November 30, 2001

quick note :

dont mess with the "search archive" dealy.
I have to re-.... whatever the fuck word was,
where it t....
i have to re-index the website.
thats right.

fuck off.
I AM 18% GEEK.

I wanna be a geek. But I'm not. Why would
I even want to be one. Do I think it's fun?
I should try writting an online test application at 1
am in my underwear.

Take the GEEK Test at!


I am amazed that I even found this test. This is my first time online, isn't it great, I figured out this AOL-thing! But I don't quite know how to turn the computer off.

Take the INTERNET-ADDICT Test at!

I am 39% Metal-Head.

Most other metal-heads acknowledge my presence, but they laugh at me behind my back. Maybe I need to stop spending all that money on haircuts and invest in a few Pantera T-shirts.

Take the Metal-Head Test at!

I am 28% Raver.

Well, I have been to a rave. I probably know a bunch of ravers, but they may think of me as an outsider. That's okay, at least I am not a complete freak.

Take the RAVER Test at!

I am 59% Grunge.

I am pretty dirty, all right and, I reek of teen spirit... I would sell my own children for a moldy hotpocket, man.

Take the Grunge Test at!

my grandfather has lung cancer...
I AM 19% PUNK.

It's not a fashion craze, or even a cool thing
to do. I should just swallow it, get Lost, and take my friends
with me.

Take the PUNK/POSER Test at!

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA. All right, I think I've posted enough of these...blah...I get breakfast now...

- JEsse
I AM 55% GEEK.

Nerd, Freak, Geek, Dweeb. Sound familiar?
That's okay, cause I will be the richest
person at my 15th year high-school reunion.
If a "con" isn't happening that weekend.

Take the GEEK Test at!

I AM 45% GOTH.

Oh My Goth! You Goth, Girl. There is a
good chance I am bi. Freakiness pumps
through my viens, but I can still laugh
at myself.

Take the GOTH Test at!

I'm not goth! Fuck you!

I am 69% Grunge.

I am pretty dirty, all right and, I reek of teen spirit... I would sell my own children for a moldy hotpocket, man.

Take the Grunge Test at!

I am 48% SKA.

I know the scene, I've heard the bands, and I am burned out. Well, these things happen. I will now go ahead and go through the same thing with Punk and Emo.

Take the SKA Test at!

Whoa, am I ever addicted! I'm probably a little over weight with lots of acne, feeling lost, and alone, trying to escape from my sorry life with an internet life. I must crawl outta the basement, see the sun shining....oooh, it burns!

Take the INTERNET-ADDICT Test at!
its all good ( and stacks of wood, pray-tell? )
no offence or anything.

you got to admit, editing a post which commends the slugs for "non-edited posts" is pretty funny, thou ;)
James man thats really fucked up, i only wanted to talk to jesse on this so that i could get my point across without being edited. by someone who thinks its funny to put the word nutmuncher in somebodys post, and i still do post to slugs once in awhile, and i always checkin to see whats going on, slugs is where i started and slugs is where ill always be loyal to

Drew: Man i wasnt talking about anybody from either the boards torturing me, i know that most of you guys are above that sort of thing. I was mainly talking about that pogue bastard jonathon williams. Hes hellbent on the idea that im gay (almost makes you wonder what his preference is dont it?)
for starters - it seems my host people would like to inform me that I HAVE NO DOMAIN REGISTERED TO MY NAME

that's cute. really.
I give them two days to fix it, and they dont.

that pisses me off so much.
sooo much.

almost to the point of edit-fucking Andrew's posts
but after doing that to napster i'd figure that'd probably put a bad wrap.
im not all that tolitalitarian. his post was bitching about having his things edited. it felt rather deserving.

anywho. im gonna see if i can get these fucks with unix up and running - and probably dink around.

November 29, 2001

I am 18% Raver.

Have I even been to a rave? I'll go home. Loser. I suck. Actually, I am probably just a normal person taking this test and don't know why.

Take the RAVER Test at!

I am 32% Grunge.

What's this? The longest I've been without a shower is three days? Not even close, man. I should go sit out in the rain for a week.

Take the Grunge Test at!

I am 29% Metal-Head.

Most other metal-heads acknowledge my presence, but they laugh at me behind my back. Maybe I need to stop spending all that money on haircuts and invest in a few Pantera T-shirts.

Take the Metal-Head Test at!

I am amazed that I even found this test. This is my first time online, isn't it great, I figured out this AOL-thing! But I don't quite know how to turn the computer off.

Take the INTERNET-ADDICT Test at!

I wanna be a geek. But I'm not. Why would
I even want to be one. Do I think it's fun?
I should try writting an online test application at 1
am in my underwear.

Take the GEEK Test at!

reeking havak and mayhem on the BHS blog is so fun, muhahahahaha...

Tylers words of wisdom:
Next time you feel like complianing to your chaplin or your lover about how misrable you life is, be thankful that your not cursed with the three terrible karmas- beauty, riches, and fame.

Napaster, I just got done reading your post and you have a lot of meaning behind it, I was the one who editid your post and I'm sorry, I didn't know that you were being tortured by everyone else, I don't think that your a homo or a homophob, I think your a good guy, I was just giving you shit for saying juggulo...

I really agree with Jesse, I hate this fuckin' place too, all it does is make you more af a geek, more of an idiot, all they do is teach you the same stuff over and over, and then you don't care about what the hell goes on as long as you get out of this fucking place, all you good friends are on the outside while your stuck in... all I want to do is go to work, spend numorus hours at shrrey's restraunt, or denney's, I want to go skieing, I want to see my girlfriend 24 hours a day, 7days a week, but I can't because you all left us behind, I can't stand it I can't ever escape, even though I only have the rest of this year, its been the longest fucking year ever... I shouldn't be hear, I know I'm smarter that this bullshit, I don't even learn anything anymore, the only teacher you can learn from in this school is swatskie...
but anyways, why am I ranting, I don't know, shut the fuck up...
I'm thinking of getting out early. I may have overlooked this somewhere, but comming to school IS about learning right? All I do in the day is sleep, is it a waste of time to even go here everyday to only return home at 2 PM depressed? I mean, I feel as if I'm wasting time for no reason. I can go home, work on something that I might benefit from, say: working on a comic, video editing, writing music, reading a book I like. It's not like I'll bedoing THAT for long, I have a job that pays well, and one that I gain experience in that will benefit my future as a photographer. The job will bring me more experience and knowledge then Parr's shit class that he TRIES to teach. He takes my faith in tomorrow's youth down, knowing that teachers like him, who don't even know what the fuck they are teaching....You know....this is just driving me insane...I can't stand this goddamn school, the goddamn people, and all of my fucking teachers...I have learned nothing so far this year, and I'm studying Greek Literature for 3rd year in a row...and apparently, to this school Homer's only piece of work was The Odyssey....Oh no, what's the wasn't writen by Homer... year 12.....continues.....

- Jesse

zee board has been going dead for a little while and now it appears to have been reserected from the dead.

mud... the board itself does not appear to be working at all right now. why? how is learning unix going? :)

äs it appears many people have said... i will repear

where is Mike Rigney???

November 28, 2001

............... napster, get over it :P and everyone says fuck this board, then comes back :) but some DONT DELETE THEIR ACCOUNTS....
now whats this with me posting on " the life boat?! " i check it once in a full moon to laugh at people and after i just saw MAN OH MAN WAS IT FUNNY!!!!!! The life boat is down AND ITS SINKEN FAST!!!

yet again this sentance will be redundant, Napster this is slugs, slugs dont give a shieeeeeeeeet about the BHS ( slugs in general ) and what the hell is this with the porn and all. whats so wrong about that??? i thought you could post what ever the hell u wanted here ( even at the penilty of geting the shit peat out of you * shakes fist with fury * ) and have that post NOT EDITED, well maby cencored but NOT EDITED and i dont think anyone would fully call you someting right out of the blue-----DIE JAMES YA PAIN IN THE ASS!!!!! oh wait THHAT ALWAYS HAPPENS HERE!! AHHAHA, napster people are assholes, gun them down with a scimy or auto assault rifle, or just ignore their dumbasses for being ....dumb... personaly id take the gun part, if ya know what i mean * wink wink wink * (if you shoot up some kind of fedral place i sware to god if they find this post im SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO KICKING YOUR ASS!!!!!!!

For those who were moraly insulted by this post FOOOOOOOOOOOOKEEEEEEE YYYYYYYYOOOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and rember DRUGS DO not MAKE YOU KOOL

PS im confused did james edit napsters post??? if so, i change what i said, ..... IF your post is reta....wait... IF your going to bitch about something and dont bitch WELL enough then, ITS FAIR GAME =D
( edited for the sake of it )

I would also like to point out that I will not tolerate any crap dealing with or refering to the " lifeboat " - now that it seems to be going under, I dont want slugs to become a " Damn Jesse for making shit even more shittier " place. I dont check the bethel board. Heather does. Michael does. Other people do. I dont care for it. In any event - it bothers me to some extent that wherein everyone said " fuck slugs " to some extent and didnt post for prolonged periods of time - now they're all jumping ship off the ship they jumped off to in the first place. Very weird. Very odd. Very stupid.

with that said - i want you all to understand that I can edit people's posts.
and do change what people say.
see? Look at this! I am tolitalitarian, NO CURSING, NO PORNOGRAPHY - and so on.
you see? I'm bad, ba---a--a--aaa--aaaad.

go back to the lifeboat if all you're going to do is bitch about it.

where the hell has rigney gone anyway?
The board deserves it, it was nothing but a chat room...a slow chat room. So, soon people will soon turn on each other...and I won't be crying.
jesse youve gone and done it
soon chaos will reign
if i edit, someone else will edit, and then everyone will edit it'll be anarchy

undo the madness, please
stupid unix.
you shouldnt be this difficult to set up.
Only if Aaron doesn;t de-administrate them. and you.
Ok, I've made everyone admin on Aaron's them all destroy each other....oh man....Is it wrong to mess with people like this??
hhmmm i was first post at 12:13 YESTER DAY... hah!

uumm yeah dec 15 i want to start a paint ball thing, i got a bunch of people who would like to go that day, its a saturday and thats the same day as my birthday so we would get some kind of birthday bash thingy, so if anyone would like to reinforce me on this we could have an awsome PB day, DONT TELL ME YOU HAVE NO $$ MONIES!!!!

I think I wanna have your abortion, sounds better :) because you know me, having so many babies, and i ATE THEM !!! yyyuuuuum BEBEH da other white meat!!!

What are we doing this friday besides bashing a tv and shirys??? I hope the TV is still there so we have 2 teeeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeeeeees to bash. bored bore bored, i think ill go eat some more chicken sammy, YES THATS RIGHT SAMMY!!!!! I ATE SAMMY!!!! rrrraaaarrrrrr, btw james would it be ok for me to post a 9 page short storie about a hotel... i need some insight on what im writing because i wanna get back into making coooooooooooooooool short stories.

what elce .... hhhhhmmmmmm....hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm...OH yeah.... no......................................................................................................... heeeeheeee :P

DRUGS DO not MAKE YOU KOOL fun, fun, fun... hello, I'm posting on the new board...

Dec. 19th is lord of the rings and I was wondering if any one would like the go to the cineroma to see it (cineroma: in seattle, a very big theater with a very big screen and a very big sound sysetm, very cool) it will only be like ten bucks and mike Rote is going to pick up the tickets on Dec. 5th... noynch-noynch-noynch... so anyway I was thinking of setting up paintball sometime in Jan.

who would win? spiderman or Wolverine... just an all out battle doesn't matter the environment...
I've been having this on going debate with sherrie, she thinks spiderman, but think, no no, I know, Woverine would waste spiderman...

what sounds better? I haven't been Fucked like that sense, grade school, or I wanna have your abortion? the grade school one was from fight club the movie, and the abortion one was in the book fight club...

James and crew, you suck, you said you were going to visit me at work on thanksgiving and I didn't see you, bastards...

Is mike rigney still around? I saw him at burger king on day and he seemed really weird, I thought it was just me, but sherrie said that he was acting weird too, i'm kind of concerned...

So when is the nest jimmi day, I miss jimmi day...
oh man....

Whatever came over me that morning was amazing...

anyway, the urge to post came upon me today in I guess I can because this board seems more tolerable then Aaron's little "We, the popular students of Bethel High, unite to form an online group of who we hang out with at school" board. Actually, his is depressing... but anyway.

Waking Life - Ah yes, Waking Life. James, I'd expect you to watch's like THE COSMIC WOW!.....mwahahahhahahahahahahaha

I can't wait to see my girlfriend....need money to get plane ticket.......

oh god I'm tired, maybe 2 hours ofsleep isn't enough...but maybe....naw, nevermind...I'm just going to try to move the mouse and hit the "POST AND PUBLISH" and ENTER button with my ear....

adnsfaeirh ga9erhganerypa \ertyae
Im saying this real quick -
since i feel like it, im changing my plan over to a unix server.
this ups my email count to quite a few.
so uh.

if you want a ( username ) @ address,
tell me.

its pop3 too.
and that rules.

November 27, 2001

I half-way listened to the radio today, or yesterday / whenever.
and they were talking about a " new movie " coming out - or the concept of a new movie that will be released, or something they figured would be a good movie.

the idea was that ...

Sometime in the near future science will allow us to predict and choose the gender of your child you will have. But what else? What of the dark side of science where it can do more than that - such as tell you whether or not your unborn child will be HOMOSEXUAL !!!

Basically the plot would revolve around a bunch of evil people attempting to rid the world of homosexuality. DAMN THE STRAIGHTS! I personally dont think that a sexual preferernce is that big of a deal. heh... cant you just imagine big " wars " over something like this... ah ... I get ready for work.

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!! Damn. Thant's so funny- looks like an advertisement for shoes or some shit.
ok my new EMail is james so change that will ya
at least i think it is..... heeeeheeee

i mad a long ass storie for alecs class, for creative writing.... just a bunch of bull consited of hotel californa :) kinda like that.... but much much sheeeterererererer

November 26, 2001

What (other than smashing shit) are we going to do this friday?
Anyway I should leave the blue truck at home for a few weeks....
Maybe I'll put the tailgate back on the nice one and we can use it for road-skiing.
But not as far down as before. That guy may not take as long to call the cops next time.
ho humm i'm just

Click here to find out what size you really are
hmmmm don't know

Click here to find out what robot you really are

November 25, 2001

Or maybe I should say:
Click here to find out what size you really are

That fits a little better.
Click here to find out what robot you really are

Ha ha ha ha!
I don;t even know who that is!
Click here to find out what size you really are

November 24, 2001


Click here to find out what robot you really are

Click here to find out what size you really are

i think it ment above average ....
Click here to find out what robot you really are

Not sure what to make of that one.

Click here to find out what size you really are

And I told the truth.

Click here to find out what size you really are

ha ha.
looket that, I got bigger than heather.
Had I a penis:

Click here to find out what size you really are

Ha ha ha ha ah
Micheal is sad that no one has posted. Or, people have posted- but they're lots of posts by the same people. Yeah. He bitches too much, too. Saying I bitch too much. . .fucker. Yeah. So. Hmmm. Oh, yeah-

There's no shame in drinking with a gerbil. . .

Sticking it between your buns- that's a whole different story.
Yeah sure I'm free.......
Mike id love to but im spending the weekend at my grandparents. So i dont think id be able too. Next weekend is a possibility though cause i hope to walk away from this weekend with some funds. But if my mom objects to picking me up at midnight again, id need to get a ride or the point would be moot. Anybody even heading toward tacoma? It is hill top and if somebody could give me the ride id throw in a little for gas. But whatever yo. When i get my car hopefully ill have a bit more freedom. till anytime before midnight, damn you old ladies and congress men
OH and we gota hunt down them people.... THE HUNT IS OOOOOONNNNNNNNN
POLICE?!?!?!/ ooooooohhhhhhhhh they must be here for us!
hay bradburry u doing anything tonight, ill see if both jameses are doing anything, and if not, TEEEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE bashen time?!???!?!?!? bradbury post your cell number just incase this falls through, but yeah, 2 cop calls on us =D damn that means next time to have more fun we gota get called on 3 times..... damnit well... bradbury that wont be a problem now willl itt hee heeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeee

napster u wanna come , inless everyone objects? and another thing im going to post a big hate list of who hates who dew to people whining about " they hate that person " well ya know what PEOPLE FUCK UP ONCE OR TWICE SO GO FUCK AN EGG!!!!!!! and if you dont like someones living style or how they speak or what they do, tell them " dont do that when im around "...... * looks towards someone * because SOME people will go out of their way TO LEARN FROM FUCKING MISTAKES!!!!!!!!!!!! so yet again this comming from me and me only ( could use some people to back me up on this ) I DONT GIVE A SHIEEEEEEEET WHO YOU HATE! :p

uuummmmmmmm what elce, oh yeah, um we need to have a lan party andy and if you ever fucking read my bloody posts youd see this, oh what andys a panzy boy, THATS WHAT I THOUGHT BOY!!!! pppppppaaannnnnnnzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :P

uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh jimmy if we no do somethen tonight u come over we play james and cris-curt in starcarft using the team method thing, and GTA2 and some FS2 what elce what elce......james told me Jimmy day was dead?? so wtf are we doing every fucking friday? * shrug *

None of the pics really came out good.
And Shari's needs to wash their windows. Ick.
malicious mischief

Willful or wanton destruction of another's property.

Damn right.
We know how to get a weekend started off right.

I passed the sheriff that was no doubt headed for there on the way out.
He looked to be making a U turn after I passed him.
I have a tail light out....but he didn't even catch up.
Damn right.
I don't think he tryed.


November 23, 2001

Here i was sitting here wondering where the hell you guys are tonight and then it hits me..........your all at Jimmy Day!!
Damn i want some coffee right now. ANd those cheese stick thingys were really good. I want details about what you guys did tonight. Everything and anything and most impotant of all....PICTURES!!!!
Love long weekends......
So what time (approx) should we meet at Shari's?

I have to ride train this afternoon for a looooonnnnnngggggggg time. I have a huge bag full of goodies to eat.... *drools at the num nums* I'm going to Västros for zee weekend. It will be fun most likely considering Amy and that other exchange chic are going to be there. heehee :)

November 22, 2001

so..........noone has posted today.
im thankfull for oral sex.
and jones.
and all in all im thankfull for tza.
even tough i basically hated it all summer.

im going to see the juliana theory on saturday.

so i dont know if jimmoi informed you peeeeple so ill say it. on monday meeezah and jimmoi went to brices to say hi. and i was wearinga suit for the first time in ages....and like we knocked on the door, and brices asshole dad opend the door...said"were not interested!" and slammed the door ion my face. apparently he tought we were church peeople and didnt recognise my shaved head. laughable. what kind of churhcie mormon jehova witness people walk around knocking on doors at 9 ocklock? like thats doesnt really happen. oh well.

i was at sages house last niht so i had cable to watch south park. funzo!!! done with this.

im like...dum.


i was syphilis too.



im sleeping at alitheas best friends house tonight..and shes not here. weird.

im going to bed cause im posting a post that is worthless.

make that 51

slowest i have is 52.

November 21, 2001

you sick fucks.
all having sexual intercourse with eachother.
spreading syphilis like it was COTTON CANDY AT A CARNIVAL!

all of you!

ebola rulez0rs.
Fine... I thought I wouldnt have to edit or post again, but I'm having too much fun with this spanking the monkey business - you diggin this ? 1413mph
hmm. okay - so I got excited again, the music turns me on.. or something.

610 - 500 - 610 - now every body bow before the master. ( damn im bored )

maybe I should try the slowest one possible - slow is nice too =D hmm... 53 is pretty slow

ah screw that - 598 - excitement!

Alright - I thought I couldn't overcome 732... but I was wrong - 817 so.. who wants to watch ? grins to himself mischieviously
There is no end to my stamina! Excitement -=drives=- me! 729 mph

I think here I shall 'retire' to fitful sleep after such fun spanking the monkey - How ever shall I top that great speed ? Near Impossible!
Holy Shit... I must spank it good...
544 miles per hour! Wooo man!
Ladies and Gents... I would like to announce that I can spank the monkey at 349miles per hour!
Yes thats right! 349 miles per hour

Edit ( Oh yea, Im the Bubonic Plague =p )

Take the Affliction Test Today!

Damnable damness.
My sister got rabies- why couldn't I get rabies?
Lisa got rickets- I'm soooo jealous.

Guess what?
It finally came!!

Ah, should've figured you wouldn't care. You know what I got i?
. .because I don't partake in froturism!!!
Oh and:

Take the Affliction Test Today!
First off - Go to Class Act for tattoos.
Second - Don't ever get a tat below the wrist. It's just a bad idea. Not to mention it’ll hurt like hell on the web of your hand there. Even worse on the palm/fingers on the pad.
Third – Don’t let anyone tell you tattoos don’t hurt. But it’s the same kind of pain as paintball, that "Holy SHIT" at first, then ten seconds later it doesn’t matter. I’m not saying pain should be a determining factor, cause it’s not all that bad. Mine didn’t really hurt until towards the end. Even then it was only a fairly dull tinge. But it did hurt. I’d say the worst part was when it started itching, like a week later. That drove me crazy for a few days.

Also-About insurance. I hate insurance companies. With a passion. I like the idea of insurance, that is, having a safety net of sorts, but the people who make money off it are just too damn greedy. Insurance companies should all be non-profit organizations. Period. We’d all be better off if their bottom line wasn’t the only thing that matters.
img src="" title="I am Plague.
Got Me?">
Take the
Affliction Test Today!
...... hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm im not sure if thats good or bad...

well nit said i was the bubonic pleaque...
aaawwww school wont let me see the canablizum pic. aaaaaaawwwwwwwww now i haft to wait till i get home to see it! ppffttt well, i hate school always have and i just get done making a buncha posters and my report AND MY GROUP DOESNT COMPLEET WHAT THEIR SUPPOSE TO DO!!!!!!! AND TO TOP THAT ALL OFF THE PEOPLE WHO WERE SUPPOSE TO GO AHEAD OF US DIDNT EVEN FO THEIR FREGGEN PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .... man.... i cant wait to do my project, it will be so ubar and the teacher will love it because, I WOULD BE THE ONLY PERSON WHO DID IT !!!!!!! HAH!~~ $$...

so what we doing this fryday?? if nothing jimmy drop by when u get offf work, i got UT worken and james will have a crack by then, if not I will have a crack by then. and someone with a N64, if you bring 2 controllers well have a 4som in tetris on N 64...... =D

ok ... ... me go eat my turky shaped coookie... and btw SOMEONE IN MY CLASS SAID " DAMN THOSE ASIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " i bursted out laughing and fell on the floor laughing.... everyone, EVERYONE looked at me and thought " he must know an asian friend who is gimp too.... " and they laughed me ........ heeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeeee Moo

Me go eat......

but wait. I'm not done yet.

Im going to either go out and get a professionally done tatoo ( probably two ) one of them being a pen mark I found on myself and have been re-writing every day since, I dont know how it got there or what not - but it looks so neat I enjoy it.

Then Im going to tatoo " tza " on the little part between one's thumb. to explain - you have your thumbnail - which then has a joint, then another joint - then it connects to your hand. that space between your hand and your thumbnail - there. real little. just so i can see it. if anyone of you would be interested in such a life-scarring endeavour as well - just ask me and i will be sure to hook you up with the funds to do so, with me. yes - it'll be stupid, but it will be OUR stupid, and a great story to tell, none the less.

also - i dont think my current plan allows me to make ftp users for the space I have. I do - however, think that if I upgrade that I can do such a thing. With that in mind - that'd mean my monthly fee would be ... oh - i think 30$ - but not only that - i'd be able to give you all your own webspace to do with whatever you please. and instead of 10 addresses, I'd have thirty - meaning I'd give them to each and every-one of you. But Im thinking if I should charge for the space. I dont think so. So - if I go with the upgrading - and I can then make ftp users - and then I can give you each your own little folder and then link it up here to the main site - we'll have our own little places to put whatever-the-fuck we feel like ( as long as it is isnt too graphic to where the hosting people get on my ass ) - wont that be grand.

as for PHP - I found out how to get my own scripts - but as to being able to get them to work on the damn hosted site is another thing all-together, I dont know how to make the fucking folders able to be written to - and they didnt help me when I asked for god-damn help. So I've got to actually READ THINGS to figure that out. Hopefully when I have the time I will get around to that - and have a better side-bar navigation center for you.

that - and speaking of wasting money - anyone know where I can buy buisness cards for relitavely cheap, but good looking? Im going to make some buisness cards ( again - anyone wanna jump on the bandwagon here just say the word and I will see what I can do ) for either ( general cards ) or for myself ( TZA influenced ) - those would be fun to just pass around to anyone you randomly run into in life, say someone who works at burgerking or someone you run into at school or the mall.

I have to buy new shoes today, by the way - just so you know.

also ~
has anyone heard from jeff? i think there is some sort of big hoop-lah with tests and so on going down at the college because he hasnt been posting, or been chatting to anyone online ( that i know of ) - crazy stuff, i was just curious because, to some extent, I am concerned and hopefully he's ok and doing well. Go figure.

now I'm really going to bed.

Take the Affliction Test, God Damnit!

I came home and my father caught me alone in my room.
Damn, here it comes - i thought to myself. and sure enough, it did.
however - my father is funny, he approaches the things he wants to talk about in the same manner as I do - ... that is to say that he doesnt. He asked a total of one question to which I answered : " we're going to find out aren't we? " - and then left it at that.

There is so much more...
too bad, so sad - buy the video on DVD and break it in two.
who cares.

Today I hit my 90 days. They gave me a bunch of packets of stuff. It seems that in the event that I want new glasses, they'll pay for the majority of the eye exam, and the glasses themselves. I find that odd. Not only that - but say this bump on my index finger actually turns out to be something of some serious nature and I have to get big $$$ surgery - they'll pay for the majority of that being done as well. I don't get it. Not only do I not get ( get meaning "understand" ) it - but I don't like it either. I dont like insurance. So sue me. I dont like the concept - and I dont like it in practice. Actually, I belive there are two sorts of insurance - one being the one that continually pays for you - be that medical, dental, or eye-care... and then there is the " just in case the event that some random act goes and fucks you over " insurance - being house, fire, theft, and car insurance. You take the good with the bad, and I'd rather just stick with the bad instead of saying " Oh well look at all the good it does " - because I'm damn well tired of hearing about all this shit. I hate it, for example, when someone's house floats away - and they get reimbursed for it - paid - in the event they had "floaty house insurance" - so to speak. Why not just let them be fucked over and die off? I dont enjoy how much government is protecting the daily lives of those who make it what it is. Of course - this hits a vein much deeper than mere insurance. I'm talking about the whole shibang. If I put money in a bank - and then the bank gets robbed, I never expect to see my money again. But what happens? The government makes more money and gives it to the bank. I'll be damned. Here I thought that money was worth something. Go figure. Oh - and then there is the ever present worry about "minimum wage" - which I also dislike. Who gives a shit how much one is paid? I sure as hell dont. Money is onto money as money is. You're saying to yourself - BUT IF I DIDNT GET PAID AT LEAST MINIMUM WAGE I WOULDNT BE ABLE TO PAY MY BILLS !!! - what did I say, bitch? I said I didnt believe in insurance, ohp - no more car bill, ohp - no more house insurance - ohp - no more blah blah blah. Oh - and not only that, but since I was thinking about how you'd still have to pay for your house and car - just not the insurance, I was reminded of INTEREST which - also - is bullshit. I was going to buy a car ( in fact I refuse to buy anything which I dont have the money, directly, for ) and it turned out that I'd be paying 1/4 the price of the car, and then the rest was their " oh here we'll do you a favor by charging you every month, but then we'll put an interest rate so fucking high that you'll be paying for four cars instead of just the one you bought " -- now that's great. No, that's capitalism for you. Make money off the stupid. Hell, make money off the dead. WE ALL KNOW THAT LIFE HAS CHANGED A LOT SINCE THE TRAGEDY - what? My life, with the exception of the fact that I have a job, has changed very little in comparison with this little escapade of " where were you when the towers fell? " - blah blah blah blah blah. I hate people. I hate people a lot. I hate people so much.

As for friday - I'm thinking we brainstorm and come up with some sort of " thanksgiving " tradition we do every year. That'd be fun, but oh - what to do? Not only that, but now that I bought a big roll of HEAVY DUTY ALL WEATHER duct tape - I got a really crazy Idea. - What if instead of TZAing our own cars - that late at night we sneak around and TZA other people's cars? Like, for instance, those cars you find on the side of the road that everyone throws rocks at anyway? Wouldnt that be grand? Just a thought.

Im going to bed now.

It would seem that damn lifeboat has lured DS away, too.Damnit.


Looks like someone had a case of the mondays...

or about, "Looks like someone has a case of the munchies."...which is better? VOTE NOW ON COMMENTS!!!


November 20, 2001

deck the hall ball this year seems funzo. blink 182 , staind and Systen of a Down is playing it this year. Cold Play and Travis is playing the next day. i like blink, but ive heard they suck live...and i really want to see System of a Down, but $45 is a little too much for me...actually thats uber cheap since i paid almost twice that to see Nine Inch Fucking Nails. hmm. i hate linken park and i hate staind as much as i hatethe thought of legalized abortion (hahaha! debate soon to unfold!!!!)...hmmm, maybe if i give enough mouth sexors i'll go...
no charge owns...thus far. but it scares me. im not useto NO BANNER ADDS, no limitations on its FREENESS and there was no, im online-thats it. so im a little confused. im sure they'll do something to me later, but for now...YESH!!!

as for jimmy day-i have no idea whats going on, since i work till late. 8 or 9 or 10 is when im off. so, i have no idea.
and i have nothing productive to post so fuck you all i hate you.

I love short weeks.
tomorrow is "Virtual" Friday

I've been employed at the same place now, in one capacity or another, for about a year and a half now.
In that time I've been asked maybe ten times, more likely much less, if I am of any relation to the author (my grandfather's cousin Ray). Four of those were today. Strange.

Anyway-Friday....what the hell are we doing? We have to do something. If so, I'll bring the crappy truck and we'll do some more road-skiing. Yeah. But no more shopping carts will be kept....I'm suprised my neighbors didn't call the cops last time. My guess is they just didn't wake up early enough. Still, I'd rather not push my luck.
Who the hell is Veronica ?
Shady responce names = dumb fellas =P

I once again found a rather great 'fortune' cookie, " You have a potential urge and the ability for accomplishment." Now if that's not sexually suggestive I don't know what is.

Bored - yes I am. Entertainment is what I seek...
eep :)
I'm first. and I wasted the glory of first post to tell you all that I got first post. Ha!

November 19, 2001

Now- I know that sometimes I do things that aren;t quite nece. This is one of those things. ha ha ha ha ha. Sometimes, Bonnie posts about how everyone hates her and is sooo mean to her. A lot- and since she's so good at playing the victim, I thought it would be funny to show, in a Jeff- inspired undercover report minus the pictures, The truth about Bonnie:

GreenEyedFox16: Heather is a big fat bitch. Just because she hates the world as
much as you do does not make her intelligent. I think that it would be a step in
the right direction to cut off all contact with her. What is her purpose? To make
you unhappy? If that's it she's doing a damn good job. Why don't you do the right
thing and get rid of her because deep down you don't like her either and are just
with her for the purpose of being with someone, which, by the way, is very lame.

Funny, yes? Sorry Bonnie- I couldn;t pass it up!

Funny, funny, funny- No wonder she's so paranoid about people not liking her! Filthy language, filthy. Yeah. Now I look bad, but you all hate me anyway. So, yeah. This is funny.

You'd figure them messing with the ftp thingers would make it more reliable.
ah hah.
and sweedish lesbian erotica pornography pictures.
egg salad.
Hello ewoa zello....

Here you go Josie. :)

More Swedish Pictures

Anyone else who is interested, go ahead.

November 18, 2001

I wouldnt be disturbed by death.
Living is a much more harrowing experience.
Anyone can die. In fact - Everyone does.
So it isnt a question of whether or not you are going to.
Or how. Or when. Or why. Or where.
so on, and so on.
Living - however, ahh ...

now thats something to be disturbed by.
i submit for your observation.....a stupid person attempting to talk to me.

Netgrl1415 (8:24:59 PM): JOSH REJECTED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Netgrl1415 (8:25:07 PM): :-(
handicapedboxing (8:25:36 PM): im sorry
Netgrl1415 (8:27:43 PM): i asked him if he would go to a dance at my school with me and he said he couldnt because he wasnt 16 yet and i know that wasnt the reason because KT told me that April told him to say that cause he didnt wanna be mean and just say he didnt want to and i said that it would have been better to hear the truth about it!
Netgrl1415 (8:28:04 PM): and KT also said that she asked him if he would go with Nikole to a school dance and he said YES!
handicapedboxing (8:29:05 PM): ah midleschool
Netgrl1415 (8:29:30 PM): IM NOT IN MIDDLESCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111
Netgrl1415 (8:29:36 PM): i'm a freshman!

now after she left...i had a few questions i didnt have time to ask...such as..

1) who the fuck is josh
2)and for all practical purposes..isnt 9th grade the same thing as highschool?

why in texas...the 9th graders were herded into their own seperate school.
and in the a lot of places have 9th garde as the top grade in i ask you good sir...IS NOT 9TH GRADE THE SAME AS MIDDLESCHOOL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

i want a job dammit
death disturbs me.
i have just been informed that someone i was once close too, was murdered in a typical case of abusive husband loses it, kills family/self.
this brings me towards further doubt of my faith in God because of the circumstances.
which pisses me off for some unknown reason.

alithea told me she might be going to college in wisconsin.
And so yet another weekend draws to a close. Looking back i realise that ive wasted yet another 2 days of my life. Or have i? Ive done things this weekend that i didnt think id ever do. Friday i went to Jimmy day. Never thought i would get to realize what fun it is sitting in a restaurant drinking coffee with friends at midnight. Toolin around puyallup late at night, going to the arcade. Smashing Apple sauce that expired god knows when on the ground in a parking lot and just shootin the shit with people ive never had a chance to talk to to that much in person for the first time. Great times. I feel good, better than ive felt in awhile actually. Im going to go work out in awhile and hopefully afterwards ill feel even better.
Posts are not posting to the board.
Bitches... Im in a pissed off mood today...
I would try to clean my room to vent some of my frustration... but ... Oh no! I did that last week!

Did I get to see that meteor shower thing ? NO! Did I want to ? Yes! Fucking cloud cover bullshit

I'm bored now. Fuck me.
First post.

November 17, 2001

im not happy.


i declined offers to go places so i could go to jimmoi day. i was even told that SOMEONE would be here to pick me up at 9.

so i fucking sat around till midnight waiting.

fuck that.

Jimmy day
wow to think that ive been missing out on something like that. Must go to jimmy day more often i love sharis
He hovers over me
held up by his strength
by my will
Caressing and coercing
I could be a daughter of his
taking me above
my wildest expectations
I look in his eyes
-I am no romantic!-
He compliments mine- he says them
I can't remember his colour
or hair
He's definately attractive-but
I don't remember his
features of stone- HE
has this ability to kiss me more deeply
hold me more tenderly
than any man before or since
More than twice my age
less than half my lovers
How does he do it?
Touch me so skillfully as he, and I'm game
Does 80pf count=? If so, it shouldn't!
I silently plead morning off-
beg to stay another moment in his arms.
His hands in my hair- mine
one on his shoulder
one in his hair- Red? maybe
I miss Robert
I need Sam
I slip into drunkeness without noticing.
until I'm already there.
Andrew - Are you happy or just stuttering? Either way, cool.

Ok so It's a little late, but here we go.......

You guys got some really good ones from inside the car.
WOO HOO I'm not a cop anymore I'm not a cop anymore I'm not a cop anymore I'm not a cop anymore I'm not a cop anymore I'm not a cop anymore I'm not a cop anymore I'm not a cop anymore I'm not a cop anymore

{ edited for spam reasons }
First - there is the matter of movies.

Cassidy, at work - a few of you met him, he calls me collins, mentioned " EPISODE I " - which got me into a frenzy about how much it sucked ass in comparison to the first three. Then I got to bitching about how special effects dont make up for the lack of a plot - and that the pod racing was nothing more than a marketing gimmick. The pod racing no-where compared to the greatness that was Hans Solo running from TIE FIGHTERS and then hiding inside a giant worm - then finding this out. That was action. That was action with a plot. And it was good. Then the begining of the second movie alone is stuff of good-ness. I remember vividly the snow battle, which you knew was coming at the end of the first film - and then there was the big walkers, and the small ones... Luke skywaker and the flyer things and the cables to trip them. GREATNESS.

Then you have pod racing. They couldnt just up and steal the boy, oh no - that'd make some sort of sense / but they had to " earn " or " buy " the boy in an uber race on some backwoods planet which took up the entire duration of the majority of the film. What the fuck. Where is HANS SOLO and his AWESOME MOVES when you need them? I hate the direction movies are going these days. Of course - my little rant didnt help any when he asked if I liked " THE MATRIX " ...

I dont think he enjoyed my answer any.

I stopped by the school today. It was rather uneventfull.
I find life to be more uneventfull as the days pass by. and by.

The board itself seems to have hit somewhat of a posting slump.
ah well, normally what we'd do to fix that is add a bunch of new people in hope that they would compell others to post. I wont do that anymore. In fact - I dont think any changes will be made to the postees anytime soon / as for the board --- due to distractions and so on I've had to postpone my massive revamp. And WINDOWS XP is a bitch-and-a-half to deal with. Although fade is really really nice.

I have plenty of underworldish goodies at my disposal now.
Tomorrow I should have my rendevous with the infamous Rachael.
Hmm, then again - I might add her to the board, but much as Doreen doesnt post much of anything I dont think she'd be compelled to either.

So much for old flames eh?
Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Day
My first Jimmy day
what can i say, its jimmy day
my first time, it is so great i had coffee and made fun of ........buttsex?

Wow that was great guys thanks for giving me the chance to come. Never had i ever had that much fun just drinking coffee and eating fried cheese.
When i get my car and have money im gonna try to make it regularly.
Andy: Much thanks for the ride
Mike C: stop spreading your legs on the dash board, and i will rule you at Daytona next time
Jimmy: Where can i get some of that finely aged Applesauce? Mmmmm mmm good

allrighty like the night its gotta end sometime

November 16, 2001

Oh, yeah-
Congratulate me, guys!

I have won my very first online auction!
Yeah, baby!
You know how sometimes We all get sad about the direction music seems to be going these days [Doooooooooooood, Slipnot ruuullleeesss!!!]? Well, I recently heard a song on the radio that went something like this:

and then I hit my bong
and I hit my bong
and I hit my bong
and I hit my bong
Now I'm like a potato
Yeah, baked like a potato.
So I hit my bong
and I hit my bong
and I hit my bong
and I hit my bong
and I hit my bong
Like a potato.
Just like a potato.

and I thought Afro-puff or Afro-guy or what the fuck was bad.
Michelle-bite me.
What time to meet at Shari's?
jimmy get to my house asap, must talk to you. uummm bradburry whats with MR andy!?!? uuhh gota post quick bell just, rung, must hurry..... blah blah blah blah die die die ect ect , will post later JIMMY COME BY ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Tarina:

Just curious, got any more pictures coming my way?

November 15, 2001

So Mr Andy...
Where do you tend bar?
I think I missed that one.
it seems that a lot of people on the bord have recently gotten a job, are getting a job, or have gotten fired/quite their job.

Why do you suppose this is? Because we are all in some way irreversably linked, or because we all share the same mind... or is it merely my paranoia/imaginatioon.

i have a resume. insane. this better work dammit. and it was for fooking k-mart. damn them and thier "out of applications".

Zachary B. Staley
1704 East 72nd Street
Tacoma, WA 98404
253-473-9388 (H)

To seek gainful employment in a customer and employee friendly atmosphere.
Graduated 2001
Pierce College High School Completion Program
Puyallup, WA
Received High School Diploma
Work experience
Oct. 2001- present
Tooth and Nail Records
Seattle, WA
Duties include organizing stock, taking inventory, making phone calls, filling mail orders, and cleaning the mail order room.

Volunteer experience
Daycare helper at a local school for Families and Schools Together program.

Emily Orzio- Supervisor at Tooth and Nail Records

Barbara Phelps- Supervisor for Families and Schools Together Daycare Program
253-833-7444, Ext. 3385

Jordan Smith- Friend of 12 years

Monday through Saturday 6 a.m. - 1 a.m., Sunday 3 p.m. - 1 a.m.
I had a post
that hung itself
that hung itself
hung itself in the doorway of the apartment where I live
his woman and his little bro
came home from the grocery store
only to find it dangling in the apartment where I live

ill post it.
but i forgot it
i think.
at least i think i think i did.

i think .
ooooh yeah... nods his head approvingly

You know it... I know it... ( not really ) Who knows - maybe I want to stick something in First Post later on


Not now! =D

November 14, 2001

Ok a little lesson here:

If you live-

A) Next to a river
B) At the bottom or top of a big-ass hill

and it rains, bad shit can happen to your house.

If there was a house, right where your house is, or insurance is really expensive, chances are it could happen to you.
SO if you live in Western Washington, at the bottom of a hill, next to a river-------

DON'T FUCKING COMPLAIN WHEN YOUR HOUSE FLOATS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.
thank you for the time
like a razor kiss my wound
cut me to open
im ready to use
bring the newer ending sense
I need the comfort of a stranger
eighteen years all the wait
like a razor kiss my wound
thank you for the touch
like a razor kiss my wound
cut me to open


any way-it seems that there will be a jimmy day this friday---even though im not feeling it. so---this is whats gunna happen. i'll get brice to pick up zach, i get aaron and bonnie ....and mike...and micheal... wait-fuck that. if there might not even be a jimmy day. wtf? so fuck you people :D

i dont know-uh---reply to this on comments if you're comming to jimmy day, and i'll figuare it out that way.

now---on to actual posting instead of the bullshit ive been posting lately.

i came to a conclusion yesterday that for the first time in my life, i was actually depressed for no reason---and this is the first time i was depressed since jr high. well---8th grade. not fun when you moved for the 16th time and have no friends in a gang area and your parents were divorcing. yea. but see that was a reason to be depressed. yesterday---actually, for two weeks now-ive been feeling depressed. i dont know why. so i stared to think.

a few things i was thinking about was HATE and LOVE. something i touched bases on earlier with jimmism (which of course is also dead). i guess in my opinion, james and i represented the Ying and Yang of Tza (einstruten neubauten rools btw). being that he hated everyone, and i loved everyone. but now i decided that love and hate were, like all other emotions, disposible. im still analyzing this, so i cant really support my answer, for now. its an "EH!" answer. as of now, i think we all should be gray monkies...even though i LOVE getting pissed off. :D
note: i dont ever follow my ideals btw. praxis and theory. sartre, good stuff.

and i read what i wrote up thar and reliesed it was all just jibberjabber and made no sense. so fuck it. hey--jimmy day, wanna go bowling? might be fun. could be dull. damn i hate poetry.
i have diarreah.
its almost 12:30. i have nothing to do, so i figured i might as well do this and avoid the periodical request from James. i've been awake for over 30 hours now. since 6 am yesterday..........had a paper due in my humanities class that i've known about for months but didn't decide to start writing until 10 last night =)
i find this method quite stressfull and very unnecessary, but hey, it works for me. got an A on the 2 take home midterm essays that i didnt start till the night before they were due, and that was 2 essays not just 1! yay me. they were on Marcus Aurelius's Meditations in relation to Stoic philosphy and Plato's Allegory of the Cave. Very interesting reads if i do say so myself. i think one certain person that comes to mind could greatly benefit from reading the Meditations and applying it to his life and quit being quite so much of an antagonist, but that's really none of my business and i'm only writing absurd and irrelivent statements such as this because i'm quite proud of even being able to form any sort of coherent thought at this point even though i'm not quite sure if this quilifies as one.
i knew i was beyond the point of delirium this morning when someone i know, who has been heavily into drugs and still smokes a lot of weed, asked me if i was on anything, and he asked in such an accusational and disaproving way. i don't see the logic in that.
so yeah...i think that should be it now since i find myself zoning into the monitor every 10 seconds.......i feel like riding a horsey..?...horsie?...somethin......
Oh damn! First post ? First... what ? First Post!

I feel rather strange tonight / morning - Im enjoying the rain. I used to love sitting in it... just sitting. Soothing I guess - I really miss thunder / lightning storms from Ohio. Those were -actual- storms not this Washington bullshit. Lightning turns me on, have I mentioned that ? No ? Thought that I would share with all of yas.

Maybe I should post a long list of turn ons for all of you, and man - it would be lengthy! Hmm...

Someone asked me to shave - I miss my stubblies, I feel naked...

Juice... juice is good fer you - no clue what's in this juice but I guess it has to be good fer me right ? It's juice after all...

November 13, 2001

Underworld-y goodness extreme.

brice wants me to go to a porno hut with him. i said i was game....asi enjoy excuses to go to porno huts.

i am conscious at 10:31 am. i have been so since 9:15. damn it damn it damn it.

oh well.

gotta go catch zee bus to tacoma now.

fuck your mom. and your moms momma. fuck the beastie boys and the dhalli llama.
And I got pulled over on the way to work.
And on another of Saturday, it's been three years since {message edited due to possible jinx}......
Work is prostitution of the soul

And I've been at Bethel a year now.
Woo fucking hoo.
I should bring is traditional.

November 12, 2001

do you still feed the animal
animal finger
finger on the phone
curve around corners

do you still feed the animal
your muffled voices

up this ideal head
and the wires come in
open us
close us
slide beneath the city
and the feet in the streets above us

...and your voice again
I don't want you to call again

do you still feed the animal
muffled madness
quiet calm pervade her
I couldn't go trought this again
you said you love her
you know you love her
you never want to be without her
you said you never want to hurt her
you know you hurt her

how many lives you live
how many hurt you done
how many times you come to this place
how much you want it

you said you love her


i dont know. it was in my head all day at work. talking to brice,m he wants to do jimmy day now. that'll be funzo. as for tomorrow, i'll be ready at 1.30 andy, pick me up and we'll go get whoever is comming. i dont care what movie we see. :P
people reacted to the thing about my nuts. but only a few.

actually it was only one. and only once. but still.

the matrix is being watched behind me. i know how you all love that movie.

im spending the night with alithea tonight. gonna git me some lovin. wooooo hooo.

Right, okay - If someone at the Collins house would get off the damn phone line or even pick up the phone after 15 rings I could figure this damn Tuesday-movie shit out! Maybe it would help if Jimmoi was online too...

I figured we would go watch "Shallow Hal" - Michael wanted to see that anywho, seems funny. So Jimmoi and I can pick up Michael and Bonnie at school - go waste some time until 4:35pm ( when the movie starts, still before 6 so its cheaper ) maybe we'll go buy the tickets and waste time at Shari's until then eh ? Its only 2hrs 10mins long so that's plenty of time to get Michael and Bonnie home so their folks don't go hostile.

er... yea...
How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog

Funny movie. Not as predictable as most.....
little man Collins: Fuck you.
but that did look bad........
Still - fuck you.
JUST REMBERD!!! After viewing the Pics from last night i would llike to point out BRADBURRY and MIKE..... HAVING EAR SEX!!!!!! SEE LOOK!!!!

Now if you still dont see it then this one should show you the TRUTH!!!

I for one am discusted at theis pictures, and will go to sleep having nightmares about bradburry and Mike having EAR sex, and you can say what ever you want but...... the evidance is clear :P

end of message
DooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooD, i just spent a whole 4 of SLEEPING!!! and this morning i finaly got the Pieeeeeeeeeeeanoooooooooo gooo outa my fingers heeeee heeeeeeee, Jimmyo, if you see this TODAY come by and ill own u in SC, james at work.....

you know whats reeeeeeeeeeeeal good??? PIZZA HUT THICK CRUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man o Man i think that was the first REAL Jimmyo day ive been on :) btw jimmy i need to talk to you in a SERIOUS matter, YES thats right i said SERIOUS!!!!! what elce what elce, oh
why the hell am i all of a suddon TO YOUNG andy huh HUH HHHHHHUUHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! :P just wait, december comes around i can get a job and mooch rides off people and make $$ CASH MONIES!!! hhhmmmm mmoonnieesss to buy pizza hut aaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time...

My but itches, and DOooooooOooooooooOooooooooooOoooooooooooD wheres my car, is kinda funny, i mean the transexual, and the 500 foot women, AND DOOOOOOOD FABIO!!!!! Some parts are very retarded ill admit, but feh me go sleep AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! till tommrow .... damn school!

damnit i have this day off and i have noooooooooffen to do, FOOOOKE!!! and zach, JIMMY IS MY BITCH!!!!!


end of message
alithea spent the night last night. i was gonna make her take meto monsters inc....but she needed to save her money. she likes reel big fish so much that her and her friend sage are going to drive to portland to see them play one night..then the next night they are gonna go up to seattle to see them again. i might do that for brandtson. or five iron frenzy if i had the money. but those two go batty over the reeling large fish yeah. they consequently are going to some event for the aquabats cadet club in california some time in like december i think. i think i want to taga along for that..but i deeno if i can.

i still cannot getthe memories of piano funzo smashing out of meza head. friday ranks as one of the alltime best jimmoi days...if you take out jimmoi never shutting up about my hair that stupid bastard.

i ran into mike at the mall tonight while i was walking around target. crazy. funny cause i ran into him as i was talking to that really short mike guy who STILL fucking works there. mike ..what the fuck is his name..ROSSI. yeah. but anyways....mike introduced me to a lady friend...and i forgot her name.

shit i forgot what i was gonna post about.

im bored.

Mwraaar! How the hell am I going to buy those books without that damned 20% off coupon and my stupid readers card!? Not in my wallet noo, not where I saw it last - grrr! Things you need always seem to grow feet and legs and end up wandering away a day before ya need em!

goes to bed grumpy Bitches!

November 11, 2001

ExitSymbol: as you wish, the woman shall be ignored
ExitSymbol: and why is she angry at me ?
( JOSIE ) : cause your poetry makes her crazy. . .
ExitSymbol: why ?
( JOSIE ) : especially in that form, where she thinks you're writing a paragraph but then it makes no sense.
ExitSymbol: heheehehehe
ExitSymbol: it makes perfect sense
( JOSIE ) : It's a gramatical atrocity.
ExitSymbol: grammar is for science
ExitSymbol: like a perfect picture taken with a camera says nothing of the person taking it.
ExitSymbol: etc
( JOSIE ) : So, what are you getting at?
( JOSIE ) : That it's okay to sound like you haven't the slightest grip on the english language?
ExitSymbol: not only is it okay, but imperative
ExitSymbol: and any way, I haven't
( JOSIE ) : . . .
( JOSIE ) : and it shows.
ExitSymbol: should it not ?

What is this, destiny ?
I became a writer ...

How does the fade become me
nebula of flowing words
translucent massive thoughts,
pass with pain,
in the bowles of my mind.

Diffusion into nothing
fuse me chaos utterly
without became within
And I see the world in randome
patterns of illusions.
And now I see within,
the same damnd randome patterns
matters of confusion.

what, is this destiny ?
pouring out of musings
plainly writhing movements.
Movements of my pen on paper
when in the massive flows
of all the other movements
drifting with the currents
I am lost in them.

What is this destiny ?
Where will all this take me ?
and when did I let go
of the world that once defined me
to seek my own salvation
define myself as human
and let myself become me.

Becoming my humanity.
what is this, destiny ?

i am finally coherent again.... i don't think that that is necessarilly a good thing. that and i am still forgeting english! argh... LOL.... bring on the fun. i have been happily off in lala land for the past 3 or so days. it's been interesting to say the least. i havent' thought of home at all... i even forgot to check up on you guys. hahaha hey, where the fuck did i put the coffee!!!`??????? wargh....... hehe... oh fuck it, i have a while nice black kettle downstairs. who would have thought that i would ever really voluntarilly drink coffee to this degree. i do not want to go back to sleep.... i do not want to drift back into lala land yet again. it was a horrible wonderful nightmare.

no more of those for me... nope nope nope nope nope.....................

around and around and around we go....
where we stop, no body knows...
around and around and around we go...... off to see the ca-ching

for the next 31 days i will travel all over the place, fun fun.... it will only caost me 20 dollars too. haha :P

last night i went to a concert..... it was wonderful............... i ad so much fun listening to them play and the musuc seemed to flow across my mind in a downpoor like the monsoon in the jungle. they played well, and he is renouned at being the best swedish artist for his kind of singing. he made if fun and sad.... i'm glad that i decided to go along. i was the only person there who wast likely under the age of 40, but that didn't matter. they needed to sell about 500 tickets to break even with the Economy place, but there could have been more than 100 or so people there. i found that out from my mamma. it's odd really... there was a mere local choir thingy last weekend, and they were all sold out. i can't wait to go to the next one which is likely on the 22 of this month.

oh look at the time! and pappa is calling me down for dinner.... nummy num num.

hej då, god natt! :P

Who's your daddy!?

Three something in the morning, got home from work - once again I feel... dirty. Goo from drinks on my hands, nasty smoke stench in my hair and clothes, I just feel plain dirty - and fat ( right Bonnie? ).

Sunday - Sleep - Laundry - Cook - Sleep - Sit on my ass - Sleep... more sleep
Monday - pick up paycheck - Buy "Pillars of Creation" and "Sea of Swords" in South Hill Mall. ( Books )
Tuesday - What the hell are we doing Tuesday ? Mooovie ?
Wednesday - Don't plan that far
Thursday - See Wednesday ?
Friday - blurg - work.

Having everything written down like that - the week seems really short.
Im starving, probably shouldn't eat anything this late though...

Jimmoi - who else ya wanna drag along fer mooovies ? Michelle, er Michael is too young fer us =p

November 10, 2001

Last Night

I fade into the chaos that surrounds me
the inexplicable directions of fee energy
A mass of moving minds
exploring possibility
the living of the lives
some madness of reality

Seething tides of voices
mingle into fusion
murmurs the confusion
of a mass of moving minds

I fade into the crowd
blending in direction
being possibility
the living of my life
drifting in reality

seething tide of voices
overwhelm my words
lost into the fusion
I remain unheard
I murmur at a mass of moving minds
as I fade into the chaos that surrounds me
Well, I changed my name....but it sucked so I changed it back....We'll just stick with -Bradbury- for now.

So-what to do with the site?
Good question. I like the blog, but when no one posts, it loses it's thrill.
And, we should be able to come up with better. After all, it's us. go with what James suggested (do stuff, take pictures, post said pictures) we need to:
A) Continue Jimmi day. Maybe not necessarily in keeping with the current Jimmi day standards, but still Jimmi day.
B) Find more shit to smash.
Maybe drop the current name. Or not. It really doesn't matter....but a big part should still be sitting around in Shari's and drinking coffee for hours. That's core.

Just some ramblings.
my brain is working over-time now.
thinking of things to 'do with the board'
and one of them is just specifically " we do things, take pictures, and post them " - ahh... that will be different. in any event.

if I dont have to do anything tonight ( be it that I dont have that rendevous with Rachael ) - then I might run down to the scene and grab those two speakers which I hadnt seen before. they're huge. and I want'tem.

does anyone have any suggestions to do with the site?
The idea I had sort of tapered off because of work, and lack of interest.

but I'm sure we'll get something going.

any ideas, or helpfull thoughts, though?
I have one question now:

What the fook am I going to do with a PayLess shopping cart?

Also; if anyone wants the black keys from the object of destruction, the back of my truck is littered with them. As well as a few trim pieces and some odd wooden chunk of something. Yeah.
my what a fun night.


i missed everyone. fook. jimmoi is my gay bitch. and dont none of your ferget it. no matter how much like shinade oconner i look like.

what pisses me that i couldnt get anyone anything free like a movie or mcdolands. serry.

hey bradbury...would you be interested in using your truck to help me retrieve some possesions of mine? my friends mom is gonna donate them to goodwill if i dont go get them. i dunno. just wondering. like if you have free time or whatever.

yeah im going to bed.

hey everyone. i used to get zits on my nuts.

Well ignor the last post....

A good time was had by all. Or at least most.
But the food from Shari's didn't sit well. Or maybe it sat too well.....
Anyway, if the link doesn't work let me know ASAP. It may take some time to load, however, the files are rather large.

November 09, 2001

Does anyone have Mike's number..?
or perhaps mike?
call me at 405-0831
I have no way to get to sherie's tonight. Can anyone come by and hook up a ride ?..

The manic cycle
dealing with it
looking for salvation from it
can't I just escape it ?
Maybe love will save me
think I'm going crazy.

often with fear I tremble
longing in the tears resemble
without knowing why resemble
unknown things to learn from.

Where to deal with and cope
why can't I escape it ?
Self destruction linger
falling inside fallen leaves
and coming up too fast
in falling up or down
when did I lose my grasp ?

Why can't I escape it ?
Looking for salvation from it
maybe love will save me
falling inside fallen leaves
I deal with it.
The manic cycle

November 08, 2001

ZEN TRANQUILITY and the art of work a day life.................

As I have been practicing Zen Tranquility exercises daily, I have come to the point where "I LOVE MY JOB" ... each day at work becomes a 4-8 hour lesson in the meaning of Zen. I arrive home feeling happy, content, relaxed, creative, energetic, free and enlightened. ... here is an example "At work today.." .. I love this :::::::
During the {BETHEL HIGHSCHOOL LUNCH PERIOD RUSH }(a typical part of a day at burger king) I was responsible for making all the chicken+fish+taco+ {insert non hamburger here}.. during this time of day these orders pile one upon another very quickly. At first I began to feel overwhelmed by the pace and the illusion that I was under some kind of pressure to perform. I noticed myself drifting into the mode of burgerking employee and immediatly I began a zen exercise. I stopped what I was doing, closed my eyes, and took three deep breaths focusing on how fun and challenging this simple and unimportant activity was. I opened my eyes and began to work as fast and carefully as possible, all the while maintaining my focus on the enjoyment I was feeling. I entered what one calls a "trance" of activity and was so involved in my activity that I didn't think of anything else until two hours later when the rush was over and I looked at the clock only to be amazed that what had seemed like no time, was in fact half of my shift... I then, having nothing much else to do, went into the primary relaxation fase. I again forced my mind into alpha state "between sleep and awake {trance state}.." and began to focus on cleaning and setting things into a desired order. Not losing sight of how relaxing and enjoyable it was to clean and order everything around me placing it into a state which matched that of my mind, clear focused and calm... before I knew it work was over and I left feeling relaxed and rested, happy to have been there and looking forward to going back. These simple zen exercises are so benificial that I often find myself feeling better after work than at any other part of the day.
I LOVE ZEN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
My friend Daniel from Poland recently {some time in the last five years} moved to seattle. He has dual citizinship because his father is an American and his mother is Polish. Poland has a rich history and is one of the more peculiar nations in europe. It is somewhat near the center of what was once the Roman empire, and hence {having a slovic language which is simply a language of greek ancestry, and a Roman Catholic {latin speeking} religouse background} a very rich culture. I was able to hit it off well with Daniel right from the start because I once dated a Bulgarian woman {also a slovic country, although far more eastern {greek} than poland} and have had a few Hungarian friends {Hungary is also a slovic nation} so I am familiar with a great deal of his culture {cheese,whine, crackers, tomatoes,...etc } he is one of the first people in years I have been able to express my general discomfort about American culture to, he knew exactly what I meant, and like me, detests the french liberalism of the western european nations. Daniel owns a business here in America, a very profitable one at that, he charges people to have a detailed cleaning done to their car. He in essence provides what one calls a service. For the price of $150 one can have their car cleaned and sparkling just like new. Daniel is very successful for being 20 {this is not uncommon for foreign peoples in America, esp peoples from slovic nations where the education systems are something to really be proud of {free college for all citizens, etc...}...}

One day Daniel and I were making the trip from portland to seattle, and on the way, having a discussion about capitolism and the great fortune it provides for many of the people here in America. You see, Daniel does not do any of the cleaning, but rather, he has employees who do it for him. They make about $7/hr and it takes them approximately one hour to detail a single car, thus, Daniel makes about $143/hr from each employee he has. I explained to Daniel that in selling a service he is really only contracting the labor of his employees, he is not producing and selling a commodity, but rather, selling a few man-hours of labor. Thus, taking this prospective, it is easy to see why Daniel is getting rich so quickly, and why his employees are getting forked in the buttox, Daniel is contracting their labor at about $150/hr, and they are only recieving $7/hr. This is perfectly legal, and very common here in the states. I told Daniel that he was ethically lacking, that he was exploiting other people for his own benifite, and that he might want to consider who is doing the real work, and who is taking the spoils.... Daniel's employees are what I call wage slaves, a minimal amount of {abstract labor} is exchanged for a real amount of labor at a rate which is entirely, categorically, fucked up !!!... Most likely, you are a wage slave, or will be a wage slave, in a country where one only has the rights and freedomes that one can afford, this could be "ought to be" considered a form of repression.. your boss is going on trips to europe every summer while you are doing all the work that pays his bills {and buys his new cars and caviar}..This is a form of slavery because you haven't got any real choice, nothing is free, most likely they never will be "until energy becomes free", thus you must work, you must get forked in the ars because you must eat... this is your position in life, this is the reality of your situation... you are nothing but a motion, a deed, a series of actions + thoughts that another person " a capitolist" can exploit legally... welcome to the country our fathers built ... maybe our fathers were wrong ???.. just because you learn in school that you must do things they way they do, act they way they want you to, want they things they want, doesn't mean that you really do ... you don't have to be a willing slave !
do you love me?
of course
then it's ok, besides, you said you were tired.

it begins with that.
and then /

how is she, is she ok?
i dont know, really

the second.

and then work came.

so your throat still hurt from giving kevin too many blow jobs eh?
ha ha ha
you know - there are videos that you cant rent for that
yeah, then I'd have to borrow them from you
hey - I have a viedeo camerah and would gladly take video for you, if that is what you would like
. . .
. . .
I'm just not even going to touch that.
ha ha, yeah whatever you say Dennis.
hey! whot can I saey, I am a man of art!

( bell )

and then there was after work :

Rumour going around that they'll be laying off five people a week
So first (points at me) you can say good bye to your job, then I can say bye to my job, and then maybe even Cassidy will be out of here

and then home :
What did you jump about when you came in?
When you came into your room, you jumped - what was it?
oh ... that...

I dont know.
Throughout the day I imagined it as just a bunch of conversations. I couldnt see the "in-between" of the conversations, just the conversations themselves. It was really odd. Very odd actually. As if there was no reality beyond that which occured with those around me. And in any event - I might not have to work tomorrow ( be that friday ) because of the whole " slow " ness of work. And then there is the concept that I might have a ... couple ... months off. Then again - I can go to unemployment ( as Jimmoi actually should ) - and they'll PAY ME TO SIT ON MY ASS. They'd pay 60% of my wages. I make 10.22 an hour. ... someone do the god-damned math - we'll say 6$ because I'm guessing 60% of 10 is 6. THAT IS A GUESS. Where is mike and his god-damned math when you need him? Like the bloody police, they'll always be there when you dont need them, and never there when you do.

I had something important to post and I cant exactly remember what it was - in fact, the only reason I am posting is because I hope that through the duration of this typing episode that I suddenly ( BLAMMO! ) remember what it was that I wanted to post - and through the course of my train of thought - post such.

It doesnt seem like that's happening.

I'm slow
I said I'm slow.
what do you mean?
The answer to your question - is three years, thats what I mean by that I am slow - it took me two years to kiss her
You're shitting me.
No, I am serious, to me - a year is to you ... what... a month? week? day ... fuck, how about a couple of hours?
so tell me you tapped that shit.

people at work are terribly funny.

it seems as if through this episode I still have not gotten the *THING* inside of me that I feel an abstract need to get out of me, out. Terrible. Absolutely. And so I will have to lay me down a hundred years and go to sleep without actually fullfilling the reason why I began to post in the first place. Go bloody figure.

Me and Jimmoi constantly thought about re-doing, or making a film, about Dune, being that the old version is about as good as having all of your limbs removed, and then sewn together as one limb - then reattatched on yourforehead. It would be an odd sight to see- and rather pointless, WHICH IS WHAT THE FUCKING MOVIE IS. The new one, although has much better ... things than the old one - focuses too much on " the blue eyes " - and I dont like their depiction of the Guild members. In any event - what I have to say, briefly, which still isnt what I had to say in the first place, is that I found something ... to do.

The Stranger, by Albert Camus.

To my knowledge, there has been no film made on the book. And if there has ( which, there probably more than likely has ) it was so shitty that nobody knows of it or anything. I want to make a rendition of the book. And I know exactly how to do it.

Goodnight(morning) kiddos.

November 07, 2001

uuuuummmmmm chicken............

Jimmy whats your name on AIM?




as im looking at all the posts i see people i dont even know replying to things...... well i dont care :) but today im sick, like usal, not like its a big supprize, but anyways, Jeff i have a dreem i wanna ask u about, because i think it means something.... heeeheeeheeee, here it is.

Jimmy Andy James and I were driven around smoken WEEEEEEEEEEEEED, then for somereason i got out of the car and then got shot, ran back to the care and said something like " DRIVE DRIVE!!! AAAHHHH" so Andy peeels out and drives off, and we head to a band concert, i hear some song play then i turn around and say " DOOOOOOOOOD im so high WEEEEEEEEEEEEEED" he looks at me and punches me in the arm where i got shot, i say " well shit...." lift up my shirt sleeve and it squirts blood from this nasty looken scab, THEN A ALIEN POPS OUT!!!!! it skuttles away and runs off, i pass out then paramedics come, and stick this litte tube thing in my scab and it sucks up the scaby nasty goodnees off and its all healed but with a big scar and a little dent from the tube..... i get up look towards james, he laughs and says " Putz " and throws alchol on it so it burns -------------- then i wake up!!!!!! ------------- with my arm burning and i look at it i see my scar that james made me have by leaving a hot iron on the table and pulling my arm over it....
Now that is some freeeky shit.....

on another note, how many people are going to scenario on the 17, because i pupose a new idea, SCREW THE SCENARIO.... Jeff i need your help, i need to know if we can register a group on that day, because most people are lazy and dont want to sign up for the sninario, soooooooooooooooooo i say wemake a day, and lots of people want to go soooooo, How many people would show up on that day if we register it all???? i need some help because im not of the age and i would probbaly forget, and or busy from homework..... *** mumbles off **** Wie heisst du??? ICH HEISST KISS MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....... =D

on monday i foud out next week i get a 3 day weeknd and this week i get an EARLY OUT on thrusday!!! wooooooooooooooooooooottt!!!, and my birthday is on a satruday, and a movie im DYING to see comes out after my birthday!! btw andy its the 19th which is on a wendnesday of dec you wanna get some people and do something??

AND jimmy whats going on on thhursday?? i forgot what u were doing, and sence that i have a halfday now i need something to do..... :( and i cant do anything because i beat FreeSpace 2 and 1, :( me need some new games to beat, sooooo IM STARTING A FUND! its called """" Get michael Games for him to beat and reccommend them all to you all =) =) =) =) =)....... """"

well.... thats my UBAR LONG POST =D but i still want to comment on some other stuffs, but i forgot what they were. Oh well

REMBER DRUGS DO not MAKE YOU COOL..... hee hee hee *mumbles* so does jumbing off the golden gate bridge HAH!! Dont forget to DIE!!!!
Sounds like a plan....or should I say plot?
I'll make sure the blue POS is running and ready to go by then
I write a lot of things... what can I say, it isn't much like the stuff you guys post .....ehhh all of my work "as of late" has been about my loss of passion, my feeling alone, and the self destruction found in numbing my pain away with drugs. About the ambiguity of life, in confusion about life itself. About the philosophy of empathy and mitigation.. I write about serious matters of my life, about my deepest inner conflicts, about being a human being... but what can hold a stick to ALF ??
I wrote a couple last night ... here

Idle day
Idle time
there without much thinking
not with much to tell
an idle day
an idle time
this time without much worry
not with having much to care.
A simple time of dreaming
much time does not compair
my idle day and time
my having humble joy
my wonder and my worry
a simple pleasure dreaming there

Help me corrode me in me.
Help me treat me badly.
See me sadly in me.
in illusion
in delusion
in confusion
Help me erode me in me.
Tears of my addictions.

As I am consumed by my illusions.......

Fearing sweet apathy
to follow on the road
that followed ends abruptly
passing my indefinite reality
sways on hairlike hinges
at the fringes of an unknown road
that followed ends abruptly....

In the motions of distortion
mind lingers on the fingertips
of breaking all the sanity...

As I am consumed by my illusions
As I drift on fearing apathy

fading simply slowly
into the dismal unreality
of empty nonexistence
presence dwindle slowly
into the inexperienced
falling down the hole
conscience twisting difference
and the rabbit in the hole

fusion in the sadness
chaos gives forward to impression
dwindle in the madness
self control recession

As I mitigate confusion
I lose myself to this illusion.

i just have one thing to post---

on friday-if its ok w/ ya bradbury, i'll need to use zee truck for the piano. i have no idea where to dump it---if it was my choice, id say dump it at jOe's yard, but i dont think we can do that, now that they actually know who throws garbage in their yard constantly---or at least we use to...and knowing jOe and that he hasnt gotten any "new" friends, he would automatically think it was us. har.

so---i say, we should dump it in Roy, near the train tracks...yarsh. james knows where im talking aboot. we'd have to do it late---but it sure would be funness. james-tell me your in---and mike, dont go to some orgy rave fest thingie either. this is going to be a jimmy day thing. fucking zach needs to look at the fucking board every once in a while also. yarsh.

so basically, i have no plan or course of action as of yet---so...lets all meet at sharris at 11....30. yea. we'll KEEEEEEEEll the piano. basically this is for mike, james me and bradbury---but if others would like to come, they can---though i dont really want too many people to come, and im sure not too many would show up anyways---since no one looks at this thing.

i was reading old posts, and i was reading the glory days of jimmy day-before the fallout of TZA, the rift b/t james and brice and the excommunication of zach. man-jimmy day was awesome. before it got "big" and pretty much a vacation tourist attraction, it was awesome. in fact---through the post, you can pinpoint where things began to fall apart, and where it just exploded into ... well-read the fucking posts. its goodness. i dont think we can ever go back to those days, and im kindof glad, i mean we were pretty fucking pathetic (though, we still are---yea). jimmy day did evolve into coffee, dessert debate sharris maddness at one point, where we started to question TZA and question our own existence---than it became mike deciding to "stay home". than jobs kind of took the time away from it. jimmoi day is more or less DEAD. TZA is ... well. its dead in us, but its still very much alive. its dorment. i think i rambled about nuthin'. fook.

i miss those days. and i hope that we can do a lil jimmoi day friday. or try too. james has work, and probably has plans w/ heather. chances are. bonnie will probably not want to "KEEEEEEEELL" the piano. and mike will more or less be at some orgy rave party. guh. so its just you and me bradbury-unless people tell me otherwise. but, we will KEEEEEEELL that piano, or at least dump it somewhere---and i will pay you with coffee or dinner or gas or something. anyway---friday or saturday will be good.

well--if anyone actually labored through that post, i pity you.
but now---your moment of zen.

also: i was talking to zach and he says he's in for friday. egg salad.