November 29, 2003

I heard Poppa tell Mama, to let that boy boogie-woogie. 'Cause it's in him, and it's got to come out.

I hereby fucking proclaim tonight: "Best fucking Jimmoi-Day Ever."

Why? It was the remainder of the fucking group (three of us), and we went to a fucking bar and had drinks.


We were sitting in fucking Shari's, and it suddenly fucking occurred to me: What the fuck are the three of us all doing in Shari's with a bunch of fucking high school kids around. Three guys, 22 years old, in fucking Shari's at 11:30 on a fucking Friday. So I said "Fuck, let's get out of here." Actually, I think that Collins fucking suggested it first.

So we fucking went to a bar. Had some fucking drinks. Talked about fucking movies. Went to fucking Winchel's. Had fucking coffee.

"Do you have to use so many cuss words?"
"What the fuck you talkin' about?"

It would seem we've outgrown Shari's. At least that's the feeling I got. Maybe I'm wrong.

November 27, 2003

[... and here's what I'm thankful for]

Happy Thanksgiving you lil' bastards!

Here I am... like Santa Clause, but for Thanksgiving... Thanka Clause... (yes I know you'll all remember that and give me shit for it, but whatever... you'll pay when Thanka Clause kicks your collective asses!)

Anyway, Here I go spreading holiday cheer!

So cheer damnit! Cheer!

And to do so, I provide some good Thanksgiving Music by which to celebrate the love that exists in this world:

Let ME be Your Zach-o!

Don't forget, Thanka Clause loves ya all...

well except for you Michael... there's no love for you.

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I have gas. I saw Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines tonight. I ate steak from the Outback. Hung out with my father today. We played Tetris. I was suppose to play Tetris with somebody else too. I like Tetris. I like James' coffee too. In fact, I enjoy his coffee so much, that after I'm finish with this post, I'm going to drive over there, have him make me a pot of that warm Java and than shoot him in the head. We all must do our part to maintain the balance.

I am post ending his now. Cal play l duTY of soon coffe drink i Will . VOTE DUKAKIS.

{ i hate you jimmoi }

November 26, 2003

Don't know - they haven't sent the results yet.

I'm pretty confident I did, but there may have been one I missed without knowing it.
Hey bradbury... did you ever pass that test?

November 21, 2003

Ever went to take a shit, and instead of a big poop-log like you're use to, you shit out a couple shit-nuggets? Well I have. Normally it's like -- hey, a shit nugget!

Not this time.
This time I sat on the ole' porcelain throne cuz I had to shit...bad....and where I expected a huge whale of a poop-log, my ass turned into a gatling gun of shit nuggets!
Not one, not 2, but like....8-10 shit nuggets fired out of my anus in rapid succession just as if it were it's very
own gatling gun loaded with stinky balls of poop!

Only then, when I was wondering what the hell happened to the standard poop-log did it find it's way out, plummetting down on top of the pile of shit nuggets that had amassed themselves inside the toilet bowl.

My gatling gun ass did it's work though. I had to unplug the toilet =\

November 20, 2003

[The I hate Nelly post, part I]

I hate Nelly. I really do. I don't know why people like him. I really don't. That stupid band-aid on his face... how pretentious can you get?

No, really... how pretentious? I want to know, I really do... so that I can do something pretentious like that and go into a "I'm a pretentious bastard contest" and beat him...

Then, when that's over... I'll take my winnings and hire someone to smack Nelly around... thus giving him a reason to wear a band-aid on his face, making it unpretentious...

Damn you Nelly... pretentious bastard.
So I'm up here in La Quinta hotel. Spent all week in training across the street in Kirkland. Literally, the training center is across the street, and evidently that's the dividing line, 'cause it's Kirkland over there.

Last four days have been class, RedHat Linux, some pretty dry shit. Tomorrow is the test. So far they've found some pretty tough shit for the labs, I imagine the test won't be easy. Three and a half hours, closed book, performance based. Not multiple choice, there aren't even any questions.

If I pass - only %40 do - I walk out with a very valuable cert under my belt, all paid for by Bethel. Hotel, meals, all of it. If I fail, I get to pay $350 to take it again. Then, about %90 pass.
so far it has snowed every morning for the past two days, here in roy.

hopefully this trend continues well after thanksgiving.


camping and snow.
i cannot tell you how much I would enjoy such a combonation.

November 19, 2003

i like chocolate.
yo jimbo - whats your phone number?

November 17, 2003

im bored. unlike the last time i was here, i dont have my dads car to drive. he went to california. i was suppose to go too, but i didnt know my grandmother that much, so why do i need to see her die? weird stuff.
im in the mood for french toast so i think im goign to make some right now. or later. whenever i get the energy to get up and go to the kitchen.
i think thats why im bored. i havent moved from this one spot the entire time i woke up. no one is oline to talk to, i dont have any games to play. i didnt bring my ps2, im so bored that i decided to talk to myself on aim.

cyclope45: hey
cyclope45: hey
cyclope45: how are you?
cyclope45: how are you?
cyclope45: i asked you first
cyclope45: i asked you first
cyclope45: stop that
cyclope45: stop that
cyclope45: im serious
cyclope45: im serious
cyclope45: you fucking dump truck.
cyclope45: hahahaa...bitch.

i need to get a life. ho hum.
anyway. hope to run into you fools soon.

November 15, 2003

So all next week I'm stuck in Kirkland at training.

Staying at a hotel, with Hagel. Nothing like sleeping four feet away from another dude.

I love my job. Or something.

Fucking A.


Who's up for some camping? Sounds like a blast.
Mulholland Dr.
Man, that movie bites. Aside from the lesbian fuck-scenes and the few humorous moments.

Fucking A.

David Lynch is the master of shit that doesn't make any sense, but turns out to all have been a dream sequence. Fucking cheap way out, the dream sequence. The last time it really worked was The Wizzard of Oz. From 1939.

Damn you Lynch, that's 145 minutes of my life that I want back. Well, 140 if you don't count the aforementioned lezbo action....
Thoia Thoia Thoia Tho-ia
bump for the day krew

November 12, 2003

I'm an outlaw!
now james....the question is, would this event be strictly a whiskey social? Or would my friend from south of the border, Tarantula, be welcome as well?

November 11, 2003

oh you dirty jew.
ok - so word is going around that jimmoi's small asian cock, and subsequently the body mass that is attatched to it, is coming ' back home ' ( ah haha ) on the twenty second. Now I briefly spoke with him about 'setting something up' but not only did he seem apathetic about doing something, but aprehensive. With that in mind I thought to myself " I wont plan anything without talking to him first " - but if any of you have noticed AIM as of late, that shit-sticker rarely comes online anymore, or he blocked me. that'd be pretty swank - but anywho, I got to thinking " You know what? Fuck that shit, I want to do something, its been awhile since I had a good time drinking with old pals " - that and DT came over and said : " Hey when are we going to " go camping " again? " - and I got to thinking to myself : " Fuckin shit, it is getting cold. " - and then I said to myself " well wait a minute, alcohol warms you from the inside " - and then I got to fantasizing about how glorious a campfire would be when its 1. freezing and 2. possibly snowing. Anywho.

He gets here on the 22nd. He leaves on the 13. I dont know if he has any plans - but here is something for all of you.

On November the twenty eighth - which is a friday : Im going to have gathered together some supplies and will head out to the good ol land of fort lewis, to our 'usual camping spot' and i'm going to set myself up a fuckin' tent. And Im going to stay there 1. drinking whisky 2. sitting next to a campfire 3. freezing my ass off and staying the night in a sleeping bag 4. eating some skillet grilled hamburgers 5. relaxing. And I'm going to be doing that for the whole weekend, until around 8pm on sunday, so if any of you are interested in joining me, give me a call on zee cell-o-phone or send a PM through zee AIM-o-tron. In the event you have work - thats in a good two weeks away ( and you might have gotten thanksgiving 'holiday weekend' as well ) -


thats that.

November 10, 2003

"It's not dead. This is just part of the (seemingly) normal waxing and waning of the thing..."


Jimmoi, I thought Matrix Revolutions was awesome. By far the best of the series.
Although the ending could use seme work -- kinda left ya hanging, which is good...sometimes.
In this case it was annoying.

Last but not least....

That one's for you, Fischer.

November 09, 2003

I saw the most soberingly sad thing today...

it was a scrabble tournament... on ESPN.

Now, don't get me wrong, i'm fine with scrabble. Hell, sometimes it can even be fun...

but these people, they made me want to cry. I mean... they were talking about defense playing, offense playing... with SCRABBLE tiles.

and the people there were really excited. Basically, think of the rejects not cool enough for those socially-defined nerd groups (i.e. the chess club).

It would make you cry too.

November 08, 2003

id care less about jessica lynch or the war or the media or anything thats been posted as of late on this board. i dont know mooch aboot anything. but i do know that Finding Nemo owns all the souls that are left in this world. yeup. i cant wait till Pixar ditches Disney and goes solo. Expect better movies when thatr happens.

Question: am i the only person that actually enjoyed Matrix: Revolutions? Which is a suprise since i didnt see the big deal about the first one and dispised the second one. But this last one i liked. its weird. And i like it dispite the fact that Roy Jones wasnt in it.

Speaking of Roy Jones, i gotta jet. Buy the beer, order the pizza and head out to see Roy Jones bust someone's grill. WEEE. i hate you all.
I linked to the site directly for a reason : more specifically just for bonnie.
Lemme quote the other bit that I was hoping some of you would have read :

Jessica: Army used me

Jessica Lynch has angrily accused the Pentagon of using her for propaganda. The 20-year-old private, portrayed as a female Rambo after she was captured by Iraqis during a blazing gun battle, then freed by American troops, told ABC there was no reason for her rescue from an Iraqi hospital to be filmed.

"They used me as a way to symbolize all this stuff," Lynch said in an interview with Diane Sawyer that airs Tuesday, Veterans Day.

"Yeah, it's wrong," Lynch said. "I don't know why they filmed it, or why they say the things" they said.

That footage of U.S. commandos wheeling a grimacing Lynch to a waiting chopper was among the most dramatic of the war - and helped cement her image as a female warrior.

But Lynch said the true heroes were the soldiers who saved her.

"They're the ones that came in to rescue me," she said. "I'm so thankful that they did what they did; they risked their lives. ... They are my heroes."

She also disputed the Pentagon's early version of her capture by Iraqis, which suggested she had heroically defended herself - going down only after firing all her ammo.

I dont understand your hatred for this woman, bonnie
( asides from the fact shes 1. a woman 2. has a vagina 3. will take your man, lolololol )

She specifically states that she doesn't believe she's all the hot shit she's made out to be, and seems pretty humble on the fact that at least she's alive and home - all the while trying to tell people to shut the fuck up about 'her being a hero' and in it's stead, attempting to shine the hero-light on those who saved her.

More specifically it doesn't change the fact she does anal.

So she got used physically by the Iraqis
and then she got used socially by our government.

My kind of woman, we should hook up.

and lastly - what the fuck jimmoi?
the only thing I undestood from that was ( Number Number Acronym Acronym Number Number )

November 07, 2003

I agree with you on this one, Bonnie.

Welcome to the world of American media. Let's latch on to some stupid little fact that means nothing, and ignore the reality of the situation.

Instead of the truth: "There really wasn't any reason to have a war."

We get bullshit: "Lookit! A hero! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."
robble robble robble.

so fun news everyone.
i am recieveing my 4th and 5th LOC today. that = one UIF and one LOR. Yippee.
Anywho. Me. Home. Next Saturday.

I really don't think Jessica Lynch was anally raped. Medical files can indicate ANYTHING, especially if there is money involved. If she was anally raped, I'm sure she enjoyed it. She's a twisted bitch and even though it sounds twisted, I wish she would have just died like those hundreds of others becuase than there wouldn't be a movie about her or a book about her. THe least she could do is donate all of that money to children who have lost their parents or veteran's of the Military who were POW's for a good 10 years of their life. She is nothing. In comparison to others, she went through nothing. I would hate to have gone through what she went through, but it's over. SHe's safe. She didn't die. She can stop dragging it on now.
the template *IS* on there,
just the files that I conviently uploaded to the server that it made references to, arent.

i have to find some bloody server to host the files now.
reguardless of the fact that i have space already, it just doesnt have a name.

also : anal sex is always an enjoyable experience.
Damn Mr. Collins... I shudder to think of what might happen to you if you were ever anally raped...

I don't imagine it would be an enjoyable experience.


I say we stick with (mostly cause its free, and the board was at its best when it was here anyway)...

so you should put the template of the board back on here... i would do it... but i'm not as smart as you in these venues.
In her book, "I Am a Soldier, Too," author Rick Bragg says the scars on Lynch's body and medical records indicate she was anally raped, and tells the reader to "fill in the blanks of what Jessi lived through on the morning of March 23, 2003."

hahahaha. anal sex.

November 06, 2003

It's not dead. This is just part of the (seemingly) normal waxing and waning of the thing...
dont you see...we are the board, if we are still here then it still remains so unless we die, the board lives

November 05, 2003

where has the board gone to again?
I did... I was checking the board all the time...

It gave me something to do.

You have taken away my thing to do.

For that, you will die. Oh yes... you will die Mr. Collins.
nobody gives a shit anymore anyway

Sad, so now no one can hear my vivacious ranting and raving...

Screw you Jimmi Hoffa!

November 03, 2003

I think it finally ran out....

November 02, 2003

4.03am this morning
Dream Shad0ws: No it's not
Dream Shad0ws: i'm not delirious yet
zak p o w: owuh awhatil slshaiwn woahdvzb?
Dream Shad0ws: when i am i'll call you lol have your phone availibvle
zak p o w: wo isn thanwng tzo ahoweir myear ararou.
Dream Shad0ws: uggh i hate parinoa
Dream Shad0ws: oh shit dude
Dream Shad0ws: haha i almost feel over standing
Dream Shad0ws: gotta fight the puke
zak p o w: did you ever goto
Dream Shad0ws: no
zak p o w: im surprised you havent yet.
zak p o w: fuckin' rules
Dream Shad0ws: oh my god i almost puked
Dream Shad0ws: you bastard
zak p o w: hahahahahha

November 01, 2003

You should have still stabed him i would have helped and then we could dance around and have fun, hey what happend on hollloooowwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeen??? You didnt come back with justin, and i had no direction to the place, ya'know with the thing and the stuff.

damn it.. i cant think of anything stupid to say.. oh well here it goes..

When slugs changed to this new site i thought i was deleted from the slugs and that made me sad. so it got me thinking. how could i get back at james for deleting my sluggershipness. multiple ideas began to pop into my head.

i could blow up his computer.

i could kill james in his sleep

i could ask james to make me a slug again.

nah. all to messy. i soon found out that this was going to take careful planning and consideration. so i thought and i thought and i thought some more. i also soon found that thinking is not my strongpoint. so i decided to get a good nights sleep maybe if i went to bed early i would have enough thinking power saved up to think up a plan to get back at james. i soon awoke in the morning and completly forgot about the whole thing. a few days later i found myself in james/mikes house in the kitchen (by the cutting knives), and there stood james in all of his jameslyness. i asked him am i still a slug or not? and he said, "yeah". and i said ok i thought i wasn't. so i'm a slug again or.. was i never not a slug? ug. this takes to much thinking. i'm going to bed.