October 24, 2002

#1: I am sick of all of this philosophical bullshit that you people always seem to talk about. (Or maybe not always, but at least when I am around). All it attempts to do is make people look smarter than they are. "Oooh I can use big words to make people think I'm smart" kinda thing. And although I do belive that people are relatively stupid who don't know what those words mean, I don't see and reason for having to use them in every day vocabulary. All it does is remind me of Tyler Golightly, and that just makes me sick.

#2: I think that humanity (as man is no longer considered pc according to my english teacher) is just selfish in nature. Although people may do things that make them seem to be good (like donate money to cancer research studies and feed the homeless) they wouldn't be doing it if it didn't improve their position in life in some way. When you donate money all you have to do is claim it on your income taxes and it all comes right back to you; just as if you donate clothes and other household items to the goodwill, inflating what they really are worth, and claim it on your income taxes. If you donate your time doing some kind of community service you can get all kinds of free things (like scholorships for college), and, with a college education, you can supposedly go out into the world and be capeable of make lots-o-cash.

#3: Although part of me wants to be sad for the people who were sniped, I'm really not; however I do find the whole thing to be interesting. Just like Justin told me the other night, "It's population control." The population of the world is booming (which I believe is another reason why people should have to take tests in order to be allowed to have children period), and stupid acts like sniping people really work to control the population more than anything else.

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