming for ya!

Meanwhile, I have finally become a woman! That's right, I got my first vibrator! Hold the applause. :) It's a great day to be a chick.
It mainly smell skank, with maybe a hint of retard as well.....
You guys smell that? It smells like stupid.

Note to Heather's Sister: I never said I wanted to have sex with you, nor would I pay to if the chance was there. I in fact said you were unattractive. Let me rephrase that for you: ugly.

Oh, and James, I caught your god damned "Multiple Schlerosis"... I have a horrible horrible headache.

February 04, 2003

A note from my sister:

Micheal, you suck ass. Die and rot in Hell. None of you will ever be able to pay to have sex with me because you are nasty, nasty hoes; and I am not. and you could not afford it, anyway. and thank you to James for not calling me a hottie. Everyone else, will you list their names, no, no, no, Heather! Will you list their names? Dude, Duuuuuddddddeeeeeee. You suck ass. Okay, let me think of what I wanna say. Shut up. Let's see, there was Micheal, Steven, Aaron, Mike Rigney, ummmmmm. . .whoever else was there die and rot in hell because yous nasty and . . .don't tell them to rot in hell, I don;t want them to invade my space. .. I hate you so *in Cartman voice* very, very much. and I hate Jimi so very, very much because he's gay and he's so very gay and he needs a new boyfriend because Micheal is apparently not working out and I hate you both so very, very much. You all suck, The end - no love, no love, for I have no love fo ya'll - *with emphasis* no love fo ya'll!!! but James is a hom-ee. Don't love 'im, but he's a hom-eeee. dude. I come off sounding like some gangsta wanna be. That's all. Poop on you are you done now

February 03, 2003

Micheal and Mr. R ->

What was that shit?

and, on a side note to Micheal ->
No, you cannot!

February 02, 2003

i just bought a digital underground cd...hehe. DO THE HUMPTY HUMP!!! heheh, funzo.

February 01, 2003

well shit-cakes.
on a side note : the picture of him giving barney head was still fun.

and yesterday has to be THE BEST day of the year, so far.

Not only did I get a ten cent raise ( which goes into my 4% annual raise, meaning in a few months it'll be 14.70, whoo! )
but a ton of great things happened.

I just cannot remember them.

Shari's was a good outing.
Im hungry. and tired.