April 30, 2002

fuck damn fuck stupid why still no webpage mode
how long will you be down there?
Gum Dammit. Battery on the Nova went dead. Prolly cuz of listening to my radio so loud at the drive-in for so long without startin the car 'cept once....*shrug*

Gotta love obnoxious car problems.
So I'm driving the Celica. With no revers. And no passenger seat....but atleast the people in the back seat have a lot of leg room ;-)

Goin to Cali on May 20. Indeed. Fun it will be. Big ass rave I'mma head to on May 24 in SF, and...yeah. Unlike up here, there's stuff to do.
Hot damn.

Oh yeah.

Second Post, bitches!

Anybody home?

April 29, 2002

im breakin th erules...because it sfunny

Well, you're a slacker. Your greatest joy in life is sleeping, and you try to avoid doing work as much as possible. Others are envious of your talent for skating through life doing only half as much real, actual work as everyone else. You're an expert at talking teachers or bosses out of reprimanding you for your apparent lack of effort. On the upside, you won't have to worry about things like repetitive stress disorder or high blood pressure. Your life expectancy is probably pretty high due to this, not that you'll actually accomplish anything, you damn leech.

whats fucking wrong with loose-slugs.com

i probably took a shit on it again and forgot to flush.

i just remebered that i took a poop right befor ei shpwered this morning...but i didnt flush because i had to take a shower and i didnt want the fkush to draw off the water and mak eit cold water...so i forgot to when i left. so there is dun poopie sin the toy lett.

so i come home..and there is a FIFTY TOW FUCKINGOUNCE cup on the counter..and i think to myself...jeeses..i need on eof those assholes for my drive accorss the country thi sjune. i could have like..90 pepsis in that fucker.

oi oculd also probably fit 90 penises in it. hoo doggies.

ellen. fell in....

hey james..do you keep palmaid on your shelf?

i appear to have second post..

fuck YOU buddy!

hee hee
I mean c'mon.

April 28, 2002

you'd be in my dad's old stomping grounds.....I may be down there for a while this summer myself. End of June...not sure if I'm going, but I should. Damn family.

php does indeed suck....I tryed to fool with it, once, and found it was more of a pain than it was worth.

Good luck.

Personal reasons. And it's not for sure yet.
But it'll be just a bit out of Sacremento, 20 minutes (or less) from there I was told..Manteca.
I don't know the area at all, but it's what I got.

On the other hand, I've found Yahoo to be a useful thing. I always hated it before, but just started using it recently.
Then I managed to find a redhead chica who went to Frontier w/me in 9th grade. She recognized me atleast.
So I went and met her. And yes Aaron, she's hot.
Fun indeed.

So I show up late to poker.
Wishing I'd stayed in Belfair, where there was a chica my dumb ass did indeed return to play poker.
Where I managed to lose some money.
Then gain it back.

Then get a 4 of a kind. Queens. All natural, no wilds.
Can we say, damned good hand? (For 7 card single draw, indeed we can). So Jimmoi bets.
So I meet. So James meets. So I bet...I go all in as a matter of fact.
It's a $9 and some change pot.
And that damned korean had four of a kind kings. Thanks to his two wild cards.
fuck it.
the board will be down for awhile.
or at least - the site itself, the board still runs.

blasted .php
test ( test ) test
Bracing for fairys flight
the dragon basks in pale moons light
waiting for the one who keeps his attention
...the sweet succubus for whom he waits
endless waiting heeds him not
for he is eternal, as is she
born of the fire of the dark corners of light
.....and with peppery sigh the flame burns still
and he continues waiting, for her cold touch and leathery wing

April 27, 2002

hey steve watcha goin to cali for and where are ya going to be... maybe i'll come visit ya vegas is but a 4 hour drive from there... who knows?
You're not crazy (at least not about this).
There are four movies:
"Universal Soldier" (1992), with Van Damme;
"Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms" and "Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business" (both 1998), both without Van Damme;
and "Universal Soldier: The Return" (1999), with Van Damme.

The two in the middle were made for TV by a Canadian company.

Would some one clear something up for me, I happen to be a fan of Van Damme movies and i was watching Universal soldier 2, and was very confused because this one didnt have Van Damme in it. But i do remember seeing a sequel to the original with Van Damme in it, that was called Universal soldier 2 as well. And if i remember it also had that big jewish wrestler Goldberg in it too. it was cool, but why the heck did they make another number 2 when they already had a decent one, and it seems to me that there is also two #3's in the series also, but maybe im just crazy
Blocks of cheese.....


And so it came to pass.

I might move to California.
Yay for me...or something.

Great it will be.
Lots of warmth. Bad drivers. And I can give a big 'fuck you' to a large quantity of people that I would like to give it to.
And I can be some Californian that pisses Jeff off.

April 26, 2002

hmm, has no one posted for today? that's interesting, i suppose

i would be in class right now, but i'm waiting for a CD-RW to finish erasing so that i can burn some report onto it so i can take it down to the library and print it out, so that i can turn it in...

all the while it being only half-done...

the more and more work i have, the less and less time i have to do it...but then again it doesn't take college to be able to deduce that.

damnit, this thing's been erasing for nearly 15 minutes...another fifteen and i'm just gonna say screw it and reboot or something, which i know isn't smart, but what can i do..

i got into a discussion about casual sex and such with an associate, which i will post about at a later date.

also, i have to finish my thought on tradition and statistics...if i haven't...i can't remember.

then there are the movie reviews on thirteen ghosts and NOW on AI as well...
saw riding in cars with boys, which i thought was...interersting, but i doubt i'll have time to write a review on that either...


AH HA, finally done erasing...now to burn it...

which means i am done here.

April 25, 2002

Hey I just might get a TDY to Turkey or Saudi Arabia oh that would be sweet 5 months of tax free pay plus $11.50 a day per diem hostile fire pay oh this is going to be GREAT... well that is if i get chosen I hope I do, Damn I want out of the states so badly.

have a nice day
No sarcasm there buddy.
I like pro...would have bought it myself, but it would have only helped me, and not the rest of you poor fools.

Yes indeed, the comment system has eaten a shit sandwich with a side of FUBAR salad.

Später. (which, by the way, is German for "Later")
well rip my heart out and call me shirley

a few, short - yet quick, things -

hopefully the majority of you are doing the " project " - in fact - Im gonna make the " due date " sunday night instead of this friday - giving those who havent seen the idea to get it - and those who said " fuck that buddy " to change their god-damned mind. Im having a lot of fun with it, actually - the first part is to choose an object, and im having second thoughts about my object because ... well - its cheap. but the descriptions are pretty good. which is the second part, and im having a blast with it.

Im constantly trying to get Joe to email me to get him on the board. He got to talking about the project today at work, and although I was half asleep - having someone talk to me about things on the board was just great, and I pepped up.

Jimmoi mayhaps have found a buyer for GOAT WHORE.


The comment system seems to have fucked itself in the ass. I could look into the problem - but I think the time has come for me to actually make some effort into finding a =good= comment system, that and I want to re-write the code to the posts so that you can have the option of emailing the person who posted - and commenting. Therefore if you wanted to say something to someone directly - you could email them at a click of a button - and if you wanted to comment publicly - there is the comment system. Shouldnt be hard ( in otherwords, four fuckin' hours ) -

My father ( or someone ) bought Dungeon Siege, which I will be playing once I get this post done. Yum yum fun.

and lastly -

bradbury, you're being sarcastic, right? what's wrong with pro?
I mean, seriously. That almost kills me inside.
I try my best - and do want to get the site up to something better
( this first project I plan to categorize and put up in a " history file " - with more projects to follow )
- and even if it was sarcasm, thanks anyway.

and trust me, it is rare that I accept compilments without thinking you're trying to backstab me or something =)

thats all folks.

April 24, 2002

I see you... :)
oh, yeah, almost forgot.

James: Thank you for purchasing the upgrade to pro. I appreciate all you do for this site.
Well now.

The levy is passing....so fuck you Aaron.

You wouldn’t believe the change in moral around the district. 180 degrees. Nice weather helped too. Today I was greeted at Graham El. by the principal, Wally Platt, yelling and raising his arms “yaaaaaaaaaaaa, we’ll have computers next year.”

To which I responded “yaaaaaaaaaa, we’ll have jobs next year.”

Haven’t been to the admin side of the district office yet, but I imaging they are all breathing easier. Not to mention all the damn construction managers that have been showing up recently. And the guys on Grounds crew - the ones that mow the lawns and such – they are all just about ecstatic. Now I know how people that work around politicians feel...all the damn grins all the time.

I like your assignment, Jimbo. Mine’s already almost done. Just a few details and a little research left. Most of the way though. I know you all thought I would use cars. Well guess what. You’ll just have to wait and be surprised by what I chose.

Now what......


...fuck it. That’s all.

well, i was on audiogalaxy just now downloading some black flag and pennywise (i've never really been into them but my friend told me to download some songs) and i look up at the top left-hand corner and what do i see? the genre lables. alternative rock, punk rock, pop punk

ok, i can live with alternative rock. it's something the media made up to label music they couldn't quite place. but pop punk. i can't handle this shit. why can't blink 182 just die already?

ok... sorry... just when i see 'pop punk' it sets off this electrode in my head that makes me all pissed off.


blogger is actually remembering me now. i checked that little 'remember me' box and it's finally working.


that 80s show. what can i say about it? everyone seems to hate it... i kinda like it. it's completely excessive but that's what the 80s were. plus chyler liegh (tuesday) makes it completely worth watching. the idea that punk chicks like that exist make me all tingly inside.

i mean, c'mon!

is it just me or does anyone else have the urge to listen to the sex pistols now?

oh, but only if i could find a punk rock girl like that. ya know, one who'd talk to a scrubby character like me sporting my pearl jam shirt and long hair. hey, tuesday likes that artsy fartsy guy on the show. why not me? blah. i'm not delusional. just lustful.

ok, i think i'll listen to 'punk rock girl'. my personal favorite dead milkmen song. indeed.
comment wouldn't post, so I post it here:

Drew - The word "Spater" doesn't bother me, and neither does Emo's talk of Butt sex. I mention *this* (reference to my last post) because you and Steve do it all the time when you go on bitching about something and then proclaim that you don't even care anymore in the end. Well obviously if you didn't care anymore you wouldn't have even had wasted your time to begin with and just would let it go. Posting such crap like Steve did just a bit ago about "oh my life sucks, something big went bad, blah blah blah blah, whine, cry, I'm a baby, boo hoo." and then he said "I shouldn't care, but I do, but I don't" blah blah. Obviously he did care because he bothered posting it. and his whole:

"Well, I don't care anymore. Do as you wish. If you think you are wasting your time, well then fuck it.

Ya hear that?


If you don't care anymore, then take your own advise Steve, and SHUT THE FUCK UP.

And Steve, I don't think you understood what I was saying YET AGAIN! But I won't argue with you, because your superior "intelligence" and amazing vocabulary has proved your point.


Die in a plane crash already.
the board has been acting up ( silly? ) lately

I kept getting an error messege - but
it seems like my post went through, how terribly weird.

in any event I have a PROJECT for all of you!

the project consists of the following :


choose everyone you know and write them down on a piece of paper. Then choose an object that has multiple differerent " types " of that object. A few examples : Cars, Samwhiches, Trees, Clouds, Alcohol, Computers, Socks. Now, all the people you know ( included people not on the board ) you compile a list defining " what kind of that object they are " - do you follow me? Take, for example, if I chose " drinks " - and I was defining Jeff I would say : " Jeff would definately be two bannanas, a kiwi, and a couple strawberries all mixed up into a blender to make a fruit-shake, because he's pretty damn fruity - maybe throw in some nuts too, or a steak. " - now, get this list done and ready and then this friday - everyone post their lists! I already know what my object is and have half of the people I know already done. HOT DAMN

lets see if this flies.
please comment if you're gonna ' play '

oh - and I told the guy who was selling the cruizer some bullshit story on why I couldnt buy it - because four people talked me out of it. ... bugger.
Someone dissed California a couple days ago.
I read like one line of it, meant to get back to it later, but can't find it now. Oh well.

Just wanted to say one thing though:
California isn't the reason for the "power crisis"; the companies behind that are and so is Bush and friends.. soo don't blame
a lovely state for Bush's greediness. Don't argue with this; you all know this is true. And I don't care what you think of Cali,
just don't blame it for shit it has nothing to do with.

I went to Paul Westerberg yesterday. Got lost. Missed the entire performance. Came in time only for the autograph signing.
I told him I'd make his Portland show, I did today. Anyways, he told me he would look for me at the Portland show, and during
a song break he pointed at me and said "i know you" and when i went up to him after the show for the signing and such, he
gave me a kiss on the cheek.. aww.
damn shit.



i didnt know jimmoi played keyboards.

need sleeeeeeeep.

fuck you buddy

April 23, 2002

Why is it when I see someone try and explain what they meant over and over again, and on a post after they get done explaining they say "I don't care anymore anyway", I find it funny. Should it be funny? that someone still obviously cares enough about the subject enough to explain themselves further, and then says "Yeah, whatever, I don't care anymore" which would make what they just said a complete waste of breath wouldn't it? Or did they still care to begin with, just in mid thought they realized how pointless the topic was. Shouldn't you just erase it then? .... eh...whatever....I don't care.
steve, I was saying that everytime that I see you or talk to you, you've been a dick... but your a dick to everyone so it doesn't matter, whatever I don't care, I'm an ass, your an ass, james is an ass, aaron is a fucker...


"There was a post here...but i deleted it...by i, i mean me, NONfinis...
Now normally i would not delete a post, and certainly would i never delete another's post's...but this post was mine, and i felt it needed to go...

why? well, if you caught the post, then maybe you'll get it, maybe you won't...

if you didn't...then just as well...for there is already much of it in similar ways on the board...why am i gonna post something else to add to the mix...

so thus...it is gone. and it will probably be the only post ever to be deleted, aside from ERRONEOUS POST...

i wonder if any of you will see this or read this...
fist and foremost, I must concur :

Plaid does rule.

Tortoise is along a similar vein - although not as eventfull.
thank you mucho for the suggestion Jesse.

and moving along -
you'll notice the board is now a [ pro ] board - this is merely because I didnt want to have to shell out 50$ later on when they have features I want. this way - I have it at the low rate of 35$ and I can bullshit that I was an " early supporter " of blogger.

Jeff claims to be back into the habit of posting.
heh - maybe we shall have alteration wars again, soon.

Andy has gotten into the box factory.

Although the man who I was/am going to buy the police cruiser from did not sell it this weekend - and is ready and willing to sell it to me - im going to give him a poppy-cock story about how my parents wont give me money from my savings - unless I get the following information from him :


and anything else that anyone believes is importance ( please leave a comment if you think there is something else I should know ) - of course, I will be telling the guy that " my parents wont fork over my money unless I bring them back this information " - therefore it not only makes me look like a pathetic child - but I get the information reguardless. hahaha.

that is all for now.


i am soooo tired...seriously. I decided, hey, why not go for a run...so that's what i did, i went for run with my friend jennifer...

it wasn't really a run, it was more of a jog...

and i realized...
i'm probably gonna die at like 24 or something...

maybe its the cold though, yeah, that's it...
it has nothing to do with my health, its cause of my sore throat and coughing...yeah....yeah...

in other notes...uhm...what other notes...

god i suck...seriously -- no this isn't like a wierd depression rant or anything
c'mon...seriously, i gave this some thought. why do we come online and post...its not like any of this is gonna matter in five years...or five months...or five minutes really...

unless of course i post something with pictures and a wierd cut-out...like "real life" photos of osama bin laden having butt sexx with a goat, while jOe tries to shoot it off his yard with his bow and arrow, all the while james running around in the background writing "tza" on various rocks.

what would i be doin' you ask...
i would be videotaping the whole thing...cause that's what i do...i am the person with the camera, or some other means of recording the events...


you know what really disgusts me....is when people have bowel problems and decides to share it with the rest of the restroom floor...

yes...that's right...its when i walk into the restroom in the early morning, and i have to go to the stall, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a fat wad of toilet paper and eight tiny shit-pebbles...

what on earth did i do this morning, or in my life, to have to be confronted with shit on the floor??

ooh, and of course, there is this guy on the floor who insists on farting as he's leaving the restroom...oh he doesn't do it in the restroom...he waits exactly till he's half-way out of the door...

how do i know? -- cause he ALWAYS does it as he's halfway out the door...he also does so as he goes halfway into his room...

wtf? he has some sort of decision making problem, if you ask me...

it is evident in his inability to decide where he wants to fart...

i mean c'mon...we all have predetermined places to fart...there are those of us who just go whenever, wherever...
and others who wait until they are in their special "fart-place"...

...it's kinda like a certain mint-bush and waiting to urinate at the right time...

i hate you guys...i hate you all sooo very, very much...


April 22, 2002

so working at mcdonald in drive thru and on front desk ya get to bein in somewhat of a daze...but everyonce in awhile something repeats itself and becomes of note...like someone who comes in every morning and orderd 2 large coffees, but he wants you to hand him the cups, a drink holder and the pot of coffee while you watch him pour it in and then dump 17 packs of sugar into each one....

or a lady who orders 2 plain busicuits every day and a knife and jelly.

or a hot girl who comes through the drive through frequently and hits on you mad like crazy seximo boobs showing and wearing short plaid bondage skirt and not noticeing(or maybe noticing all too well) that he legs were open and NO PANTIES.....

yeah. so she talk sto me all the time.

tonight i went to burger king...and who should i see in zee drive through....but hot bondage skirt no paties i can see her vagina come through driv ethrough flirt with zach-0 girl. and she wa slike.."HEY!!" and yeah. this is the bk on post..a mile from my house. which means she probably lives on post. anyways...... yeah that was the interesting thing.

oh yeah....and i got a hot 30 year old married woman to go to the jimmy eat world show with me.



james....whats th edeal with urine in your butt?

im writing a song....it sounds like a king missile song. its about jimmois flacid dick. i might even call it that.

boo yah!

Here I go again to waste my money...

Much like last year at this same time, the anime convention is here. Yes yes, and other sick, obsessed idiots, like myself, are going to go dress up as characters. Whee fun. Everyone knows Cowboy Bebop, and I'm going as Spike, and Wolfwood from Trigun...my cross owns your soul. Yes, I love these things, yet another place to meet more, annoying people in the anime fandom...42

- Jesse
I knew it, i knew it! you see, technology will be the downfall of us all...

of course, some of you will not know what i'm talking about, because later today i'll just fix that little error.

so for some of you, you know what the hell this blab is about, and for others...oh well.


So i think i'm gonna work on posting more often...starting with today.

Today seems to have start off rather well, i suppose...i had to ride a ferry, and two buses to go to class today, because i wasn't about to stay in the dorms on Sunday, on account of my roommate and his girl gettin' their "business" on, and me not wanting to be a spectator...


so that being that, i walked into class today, earlier than i've ever been. of course, that was to take a quiz, but whatever...

quiz went okay...scored a...

You know what...
i'm pretty sure...no, i'm damn positive, that you all don't really care about how my morning went, or how my quiz went...

i don't even care how my morning went, or how my quiz went...
if i could, i would have pissed on my quiz...of course, only if my urine was flamable, so that i could then ignite my quiz and run around campus waving a flamable, urine-soaked quiz, and exclaim with glorious delight about the inadequacies of tests and so forth...

too bad i don't have flamable urine,
not that i would probably have the intestinal fortitude to actually do something like that if i did have flamable urine.


That being that, there was something else i was going to say, but i forgot...

oh yeah...

damn you zach-o, damn you for losing/breaking/someone else breakin' my starcraft CD...
for some reason or another, i actually had the urge to play that game yesterday, but couldn't...

and i blame you sir.

actually, not really...but we all need someone to yell at, its what makes the world go round, and makes us feel better about ourselves, if only for a moment.

think about it, when you yell at someone else, doesn't it make you feel better...

perhaps the truly depressed people just have no one else to yell at, or that the person/persons they yell at, they are yelling at them with no foundation, making whatever they are yelling about seem moot and without substance...a fact which even they must themselves know, and thus making them depressed none-the-less.


what I ment steven, is not just the phone call, but you, your being a dick to me and I wonder if I'm wasting my time with being your friend/assosiate...

and as for me, I have been shot down and I will continue being an asshole to steven and everyone else in a friendly way... (drew trying to get back up)...

wow, I got first post, I'm the coolest person in the world...

April 21, 2002

i just realized that my post earlier sounded like i think all grunge band members did heroin. actually, i was quoting that article about the alice in chains' lead singer and in it they mentioned grunge and heroin. but yeah. there are two kinds of people that get hooked on heroin.
1.) trendy addicts. these people find whatever drug is popular on the market and fuck thier lives up on it.
2.) downer fiends. these people are like speed fiends only the other end of the spectrum. they're just looking for the most intense, relaxing and down high they can get. usually starts with pot.

not that i think pot is bad. i smoke pot moderately and i retain all ability to function in society. only people who have problems to begin with let pot become a problem.


enough of that.


hi, i'm mister and i'm an addict.

i have been clean for about a month now.

for nearly 2 and a half years i let it control my life. when i was in high school i came right home and stayed on it for countess hours. during the summer i spent almost all of my waking hours on it. then when my first semester of college came around i found myself skipping classes just so i could get more in. i needed it. i had to be on it.

and about a month ago i cancelled my everquest account and have not logged into the tarew marr server since.

thank you, thank you.

Sssso imagine you make a decision.
A big decision.
And through massive mental turmoil, over the course of a six month period, ya finally figure out what ya need.
And ya try to go back on your decision.
And it FUCKS YOU IN THE ASS as if you were meant for it.

Yeah. And ya know what?
I shouldn't care.
But I do care.

So guess what?
As a matter of fact, I HATE YOU STEVE TOO!



From this point on I care about one thing and one thing only. Should you ask what it is, I WONT TELL YOU!
Friends and colleagues, fellow slugs, I present for your consideration:

Anal Retentive Easy Cheese

well, that sucks... i guess i left off an html tag in my last post and i can't edit it. oh well. i think it was a center flag.

that should fix the web page.

I actually have back-up " /center " tags in each post, so if you forget something like that, it makes a save. - but what you had actually forgotten was the last >>> in your post - you didnt close off the image. but i fixed it! =)
no posts yet today? well, tsk tsk.

heroin was also part of the grunge scene. because all grunge rockers did heroin. i don't even like the word grunge. it's essentially poking fun at the fact that most members of most rock bands that came from seattle (or thereabouts) were from broken homes that couldn't afford much more than a pair of Chucks and a pair of second-hand jeans. not that i'm saying anything bad about washington, i know a lot of you are from washington.


unfortunate to hear about alice in chains' lead singer. they were one of the bands that helped kill the 80s.

trying to find a used car is harder than i suspected. especially since i am looking for something in particular. i'd like to be able to find a honda civic dx or hx with a 5 speed. but that's being way too picky. the one i did find was 10 grand though. blah.

April 20, 2002

Im posting this because it is short.
and today? today is short-post-day.
Gah...fuck...oh well...
Ya damned asian =P
I like rice...
James - Downloaded 5 and 6 from Fixed...music video to those? Hard stuff...Instrumentals are wicked hard to give a point, let alone, make interseting and different. I'll have to think about those. Box factory number yet? if so, e-mail.
testies, testies; one, two, heheh three?
test two
test one

April 19, 2002

Idjits from California

Now, hopefully nobody on this board is from California…
And if you are…then I’m sorry for what I’m about to say, and you should know that I am not trying to apply it to you…

So with that said…
I HATE Californians…

At the very least, I hate Californians that go to the UW. Seriously. First of all, last year, they up and steal our state’s power. Oh, but it is good that we share and …blah blah blah…fuck them! It’s our power. We had to pollute our waters, and kill our ocean life, and cut down OUR trees to make that power, and by God I’m keeping as much of my power as I possibly can…so to the issue of California, I say, FUCK CALIFORNIA!

Secondly, they come up here and drive up our prices with their yuppie ways…housing prices go higher…yeehaa…
And then what about the simple fact that their damn California breathing is taking up MY precious nitrous oxide. Do you see me going down to fuckin’ polluted and prostituted Hollywood and taking in their precious dwindling air supply? The fuck I don’t. But do they respect that…hell no they don’t. They take up MY air. It’s jeff’s air you fuckin’ rejects from the golden state. I hate you, I hate you, I HATE YOU!! Let me have my own damn air.

And finally, and perhaps the most important reason…California girls come up here, and they start going out with people’s roommates…say, my own roommate for example. Yeeup, let’s say him for a second. Let’s call the other girl Krystal (sorry, I had to change the name so as to not implicate any girl named by a similar name. The real person’s name is not at all similar to that mentioned above…I promise.

Now here we have this Krystal, and she is loud…oh you think you’ve ever heard loud…fuck no you haven’t heard loud…not in a million years you haven’t heard loud. Think the chipmunks, but then put them in a room full of both laughing gas and helium, and give them a low tolerance for “scary things”, and you’ll BEGIN to understand what loud is…oh believe you me. So then you take that, and then you have this Californian named Krystal and you make her make out with your roommate and giggle like a fuckin’ moron and you make her jump around and get into your things and put her stupid crap all over the place, and you listen to her talk about business and how money is the key to all life, and you read her AIM profile and it has stupid damn cliché sayings like “Life is a game, play hard”. I mean, WTF?!?! “I am sooo unique and have such a unique perspective on life…” even though I’m a fuckin’ freshman who has no clue and has to ask jeff about everything in life, from relationships to why I’m a fuck up, all because I’m a coward and can’t go live my own life and make my own stupid mistakes… Noooooooooooo…not me…no because I’m a CALIFORNIAN reject, and I like to wear skanky clothes and flirt with guys and be all surprised when they are falling all over me and then I ask jeff once again what is going on…


At this point I would like to apologize for taking up the board for a moment to rant and rave about such petty stupid little things, and to apologize for being selfish in this aspect. However, for me, this is UBER therapeutic, as opposed to possibly finding all the Californians, no one in particular and beating them in with the stick of intelligence. (in this case, I think the stick of intelligence would be that steel bat that I hear everyone keep talking about.)

With all that said, I am done.
Drew, I don't know what happened in this 'telephone' game of gossip, but I have never called you an asshole. Especially recently..I mean..why in hell would I call you an asshole because you were showing off your car?
"Yeah. Drew showed his car off. He's an asshole for that."
As far as saying things to your face...well anything I did say I /said/ to your face. You were there and I picked on ya for having a Civic. I'm sure you remember that..and I'm also pretty sure you knew that I was only harrassing you because you are a friend, as I do with all my friends.

So, I dunno where the 'asshole' part came in, but whichever person decided to add that in...they're gonna get hell for it.
And please do inform me of anything else I said that I didn't know about.
Because I'm damned sick and tired of words being shoved into my mouth.
I just spent 10 hours in a mini-van with "I LOVE USA", "PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN", and "PRAY FOR AMERICA" painted on the windows. Not to mention the "Power of Prayer" bumpersticker on the back, the cross stickers, etc, etc, etc.

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there we go! .... going sleep..
one thing that bothers me:

i click on that damn 'remember me' thing every time... and it never remembers me. typing in my user name/password every time pisses me off when the option not to doesn't work.

anyway. saw a movie today. thumbs up. ghost world. i had never heard of it before and it just happened to be on pay-per-view (thank you illegal cable) and i watched it. cool flick.

wow, i went post crazy today didn't i? well, that's what happens when you don't schedule any classes for fridays.

which reminds me. college has, so far, turned out to be, much to my expectations, a large waste of time. that's why i need to live out my dream since i was a kid. start a punk band. only problem is all my friends think punk is dead and won't have anything to do with it. i'd start a one man show but i leant my guitar to a friend a couple of years ago and it's now up in his attic.

but i've figured out the perfect combination for a punk band.

guitar: anything with strings. my old guitar was a harmony and it played punk just fine and dandy. i used to beat the shit out of that thing.
bass: again. anything with strings. it just needs to be a guitar with a deeper, throatier sound.
drums: bass drum, snare, a single tom (preferably a floor tom) and a cash cymbal.
vocals: most likely the guy on lead guitar, but doesn't have to be. could be a punk foursome, though idealy three is the magic number.

man, i'm really on a punk schtik today. maybe it's because it's really hot in my room. sonovabitch.

but, even if no one cares, it doesn't matter, cause that's what this board is here for.


Yeah, i just want to say that iMovie rocks...
i know i know that Final Cut Pro is waaaay better...
but for the time being, this is still sweet...

I have already done pre-work on an old Photography class assignment that i had to do for Parr's class...


ahem, i digress...

i am gonna to work on that thing we filmed last year and then i'm going to also put together the old Bethel Slayer, like i planned for last year...
only this year i can do it on my computer...

then i'll put it on Video CD, and send it to whoever wants a copy...i don't care, i've got plenty of blank CD's...

--if anyone has a suggestion for a soundtrack or whatever to that thing we filmed last year that completely sucked...just tell me and i'll see what i can do...


--bad christmas spirit?!
ya know steve, if you tell heather something, chances are shes going to tell sharrie, and cances are sherrie is going to tell me.
Mabey I went to james's house to show you guys my car, but I wasn't bragging about it, I told you guys that because I thought that some people might care like James, Jimmi, or mabey even Andy, they seemed concerned because they're my friends or assosiates. don't call me an asshole if your not willing to say it to my face... and tell me if you are even concerned about being my friend or assosiate, because if your not, then I don't want to make anymore attempts to be your friend of assosiate...
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - It may not be OK to be a skank but legally it is OK to be called one.

A California state appeals court has ruled it is not libel to call someone a "skank" or even a "big skank" on the radio -- describing the word as "a derogatory slang term of recent vintage that has no generally recognized meaning."

The state's 1st Court of Appeals, ruling in a case stemming from the show "Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire," found that participants in the program "voluntarily subjected themselves to inevitable scrutiny and potential ridicule by the public and the media."

A contestant, one of 50 women who competed to marry a multimillionaire on the Fox television program, sued two morning disc-jockeys at a San Francisco radio station after they called her a "local loser," a "chicken-butt" and a skank" for declining their invitation to appear on their show.

The woman, Jennifer Seelig, was not amused and sued the disc jockeys, their producer and the radio station owner, Viacom Inc. unit Infinity Broadcasting, citing slander, invasion of privacy and infliction of emotional distress.

But the appeals court judges, in their ruling released on Tuesday, instructed the trial court to dismiss the case, saying the on-air discussion involved "a television show of significant interest to the public and the media" and thus was a protected form of free speech.

The appeals court also rejected the plaintiff's claim that she was libeled, saying there was no way to prove that the disc jockeys had knowingly perpetrated a falsehood by describing her as a "local loser", a "chicken butt" and a "big skank."

"The terms local loser and chicken butt are not actionable because they are too vague to be capable of being proven true or false," the court said.

It said the same argument applied to the phrase "big skank."

The plaintiff's lawyer, Christopher Dolan, had argued that the term "skank" was widely understood to be derogatory, pointing to definitions such as that in the American Heritage Dictionary, which defines the word as "One who is disgustingly foul or filthy and often considered sexually promiscuous. Used especially of a woman or girl."

I love Daria, one of the only TV shows I'll watch.
So I took that quiz.
And I was Jane.
Granted, Jane is my favorite character on the show..but..umm...
*dons his skirt*
i would now like to say how much i HATE microsoft windows. goddamn explorer.exe has crashed twice in the laste 30 minutes (i'm too lazy to reboot my computer) and all those who this has happened to (i.e. everyone who runs ANY microsoft OS --windows 3.1 being the possible exception) knows what that means. every internet explorer window and any other program i was running at the time gets shut down. except for winamp, getright and clonecd. so even though the unamerican.com catalog went away i still got to finish listening to trailer park riot song that was on.

i just felt like ranting because i am now going to reboot my computer and probably won't have the motivation to reconnect to the internet. i'll just take a shower.

ok, so i'll probably go back to the unamerican.com catalog. thier buttons rock my cocoa puffs.

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wow. this could be the most accurate survey in the history of man.

now, if i could only gather the strength i'd go brush my teeth and take a shower

oh yeah... i then took that daria quiz which is linked tot he slacker quiz. i was trent. kinda predictable.

Take the What Kind of Slacker are you? Quiz

ah hah hahahaha.
i know people who can back that up.
in fact.

I know a lot of people who can back that up.

everyone seems to have been stirred.
another coworker of mine - brian ( who works on the prime, the machine jimmoi was once going to work on because he figured it was " a slacker machine " PFAW ) - might stop by to look around sometime this weekend.

to brian, and joe - if you leave your email address in a comment - or email me at NOTMUD@LOOSE-SLUGS.COM I can add you to the board and you can post questions of the many people already on. They have a wide knowledge database, and are very opinionated - although, granted, they may not get along all that well ( as you can see from the last couple of posts ) - they're still all my associates.

i talked to the guy with the old police cruiser today and he said that he'd sell it to me for 1600 - if he doesnt get rid of it this weekend. lets all hope he doesnt get rid of it this weekend, and they're'll be a new hip TZA - mobile 'round town, ya'll.

Aaron - my car I have now is -REALLY a piece of shit, you seriously shouldnt be interested in it. I was just considering selling it to zach-o for like 500$ ( which isnt a lot ) when he gets back, considering jimmoi's car is like close-to-dead.

other than all of that, I got sanitarium ( a computer game, oldschool ) in the mail. gonna play that. wheeeeee.
such hostility floating around here.

let's all sit around a camp fire making s'mores and sing folk songs.

on second thought, let's not. someone's bound to break out a korean steel bat and beat some kneecaps.

someone mentioned punk rock. since i didn't really read much of any of the posts as they were mostly flames i'm ignorant as to the context it was used in, but punk rock = good. just wanted to say that.

oh yeah... and i don't mean punk rock like blink 182 or sum41 because anyone worth thier salt knows that's just shit rock anway.

real punk rock is the ramones, black flag, sex pistols, blondie, nirvana... etc.

yeah... so that's my little tangent for the day.

April 18, 2002

Now onto the rest of the day's posts.

Yes, it was incredibly hard to tell Jesse was joking the first time. Being as how he's always filled with this urge to be different and that post was something that I expect to hear out of a common 'punk' kid I wouldn't have been surprised to see Jesse following that trend.
The second post did in fact seem he could be joking. Nontheless it was fun to tear into, and joke or not, everyone should know I love verbal arguments such as the one that followed his post. Being the fucker I am and all.

I agree. Aaron you should start sayin shit to people's faces. I've known for a long ass time that ya don't like me, but I've never cared enough. Yet you seem to get along with us all fine and dandy when we are around. It's here that ya show your balls and insult people. It would be nice to see you say something to any one of our faces for a change. I mean hell I have no problem telling you to your face that you look like a penis. As a matter of fact I'll tell you next time I see you if you want.

Jesse, almost all of your posts are filled with that 'teen-angst' and a number of other people have said the same. Angst being fearful, and you are afraid of being normal. You are so caught up in your own desire for 'individuality' that you obviously cannot bear the idea of being considered just your average joe. Almost everything I see out of you consists of common cliche's. That's why I compare you so much to that of a 'punk.' Because although I do see you as very different from them, your blind ideals are always running parallel. As a matter of fact, try watching SLC Punk sometime. You remind me of the main character before he starts getting, as James put it so nicely.."slapped in the face with the large trout of reality." And now that I think of it, Aaron reminds me of the same character..except for him it's before him and his friend discover punk rock ;-)

Yes Jesse, I rather enjoyed that twist on the stick up my ass. As a matter of fact, feel free to twist it any time. As I'm sure most people have noticed...I love diving headfirst into verbal crossfire. I honestly don't care what anyone thinks about me because of my opinions, or whether or not they think I "won or lost" a debate, although it irritates the fuck out of me when people who are part of the debate try and win it over just by saying "my argument was better than your rebuttle" rather than think of a useful response. That seems to happen a lot here, and usually from the same parties.
I just love doing it. So go ahead, I enjoy the splinters on that stick jabbing into my asshole.
As far as angst goes...I’d yield to the guy with the German last name and physical features....

Now, let’s not waste any more of our time on that subject. It’s not worth our time.

Third party software = funzo.
“Here, I bought this, and I need it to work with the library system and Accelerated Reader”
“Did I mention it cost $170, a quarter of my budget?”
“And I need it to work ASAP.”
“But I can’t get it to import from the library system.”
“Your boss said you would make it work.”

All I have to say is, people at software company help desks who actually know the software are worth their weight in gold.
And about twice as rare.

Grammer iz gud.
just because what i saw made me go "what the fuck?!?!"....and this is not going to be a ramble...its gonna say what i mean...

if these people do not want to get pregnat then there are really two things that should be done.....the first one is easy..DONT HAVE SEX BECAUSE SEX MAKES YOU FUCKING PREGNANT!

the second one is get steralized. seriously. doesnt that make more sense? instead of having to go through the abortion thing x amount of tyimes..GET FIXED ONCE......problem solved.

this also solves world population problems. not so many people having kids....because not so many people canb have kids.

im going to take fire for that..but it is my personal belief that abortion is wrong. if you assfuckers can voice your pro abortion views...and all agree with each other and be like"hey yeah woo go us" ......then fuck off and let me belive what i want to belive......ok?

jesus tits..

today is soo flaming..its homosexually hot...gay would be one word.

aaron lets people have it, those people let aaron have it...i let EVERYONE have it cause i HATE all of you...everyone laughs at and goes"haha shut up zach-0, you queer little emo fool"....then random person starts debate about steel......


choist cakes with caviar...

but i wasnt even seriously debating that....i was just harping on the steel bat.....and then the usa thing was making fun of his anti america post.....but apparently the only people who understand jokes are me and him.

and fuck my ear because it feels like im on a mountain..but im not..and it wont pop..fawwk!!!!!!!!!

i was going to flame people...so heres my flames

james- your a fucking queer. jump off a cliff.
aaron - your a fucking queer(penis). jump off a cliff.
andy - your a fucking queer (and closet sympathizer with the mexicans). jump off a cliff.
jesse - your a fucking queer. jump off a cliff.
who the fuck else is on this board.

chrissie - your a fucking queer. jump off a cliff.
bradbury - your a fucking queer. jump off a cliff.
jeff(even though you havt posted in days) your a fucking queer. jump off a cliff.
steven - your a fucking queer. jump off a cliff.
napster - your a fucking queer. jump off a cliff.



on second thought...lets all join a cult.

"we love the leader, we love the leader, we love the leader........"
First of all, Aaron.
I about started this off by calling you a dimwitted piece of monkeyshit, but decided against it, since it would hold no bearing and achieve no more than your hippie comment. Which, by the way..affected me in no way, shape..or form...considering one of my best friends says the same thing to me every time he sees me.

I never claim to be an intellectual. Nor have I ever. Unlike some people I find it completely senseless to toot my own horn, unless it is in jest. And if I may ask..who the fuck are you to decide who is and who isn't an intellectual? You certainly aren't one who can gauge another's intellectual capacity. And I'm sorry if I can't think 'effectifly' but atleast I can spell effectively correctly. Yes, I do at times use statistics for things. But rarely...simply because I don't feel that 'statistics' are ever 100% and are often way too far off to be considered.
I pass nothing off as intelligence. Yes I spit out sarcasm and trivia. And yes if you knew a damn thing about real debates, you would know that sarcasm is an 'effectif' tool in a debate (which is why it is used so often by lawyers) as is trivia, because it gets the point across better than saying 'this is how it is because I said so.'
And if ya think otherwise...well, read about Socrates sometime. Considering sarcasm and questions were one of his biggest things. I figure you can atleast relate to that since you have to use other philosopher's ideas rather than think for yourself.

That doesn't make you intelligent, it just makes you a fucker
Again. I never claim to be intelligent.....Although I will gladly take on the role of being a "fucker" and wear the banner proudly. I rather enjoy the role of being a jackass. Which is why I enjoy responding to Jesse's posts so much.
If anybody on this board has angst all over the board, that would be you and Jesse. So don't even go there.
I really don't give a rat's ass what position my parents were in when they concieved me...nor do I wish to know. But if that's the only reason you can come up with for why I'm "angst filled" and unintelligent...well good for you Aaron. But..first..do me a favor and figure out what the fuck angst really is.

I am a pathological liar. You are right..it really sucks to be me. Lying all the time and all.
Aaron, since you seem to know me so well and know about all these accursed lies I'm telling..could you please change your stance and start calling me on all my lies? I'd love to hear it.
That way I can rip your 'calls' apart.
Or is it..you are too damned afraid to make these calls for fear of me proving what I say and making you look like a donkey's ass?

I talk about how I am "always getting women."
Well fuck.
Guess ya got me there..you are right. I'm not "always getting women."...but I have a question for ya.
When the fuck did I say that?
As a matter of fact, I'm always bitching about not getting women.
You agree...ugly women I get all the time? What the fuck?
Considering you've only ever seen one woman (Rose) with me besides my ex...where the hell do you get off saying that?
I don't give a shit what people think of Rose...or any chicks I hang out with for that matter. But Rose isn't some "chick that I got" considering she is just a good friend of mine...and she has a boyfriend. Marylin on the other hand...of whom a large amount of other people here have seen..is hot. And there's no denying it.
But again, I haven't fucked her either..nor do I claim to.

So..where the hell are all these ugly chicas that I seem to be getting all the time?
Or is Aaron just a pathological liar himself, having seen me with all these ugly chicas. Well hot damn.
As for who I look like...I never judge my own looks. Never had the self esteem to bother trying. All I've ever been able to do is go off the opinion of others, which is usually good. Do I care if I look like Frank Zappa? Fuck no. Hell I could care less if I look like Bob Sagat. But I can tell you, that you've got no room to talk.
Damned walking penis.
Half the things in my flame are meant for andy...hmm..let's see..he's sarcastic..yep. He's a fucker...yep. Oh his parents had sex in the wrong position too? Well good for them. Atleast they are adventurous.
Well, I never see him spit out statistics, or use trivia...or lie constantly...I certainly never see him talkin about gettin chicas all the time...and, well..if you think he looks like a hippie, all the power to ya.
So...the half that is supposed to apply to Andy. Is it the complimentary half? (The sarcastic fucker part) or is it the part where you are completely full of shit and saying I look like a hippy?
Either way...
Whatever you say Aaron.
I don't see Bradbury ever act superior to anyone.
Physically maybe...but...well...if you want to prove yourself physically superior to him...I'd love to see it. The jpeg of him pummelling a walking penis would probably make good money on eBay.
Come on Aaron...don't you have anything 'intelligent' to say about him? Or are insults on the way he looks the only thing you can think of?
1. You have no room calling him fat.
2. Nice 'call girl' insult. What search engine did you use to find it?
3. That one bold statement proves once and for all, that you are a child who is not old enough to be voting since you seem to want to bring a personal opinion of someone into the matter. And if you aren't mature enough to vote, well then again..you have no room to talk about angst.
Happy birthday Aaron.
I can't wait 'till the day ya turn 20.
Then maybe you will have some common sense...and a tad bit of insight into real life.

Oh...And Bradbury.

I remember one time when Aaron had a chica.

Her name was Cinnamon Demmon. Although I'm not sure of the spelling.

Not going to bother describing her repulsiveness.
But she had ugliness o'plenty.

And anyone who's ever met her can attest to that. Fuck she should be in both Frontier and Bethel yearbooks if ya wanna look her up.
Above you'll see my first reaction after work. I'll leave that up there just so it can be seen, but I'll say something else now.

Whole topic / Aaron - not worth my time.
casually raises his middle finger

Apparently there was a ' bird problem ' in the green houses these past few weeks at work - birds eating the seeds / chewing up the trees. To solve the problem I mentioned that I had a BB gun and that I was a good shot with rifles - I was asked to bring it in and ' neutralize ' the problem. I'm sitting in green house fourteen listening to ... Gravity Kills I believe it was when I saw movement, the hunt begins.

I moved about halfway toward the birds ( two of them, and fatter than hell ) from where I was sitting - relaxed, took aim... -ping- wow. I missed. Having scared the shit out of them one of these fatties flew toward me and landed even closer - sucker. Slow deep breaths came, the rifle rose, the sights right on its chest - -thwack-
He flies off, spread eagle type under the tables. Hoo Hoo - I know I hit that bastard, yet it appeared again - apparently unscathed.

" What the fuck ? I'm a good shot, generally - rifle is filled, sights on target - whats the problem ?

I shoot at the other fatty, I see the pellet zoom past the bird's head - pretty sure he felt it zipping by. At this point both birds disappear below the tables and I start crawling around looking for em, looking high and low. No where in sight. So, having successfully scared them off I had to go back to thinning trees - maybe I should play with em more next time.

Point being ? I feel the need to paintball - rifle in my hand felt very good. That or find myself a gun club and buy my own rifle.
Bradbury, you seem to have your hands into everything - any gun clubs in the area ? =D
Firstly, you shouldnt open your mouth ( yes you, penis ) unless it wont backfire in your face - like "you are not an intellectual. You are mundane, and you need to understand that, you do not have the intellectual capacity to think effectifly let alone debate affectively. You spit out rehashed statistics", when you yourself keep babbling on an on about philosophy which is not your own.

Secondly, everything you just posted makes you look very childish - if you want to talk about someone's angst bullshit - look into a mirror or look at Jesse.

Thirdly, it seems obvious, to me at least - that the reason you quit high school ( I believe this was said by someone ) is because you cannot spell. If you're going to ( notice that contraction did ya ? ) call someone ' fat ', have some intelligence ( which you said everyone here seems to lack ) and learn the simplest of fucking grammar rules.

Lets talk about you some more shall we ? You looked like a hippy yourself while I was still in high school - a penis bobbing through the crowd trying to seem so ' different / unique ', always making that sucking sound. Long ago I seem to recall how you tried to modify Jeff's ' scribble ' language which we had fun with. " But mine is better, improved " you cried, no one gave a rats ass about your ' improvements '. Whats that matter boyo ? Feel the need to bolster your ego, something missing in your life ?
You whine and flinch away when something doesn't go your way - like that life boat of yours with the fat hole in it ( that you didnt notice ). Some time there slugs everywhere heard a sound, yet what was it ? Oh I know, it was Aaron crawling back... " My lifeboat sucked, it flopped. Please let me in ".

Unless you know someone, don't open your mouth to attack them - you'll just look stupid. Do I know you ? No - and I never cared to - you rank somewhere - really - close to Heather.

Aaron - well, ... yea. har har.
Steven's girlies = hot tries to remember when Aaron ever had a woman, yet fails
To continue the fine tradition of flame posts.

It's not my fault people act like idiots, I just call things as I see them.
Jesse’s first post got treated as it did because it came out of the blue.
Nobody knew he was joking, because he didn’t make it clear. By the second post, most everyone that jumped his shit the first time figured he was either joking or hallucinating (I was hoping for hallucinations). He did, however, do a good job of getting a debate started. Not as much on the second one...although I’m all for watching other people run naked through the countryside. It would have to be a quick run, with the way the weather has been lately.

I don't know you, nor do you know me.
I've never gone after you personally, only your stated views. The only times I’ve posted something insulting towards you, it was meant in jest. If those times I came across otherwise, you have my apologies. That having been said, this time I am serious, regardless of whether or not you were.

If you have a problem with me, say it to my face.
I'll be at Shari's this Friday night, should you grow some balls.

I've never tried to act condescending. If you see it that way, maybe you need to take a look at your own insecurities.
I’ve also never denied being an asshole. If you think I’m bad, well then you aught to meet my family.

I state a lot of fact, as well as a lot of opinion - I always have. If you disagree with my opinions, or think I got a fact wrong, well then, let’s talk. I can tell you that the latter doesn’t happen often, because I think before I state something.

About Steven: Judging by your post, you obviously do not know him. At least not very well.

If you want to vote against the levy, that’s fine. You’ll just be screwing Bethel students, and some of my colleagues. You must not have been around the last time a M&O levy failed. It sucked. This time will be worse. BSD employs 2600 people, district wide. If this fails, 18% of those (around 500, when all’s said and done) will be out of jobs. That will do nasty things to the local economy. Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face....

Ok, so your Uber Flame-Post was a lot better than mine. In fact, yours was one of the best in recent history.


James, tell me if you are going to sell your car... need to know... and now... onto the real meat of my post.


So, just to keep the fire burning... I present you with my


STEVEN, you are not an intellectual. You are mundane, and you need to understand that, you do not have the intellectual capacity to think effectifly let alone debate affectively. You spit out rehashed statistics, combine it with sarcasm and trivia and try to pass it off as intelligence? That doesn't make you intelligent, it just makes you a fucker. Did you hear that? YOU ARE A FUCKER! I am tired of your angst filled bullshit all over the board whenever anyone says anything. If you had intelligent opinions it would be one thing, but good god man... I didn't know there was a "wrong position" to have sex in, but your parents obviously conceived you in one. You are a pompous pathological liar and everyone knows it. Half the stuff that comes out of your mouth is complete bullshit so by nature I just assume all of it is, the only reason I don't call you on your constant lies is that I pity you. You also talk about how you are "always getting women." And I agree... ugly women you do indeed get all the time. Don't act like you are a pimp if the girls you get aren't at least a 6 on the scale of attractiveness of doableness or whatever you want to call it. Also, you look like Frank Zappa, cut your fucking hair you hippy.

ANDY- Why is it that you are here again? Does the board really need more than one stupid reactionary? Just pretend that half of the things in Steve's flame are meant for you too. I'm too tired to type it all out again.

BRADBURY-....What do I say? I mean, you have a lot of pragmatic, practical knowledge, and I can respect that. But where do you get off acting superior to all of the "younger slugs" because you have a few years on us. Are you just filled with anger because your fat? Does it make you that angry that call girls give you a rebate after they see your picture? Just because I can't stand your blabbering anymore... I'M VOTING NO ON THE LEVY!!!!!

As for EMO, JAMES, and the rest of you, I love you guys. James, if I must be kicked for breaking the rules, so be it. Also, Napster, you going to Denny's tomorrow night?

God, I love my birthday.
a few words -

first of all, you'll notice we've been having a phantom poster in the comments section - but he's been changing his name like the bitch he is. His name is Joe, the guy I mention about from work - and he's started this would-be steel debate. Im going to try and get him onto the board, I say pretty well if he got bradbury's attention. also - I have to get rose on the board as well, the trick is figuring out how to get passed her insecure boyfriend.

secondly - i was driving home from work listening to the classical station and the guy continually pisses me off by saying " Shoe - Bert " instead of " Show - Bear " - in reference to the composer. WHARGH.

also - chrissie, the name of the play is Mourning Becomes Electra. - and still, is anyone interested in going to see the play with me?

this friday im thinking about heading off to home depot and getting a bunch of crazy fun stuff - and I talked to the police-cruiser guy and gave him the price of 1600, he said he'd think about it. Obviously, that means no. Well, at least I tried. I was hoping he'd raise it up to 1800, because I really can pay 1800, but wanted to pay just that, so i said 1600, hoping he'd raise it to the price i'd be willing to pay. eh, haggling.

oh - just to remind you all, today was a nice day of being paid to stand around and bullshit ... bullshit... bullshit ... bullshit ... bullshit... ( oh, yeah, stack a box ) bullshit some more, bullshit some more, oh - time to go home?

eh heh.

other than that...
hopefully my jega / plaid and tortise ceedees come in today.

First off, steel is steel....and even the Japanese steel (which is really pretty damn good for the price anymore) is steel, not tin. That is, it’s a mix of Iron and Carbon....Tin is tin, a completely different metal with completely different properties. The problems that you run into with the foreign steel are not related to the actual mixture of metal, but to the hardness, or the lack of consistency in hardness due to the fact that they are not making steel, they are recycling it, and typically do not get it hot enough to break down various different source metals (i.e., hardened bearings vs. mild steel). The Japanese have, for the most part, gotten past this, however the Koreans still suck ass. Either way the majority of the steel they melt down is of American origin anyway. If anybody wants to talk further about this, I’ll be glad to elsewhere.

Second, there are already too many people on this fucking planet, the last thing we need to do is force stupid people to reproduce more than they already are. As far as that goes, the last thing we need to do is force anybody to reproduce. Abortions should be encouraged, more so for the people who live off welfare and don’t understand the meaning of the word “job.” I’ve got a whole shitload of neighbors who all live on state and federal money of one sort or another, and their kids don’t have a job because they’ve never seen anyone actually have one. So they have kids, and you know that the next generation won’t seek gainful employment either, because, after all, why work when the state will pay you money to sit around and drink beer all day?

That brings me to my last topic de jur: Three, how many present actually have a marketable skill?
Just wondering.


April 17, 2002

“Stars and stripes of corruption, Anarchy in the USA, Fuck America.”

Wow such strong words coming from a teenager that still lives with their parents or has just moved out discovering a new life. How can one say things like that I do not know. Why would one say things like that? I still do not know. Though it is possibly that those who say such things are those that yern to be “different.”

Wow things like this get me all fired up. Its amazing how people can get so ignorant because they want to be “different” from the rest.

on that note I’m going to bed.
Alright, this comes from Jesse's first post yesterday:

I think they all need to get punched in the face, or maybe clubbed in the kneecaps with a large steel bat. I think people who get pregnant and don't want the baby should be forced to stay with it, and show them how retarded they were to begin with.

And now, this come from his second post:

All you dumbass shithead who want to be under someones rule

Make up your damned mind.


Insert foot in mouth now

April 16, 2002

... * looks at Jessy * ... ... ... * shrug * i dunno but Emo bitch smacked you all with a large trout....
man o man, got a A- on that test, tryen to get pages done in D.S's class, if all that happens then i have math left, and when i get all those done, THE FUCKING BECABILLS GUNNA FUCK IT ALL UP FOR ME BECAUSE IIIIIII MISSED MORE THEN 10 DAYS...... ... ... ... i hate the law. ... ... heh.. reminds me of a song :)

man o man, MEEESTA gold fish is back!!! =) shows i havent checked the board in a while anyone elce haven troubble with clicken on suggestions then the explorer will crash ??oh well, but hay, jimmy wanna do that thing tommorw??? or i could teach you how to play OFP. * shrug * bored, goen to school tommrow got a Student Teacher in D.S's room.... might be fun, ill get my spit gun ready! heh heh heh think ill bust out a phaty and SMOKE the whole class while im at it heh heh heh, jeff....

man o man bored as hell.... bored bored bored................................ so um, about lent. would someone explain to me, WHAT exactly is the pirize for the winner??? because... i wannna be reminded why im not playen EQ.... ive beaten 6 games in the time i could have waisted my life into my Fantsy Dwarven Cleric......

im sick of people talkinga bout abortion.

its flared up recently..everywhere.

im so sick of it.

if you agree with it..then good for you.

if you dissagree with it..good for you.

if you have no opinion....good for you.

now everybody shut the bloody hell up you fucking wankers.....because i feel like hitting each and every on eof you in the face with a STEEL baseball bat. not one of those cheap aluminum jobs.....no sireeee bobbycock......good fine american steel made in the steel refineries of america...by americans....and i will grasp it by the handle..and slam it into your faces over and over and over again.


shut the fuck up.

"the blues is not really an art form..its a way for white kids to relate to black kids..without ever actually having to meet one"

gotta love the dead milkmen.
You know what I hate the government, you know what, FUCK THE GOVERNMENT. All you dumbass shithead who want to be under someones rule...oooOOoooo...loook at me. I saw, denounce your citizenship, run naken through the country side.

Stars and stripes of corruption, Anarchy in the USA, Fuck america.
Don't blame it on the doctors. God damn. They are just doin what their patients ask. If ya have a problem with it, go to the source....the idiot teens who get pregnant.
And also..so ya know, not all people get pregnant by choice.
If I were a chick, and I were raped, and people like you forced me to keep the baby, I'd probably shoot myself in the head.
No rape victim should have to carry a reminder of her rape in her stomach for 9 months. That's just fucked up.

Again, the idiot teens who get themselves pregnant? Yes they should be forced to bear it.
Keep it, no. If they are willing to kill it they will probably abandon it..so there should be a shelter for them.
But then there's the question, you who hate it so much...are you willing to pay taxes for unparented children?
Cuz if you are gonna go there then you'd better be ready to do so.
Blame the people. Not the doctors.

Fuckin chroist. I can't believe I actually saw something so dimwitted and stupid come out of even your mouth.
God damned bartenders, what / who gives them the right to get people drunk ? What about those construction workers ? Don't they have a heart ? What gives them the right to tear down a house eh ?

Think before you open your mouth or shut up jesse. Fer fuck sake.
mother fucker!

i had quite a little response to Zero Twoism typed out and when i hit the 'post & publish' button everything crapped out on me. so now i'm just good and pissed off. so, to paraphrase: shut the fuck up. open your tiny little mind and consider all the variables before making such a strong statement you twit.

Club a baby seal for Jesus
You know what I hate? I hate fucking abortion doctors, god, what gives them the right to take away a life? What gives them the right to play god? hmmm? I think they all need to get punched in the face, or maybe clubbed in the kneecaps with a large steel bat. I think people who get pregnant and don't want the baby should be forced to stay with it, and show them how retarded they were to begin with.
three things

1. I might sell my piece of shit car to anyone who wants it in the event I can get this car from a guy at work. BUT WAIT! what sort of car is it? ITS AN OLD POLICE CRUISER! and guess what it has?! IT HAS A SPOTLIGHT BUILT INTO THE CAR - remember all that talk about TZA on the side of a police car ...... Ooohh HhoOohh hOoohh.

2. there will be a eugene o'neill play showing up in seattle on may 19 - i am interested in going. anyone else?

3. i might have found a lady friend. wheeee.

April 15, 2002

what a day, what a day. i get up at 10 and get ready for class. leave around 10:30 and pull in about 10:45 and much to my dismay the main entrance is dug up and large yellow vehicles are in the way. so i have to go all the way around to a back street to get in, only to find no parking spaces in the main lot. no surprise there. i park in one of the spaces in one of the alternate lots and trudge up the hill to the school. i manage to make it through the hour and fifteen minutes in a daze and get back to my car about 12:30.

at home it's not much better. it's pretty hot outside and in turn it's pretty hot in the house and when it's hot in the hous it's REALLY hot in my room. but i'm determined to play some tony hawk 3. and i do so for a while. somehow seven hours pass and i jump back in the car to head to the bluegrass -- the local dive where my compatriots and i colaborate and scheme up many-a-shinanningan-- to find it pretty empty. so i do some studying. after an hour one person i know shows up and conversation ensues until about 9:44. at this point we decide it odd that no one else had shown up yet so we pack up our things and head home. and now i'm writing this post.

day in the life.

what fun.

oh yeah. krazy kittens
James... you suck
James this weekend Mike told me that theres going to be an uber paintballin outing for jimmy on the 29th....is this a credible statement? cause if it is you can bet im coming, and i wont bring any extras this time, cept maybe my lil bro cause i know he'll bitch....but other than that noone. I need to get back at Mike for going 007 on me on the airfield with his crappy pistol. And i didnt get near enough bruises or welts gonna have to wear less padding
Me home frum vurk. me sick. sick suckie. no vurk is gud.
do me a favor,
and tell me ....

that looks like andrew davis, doesnt it?
well ...
sorry to say, thats a woman.

April 14, 2002

Thirteen Ghosts, pt I

Hahahahah, oh my god this movie sucked sooo much that its hard to even begin. I plan on writing a movie review on it, but not just yet...I still want to compose my thoughts before I begin cutting into this movie...

also, if anyone else has seen this movie, and they have an opinion/review, then by all means write about it...it would be interesting to get another take on it...

...and on another thought...

tradition and statistics...similiar?

just consider it.

---bad christmas spirit?!


oh my jesus.
look its cyber sappy tree stumps

i like how a person will say somthing to you that they only half mean at the time....and you think..oh well fuck it..i dont care...and then that someone like...totally forgets about what they said to you half heartedly at the time..and at the time you completely cast it aside form your mind..because you dont care...and so they have a whirlwind night of fun and adventure worthy of story and song..and much reminiscing..whilst you sat in your filth..and then the person suddenly remmebered what they had told you..but you had decided to end the filthhyness for a few hours...and then the person who had said the thing that you cast out of your memory ...remembered the thing...and wanted to make it happen...and you werent around..because you knew they would forget and not take it serious.....and then they tell you you are horrible. and you say...
a great big


yeah that shits great.

and sitting at home all day and doing nothing but playing games against someone who you ALWAYS BEAT..even though he could possibly beat you..but he gives up and waits for reinforcements like the generals of the civil war..thus costing him the battle..and ultimately the war......is also great. i am such a GEEK.

its grand.

like grand piano fucking grand.

like sappy treestumps anal seaching ass grabbing proctologist scaring terrificly super homoerotic grand.

I forgot to turn in my packet...I have it and I can give you the answers...

April 13, 2002

The "Black Russian" is a damn good drink.

Steven, you'll have to take your Celica up to import drags some time...it really doesn't matter how good you do, it's still a kick in the ass.
Not to mention all the attractive females with very fast cars.
You think almost loosing is exhilarating, try getting stomped on. That’s another thing altogether.

click here

and by the way,
i've got SIXTEY NINE ( andy can vouch )

bitches. who's your hand/eye coordination MOTHA FUKKA.
a whole load of crap

eh, so maybe not.

April 12, 2002

So I'm drivin down Meridian, and this car is drivin a lot like me. Weavin in and out of traffic to get to their destination as soon as possible without lettin cars in front slow ya down.
I see the light at 176th turn red, we are the first two cars...she gets into the other lane, hence letting me approach to her right.
So I get to 176th and Meridian. A place I often race people because ya have about enough time to reach a bit over the speed limit before ya have to merge...people get extra competitive there.
I look to my left, hey look...there's a hot chick. And she's gonna race me.
Hot damn.
She's quicker at the pedal. I usually am rather slow in the rain because I fear I'll peel out.
My car doesn't usually accelerate well at the start. She's a car's length ahead of me.
Car shifts into second, I come almost nose to nose with her.
I see her car lurch as she shifts and starts to get another lead on me.
Then whammo. Third gear hits...my Celica does rather well in third gear.
All of a sudden I'm three car lengths ahead and it's time to merge.
Hot damn.
Hot chica, racin her car...had me thinkin for a second I might lose.
God damn, now I'm horny.

Ninja Lesson

I am ninja. I fuck you up like car crash!
You guys need to shut the hell up about what was ' within good measure ' in fighting a war, what was too dispicable etc.
Soldiers above all else wish for peace. There is no solid code of conduct - victory belongs to he who dares.
Right on, Jeff.....

Oh, and to clarify: The cities we bombed were always industrial, i.e. they made something important to the war....and we tryed to hit mainly just the factories involved...of course in some cases it didn't matter, but......

okay, so my last post didn't take...
oh well.

all i said was, yeah, i am now in andy's club...
by that i mean that i can now officially drink...legally.

i think its okay i suppose. it's interesting, cause only an hour and twenty minutes ago i couldn't. and then i could. yeehaw....

whaddya think of that?

--bad christmas spirit!--
Well, as of this moment, i am now in the same club that andy belongs to...in that...i can drink -- legally.

am i happy...eh. whatever. not really all that big of a deal to me.

all it really means is that i can order from a slightly larger beverage list than i could an hour and fifteen minutes ago.


i would say something else, but for now i'm out.
--bad christmas spirit!--

April 11, 2002

G'damn hillbilly fuck-nuts. The same shmuck who can't count pallets of 60 messed up my block count today by throwing away my marker. Son of a Bitch! I still pissed off. Know why ? No you folks dont. Doesn't matter.
My batteries died today, I listend to "You-cant-understand-me-Spanish" for about four hours. VAAARG

I am - so - mixing myself ( me, and only me ya nit wits ) a Sex on the Beach this Saturday.
Actually Napster to break it down even furth (heh heh) Truman didn't tell anybody which cities to attack. control of the nuclear bombs were under a field command, which means the over all general of the military at the time McArthur, decided to drop the bomb after the second one hit nagasaki Truman took over control when he saw the overall destructivness of the bombs and learned the third bomb was gonna be drop about 12-14 hours after the nagasaki one.

But besides my usless knowledge of shit i dont care about but cant seem to forget. I am so fucking bored right now i think in about 1 hour im gonna try and time myself on how fast i can get myself drunk so in due time...

oh oh and i just learned i might start being rotated over sees to an arab country dont know which one thou im guess saudi arabia are in all out actuallity afganistan yipee i hope i go i'll make some fat cash living over in those places for 3-6 months tax free pay per diem its the best

y'all take care now

i just want to say that "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" owns you.

okay, that's all.
Fuck yea.
See yesterday's post - same thing today. Hoo fucking ra.
Andy made cheeseburgers, yum.
im sorry to say that michael just put the smack down on both of you.
and thats sad.
thats just terribly terribly sad.

and im not gonna rip open the ol " FUCK YOU GUYS, THE AMERICAN ATTACK ON OSAKA AND NAGASAKI WAS IMMORAL " debate again... bastards.
what ... the FUCK are you two bitching about?!?!?! i just did a fucken 36 pic essay test thing on the cold war ( ww1 and ww2... ) .... Japan got us invalved in the war by bombing perl harbor in... uh dec 7th 1941... i think... but um They sent 2 waves -first hit its target at 7:53 AM, the second at 8:45. By 9:55( or so ) it was all over. then Monday( forgot when), FDR Went to congress with a decleration of war on Japan, churchill later joined him, IN DOING SO both Germany and Italy, as partners of Japan in some kind of act declared war on US :P you know the fuken rest

AFTER all that We fire bombed TOKEYO which killed more than 100,000 civilians and razed nearly half of Tokyo in the final months of World War II. We ALSO fire bombed Osaka (March 13, 1945) and Knobe ( dont rember ) but those citys were to be bombed straight thought the whole fooken week.... so um napster what were u sayen??? we only nuked 2 citys, they were untouched by bombing also so the good ol manhaten project could see the full effects of the A bomb..... Heroshieeeema was the first bomb site, ineashated by Trumen, The seccond On Nagasakie ( also trumen) there was a third but it was a TEST bomb :P.... im going to go play some god damed Operation flashpoint, Drew, beat the fuck out of that kid who said it was BEFORE perl harbor... better yet tell me who he was, i need someone to kill after geting ONLY TWOOOOO FUCKEN HOURS OF SLEEP WORKING ON THIS DAMNED INFO FOR ALECS CLASS!!!!!! I BETTER HAVE PASED!!!!!!!!!!! * grumbles * god damned stalin and vladamer... YOU TOO HITLER!!!!! bah

One thing i liked was StalinGrad ... if you know what im talken about and you know who hitler used as an escape goat.... HAH FUCKEN FUNNY AS HEEEEEEEEEL

Rember, be like stalin, Kill your friends/workers =)
oh and also add in something from me... KILL YOURSELF!! AHAHHAHAHAH

im playen some operation flashpoint.... fucktwits....
Drew, i guess if you wanna break it down we did firebomb tokyo.......WITH NUCLEAR FIRE!!! and it only came in one nice tiny (relatively speaking) package....great tradeoff though huh. You bomb a naval base we bomb civilians cities..yay and everythings nice and even.
WE BOMBED TOKYO AFTER THEY BOMBED PEARL HARBOR, ya what a fucking gomer that guy was, this guy, some puxxsor muther fucker in first period tryed to say that we fire bombed Tokyo, yup, he knows what hes talking about... he must have read it in the hulusinigenic book of his filled with copeus amouts of ganga-weed that he aquired from the cheese with legs that got him stoned with the iron-on pancakes with the googly eyes with the rubber-alastic-velcro-underpants, also known as Jesus underpants... what a fucker...
ah, i finally made it back. and on my first day back i manage to get second post. not that i understand the significance, but what the hell.
well now...

this will be my first post in awhile, and my only post for at least a day or two...

as some of you know, my computer fried earlier...

so i searched and searched...and i finally came to a conclusion....
i went with an iBook. that's right...i took bradbury's suggestion, read up on it, and decided that it might actually be the best for me and my college experience...blah.

so that is that...
plus, it has iMovie...which means that i can take clips from stuff we've shot, and work on it on my computer...

great stuff...so expect more multimediac posts from me in the future.

that being that...mr. jeff signing off.

April 10, 2002

Hey, Poser! Good to see you man....still at Nellis?
Look behind you!!! Remind me not to go hunting in france....

wow it's been awile since i graced the board with my bullshit words hasn't it. Oh well thought I'd stop by and say hi let y'all know I'm still alive, not that anybody would care but that don't mean much to me. Oh and Andy is right if you want to live in the U.S. speak fucking english I hate it when people talk jibberish and expect you to understand


So whats been going on with everyone (I'm a bit behind since all i do is work and sleep now)

and always remember drinking mountain dew and smoking cigarettes is not a healthy way to live

What is it that makes me want to rip out my hair, or cry upon a pillow. Scream in the dark at things unseen by others that can make one mad through a moment in time. Being alive is death, and being in death is living. For everything and one is the same. There is no certain mistake or piece of mind, for it's ever churning upon hearts. None of this probably makes any sense to any of you. My mind is racing with itself and ideas that I don't even know how to begin to describe. Eyes wide open as they shut....... :)

Oozing, running red
Clench a heart in your fist
Knowledge of life
What we all have despite
All people, all things abound
Stock-still, sweat pouring from your veins
Beneath the swelling waves
All I know not holding dear
Arguments, controversy
Pass it upon another
Avoidance of the truth
See the others point of view
Know theirs and yours is true
Hold onto your own, never give in
Eyes shut against truth
Content in all things
The one final circumstance of ends.

All of this I think is enough............. Regards Tarwyn
Im pissed off. Thats right - fucking pissed. Why ? Not a fucking clue and none of yer fucking business anyway!

Work is generally mind-numbing and irritating as hell when people speak Spanish for eight hours straight. Oh wait! I forgot, James said I don't have a job. So I'm at work today and listening to my cd player which graces me with the blissful sounds of Pantera, Tool, Primus, Prodigy and various others - as I look up to stretch my neck i see people talking, their mouths moving. A mouth moves in its Spanish rhythm yet all that comes out are the lyrics of Ramstein. Neat I thought, a German song from Spanish lips. Back to work I went.

Yelled at me he did, some Spanish mumbo jumbo - since I live in Washington, part of the U.S. - I speak English. Speak yer 'native tongue' or what not at home, not at fucking work where I need to fucking understand whats coming out of your fucking lips! Jebus fuggin hot cakes. I saw my fist gliding through the air connecting with a nose and blood splatters zipping through the air. Then I still saw him talking to me, what the hell was he saying ? I didn't hit him ? Damn...

What did I have for lunch today ? Its Wednesday, thus soup day - so I had soup... Taco Soup. I've been assaulted with Mexispanic things all day. Someone pass me a fuggin mysterymeat hot dog, or a nice melty cheeseburger. Hot damn.
Maybe I just need some relaxation - like sex, a good game of myth 2 at Orions, a poker game, sex, or a movie, or hell how about just sex and lots of it ?

Word to the wise, never read g'damn erotica books, they'll either keep ya partially horny until ya finish em or destroy your want of sex. Hell if I know which of those two is happening to me!

Hell yes, First post - fuck if I said second post rules, today I got first post and I fucking like it. Go ta hell.


April 09, 2002

meester goldfish will soon be back around and probably posting.
It has been rather lively of late, hasn't it....

wow losts of arguments on the board, fun fun fun...
today at work they made me make burritos. first tim eive ever hadto make anything except fries. and the whole making the burritoes just wasnt working out. and finally im justlike FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!! and i informed them that my burritos suck..and they informed me that they taste like shit so it doesnt matter. i feel sorry for the fools who had to eat the ones i made. hoo boy. and then people must ahve thought i was on crack cause i was so tired i was delirious...and hearing things..and not hearing things..and also..i kept farting..and they smelled BAD. SO BAD..that you could smell them obove the horrible smells of mcdonalds food. in fact..they were reiniscent of the fart i did that one tim ethat jameses dad smelled and like..wanted to kill me for. oh man goo dtimes...


for the second day in a row. sheeit.
A changing of times for everything she thought. Glancing down at the ever speeding blur of road and white lines passing by. You have to go on, there is no real escaping it. Loosing herself in dreams of things, she fell asleep until they suddenly stopped. Her mother grinning at her, told her they were their, and to pull out their gear. Stretching delicately out of the car, she looked around at the water moving silently on for as far as her eyes could see. It was her birthday today, she thought, and I'm doing what I always seem to do these days for this day... something out of the ordinary. She grabbed her sneakers and padded down the beach after her mom, laughing with eyes, twirling around on the beach.

No other human beings had seemed to be about them, but then they were within sight as they moved around the last dune blocking their view of the main beach. And there it was.... silently standing by, battling and blocking the sea. The jetty. Ominously in some ways, for the end was not in view, but disappeared into the oceans foggy dew.

She chatted with her mom, and then they set off and began to climb the rocks. Once at the top, they moved along boulder to rock, peering down occasionally to view the ragged gaps in between and the ocean on each side after a time.

The sun beat down upon her, making her sweat… the salty breeze then came, soothing her skin. She couldn't get enough of it.

They came upon a pile of driftwood that looked like someone had tried to make a kind of hut. She looked about and found one piece the perfect height and weight for her hands to balance. And so they were off again. In time, she let her mind drift, forgetting her mother - and all that society had bound her.

She let her hair free. Pulled back her hat, not caring if the bright sun burnt her pale complexion, or burnt more freckles onto her cheeks. She felt absolutely free, and moved on, hearing a song she'd once heard but forgotten in the ocean breeze. The waves crashed below her on both sides. The boulders beneath her, beckoned to be reached, seen, felt - known.

Her spell was shattered by a call that seemed to echo from behind on the rocks. Her mother had stopped some way back. Her older years slowing her, as well as the sandals she had chosen to wear. She called her back to her, saying she couldn't go on much further. But the girl, she was young, and she wanted, felt the need to continue one. So she waved to her mother, beckoning her on, but she would not come. She told her daughter that she would go back, but she didn't want to leave her daughter out there, but this she didn't tell her, but let her move on.

The girl quickly forgot this moment, and continued on. Her heart was singing her it's own song. She removed her flimsy black shirt, tucking it into the back pocket of her short cutoffs. Revealing the green bikini top she wore merely for support. Her skin warmed to the rays of the sun, scorching her shoulders. She could taste the salt all around her, vibrating through her upon the air. She took off at a run. Her muscles became taunt as she jumped from one rock to the next, some with fishers gapping widely in between. Her heart pounded faster and faster, the air she breathed cutting her lungs. She stopped, her staff still in both her hands… respectful of the ragingly calm sea. She stepped up to edge of the jetty, staff in one hand… her back straight, eyes watchful… and then she smiled.

The people who had been there along the beach, the ones who had gone there along the jetty, had stopped after going really but a short ways. Her mother had stopped about half way back from the distance she had traveled, and so she was really alone from human beings for the first time in her life. She knew that no one else was out there, watching her, guarding her. She felt like this place was hers. The alcove below had urchins, crabs lurching about, starfish, and so much more. She sensed the life around her, both in the creatures and the earth. The world upon which she stood was as a kingdom for a short while to her, and she the lone human, privileged to see it for what it was and know it's worth.

Something slowly intruded on her thoughts. A loud blaring that had been ever there, but she had not taken into account within her. A large horn she thought, to warn ships? So taking her staff again in hand, she moved along. Jumping where need be, it was getting more precarious by the minute there though. And then she came to a gap in the long line of boulders that had so far been her path. The gap was about 75 feet long. She would have to climb down closer to the waves to keep moving along. She hesitated, for she loved yet ultimately feared what may lie beneath the ocean. But this day, she decided to face her fears of the deep water for once, and so continued on. Climbing down till she was within hands reach of the water. One misstep and she would tumble down into it's depths. All the time she had been traveling, coming to this point she hadn't been afraid of falling, of braking a leg or anything. Yet here she was terrified of what lay below her. Not the water, but what may be hidden in it from her eyes. Sharks and things like them, she had an unrational fear of, and this seemed to consume her, nearly freezing her in that spot. But fear also made her keep going, along with her goal to reach the horn which had earlier disturbed her thoughts.

She made it across the gap with no mishaps at all. Relieved. That was simply her right then. Her muscles untensed from the rocklike stance they had held. She felt nimble once again, and so continued on toward the sound.

Here across the gap, the rocks were trickier to navigate. Some were like spikes. She had to use all of her wits to keep from falling, from taking one wrong step either left or right. Her mind and she took off in flight. And then there is was, about three hundred yards off. The noise was booming. The sound felt like it would shatter her ears. It was a white horn, about 8 or so feet tall. She'd reached her goal.

She looked at the horn, out what lay beyond. The end of the jetty was within her view, but distant as the ocean apart from her it appeared to be. Then she turned really for the first time and gazed back to the shore. It too was within view, but microscopic looking and far beyond. She'd traveled halfway down the jetty that day on foot.

With a sigh of achievement and regret, she moved back along the way she had come. It seemed but an instant really to take her back to where she had begun. Her feet thought for themselves, her balance perfection on the day. Her mind drifted back along the way she had traveled, the emotions she had truly felt. The world seemed new to her and apart from her all at the same time. She had opened her eyes that day really for the first time.

She had left her childhood behind her, but it would still be with her for a lifetime to come. Whether in emotions or actions all that she had learned before would accompany her on through whatever may come her way in life. And even if she forgot it, years from now, it would still be there with her, as would this moment, for it was apart of her.

She snapped out of her trance like state then, and realized where she was. A few hundred feet more and she would be down onto the shore below her. Stopping, she turned back and wondered back out over the miles she had traveled today out over the oceanic sea. She was gladdened in her heart for what she had done. A smile flit up upon her lips.

Her mother spotted her then, and called to her loudly. And so she turned back once again to the world of man, and to her mother's arms she climbed down from the rocks into. Laughing all the while at everything she had done. She was content.


That is the end of my tale, but it is a true one. It's not the best, it's not the worst, but it is a moment from my life. A birthday, a time, and a moment I know I will always remember.