July 21, 2006

Chunky Beef Alert: Bio-Mechanical Beef

Here's my problem.

There are good people in the world. There are bad people in the world. And then, then there are lazy jack-asses. Not the lazy-jackasses like Jimmy or James. I'm talking about the lazy jack-asses who get in my way, smell funny, and/or take advantage of things...

Things such as people in wheelchairs.

One of the biggest problems with this country is that people are getting unhealthier and unhealthier. For example, they get FAT and they SMOKE. Seriously. Pick one. I would say pick the one that doesn't offend me as much... and you would think that would be getting FAT, because smoking stinks...

But if you've rode a bus in any city, you'd realize that fat people seem to abhore soap. (Not all fat people, because some who are overweight are genetically so, or are so because of injury, and I do sympathize with them... but for all the others, this applies to you.) So I can put up with one or the other, but not both.

Or anything close to that. For some reason, I find it personally offensive when someone does something doubly-unhealthy (i.e. the smoking and the fatness). I also find it offensive when a person takes advantage of things that were clearly not meant for them.

Where is this rant going? Right... here:

Oh my God... they've gone mechanical.

Now, on first glance, you might think... "Great... Jeff's lost his mind and now he's picking on vets who can't walk... should have seen that comin'..."

And while it's true, mental stability is always a give and take with me... I haven't lost my senses...

This guy that you see... he can walk. I know because before this picture was taken, he used the wheelchair to rest his bag. Meanwhile, he walked around a bit and was sitting on the bench (taking up more space). Then when the bus rolls around, he gets into the wheelchair and holds his bag and wheels up to the bus. He did this so he could have his own FUCKING SEAT!

Yes. That's right. That's laziness. That's laziness that affects me. It affects me because it means he takes up a bunch of seats with his FUCKING wheelchair while people then have to stand. He does this because he's too lazy to hold his own bag. Now, he does have a cast... but he could still use crutches. And after seeing his behavior, I have to question whether the cast is a prop.

I dated a girl who's mom's legs were amputated. Now she needed a wheelchair. The great Biomechanical Chunk over here hardly does.

And I bet he smokes.

Smokey McBio Chunk.