October 21, 2002

Here's a concept: Rock is dead.
Maybe not completely, but when the Backdoor boys and Tori Amos are considered rock, it’s all over. I can imagine guys like Jimi Hendrix and Elvis are spinning in their fucking graves right now. I’m sorry that Chuck Berry has had to see this in his lifetime.

We had this kind of crap happen before. It was called the 1980’s. Then Nirvana, et al came along and killed it. So where are the Nirvana, Pearl Jam and such of today?

It’s a sad, sick world of popular music we have going today...

Fuck Rolling Stone and MTV. Fuck them with an 18 IBC.

If you want rock, get out some fucking Stones, some Doors, Hendrix, Skynard, Robin Trower, NEIL YOUNG, Nirvana, Metallica (ugh, but they do rock), STP....the list goes on.

Rock DOES NOT include the likes of Tori Amos. Courtney Love isn’t there either. Hell, it shouldn’t even include Drowning Pool or any of the other “Modern Rock” bands we have now.

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