May 31, 2002

James -

Due to the fact that I just found out today that Monday was Memorial Day...I'll have an extra $50 on my next paycheck

So yes I'll be able to do a $50 instead of $25 game when they come in if that's still desired ;-)
Hot damn.

That will be sweet.
go here

type in the tracking number : 1ZV5E0620300292692

hoo - doggies.

May 30, 2002

I said "mean" or "bitchy" or "not caring".
You said "not caring". Hence my statement was true.

I have many more things to say...
but, I don't really feel like saying them. It's pointless.
For the record, I've been dealing with something else that has made me in an upset mood lately
and this isn't what's upset me, but this other thing has influenced the mood of my posts.
Don't mock-sympathy me for this or comment on this last statement.
Raven...My mom was never in the military...she doesn't even like it. However, if you feel left out, you're stupid. Does that make you feel better? (For the record, though, I don't think you are really stupid) getting upset is kind of stupid. Maybe you should chill out a little. And in my last post, I didn't point out that I was "mean" or "bitchy." Whatever...girls are stupid and are too emotional. I wish I was a boy.'s on a thursday night, tacoma dome, 7 pm I believe. I got my cap and gown today...we get to keep them after graduation. I'm trying to figure exactly what I'm going to do with them...hmm...any ideas?
im back. in black...whaaa?

well first off id like to say fuck off.
california sucks. so does washington. in fact-the entire west coast-hell the entire western united states sucks ass, beginning with texas.
ive lived in cali, montana, oklaholma and washington. and let me tell you how much suck did those states suck.

personally im all about Boston. New England is a wonderful place. if you hate the weather, the east has FLORIDA. the greatest state in
america. there's old people, palm trees, haitians, cubans, disney world and one thing california doesnt have. LOW COST OF LIVING.

oh, and it also doesnt have STATE INCOME TAXES, SALES TAXES and an insane PROPERTY TAX which is why most californians are moving up here...fuckers.

so all of youse are dumbasses. Washington is becomming Cali, and oregon is already northern cali, so once again.


thank you for your time...

in any event-i will be late for poker, so james, start it an hour late. like 11 o'clock. also-i might ask christina if she wants to tag along and play poker. she finally answered that email i sent a month ago, so i'll see if shes still up for it.
i havnt payed any attenbtion to this arguement.

ive just skimmed over it.

here is my retort.

fuck california.
fuck washington.
fuck texas.
fuck georgia
fuck oregon
fuck canada
fuck france
in fact fuck europe and the north amaerican well as the american that is south
the military sucks.
civillian life is also a bitch.
you are all stupid assholes if you hold grudges about something posted in here.

Nice try Raven. :D
but my mom passionately hates the military.
Dammit. There's attacks going on between people...and I'm not a part of it

*thinks up something quick*

Kissie, your mother wears Bonnie's mom's old army boots!!

If you don't like California, then don't go visit it.
They have enough water and energy shortages as it is; they don't need dumbfuck tourists who hate California wasting
it as well.

If ya don't care about something, then why do you rant about it?
It's another fucking contradiction..

Every single post you write, you have to point out that you're "mean" or "bitchy" or that "you don't care".
That is possibly the most annoying and funny thing ever.
Annoying for obvious reasons. Funny cuz instead of being mean or bitchy or not caring,
you have to tell everyone that you are.

This hereby reaffirms a statement I've made many times: I hate girls.
oh yeah...the little shit IS graduating, huh....

for those of you who don't know--i hate my brother...

for those of you who have gotten to "know" him...don't trust him...he is a lying, deceitful, and disrespectful little ass-bitch, and i strongly warn you all not to trust him for anything...

sure he may seem funny and charming or whatever, but that's the manipulative part. if you only knew his views on women, parenting, life, fill in the blanks, you'd realize...

believe me, he has put my family and especially my mom through serious shit...

so just as a forwarning bonnie...i wouldn't believe everything that comes out of ass-master's mouth.
--or Larry's...oh my god...james and i both knew him back in the day, and believe me...he is a nuisance that i will squash in my free time.

anyway, just had to write that for now...

when is graduation, a weekend or weekday...i may go for it and drag james after fun...we'll sit in the uppermost bleachers and talk and i'll pray that some sharpshooter takes out my brother--all in good fun mind you

siblings suck.
Kissie, Chrissie...whatever your name is. I just find you annoying and bitchy, thus fun to attack. I don't really care about California. Some people don't like France, but I love it there. Some people love Canada, and I'm not so big on it anymore. I just really don't like you. Sorry...because I don't even know you and it almost makes me feel bad. Almost.

Anyway, Jeff...isn't your brother graduating? So...shouldn't you go anyway? I mean, just a thought. I've gotten to know him a little better going to drill and such because I always ride home with him and Larry. He's actually a pretty funny guy. I think that EVERYONE should go to graduation. It's good to get out sometimes...enjoy the scenery of down town Tacoma. You guys should all go eat at Rock Pasta before. That's just really good. The pizza there is yummy. I would be jealous if you did because I have to eat dinner with my lovely family. IT's the least I can do.
Template could use a few touch-ups...I notice myself scrolling down and getting lost because the 'posted by' look just like bold sections..mebbe something to stand out a bit more where posts start/end?

Not a complaint, it's lookin nice. Just a suggestion.
I was done with this. But then the anti-states/pro-states argument turned into an attack on Chrissie.
That's not fucking right. We have an argument because we all have our differences and arguments are fun, etc etc, but holding it against someone like that?
Well that shows the maturity of a 9th grader.

Unfortunately, 5 years is a long time.
but not really compared to over 2/3 of my life that I spent living in southern states (Washington being the only northern state
I've lived in).
All the 5 years I've spent here, Washingtonians have dissed all of the other 5 states I've lived in. It makes me kind of vengeful.. like hey Washington kids, you've never been to Georgia or Texas so don't tell me what sucks ass about it. (This isn't directed towards anyone on here but rather to the people who have never been to either places but insist that "Texans wear cowboy hats and talk in rhymes" etc etc).

Bradbury targeted me cuz I was in highschool.. so that was directed towards him..

Generalizing habits? What do you mean by this? Shall I name specific instances/statistics that would explain why I
prefer California over Washington?
The number one reason why I hate Washington is that I don't fare well in cold weather. I spend the entire months of
December and January with either the flu or fever. I hate explaining that to people because everyone gives me advice
for combating the cold. Don't give me advice. Most everyone I know can't tolerate heat yet it doesn't really faze me.
The number two reason is that I like beaches and cities, not mountains and uh.. smaller cities.
There are more, but to "generalize" there isn't anything in Washington here for me.

I'd be living in California right now if it weren't for my dad feeling the EXACT same way you do (and a lot of other people
do.) That is why I'm so angry and uh immature and superficial and pissed to hell about this topic. His arguments are the
same as yours. Then he turns around and bitches to me how much Washington sucks; we wouldn't be here if
it weren't for him.
You said that Californians were rude and were only nice at Disneyland.. that would be sitting and bitching about Californians.

Maturity of someone in 9th grade eh?
You don't give a fuck about Californians yet you must complain how mean they all are.
and speaking of generalizing.. saying how mean they all are would be a prime example of that.
Condescending bastards grate on my nerves.

May 29, 2002

yeah--the archives work cause i republished them onto this template...

graduating from bethel huh? you must be relieved that you don't have to go to bethel high school anymore...

i'd even go if i had nothing to do, and it was on a weekend....

hehe, and i'd drag james, cause that's what i ALWAYS do, and i'd videotape it, cause i'm big into videotaping.

which reminds me, if anyone wants a copy of "The Bethel Slayer" i'll put it on VCD which works on DVD players and computers...

that's all for now, cause i'm kinda busy with stuff
Is graduation at the Tacoma Dome again?

I think I would like to attend....maybe I can get tickets elsewhere.

If not, it would be great of you to get them.
Lol, I mention that I loved my vacation and brought up again that I'mma move...and look what happens.

Eat yer heart out James.

"I'm just really sick of people going "how could anyone possibly like California?" yet I'm sitting here thinking "how could
anyone possibly like Washington?" We have different tastes-- end of story. "

I agree..and I think with that...i can say:

"Nuff Said"
holey chroist - cakes.
if you havent noticed, the archives actually WORK
You know, Kissie, 5 years is kind of a long time when you think about it. It's a little less than 1/3 of your life. Also...I don't recall that I ever 'sat and bitched" about californians. I don't give a flying fuck about them. I just personally don't like the state. You really grate on my fucking nerves with your generalizing habits....and with everything else you type. And targeted because you are in highschool? I'm still in highschool. Maybe you're targeted because you show the maturity of someone in 9th grade. Geez...I'm in a bitchy mood. I had a really great day and tomorrow is thursday. That is awesome.

You guys probably aren't going to graduation, but you should consider it. It would mean a lot to me, not that you care or just might be nice. It's june 19th. If you want tickets, just ask. I'll be happy to get them for you. You guys could cheer for me...and aaron...and bring me lots of flowers. Well, you don't have to do either of those...but just showing up would be nice. Please? How often do I say please? You guys HAVE to go now. I don't say please for anyone.
So I know I was wrong calling it a desert.
The arid plains of eastern Washington and the Columbia Basin are referred to as a "Shrub-Steppe," and are actually very rich in both flora and fauna. A true desert is devoid of most life. There are actually a few true deserts in Cali. Washington, in comparison, has one of the only non-tropical rainforests in existence.

As far as "superficial" goes, I was commenting on how you only listed leisure activities that seem to involve groups of people. You didn't mention that there is plenty of shit to do here in western Washington.
Mainly I meant your reasons were superficial or shallow because you didn't take into account things like cost of living, job availability and wages, and the general stress of living in a place. All things your average angst-filled high school student would fail to realize.

However, that having been said: To each their own.
Your reason for wanting to live in a place may be part of the reason why I wouldn't, and vice versa. I avoid cities, whereas you seem to be centered on the city-dweller's way of life.'re wrong.

As am I.
I'm completely aware of the "desert" on the other side of the mountains. But I live here.
The joke is still told on the East coast. My uncle called the other day and told it. Ya I know he's lame.
Kent smells, as does Mt Vernon area. :D It was the only thing I could come up to counteract the pollution argument.
And everyone who comes to visit me can only say one thing about Washington: this place smells.
I'm all for there being only spring and summer, and I'm not fond of Christmas trees.

It doesn't really make a difference whether I'm still in highschool. The difference is that I've only lived in Washington
for 5 years starting June 1.
I get targeted cuz I'm still in high school yet you tell me to move somewhere else. Bradbury, I can't
do both: I'm either in highschool or I run off to California.

You guys sit and bitch about Californians "stealing your energy" and "crowding your freeways", and whatever the hell
evil that Californians do. It's just right for someone who isn't paranoid about this shit to counteract.

You're saying my reasons to like California are superficial. That's laughable considering Cali is
the most superficial place on earth.

I'm just really sick of people going "how could anyone possibly like California?" yet I'm sitting here thinking "how could
anyone possibly like Washington?" We have different tastes-- end of story.
It didn't enhance the damage-control counteroffensive when The Associated Press reported on May 21: "There is an element of politics to the administration's warnings, officials acknowledged." Or when, on the same day, The Globe and Mail informed Canadians: "White House officials told reporters that the blunt warnings issued yesterday and Sunday do not reflect a dramatic increase in threatening information but rather a desire to fend off criticism from the Democrats."

I know how you all enjoy my links.
so I put a ' quote ' from the link.
heh. great stuff.

Preach on ma brotha!
So I'm playin this game, right?

And I beat this boss, right?

So I go onto the next area, right?

Then I beat that boss, right?

Then the game's over, right?

The next part was so cool....right?

It was the ending.
Okay first off - that whole "last one out, turn off the lights" thing is from the 1970s when Boeing lost a shitload of contracts and laid everybody off. That caused this giant job vacuum and everybody left. That joke really doesn't apply anymore, as the Puget sound (specifically the I-5 corridor) is one of the fastest growing places in the country.

Secondly - Jeff, don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel.......heh.

Thirdly - Washington doesn't smell, that's just Tacoma/North Pierce county. The rest of the state is usually fairly pleasant.

Fourth - okay fuck the numbering thing....

If you want hot weather, we happen to have this big fucking desert right on the other side of the mountains. Or were you unaware of that?

Not that I'm picking sides over which state is's just that a lot of the reasons given suck.

In fact, most of them are really very superficial....and very biased towards the view of someone who is still in fucking high school. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Basically, if you don't like it here ... be like Steven and go somewhere else.
[nothing of that was directed at Steven. His reasons were very sound]

May 28, 2002

Oh yeah...I just woke up before I wrote that post and I'm really sick...i was the whole time I was in cali and the whole flight home was torture...maybe it was from all the germs in disneyland. Sorry if that post was bitchy...
Kissie...I hate Cali for the reaason that it does have those citys. They are dirty, over-populated, and annoying. Everyone seems to be trying to get money, which is all well and good, but not when it consumes the lives of everyone in that city...all 3 million people...
And boy o boy that was a funny joke...but personally, I think there are lots of things to do in Seattle and Washington. ALl you have to do is open your eyes and be willing to try new things.

You know, the weather in Cali is nice. Everyday. The same thing. I mean, I'm on for sun, but not EVERY FUCKING DAY OF THE YEAR! What about autumn? It's so pretty in washington with all the tress changing colors...I suppose the palm trees that are all over Cali are nice year round...but they are also boring year round. Also, I like it to be cold in the winter...that is the way it's supposed to be. I like christmas trees. end of story.

Disneyland isn't that great. California Adventure was great for the day that I spent in it. However, it was hot and in Disneyland you couldn't get away from the people. They were everywhere. One time I had to remind myself that i was in America still because nobody spoke english.

Washington smells? Well, at least I can take a shower here without having the impulse to vomit...and at least it isn't always cloudy in the morning because of the damn smog...and at least it's easy to breathe. California has its fair share of smelly air.

I think maybe I'm just partial because not everything looks dead.You know, I can't really say that all of Cali sucks because I haven't been to all of it. I would really like to visit northern cali for a while...I'm sure the vineyards are very nice...all I'm saying is that the cities and pretty much all of so cal sucks.
I used to live in Cali before I lived here.
So technically I may be considered one of those "stupid bitches" that were sent up here.
Or not..

Ack! Her opinions of the Industrial Revolution are terrifying. :(
Last year, we spent quite a deal of time in school learning about the IR.
and Every Fucking Puyallup "Punk" seemed to know "everything" about the child labor laws.
Right now i don't have time to make a really good rebuttal post to that whole Washington sucks, california is better...

though i will...and it will be fun...

for the time being, i will say that california sucks, without saying that washington is better.

do you know why california sucks...because they send all their stupid bitches up here...

you know, maybe you all are right in a are seeing washington in is turning into fucking california because they send dem bitches up here...

oooh, hold on, i'll find a picture...oh yes, because this is Prime Bitch Number 1...

i'm a little whore, just lookee me...i'm a little californian slut.
"Lookee me...i like to stay in jeff's room even though i don't own it, and leave all my condoms all over the trash can and leave my shit in jeff's room...oh if only i knew that sometimes jeff throws my shit out the window, them maybe i wouldn't do it anymore"

It is especially because of her and her fellow cali-sluts that i hate well as that whole energy drain problem...but ahh, enough of that for now...

I think i will do some more bitching about her first...her name is Crystal...just so i have a name to give to the face...

actually, her name is Crystal Beverly Tam...hehe, in case anyone late one night feels like having fun and finding the whore online to mess with...

or hell, i'm sure you can find her on a street corner...i wouldn't be surprised if she ends up there in a couple of years...

Number one current reason why i hate her: she uses my fucking stuff! i tell her not she doesn't...for awhile...

Last major reason why i hated her and did not talk to her: She thought that child labor ended WITH the Industrial Revolution, and that during the Industrial Revolution, everybody got rich, and that Machines took over the work that the little kids had to perform...

--yes...i know...let it sink in...just let it sink in before your mind slowly begins to bulge and teeter on exploding..., or caving in...

she bitches about relationships and wanting one and having a serious one and asks everyone she runs into about them...and then she acts like an expert on it...
she wants TWO serious relationships at once when she can't handle one...and she's a whore...
get's drunk, acts like a bitch, splits friendships nearly...

i hate her...

i hate her...

...i think i'm going insane...



she writes stuff that she thinks is unique on her AIM SN profile like, "life is a game, play hard ball." WTFF!!?!?

she makes me doubt everything i know about the intellegence of people...
she takes MY fucking discipline (psych) and starts acting like she knows everything...



being...eaten...fuckin.... alive...


jOe' his dogs...

i never hated college life. until now.

and you all wonder why a couple of weeks ago i snapped and began to REALLY hate california--more than before anyway.

before it was tolerable...but not after something as dumbshit as that piece of walking....comes from there to here...hehe, maybe they kicked her out of the state...

y'know, all of michael's crap that he shitted out--and used all of OUR crap-ass-wiping paper, was still worth more conversational-wise then her...

so in closing...

i hate her...and i'm not fond of california right now...

--believe you me, i know the fallacies of my argument and posts,
There are many reasons to live in Cali and not to live here.
1. Cities
California has Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco..
Washington has Seattle which isn't nearly as big as the 4 listed above
There is a joke on the East coast about Seattle: "Last one to leave, turn out the lights" (i'm not saying this is a funny joke.. I'm just saying that there is one..
it basically means that Seattle is a dead town with nothing to do there..)
2. Weather
California is sunny and mildly hot
I have spent entire summers in Washington with pants on and the heat turned up
3. Concerts
When bands go on tour, they mostly don't play past San Francisco (that's changed a little bit within the last few years.. but generally Cali does get
all the shows)
4. Beaches
Washington's sucks, Cali's are worth while
5. Amusement parks
Cali's got Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm, etc etc. Washington has the New and Improved Wild Waves/Enchanted Park/whatever-it's-called!!
6. Last thing
California may have its pollution but Washington really, really smells.
Well to start with - Washington sucks hardcore ;-)
Here, it's boring. We have a choice of:
A. Watching a movie
B. Playing mini-golf
C. Bowling
D. Having sex

Which is why the pregnancy rate here is so damned high. Because there's nothing better to do. I swear 70% of the chica's I see that graduated with me are now pregnant or already have kids. Depressing really.

So-Cal is fun. Not the nicest place, but it's fun to go to.
I didn't go to So-Cal, I went to Sacremento, Frisco, Oakland, Manteca, Modesto, and San Bruno.
I want to live there simply because living there, in a nice place (if ya disagree with that Bonnie....honestly, go to Sacremento...nice residential areas that are well kept and not all of it is cluttered up like the housing developments we have here...yet it's only a 5 minute drive from downtown...which is also nice and well kept),
with stuff to do and - yes - it's sunny. Not a whole lot is more depressing than when it snows in May up here as we saw earlier this month.

I could go on, but I dun wanna. Cuz my download just finished.

Hot damn.
I really don't know why every wants to go to Cali. I mean, I don't know if it's just me, but I think it sucks hard core there. The only nice people were the people who worked at disneyland and they HAD to be nice. THere are way too many people there and everything is so crowded. Even Borders Books had a full parking lot. The only good thing about it is that it's sunny. However, even that can get annoying after a while. Also, the water tastes like crap and even taking a shower sucked because the water was so gross. Maybe it's just souther cali that sucks...but will someone please explain to me why they would want to live there?

13 hours on the road.
And why?

Just to return to this god-forsaken state.
I'm tired.
Gad dammit.

I wanna go back.
Atleast I got sex in Cali. Not here, no-siree.

May 27, 2002

Happy Birthday Zach!!
<3 Kissie

Bradbury.. email me those pics like ya said:
We need to get the Ask site up...

Of course, that would require initiative and/or drive.

Both qualities we seem to, as a group, be lacking.

So maybe we'll think about discussing it next weekend sometime.......
Camping......Supreme Funzo.

I assume you've all heard the term jury rig, or Gerry rig?

Well, then.

This is a very good example.

Heh heh.


Quite the little trip we had there.

Could it be? Yes! It's ... TARGET MAN!!!

Or was it Captain Target?
I think we used both.
Either way.

Beanie Babies? WTF?
I knew you Puyallup people were strange....
So...last night I had a dream that Greenday came over to James' house and I was over there and so were Jimmy and Jeff and Zack and James and we all had a sing-along. It was really funny...and really random. However, the dream turned into a nightmare as my dreams generally do. I don't remember that part, though. Anyway, I don't know why I had that dream. I just got home from Disneyland. It was fun and I'm sunburned and want a shower now. Happy Memorial Day? Yep..that is what today is.

I went to Emerald Ridge HS on Wednesday, and I realized something quite disturbing:
My school has display cases of beanie babies with the tags left on. what the hell.
hey i had to redownload icq if im on your list please message me (if you want that is) so i can get you back on my contact list


May 24, 2002

go here

much funny
Yeah, okay that just sucked...

oh well, there goes shortcuts eh?

So...after talking with jimmoi, it would seem that we are camping...funzo...

and we may even bring the behemoth along to make a movie...


what else...oh yeah...

onto bigger and more important topics.

Version I of "The Bethel Slayer" is finally complete and i will be burning it to VCD for all those who have DVD players, it should work on your systems...should . Mind you i haven't fully tested this technology and so it is subject to some possible failures. That's okay. I'll bring plenty of blank CD's and test run it at james' house, more than likely.

Version I is different from what some of you may have seen. It is designed in mind of those poor souls who were forced to work at Target.

Version II will be available shortly thereafter, which will be more like the original...only you'll actually be able to hear the soundtrack, and there will be AWESOME things like...oooh fades, and ooooh, wipes...and oooooh, colored titling...
yes my friends, i broke my wallet on this hear project.

if i decide to...i may even release a Version III, a tribute to ideas i got from Fight Club...but we'll see...

' looks cool in that movie, but i don't know if it would work in this one.--you all have no idea what i'm talking about.

--man, i am soo into this whole movie making thing...


here is some footage from Version I: The Bethel Slayer [Target Edition]

First we have here one of the main stars of the show, Steven Pierson. He was quite useful for stunts...which helped to liven up our little movie.
Kudos Steve.

ahhhh! must run away from green monster thing!

And of course, what would our movie be without a crazy killer on this loose eh? Check this picture out...isn't it scary?

...but a mystery abounds...
just who is...
Yeah target, would you like to buy this here thingie?

Wow, you must all be dying to see my grand movie now eh? eh?

yeah, that's what i thought.

Test Post

I just wanted to see if this would really post on loos=
e-slugs.  If it does, then yay...yet another avenue to explore later...=

Okay, that is all for now...

No wait...might as well try this:

<center><img src=3D”
even[jumping].jpg” alt=3D”Lookee, Steven is Spider-Man!” wid=

Yeah, if that works, then cool...and I’ll explain picture later.


james.....investigate a band called the locust, im quite certain youll enjoy the choas and insane noises.

i finally g ot a car. and it runs...fuck you jimmoi and your"oh im a gay korean im gonna sell zach00 a car that doesnt fucken run cause i ssuck cocks and i like to teabag.."....

i found the place im going to start buying porno from. the gas station i bought gas at today has porn low enough and uncovered enough for small kids to see easily. HARHAR.


May 23, 2002


about camping...

what is the deal with camping anyway...

as far as i know, we aren't going to ocean shores...and that is the info i got from mr. collins himself.

so then i take it we are doing fort lewis...and i don't even expect that to follow through, because more than likely that base will be like on ultra high security...

damn you had to go fuck with my fun didntcha?!? i bet he's from california.

so then, if not fort lewis, is there somewhere else that someone hasn't told me about.

as i was telling mr. collins...if he doesn't come up with anything, then we are making a movie, and this time i am actually serious...we need to...

it'll be good...

of course, in truth it will will suck hardcore...but oh well, what other things that we do don't suck in retrospect? i mean really, c'mon...


anyway, i don't know when i'll be down there. I'll talk to mr. collins about it tomorrow. it will probably be later, sometime after five or six...which means i might need a ride. If that isn't possible...then i won't be down till saturday...

and then i have to go home midday monday, since i have to get back for, sapping strength away...sapping resources...

so yes...
that's that i suppose...

this post sucks worse than mr. jimmy's post...

--and yes, second star wars was better than phantom menace. much better by comparison...though i find it funny that once again jar jar fucks up by giving palpatine the power...way to go stupid little ebonic speaking freak...
oh well...

i need to see it in theatre cause i saw it off of computer, and it was a bootleg version...



and when i get down there, i must show being whoever cares, the new and improved "The Bethel Slayer"...

now i'm leaving.
haha, NAMBLA. good ole Marlon Brando lookalikes...

anywho. VIctoria was only good for two things. Hot chicks i wont be able to associate w/, and liquor. yeup. oh, and porn on teevee. apparently canadians love porn?

the hotle i went to was a dump, but our neighbors were lesbos and they made a lot of noise :D. what made it bad however was the fact that my parents were in the same room as me, so it made it sortof uncomfortable...but fun nonoftheless.

CAMPING: im gujessing its on for tomorrow, no? i'll be heading off to james' house early in the morning to get zee scoop, but expect me to be late...i am laazy. i might have to go to GI BLOWS to get a tent, since i dont want to deal w/ the ZIGAROT TENT!!! but we may have to do w/ what we got. it will fit the three (or four?) of us. just'll be a pain in the ass. speaking of PAIn, i got the next installment in the mail: JABBerJAW the single and JAbbERJAW the album/ cross your fingers that i'll get Goggins.

i also saw StarWars and may i say "bra-vo". it was a major improvment compared to episode I. and jar jar only speaks two times. yarsh.
anyway-this post sucked. camping should be funzo. mashamellos and weiners!!! DELIGHTFUL!!
Man, you are a dumbass.
Take a guess as to which one of these I meant (hint: the one I was using has nothing to do with The Godfather or Apocalypse Now).

One last thing: Learn the english language. At least use spell check.


May 22, 2002

man today realy sucked, i fell asleep when i got home and missed most the day, gud thing i woke up tho, simpsons come on in a few min, Bah still sucks that i missed all that time i could be playing Marrowind, or sumthen bah still dissapoints me.
Hay Bradbury what is the NAMBLA??... what ever it is though, the NMA has no affeleation with them, or could we??? oh well, Me napster and Mr.R got our fight seen sorta down but its comming out pretty well, i have Jake " might vidio tape it " a friend going to do sound on it, was hoping that jeff P would do some editing or jessy or sumthen, but if it turns out shitty as all get out, the fucket ill just have proof that we are morons =)

But anyways all that aside, were loosen people on the board, and most dont even post anymore, i think you need to do somethen about that, get some people into the board : | i'unno, it felt good to be godlike when we had number 4 on the top list :(

simpsons just enden and im going to go play some games then go to sleep.

Rember everybody, please and thank you's, raising your hand, asking politly, and being a gentleman, GETS YOU NO WHERE IN THE REAL WORLD...BAH
That's better....

I'd have gotten rid of that puke-green bullshit a lot sooner.

Been a funzo week around BSD.

So far a third of the district administrators have quit (or been fired), my boss included. All that, and still a month of school left. Rumors of more to come.

The pro mice are really quite nice. They've proved very reliable so far, with one exception. If you twirl them around by the cable, they fail in a matter of hours. At $53 each, that teacher won't be letting the kids do that again.

This is how you get past the copy protection that the record companies spent millions to develop. Use a 50 cent black felt tip marker to black out the outer data track on copy-protected disks.

Now if that isn't funny as hell, I don't know what is.


okay, so whether or not you all like it...and i have a feeling that the majority of you actually don't or won't care...

i put up a better temporary sell-out template for loose-slugs, because that last one, for some reason or another, just would not work and it was pissing me off because i could not read it unless i highlighted the text.

Surprisingly enough, james has forced me to squeeze a couple of moments out of my time to actually do that, to supply a better template.

maybe the problem was just on my computer...who knows, but now at least i can read the posts when i go to and for that i will take any flak.

it really is a hideous color...

oh we have hit rock bottom.

--on other news, i have an optic apple pro mouse now...its spiffy
so I had to work a usual 12 hour shift today.
ran into jesse.
two new guys I was working with ask : " so thats your pal? "
I say " yeah "
they say " you referred him too, what happened to that other guy you referred? "
I say " he quit "
one of the new guys says : " quit? he was on the easy side. "
I say " I know "
They say " this one gonna make you look bad too? "
I say " I damn well hope not, and dont expect him to.
He's stubborn. People push'em around, he'll probably push back. "

and so it goes. I bought mechanical animals a bit ago ( I was thinking of golfish, in fact - i bought goldfish too )
its an ok album. something that definately grows on you tho. at first I didnt like it - but then when songs were stuck in my head, I enjoyed it much. anywho, im going to take a shower and go to sleep.

May 21, 2002

Give me Jones, or give me death...

May 20, 2002

James-2, you'll actually have to show up to graduate, let alone do some work.
I'd have figured you for a member of NAMBLA....After all, 50,000 Catholic priests can't be wrong.

May 19, 2002

"Moby is getting more ass than a toilet seat."
~The New York Post's Richard Johnson
heeee heeee y'know how james has his TZA, well i got my NMA, James has his Jimmy, i have my Sam ( kid in school who is asian ) James has his JOE, I have my Fat friend named JOEL,and to top it all off James has his " SAY IT WITH JEFF " and i got my :

click here, I promise it isnt gay porno because I'm not Jimmoi, zacho, or james

but beond all these things, i can say in 2 years THAT I FUCKING GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!! FUCKERS!!!!!!

NMA sponcers Flem cakes, now with extra flemmy gudness................... ( warning causes anal bleeding cancer in testicles, brain dieses, misspelllling of words like " the " adn " and " , droping out, addiction to the X-files, Inflamatory dihriea, ubsession ith 80's music, hemroids, and cronich masterbation..... And constant death. Here we have a represenitive to give a brief statment about this product,

" well.... i cant fweel anping belwoe my waste but hay, at lweeest i dun hab cotten mout.."
I walked away with 25$ total.

May 17, 2002

Ah hah. ah hah. ah hah. Click here.
ok - so after looking at how everyone else's posts come out I have decided to give up my pagebreaks and hitting enter when Im suppose to - and instead, just throw out a whole clutter of text in one big row and it should come out all nice and blockish - not stringy like my posts usually are. So this will be one paragraph ...

and this will be another - so OST FUTURE BLUES just came in ( great stuff ) - and now Im searching to buy the DVD - it seems that I ( or michael under my name ) posted - and last night sometime I do not recall I'm guessing TARWYN called my cell phone being as that I called whom-ever it was back and then got some lady who I had woken up. I hope she gets in trouble. The silly thing is the dialogue. here it is as follows :

ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
someone picks up the phone.

ME: ok, so who are you?
HER: ... who are you?
ME: well, you called me just a bit ago.
HER: no I did not.
( it is here that I kind of get irritated. I hit "dial back" on my phone, the god-damned call came from that house )
ME: Ok - then would there be anyone in your household who would have called me at this hour?
HER: Excuse me, that is kind of personal.
ME: Umm, well is there another phone in which someone else who could have called me in your home could call me from asides the one that your on?
HER: I dont think Im gonna ( blah blah blah - I wasnt listening to her )
ME: Ok. Um, well, sorry for waking you up in the event I did.
HER: Is this Michael?
ME: What?
HER: Is this Michael?
ME: Um . . . . . No.
HER: ( something that I forgot )

and that is that. some conversation. the person left a voicemail of just laughing. personally - I thought waking her mother up was much more fun than just leaving a voicemail. but moving on - my plastic cards should come in, and ive been talking to people at work about " setting up a poker game " - which will be mucho grande fun with work buddies. today was a chamberlain day - ALL DAY - 10200 SPEED - WITH TWO PEOPLE - so I dont know if I am going to make it to sharis tonight, merely because Im going to be damn sore to the extent that I dont want to bother with moving to get to my car. heh.

Jives out to Future Blues OST

also - ( jesse? ) considering buying the entire set of TRIGUN - but dont know if I should take the gamble on it. I put my neck out for cowboy bebop and was very much pleased - so what's your synopsis on trigun? I have a lot of reel big fish cds now - and im using this all as filler space to make it look like I have something important to say. You know what? I think I need a blow-job. We'll see what we can do about that.

and 1. I'd like to see jimmoi and napster go at a post war because 2. Im going to attack Jeff - merely because I know he's going to be coming up with something to try and get me, coming soon. That rat-eating bastard.


May 16, 2002

woooo betel slayer!! woooo, heeee, Me and napster had the greatest idea, get Napter Mr.R Possibly jimmy-james-or someone who can be captured and be noticed around school and I meeting in the entrance of the gym, and proclaming brutal death to the other, then wiping out Light sabors and dueling to the death. This would cause so much commoshen that securty would show up, once that happens we each shout off some kind of promis that the other shall die soon enough, and then run in seprate directions, THEY CANT CATCH US ALL!!!! ... well... tate works at the highschool now.... so there is a 75% capture rate, for each of us that is. I still have one of Jeffs lightsabors so, Napster or Mr go to a dollor store and get one!! well practice at lunch on moves and stuff :) why am i posting this you might ask, well... simply so i could get some people to give some ideas on how we should do this, James? andy? Jeff? Jimmy?

On nother note, whata bout that paintball thing jimmy, i take it no zacho jimmyo goodby-hello reunion aint gunna happen ? :( oh well :(
((((( By mike! i reloged onto my username, and it still posted it under Mud...))) BAH!!

bored bored bored, i think ill go back to my com and play some morrowind, wheeeeeeeee


This is good ol' jEFF here just trying something out on blogger....

I would be posting more frequently, but that damn template background, board...whatever you want to call it, is distracting to me, and i don't like it...

that, and a certain program i have that i use to upload files to my webspace is not working and i have lots i want to share...


yes that's right, the movie i talked about finshing last year is finally finished now...

well i need a soundtrack to play over jOe's crappy acting...but whatever...its mostly finished...

...all on iMovie 2...though i wish i had Final Cut Pro 3...that would have been sweet...

still, this will do, and has done beautifully...

that is all for now...this post was merely a test, and if it works...i will have found something really fun.

May 15, 2002

home alone for 10 days.

it is good to be alone with my thoughts....sort of...

however my cat has gone isane....and i am afraid to leave my room...when i need for..i have to sprint..otherwise he attacks me.

i have been watching M*A*S*H every night lately. hmmm..

i shaved tonight..not an hour ago..yet i have annoying stubble....

i really hate my neck...its the most annoying place to shave.


i wish i could get some anl love from jimmoi right about now.
Jimmoi how dare you accuse my posts of sucking.....I challenge you to a duel
Ok, so the crazy thing is right - I picked up over almost TWENTY THOUSAND SHEETS!
thats 1 9 9 9 7 more than THREE.

and andy has informed jeff that he wont be making it to camping.
because someone is a childish asshole.

eh, =shrug=

this - my wonderful boys and girls - is why I refer to you all as associates.
because personally, I dont care you do as long as it doesnt taint on my name or disrespect those who associate with me.
other than that, pfwee.

May 14, 2002

so i bought the new weezer album. what was i thinking, eh? i dont know-i dont like the new direction weezer was taking with their last release, the so called "green" album. but i took a chance. and i am so far pleased. it is an improvment from the green album, but still lacks the emotion of pinkerton and the "blue" album. Maladroit has a nice cover though...yeup. i guess thats all i have to say about that.

now on to poker night. it was funzo. i enjoyed everybit of it, cus i was WINNING. :D but it did end early for some reason or the other, but i'll ignore that and concentrate on the fact that i WON. haha..haha...ha...yes.

my posts suck now...they're almost as bad as napsters. *shrugs*

24th to the 27th. camping. ambiguously gay jeff, ANAL-CHEZ james, half drunk andy...and me, butt-sexxxy jimmoi :D. that is all. no wait-
Rigney was so not with us Friday.

When we bought our Jones....he was ahead of me in line.
Doing pretty good, compared to when we were in Shari's.
The checker rings it up, says "97 cents." He grabs the jones, hands her two pennies, and walks of saying something about the universe again, just as nonchalant as can be. That was priceless, the look on her face was worth way more than the 95 cents it cost me to cover him.
I might be getting a play published...
That means I get almost no money but I can say I've had something published...

It also means that actors might perform something I've written...

This week kicks ass...
half way home I turned off my radio to see if I could hear it.
I should explain :

on friday we had Michael David Rigney with us.
however, he was not with us.

And he asked me very clearly :

Do you hear that?

I asked him, in response :

Hear what, Mike?

my emphasis on " what " - and mentioning his name were obvious tells of my concern, but I do not think he picked up on them. Or anything else, for that matter.

He responded with : Exactly.

And that got me to thinking.

About how I use to be, before I got a job.
Before I started caring.

When I would ask people things like that.
and answer them.
because it made all the difference.
people, in general, just couldnt see.
or hear. they were oblivious to things that I could see.

and here mike was, playing my own game against me.

So I turned off the radio.
and listened, really listened - to see if it was still there.
To see if I could still hear it.
To see if I still had ears where others had none.

I dont know if I found my answer.
and if I did...

I dont remember what the question was.

May 13, 2002

.tset tset tset tset tset tset tset
test test test test test test test.

May 12, 2002

Do you like sandwiches? Of course you do...but have you ever asked yourself.......where can i get a mediocre sandwich for above average prices at a snails pace?
Then look no further than The Antique Sandwich Co. near the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.
Have been searching for the answer to this question...How high does a person have to be for it to take 30 minutes to put together an order of 1 meatloaf sandwich (consisting of Three paper thin slices of meatloaf, ketchup, and bread...6.50) and 1 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich (peanut butter, jelly that simple... 5.30)
Its crappy its inhuman to make a person wait that long for a fuckin sandwich,
"WOUld AnyBODY like A BIT OF homICIDAl rage with LUNCH!!"
How did he get her number? We all asked eachother/selves that yesterday. He was trying to get us to give the funny/our one over, but we would not! He tried again to convince us/him that he should come to him, but he did not you see. This gladdened us. Funzoness to the extreme. Do you understand what it is we speak of? I know at least that one does!

He should not be taken away from them right now. Time shall soon pass where it will be as planned this yester eve. Times are changing and so are we. God, long and beautiful day! What is it to say, other than it merely is that way. Yet questions still plague the mind about those things, the whys, wheres, and hows. And so they go on within us...

Can you understand what it is we speak of... ? Do you know, what you might have done had you succeded? An end to it, it would have been. No more words do I have to speak/type now, except....


May 11, 2002

wow intresting new get up for the board... havn't seen it in a while when did it get changed... just wondering well enough for me
I got to pondering today while i was working (my mind was wandering alot today)
and i got to thinking, is there any real difference at all between a "good" work ethic (that whole stay on task work when told thing that is preached by teachers) and panic.
Because the way i see it, both qualities have the same result....if you have the good work ethic you start when it is assigned because you dont want to turn it in late, basically a mild form of panic am i right? And panic is just when it comes down to the fact that you've waited three weeks until the night before it is due and you go on a crash course because you dont want to turn said paper in late. Does anybody follow my logic on this one?


May 10, 2002


i had the archives working.
and now.
now I dont.


Oh, well....
It was about flooding in the Appalachians, that they've had two "hundred year" floods in ten months.



May 09, 2002

Wow, nothin like a signup page to the new york times to put bible thumpers in their place!

Go Bradbury!!!


May 08, 2002

Maybe This would be enough proof to those backwards bible-belt fucks that GOD FROWNS ON COUSIN FUCKING.
At least, a religious person would be inclined to think so. Not that I have ever been confused with one of those.

Yeah.'ll be a perfect fit in Frisco, buddy.
*Jumps around like a cheerleader*

God is good!
God is great!

He won't let us fornicate!
eBay Item Bid History

god damnit.
Camping, say you?
Is this an open camping trip, or invitational only?
Tired I am.
Haven't been able to see straight all day.
just fell asleep for 2 hours.
Still cannot see straight.

May 07, 2002

hey james-
i was thinking about zee possible camping trip, and i think the 24th to the 27th will be gewd.

the 24th is a friday and the 27th is memorial day-so i know you and andy will have that day off. the only question is, did you ask your g-parents about that beach property camp site? also, i tried to get in contact with jeff aboot that day to see if its ok w/ him but he no home...ah well. it would be neet so we must converse!!!

hehe Jimmy stew......

Just got some Flowmasters on my truck. Finally. It's very loud now. Not open pipes loud, but loud enough to turn heads and set off car alarms.

I broke just about every traffic law short of running over pedestrians on the way home.

Not that I don't normally.....just usually not repeatedly and on the same trip.

fuckin' shit, en shit en fuck.............
BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan (Reuters) - The hero of a three-day Canadian sweep through the Tora Bora area of eastern Afghanistan wasn't an infantryman or a special forces soldier -- it was Jimmy the goat.

Soldiers from the Third Battalion of the Princess Patricia's Light Infantry say Jimmy took such a liking to them, he trailed them all over the craggy mountains as they sought out cave complexes and took DNA samples from suspected al Qaeda corpses.

Each time local villagers tried to take back the goat, Jimmy would escape back up the mountain to the soldiers.

"The best thing about it (the mission) was Jimmy the goat," Master Corporal Calvin Schrader said Tuesday. "We went up and down and he just followed us everywhere."

But the villagers were not that impressed and finally retrieved him once and for all.

"He eventually got eaten by the locals," Schrader said.

Can't say no to that. Literally.
Tha'd prolly be a pretty good way to get laid.
or not.

If I were to ask you for sex, would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?

May 06, 2002

bitch i fuck you

listen up
hey you i mean you
open up ya ears
to what i gotza tell you
jive turkey
damn honkey
i kick you like donkey
me shorter
but me faster
i fuck you up good
like natural disaster
a bigass tornado
or maybe an earthquake
i hit you so hard
you get such a headache
police man cant help you
he sleeping in car
and donuts have made him
too fat buy far



what you do now?
yellow flash hit you...
in your ass bit you...

gonna fuck up the whitey
fuck up the whitey
fuck up the whitey
fuck up the whitey

i fuck you
i sit on you white face until it turn blue
then i get off and i suckah punch you


i say WHAM!

i make your white skin make you feel like a scam!
you not shaq o'niel
so why you say shazzam?



there your tonkey!
get in your big truck and drive off away
i fuck you up if i see you any day!

Hey all, Me again, now I know half of you aren't going to read this and the other half of you are just waiting to scream at me, and I understand completely. I'm actually posting to apologize for my birthday flame post, I let stupid adolescent anger get to me and handled it in an irresponsible manner, so therefore I apologize honestly. Take it or leave it, I don't need your forgiveness but I feel the need to say sorry when I'm wrong. Also, How does the upload file command work? Are we getting webspace now, I just noticed all these changes in blogger, and James, the actual site isn't working.

May 05, 2002

This post is just for me to ramble to myself about shit, and allow people who are curious, snoopy, or bored
to possibly understand some certain part of my behavior.
If ya don't care.
Don't read it.
This is a blog, and I'm usin it as such.
So my depression hits me. It's normal.
Only this time I've been on this downward spiral since August.
Long ass time to feel like this. Indeed.
Some certain events have made it worse, a lot worse even.
But those don't matter. It's the effect on me I'm worried about.
As a matter of fact I went into a breakdown about a week ago...or sometime.
If anybody wants to see something they can really use against me, catch me
in one of those.
Spent the entire day at work...standing at the register cuz I couldn't do anything
else. Couldn't look at people's faces. Would look downwards. If I looked into anyone's
face when they were talkin to me, I'd break out with the tears. Rather pathetic actually.
Not somethin I enjoyed bein seen doin.
Anyways. I've realized that the only way I know how to curb it, is to be
with friends. Chillin. Such as the weekly poker game, swordfighting with Joe W.,
and whatnot. Keeps my mind busy, keeps me entertained.
The problem is, in this's hard to keep busy.
There's little to do.
Which is the primary reason for me moving to Cali...aside from running
away from some things, which I have a habit of doing.
It'll give me a lot more shit to do...once I meet people.
Which is why I'm moving near a good friend.
That's a whole lot of incomplete thoughts.
All jumbled into one.
I think.

"As one gains in knowledge, so he gains in sorrow."
meep meep?

May 04, 2002

So it's poker night, and we haven't yet found our 5th spot.
So instead, I've decided that I'm going to go to school.

Why go to school you ask?
Well, because I know of the greatest school in existence.

'nuff said?
I think so.

May 02, 2002

Hey James.

I now own your soul.

Ha ha ha.



So I've figured it out.
I am now pretty sure I'll be movin to Cali.
Not 'till fall though. Unfortunately in order to ensure employment as soon as I get there, I must stay at Wally's World until then.
That way I can just get a transfer, then look for a better paying job.
Will be in the San Francisco area.
So, yeah...that's the plan. Unless something manages to change my mind. Which is unlikely, as I'm
doing this in an attempt to curb my depression, which is urged on by this damnable place I live in.
On the other hand I have to figure out how I'll afford it. It's damned expensive down there, apartment-wise. (Although
food is supposed to be mad cheap)

But I got a friend helpin me right now. And I'll be scopin the area out when I head down there later this month.
But damn I'm gonna miss some of the shit up here.. =\

Second Post glory.
*waves a flag*


If you know what happened today, then you know what that's about.

May 01, 2002

james i was gonna send you 50 bucks for the poker table..

then you called me a bitch.

oh what the hell i probably will anyways. hell im HOLDING 50 bucks that i found on the floor in my room.


I was looking at clay poker chips.....remind me Friday and we'll talk further.

Just stopped in to see Aardappel. The last two years have gone by so amazingly fast. It's hard to believe.

Well, now. Time for my Cup of Noodles and mini-pretzels. Damn right.

also -

I just transferred over 350 to my paypal account
to get 500 clay poker chips, heavy weighted ones.
also considering a poker table - but thats an extra 400 smackers.

anyone who is interested in throwing 50, 100, or 100+ dollar-oos in my direction to help fund are free to make the offer.
although I dont expect any of you to. and also - it would be no strings attatched. :b
the website wont be up until about the end of next sunday.

because im lazy.