December 31, 2000

Well its almost the new year and i thought id share a little poem with you, i just thought of it and am not a pothead or do i promote the use of said herb
A seed starts a garden
a garden of weed
a neat little plant that comes from a seed.
The garden grows the plant, and boy is it great
take it to the street and sell it by the crate
roll it up in a little paper and light it on up
smoke it up, toke it up have a little fun
when your carrying please carry a gun

Well there you go a poem from my twisted brain, hope you like it. Ive been told that i have a knack for poems and i even got a creative writing award last year betcha didnt think i had something like that under my belt now did ya. ANyways what up with the rest of yall

instead of posting them up here - i just decided to make a website. whee.
ok so here it is, the end of 2000 and im here typing to you not sure what to type and its with one hand. In alla your faces
[ somewhat but not quite ] quick stuff!

1- people who will be at my house for new years : Andrew, Heather, Maybe Jimmy and possibly a guest appearance by the 'shit-in-the-brown-paper-bag' man himself, Brice. We'll see who gets drunk and who gets who and what goes where and so on.

2- Napster : i'll make you a deal - hook me up with your RA2 cds and i will either Burn myself a copy / or two - and-or just crack the files to where I don't need a ceedee. What i've gathered from you is that RA2 doesn't work on a "get online you have to have a cdkey" manner - just to install it, which is easy to bypass. So, you'd have to trust me with your ceedees for like a day and then we can play RA2 :)
You know, I'm trustworthy - unlike some ceedee-lacking people who lay down their word and then dont hold true : *cough* Sacrifice.

3- I found out why we kept having to scroll back/forth! Because of dumshit michael typing " ______ " umpteen bazillion times to where it stood as 'one word' that was some quadomillion characters long. That stupid bastard - but dont worry, I deleted the damn thing. Obviously he doesnt know what a { HR } is.

4- Tonite I'll be uploading a bunch of pictures for Heather. Expect to see them make an apperance on this board. And when you do - say she looks good, don't worry she doesn't know I'm typing this. #4 is invisible to her, she can't read it because I cast a magical spell on it that only everyone but her can see it.

5- My hair is everywhere. I have Johnny rotten hair. bah hahaha. Other random things - It was CEREAL that he was eating, not chips/doritos. And I realise why I don't like Justin - or well, I feel hostilities towards him! Not against him but that whenever he is around Breanna he has to be a complete asshole to assert his manliness around her. I'm entirely fine with Justin when Breanna isnt around. But once she's in sight its SUPER ASSHOLE JUSTIN to the rescue to protect her from all the SUPER EVIL BAD VIBES that might eminate from the SPAWN OF SATAN EX BOYFRIEND that he SAVED THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS from. That fucking pisses me off too. Oh well.

6- Nobody I gave my email address to : Thor, DS, Geri / emailed me. They probably lost it. It was my fault that I lost the manner in to which contact them. I could have contacted Aaron but I didn't feel like trying to con him into anything he wasnt up to. Oh. Bloody. Well. Terminator was fun, by the way - and it'll be entertaining to be able to talk about war stories with Mr. R and Napster in school, showing off our wounds ( with the exception of Napster's bleeding ass ) Next time we go paintballing I'll talk to Napster/Mr. R and ask them what we all agreed on. As Austin and Jimmoi have stated - there were TOO MANY people when we went. This was because I allowed walk-ons to play with us, and Beavis was distracting us all from anything coherant. Anywho - would anyone be up for going to Ft. Lewis next time? i will have to call them and see if there is any restraints : ie - have to have military ID / parent permission / exact prices for reservations ... and so on.

7- that's it. oh, here comes brice. the moron. and it's "Satan I've been longing to meet you." - this coming from the paraphrasing of the man who cant admit that it was cereal, not chips/doritos.
allright im just sitting here watching one of the best anime movies of all time.....Street Fighter the Animated Movie!!!!. Earlier i watched Resevoir Dogs with my mom and she said she liked it. IS THAT AMAZING OR WHAT? MMMMMM Chun Li Shower scene. yeah im probably gonna be up all night tonight and all night tomorrow so bradbury anytime you wanna race im game, and Soldier of Fortune is a MUST HAVE GAME SO IF YOU HAVE ANY EXTRA CHRISTMAS MONEY USE IT TOO BUY THIS GAME either that game or Gunman Chronicles
...johnny cash does rule. aaron, you just earned yourself 10,000 points on my cool list. Heather, james was with me and andy and jeff--saying goodbye to jeff since today is his last day before he gets termenated, i mean, shipped back to guam-i
dammit raechelle-i emailed you back! .. elizabeth went somewhere with your folks, but she has no time to write me an email??? WTF?
and then you guys didnt come in and visted me? you couldve like talked to me, and stuff and sharris and yea and buttsex, and you guys coulda met zach and we coulda made fun of waterina-retardcartattenedant-curtis and all the other odd fiuguares thaqt work at target...bastards. aaron, i want you to tell elizatbeth hate i her...b/c she hasnt emailed me in two months...bitch.
i wuv you james. buttsex.
and paintball was gay-too many people...oh, and zach did dislocated his shoulder! HAHA! that was funny!! HAHAHAHAHAH! he hurted it when he fell down avoiding getting hurt with 250 mph paintballs! HAHAHAHAHHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAH [edited for spam...mmm, i luv spam]HHHAHAHAHAHHHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
yea, okay...raechelle-email me dammit. aaron, johnny cash roolz! and next time you talk to elizabth, tell her i hate her...=P

"Mr. Satan, I've been dieing to meet you!"-brice, when he's stoned.

AND IT WAS CHIPS! DORETOS EVEN_NOT CEREAL!!! HAHA, and if you dont believe me-we can watch it on News Years Eve, if im not doing anything...

December 30, 2000

Grrrrrrrrrr........I am unable to locate my dear and darling rabbitt at this moment.

RaechelleLaRee-->Call me.
sorry about the repeat of all the posts some thing went wrong went with my browser. Today ive made to monumental discoveries 1. The band DVDA....they kick ass, and Peanutbutter and Jelly.....WITH MARSHMELLOWS on a sandwich its crazy aint it. If you have Napster Download the DVDA song call your a man, its awsome
MooOo Mo Mooo Moo MOooO mMOoo moooO moo mOoOoOo mo Moooo moo mo mOo ?

cows wanted me to say that as they passed by the fence =) ( roughly says) Happy New Year.

the rest says some where around " for it will be your last one, maby" =) =) =) =)
Happy MOO MoooOO

tommro night =P

well Moo=)
bradbury where are you, man i wanna race you on need for speed im gonna whoop you
bradbury where are you, man i wanna race you on need for speed im gonna whoop you
bradbury where are you, man i wanna race you on need for speed im gonna whoop you
bradbury where are you, man i wanna race you on need for speed im gonna whoop you
hell yes Cash is the best.

anyone who doesn't respect Cash doesn't know music...
Argh my fucking head hurts....both from paint hits and from partying until 3...
Johnny Cash!!!?? Ok he has a few classics like RIng of Fire, Walk the line, and A BOy named Sue, but thats it. Anyways i just woke up at noon......and i forgot what i was going to type. Its good to see Aaron back, and i wonder if het got that computer he was bragging about. I just realized that my hands are all shaky...waht causes that anyways. Aaron you seem to be the biggest figure of multiplayer on this post and i was wondering if you have RA 2 or Soldier of Fortune i wanna kick somebodys ass that i know at that game. Ok
whos andrew morgan ??? cant rember where he met me =( 5th grade??
i dunno
weeelll looks like i did great this time .... got good amount of kills ... leggs hurt like hell... and fealing those TK shots mainly that one on my back !#!#$@#!!!! well..... How ya like them apples Brad!! HUH!! HUUUUHHH!!!! i feal like cream cheese now =( all oozyyy and all. BTW GO JEFF!!! YA! YA YA!! THE INDISTRUCTABLE WALL!! W0000T!! that was funny stuff.
I think ill appolagize for my friend... i thought he was anoying ...but didnt know he could get THAT anoying ... next time he goes ... hes gunna be in the action .. muahahaahhahah GETEM BOYS! *yawns and every bone crackles*...OOOWW!!! OW OWOWOWOWOWOW!! SON O!G@#F!@$@$!#!!!!! and wtf is

contestor ego omni audienti verba prophetiae libri huius si quis adposuerit ad haec adponet Deus super illum plagas scriptas in libro isto et si quis deminuerit de verbis libri prophetiae huius auferet Deus partem eius de ligno vitae et de civitate sancta et de his quae scripta sunt in libro isto dicit qui testimonium perhibet istorum etiam venio cito amen veni Domine Iesu.

Ricordarsi di: tutti i buoni bambini vanno a cielo

bah .... and JamDigga .... YOU SUXoR!! you missed the TERMINATOR!!! w0000t i shot james up w/ 10 balls! hahahaha and got hit 1 time muhahahahha. well good game guys cant wait till next time .... * stairs at his screen in a state of pure bliss* aahhh i feal so not mad....not at all .... * dies*

National Moo Association whooped your ass!! GO JEFF!!! Poop=)
I wasn't at the mall with my mom? WTF? I went to the mall with Joe, and I walked around with Elizabeth and Anthony and Jake for awhile..... but that's about it.
Anyways, sorry I missed Paintball.
Actually, I'm not sorry, but I'm going to pretend I am sorry, so my insincerity is all you get.
Anyways I'm in Portland, and for all of you that play computer games, check out Tanarus, it's free from Verant, and it rules, it's the shit.
BTW for Chtistmas I got a Johnny Cash boxed set, and I'd just like to say, that Johnny Cash is the man, noone has ever written a song better then Delia's Gone, EVER, not even Floyd.
Well here it is about 1:30 am and im sitting up chatting and drinking orange soda, how many of you guys are still up or did you guys go home and go to sleep, i am the king of endurance, though i did have some labored breathing (due to a slight case of asthsma) wow list of handicaps just continues to grow. As of now it includes Lazy, Overweight, non0motivated, lazy, pins in leg, and now asthma

ps. if im not mistaken Mr Hyde is speaking in either latin or some gothic language or some as of yet undiscovered Gaelic Script, oh well
... {edited for double purposes}

December 29, 2000

contestor ego omni audienti verba prophetiae libri huius si quis adposuerit ad haec adponet Deus super illum plagas scriptas in libro isto et si quis deminuerit de verbis libri prophetiae huius auferet Deus partem eius de ligno vitae et de civitate sancta et de his quae scripta sunt in libro isto dicit qui testimonium perhibet istorum etiam venio cito amen veni Domine Iesu.

Ricordarsi di: tutti i buoni bambini vanno a cielo
Damn it Jimmy chek your e-mail.
Remember: all good children go to heaven.
I hate you Mud. You are mud. You are a disgrase to all the little jewish children. You can put things on hear like the word fuk, but you wont let me rave about santa?!? What the hell is wrong with you?! Plus you messed up big time, if your going to edit my typing learn how, I only use the letter "C" if it is in a word that has a "Ch" sound, so anything else is replaced with a K or an S bekause they provide the same effekt, so you understand that the letter "C" is a pointless letter? Right?
Now to my next point... why did heather join the air forse? She kalled me up and told me to give her a good karakter referense and dont mention her "C".O.P.D. what the hell did you do to her?!? You broke my heather! someone asked where aaron was, as a matter of fakt he was last spotted shopping with his mommy dearest at the south hill mall 2 days ago.
Remember: All good children go to heaven
Oh man that was toatally brutal, Jeff you dick you drew blood on those ass shots you blew across my back side. Ive got 5 blisters on my legs and arms and at least 4 on my ass, im not sure if i made any kills because playing with out my glasses sucked and the fact that the mask kept fogging up. Jeff thanks for your contribution to the Andrew Fund, but Bradbury where the heck were you. But dont worry about it no hard feelings anyways im looking forward to the next time you guys go it was great, i gotta know who was the tall lanky dude with the golf hat whos came in the car that got stuck comin up the hill? He seemed nice except he kept saying, and i quote "Dead men dont talk so shut up". And i say that the next time we go we all give that dude with the broken hand a viscious ass whooping he was a dumbass, he would not shut up was just all stupid like. And James i do remember your brother ive seen him when i used to go to Roy he was a funny guy any ways im a gonna go eat my rapidly freezing pizza or play some SOF, and if anybody has any of the following games i would like to play with them online and make you bow down before the power of my cable are, Red Alert 2, Half-Life, Soldier of Fortune, Command and COnquer Tiberean Sun, and many others like need for speedHot Prusuit
nah, you know i love you sguys.
oh, btw :


oh, and leg hits : 3
for thos of you who werent ther the "LAST" GAME" ... aka a my 'varient' caled "TERMINATOR" -- Here were the rules.
I think 9 or 10 of us pla yed. .... yeas.

rule 1 : no ducking
rule 2 : no running
rule 3 : no intentional head shots
rule 4 : no hits count. only 'out' is when you run out of ammo.

that was it.

total hits on arm : 10
total hits on head : 5
total hits on neck : 5

oh. and Mr. R gave me a beautiful hit on my iner thight.
... oh yeah! i can take ap icutre!!!

FUCK IT. it dowant wanna work. need to recharge batteries.
fuck you mr. r. it hurts. fuck you in the skull skull fucker sinc.


im goin got to go lay down for awhijelahiaifafih!IJ!!!!!!!@



UNCLE SAM wants to know where YOU will be today at 8-8.30am. Hell, he wants to know where you and your friend will be! No, even better : He wants to know where you, your friend, and your SACK OF POTATOES ARE. YOU BETTER BE AT THE GRAHAM SAFEWAY GOD DAMNIT. AND IF YOUR NOT, UNK'A SAM GONNA BUSHT A KAPP IN YUR AZZ!

December 28, 2000

allright tomorrows the big day paintwar. So what time do we meet at safeway again? Its the one in Graham Square right? Anyways i hope you guys will be good on your little donation fund. I got Soldier of Fortune for my comp today and it is one of the coolest games ive ever seen. Bloody, lots of guns and explosions. Who could ask for more.
Now heres a quote that i came up with on my own......
Gibberish : spoken by all, understood by none

James any parts of your anatomy you post pictures of will be targets for me tomorrow.

and you know I'm a good shot.....

Ok so damn near everyone I asked has either said nothing yet or canceled.
but my bro is going, I'm going, maybe one or two others at this point.

Ugh...hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work i go.

December 27, 2000

some people say, that i'm a bad-guy
they may be right, they may be right.

but it's not as if I dont try
I just fuck up! Try as I might.

but I can change I can change
I can learn to keep my promises I swear it.

I'll open up my heart and I will share it
any minute I now will be born again.

Yes I can change, I can change
I know I've been a dirty little bastard.

I like to kill, I like to maim, yes I'm insane
but it's ok because I can change.

It's not my fault that I am evil, it society... so-ci-e-ty.

You see my parents were sometimes abusive
and it made a prick of me.

but I can change I can change,
I can learn to keep my promises I know it.

I'll open up my heart and I will show it
any minute now I will be born again!

but what if you never change?
what if you remain a sandy little butt-hole?

Hee-eey satan! Don't be such a twit,
mother thresea wont have shit on me.

Just watch, Just watch me change -
Here we go I'm changing!

blog blog blog, james sent me a pic of his sack of potatoes
has anybody heard from Aaron at all, at this point he has gone on the MIA list right up there with Bigfoot and UFO's
james says i have to post a blog, so here i am blogging away. i tried to blog earlier but something weird happened. i hit something on the keyboard that erased the entire thing before it had even been posted. it was a great blog too, i'm so disapppointed. it's like when you do a backflip and nobody looks. you get pissed and yell at everyone. they sigh and focus their attention on you only to watch you break your neck. some things can only be done right once a day. oh well. that's life. * anyway, i haven't really kept up with the posts lately. the last one i've read is the one here about james wanting to display pictures of his genitals. go ahead. perv. i've been playing with my own digital camera, and in doing so have realized that i have a big nose and my lips are too small. i'm self-conscious about my looks. i was even thinking earlier today that maybe all the nose-picking i did as a child has something to do with it's size. my face is such a mess. damn technology to hell.
I was just wondering that since I have my newly acquired p-05 digital camera, would any of you have anything against me taking a picture of my anus / penis and posting it up on the board in all it's glory? I assure you it will make men and women alike hot, horny, and ready for action. If you've got a spouse you could say "hey honey, come look at this" and she/he will come over and see the picture and then promptly take you by the cuff of your neck and throw you onto your bed and make hot-sweet monkey/sappytreestump sex to you. Thus is the amazing power of my anus / penis. It immediately calls out the animal/beast in all creatures to have buttlove. ... Anywho - as I was originally asking, would anyone be against that? Here's a little preview for you . . . .

Now doesn't that make you wet with anticipation? Go ahead, call your spouse/loved one. They'll down right tell you "JESUS CHRIST, THAT MAKES ME SO HOT, LETS SEE THE REAL THING!" ... So ... do you want the real stuff or what?

You know you want it. . . . .

Heeey saattaaan!
yeah that sounds good doesnt it bradbury, i say that we all gang up on James brother and my brother
So there you are, 2 days until WW3 hits graham, my ankle is still a little swollen but i should be rarin to go on friday. So i will show you all my viscious scar its a nasty bugger
hehehehehe fffffuuuuuunnnnnnn.........
das ist gut.

December 26, 2000

not mud: you bringing anyone but yourself?
not mud: and they are postive they're coming?
ZEBSBUDANDY: well i know my bro is coming, and i got another guy coming
not mud: gud gud.
not mud: how old are they?
not mud: and do they have experience with guns/paintball
ZEBSBUDANDY: my bro is 13 and my friend Karl is 15
ZEBSBUDANDY: my bro has experience with guns and im not sure about carl
not mud: what sort of 'experience' / like hunting / and NEITHER have been paintballing, yes?
ZEBSBUDANDY: yes neither have been paintballin

Do you need a better definition for "fresh meat" pillsbury? ;)
Something not right with kellogs packaging.
by: James Collins

As Frank Malone woke up one sunny Monday morning he found that he was out of his favorite cereal, Frosted Flakes.  So he quickly got dressed and jumped into his car to swoop down to his local grocery store to buy some - as he always had Frosted Flakes for breakfast, every weekday. What Malone would soon find out, would be that Kellogs had made a mistake in packaging that day which would change his life forever.

Malone stopped first at Safeway, where he hoped to pick up a box of Frosted Flakey goodness, but found that they were out of the morning snack. One of the cashiers we interviewed said : "You know them Frosted Flake boxes sell like hotcakes during the after-christmas sales."So Malone went to Fred-Meyer in hopes of finding a box there, which he did promptly. He bought the cereal for a mere 19.74$ and made his way home.

When Malone opened the box habitually, and poured it into his bowl he did not notice anything awry. When he then applied milk, he was watching the morning news on channel Four because he thought the news anchor was hot, and still did not notice anything wrong.  But when he took his first bite of his Frosted Flakes he found that his flakes were not frosted at all. You bet your boots they weren't. They were Oreos.

Kellogs did not make a comment when we asked them "what the fuck was up with that?"And Frank Malone was quoted saying, "I aint buying no more kellogs bullshit frosted flakes no mo. I'm stick'n wif the cheap-ass bagged cereal from here-on-out. FUCK KELLOGS."

well, as i figured, i did not miss much around here at all. I shall proceed to tell you why kristmas is a krap holiday...
1. santa { does exist *will explain in further detail later* }
2. "a kristmas story" played for exactly 24 hours
3. my family knows what it is getting every year
4. we open things kristmas eve night instead of the morning every other family does.
5. i get broken stuff.

I shall further explain number 5 then proceed with number 4, 3, 2, and finally 1.

5- I was overjoyed this year when i piked out my present at walmart, a poloriod photomax digital 320 kamera and all of its software. however, i tried to use the damn thing and diskovered that it is broken and must be returned. However, seeing as how the holiday season tends to wipe out the stores they will not have my kamera untill almost february. merry kristmas.

4- about 5 or 6 years ago my family all had the flu really bad and desided that we would prefer to sleep in kristmas morning due to the fakt that getting up early would kill us all... so every year sinse then the magikal illusion of santa (or satan as max would have it) has been kompleatly destroyed. merry kristmas.

3- to take the guessing out of kristmas (as well as the wonders of suprize) my family has devised a plan to just tell eachother what they want or what they are getting, there is never any suprize and all the merryment is taken out of the holiday. there is no joy like opening something that you already knew you were getting. merry kristmas.

2- this one should be self explanitory, why the hell would any person on the fase of the earth need to watch this damn movie 12 times?! what that man was thinking when he made this deal only God will know, and i hope that he punishes that man severely for it. merry kristmas.

1- santa {does exist, here is how i know for a fact.... }

A.--His special species of reindeer kan fly. BUT there are some 300,000 species of living organisms yet to be klassified, and while most of these are insekts and germs, this does not KOMPLETELY rule out flying reindeer – which insidently only Santa has ever seen {because they are super special and magikal.}

B.--There are 2 billion children (persons under 18) in the world. BUT since Santa doesn’t (appear) to handle the Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and Buddhist children, that reduces the workload to 15% of the total – 378 million akording to Population Reference Bureau. At an average (sensus) rate of 3.5 children per household, that’s 91.8 million homes. One presumes there’s at least one good child in each, {thats a lot of people and Santa is SUPER FAST ( as explained in part C ) }

C.--Santa has 31 hours of Kristmas to work with, thanks to the different time zones and the rotation of the earth, assuming he travels east to west (which seems logikal). This works out to 822.6 visits per sekond. This is to say that for each Kristian household with good children, Santa has 1/1000th of a sekond to park, hop out of the sleigh, jump down the chimney, fill the stokings, distribute the remaining presents under the tree, eat whatever snaks have been left, get bak up the chimney, get bak into the sleigh and move on to the next house. Assuming that each of these 91.8 million stops are evenly distributed around the earth (which, of kourse, we know to be {ENTIRELY TRUE} but for the purpose of my kalculations we will aksept), we are now talking about 0.78 miles per household, a total trip of 75.5 million miles, not kounting stops to do what most of us must do at least once every 31 hours, IE. mikturation, defikation and etc, {but santa kan exklude those aktivities bekause he's SUPER HUMAN. }

This means that Santa’s sleigh is moving at 650 miles per sekond, 3000 times the speed of sound. For purposes of komparison, the fastest man-made vehicle on earth (the Ulysses space probe) moves at a poky 27.4 miles per sekond –a konventional reindeer kan run, tops, 15 miles per hour, {SO OBVIOUSLY his reigndeer are magikal and he breaks all known scientifik konventions known to man. Not only does he have a fast sleigh and dedicated majikal reindeer that fly, He's one swell, super, special guy as well! }

D.--The payload on the sleigh adds another interesting element. Assuming that each child gets nothing more than a medium-sized lego set (2 pounds), the sleigh is karrying 321,300 tons, not kounting Santa, who is invariably deskribed as {jolly}. On land, konventional reindeer kan pull no more than 300 pounds. Even granting that "flying {majikal} reindeer" (see point #1) kould pull TEN TIMES the normal amount, we cannot do the job with eight, or even nine. We need 214,200 reindeer. This inkreases the payload –not even kounting the weight of the sleigh—to 353,430 tons. Again, for komparison, this is four times the weight of the Queen Elizabeth. 5.353,000 tons traveling at 650 miles per sekond kreates enormous air resistanse –this will heat the reindeer up in the same fashion as spase krafts re-entering the earth’s atmosphere. The lead pair of reindeer will absorb 14.3 QUINTILLION joules of energy. Per sekond. Each. In short, they will burst into flame almost instantaneously {had it not been for their majikal powers.} The entire reindeer team would be vaporized within 4.26 thousandths of a sekond. Santa, meanwhile, will be subject to sentrifugal forces 17,500.06 times greater than gravity {but he doesnt, bekause he wears his seatbelt, WEAR YOUR SEATBELT KIDS! -- SANTA DOES!}

In konklusion – {Santa always delivers presents on Kristmas Eve, but ONLY IF YOU ARE GOOD, SO BE GOOD.}

I sinserely hope you all had a MERRY KRISTMAS!
Remember: all good children go to Heaven {AND GET PRESENTS, NOT COAL}

{note : entry was changed to child-safe viewing. }
ok then, thanks bradbury sorry for doubting you.......So what'd yall get for christmas im messing around with two of my presents now, one the awsomest anime movie ever made Street Fighter 2 the animated movie. And the other? THE best damn strategy game ever (with respects paid in full to EQ) Red Alert 2!!! So only 3 more days until its time to shoot some paint. Is that stuff washable? Anyways James i called you last night around 10 or so and i talked to your bro, hes got the funniest sounding voice i ever heard, but i cant wait to meet him on the battle field, ill buy a couple of paint grenades so we can spice up the action and take out those freakin campers, but who knows ill probably end up as one. Anyways James ill be at my moms for the rest of the time so ill try to call you and get all of the info straightened out, so be home or not online cause im gonna call sooner or never know i could be right behind you!!!!
ok then, thanks bradbury

December 25, 2000

yes, Andrew, I was serious....

oh, and any of you who are over 18, I'm getting ink done saturday, if youz wants to comes, thas cool-----but no pussy ass tats.

Yeah, James, I COULD have explained it better, quicker, etc...but I WOULDN'T have. =P
Hi again, i am very dissapointed as i did not get a pony, oh well it wouldnt have fit in my room anyways. So jeff were you really serious about about the little fund for me? and that goes for you too bradbury, cause i dont want to show up at the place and not have any money or paintgun. Please tell me suspiscion is misplaced. Have a merry Christmas.
Hey guys merry christmas, anyways its 4 more days till its time to play PAINTBALL, anyways ive got my friend carl coming, and james have you heard anything from thor. Ill talk to you tomorrow. And where the hell is Aaron, Ive been wanting to talk to him about going to play Lazer tag
yep marry Christmas every1 i hope you all got what you wanted but just 4 days yepppy well I'm being bitched at to get off the Internet so bye
ok. as for my christmas present to all you suckers out there reading this - I am going to :

1. post me a picture up on dis 'ere board.
2. show you all exactly how to do it.

now the first thing - is that you have to ask yourself "where am I getting this picture from?" If the answer to your question ( actually my question but the one I made you ask yourself ) is " from the internet " then your job is much easier than you would suspect. simply put in the tag as follows :

{img src=""}

HOWEVER, you see those " { } " ? change those to > and <

now. if you have it yourself, say you have what I recently have got for christmas and you've got yoruself a digital p-05 camera that will take pictures for you, and/or you enjoy scanning pictures of yourself with a scanner of some sort. then you have to upload your picture to the internet ... uh. I wont go into that. but after you upload it - then you just plug in the URL to where you uploaded it... like so.

I have an account on I have recently taken a picture with my newly acquired p-05 and then edited it. now, we will see me stick it on the board with
" {img scr= "" } " ... ready?

there you go.
now the table I added myself for aesthetic .. uh.. yea, purposes.
and I'm sure that Bradbury could have done all of this in a more efficient manner to explain to you --- but you know what?

oooh yeeeaaaa...
I almost forgot : Merry Christmas and all that stuff.

Countdown : 4 days.

December 24, 2000

...fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. so theres people i dont like thats gonna be there? fuck fuck fuck fuck. oh well.
im gonna bring zach, his friend chris, Austin, justin, james p., some of justin's bros (dont know who) and zach is gonna invite some of his friends. but all of these are indiffent < i cannot spell. fuck, i dont like seeing people i dont like-thats why i actually graduated from high school-fuck! ohwell, gonna be fun shooting them, and they wont remember me anyways =P/buttsex.
Bleh go to sleep kiddys satans comming for you!!! MUAHAHAHHAHA RUN BOY RUN!!!! =P
im gunna crop some EQ pics then go sleep sleep ... oh did I say satan i ment santa =PP Haaaaa!

Cya all at PB.
mooooo hey James thats forkin cool how do you do that and jp said he has to work
hehe cool
who let the ò:::._______ out?
well my post didnt go so im ganna call jp as soon as i get off he wasnt there the last time i called and my bro. says hes not goin and if you invite stickler its ganna be hell if jp comes too soo ill let you guys ask them
well my bro. cant go ive already asked him and i called jp and he wasnt there so when i sign off ill try agen bye
Yes John is a hell of a hunter, he'll be very dangerous out on the field...not to mention fun....dude, Jeff, you gotta ask your bro....

Got in touch with Steve Pearson a few days ago-he'll be there.

Jeff-your brother and JP have been friends many for years, yes?
I have known him quite a while now myself, longer than I've known anyone else on here...
Trust me, he'll be fun out there....and I am going to stop by his house sometime next week, probably tuesday, and I will ask him, and have him bring Brad...and if his friend Stickler (didn't spell it right) is around I'll make sure he comes too, as he is a MARINE..that would be fun..and I'll have him bring Kellen too...
I might get Rick Hill, maybe some of the rednecks for BHS (tyler, nate and them) so we can hand them their asses....
Jeff - if I didn't want you to come :
1. you wouldnt know about it.
2. you wouldnt be invited.


What I was referring to was that last time we went ( in fact i think it was two times ago ) a lot of people were against David Zuber coming along with us - - - and in the end, David turned out to be very fun and a vital part of our gaming [ reguardless of what people thought of him beforehand ]

I was more trying to say that just because you feel JPT isn't fun now - wait until he's either on your team or against you - and Im sure your feelings will change. It doesn't matter if you like them or not in the begining - the fact of the matter is : one more person = one more guy on your team with a gun to cover your ass. :D
Well .. i dont even know JEFF BORTON but he is in the N.M.A. now Muuahhahahahaha Mooo. well ... mud ..
Total number of days until I get shot in the back from you : 5 .
Total number of days until I shoot you in the face mask : 5 .
Total number of days until Andy wusses out because "Its too cold =((and doesnt show up : 5 .
Haaaaaaaa! =P Mooo. Poop=)
btw ... doday is chirchmas day eve I unno....i hope i get one of those small Cow boxes or a dancing santa(satan). muahahahhahaha Moo.

OK, well I'm sorry that i wont ask JP, but i will and i just got pissed off at every1 asking me, I got two phone calls from people I don't know asking me to invite him, so I will (and James who is person A is it me cause I don't have to go if you don't want me to.) sorry if I pissed any1 off see ya and Mooooooo, Poop.
Total number of days until the day : 5 .
Total number of days until I own all of you in close combat : 5
- Pillsbury *i've noticed we dont call you that anymore :( bypass JB and invite JPT. JPT fails to realise that reguardless of what we all think of eachother { ie : nobody wants person A to come } when on the battlefield all those previous feelings go whooshing away - and instead of him being someone you dont like, it's someone you value on your team. Paintball is a beautifull way to make friends / and have 'friendly' competition. Just ask Steven and Andy.

Also : can someone tell me how to get a hold of : Steven, David ... and uhm.... I lost my list of everyone I was suppose to email. piss me off. I'm still looking for it.

oh, what, what's this? yeah - christmas eve.
murry churstmasurt or stomethignm.

December 23, 2000

no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no { edited for spam reasons } I will not invite jp.....
well hi not tonight i think you are hether right i hope so but i dont know and james im NOT going to invite jp so there and if any1 has somthing to say about it then just say it to my face not over the blogg. not to sound brave or nothing cause im not but its hard to explane that hell be out to kill every1 even on his own team so it would be stupid to ask him bye
I'm sorry, Jamie, but I don't see much of a difference.

I spent all evening in a burned down building taking pictures for my rabbitt. You see, I got him the greatest gift on earth, and he doesn't want it because it's homosexual. How was I to know that males don't take bubble baths? So anyway, I had to get dressed in a burned out shell of a bathroom which had only 3 walls and no roof. Luckily, I had my Tasha there to help me; because it was more than just a little dark. Tasha and Emma took pictures of me in many pretty clothing. It was so very cold-I thought for sure that I could bring some tic-tacs illegally across the Albanian border.

Who the Hell is this Borton chitlin? Some friend of Micheals, I presume?
I just want to quickly point out that we are listed at blog*spot -- so more people that WE DONT KNOW could possibly join. Wouldn't that be great? In fact - i think i will go out and try to find some more people that we all dont know. it's all good. :D

So don't be surprised when some new people come around. They're here to spice things up. wuzza. I also just got an email from some random person ( something is wrong with hotmail, since i've had my account there so long I get email that isn't meant for me. hee ) -- it apparently is a man talking to a woman about him getting sucked off by her - and joking about it. he also copy/pastes a joke .. which is as follows :

A guy walks into a sperm donor bank wearing a ski mask and holding a gun. He goes up to the nurse and demands her to open the sperm bank vault. She says "But sir, its just a sperm bank!", "I don't care, open it now!!!" he replies. So she opens the door to the vault and inside are all the sperm samples. The guy says "Take one of those sperm samples and drink it!", she looks at him "BUT, they are sperm samples???" , "DO IT!". So the nurse sucks it back. "That one there, drink that one as well.", so the nurse drinks that one as well. Finally after 4 samples the man takes off his ski mask and says, "See honey - its not that hard."

Apparently she musn't have been " all for it " at the time. Or maybe they're just joking around. I really dont know. Hopefully he had a wife and she's some 15 year old who sucked him off for a cigarette. AND YES, THE GIRL AT THE PIER WOULD HAVE TAKEN HER CLOTHES OFF IF WE WOULD HAVE TOLD HER TO, for a cigarette. You'll be amazed at the things people will do for a cigarette.
OMG, Get John Paul Thiel to come!!!
He use to read all my off-the-wall poetry in Gliege's classroom. That was a helluva long time ago. I haven't seen him in ages - it'd be great to BEAT his ass in paintball ( however him and Gliege would always talk about hunting, and the first time I played on Ft. Lewis we played against two 'hunter' types who pegged us off easily. )

You should tell him that I said he couldn't beat me in paintball if he was paid to do so. Heh - I mean c'mon, tell him i am doin it. And if he doesn't then consent then you could tell him that I am " more of a man " than he is. eheh hahahaha

Oh yea - anyone notice my new setup for the board? Woo! too me awhile to figure out how to get it to work.
theres no way in hell im gunna invite my bro. or jp so youll have to do it your self. james how the hell do i put a pic in my blogg hu hu hu answer me, i need to put it in here. and nick i just want to be really big when i grow up.
If you won't bring JP I will, just to show that he's all talk :P but seriously if you see him next week tell him about it....shit I really do need to stop by his house...his mom will be pissed cause I haven't been around in months....

What exactly do you mean by "wanna be like when i get older"?

Man you have to convince Brad to come.......again, if you don't I will.

Ok James I'm too lazy to email you so I'll put it here....
So far from me it'll be:
me (duh)
My bro (most likely)
His girl's bro (Eric, the cool one, most likely)
Some dude from his work (maybe)
JP Thiel (if jeff can't convince him)
Brad Borton (again, if jeff can't convince him)
Geoff (co-worker, maybe)
Scott (co-worker, maybe)
I haven't recieved firm "Yea" or "Nay" from any yet however.

There are a couple others I might ask as well, we'll see how that goes.

I'll be sure to have firm answers on all by wednesday at the latest, that's the best I can do.
mmooooo Poop and i might bring som1 else named stevan and he thinks he knows some of you so ill talk to you later james on to more inportent things
hehehe Mooooooooo poop muahahaha ... well know what HS is ??? Hyperdock go here and look at the stuff info bleh ... In HS is a kamazie suicide group =) in Rl its a group that just Moooos at everyone and theres 1 member =) me ... wanna join??? i got a site commen up soon.

Ok, I've finally fixed what's been bothering me all this time : the scrolling from left/right to read entries. If you've noticed that was fixed - GOOD FOR YOU! YOU'RE OBSERVANT! I don't think much of anyone will notice - as I do believe I am the only one who ever goes to ) or clicks on "view web page" .. in any event - it looks much nicer and you don't have to scroll back/forth anymore. Also - I've changed the font - and will soon be playing with the background / colors / sizes of everything. Another change is that it will only show the past 2 days. This is so if anyone actually reads everything and gets to the bottom they'll find a surprise ( go to the bottom of the links I've posted and you'll see what I mean )

It took me a damn well long time to figure out how to fix everything the way I wanted it - DAMNIT. In any event. Two days until christmas and all I can think about is paintball after christmas. haa. I have to get a-hold of James Parker and should remind myself to get Drew on this thinger. I still haven't signed him up ( and I have a tendancy to forget to, as Jeff knows ) I still want to make something of this place - I haven't figured out what yet. There are some people who don't post much... i'm thinking about deleting them from the board - but I dont know. i will just yell at them and see what's up / ask them if they still want to be on the board - and if they do :
to post more often.

I saw ( as you may have surmised ) the South Park movie this morning. To tell you the truth it wasn't all that great - and I don't see why everyone says it is so funny. The only funny part was where Sadam was continually having to explaing " what? It's fake!" ... heee. I have to remember to return that to Jimmoi - and man does everyone seem to be borrowing things from me or what? I have to remember to get those things back from everyone.
I still have to buy/rent/read a Kerouac book.
Fsking pissing me off that I haven't got around to that.

Later on today I will be sending a 'checkup' email to the people who's emails I have - thus would include : CCS, Geri, Thor, and I'll call Drew / Brandon. Oh, by the way - anyone planning on coming PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH ALL THE NAMES OF THE PEOPLE YOU PLAN ON BRINGING TO PAINTBALL ( FOR SURE, POSITIVELY ) It will do me a helluva favor. I want to figure out how many people we've got going. Also - everyone knows when and where right? 8am, Graham Safeway, Friday, DEC 29th. We'll all be there hanging out listening to loud music, threatening to raid the store, and gasping at how huge Bradbury's truck is / and the horn sounds funny. heee hee. If you don't know my email - click on 'view web page' and then go to the bottom to ' not mud ' and you can email me. other than that - i think i'm out of here, for now.

Tanya, Turkish - liked to fuck while wearing leather riding boots
Brenda's strange obcession was for certain vegitables and .. fruits
ok well nick your the really big guy the one i wanna be like when i get older so i have met you ok and hes not ganna come because hes a wusy and im not ganna bring jp because he'll kill us all even if we shoot him..
Jeff I saw Brad painted the Muff purple....much better than the fading, nasty red it was....
Jeff...dude, we've met. I was at your house with John Paul, Heather and your bro one first name is Nick, ask your bro we've partied a few times.

Bring your bro....have him bring JP...damnit I keep meaning to stop by JP's house but for some reason never do...maybe after work next week sometime.
OK well MAX POWERS first off it JEFF BORTON not Jeff barton. Damn it get it right or I'll have my army of Jews take over the state of Washington. Ha...ha ha.....ha ha ha.......hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahah.. not funny. and I'm glad you agree with Poop. so I'll agree with mooooooo. yes moooo. well i don't know about you but I'm ashamed to be related to brad and just knowing him so their. and one last thing were is the shiter oh man I've got to shit oh I've got a turtle head pochen excuse me.......................................................................................................................holy shit that thing was the size of my fore arm and I had really hot pepperoncinis last night so you figure out the rest well see ya....... ok Max how can i join the N.M.A. just tell me and i will join..mmmoooooooooooooo..Poop
LOL southpark the movie is just DUMB Laugh Out Loud DUMB!!
.....M'kay???? M'KAY!!?!?!?!!!!! F@#!!
....Satan gay??? WTF and yes! YES! you should join the National Moo Association JEFF BORTON
...well that was a funny dumb stupid movie .... oh well Moooooooo

National Moo Association
Mooooo ok so ... im gunna go Email my friend and tellem that PB is on the 9th meet at safe way at 8 right??? oh well ... he might bring a friend or 2 so .. Moooo
and yes Jeff barton Poop
well im gunna go try to wake james up because it is ....10:00 somthen . ya ya ya ... laugh all you want I CAN TRY to wake his ass up! ha!
well how do you post up pics Mud??? HHHOOWW Tell me you little WHORE that cut my chest open!!!! YYEELL MMEE!!!!!!
and yes ... Andy is a wuuussyyy wwwwwwwwwwuuuuuuusssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! for "Its to damn cold =-((" <------ crying Haaaaaaa! well .... Moo
Mooooooooo ........ btw hope ya get better Andrew, Yes jeff borton this whole famliy is commie.... we unplug the phones and stay off the internet when we are planing our plands to blow up your house and kill your chickens! and steal your cows!!! Muahhahahaha =P

December 22, 2000

bradberry well i am realated to my bro. brad borton and im not prowd of it he might come with us p/bing that will suck and is it a good thing to even know him????? well ive g2g see ya
does anybody on here play Half-Life or TFC cause if they do id like to play them
yes Andrew speed ball is what you think it is and where the hell is James damn it man talk to us our lives depend on you please help {or just write us} and i need to meat some people i don't know any1 but James Andrew Aaron and heather so James when your not on the Internet were the fork are you you basterd i can never get a hold of you by phone or by Internet * must be a commie* damn it all to hell i say so good bye and farewell
...came back from IHOP where i at bacon/sauges/potatoes/eggs and pancakes...i spilt water everywhere, got sryup everywhere, left packets of sugar and milk everywhere and than i left no tip///even though the waitress was hot. james and brice were bitching aboot me not tipping, and than andy tipped(cus he wanted to GET IT ON with the waitriss)...james played footsi with me and i tried to kick him...i missed...hit the pole-it hurt, and they got it on film...bastards.
Yes, i am going paintball-woohoo-and zach-o is coming, and i'll have $$$ for a change. so i'll be looking forward to shooting all of you that will be coming (i need to get revenge on brice for leaving a welt on my throat for three months-that nippled bastard!).

December 21, 2000

I just saw the funniest thing in my life. If any of you watch the Daily Show on comedy central and were watching it, you know what im talking about. I saw a giant seal humping a volvo. Oh jeez that car was rocking and there was nobody in it. Also shown was a man pulling a truck with his penis, and a man who got his head stuck in a baby elephants ass....funny stuff... James where are and Jeff have been talking about goin fishin for turtles and possum huntin, ill bring the shootin irons and the hipwaders, james you live in roy you can come too
Im very dissapointed with the medical profession as of this moment. I got two bottles one containing vicadin, and the other visteral. One for pain and the other an antiobiotic
im dissapointed because the bottle claims that the vicadin will cause drowsiness, i felt nothing. I beat a drug. Anyways im glad my body did not have the reaction it had the first time when i went under, no puking at all. In fact i downed all 6 six cheeseburgers in less than 30 minutes, it was beef filled bliss i tell you, though i was dissapointed that McDonalds has stopped putting those small bits of sliced onion on there all american cheeseburgers they were the best onions ive ever had, at a fast food restaurant. And Bradbury i want to thank you once again, i think ill buy some of those smoke grenades if they have any, at the paint arena are the teams always set or do they rotate in between rounds? Also do we have the option of just doing single man all on all deathmatches or is that what speedball is? lots of questions and hopefully answers

And now i give you something completely different
There you go the funniest song ever, now get a bowl of Beenie Weenies and sing several times until you cant get it out of your head. Warning do not take with Tortoise and cream cheese!!
Yes, I am a hottie when I want to be. Pinkos is blue bacause Emma just spilt the paint all over her and Tasha-Emma was cut from the picture by Mr. Collins.
Yeah this is the guy, Bradbury ive never met you, yet i feel so close to you man. This may be the paindrugs talking but I LOVE ALL OF YOU. James i have my nice new fresh scar and its all ready for show and tell when we get back to school, they put this sterilizing aniseptic on my hand where they placed the IV line, and it turned my skin a beautiful jaundice color. And just a word of warning after surgery a persons pee smells like iodine and vinegar and something sweet all wrapped in a martini shaker, its not the greatest smell in the world but its not the worst either, its a better smell than when Mrs. Hanson is any where close by, jeez she has some strong perfume ( at least i hope it perfume). Anyways, those blue boobs do kick assbut what puzzles me is why theres some blue on pinkos's head? And James your girlfriend is hot with the hair in the face and in the army green. And as for your boob fan club, i believe it should be called the MBLA=Man Boob Love Association. thats quite the name. Ok then im off to chat with my online peers (and my online sweethart) or play TFC and kick some digital ass.
p.s How do you post pictures James?

Well - i drove around everywhere today - bought christmas presents for people - and stopped by Jimmoi's house to get my cdplayer/cd & book - but he wasn't home, so I left candy. Other than that - there wasn't much of anything going on. I got heather a present for christmas ( woo yea ) and I also got a picture from her in the mail. The picture is as follows ( because she wanted to post it )

Yes, in that picture she actually looks HOT - ok, well not hot but definately STS. And by the way - i took the liberty of editing out two other people whom I didn't feel were vital to the piece - they took one's attention away from Heather. I think hair-in-the-face pictures always make people look good - however I am sure that the majority of you are staring at Tasha's blue coloured boobies. You should join my boob-group, I forgot the letters that stood for it. Oh well. What else was I suppose to do? BY THE WAY _I NOW HAVE A MICROWAVE AND THIS MORNING I ATE 10 pieces of bacon in a bacon sammich. It was SO GOOD. Ahhh, Heart-attack, here I come. Everyone better be getting in shape for upcoming paintball - as it HAS been reserved. And Jimmoi got the day off - so he'll be joining us this time ( jeff and andy are panzies who will stay at home next to their warm fires with their stuffed animals. haa ) ... err ( ok, well jeff will stay home - but andy will be online playing EQ holding his digital stuffed animal standing next to his digital fireplace while witnessing his friend get digitally wed to some woman... digitally ) ... [ yes, i know, the last digitally didn't quite fit, but it made my point. ]

Ok - well. I guess that's all folks. see you on the flip side.
" Would you like me to suck you off?
- what my computer now says when booting up
well well it seems that every1 took in my idea soo i guess that we will be getting a lot of people to P/B with us and that should be good and Andrew beanie weenies are not the food of gods the right food is chilly and philly cream cheese with tortoise
bleh my cow didnt work and it was 5 o clock in the morning so i was all on Moo dust =) well... someone yell at James about my birth day special thingy.
Q!!!:Ok it was my Birth day on the 15 ... but we have stuff planed for the next week or so ... and that's like the only time, a buncha people including me might go PB'n. so would it still count if I said it was my birthday and get the birthday special thingy or does it hafta be on the day of my B-day ??? = / just wonderen = )

A:Yeah, that's fine. Just tell Debbie at the field that Jeff and Scott said it was okay.

Happy B-day!


for who ever is doing the register ( James?? )
Keep in mind the

National Moo Association

Knows who you are
James I'll have at least one other with me, possibly as many as five (doubt that all will go, though)
uuuummmmm......heather metal doesn't expand with cold it does so with heat...cold makes metal, and all other matter, contract. With the exception being that water expands when freezing due to the change in crystaline structure.

Hey don't worry about buying paint either, Andrew, I'll be buying plenty extra.
dude that is soo nice you guys thanks, Well im back from "The Operation" and all went well. Im still a little woozy but its not so bad, i havent eaten since last night so my momma took me to Mickey Dees and got my 6 cheeseburgers, is that not the sweetest thing, but i appreciate the donation, ill supply the money for the additional paintballs
dude that is soo nice you guys thanks
Rainstorms generally occur with cold weather.
Metal expands when outside conditions are cold.
At least that's the answer you'll get from most crazies-they'll tell you to move to Arizona.
Ok I'll cover the rest of Andrew's tab at OP.....(that's the day after PAYDAY!!!!)

Ok from what I've heard that the pain from joint injuries and pins and shit is caused by barometric pressure more than anything else.....your eletron theory is not quite feasable....but it shows a good amount of thought on your part....

Jeff, you do need parent permission if under 18. If you go to their website ( you can download the form ahead of time to get a signature.
BTW Jeff are you in any way related to Brad Borton (#93)?
well Andrew your story really touched me and i think we {all of us in this bolg} should put a donation together and ill start it so if any1 would like to chip in just write down the amount of money in a blog and give it to Andrew when he goes paintballing for me $10 and its all for you Andrew we love you man and we all hope you stay alive well on to a more interesting subject how many times can you say smicker smacker sickely smicks smicken smacker really really fast i can only do it 3 times but James you have yet to ancer me if we need our parent permission or not but i guess ill have to find out and i may be getting my licence on the 27 so if that happens i may be able to drive there my self on the 29 hey hey hey and Aaron {i hope i spelled that right because i cant spell anything else right} im willing to set up a laser tag game with you and Andrew that would be grate well ive already typed for tooo long as is so bye for now
Dude is Max Powers Muds brother, or is he some one else who i have not yet met. Well the trouble with my leg was that i was try to skateboard down a hill and it was a hella lot steeper than i thought it was, and it seems that when a skateboard meets terminal velocity it dids and swerves from side to side and swerved me directly into the path of a road turtle (those little yellow bumpy things in the middle), anyways i fell on it wrong and broke it, i laid in the middle of the street for about 15 minutes before somebody stopped to see if i was allright. It turned out that i broke my skinbone in three different places in addition to cracking my growth plate, they had to insert 3 pins in my ankle. And i was on crutches for a good part of 9th grade and in some form of cast for the whole year. So now im finally getting them out, theyve been bothering me for awhile, and trust me when it rains it does ache quite a bit although im not sure why ( i think it was something to do with the building up of electrons in the air around us all during an rain storm or simple sprinkle, though the amount of electrons depends on the intensity on the rain coming down, so the more intense the ache. Thats my theory anyways, if anybody has a better one id like to hear it) so ive got to go in to Allenmore Hospital at 10 o clock so they can drug me and do with me what they will, this might be my only post of the day because the anesthetic wrecks hell on your system ( i was puking for a week after my first operation) and its no fun if all you can eat is crackers, oh how I looked forward to the day i could hold down cheese as well, ok so ive got to go get ready
aawwwwww! i didnt do my cow right =( i got the frame in! =( hhheeelllpp mmmeeeeee * dies*


and Transfer Error: ERROR: Could not get input/output stream for: is not good i take it?

Moooooooooooo. Ya thats right i Mooed at you!!! ALL OF YOU!! HA!!! Mooooooooooooooooooooooo =) =) =) =) =)
On monday i see cows that go Moo and so i Moo back at thrm and they go Moooo? and so I'm learning to speek cow!!!!! =)
Under the knife huh? And OMG they give you control of the morphine flow...hehe you shure they just didnt give you a button that stimulates your mind to THINK its giveing morphine? what was wrong w/your legg anyways?? *Moos alittle*
I would be on EQ but my ficken facken little sibbling is freeking playing it and spent all night on it..... i used to that to "Not Mud"....I'm supprized that im about to go bash his head in and tell dad " He's sleeping. Don't bother him." and ill get to play my EQ aaaaaallllllllllll day ... but now if i have my own ficken facken computer I could play aaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll MONTH AND YEAR!!!!!! Muahahahahahah! Moooo..... but nnooo not till im 16 so ... I'm gunna go kick some face in!!! w000t!!!
DDAY has approaches, it is now eight hours before i go under the knife, and im still wide awake, pre op jitters i guess. Getting an iv line placed in your hand is not the most pleasant feeling in the world either, but the precious fluids and painkillers that flow through the plastic vein are oh so sweet. Some make it hurt like hell in small bursts, others make you start cracking up as your laying on one of the beds. Its awsome. And they give you control of the morphine flow!! Total control of the best feeling in your life.
And the anesthetic i could write a novel about in itself. It is a thing of beauty. Most people see people being put under morphine on tv and say "I bet i could resist it and stay awake longer than that guy did" there is no dramatic "please bring me out of this alive" soap opera sort of thing. I thought i would be able to resist its effects, but before i could i could count backwards from 10 i was out like a light and the next thing i knew i was lying in a hospital bed with my leg in a cast. These effects were even more fully realized by me when a small child in the bed next to mine (i was in the childrens ward) started arguing with his parents about weather or not he had gone through the surgery at all, it was his recollection that nothing had happened.
And another thing i have to say that the worst sound that i have ever heard in my many visits to hospitals or clincs is the sound of human vomit hitting a tile floor, im not talking about a little bit, no im talking torrents of human bile and left over food.
Where the hell is Aaron, i wanna set up a thing of lazer tag with him for sometime over the break, well Aaron i guess if i dont talk to you soon i guess i might see you at paintball.
Oh and Heather just what do you mean by Blue Boobs, when i hear about that the first thing that comes to my mind is that shape changing chick from the X-men movie (which in my opinion sucked, but maybe thats just cause i sat in the front row and came in about 20 minutes into the movie)
ok now im gonna stop typing cause ive got to get some sleep, on doctors orders i was made so that i could have no food after midnight so i cant have a nice breakfast or anything or a early morning snack, all ive got to say is that id better get one hell of a good breakfast after the surgery, i guess you could say that im making this long because it will be my only post for a while (24 hours really, maybe even 6) god i am so bored i think i might go play Abuse or TFC anyways good night (or if you prefer good morning) and Merry Capitalism. And remember ride that dirty pony for all its worth, and beware of loss of motor control
mwahahaha!!!!! while you were all bored and shit-me and zach-o went on a rampage in odwntown puyallup with a target cart and a can of beans-WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!..fhun fhun...but it wasnt freezing, so the beans wouldnt get stuck on the car
's windowns as much as we wanted them too-oh well-than we watched a porn-and i went home-and typed on this-yes, i had guys didnt! WOOHOO!

December 20, 2000

and a chitlin is one of my advanced first aiders. I am in charge of making sure that they learn many first aiding skills. They got a cake because they all passed their childbirth unit. They are very good chitlins.
Hi there.

I am a very sad kidden for I am trying super hard to post a picture of me and my Tasha from her Blue Boobs days, and I can't figure out how! I am almost as sad as a forlorn cattle.

yeah isnt it great
Dudes we are all sitting around bored...bitching about how bored we are.
yeah i will its only day surgery, and the doc said to at least give it a day
dude i would want to do anything right now, except i have no money, no car and no idea what to do

c'mon, someone has to want to do something?
must . . get .. out . . . of ... house.
are you going to be able to go paintballing ( streneous activity ) so soon after?
Holy shit todays wednsday, i just realized that tomorrow is D-day. James and Aaron tomorrow is the day that i go under the knife. The day they put me under, cut into that grotesque scar on my ankle and remove those screws, sew me up and hope i wake up afterwards. So you could say that after the break its going to have a nice new fresh look to it.
Ive just read the biggest bunch of shit ive ever read. On it reads, Schools demand faster, instant access to the internet. What does this mean? It means that now students will not have to wait a full minute before they see the grinning visage of that trusty dog bess. Yes we will now be able to be denied information at the speed of light. Isnt this a great country we live in

Don't worry about spelling - I mean hey, I let Michael on the board ... bwa hahaa. In any event - yes, you do need a permission slip signed ( two if under the age of 18 ) - and both of those can be obtained at the website
A couple of other things - the minimum 25$ will include a mask / air refills / and a semi-automatic gun ( not pump action ) / 400 shots. 5$ will get you an extra 200s / 10$ = 400s / 15$ = 600s (half a case). What else? Wear warm clothes - as it will be winter ( we planned it to be cold, hopefully snowing, ah hah! ) oh - and if you can bring friends / associates / relitaves - all the better . . . . the more people = the more people to shoot at = more reward for me. maa whahahahahaha. ;)
Quotes from last night :

" Damn the Devil to Hell! "
- basketball player man

" Would you like for me to suck you off? "
- some girl in Big K-mart when Jimmoi was takin' a dump

" Oh, it's a green light "
- Jimmoi . . . . . .

" STAR * * * * ERS! STAR * * * * ERS INCORPORATED! STAR * * * * ERS! "
- I dont need to explain.

" I wish that I were THE DEVIL! haa haa haa, How you like that? Who's the devil now? huh? "
- wheeee!

Ok thats about all I'll put you through. no school. hmm. anyone want to do anything today? like another excursion to the mountains? ... happy fun-times are yummy. haa. And knowing about existentialism doesn't make me rich / smart / intelligent / articulate / homosexual - DAMNIT. AND I SAW ELIZIBETH HURLEY'S HOT LITTLE BUTTON. AND HER ASS. HAA HAA HAA. ( although blair witch 2 we could have seen boobs. Mmm, boobies. I think I'm going to start a boob-infatuation club for men : BICM )

Grrrrrrr . . . -shuts door-
every1 with aol or cs please leave your login names and your names please i am jeff borton thank u!
well ok i also need to know if you need parint permishin and if so do i need to get a note of some sort and oh yes my spelling sucks so please do not tell me i know already james what type of gun dose 25$ get you couse im not going to use the damn pump piece of chit so if you can find that info for me i would really apreceat it and napster where did u find the shirt i need to find 1 that says NO WOMAN CAN EVER COMPEAT WITH......... MY PLAYSTATION........ yes i wont a shirt that says that and if you find 1 that says it bye it and ill pay you backjust if it under 40$ thats all i have in savings for it well no 1 will probobly read this so bye

December 19, 2000

HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa, i have found the food of the gods behold BEENIE WEENIES. Their chock full of Barbequey goodness and beenies a plenty. Playing as an ensemble cast come the Weenies, carve up some hotdogs throw it in some beans and add BBQ sauce and let it simmer and youve got food for quite awhile, its gold i tell you gold. BEENIE WEENIES ARE YOUR GOD!!!
Also James do you have to sign any sort of waiver at the paintball place if you are under 18.
Merry Capitalism everybody, Im glad to see that Mr. R has joined us, and i wanna say to Josephine that those cookies and brownies were great but one question whats a chitlin, whos a chitlin where do chitlins come from and why are we making cookies for them. To James and Aaron i just wanna say that you missed one hell of a performance, we did what is referred to in the ametuer theater "business" as kick ass. Anyways it seems as though i along with THOR, and Mr. R are to be the new meat in paintball. Does that not seem enough for you people, but guess what i met one of Bryce's friends Brandon and hes gonna get one of my friends Ben to come along. Also my brother and a couple of his friends said that they want to come as well, what do ya say. Im happy to say that after several months of searching i have found my Napster shirt, my identity and my........shirt. Aaron man i being a fan of both paintball and lazer tag would be glad to go how should i say it "tagging" with you sometime and a couple of friends of you can get some together. I leave you with this little diddy i call, NAME THAT TUNE!!!
Here are the first couple of lyrics from a song and you post and try to name the song and the band.
Im ahead, im a man, im the first mammal to have hands ya
im at peace with my lust, i can kill cause in god i trust

Ok there you go, now post and try to NAME THAT TUNE!!!!
I leave you with two quotes that i came across today that i think are fucking hilarious
1. Oh ay its like eating jelly of a womans chest.....that one over there.....he doesnt have a women. (read with a scottish accent) by Eric McDougal aka Anthony
2. Yes ladies and gentleman im a cook. by "Stubbs" Stubbleton from Austin, Texas
I wasn't very pissed I was just trying to get you to shut up.

If paintball in your opinion isn't the sport of champions, what is?

And I don't know where you've played paintball, or where you draw your basis of knowledge from, but I've had firefights and duels last 10 to 15 minutes, even longer.....the only thing that shortens firefights is increasing boldness that leads to sticking your head/arm/leg out too far and getting nailed.

I've also played laser tag, and find it to be extremly boring, even when too drunk to see straight.....
well well well guss what im here it it me jeff mr. r YYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats good and not mud thanx and will u write the song for me please and thanx agin
I get to go see my Tasha tonight. I love my Tasha.
Did you invent paintball? Because you sure sound like it Bradbury. Although you may believe that paintball is the sport of champions, it isn't. By skill I didn't mean that, I meant there is no specific skill associated with paintball. Good aim is not something that is only beneficial in Paintball, but I know that that will make you a better player, and I live in the woods, so I know stealth is a necessary skill. The problem with paintball is that there's no duels, no one on one fight will ever last more than five seconds. I admit I have been a little harsh on paintball, and my comment was mainly directed to piss James off, because he gets all flustered when I tell him paintball sucks. It was also meant to mock Slim for always pointing out that we always talk about computer games, so I instead pointed out how everyone talks about paintball. An attempt to mock his attitude. Anyways this is a partial apology I guess, but I also refute that lazer-tag is not an at least equal game in strategy to paintball. The blocks are what gives lazer tag it's strategy, it is what allows duels to exist. Fights can last a minute if two good players are trying to shoot eachother, and that's why I prefer the game. Anyways, most of my comment was just a joke, so don't get so pissed off.
Dudes....I get off work at 4...maybe as early as 3:30 (we'll see) and have lots of extra money.....I.E. I could pay for da youz guys know where da district orifice is? I'll check back on here before day's end....time to go to work now....

December 18, 2000

lesson learned for the day: Never call a 350+ man a retarded seamonkey. Im Casey Caisum.

well, yesterday kickedass/went to sharri's with zach and his friend chris. we made fun of the log haired waiter (waiterina-he floats!) you know who we're talking about james...the gay looking one with a poney tail...yea, and than grizzly fuckin' adams was checking zach out-than two yuppi guys starting to check me out, Bob Ross lookin' dish washer started to check Waiterina out and Dick Cheney started to check chirs out...we decided it was time to go when a group of hot chicks came in and sat in our view-s0 we stayed, and we checked them out-and chris went over and asked if they wanted to go bowling with us...they said no...we felt stoopid-se we instead went out side and trashed target carts and it was fhunny...

well-i have tomorrow off folks-and i want james to read this-stay at school after school gets out and i will pick you up...kapeeche? i went thar today to drop off mrs. martin's books and she was gone, mr hadland was gone and the office was closed...pissed me off. and than james wasnt thare...fook. so i hear theres school tomorrow? stay after james, i will be thar at 3 so wait at the stairs/we'll hang out-discuss philosophy/WW2/NAZIS/and will go to OP and make a reservation for the 29th (friday...i hate you bradbury)-so wait.
oh, i must've been in the sexy light tofday-cus i went to the school and i had at least 3 hot/decent looking chicks check me out...and when i went to the south hill library to borrow satanic verse (good book) a girl gave me her #...she was hot looking, but i think shes only 15, so i'll call but wont pursue. hmm, what else?
james, if you stay tomorrow, we can see unbreakable---i might pay, biznitch.
ok-well, that is all for now-aaron, i luv you man, but sumtimes you should shut up. and bradbury-good post, but lighten up/its aarooooon, he's my homey. and im aware that i should learn to shut up too...which i intend on doing...
Fucking idiot
How about get a laser tag gun, I'll get a paintball gun and we'll see who wins there.
Yeah OK this guy isn't going to sit here and say there's no stragegy involved in paintball....BULLSHIT
But he has the nerve to talk about lasertag? The "combat" sport where you can shoot somebody directly and not hit them because the sensor is covered...that's just fucking stupid. In paintball the pain aspect provides a deterent to getting hit, knowing that if you make a mistake it will hurt not only adds an element of realism but is something that laser tag can never have-when you screw up in laser tag the thing beeps. (if it provided a mild shock you might have something) And saying there is no skill-I can tell you don't have much experience with projectile weapons....the ball doesn't fly in a straight line, as a beam of light, but curves and is affected by wind. You've obviously never been out in the woods very much either, as it takes a great deal of skill to move through heavy brush and trees without giving yourself away. There may be a masochistic aspect to paintball, but your calling me a "retarded seamonkey" is beyond stupid.
uhm're a poopeehead. and what do you mean no stragegy? unless your talking about just running around in circles and shooting at each other, there is the same amonut of strategy in paintball as there is in any GUERRALLA conflict...more than that of your puny, i dont want to get hurt laser tag, which i may add has no strategy and is a pussy sport-fhun only when either high, or wanting to use the dark lighting for some unattended business:such as masterbating. i see no point in your writting, because the only thing i can see you "attempting" to compare paintball with is "laser tag" with the only stragedy in that (as said by you) is shooting while standing in an angel where the other guy cant hit, sorry aaron, thats not stragedy. in paintball, we have something like that too...its called "ducking". im casey casum.
i cant make it on a friday-as i said numerous of times. on fridays i have to work, and cannot get out of wurk...i can try though-but seriously doubt it.
I'd hate to reveal this to you all. But paintball is a game invented by retarded seamonkeys for retarded seamonkeys. It involves no strategy, skill, or any other factor that would make it remotely fun, unless you're a masochist.
click here
hey there im just sitting here in my room eating my breakfast of Velveeta and Potatoes, mmmm velveeta the magic cheese, and some cocoa anyways

A quickie before I head off to school :
1. Whats all this crap about 'will electors vote how their state told them to? bullshit? Wouldn't it be a federal offence if they didn't - as they are suppose to reflect what the people think - reguardless of what the hell they want -- ie : servant of the public? bleeh.
2. I am straying more towards FRIDAY, DEC 29th for paintball - that's after school ( so i will more-than-likely have money, and if not, i can sell / return things for money. heee ) I didn't call her ( OP ) yesterday because I couldn't get a hold of jimmoi to see if the 29th was good for 'em.

December 17, 2000

hi there its about oh who cares anyway it says on the thingy, and im still in Tacoma and theres school tomorrow, im gonna have to drve from here all the way out to the boonies
Yes i am willing to let you guys shoot at me, but be warned im gonna be poppin em off at you as well
alls i need to know is when your going, and how much equipment rental is
I have been baking all day for them chitlins in 1st period. I am so tired of baking for them chitlins. I must go to Safeway soon for baking chocolate so that I might make brownies for them chitlins in 2nd period. Or 3rd. I am so confuseled. I must go make more chitlin food.
yes yes yes......fresh meat......bring andrew.....

{ it's a link. click on it }

Yes, you will be astonished ... by....


ok - so it's down to DEC 22nd (friday) / 26th (tuesday) / or 29th (friday)
I need people to agree on one of those days
( mainly jimmoi / bradbury, everyone else is jobless without school. heee ;)
what RPG????? well I hope we go to OP becasue we know them an all and I really wanna go off them cars!!! welp ... back to geten beta testings all set up and crap
hah semi nude james ive been that way for two hours so far, nener nener nener
anyways where do you guys go paintballin, out in the woods somewhere or an arena
i think i need to pick up a hobby like paintball, either that or i join the Bethel High Bowling club
lol anyways james hows the rpg coming, cause i need somebody to explain it for me
BTW the Seachickens game yesterday SUCKED!
Left before halftime, it was so miserably cold, and the wind was blowing the rain UP under the grandstand cover into our faces-we were in the second to last row up in the middle of the cover, man it was not enjoyable. but the seabitches did manage to pull this one out, much to the chagrin of the +-50% of the crowd who were oakland fans.....but the UW medical center has a really nice Cafe....where we waited until the busses back to the federal way park and ride left.....but the whole deal works out pretty good....go to the park and ride a couple hours before game time and ride the bus up for free, after game get back on said bus and go back to park and ride....they are the nice new Sound Transit busses, too.....not just some old beat-down metro POS...
NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!NOT TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!! I can't go tuesday, and therefor can't bring anyone with. the days i can go: any saturday or sunday. the 22nd (friday) and 25th (monday), the 29th (friday) and 1st (monday). PLEASE schedule in those days.......

... there is nothing happening. I am semi-nude, again. you may all now imagine me, with things flopping about -
and wish you were here.
[ cue pink floyd remixed song "How I wish I was there" to play in background ] It's ok. I understand that you want me, and you want me Bad. I will return later when I have something better to say. And I might have clothes on... then again - just for you - I might not.
Ain't nothn' but a butt ache
( tell me why )
Ain't nothn' but a fruit cake.

December 16, 2000

PAINTBALL DATE : if nobody gives me information which jeapordizes it by the time tomorrow 10pm ....
December 26th, Tuesday, 2000

{ note, i have been informed that this is CHIRSTMAS EVE. I will have to call Operation Paintball tomorrow and see if they'd even allow us to DO THAT then. I, however, can probably bullshit some answer about how "friends" are coming up from down south - and have never seen snow - and never played paintball - and it's our "christmas present" for them. HAA! EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL! SHE'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO SAY NO! }

{ note #2 - jimmoi is saying christmas eve is the 24th, and always has been - making dec 25th christmas. and you know what? now that I think about it the 25th IS christmas. so please hold while I go beat the living shit out of Michael for being dumb and telling me otherwise. bleh. }

any objections?

Yes. We've gone to the mountain. And we video'd stuff. And the video was good. And there was snow. Snow like you've never seen before. I tell you. I tell you thar wuz snow! And thar wuz be a lut ub et! Too bad Jimmoi couldn't maek it. WULDA BUN FUN. Oh.. here's a fun fun, fun fun URL for you CLICK HERE ... You'll like it. My favorite line ( and I'm sure Jimmoi will agree, the best line ) -- is "It's just a butt ache." or something along those same lines. I'm sure you are all warm and snug in bed right now ( its 10.30pm!!! ) so there really isn't much I can say. Um. I am feeling like I'm going to throw up, but thats how it always is when you eat two bags of CHILI CHEESE fritos. I feel like playing in the snow. Damnit. We should go back up to the mountain next weekend. ... and I have to still get a date for paintball. What I figure is it's going to be on a Monday and I was thinking that after christmas would do - because of all the $$ that you get.. and some of us could get paintball guns for christmas - but then I said " wait a minute, I remember a bunch of stuff for school was due on Jan 1st" ... so I don't think it'll be after christmas. Bradbury gave me a bunch of criteria to meet - but I can't remember what it was. I WILL have a date by tomorrow at 10pm. and I have to go OUT OF MY WAY to gather information and so on. Aaron and Anfany, Jeff and Andy aren't going to be coming to play this time. Oh well. ShIT I aM tIreD. TiMe To gOtO bEd. HaVe A HaPpY ChRiStMaS EvErYbOdY! NoTiCe My LeEt TyPiNg sKiLlS. I oWn AlL oF YoU! ! !
and wow. after watching the video I noticed a few things :
1. I curse a lot
2. I look much different
3. ... uh. I look good with an AM/PM plastic bag on my head?
My rabbitt has braved Mt. Rainer with Jeff and Andy in this horrible wind storm. It is icy out by my house right now, so it must be awful up there. Stupid men.
Where the hell are you people, ive been checking this thing every hour and still no sign of life. Anychance you were wiped out in some bizarrly selective virus,hmmm probably not. Anyways im just sitting here wishing i had a life
can you just see these headlines coming up in the near future. THats what happened though, a person whos name i do not know in a review on the Emperors New Groove misquoted the roadrunner as saying Beep Beep when its apparant that that lovable and yet damnable bird says meep. Anyways in my last post i forgot perhaps one of the best quotes that iver ever heard in along time
00. Dirty Pony, Ride that Dirty Pony-Aaron commenting on a dance routine performed by classmates
Ok that was fun, ive got to go hook up my scanner now i guess. Does anybody know how to fix a zip drive cause mines broken, seems it can read anything cause it says the device is not ready? when i get my scanner hooked up i think im gonna scan a pic of my big ol' scar from my operation sos i can scare the hell out of James and Aaron, and i'll be getting a fresh new scar cause on the 21st they get to cut open my right ankle and remove the pins, so after the break you guys will have something else to shudder about
just to irratate aaron.
yeup-well i guess you folks have been gewd, so i'll show you guys the list to aboot 100. its the half way point, and yea-still adding and debating, but im bored-and the porn is getting old (BTW james, wheres my porn i left with ya, i do want that back-along with brood wars and good ole grand pa pants...oh wait-wear them can keep them.

("despite all my rage im still an impotent man in a cage! some one once said what was lost can never be saved!")

in no particualr order:

1. Pink Floyd
2. the Doors
3. Nirvana
4. Rage-a-the MACHINE
5. NWA
6. Nine Inch Nails
7. Pearl Jam
8. Cypress Hill
9. Pain
10. Primus
11. Sound Garden
12. Dead Kennedys
13. NOFX
14. CCR
15. Tool
17. Guttermouth
18. Artari Teenage Riot
19. Aquabats
20. Reel Big Fish
21. Velvet Underground
22. theStoogies
23. Black Flag
24. Sex Pistols
25. the JimiHendrix Experience
26. the beatles
27. ghoti hook
28. zao
29. five iron frenzy
30. against all authority
31. AFI
32. stavesacre
33. the juliana theory
34. the get up kids
35. the Misfits
36. brandtson
37. the ataris
38. old offspring
39. overcome
40. focal point
41. the ramones
42. the dead milkmen
43. the queers
44. mustard plug
45. 88 fingers louie
46. bad religion
47. boy sets fire
48. fugazi
49. deftones
50. propagandhi
51 Sonic Youth
52. A Tribe Called Quest
53. Led Zeppelin
54. the Who
55. the Rolling Stones
56. Sublime
57. Frank Zappa
58. Cream
59. the Talking Heads
60. System of a Down
61. Portis Head
62. Wu Tang
63. Jefferson Airplane
64. the Kinks
65. Elvis Presley
66. Eric Burton and the Animals
67. Lead Belly
68. Public Enemy
69. Red Hot Chili Peppers
70. Janes Addiction
71. Prodigy
72. Underworld
73. Oribital and the Orb
74. popwilleatitself
75. Bob Marley and the Wailers
76. Radio Head
77. Neutral Milk Hotel
78. Mother Love Bone
79. Aphex Twin
80. Type-o-Negative
81. Switch Blade Symphony
82. AK-47
83. CKY2K
84. Rancid
85. Rammstein
86. Cake
87. Thrill Kill Cult
88. the Investagaters
89. Pennywise
90. Johnny Cash
91. They Might Be Giants
92. 10-ft-Pole
93. Gravity Kills
94. Anti-Flag
95. Alice in Chains
96. MudHoney
97. 2pac
98. Pharcyde
99. the Cure
100. Can

whell, in not gonna debate on this cus you know i cant type after i come home from wurk, and i have artirithus and my mom is cheep and wont put the temp above 60 degrees-so i sucks, bhut in know your in deep shit, eh?
hmm-you make one point that puzzels me-you said in order to have a violation of human rights, the person's must first have human rights...and if potatos dont have human rights, than the JAPS and the US didnt violate any human right codes, thus--your entire argument in the beginning was flawed and thus i claim victory-woohoo!
ow, my fingers hurt.
whell, its saturday now-i wurk in 11 hrs, and yet i dohnt shleeup.
zacks online-hmmm, who else have i knot put on the list...pharcyde, the cure (ugh hate them...gewd intros though), Alice 'N Chains, X...can! i furgot can! judas priest! no no, not the band- the saying. hmmm...
whell zach just left-said he'll be back but i'll be asleep by than///maybe. hey james-make the paintball thing a mundai or a 2sdai being that i usually get those days off. i will be going this time-i found my grandpa's korean war electric heated overalls/hopefully the battery pack still wurks-hooopla!
hmmm, i have nuthin else to say-my fingers hurt-i ate sum pizza (not from tyler you asshole) and i played mario 3 (i wuv that game).
hey, wheres that Aaroooooooooooooooooooooon and that slim-o and jeck-o and jake-o and all the other that type on here. i must have scared them off-WOOHOO!
whell, off to play brood war-FUCK! james still has it, you long (longer than mine =P) haired fucker!

December 15, 2000

This was an entire week of mondays. I think this week is making up for the fact that I have THREE four-day weeks and a couple of four-day weekends coming up. Gotta get all that stupidity and stress into less time.

James we need to set a date for paintball. Some of us have schedules to work with, and if I have a date set then I can get some fresh mea.....I mean, uh, new players to come.
Ok here goes after some spontaneous thinking on my part i have figured out what i should post, I'll call itr
1. M-O-O-N that spells peanut butter and jelly. Tom Cullen from Stephen King's The Stand
2. Game over man, Game over. Lt. Hudson, Aliens
3. Frogs is good people, Andrew Morgan randomly commenting
4. Meep Meep!! Roadrunner ( oh that crazy bird)
5. And when it happened i had to ask the question, Is America a great country or what? Senator Liebermann commenting on Bushs win
6. BEWARE THE GROOVE, Little old man- Emperors new groove
7. Its not the first window ive been tossed out of, and it wont be the last, Little old man-Emperors New Groove
8. And i see your schwartz is as big as mine!! Rick Moranis- Space Balls
9. Can i have a drink of that 10 dollar milkshake?--Guy from grease and Pulp fiction-Pulp Fiction
10. Why do i have to be Mr. Pink?-Mr. Pink-Resevoir Dogs
Well those are all that i can think of right now so i guess orevoi until later.
James are you gonna be on tonight cause i need to ask you a few things and cause its nice to talk with people from school during the weekend, cause i have no life and im proud of it and Aaron forgive me if ive been spelling your name wrong this entire time, but youve got to get AOL instant messenger sos we can all talk, that goes for you as well Mr. R if your reading this.
It is a sad day for all target employee's.

The other day, I was walking around Fred Meyer, looking at the sale papers while on my quest for a pomegranent. I know that I probably and also most likely brutalized that word. So anyway, as I entered the ICU {produce section, in Paulaish}, I saw a man that looked very familiar to me. I thought for a second, and then said, "No, it couldn't be!".

I proceded to continue in my search for Persephonie's doom, but the feeling of recognition refused to pass. Then, I got to the toy section of my sale paper. Hotwheels, 2 for $1. I crept quietly over to the toy section and there he was, in plain sight, cheating on his beloved target. It was the Hotwheel guy-the one with the bald head and long hair-looking hungrily through the rack. The very thought of him, going behind my poor Jimi's back sickened me. It was a very sad sad day.
Well ... Mooo thats all I hafta say....Yah when is the next PB thing ?? I have the need to gun someone down! heh welp .... back to being sick HA!=P
knowledge bowl. it's so fun. fun fun fun. ho-rah. no regena... yum, yum yum.
somethingawful has a new anime post. it's neat. dooblie doo.

... Just a note - Jimmoi : when DO you have a point? heee ;) - and you have to understand that in order for things to be "crimes against humanity" the people have to be human and/or possess human rights. And as we all know - Potatoes are just that : potatoes, and have no real "Human rights." In order for people to care about what the Japanese did to the Chinese they would first have to say "Hey, those potatoes have human rights!" which we havent - so nobody cares. AND YES I noticed the small boy with the very placid face was the same person who was in american psycho. and I don't have a think for steven speilburg - because of E.T. I would rather watch a steven KING book turned into a many-part series than a Steven Spielburg movie... .... ok, gotta go.
... remember - dont eat the pizza
Ok well James-Jimmy just tore your argument apart...

SO, on to the next thing: PAINtball.

Any ideas yet?

I only have four weekdays off during your "Winter Break"-I believe they are the 22nd, 25th, 29th and 1st, but it could be 25-26 and 1-2---I'm really not sure I'll have to find out soon though, huh?

Any time in there on a weekend will work for me (just not tomorrow I have a football game)

December 14, 2000

*claps* good post bradbury-and james, the nazis stealed a car, and shot the owner, than rpaed the kids in the back seat of the car and were drug dealers to boot-the US were the preteens who threw eggs at the car. =P. end of story.

oh, and i didnt get online till 2-since i slept til two =D
and i thought you werent at skewl anyways.
oh, and thekid in EMPIRE of the SUN is the guy from AMERICAN PSYCHO/neet.
uhm...i didnt like that movie much, bhut i saw it a while ago, before i beacame a film i see your getting into SPEILBERG-O eh james, sumthin you said you'll never do, ahahahah.
uhm, and onemore thing-i agreed that the winner doesnt get punished, but in this country we have people that will bring it up and make the US look like a jackass so HA! take japan for instance, the JAPS killed, maimed, raped their way into CHINA and did "tons" of stuff-one, yet there was no cry for WAR CRIMES against JAPAN, though they did loose. It depends on race-no one gived a assfull of pennies for CHINESE and KOREANS/but POLOCKS and JEWS and FRANKS, oh yea-war crimes...i have no point BTW-too tired.