January 31, 2001


Beware the PiKAjOe!
unfortunately it has come to where I am, again, in here during lunch. I don't think my 'get first lunch' plans are going to work, and I dont feel like bothering trying to get out of this class. oh - bloody - well.

1 - jeff, I cannot access your website due to Bess. I will work on things and send you information on how to do exactly the things you'd like to do, later.

2 - bradbury, yes, stupid. we agree. For a moment there, however, I thought you were defending her. I was appauled. frightened almost. but then I realised you were not defending her, in fact - attacking me for not properly stating she had all three requisites for BHS juice.

Yes, i forgot, she does. In the unlikely event that any of our children turn out to look like her, I will weep for you. ... then suggest you shoot the child with a semi-automatic AK47 ( yes, shut up, i dont know guns )

3 - Jimmoi : One band we forgot on the list, however ( and am very curious to see your reaction to my suggestion of the folk ) Is Tripping Daisy eh? eh? eh? Guh, knowledge bowl this weekend. this is going to blow chunks of Brad.


I am currently putting up more pictures on this website thing that i am learning how to do. I was able to pull some more pictures from the video clips that i recorded back in december, for any of you who might want to see some of the stupid things that Mr. Collins, Mr. Wegener, Mr. Miller, and myself have done. Anyway, that is at non_finis.tripod.com/nice/

I am working on getting one of those URL redirects so its not a pain in the ass to go to my site and look at the pictures. I apologize in advance for the long loading time that it probably takes to see the pictures. Since i don't know everything about websites or webuilding, i have to make due. As soon as i learning how to make thumbnails, and actually have those thumbnails link to a page with just the picture on it, then i'll be in business. For now though, its the way it is. There are some new pictures of James and Andy at Sharis, and at Top Foods i think.

Oh, and i'm still working on that re-released movie, but i haven't come up with that theme song/music. Maybe i'll just use that Tunak Tunak Tun song that james once told me to download. It would give my debut film more of an earthy jungle feel, no?
James, I think the word is dumb-shitedness, not dumb-shitness. And I would like to argue that Ms. Best does not possess two of those qualities. I’m reasonably sure she has all three. She overlooks quite a few key points in her STUPID FUCKING COMMENTARY. One is the fact that you can’t count on parents to teach their children. They’ll either neglect to do so or teach them really stupid shit. A major reason we NEED sex education is the fact we are in the middle of a PANdemic of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and many other STDs, as well as many more teen pregnancies than is acceptable. Have you seen the teen parent class at challenger? Way too many people, and most of those children will grow up in poverty. Anyway, comparing sex to religion is....not quite accurate. Religion is a personal decision, whereas sex is universal. And saying that teaching sex is the same as teaching religion----unthinkably ignorant.


Jeff Foxworthy "You might be a redneck" daily calendar for today:

You might be a redneck if.....
You moved to another state so you can buy beer on Sundays.
yesterday did any1 go to school
mmmm, lesbians. anywhoo-itseems that i'll be the first again. well-its fair to point out that we now have a drummer to enter the ranks of the newly formed PSDS, and we did our first performance/practice whatever tonight in front of zach's bro-his friends and their girlfriends (talk about fat whores). well-we played "MONEY IS ALL I WANT" from the beatles annd some green day songs-yea, we suck. i cant play guitar worth shit-jeff and aaron would know, but until we can actually find one that can play-and isnt fucking zach's ex girlfriend (which is why he left his original band)than we'd rool. zach is a moderate bassist, and mike is...well-he'll do for now. we're also in search of a better, and less gay drummer...but hes okay-and i think i'll take my comments about disliking him...he's okay. anyway-i was suppose to go to a job interview today-but slept in, so i'll go in tomorrow....hopefully i'll still get it. better than target, and they'll pay for my schooling. holidays off, bennefits, and $10 dollar an hour starting...i think. not sure, and im not even sure what they do-probably something to do with Cocain. fun fun fun. Porno Starz with DownSyndrome owns Orange Creme soda...but not quite tha against JONES' jones rools....uhm...lesbians...mmmmm., BUCK FUTTER!!!

January 30, 2001

Hey there. . .

Did anyone else get the weirdest fuckin' email in the world from Mr. Macauly today?
. . .and, as a side not to my Jamie's rantings, it would be interesting to note that Megan, the grrl writing against sexual education in schools, is the GSA historian.
So, yesterday, I took Snaundra and Pinkos to the mall and out for lunch. They made out in the following places:
From the Bethel-High-School Newspaper

Did you know that in the U.S. the average age of first intercourse is 16?

66% of high school seniors have intercourse before they graduate.
( I make up approximately .87% of that demographic, however my chances of loosing virginity before graduation are greatly increasing - considering that I take no interest in anyone else but Heather, as the 'next generation's women are more dumb than shit-on-a-stick and it doesn't seem like I'm graduating anytime soon )


Yes, straight from the mouth (or well, pen) of one of BHS's highly esteemed journalistic lesbian-whores ---

Sex education is not needed in our public schools. It is inappropriate and a scandalous use of our class time. Sex, like religion, is not a topic that we should be talking about in our schools. There is no reason that anything relating to sexual activities should be taught to the fragile minds of children. To teach sex in school is to take away the parent's responsibility and is putting the teacher's own moral beliefs on students. Sex should be kept in the home where it belongs. It should be learned, as it always has, by experience and not advice. The only way for students to learn about sex correctly is if we shelter them and protect them as long as possible, because everyone knows that if teenagers don't know about something, they won't do it.

Everyone knows that it is the parent's responsibility to teach their children about sex. And if someone is a parent, they know a thing or two about sex. And all parents can be expected to give good mature advice about sex because all parents are mature... right? Young adults do not want to learn about sex in an educational enviroment. We should keep learning about sex from the same places we learned about it in the past : racy movies, scantily clad people in magazines, and those big overhead ads on the city transportation for Planned Parenthood that have the big haired girl with the embarrassed expression.

If we were to teach sex education in schools, we would only further the popularity of the sexual revolution and let young people think for themselves and their own bodies. We might even erase the long held sexual gender roles-men feeling strong and confident about ther sexual identity and women feeling ashamed. If that were to happen, young woman may gain too much confidence and want to engage in seuxal activities{ with other women? }. The best way for us to keep students from having sex is to continue showing women as the sexual object the media portrays them so that teenage girls will feel that they are not pretty enough or not skinny enough to have sex. And teenage boys will feel that the girls are not good enough for them, thus promoting abstinence.

The best way to solve this controversy is to stop teaching sex education in any classes and to continue to promote media images of beauty. After all, ignorance is bliss.

... Let me just say - that was that an argument AGAINST or FOR sex education? This is the reason why SALAMANDER is on my black-list. She isn't funny. I didn't laugh. The only thing I found was another source of BHS juice. ( BHS juice, I have concluded, consists of three major elements, these being : stupidity, dumb-shitness, and fugly. You have witnessed here, two of the three elements within Megan Best. You are just lucky that I cannot scan/post the picture of her as well.... or can I? )

The counter to her statements were by Bethany Almond. She's good. I would post up her commentary but I seem to have run out of lunch-time to work with. Sad day. In any event all was well in who-ville ( sorry, the teacher seems to be doing some sort of odd-end "dr. seuss thing" when she gets back and that just sort of slipped through. )

I don't think there is much of anything else left to say. I know a couple people in the class. I don't care that I did. Oh - throughout the whole mention of sexual education in school they always mention " RELIGION RELIGION RELIGION< RELIGION....... oh wait, did I forget... RELGION." I would just like to make one statement against that.

There is nothing religious about the mechanics of taking the elongated sailboat and sticking it in the boat-parking hole.

I am not at liberty to read all the previous posts at the moment, as it is my lunch time. I should probably be eating lunch. You know what? I don't feel like it. It seems the majority of people have first lunch. This I will attempt to rectify ( yes, rectify ) and make some buisness about. I have one of two options : I could transfer out of my class and more-than-likely get into a class that does have first lunch. The blatantly obvious one : Mrs. Hanson. Horrible day to be in that class with her, Aaron, and Brice - But it is just a possible solution. The second one is to con the teacher (whomever I have) into allowing us all to have first lunch. This will be a ... trial - but hopefully I can pull it off. We will see how well my powers of influence have from Dale Carnegie's "How to win friends and influence people" book have cultivated themselves in my little mind. Other than that, I've come to the realization that Mr. Nelson talks really, really slowly. It would put people who aren't gifted with the ability to let their mind wander from every-which-way to sleep. However, since I am such one a person - I do not fall asleep. I don't know how, but I got to thinking about how tie's (as in what a man wears) could be mini-nooses and the sort. Funny stuff. There is a new Bethel-newspaper. I might read it. In fact. Yes, I think that is what I will spend my entire lunch on. We'll see. I don't feel like transferring out of this class. But uh. Yeah. We'll see.

On a quick note, i'd just like to add:

Orange Creme Soda owns you all!

I should mention something briefly before i get into my routine of babbling about nonsense. It's not that i don't like Apples all that much. For the most part, i agree, they are very powerful little computers and all. I just really hate there software. Not all of it, but the operating system gets on my nerves. It's the whole concept of super user-friendly. With that said, i should say that i do like the iMOVIE program or whatever its called. Oh, and i don't like there mouses. What is up with the single button mouse, it just feels wrong.

Okay, now that i'm done with that, i want to talk about the re-release of my major debut film, "The Bethel Slayer". Yup, that's right, i am re-releasing it. It's gonna include all new never before seen footage, edited footage, new soundtrack, director commentary, actor commentary from screen sensation jOe Macauley, and bedazzlin' special effects (all thanks to the aforementioned iMOVIE program). If you thought you saw "The Bethel Slayer" at its best, think again.

Which brings up another matter entirely...the soundtrack. As part of the revamping and re-release of "The Bethel Slayer", i need to come up with a new soundtrack for it. Actually, i wouldn't call it a soundtrack. More over, i just need one new song to play in the movie, dubbed over the old song. "The Bethel Slayer" employs a brand-spankin' new film technique where no one talks, or talks very little, and instead music is played in synchronius time with the footage. Basically, think Fantasia 2000, without flying whales. (I should sue them for stealing my directorial style.)

Ahem, back to what i was getting at... I need any suggestions as to the primary song to dub with the movie. Now i know it might help if you've all seen the movie, so i don't really expect much, except for maybe from jimmy or james, who have both seen the movie. But for the rest of you, if you want to throw in a suggestion, here is the gist of the movie. Just imagine a very large man being chased by a midget killer in a green scream mask. SPOOKTACULAR! (Don't let this rather short description throw you from the true inner beauty of my film. There are undertones that would take analysts ages to understand.)

So in short, that is what i am up to these days. Oh, and i have to go to the Seattle Aquarium and watch river otters for a total of five hours. Talk about a great assignment huh? Oh well, that's what i get for taking animal behavior. It's not all that bad really. But now you can see why i'm all pysched to be working on making movies, and re-releasing my debut film. (Hey, it worked for Lucas didn't it?)

Oh, and by the way, the computers at Mary Gates Hall are BOTH Macs and PC's. If i were to look at the distribution of the two, i would have to say that the PC's outnumber the Macs by about two to one. Still, it is a huge computer lab, probably more computers in just that one lab, out of all the labs in the school, than the combined amount of Bethel. So yes, there are a bunch of MACs being used.
And isn't it a little ironic that the Mary Gates Hall Computer Lab runs Macs instead of PCs with Windoze?
So now Jeff has discovered the beauty of Apple.
Right now, Mac is on top for digital video editing. What do you think Lucasarts is making star wars episode 2 on? It ain’t a PC, and it sure as hell isn’t running anything from Microsuck. Nope, Lucas has Apple G4 Quad-proc. machines. (and only Lucasarts, they made a deal with Apple to get those) Figure, four G4 processors running 500 mhz each, 128 bit rather than 64 like pentium, each with 2 meg backside L2 cache, you’re looking at around 8 or 9 TERAflops of speed. That’s the same as 10 PIIIs at 1 ghz each. Try and say Apple is useless.

Jeff Foxworthy "You might be a redneck" daily calendar for today:

You might be a redneck if.....
Your license plates are handwritten on cardboard.
well-i'll be the first to post-and for the first time in a while. i think the "LIST" thingie is done, because whatever R--- states, the majority will disagree-thus, Nirvana/Pearl Jam/SoundGarden etc. stays. also-i dont feel like debating at the moment.

thats it. buttsex. im in another band-again-fuck. i bet this time, it'll last maybe a week. maybe longer, who knows. this time im a vocalist, and they dont care if i cant sing, as long as i can make up fhunny fhunny songs and cus a lot. weeee! and itsa going to be sa christian punk band too-hehe. Porno Stars with DownSyndrome lives again james!!! first ep-intittled, g6, WOOHOO! yea, im dreamin. buck futter.

January 29, 2001


I was bored today. That, my friends, is a dangerous thing. I found myself going to some seminar about what a pyschology major is all about, and what they can be used for. Interesting. However you all really don't care about that, so instead i will talk about something a bit more interesting.

After the seminar about Psychology and what you can do with a major in it, I found myself in the Mary Gates Hall Computer Lab. That is like a heaven of sorts for gamers and other computer lovers. Myself, I was more interested in a specific device that i had witnessed in that room before. In that room sat one thing which made my afternoon more interesting...an apple computer, hooked up to video editing equipment. Now normally i am not much of an Apple/iMAC person. This was an iMAC. However, i found that it had uses, like say capturing images from video footage, or for making movies, or remaking them. This little iMAC helped to give way toward my other endeavor today, as well as any future movies i might have planned in the works.

I am working on a website. However, all of you web afficianados, especially Mr. Collins, will probably find this humorous to some extent, especially given that i don't know a thing about HTML editing and whatnot. I just am building it using Tripod's site builder thing. Yes, i am fully aware of how lame that is. Regardless, i have found a way of posting pictures, and that is just what i have done. Go there and click on the link that says LiBRARY OF iMAGES. There you will see "the beast" as she steps out of her cave, and you will see james and his soap.

Oh, and of course, you will see the SKi iNSTRUCTOR who really wanted james to drop that soap.

Oh, and if you click on BiOLiNK, i have james collins address posted there, and jimmy's, but i will probably take that down now, cause i'm sure he won't be happy about that. (unless you guys don't care, in which case i will put it back on.)

The website is: http://non_finis.tripod.com/nice/
Such altruistic aspirations there Mr. Morgan.
I am Advanced this semester, Dramaticaly speaking that is. I now have the same dumbass teacher for two periods. Once in Com Arts and again for advanced drama after having her for a whole semester the previous one. I figured id take the evil i knew over the one i didnt. James i wont be able to get Aliens vs Predator back for awhile because my cousin has it and he lives near my mom in tacoma and im not going there for two weeks. So your SOL until then, and how would i get it to you anyways unless we have lunch together. This summer i am going to join the ranks of what the people with out jobs refer to as THE EMPLOYED. Ima gonna try gettin a job at good samaritan as an orderly and check out the nurses, Hellloooo Nurse!!
Jeff Foxworthy "You might be a redneck" daily calendar for today:

You might be a redneck if.....
You have grease under your toenails.

January 28, 2001

We played "If it flies, it dies" today.

John, Heather, a bunch of guys from Eatonville and I went up pleasant valley to go shooting, that’s a hell of a hill climb, off road, but The New Truck (It’s not named yet) did fine. We only had 100 shotgun shells, so the fun didn’t last long. When the shotgun shells ran out we shot .22s for a while. Then we decided it was too cold up there and came home. Used up around 17 gallons of gas, so now I’ve thoroughly cleaned that fuel system.

The New Truck is very comfortable to ride in, with three people in the front seat, me being one, JP being one, and Heather the third. Not sure what it is, but the three of us fit much better in The New Truck than in Red (the old truck)

So the Stupor Bowl is totally unexciting, as predicted. Even the commercials are pretty lame.

Jeff -- you’re "Fat Kid II," as Brad is "Fat Kid"
Get used to it, I think it’s genetic. And really, you could be called (and be, for that matter) worse.

Jeff Foxworthy "You might be a redneck" daily calender for today:

You might be a redneck if.....
You’ve never been conscious at the end of a Super Bowl
I was joking and I likke being big do I know you I dont think we've met so if James would ever introduce any1 to any1 else it would be good..... one thing for every1 on monday r we going to have any classes with eachother..1 german3/4 frau green 2 us. studies shoemacker 3 bio. gleagy.. 4 math lesly
Mr Borton if you want to loose weight you dont stik yur finger down your throte. You buy dieretiks and laxatives.
No james you are wrong, heather isnt giving me the penis, Im giving it to her.

CNS? Only piks, no text? I need text!!! Reseived piks of spine, brain, and others, but no text. Will kopy penis and rat stamp.

Did not reseve rat piks. Kall upon kompletion of this email.
Hey James ive got a game burned that you dont need the Cd to play at all here that i think you might like.....Aliens vs Predator, i can bring it monday if your interested and we can play over Mplayer or someway other than that, its an awsome game as it is that best one that realistically portrays an excellent work of fiction, all the facehuggen, acid spittin, Infared viewing, smart-gun action a guy could want
I'm the first one to post. yay!

January 27, 2001

well well well no one hates me after all I think it was the drugs the double does yes that is it I am sorry for anything you have had to go thro and it was not me so thanx to every one but heather cause she hates me for my spelling errors and grammer thingys so I will now go perge cause I think I'm fat so *later* ( in back ground urk.... warf...... spew.....hooohahh!! thats a lot of stuff......wow my small intestan) * fante *.................
1- Mr. R : I apoligize for the mannerisms of my associates during lunch... however much I found it entertaining to imagine them being wolves in a wolf pack hazing/harrassing the low-level newbie wolves (you) I did find it rather annoying at some times. However, a new semester begins and a whole new wolf-pack will be wallowing it's head around during lunch, so hopefully it wont be as bad as it was.

2- A side note on the comment : Counter Offer: Human brain, spinal cord, and labeled rat dissection pics(2) in exchange for #1rat stamp and penis. by Heather... In the unlikely event that you're getting some human brains/spinal cords/dead-rat pictures from Rachelle - I refuse to allow myself (penis) to be bartered/traded off like some sort of stock/bond/property. What is contained within my pants are for my-eyes-only (remember chapter 12: your crotch - your buisness) and I take offence to the mere notion of being given away like some sort of MEAT-PUMPING PLEASURE-ROD LOVE-BOY-TOY.

3- Jeff, What editing? wHu? You are so out of the Looope you're starting to see things. Hmmm. Jimmoi says you no talk to him much anymore. You need to do something with us sometime. Maybe a friday. Who knows. *shrugs* but definately something.
Quick update Mr R James told me that he doesnt hate you like you thought, if you are still depressed after reading this then you take your negativity and go some place like.....well lets just say Pluto
Well here it is 6:11 pm and im eating dinner, Ceaser Salad Mashed Potatoes and a big Teriyaki Steak and some Cran Cherry somthin or other juice, and thats good eatins for this little chitlin to coin the term, As you can see from the menu i am by no means a vegetarian
This message brought to you by Brak Chews, There Chewy
CNS has been sent now.
RaechelleLaRee---->That offer does not suit me.

Counter Offer: Human brain, spinal cord, and labeled rat dissection pics(2) in exchange for #1rat stamp and penis.
Heather----CNS paket, will exchange for snail puzzle.
I hate the library system.
I went to 5 different librarys today to find a damn book on the komparative anatomies of the fetal pig and the human. And I kouldnt find anything. The library suks.
IS that Ram chip by any chance compatible with Pc or just Notebooks?
Mr. R.-->we all hate you because your spelling and also grammer are atrocities. Seriously. That's all it is.

Jeff-->What the Hell is a 128RAM thingie? I might be more interested/exctied for you if I knew what it was. So, congratulations! unless it is pornography, in which case, you sick monkey.

Bradbury-->It is a district computer, and we've been trying to get someone to come fix it since last year. As I have a limited knowledge of computers, the extent of my diagnosis is this: It's broken.

Costco is no longer a magical fairyland. You see, I got lost in there for 45 minutes, and I could not find my family. However, they did feed me, so that was okay. Then, I bought an iced Mocha. Yummm. . .Mocha. I have to go edit about 30 pages out of a research paper now. I think that might be Jeff's department. So, any idea of how to manage that one, Mr. Paulino?
Heather-two questions
1) Is the computer in there Paula's or the district's?
2) Has Paula contacted Jaba the Hut (aka Mr. Wiard) about the problem {or} put in a workorder about the problem?

If that computer is district property (has a BSD barcode sticker on it) then you would need to first contact the building ACT (Advisory Council for Technology) rep (the aforementioned Jaba) and if they couldn’t solve the problem-with Jaba there is a pretty good chance he can’t-then you would need to put in a workorder, and Jaba can show you how to do that.

Then in a matter of a few days, as the two techs for BHS only typically go to BHS on Wednesday and Thursday, their two assigned days, Terry or Scott will show up to fix it.

That’s how it works.

However, if that machine is Paula’s personal property she’s more or less SOL.

What seems to be the problem with it?

Anyhow-----took a little voyage with the new truck, down to Costco for gas, and then up to Pac Av to use the pressure washer at the car wash to clean the engine compartment.

Went into the great and glorious Costco to see my bro, and he got me a FREE membership. So now I can go there whenever I see fit---without anyone else.

But the new truck does well, once it’s warmed up.

Jeff Foxworthy "You might be a redneck" daily calender for today:

You might be a redneck if.....
You’ve ever towed another car using duct tape or panty hose.

no comment.

I realize that i forgot to ask a very important question to Mr. Collins.

Is there anyway to post images on this? I noticed that sometime back i think heather posted one, or did and then it was edited because something was wrong with it, or something like that...

Anyway, tell me if you can because i have some images that would be cool to post here, like us in sharis and stuff like that...or maybe those mountain pictures. You remember Mr. Ski Instructor.

MR. COLLiNS: Soap! I bought soap.
SKi iNSTRUCTOR: You know what you can use soap for...
MR. COLLiNS: What can I buy for 15 cents?
SKi iNSTRUCTOR: I sell kisses for 15 cents...

That is honestly what the ski instructor said too. Well, except for the soap part, but the kisses is true. Oh, and in case it wasn't obvious, it was MR. Ski Instructor.

One of the things i love about living in this dorm is that they have a cafeteria downstairs. Of course this sucks for the simple fact that of all the floors to put me on, the housing board decides to put me on the eigth floor, which doesn't sound bad until you realize that there are ONLY eight floors. Yea.

Anyway, back to my comment about the cafeteria. It has EVERYTHiNG. I went down there today to get breakfast, which technically wasn't breakfast because it was like 11:30 or something like that. (Which reminds me...Mr. Collins should really look into getting the clock on the blogger thing adjusted, if that is within his power.) I look around, and they had someone making sub sandwiches, or if your jimmy then its hoagies. Yes. They also have lots of other things to...one of my favorites being this rice bowl thing with sweet and sour pork or whatever that they have for dinner. I appreciate it because of how they demolished my personal favorite place on Fort Lewis and put up this barbeque place. BARBEQUE! Andy would appreciate this too, but i don't think he reads these posts at all. Oh well.

In answer to Mr. Morgan's query, I got the chip at Best Buy. It was around 80 something dollars after tax. It wasn't really a planned buy, but i saw it and realized that my laptop needed to be boosted, so i got it. Nice.
Hey james i didnt think there was a heaven, as for you Mr paulino where did you get the ram chip and what was the price range for it
Bradbury you havent by any chance figured out a way we can play NFS online did you

Ah, i see a certain mr. collins has edited something i have posted. As i result of this, i am seriously considering not posting here anymore. No, not because of some grudge or thing againt him. It is an issue of standards. STANDARDS!!!! Why does nobody have standards...I shall bring the light to the darkness...yes...yesss....



I thought i'd mention something i did today. I bought this here 128 RAM chip and put it into my laptop, and now my laptop runs like its on speed. It's a very interesting thing. Okay, so i know none of you out there actually care. Grrr.

All of ye shall feel my wrath...oh yess...and a horrid wrath it will be.
Jimmoi ran over a bunny.
... not only once, but when we turned around to look/gawk at it...
he's going to hell.
and in the unlikely event he makes it to heaven, he'll not be pleased to find that it is run by the bunny-kind.

January 26, 2001

well jeff I'm Mr. R (I dont know if i should use that name any more the creators hate me now!!!) but I still think I can survive by my self.. i dont need super intelagent friends to help me thro life........ ok maby I do but it was NOT my choice to be totaly disregardid..* I cant spell worth shit* ok....... one >?< for James and Aaron do you guys think I'm stupid? and do you guys even like me as a friend anymore?
James sorry for leaving so soon at lunch, i hope that i didnt miss any more of the Intelligent conversation that was going on and the cynicism of jake and the rest of you directed towards myself and Mr R. Who the fuck was that new guy ( i shall refer to him as the hat man) him telling us that you moved to get away from us leaving myself and Mr R to sit on the "outside" of your little circle only to be the subjects of a conversation about cannibalism and being stranded on a bus and who would get eaten first (you choose me and Mr. R). Jeff looked so depressed when i came in that room what the hell did you guys do to that kid before i got there. Somebody needs to give jake one hell of an ass whoopin, and if he says one more derogatory or overly sarcastic thing to me i swear i will beat the shit out of him. And james what do you have against Karl, he did nothing to you. You dismiss him as mere trashjust because of what the other guys were saying about him at paintball. When he came in he just basically sat down and said nothing at all, he even tried to say nothing but a kind word to you and you brushed him off, is that how you would have treated me had i said nothing intelligent during those first few days of Drama class and acted like Nick and Jimmy.
As to your query heather about wether or not im joining the GSA, i would need more info as to what it is. I am not a homophobe its just that if my dad was to find out about it hed make like a Klan member and accuse me of being homosexuuuallll (read word with heavy southern drawl).

James im sorry about that first paragraph i just needed to vent a little steam, you and Aaron have been some of the nicest upperclassmen ive ever met ( i know how you hate that adj but i dont know anyother way to say it.) and i want to thank you guys, even Anthony though we dont talk that often hes pretty cool. And if i dont see you guys again around school the next semester (or is it quarter), in any classes or anything. Im taking Adv Drama and i hope that you guys will come see one of my performances if we do have any.
[jeff borton?]

Who are you?

Sorry, i wasn't trying to sound sarcastic or unkind in anyway, but seriously...who are you? I don't know all of mr. collin's friends, so its not some joke or anything.

i am so out of the loop.


which reminds me...james email me with some of your info, like birthdate and crap like that...i am putting together a scrapbook...when its done i'll show it to you, or mail it to you...hell, i don't know...you'll see it eventually.

same goes for you jimmy, and you too heather...yeah, and anybody else i know...which probably isn't much...

...so out of the loop.
Every1 hates me, nobody likes me, aaahhhhh!!!!! I feel so useless!!!!!!!!!! Why dose James Aaron and every1 else hate me? good bye!!
Why dosn't any1 talk to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bradbury--->Hey, what does the tech department do for the district? because we've been trying to get someone in to fix Paula's computer, and no one has been sent. Any idea why?

Also, I hate you, Mr. Miller, because I cannot find my rabbitt to go do something tonight, and I assume its because he's busy with Jimi day. Odd that I never recieved a day.
Jeff Foxworthy "You might be a redneck" daily calender for today:

You might be a redneck if.....
You put the ninth grade on hold while you started a family.

January 24, 2001

Ok so what OS does everybody run?

Win 9x?


Yes she put quite a few down there that were omitted...most of them because of the "duh" factor. Clapton, Santana, and Aretha go without saying. The rest were oversights...
You know what, ANYTHING MoTown can be added to the list for that matter - it’s all good. Well, classic MoTown at least.

Oh, and some more -- John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Albert Collins (no relation), Booker T and the MG’s, Freddy King, Jimmy Vaughan (Stevie’s older bro) also the Thunderbird (mainly because I like the cars, but also because Jimmy Vaughan played guitar for them) The Vaughan Brother’s Band (guess who was in that one?) Johnny Lang, Kenny Wayne Sheperd Band, Charlie Musselwhite, Isaac Hayes, Steve Winwood, Stone Temple Pilots (only "Core," "Purple" and "Tiny Songs..." sucked) Henry Rollins Band (so what if its all spoken word and screaming, Rollins is cool.), Gwar (joking), Woody Guthrie, Arlo Guthrie, Todd Snider, Paul Shaffer, Billy Boy Arnold, Eddie Floyd (think where you’ve heard that name before), Syl Johnson, Tommy "pipes" McDonnell, Blues Traveler, Lonnie Brooks, B.B. King, Taj Mahal, Sam Moore, Donald "duck" Dunn, Wilson Picket, Junior Wells, Bruce Springstein, the "E" Street band, Bo Diddley, Dr. John, Lou Rawls, Grover Washington, Jr., Otis Redding, Willie Nelson, Albert King, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Nathan East, Lenny Kravitz, Blue Man Group, Bob Marley, Digital Underground, Jeff Beck, Joe Walsh, Iron Butterfly, Primus, Radiohead, Blur, White Zombie/Rob Zombie, Three Dog Night, U2, Victor Wooten (awsome bassist), ZZ Top, No Doubt, Weird Al, Prodigy ------------- any others?

This has been one hell of a week. Monday, at the end of the day, while leaving work, I ran over my cell phone. Fucking crushed it flat with my truck (figure with around 1400 lbs on that one tire, it’s pretty fucked) The damn thing fell off of my pocket where I had it clipped when I was getting in...then I backed out of the parking space and felt a little bump. "Hmm.........." I thought, "what the hell was that?" looked over. "fuck." Ran up to it "it’s still good, it’s still good" but the LCD screen was fragmented and purple, "come on, make a noise, gimme a beep, anything!!!" but nope, I killed it.

So this week has been building on that theme since then.

But, to give out a minor secret (more like a little known fact), Alec is no longer going to teach at BHS after this semester. So tomorrow we are removing the computers from his room. They belong to the Technology Dept, not BHS, This activity is bound to REALLY piss some people off.
But on the up side, The Great Colovos himself is moving (back) to Challenger to be the district’s online course teacher. Most decidedly a move up for him, and a severe loss for Bethel High School.

Ok what else....there was something else....damnit

Oh, yeah, I got the new truck semi-roadworthy. We’ll see how this goes....it don’t run to good right yet...mainly the accelerator pump on the carb does nothing when it’s cold. A new carb will solve that, but the one I want is $380 so not yet. (well the one I REALLY want is almost 600 and that’s just out of the question-plus that would drop my fuel economy to around 3 mpg) But otherwise it’s more or less ready to rock and roll....the brakes really could use some good exercising, the left rear wheel locks when you step on the brakes....bleeding them will help that but that’s yet another thing I haven’t gotten to yet. I will, it’s just a matter of time before I can get to everything...

later, all.
Yes you are right MrMorgan Outlaw Star is great, the humor is the best part, and the plot is at least a little more advanced than other animay shows. However it still doesnt hold a kandle to Dragon Ball Z, nothing ever will... unless they make final fantasy into a kartoon series. That would be awsome.
For the sake of time constraints I will resort to the primitive use of the letter “C” in this
post. I have alot to say and I need to think clearly.

Mr.Morgan I do agree with you that this has gone a little far, however Jimmy asked for some debate so I shall give it to him. First let me say sorry that I didnt get back to you yesterday jimmy its finals week and I have alot o'studin to do.
Let the Jest begin...
Although Plateau may have been written by (and more than likely originally performed by) the Meat Puppets, it was regardless made famous by Nirvana. You ask any damn Nirvana fan out there and they will tell you that it is a Nirvana song. Either way its Kurts horrid voice screaching out that sound and rediculos lyriks.
I do not own an ICP CD, I once had one in my possetion. However it has been almost 2 years since then. That does not mean I said I liked them. And because you say that I said “they roool” does not make it so. You have no proof I ever said that, nor do you have any basis to prove [if for some god forsaken reason it was uttered] that it wasnt sarcastic. You know me well enough by now to know that is one of my more charming personality traits.
As to the Limp Bizkit argument, I have NEVER owned a LB CD. EVER. You can ask anyone that knows me. I do however own a shirt. I did not buy it at a concert, but at Hot topic. I dont think this is any of your buisness, but my friend sammatha porter, who attends washington high school, has been one of my friends for 5 years now. Her father went through a long bought of cancer and passed away the summer before my sophomore year. She and I went shopping while talking about life and death. One of the things that made her happy was that shirt. We bought matching ones because it is symbolic of our
united friendship. It made her happy. To me it was another shirt. I’m sorry if I wear clothing Jimmy, but its a fucking shirt. It is not the music, nor is it the band. Therefore the argument of weather a shirt is better than SP is irrelevent. I dont like LB. So I own a shirt. Whoop-d-friggin-do-da-day! and when did you ever hear me say that “durst is hot”? HAHAHAHAAAA!!! No. I said that Jonathan Davis, from korn, not limp bizkit, is hot. Durst is just....ug. sorry sweety but that was an insult to my taste in men.
Eddie is a drunk. His songs are dumb. And his music stinks. This is my oppinion. Boy George makes better music than vedder. Define talent before you start saying that he has talent. I can write with my feet is that a talent? Just because I can do it doesnt make it appealing.
If you are correct when you say that crass’ “most influentual member left to form a better band: Fugazi.” Then you have shown through your own logic that Crass was an influential band. Had he not had the experience of Crass he could not have gone on to perfore the miracle you call Fugazi. The debate here was not wether the who is better than the guess who but wether a band was better than the smashing pumpkins. I posed to you that the guess who was better than SP, your come back was that who was better. So what. They are still better than SP. Babba O’Reily kicked ass.
You talk about no talent and lack of intellegent lyricks with SP. Yet you know the words to “spoon man.” There arnt many. Hence the lack of intellegent music. With something as inspirational as the pike place market spoon man, you think they could have come up with a little more than “spoon man... come together with your hands... save me.” Where is the sence in this?
The reason I dont comment on sublime, hendrix, or morrison is because they have talent. Cobain only has talent when he is wasted. And that is drug induced, not real talent. Real talent is the ablity to actually play the damn instrument without having to toke up first. Well if you want to see the damn interview then write MTV, dont ask me for it. Sorry I wasnt phycic and predict that you would need to see it so that I would record it. And contrary to your belief he does get alot of outside imput about the “flow” of his “songs.” Plus you can not call it a song because he does not sing. You said you cant see how
anyone else can write about his wife/daughter/dead uncle...yadayadayada.... well have you ever heard of interviews, biographies? You know all someone would have to do is know enough about him to write it from the perspective of him, you dont even know if he really feels that way about those things. NO ONE CAN PROVE THAT. Even if he says he does, most people who work in the music industry say that the album is their heart and soul so that they can sell more records.
So all a band has to do to be better than SP is dance? Well hell, if BHG makes the list on that criterion then lets add the company of riverdance, who cares if they dont sing, they have music and they can dance!!!
While we are addding to the list I would like to pettition to get more better than SP bands on the list. (to the best of my knowledge) you forgot these important bands that are indeed better than SP(Correct me if Im wrong about them being on the list): Violent fems, Guns and roses, Eric clapton, Elton john, Garth brooks, Roy orbison, Luciano Pavarotti, Sonny and Cher, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Plasmatics, Motley Crue, Whitney Huston, Arithra Franklin, Selena, and Santana, as well as any and all swing music, or crooners from the past, with the exception of robert goolay.
Remeber all good children go to heaven.
Allright you guys are taking this way to far the list sounds good so far but for everyone to be arguing about the songs placed in the before mentioned list is an exercise in futility, to go against myself for but a moment i think that you should all listen to a band called Clawfinger the SOng DOnt get me wrong or Ultraman vs Godzilla by Orange 9mm both songs kick ass. As do the ramones, Vast ( the new stuff), Wu-Tang (Rumble 2000), and Static X, Disturbed, System of a Down, They Might Be Giants,
On another subject does anybody else join me in my opinion that Outlaw Star is one of the most kick ass shows that is bested only by dragon ball Z
note: at the time of my purchasing the UNKLE ceedee - they were 'new' on the scene, and so only had one ceedee to have purchased. :b :b :b

I'm about to over-ride Zach on the manson conflict. Manson's pre-anti-christ-super star lyrics and songs were much better than Smashing Pumpkins. Underworld, by the way, is so awesome! CRAZY COOL.


wharg says the anorexic cows.
Oh and Badfinger RULES!

Jeff Foxworthy "You might be a redneck" daily calender for today:

You might be a redneck if.....
you use your daughter's wedding as an excuse to buy a new shotgun.
Ok I stand (well I’m actually sitting) corrected on DMB---just couldn’t remember whether or not they were on there. I agree, their new stuff kinda fucks with my head too---but nothing of theirs isn’t good live. I saw them this summer at the gorge, first week of august, 105 degrees in the shade, and that concert still kicked ass----aside from the fact they played for almost four hours straight, the songs were all good. It was less a concert and more a jam session with 20,000 guests.

Was Sting and/or The Police on there somewhere? Saw him the last weekend of July, at aforementioned venue, it was even hotter---miserable, but the seats were in the 20 something row so that kicked ass. And camping outside is nice that time of year over there---it’s nice and cool at night, no city lights to speak of, and the stars are accented by the Perseid meteor shower.

Ok anyway I mainly said Manson because of the one song on The Matrix soundtrack---that one is pretty good.

Crystal Method.- Vegas fucking rocked-still does
Rob D. - Clubbed to Death is most likely the best techno song ever
Aphex Twin - "Fuck" "Bucephalus Bouncing Ball" and "Tetris" if you’ve heard them then no need to explain. Their remake of "Hot Buttered Popcorn" was better than the original.
Cynic Project - Ok so you may not all like trance techno, but these guys have it down.

thats it for now
OK who gives a flyin fuck about *the list* its 5:45am and sux so there I'm doing homework
uhm...dave matthews is already on the list-but no manson. Zach wont go for it. period. and yes heather-i believe you are right-making corrections as we speak/On a Plain is a Nirvana song, but Plateau is the MEAT PUPPETS song with the lyrics "nuthin on toip but a bucket and a mop and a illustrated book about birds" sorry. and yes, Quest or Tribe or Tribe called Quest is on the list-and I dont know who jew (jimmy eat world) are, zach put them on. OH and PINKO's is the coolest person in the whole wide world!!!
she gave me a "15 minutes" movie poster!!! she kicks ass!!! yea, okay-nuthin else to report...yet. BONE Thugs...i use to like them-Joe E. still likes them. Than they went jiggy, and away from gangsta, so i hated them....i almost put shaggy on the list, hehe, but SP is better than him. uhm...what else? DMB is cool- not a major fan, but they do have a lot of good songs.

james: spoon man had much more lyrics than that, but pretty much-yea. HEY- guys, you all should listen to BADFINGER. the bands influenced by them: GOMEZ, TRAVIS, COLD PLAY, OASIS, and BLUR-they sound like the Beatles, and Paul Macarthy produced them-neet band. they came out the same time Grapfruit was out, and had only one album-since their lead singer killed himself...hehe.but good listenin'. hey bradbury-you probably already heard them-since they play them on KZOK sometimes...

ZACH CHRIS AND I did something cool tonite-we went to TOP FOODs and filled a cart full of Aenimas, Condoms, Summer Sauges, Plungers and Baby Oil...hehe funny. well-im off. to bed. the cell was a funny funny funny funny movie...hehe, funny.

NOTE: yes, i do own a ICP cd, because an indivual unnamed (AUSTIN) told me they rool and to by it. i found one song amusing-ANOTHer LOve SOng-other than that-i hate them. never claimed to like them-and am embarresed that i own that CD. luckily however-i found a use for it. to play really loud in the car when i pass a church...heh heh heh heh.

OH, and also: i bought mr collins two cds...funny how he said that UNKLE had just one, yet-went into camolot and sure enogh, there was two albums by UNKLE...bastard-so i had to purchase both because i couldnt remember which one was the one that got stolen form my automobile along with my AT THE DRIVE IN cd...bastards. hey-what do you guys think about INCUBUS? i dont like them much-but i have notcied that they are the only thing NEW thats barable to listen to on the radio...and i like the song DRIVE. hmm. and Zach has mentioned SNOT-since they influenced KITTIE and SYSTEM OF A DOWN and KORN and DEFTONES, all of which, made the list. HAA and i can make that a point when AARON makes his speil about korn influencing more bands than NIRVANA! HA-it was SNOT, not KORN! HAHA! of course this info is from Zach, who believes that a scorpion is an animal...har har.

January 23, 2001

Line 'em up and shoot 'em down - Bradbury is in the house. hOw dumbshit of me not to remember Marlying Manson. I vote him on the list merely for his "pre-anti-christ-super-star"-ish-ness. Any and all songs from "Portrait" and "Smells/children" I would take far beyond S.P. And although I have things against DMB (new stuff doesnt mix well with my digestive system for some reason) their pre-"crash" stuff was good. But I don't know much about DMB ... are they a 'spin-off' band? Kudos to Bradbury for remembering two more bands. On a side note - Bone Thugs were stupid. I never liked them. Did anyone at all? To my knowledge GangStar made the list - did Quest (tribe called) ? I don't exactly feel like looking. Other than that, nothing much. Eating mashed potatoes and I have a big math-final tomorrow. I should probably study. But where is the fun in that? bah.

And one more tid-bit to add.
the band PSDS had great influence on society and should be added to the list. Rolling stones magazine, Cosmo, and Beckett all agree. Their lyrics and hip-hop/electronic/folk/country/rock/freestyle manner of music drove the whole movement towards the late 90's.
Jimi-sorry, but I do have one slight correction.

Although you are correct, to the best of my knowledge, in saying that "nothing on top but a bucket and a mop" were not Nirvana lyrics, you gave the wrong song name. That line came from Plateu-sp?-, and not "On a Plain".
"You my sir, are an ass"

NO SHIT?!?!?!?! What was your first fucking clue?

None of what I said was aimed at you----but after your last post, it is now. And the point isn’t as much whether or not a band meets your (or anybody’s) criterea for "good" but merely are/were they better than SP. Part of "better" is what, if any, influence they had. You can’t even say that Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden didn’t have a dramatic effect on music, politics and society.

BHG- Most of us who like BHG do so because their lyrics are funny. Also, they are just about the biggest bunch of drunk party animals around, as is shown in their music (and album titles: "One Fierce Beer Coaster," "Dingleberry Haze," and most of our favorite, "Hooray for Boobies")

Eminem-Very good rapper. Plain and simple---has better flow than Bone Thugs n Harmony, as well as massive freestyle skills.

Oh, Jimmy, I think maybe we should ad Dave Matthew’s Band and Marylin Manson to the list as well.

January 22, 2001

Ahhh, yes, music tends to bring out the best (or most argumentive, whichever comes first) in people. Jimmy seems to have hit the nail on the head with a few of us - pushing our buttons to any extent, making the once-dead slugville into a thriving, multi-posted discussion area of bloodshed. I haven't much to add. Just a few jibs, jabs, and so on.

First off - I would like to say that I am almost -this- close to swearing off all sorts of music with lyrics. Yes, Jega has no lyrics what-so-ever. This is rather comforting. While I try to find technically what sort of 'music' it is - I have my guesses that, of all things, it's Ambient. WHARG. In any event - I also ran into a group called "Scorn" ... I suggest downloading the song "Falling" by them. Good listening indeed.

Jimmoi - If JEW got on the list - you better hell put Autechre, Gescom, and Jega on as well.

Jessie was listening to something today, it had lyrics. I was sickened. Oh well. On the lighter side of life - I seem to have become addicted to cold coffee. I don't know what, but you can ask heather. I am -this-close-to-tempted- to call her to say "Hey, tomorrow if you go by that way, can you buy coffee?" ... I cant get the @&*(#&@!_taste out of my @^T&#)! mouth. I wonder if you can make those things at home? Hmm. Oh - I just burned a ceedee with Jega/associates on it. So that'll be something to show Jimmoi on friday. ICQ is being a bitch - I'm going to beat it up.

Dues Ex, however, is running nicely on this new machine. I almost wish I had sacrifice to play around with - but we all know what happened to that. Goes to show you not to trust some people's "words". ARgh. In any event, I got Thief 2, UT and MDK2 that came with the GeForce... so they are keeping me company. Jumpgate seems to have lost it's "spunk." I can't wait to go to school tomorrow and have Jega pounding through my veins. Possibly even the supra-addictive caffiene pumped coffee as well. We shall see.

A minor note : Jimmoi owns a I-C-P ceedee as well and thinks they is funny. Dont you find it entertaining how much he can take a stand against himself sometimes? I, myself, never have - never will - and never claimed to like I-C-P. They aren't funny. They aren't interesting. They are dumb. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Thats what you get when even the WWF wont have you. bah.

Oh - and uh... fuck, I can't spell your name. So for convience's sake, ill just say R----- : You stated that Black Hole Sun and Spoon Man weren't good?! What blasphemy is this? Have you not seen the black hole sun video? My god. It was beautiful. And if you counted the number of people who can off-the-top-of-their-head sing spoon man (reguardless of the fact there arent much lyrics asides from 'sPOooooooooooooooooooooooooooN maaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAn') ... whee! Soundgarden was the shit back in the day.

... where am I going? Hum. Asides from all this chatter about music - I just want to point out that The Cell is one big reason why [insert woman's name] cannot act worth a shit. My overall review of the movie : Imagine Silence of the Lambs. Good movie right? Made you think, made you laugh, made you afraid of Hannibal, entertained you - kept your attention. Well, Imagine that, and then take out everythign that was good. Ok? So you're left with some piece-of-shit film about some guy who kills people. Now add in a bunch of 'special effect scenery' and a director who has a thing for erratic camera movements and you've got... yup! THE CELL!

That - and i've found that Jimmoi's father is quite funny. Although ... hmm. Odd. I'm glad my father isnt that odd. I mean... yeah. But still funny. Hee hee.
"you could see the look on your face when I said that, that you didnt know it was the reflection" ..
"it's the boy! the boy is making him do it! telepathic powers! mind control!"
"notice the albino dog! it's important! I M P O R T A N T!!!"
"shut up dad"

ba ahahahaha.
"Nothing on top but a buket and a mop" from Plateau is not a Nirvana song-but a Meat Puppet song-Kurt (not kobain) and Chris of the Meat Puppets were on stage and played guitar and drums for the unplugged set.
ICP: you have at least one of their albums-i know this cus you showed me it, and you said "they roool" =P
LB: you have their shirt and cd...hmmmm. and you think durst is hot.

youre comment about Bullet with Butterfly wings amuses me-and proves your ignorance-i was quoting the lyric, not the title of the song when i said "the world is a vampire" i am fully aware of the song's tittle-for i once owned that album. i was pointing out the lyrics-"jeremy spoke in class today" as making sense-eluding to the mass murder that took place from the song "JEremy." The world is a vampire makes no sense, and Corgan himself said he had no idea what he was talking about.
no matter what you think about Vedder as a person (lush-ole stinky) he is a fine song writer. and nothing you say can change the fact that he was a talented songwriter.

"At home drawing pictures of mountain tops with him on top.
Lemon yellow sun. Arms raised in a V.
And the dead lay in pools of maroon below.

Daddy didn't give attention, oh, to the fact that mommy didn't care.
King Jeremy the wicked, oh, ruled his world.
Jeremy spoke in class today. (x2)

Clearly how I remember picking on the boy.
Seemed a harmless little fuck. Ooh, but we unleashed a lion.
Gnashed his teeth and bit the recess lady's breast.
How could I forget. And he hit me with a surprise left.
My jaw left hurting. Ooh, dropped wide open.
Just like the day, Oh, like the day I heard.

Daddy didn't give affection, no, and the boy was something mommy wouldn't wear.
King Jeremy the wicked, oh, ruled his world.
Jeremy spoke in class today. (x3)

Who? (x14)

Try to forget this. (try to forget this).
Try to erase this. (try to erase this).
From the blackboard.

Jeremy spoke in class today. (x2)
Jeremy spoke in, spoke in... (x2)
Jeremy spoke in class today.


and you are again confused-you mentioned that Boris the SPider as being a Guess Who song, but its a WHO song...two different bands. The who is on the list and kicks more ass than guess who. I have the album Boris the Spider is on-"the who sell out" so theres no room for argument here.

Crass may be the first five, but their most influentual member left to form a better band: Fugazi.

Its superunknown not Black Hole Sun. Black Hole Sun was a single and so was spoon man. There are other songs on that album-and they rool. I dont think a local station was behind the 40 million copies that that album sold world wide-w/o a major tour to promote it.
And i think the comment you made about the "fans" of Nirvana being all drugged up, so they couldnt tell one way or another if the music they were listening to sucks amusing...uhm-one you discribed a DEADHEAD. two-i know at least 30 people that like Nirvana and never did drugs Granted that he was a Martyr-but so was Brad of Sublime-Hendrix and Morrison and you make no comment of their music. you wnat great nirvana lryics, listen to In Bloom, Come as you Are, Scentless Apprentice, even Smells like Teen Spirit. if you saythe song writting in that sucks, than you maam, are an ignorant. that song was a sarcastic answer to POP CULTURe in the early nineties, much Anarchy in the UK from the Sex Pistols. and when a baND Sparks an entire generation, brings recogintion to a new form of music, influence every band that has came out since, i believe you need better arguments than "they suck".

and i would like to see this "interview" with Marshal Matters concerning his lyrics, because his songs are mostly freestlye.and the lyrics are in fact written by him, be it may by collaboration or not-he in fact wrote them. i cant see how anyone else can write about his wife/daughter/dead uncle/insane fan'his personal rise from the gutter/beating his wife/his mother/his father/suicidal feelings he has/etc/ect/.

and raechelle-i used the MAGs as bases of my arguments-and as sources. and yes i do believe "them" when they're interviewing other musicians (old and New) as the basis of their articles. when Garcia, Younge and Petty go on stage with Pearl JAm on MTV, i think i'll stick with the pros and agree with them about the band.

BHG does not suck. their funny, they're dance, and theyre funny.
hmm, screeching fingernails on chalk bored-or folk...hmmm, yea i think i'll say Kobain and Petty are better singers than Corgan.

and i'll take my comment back when i agreed that crass was the first five-i will disagree. The Misfits, the Kinks, Minor Threat, SEX PISTOLS and Government Issues were formed before...you cant argue this because Gov. Issues had two albums out before their drummer left and started Crass with Minor Threat singer Ian Mckergory...who later fromed Fugazi-who i will mention for the 80th time, are better than Crass. by this time, DK and Blag Flag were formed. I think youre confused because when i say formed, you think hayday-no. Crass was successful before DK and BF, i'll agree. but BF and Dk have a more lasting impact.
Mr.Morgan- I am not a mister.
I-sea-P? Limp Bizkit? HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!! No?!? I have not ever liked LB, Jimmy you should know that, and I only said that I-sea-P was funny. I never said I liked them, nor did I say I listened to them. So I know 1 song. Whoop-d-do!!! That does not make me a fan.
You are misinformed. "crass" was not a poser punk band. Matter of fact they were one of the original 5 groups originating from the british punk sene. They lead to all the amerikan rip off wanna be punk bands.
As for the "Greatful Dead" thing I skimed your list, I appoligise for your typo. I believe that Jerry deserves the respekt he is due, and if that is as simple as typing the whole band name then you should at least do that much.
Emenem? Just because he kan rap faster does not make him good. He DOES NOT write all of his lyriks. He admited it on an interview on MTV!!
Nirvana suks. Plain as that. "Nothing on top but a buket and a mop" does not equal great lyriks. The only reason they were popular is that he was the marter of the koke addicted masses. He made their dirty habit not taboo to the kulture. That is why he gained so much support. Maybe they kould hear better if they would lay off the krak and heroin.
Jimmy you onse told me never to believe everything you read. Yet you say that bekause some magazines tell you that Pearl Jam is good you believe them? How sad. Eddie Vedder is a drunk fool who is well washed up, and needs to take a shower. My dad did konstruktion work on the guys house. He was so wasted that he didnt know people were even in the room with him. And if you know musik the way you say that you do, you would know the song is not "the world is a vampire" but instead "bullet with butterfly wings."
I dont kare what you say jimmy, Blak hole sun suked ass, big time. And spoon man? Sound Garden had one album that was desent, and the only reason that it sold so well was bekause 107.7 played it all the time.
Well I appologise for the Blak sabbath thing, however Ozzy was not on the list. And that was major.
Bloodhound gang? You give no solid argument here. You say the name of 2 songs and say your point is made. Zero is a good song. BHG suks.
You talk about Korgan not being able to sing? Yet you say that Nirvana and Tom Petty kan? HAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!
Kake stinks. The lead singer has no talent.
Mr.Bradbury- You my sir, are an ass. I like all musik from the 50's 60's and 70's. Kontrary to your belief I do not like any new musik. Nor did I ever say that britny spears was intellegent. My favorite band is the Greatful Dead, and I only use the full title out of ut-most respekt for Jerry Garcia. And bekause I believe that Nirvana suks does not mean that I have my head up my ass. You are the one who needs to pull your head out of your ass and read what people say before you make obsurd konklusions about their likes and dislikes in musik.
I do agree however, that Buffalo Springfields "for what its worth" is one of the best songs from the past. It provided the message base that all modern musik seems to have lost.
I also think that Jimmy is wrong if he only believes that Amerikan Woman from the Guess Who is their only song, Babba O'Reily is far supperior to Amerikan Woman. Borris the Spider is better still. These two lead to greater songs still.
I would like to kontinue this but I have PT tonight and I have to lead my kadets in their warm ups. I am already late.
Remeber All Good Children Go To Heaven

AH!!!! i furgot Crosby Stills Nash and Younge!!! i could put them on instead of neil younge...what do you folks think?
yea-sorry bradbury for the misunderstanding-and i totally agree with all of your comments-my only regret is that i forgot CSNY-BUGGAH!

Jimmy, it seems that maybe we had a minor misunderstanding. When I said "that list is bullshit," I was not making reference to your list, but that thing about rapists.

Your list is totally acceptable, even though I dislike some (quite a few) of the artists on there, I still must respect them as being better than SP. And your latest defenses of your list are much better musical commentary than I would have given you credit for.

I agree fully that those who a) listen to/like the music that is popular today and b) call stuff like Nirvana, Soundgarden, the Dead (no need to put "Grateful" in front of there Jimmy-if you don’t know them as "the Dead" then you simply don’t know music) or any of the other bands, have their heads up their asses.

I love people who talk shit about music from the late Sixties/early Nineties-and then go on to say something exhorting limp bizkit or what have you, just proving that they are fools. The music of today is a product of what came before it, and there is no way in hell you can tell me that britney spears has any stunning social commentary to make. Unlike, say, Buffalo Springfield’s "For What It’s Worth." (by the way, watching Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young sing that last year was----for lack of a better word, thoroughly amazing) I think Rage Against the Machine is about the only thing on the scene today to come anywhere near the messages in the music of our parent’s generation. (although "Renegades of Funk" doesn’t seem to have any message)

Anyway, enough of that rant for now, time for work.

"Think about it"
note: i wrote that the greatful dead is on the list-but after looking at the list-i noticed that i typed in "the dead" instead of "greatful Dead"...i guess i figuared everyone would know who it is...im not gonna change it either. i like it better that way...
hey-and also, ive added afew and replaced others...Neil Younge, Tom Petty, Boy Sets Fire and (after james said something, and than zach asking about them) Jimmy Eat World is now on the list-replacing ZebraHead, Apotolypic Bezerk, Better than Ezra and Foo Fighters.
emenum (cant speil) is on the list for reasons mentioned....now: his lyrics one-rymn...two-makes sense...three-are funny...four-social satire and commentary...five-are written in a patern that takes talent and effort to do...six-he barely uses samples/in other words, he knows how to play synth...i think only Warren G is the other artist that can do that...he's the best freestyler out there, and he raps at a faster rate than old school rappers ever did-and if you know anything about hiphop, you know that thats pretty fast. he also has respect in the hiphop arena, even though he's white, and thats an accomplishment if you consider that Snow, who did have talent, was not respected. also, he actually CAN rap-not like Vanialla Ice and BEastie Boys. all these equal him being on the list.

Nirvana: Kobain is one of the greastest gutarist ever-and one of the best song writers ever/dave grohl is recognized as the greastest modern drummer-which is why it was a shock (if any of you even remember when foo fighters first came out) when he chose to play guitar and sing rather than play the drums. also raechelle-Nirvana had 4 straight # 1 albums, and Pearl Jam had 5 straight # 1, compared to Smashing Pumpkins grand total of one # 1 albums. also, SP were nothing more than Sonic Youth wannabees.

Pearl Jam: Eddie Vedder is the best song writer of his generation, period. rolling stone the mag, spin mag, newsweek and MTV have all declared it-and you cannot denney that Jeremy-Alive-Porch and Daughter as being the cremeof the crop songs of the past decade....im sorry-but "jeremy spoke in class today" beats "the world is a vampire" in anymatch. plus-jeff ament is a kickass guitarist.

Sound Garden: Superunknown is the best album of the nineties...and like "sargent pepper" for the psycelldelic age-"superunknown" is for the grunge scene. hey raechelle-did you know that MellinColli didnt even come close to any-any list of greatest albums of the 20th century to "superunknown" and they were both reliesed that same year. SUPE was always in the top 20...SP's...like past 100. i put soundgarden on the list because of that album, and because they started the seattle grunge scene (subpop is soundgardens product, like SKunk is Sublime's).

i believe youre the one that is confused-because Black Sabbath is on the list-and so is the Greatful Dead. sorry raechelle, but the Guess Who suck. American Woman is a sorry excuse for a song, and is poorly done, and they were always a step behind the steve Miller band, their only nemisis.

now you speak of the punk movement? thats actually Zach's department...but i do know that "krass" crass was a poser group (thats right) and added nothing to punk-this is why their lead singer left and formed Fugazi (HAHA< jimmy did his research!). also, i think youre confused here again-because the Kinks and the Misfits were out way before Crash, like in the late 50's, and the Sex Pistols and X were out next...crash was after the formation of the Stoogies and Dead KEnnedys. i might also add that DK, Stoogies and Black flag is by far superior than Crash ever was-hell, the dumpster Boys and Voodoo Glow Skulls were better, and they both massivly suck.

Blood Hound Gang: um...Roof on Fire versus Zero...hmmm, yea-point made Blood Hound Gang is better.
Ben Folds Five: damn, the lead singer can play the piano-write metal songs/folk songs/punk songs/love ballets and can...sing. Corgan??? bluh =P!
Cake: you dissing cake? cake the band that made Alternative music pop?! the band thAT SINGLE HANDEDLY MADE ACCOUSTIC GUITARS A LARGE PART OF ninties music? wow...you need to do more research, listen to better music. of course, i can always say that all your arguments are void because its comming from somebody who thinks Nirvana and Pearl Jam suck and added nothing to music, and yet listens (and likes) ICP and Limp Bizkit...im casey casum.

January 21, 2001

Yeah jeff the job for this weekend is finished, but my granpappy will probably have another job on another weekend. As for you mister HYde James can handle himself...i think. He sure was able to move that couch from the balcony to the ground floor quite ably without hurting himself or killing anybody in the process. Or were you just doing the human equivalent of going Super Saiyen. Can we all see james getting so pissed at a couch that he summons super human strength. I can see it now
Heres the dialogue
James and Aaron are walking around the Balcony on the Top floor of the Stage
James: SO Aaron did you know that my Rouge can sooo kick your Mages ass when he holds the Super Duper crystal in his left hand
Aaron: Umm James watch out for that couch
James proceeds to bang his leg on the wood frame of the bed
James's Hair turns an almost white blond color and his nonexistant arms turn into semi-existant arms
James:Now Damn couch you shall be moved so no more people will be hurt at your hands
James lifts the couch above his head with Two hands breaking only the mildest sweat and hurls it down to the second floor and powers down, his long coat has only a few threads out of place
Aaron stands there wide eyed mouth hanging open, Jeff pops out from behind a curtain and Says Buttsex
James: So what were we talking about
that was great
votes eminem over s.p.
sorry - but the little anetdotical ... uh.. yeah, little voices make him bearable.
compared to Corgan's voice, which rivals the noise cats make when skinned alive with a turkey baster.

and I also wish to vote Pearl Jam off of the list. ... for, not only do they suck - they blow hard.

bah. im horny. *grabs a blow up doll, a 12-inch vibrating cucumber, and a playgirl magazine*


heh heh heh. . .
Mr.Morgan, I must say I was rather surprized to read that you aktually beleive James kan lift a shovel, let alone swing a pik. You are aware he only weighs like 5 lbs? The pik probably weighs more than he does, you should try asking 3rd graders first, they have a little more meat on their bones than James does.
Well Jimmy my dear you wanted an argument so I will give you one...
First off I think you were a little konfused, Smashing Pumpkins may not be the greatest band but they are one of the better ones out there.
As to your list? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You aktually believe that Nervana, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, EMENEM, Blood Hound Gang, Ben folds five, and Kake are better than the Smashing Pumpkins?!? Have you taken any medikation resently? Any blunt trama to the head? I admit that the S.P.'s last kouple of albums really suked ass, but emenem? Kome ON!!!! You left off a few important ones though... like The Greatful Dead (long live Jerry), Ozzy and Blak Sabath, the Guess Who and Fenix TX. YOu said that those other groups started the punk movement? What abbout Krass?
Like I said I think you are konfused.
Remember all good children go to heaven.
Well, Andrew, it seems to me like you need help! And I'm the guy to ask in the situation but I have a job and it is on mon-thurs. so if you need help on any other day but those I'll be glad to help if of course my dad lets me use the car! the backhand does not work wile having buttsex!!!!!!!!! damn.......
the list-bullshit? explain. i cant see how its "bullshit". unless, of course, you are a smashing pumpkin's fan. now-i do admit, there are some bands that should be on that are missing, but keep in mind, that this is a "unofficial" list. for one thing, Neil Younge and Tom Petty are not on the list, and they sure do belong. i tried to not have one single genre of music dominate the list, but mixed almost every category (ie punk, metal, industrial hip hop, soul, country, folk etc). so once again, i would like to know you kind and ONEDERFULL people out there explain how the list is "bullshit". the whole reason why i posted the list was for you folks to argue and debate-not just say "bullshit" and ignore everything. if you hate reel big fish, comeout and say it, and defend you arguments on why they shouldnt be on the list. i hate FUGAZI , and prefer Dead Kennedys and Black Flag. but they made the list because they are arguably the biggest innovators of Punk Rock. there, i made a argument for FUGAZI,anyone want to make a argument for against...and please-no "because they suck!" like the arguement to get Pearl Jam off the list form dear ole james.

oh, and let us drop the whole (who defamed the list post of jimmy?) thing...i dont care, and no one seems to be doing it anymore, and i no one cares...buttsex.

and james-the band's name is Einstrzende Neubauten (#132).

January 20, 2001

Oh MY GOD i just got done after 6 1/2 hours of shoveling Dirt, Clay, redrock and large fist sized rocks out of a flower bed so we can install some drainage pipe. I cant feel my legs and its very hard to type. I am getting paid for this so that is a plus 20 dollars a day so thats 40 dollars a weekend. In two months i have a chance to get 1000 dollars. I am desperately in need of help so if anybody without a job (Jeff and James) would like to earn a little ( i get roughly 5 dollars an hour, and ill split it 50/50) cash i would be glad to have you aboard. You have to be able to work 8 hours (a little more a little less sometimes) and be able to swing a pick and handle yourself well behind a shovel. Its not that far from Roy its in Mckenna. Jeff you would have been my best choice but James if your interested the posistion is yours
Well, its been a while sinse Ive posted but from what Ive gathered there has been a blasphamy against Heathers beloved "tori". Well I went bak and looked to see that someone had used my letter K to spell musik, however, I was dissappointed that they did not follow through with the rest of the evil letters being dispelled from the message.

It looked quite odd to me that someone would do this, and as I am sure you are aware James, I know jak to nothing about komputers, my limit has reached a new high--being able to chek my email, and do this. Therefore it kould not have been I. As to the message I feel sorry for you my heather darling. And you still havent obtained those piks yet?

Remember: All good Children go to Heaven.
Heather was not the bad-juice in the mixture of slugness that fux0red up Jimmoi's post.
however we are following several possible leads as to who, when, and how it had occured.
I would now like to send a formal apology to Heather's family and relitaves.
1st off the list is bullshit why don't they carry around duck tape or wire to tie them up and gag them and yes duck tape is very very good to tie some1 up with now with pepper spay why don't they just wipe it off it doesn't hurt all that bad and people with glasses it doesn't work all that grate. ( I should know) Self defense classes work and if the rapist has been sprayed a lot it wears off so it doesn't work.

2nd off James how do I d/l jump gate or were do I go to d/l it...well.....you never answer me when I ask......tell me damn it.......aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3rd fuck!!! I need a spell check!! th only way for me to spell any thing right is to use a spell check or write everything in a e-mail then copy past it to the damn thing its in then post& publish so James will you please find a way to get a damn spell check on here!!
That list was [more or less] bullshit.
hey heather-can you give me cARI's email addy? im trying to get in touch with micheal...yea, so give it!!! thank you...and james is safe and sound at home now...
{ ... deleted ... }
{ Im sorry, i just hate forwarded email " > " tags}

this group interviewed a bunch of rapists and date rapists in prison on what they look for and here's some interesting facts:

The #1 thing men look for in a potential victim is hairstyle. They are most likely to go after a woman with a ponytail, bun, braid, or other hairstyle that can easily be grabbed. They are also likely to go after a woman with long hair. Women with short hair are not as common targets. The #2 thing men look for is clothing. They will look for women who's clothing is easy to remove quickly. The #1 outfit they look for is overalls because many of them carry scissors around to cut clothing and on overalls the straps can be easily cut.

* They also look for women on their cell phone, searching through their purse or doing other activities while walking because they are off guard and can be easily overpowered.

* The time of day men are most likely to attack and rape a woman is in the early morning, between 5 and 8:30 a.m. The number one place women are abducted from/attacked at is grocery store parking lots. Number two is office parking lots/garages. Number three is public restrooms.

* The thing about these men is that they are looking to grab a woman and quickly move her to a second location where they don't have to worry about getting caught. Only 2% said they carried weapons because rape carries a 3-5 year sentence but rape with a weapon is 15-20 years. If you put up any kind of a fight at all, they get discouraged because it only takes a minute or two for them to realize that going after you isn't worth it because it will be time-consuming.

* These men said they will not pick on women who have umbrellas, or other similar objects that can be used from a distance, in their hands. Keys are not a deterrent because you have to get really close to the attacker to use them as a weapon. So, the idea is to convince these guys you're not worth it.

Several defense mechanisms he taught us are:

* If someone is following behind you on a street or in a garage or with you in an elevator or stairwell, look them in the face and ask them a question, like what time is it, or make general small talk, "I can't believe it is so cold out here, we're in for a bad winter, etc." Now you've seen their face and could identify them in a lineup, you lose appeal as a target.

* If someone is coming toward you, hold out your hands in front of you and yell "Stop" or "Stay back!" Most of the rapists this man talked to said they'd leave a woman alone if she yelled or showed that she would not be afraid to fight back. Again, they are looking for an EASY target. If you carry pepper spray (this instructor was a huge advocate of it and carries it with him wherever he goes), yelling "I HAVE PEPPER SPRAY" and holding it out will be a deterrent.

* If someone grabs you, you can't beat them with strength but you can by outsmarting them. If they grab your wrist, pull your wrist back so your hand is in waving position (palm facing forward) and twist it toward yourself and pull your arm away. It is hard to hold onto wrist bones that are moving in that way. They stumble toward you and you stumble back, so you can use that momentum to bring the same hand out and backhand them with your knuckles in the forehead, nose, or teeth.

* If you are grabbed around the waist from behind, pinch the attacker either under the arm between the elbow and armpit or in the upper inner thigh. HARD. One woman in a class this guy taught told him she used the underarm pinch on a guy who was trying to date rape her. She was so upset, she broke through the skin and tore out muscle strands -- the guy needed stitches. Try pinching yourself in those places as hard as you can stand it. It hurts.

* After the initial hit, always go for the groin. If you hit a guy's testicles, it is extremely painful. You might think that you'll anger the guy and make him want to hurt you more, but the thing these rapists told our instructor is that they want a woman who will not cause a lot of trouble. Start causing trouble and he's out of there.

* When the guy puts his hands up to you, grab his first two fingers and bend them back as far as possible with as much pressure pushing down on them as possible. The instructor did it to me without using much pressure and I ended up on my knees and both knuckles cracked audibly.

Of course the things we always hear still apply. Always be aware of your surroundings, take someone with you if you can, and if you see any odd behavior, don't dismiss it, go with your instincts. You may feel a little silly at the time, but you'd feel much worse if the guy really was trouble.

Please forward this to everyone you know - including men. Men, share it with your wives, sisters, others, children, and friends. It's simple stuff that could save her life.
Cari Hartman just sent me the most charming of emails. She sent this huge list of ways to combat a rapist, to avoid situations in which you "make yourself" a target, etc. She sends a lot of these things to a lot of people-I suppose in an attempt to seem more interested in everyones welfare-and it always makes me laugh. You can always point out people who never have had such experiences. I know no other way of putting it other than the most obvious and blunt way: It's always easy to blame a person in a situation you've never been in for what they did wrong, how they were at fault for the situation and its subsequent development into the most horrifying and humiliating of experiences. I should post the list. Then, you all could read it and see how much sense it all makes, and forget to think about what happens when it doesn't all work as is expected and promised.

January 19, 2001

#1 gotta see, feel good hit of the year Finding Forrester, awsomly (im at loss for a better adjective) good movie
Here we are, the day before the "Bethel School District Technology and Art Fair"
This is gonna suck. Have to be at BHS at 7. Which means I have to be at the shop at 630. AND someone had the bright idea that A) the technology part be done in the hallways of BHS, where there is little to no available power, and B) that all of the setup, electrical supply wiring and networking, be done tomorrow morning instead of tonight. THIS MEANS that we have roughly three hours to get power and network to around 150 computers from various schools, and set said computers to use BHS's IP block. Now, there are 9 of us. Take away Raymond, the fool, that means that each of us has to get power, network and IP to 18 computers in three hours. That means 22.5 minutes per machine. This should be great, when they open the doors at 10 and none of the technology for the Art and Technology Fair is ready.

January 18, 2001

HAHA! warren!!! HAHAHHAHA!!!,just read the second post!!! HAHAHAH!!! and i furgot to mention warren's debacle with a skate board in the stockroom! HAHAHAHHA! yea, zach and i, when we see him say "SKATING BOARDING IS NOT A CRIME!!! 311!!!" and he gets red faced...hhahahaa, yea-note to everyone: when your forty, never-ever try to impress a 18 yr old stock bitch by trying to ollie with a SLYVESTER the CAT min-board in the backroom of target...HAHHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAA!!!
hey jeff-first off, Pat Sejak was never the host of "FAMILY FEUD", he was the host of "WHEEL OF FORTUNE" and Louis was the Host for FAMILY FEUD for about 7 years now...or longer, i dont know, but thats when i noticed that the old fart was gone...'94. anyways, the game sucked, and was always a haven for mormans and white trash. never liked it. i always hated game shows...liked maybe only doudle dare...that was funny. anyways-james, did you clean your room up? cus i want to see Snatch on friday, dammit! if not...fuck you, if so-and you have no $$$, thats okay, we can just hang out, and go bowling =P. bored bored bored.
[Unemployment and Naps]

In case some of you didn't know, i am unemployed right now. (Actually, you all probably don't care either, but i'll ignore that strong possibility.) I used to work in the same evil store that Jimmy works in...Target. Just hearing that name makes me shudder and want to crawl into the fetal position and die. Why? Because Target is evil. And if you don't believe me, just ask Jimmy. Anyone who works there has stories to tell. Mostly of our gay Australian boss, Roger. You should hear him talk. Actually, if you want to hear a conversation i had with him, just email me. I am working on a way of making it into an mp3, but i haven't figured that part out yet. This isn't to say that there is or isn't anything wrong with being gay. That's more of your own personal choice, and if you have a craving for buttsex...i won't mention any names.

Anyway...that's not the only reason why Target is evil, but for time's sake, i won't go into all those reasons, at least not today. I'll save that tirade for a special occasion. The point i was eventually going to get to was that having not been working for the past couple of weeks has been liberating, not only on the body, but on the mind as well. I can understand now why james has been so reluctant to get a job. Going to college has been much more enjoyable then walking around the tainted halls of Target, shelving random objects, from Hotwheels, to the ever popular George Foreman Grill, (Does anybody know how to do that little TM thing, so that i don't get sued for mentioning George Foreman?) or helping unknown nuclear holocaust victims who don't know how to read a price off of the shelf label, and instead would rather waste a good twenty minutes of your time not believing that the first price you told them was indeed the price after all. I feel like my life isn't wasting away, but that i actually have a purpose. I guess for awhile i had a fear that i'd end up like Warren.

Warren is an interesting case. He is about middle age and works at Target. I don't know when he started, but i figure that it was a good while ago. I bet when he was young he didn't think he'd have to work for Target. Poor, poor Warren.

Anyway, back to what i was saying. I realized today that there was also another reason why i have been in such a great mood since i stopped working for Target. I actually get sleep. When i used to work for them, i'd get like 4 hours of sleep on quite a few days. I became a walking zombie, put on earth to walk around putting things that i couldn't even fathom buying, onto a shelf for people who really didn't need these items, but would buy them anyway because they were in Sunday's ad. Now though, not only do i get as much sleep as i want, which i like to get at least a good eight hours, but i also can take a nap. A nap!!! Before, i would survive on only naps, so to me, they weren't really naps. Some days, i wouldn't even really know where i was. Those were actually the better days. At least that way i wasn't confronted with the horrible truth that i might never escape Target. I dread summer, for i may have to return to Target. Of course, lately i've been thinking of taking summer courses here. Who knows.

Don't get me wrong though, Target isn't all that bad. They have really strong mints. MINT!

[Family Feud]

Considering that no one has decided to post in awhile, i thought i'd write a couple of thoughts on something dear to my heart. Family Feud.

Okay, so maybe Family Feud isn't really all that close to my heart or anything, but considering that i have had a rather mundane day, it is the most interesting aspect of today, and thus deserves to be talked about.

Remember a couple of years ago, when Family Feud was hosted by that one guy? I think his name was Pat Sajak. I don't remember though. That's not really the point either. The point is that it was cool. Then again, maybe it was because i was young and had no life. Back then all game shows seemed kinda cool. Nowadays it seems that the only thing in the ways of game shows are "Who wants to be a millionaire?" Frankly, i'm sick of watching Regis. And what the hell is up with those stupid computer simulators of that game show.

What ever happened to spinning wheels and choosing a vowel?

Well anyway, here i am today, and what just comes on? Family Feud! Only its not quite like i remember it. Now it has Louis Anderson as the host and instead of a turning board with the answers, it uses some computer generated thing. Yeah. Why is it that people think if something has a computer generated image, then it will get people to watch? Anyway though, i have to wonder why they chose Louis Anderson to host the show. Have you ever heard a cat choking on a furball the size of a goat? Listen to Mr. Anderson's voice and you might have a clue. It was kinda funny when it was on that cartoon show on fox a couple of years back, but now it is causes my cold to feel a great deal worse.

He is like the male version of that lady who played on "The Nanny". For all those of you wondering why i'd know that, it was what all the Price and Presentation women would watch in the breakroom at Target, so i was kinda forced to suffer in silence. That or go up against a rather large woman, and the odds on that just didn't seem to be in my favor. (Jimmy knows who i'm talking about.)

Maybe in truth Family Feud wasn't really that great. Still, it was one of those fond childhood memories. And as with all childhood memories, someone just has to go screwing it up. Oh well.

January 17, 2001


Now since i have not really been that strenous in posting on this before, i am probably missing some key aspect of this whole blogger thing, but i still have to ask...

Why would you edit something someone else has posted here?

I mean, i understood this to be a place where you could post stuff on it that YOU felt like writing, not a place where you could post stuff that you felt like writing, to have it usurped by an ADMISTRATOR.

But like i said, i don't really understand fully how this blog is supposed to work, so that's why this is just a question, and not some sort of attack.

I would just like to add though, that there is no real incentive or motivation to post something here when it can easily be changed willingly by another party. If that's the case, then why even bother posting at all.
I would just like to say that it wasn't me ( reminiscent of shaggy... "it wasnt me" )
I have repromanded Heather for the action - although she probably hate me now - i specifically told her that was the reason ( or one of them, besides the fact that I was/am lazy ) that I didnt want other administrators. Sure - i saw it to be an opportune time to interrupt and 'play with jimmy' - but after the conversation with him in the car I actually realised he was serious - not just hoping Tori reads the board and that he'll get some butt-love by saying she was 'ok.' In any event - hopefully she'll understand from here-on that the editing of messeges are to have an edit: { } messege - so that readers understand that it has been edited, and only when something important must be said....

take for instance : blasphemy about the { WONDERFULL AND ABSOLUTELY TRUE } existance of Santa Clause. We cant have some young child come in and realise that he is { SO TOTALLY COOL, WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT KIDDIES, SANTA IS WATCHING, YOU DONT WANT COAL? ... DO YOU? }
ok-why do people change my messages??? i know heather changed one-but who change my list one? i can only think it was james...whoever it was-they wrote this:

Tori Amos sucks so much-why is see on the list? i cant understand this-why?! WHY?! WHY?!!! does anyone like her musik?! besides the fact that see really hot, and i would love to have buttsex with her-WHY?!!!

no-i do agree that she is hot, and yes, i do want to have buttsex with her, but i dont agree with the other comments about her not being on the list and the whole "she sucks" thing. she can play the piano, and "ME and The GUN" <---i think thats what its called-am i right hetaher? is an awesome song, which i s the only reason i put her on the list...that song. so, whoever did this, please identify him/herself...buttsex.
mexican whoa-oh, radio!

no one commented on my list! DAMN YOU PEOPLE!!!

well- anyway, zach and chris and i hanged out today after work, it was awesome. we went to sharris-ate, left-went to top foods, ate candy, drank jones soda, and than left---we didnt pay, for some of you slow ones out thar---than we stalked some ACTION PACKED BOB FUCKIN ROSS from sharris, hehe, it was fhunny-cus he tried to give us the slip, and called the police, so we had to speed out of thar, hehe! than we threw emty bottles of jones soda (zach had like 50 in his car) out the window, to escape the cop...he stopped prasute like after three blocks, hehe-cool...but im sure he got zachs lisence...oh well-its his grandpa's car anyways.
than he loitered outside safeway, drinking JONE's, than called it a night...yeup yeup--it was fun. almost as fun as monday.

MONDAY: got lost on the way to roy, and ended up in a town where there was no lights...duct tape on the fences, and...no lights...spoookeeeeeee. oh-and james, coming home-the fucking fog got worse, and i had to drive 10 miles per hour to get home...couldnt fuckin see! the high beems made it worse! it blinded me! i got home at like 6 oclock...so tired for work...and got yelled at by roger because i skipped out of work early on sunday.

yeup...im done, all of you should see my blue spiked hair now-and you folks have to see zach...well, james has to see zach's mohawk, HAHA its funny. this is casey casum, saying-good night amerika---ps, who did the sing "POP GOES THE WEAZLE CUS THE WEAZLE GOES POP"? i want them on the list in place of the foo fights cus i reliezed that i broke the rule about continuation bands...but of course led zeppelin was a continuation band of the yard birds..hmmm...maybe porno for pyros can be on the list?

January 16, 2001

things are moving slowly. tomorrow is school. for a quick shot of me : click here. I have just sneezed. I got a new computer system. In return - I must clean my room. Oooh, Big chips at stake. Want my stats in jumpgate? click here!

Went to see the 6th day. ... I will post my intrepretation of the STORYLINE ... as compared to the PLOT ( which was - as jimmoi ingeniously came up with - just a way for a man to prove to his wife that there was some situations in which the phrase "go fuck yourself" could, in actuality, be done )

other than that. that is all. as I said - tomorrow is school.

.... i need a job.

January 15, 2001

mexican-whaooo, radio.
well-its unofficial, buts the list with the 200 bands/comtemperary artist better than Smashing Pumpkins. I had to keep non comtemps. like lounge lizards and classical musicians off the list, because, it would too unfair for the smashing pumpkins. well-without furthue aduuuu, heres the list. now read through it-i want people to debate this and say which suck and shit-cus this isnt official...zach hasnt even turned in his 75! yea, well =P

1. Pink Floyd
2. the Doors
3. Nirvana
4. Rage-a-the MACHINE
5. NWA
6. Nine Inch Nails
7. Pearl Jam
8. Cypress Hill
9. Pain
10. Primus
11. Sound Garden
12. Dead Kennedys
13. NOFX
14. CCR
15. Tool
17. Guttermouth
18. Artari Teenage Riot
19. Aquabats
20. Reel Big Fish
21. Velvet Underground
22. theStoogies
23. Black Flag
24. Sex Pistols
25. the JimiHendrix Experience
26. the beatles
27. ghoti hook
28. zao
29. five iron frenzy
30. against all authority
31. AFI
32. stavesacre
33. the juliana theory
34. the get up kids
35. the Misfits
36. brandtson
37. the ataris
38. old offspring
39. overcome
40. focal point
41. the ramones
42. the dead milkmen
43. the queers
44. mustard plug
45. 88 fingers louie
46. bad religion
47. boy sets fire
48. fugazi
49. deftones
50. propagandhi
51 Sonic Youth
52. A Tribe Called Quest
53. Led Zeppelin
54. the Who
55. the Rolling Stones
56. Sublime
57. Frank Zappa
58. Cream
59. the Talking Heads
60. System of a Down
61. Portis Head
62. Wu Tang
63. Jefferson Airplane
64. the Kinks
65. Elvis Presley
66. Eric Burton and the Animals
67. Lead Belly
68. Public Enemy
69. Red Hot Chili Peppers
70. Janes Addiction
71. Prodigy
72. Underworld
73. Oribital and the Orb
74. popwilleatitself
75. Bob Marley and the Wailers
76. Radio Head
77. Neutral Milk Hotel
78. Mother Love Bone
79. Aphex Twin
80. Type-o-Negative
81. Switch Blade Symphony
82. AK-47
83. CKY
84. Rancid
85. Rammstein
86. Cake
87. Thrill Kill Cult
88. the Investagaters
89. Pennywise
90. Johnny Cash
91. They Might Be Giants
92. 10-ft-Pole
93. Gravity Kills
94. Anti-Flag
95. Alice in Chains
96. MudHoney
97. 2pac
98. Pharcyde
99. the Cure
100. Can
101. X
102. Mellin Collin
103. Lords of Acid
104. Black Sabbath
105. Vasolins
106. Eagles
107. Ministry
108. Clash
109. Murder City Devils
110. U2
111. Blind Melon
112. D’angelo
113. Queen
114. PJ Harvey
115. Poe
116. Al Green
117. James Brown
118. Coal Chamber
119. Isaac Hayes
120. David Bowie
121. Pitch Shifter
122. Emenem
123. gang Star
124. Blood Hound Gang
125. Tori Amos
126. Liz Phlair
127. Ben Folds Five
128. KoRN
129. Blink 182
130. Oasis
131. BB King
132. Einstrzende Neubauten
133. Duran Duran
134. Cars
135. Metallica
136. Robert Palmer
137. B-52s
138. Billy Idol
139. White Zombie
140. Pantera
141. Joe Satriani
142. Drop Kick Murphy
143. the Dead.
144. Bob Dillon
145. Naughty By Nature
146. Beastie Boys
147. Warren G
148. Parliament Funkadelic
149. Filter
150. George Thorgood
151. Janis Joplin
152. Cool and the Gang
153. Charlie Danials
154. MXPX
155. Meat Puppets
156. Run DMC
157. Aero Smith
158. Van Halen
159. AC/DC
160. Iron Butterfly
161. Slayer
162. New York Dolls
163. Simon and Garfunkal
164. Davce Mathew’s Band
165. Blue Oyster Cult
166. Harvey Danger
167. Bad Religion
168. jega
169. Steppenwolf
170. Hank Williams, Sr.
171. Otis Redding
172. Bo Diddly
173. Deep Purple
174. Steve Miller
175. Chuck Berry
176. Devo
177. R.E.M.
178. Prince
179. Van Morrison
180. The Pixes
181. Buddy Holly
182. Robert Johnson
183. The Police
184. Kittie
185. Less Than Jake
186. Buck-o-nine
187. Static X
188. 90 pound wuss
189. Goldfinger
190. ELO
191. KC and the Sunshine Band
192. Stevie Wonder
193. Weezer
194. Husker Du
195. Bad Finger
196. At the Drive-in
197. Neil Younge
198. Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers
199. Jimmy Eat World
200. Jethro Tull