April 30, 2003

I was merely commenting on Aaron's post. Was trying to say that he made sense. In a sarcastic, "Welcome to the loony bin" kind of way.

I further news....

Turns out Mike Jensen worked at Target around the same time as the rest of you. Now, he works here. Actually, he's worked here for a year or two, been a full-time tech since August. He might make an interesting addition to the board. What do those of you who knew him from Target think?
I wasn't defending you......
I dont know what this world is gonna bring
but i do knwo this is the life for me
baby cus im a thug-

hahah-i use to hate that song. now i really hate it. downloaded it regardless b/c of "HEY-UH HUH-WUZZUP!"


i dont liek having the middle of the week off...i wish my birthday was on like...a friday...

sometimes life is silly.
and it all of a sudden gives you a barrage of answers.

Aaron, i appreciate your input, and you are wrong.
Breanna, I find it cute you agree with him.
Bradbury, I find it funny that you find it necissary to defend me, i assure you this is not needed so.

sometimes life is quirky like that.
and all of a sudden . . . things . . . make . . . sense.

again - its a pleasure to have all of you know me.
Nice job stealing my second-post grandeur, Breanna.

Timing really is everything.
Would it be? Could it be? Second post?



Aaron, that was great. You must feel better now having said that.

Of course, you're making sense, so we'll have to ask you to leave now. Please go quietly, no need to make a scene. That's good now. You can return when you've gotten it all out of your system.

We can't have you upsetting the others, now, can we?


Drew: 262-1307 Same area code as the other...
Not to be a bitch or anything, but I am kinda going to have to agree with Aaron : )

Did you ever think that perhaps it's not your friends stealing your girls away, but that your girlfriends realize how fucking stupid you act about relationships by overanalyzing and politicizing every little fucking detail, and so they move on to someone who doesn't do all that shit instead? Just a thought.

If you want your girlfriends to stay with you, you have to treat them somewhere close to the way they'd like you to. That, which you bitch at me for oh so much, is the way to keep your girlfriends from being "stolen away". Instead you decide that you are this mastermind who makes them think they are in control when you really are, which you have told me before. FUCK man, a relationship doesn't need all the bureacracy you've decided to give it (can you tell I've been holding in this rant for a few days), mayhaps if you just shut up, and acted like a normal person for a few minutes, and stopped thinking your way is the superior way when it has yielded you ZERO good results, things would start working out for you.

I'm just saying...

April 29, 2003

put orgy oh hold!

and change the days to the 29th 30th and 31st.
im going to actually ask for those days off, b/c the scheduale changed and i might be wokring the 9th tenth and 11th.
but this is good.
this gives me time to gather more monies
and for my plane ticket to go down in price and for me and zacho to be 21. yeup. so---uhm, let me knwo what yall think.
so denis came to the board. this is the email he sent me :

hey Jimmy { they call me jimmy at work } i got on your bullshit website, that's funny that half of the world knows about our afterwork conversations.he he he. but we got to do something with that crappy picture of yours, i am personally going to take care of it and we are going to bump up your ratings. me as a photography major can not allow you to take less then a 1st ! just work with me and by the way i do not know if you are going to get this one but there is a little photo for you and your ganstas that will let them know a little more about your "russian brotha".

the photo is as follows :

you'll notice that the name of the file that he sent me is called :
" EXXXxxxxxxxx GODI MOI PROSHLIE!!!.jpg"
which probably means some crazy russian lingo for :
" Me at the age of 8 with my hot bitches "

In fact after work today he showed me a large collection of photos. on almost every paget here was at least one photo with him, and in each hand - two very good looking ladies. to this i ask you : why is it I am not russian? I need to be russian, it would seem, to get these so called " hot bitches " - of which Denis has no trouble what-so-ever acquiring.

woe is me.

maybe we can all learn from him - he'll be added to the board sometime this week.
1. Jimmoi. Accept that you're attracted to an ugly lady. its ok. she looks like ass. but you like women who look like ass. Its ok to admit it - sure we'll all laugh at you and point at you and make fun of you because you have the hots for a butt-ugly son-of-a-bitch-bitch, but hey - as long as she looks good to you, eh?

heh heh heh.

2. zach. I hate you. wtf. oh my jesus. im gonna kill you. i cannot believe I even actually clicked that. im going to kill myself now. thanks.

3. does anyone have any opinion as to whether or not i should invite the girl who i am currently ... ah ' swooning over ' it would seem - to the board? I dont know. I want to keep her from the whole lot of you so that you dont steal her away from me like EVERYONE HAS EVERY GOD DAMNED FUCKING TIME I DATE SOMEONE - shit. did I type that? hmm. i think I did.

4. Im going to email the twenty-eight year old lesbian right after this post. we'll see if she stopped by and absolutely hated all of you ( especially zacho and jimmoi ) - or just never even remembered the long-haired kooky guy who walked in an talked to her. Maybe she has some uber-controlling lesbian-dyke of a girlfriend, who when she came home and said : " yeah some guy talked to me " she pulled out her man-hating poster of doom and lectured her on the evils of TEH PENIS and how castration is the only way a man can ever be trusted. ( sigh ) - and she was so smart it seemed.
Jimmoi click here

James click here


thats all
You guys are idiots. Rudy bahkiter is like the ugliest girl on there. also: erica hill has not had any surgury on her. how can i know--i dont, but niether do ANY of you, so you cannot use that as a basis of your decision. I mean LOOK at Rudy. her eyes are too close to her nose, her nose is that of a parrot and her hair---jeebus. Erica Hill is perfect---granted that picture makes her look scarey-but even w/ that---she looks 90 times better than RUDY BAHKTIER.

Anywho---heres a joke i made up today...mainly because i forgot the punchlne, or i screw it up while i went along, but i liek it better this way....no one gets it, and its not funny--well-i think its funny. none of you should think its funny.

here goes.

A catholic preist, a jewish rabbi and a baptist minister go golfing. The priest goes first, and hits a beauty right on the fairway. everyone claps. the rabbi goes next, hits a beauty that goes a little past the preist's. everyone claps. the baptist minister goes next, and hits one right into the rough. "DAMMIT!" he exclaims. "brother, you must contain your anger." says the priest. "i know, i know." said the preist, and he takes his next shot and it goes onto the fairway, and peopel clap. Than the priest goes up for his second shot and it goes on to the green. peopel clap, than the rabbi comes up---gets the ball right next to the hole, and everyone claps. than the minister comes up and hits it right into the sand trap. "GOD FUCK MOTHER FUCKER!!!" he shouts. "brother, please-you must be patient." said the preist. "sorry, sorry." said the minister, and he takes his fourth shot and it gets on the green.

well, the preist putts the ball into the hole and everyone cheers and than the rabbi putts the ball into the hole and everyone cheers and than the minister comes up and just totatly misses the hole. "MOTHERFUCKING CHRIST!!!" he exclaims, while dark clouds began to gather around the golf course and suddenly a lightning bolts strikes the jewish rabbi right b/t the eyes...
damn first post glory two days in a row. i didnt even try this tiem either.

my dick is so big its small.

well....i just saw other peektoors of erica hell...and now i am not sure. the pictures of all the girls that were posted suck...

so um...forget what i said..im going to look up picture sof all of them and get back to you.

fuck off.

apparatment hunting was done today. women who smoke thos elong thin cigarretes are usually bitches. ugh

April 28, 2003

rudi bahktier or christina park.

erica hill has mishapen lips and what looks like yellow eyeshadow.
Rudi Bahktier. my choice. the first one looks good...but her face is obviously being held together by internal support structure sthat have been surgically implanted....thereby hiding her true age. but all good construction eventually either has to be repaired or collapse.

last night i saw a band called celebrity..and i was mad at them because the club was really small..and it was really hot....and they had big florescent lights on stage in front of them...and that just made it even hotter in there.

i just decided to tell you guys that. fuckers. i dont even care if you care.

my ass is better looking than womens noses. you heard it from james first kids....


So i'm in class... well not really... we are on break at the moment, after taking an exam. Easy. Da do dum... I just wanted to write that basically.

Photoshop takes forever... especially if you're insane about it... and have to fix every little thing. The plus side, ultra realism...

Which has always proven to be fun...

but again... fun and artistic.

Anyway, class is beginning and this has been one hell of a waste of a post.

Oh, i do concur, Starscream... guh, whoever said that needs to be examined for gay-ish tendencies... i mean... STARSCREAM?? C'mon. I don't believe in Freud per se... but jesus that's like a freakin' hint people.

I don't remember my favorite... i'll have to look it up when i get the chance... though i do remember liking that dinobot who was stupid... but they formed the bigger dinobot....

hey... makes sense... i'm friends with jOe and he's big and... well... yeah.
I can sure as hell guess who Jimmoi is going to vote for : Christina Park because she reminds him of his MOTHER.
oh boy oh boy oh boy - look at that necklace she's wearing buddy. Maybe one of her HOT AZN BOI RICER BUDDIES bought it for her, maybe his car is more " pimped out " than your shitty piece of shit. Maybe his stereo system has PHATTER BEATS than yours and that his REAR SPOILER is made of THIN TITANIUM ALUMINUM ALLOY whereas yours is made of CARDBOARD.


Erica Hill looks like she's had one too many plastic surgeries done to her face. Her face just screams at me for some reason. How am I suppose to let someone like that go down on me when I think that somehow her face is going to mutilate my little guy? ( emphasis on little ) - nope, Erica hill is by far not the choice for those of far superior womanly tastes.

Rudi Bahktier has definate DSL. Her eyes are good too - but cheeks and nose look like they could well - be photoshopped once or twice. Fuck I think Zacho's ass is more attractive than that woman's nose. And she's wearing a singular pearl for a necklace. You know what that means. PEARL NECKLACE. You know she wants it all over her chest. Indeedy. If anyone I'd have to go for her.

Christina Park. Where is Hiroshima? oh, yes - its that way. >>> >>> >>> >>>

Kyra Phillips looks to be your average everyday soccermomming two kids boy and girl and a husband she loves woman. I'd love nothing more than to degrade, terrorize, please and torture, tie and physically manipulate her like a machine for a good couple hours all the while making her watch children's videos. Why? I dont know why, because it would be * fun *


Oh yeah, agreed -- Erica Hill whomps all over the others.
I see Austin here and there.

I've got his number somewhere, suppose to call him next time there's
a paintball thing.
Okay I've done this once already but aparently it didn't work so ONE MORE TIME!

1. Sheerah
2. He-Man
3. Papa Smurf (seriously)
4. Balloo (off of Tail Spin, fuck Jungle Book)
5. Darkwing Duck

and as for Jimmi: I have to go with Erica Hill
Ok---its time to choose.
which anchor person on CNN is the hottest. thats right CHOOSE BITCHES:

Erica Hill

Rudi Bahktier

Christina Park

Kyra Phillips

Jimmi- As far as I know, Austin still works at that metalurgical plant or whatever it was, and lives with his dad. I saw him once last summer driving around Canyon Rd. but asside from that, the last time I have had any contact with him was when you were still living here and you drove Justin and I to his house where we waited forever for him to get home and then went to Sherrie's afterwords. There is the possiblity that Justin might still have his phone # somewhere though. Oh and we saw Peggy at Costco like 4-5 months ago, but her and Austin had broke up and she was living with her mom.

I'm sitting in my digital media class, woohoo, a class where I learn word, excell, photoshop, I even get to learn how to burn a cd, I'm bursting with fruit flavor about this class, my god, someone kill me, my in structor is 60% deff, hes an arteest, and he is obiosly the gayist man I've ever seen... ( I have no problem with gay people, hes just fruity)... this is a required class... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

the brad: I do agree with you about the German Vehicle situation, vw's are peices of crap... but I like the GTI... other than vws, German vehicls are the shit... thats what really gets me about all the rice burner mutha fuckers, ( shut up, I havent done anything to my Honda), they don't think that BMWs, Mercades, or other ludxury vehicles have any balls... If they only knew that those car could blow them away...

yeah, SOUNDWAVE, mutha fuckas
Soundwave is one of the higher ranking Decepticons/Destrons during the reign of Megatron. Generally depicted as loyal and extremely capable, he is also valuable for his ability to carry within him the Decepticon cassette warriors (sometimes referred to by fans as "Cassetticons"). The Decepticon cassettes currently consist of Frenzy, Rumble, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Ravage, Overkill, Slugfest, Ratbat, Squawktalk, and Beastbox. Soundwave transforms into a human-scale portable cassette player (commonly referred to as a "Walkman") and has shown the ability to hear extremely faint noises, as well as a limited ability to read minds. He has also displayed technical aptitude and excellent leadership abilities.

and about the game thing #1 game of all time... Oregon Trail... need I say more???
first post glory?

starscreams was indeed a fag. im actually watching transformers right now. his voice is re-fucking-tarded.

on cartoons....i kept trying to watch the GI Joe movie and i kept falling asleep halfway. it was pissing me off.speaking of fags....cobra comander was the biggest fag of them all. in fact..COBRA was one big fag team. the generic cobra troops were cool..and the weapons...but the main characters were queer.

and the GI Joes were too goddamn idealistic. feh.

im getting sick of random speed traps...and cops that suddenly decide "OH HEY LETS TAILGATE ZACH-0 FOR 2 MILES DDOWNHILLTO MAKE SURE HE DOESNT SPEED. bastard fuckers.

im driving..and there is a yellow light..but i know im not gonna mak eit....but im going really fast and im like"feh ill run it" but something inside tells me to slam on my brakes. of course the light goes red way before id have gotten there...and i scream to a halt. i look to my left..and there are 4, count em..ONE TWO THREE FOUR cop cars stopped at the cross street. such would have beena tragic encounter.

i hate cops.

my lego earrings are a hit.

April 27, 2003

ah yes, hulk hogan.
i lost many a shirt to "acting like hogan".

many a shirt indeed.
my parents were so pissed.

that and the fact that I wrestled with make believe friends made out of dirt, mud, and clay.
and wrestled with them on our brand new carpet.
and ripped my shirt in the process.

I dont know.
I think they were a bit too pissed off about me ripping that shirt.
StarScream? oh dear jesus-he was a FAG. and his voice was so fucki ng annoying.

anyway---im suprise we dont have like BATMAN from the bat man cartoons...i furgot how cool he was. anywho---zacho---you will never beat my score of 9.1 which i finished up w/ before fordyce decided to be cute and change my picature, but who cares, i proved my point---IM A SEXXXY BITCH. its the asian persuasion. sides, i like my picature now---and im hotter than more than half of the idiots on hotornot--so wee.

uhm...whats else.

oh---aaron was not in mr hadlands class w/ me and justin---that was austin. man, whatever happened to him? breanna---do you know? i should call people more often. *shrugs*. fuck it. im too busy...uhm...yea, fuck you guys im in canada.

they wont let me take leave for thonse three days-so im goign AWOL. just hope they dont do a recall or something.
chrissie got first post and didnt even realise it. har.

who gives a shit about the fucking marmot?

well..it looks like i cant get the weekend of the 9th off...but i told my boss to fuck of. not really. im just going to quit. cause i hate that job anyways. if i took it seriously..i would cut my hair. and wear the uniform they tell me to. and be nice to the costomers..and wash my hands befor ei fill up the ice machine. hehe.....


i will just get new job.

and drinking and mayhem will be the rsult.

now i need to point something out.


steven is not longer any more winning with his no shirt girls liken him with my no shirt tattoo good chestness. muahaha.

and jimmoi...fucking a jimmoi


i love you jimmoi.


[death to the infidels]

Two things about the Little Prince... well actually three:

1) That book rocked!
2) Mr. Hadland rocked for introducing me to that book, and because he just rocked. Who else could have managed to put up with Jimmoi and Aaron and Justin (i think aaron was in that class as well). And he didn't put up with them... from my understanding of it all... i think he actually understood them... well as best as a teach does.
3) I remember being one of the few that actually got that book... and even then i probably didn't entirely... but still... many in the class were like, "man, what the hell is this about... a little boy... huh?"

Guh, i hated freshman highschoolers.
Evel Knievel isn't dead.


LaForge is way cooler than Data any day. The motherfucker can't even see, yet he's still an intergalactic pimp-daddy.
Zach is one sexy bitch on Hot or Not.....joe too... james, you suck.

maby i should get one up, ....eh. well see.
You're so wrong with your jive

so get this.
My favorite idols growing up?

in no particular order :

1. Heathcliff - because he could beat the damn shit out of Garfield anyday of the week. Including fake days that I make up like " Froomday " and " Choawzaday " - yes, even during those days Heathcliff could open up the can o whoop all over Garfield. Because Garfield sucked shlongs and Heathcliff had a girlfriend.

2. Andre the Giant. He was the shit. He died tho. But he was big. If you ever watch old footage of him wrestling you can see how huge he was. His hand - when i was little ( hell maybe even now ) - could have probably constituted my ENTIRE torso.

3. Since we've all mentioned transformers - my favorite transformer was STARSCREAM - the airplane guy with the schreechy voice who always tried to " one up " Megatron and in the movie he does and kills megatron because megatron was a BITCH - and yeh. He could fly and shoot things where-as megatron had to have someone HOLD HIS ASS to do any good ( he turned into a gun )

fuck megatron. Starscream = the shizzit
Profile: Starscream makes no secret of his ambition to overthrow Megatron as Decepticon Leader. He is ruthless, cold-blooded and cruel. In that sense the two rivals are very much alike. But he has a vain side that clearly distinguishes him. He considers himself the most sophisticated and handsome of the Decepticons. He exudes a high-class, urbane air that provides a certain irony to his murderous tendencies. He looks down at Megatron for being antiquated in his military strategy. Starscream believes the Decepticons should rely more on guile and speed rather than brute, destructive force to defeat the Autobots. Megatron overlooks the potential threat Starscream represents for one very good reason: Starscream is very good at his job.

Abilities: Starscream is one of the fastest flyers of the Decepticons, reaching speeds up to Mach 2.8. He can climb to sub-orbital altitudes of 52 miles and nose-dive down to near ground level in mere minutes. This makes him particularly effective in surprise attacks and hit-and-run actions. He can shoot cluster bombs a distance of 40 miles, each of which can level an area 10,000 feet square. His null-ray rifle can interrupt the flow of electricity in any circuitry it hits for periods of up to two minutes, effectively preventing the operation of many machines dependent on those circuits during that period.

Weaknesses: Starscream overrates himself sometimes, and finds himself in situations that are more than he can handle. His nose-dives often overload his gyro-circuitry leaving him disoriented briefly. But, overall, he is a very tough nut to crack.

dolphin suck it.

4. DATA from STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION. Because he ownz0red over everyone and everything. Worf and his stupid " oh look at my face its all wrinkled " - Mr. Picard and his " oh my jesus I am so bald " - then there was " Number two " who was, well, shit.

5. my sentimental piece for this post : I actually admired the ever-lonely LITTLE PRINCE who lived on an asteroid in space - talked to a flower - and chased butterflies with a net.

thats it.
Oh yeah, side note, might as well hear it from me, then from some bum on the side of the road giving head for information...YOU KNOW WHO IM TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!

Well... bout a week ago or so. i forget, was hospitalized for 1 or 2 days for stuff to be pumped into my ass and needles shoved everywhichway so then they could poke more needles into my neck and not have me " be paralized for the rest of my life. "

so after which i miss about 1 or 2 weeks of school, and then the doctors give me ...permission ... you could call it, to take homeschooling, mom jumps at this idea and imiedietly takes me out of school and into homeschooling...which is kind of cool in a sence, becuas now i can do everything at home and get credit for doing it, for instance, typing this all out gets me around 20 min of " creative writing. " and going to the mall and playing DDR, gives me some odd hours towards my PE credit. Funny shit, and yes i know most of you grading this post would be like " sucks. F ....misspelled words, bad grammer, spelt spel'en with one L " yeah well fuck you :P

so....theres ya go......touch my cock, i dont give a damn, im geting my fucking Highschool deploma and i cheated. Bitches.
wheeeeeeee, my favr-er-rite idols...

Evil-k-neeevel because...he died one hell of a death.
that guy from that movie, that said humperdink alot, he was cool. ( not the you killed my father in spanish guy. but the one who was swave)

elmo- he was damn sexy. but then he went gay.
Michael jackson, before he went gay....
That one guy from care bears. the evil guy...before he also went gay.
i got to say the ending guy of J.I. Joes...." knowing is half the battle " if i ever hear one of you say that, i will rip your heart out.
uuhh the guy who did the anime mornings on scifi channel during the nineteys.
the hobbit....because he was very sneekey, and i liked that cartoon when i was little =)
and the evil guy from the smrphs, because he always tried to kill little blue globs of gey-ness.
and how can you forget....The Simpsons, because most the parental people around my famly growing up did not want us to watch them because " they are corrupting our children " ... how true that was.
Y'all are gonna kill yourselves reading this list. I never said I was cool growing up (or now). ha, enjoy.

The Idols
1. The Last Unicorn
She was so cool and a unicorn, and if I recall correctly, a princess.
Years later I realized that movie totally sucked ass.
2. The Olsen Twins
Still my idols till this day.
3. The Little Mermaid
She was a good singer.
4. Punky Brewster
Way cooler than me.
5. Jonathan Taylor Thomas
He was every girl's crush, and watching the reruns of Home Improvement, I can see why: The other two brothers were lamers.
Plus, he did the voice-overs for the single most greatest cartoon character ever: Simba.

...of course, this is coming from a person that wanted cobra to win over GI Joe-and thought Shredder was the neetus. but ive always been a fan of the DECEPTICONs-their name is even cooler. pfft-AUTOBOTS. my hero fromt he Transformers would be MEGATRON.

Ain't he sexxxy?

"Everything is fodder."

Profile: Love, compassion, mercy are words that have no meaning for Megatron. He has risen to the leadership of the Decepticons by a combination of brute strength, military cunning, ruthlessness, and terror. On Cybertron he was commanding general in charge of all military operations against the Autobots, who referred to him as "The Slag-Maker." It was a title of fear. A title of respect. A title Megatron relished. His banishment to Earth has only made him more bitter and more evil-minded, if that is possible. He aches to return to Cybertron and complete his mission of eradicating the Autobots. But while on Earth he is dedicated to eliminating those Autobots marooned here with him - and his plans go far beyond that. He realizes the Earth is one huge stockpile of metal and fuel resources and means to possess it all, with the aid of his fellow Decepticons. But his plans go even further, plans so grandiose even his fellow Decepticons are unaware: Megatron intends to enslave the entire human race. He allows no exceptions to his motto.

Abilities: Megatron is incredibly powerful and intelligent, the equal of Autobot Leader Optimus Prime. His fusion cannon can convert any small amount of matter into large quantities of explosive nuclear energy. The cannon can fire a blast up to 12 miles and release enough energy to flatten a small town. Megatron can use his internal circuitry to connect the cannon interdimensionally with a black hole, where it can draw on anti-matter as its power source. The blast from this is far greater, but it creates a tremendous strain on Megatron to do this for even one blast.

Weaknesses: Megatron has no known weaknesses.

If i were to make a list of my top 5 heros, he would be on top-followed by cobra commander, nolan ryan, michael jordan (fuck you guys) and rapheal. the badest of allthe ninja turtles. jesus---you know i think we can probably creat a splinter debate of liek the top ten saturday morning cartoons. hmm...

I was thinking about the games list, so I thought of a better, more subjective and personal list we could have fun with.

I present to you:


5. Snake Eyes
If you don't know who I'm talking about, he was the most badass of the G.I. Joe's. He usually saved the day, and almost never showed weakness. He was the badass character you just had to love.

4. Alf
He ate cats, and I fucking hate cats.

3. Mr. Miyagi
He is the reason to watch The Karate Kid movies. He ruled, I was originally going to put Mr. T from the A-Team here, but I thought better of it.

2.Optimus Prime
I will admit to crying when the big O.P. died in The Transformers Movie, any of you who watched transformers and say you didn't are fucking liars. Optimus Prime was the noble leader of the Autobots, and who wouldn't want that position.

1. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Now he may not be cool anymore, but Will Smith was cool on the show. The show also had one of the best sit com theme songs ever, if not the best. Will on the show was awesome, he brought the "hipness" of the Philadelphia playground to the stuffy Bel Air neighborhood. Will made everything cool, plus, he got the chicks...

Anyway, it'd be interesting to see what you all came up with... but you fuckers probably won't do a list anyway... assholes.

hey hey hey.
I showed Zohra the Slugs on Hot or Not. She had some things to say. Here's a few:
On jOe: "EW"
On Jimmoi: "He is great"
On James: "he looks like he writes poetry and smokes weed in an apartment with nothing
but a mattress and a typewriter."

April 26, 2003

A woman who posts... Well, James, it's not as if there are very many women on the board, and I'm sure out of the women there are very few you actually keep in contact with, so why SHOULD they post? Then again, they could keep in contact through the board. It's just that you're little "group" of people always seemed somewhat closed off to women. Maybe it was just me who thought that. ANyway, I would post but sometimes there's just nothing to say. My unit was mobilized so that's great. I found out yesterday and boy am I excited to put my life on hold so i can work at Fort Lewis. HOORAY!!!!!!
[hey, how's it goin' lee?]

GasWorks park rules. I want to turn that place into a great big paintball course. It would take away from some of it's inherent beauty, but the awesome pipe structures would be wondrous for paintball. Simply wondrous.

Damn, i hurt. Went running with a friend... now i want to die. Ungh. That's okay... i'll feel better, when i get some food. Food rules.

I met some Target people last night. I don't work there anymore, but my roommates KoreanJOE and Allen work there. It was refreshing to hear the Target stories from the outside instead of from the inside. Quite interesting. I think i understand what it was like for James and Andy and Justin to hear all those stories when Jimmy and I would tell them.

I would also have to say that my stories ruled over these new Target-ers' stories. Nothing beats fat car collectors and mutant women with half-normal faces. Eesh... that image still scares me.

And of course, there was faithful Curtis and his good clean baling fun. That sad cardboard lover still scares me to this day...

... partly cause he probably still thinks my name is Lee.
also - i told you steve would beat us all out with that damnable picture.
to which i say this :

Second Post Glory

because being first is easy.
but being second? now that takes skill ( z )

har har har.

In other news I went out to this artwalk thing and wandered around a lot
then while the people in my association went into some dark alley to smoke weed
I stood on the corner of some record store I cannot recall the name of.

after awhile I decided to go in - and found myself greeted with a seemingly off-set good looking woman at the counter.

you know me and people behind counters

So I got to talking to the lady ( more like interrogating ) and found out the following :

1. she's 28 - that would easily make her " the oldest " if assimilated onto the board.
2. she's a lesbian - this I caught when she made reference to her " girlfriend "
3. seemingly articulate because she didnt use dull words when I spoke to her.
4. doesnt know much of computers. and seems to be very ... ah - 'offkey' with people

these features lead me to decide to give her the URL to the board.
and i told her to email me - in all probability she wont, as most potentials dont.
so right before I left I got her email address.

who knows - maybe we'll have a woman WHO FRICKEN POSTS SOMETHING.
[bikeMAN returns... naked]

That was awesome jimmoi... though i knew of it before... i hadn't even really given it much thought... awesome. I remember bikeMAN like it was yesterday...

and german engineering... hehehe...

ah the good ol' times. I would definitely want to do something like the old days... that was awesome... asphalt skiing.... sweet.

This will be a short post because i'm uberTIRED... saw anger management... eh... was okay... the best... adam sandler beating up a buddhist monk.

Fun times.

Ooh and...

i do believe the score is:
Jeff: 2
James: 1


in other words...


April 25, 2003

A nude hobby for jeff.

Bullshit. Volkswagens are not typical of the other German manufacturers. Volkswagens suck. The only good thing about them is the Bosch Motronic engine management systems they use. But, the other German marques use the same systems, to better effectiveness. Strange thing is, VW owns Audi, but Audis don't suck.

But the quote kicks ass.


Bow down, fuckers.
claaaasic quote of the day: "Went into McDonald's today for lunch w/ coy, and there was this cwazy in front of the mikeydoogles smoking a cigarette. he asked something about coys car (some volkswagan car) and they start talking about W8 V12 SR71 gt rx v6 UBERMINCH stuff, and i was just standing there and than almost laughed when the cwazy guy said "Well, thats what you should expect...GERMAN ENGINEERING."


sorry. i use to do that all the time-classic quote of the day...hmm...i should begin doing that again. neeto?
Actually Jimmoi -- I did consider Altred Beast.
But it didn't make my list.
As a matter of fact, almost all those names you listed I atleast *thought of*
(not necissarily considered) but none of them compared to the ones on my list.

As for whoever said Wolf3d was dated -- I specifically stated that I hated that
game. This meaning -- when it came out, I hated it.
If it was about being 'dated' I wouldn't have posted Doom2. Or Street Fighter 2, etc.
That's all, because I'm lazy.

Now to continue hunting on newbie island.
OF COURSE: with a comment system i couldve commented on james post of first memories about my first memory of jeff---hehe---yea, that was some funny stuff---and i guess it would help b/c if i do it now, it would be ... yea ... just ... yea ... but at the same time-it wouldve been funny and the only people that would see it and laugh would be me and jeff and james...so fuck comment system.
we dont need no stinkin comment system.

im tired and i have nothing of interest to post. i am leaning more for the thingie at james' old house---from now on it'll be refred to as michael's house---mainly b/c it'll be less of a hassel than ft lewis---course, im not sure how many people would show up-and if its onyl like 8, ft lewis would be fine. more than eight-like uber fest party hour---than either michaels or walt disney land. maybe we can sneek a lil pb in? i dont think we can---but who knows? i can hardly wait-my nipples are hard. ONE: we gotta get brice to come down. TWO: justin and breanna to come too. THREE: i hate michael--so we gotta somehow trick him into going away for the night... FOUR: jennifer westhoven is a hottie---god i love CNN.

another reason i say michael's house (if we can get it) is for the teevee and possibilities of neet drinking games. like SOUTH CENTRAL where you drink everytime they say neeger. or BIG LABOWSKI everytime someone says fuck. weee.

Can-a-bitch don't want no beef with Slim?
Not even on my radar,
So won't you please jump off my dick
Lay off and stay off,
And follow me as I put these crayons to chaos from seance to seance,

" Anyway, James, comment system isn't that hard to implement, fuck you, I did it on another board (lifeboat?) awhile back, took maybe forty five minutes of my time. "

how about a comment system that isnt one line that you insert into your website -
but is fully uploadable to your own server and databases everything?
oh - it was fully customizeable ... right?
pop-up or inwindow comment system where it will fold out like a forum.

oh yeah ... i forgot ... it must have been SO EASY - a good fourty five minutes worth.

insert fuck you ...............

( here )

well the zacko, I think the revival of the 'crew' one last time would be great, mabey this time I wont wear slippers or cut my knee on barbed wire... good times... well I don't know if anyone is up to it but you have my vote... bitchesss...

Personaly, the whole organization of the board thing, fuck you all, who cares, so you have to scroll all the way down to see who posted... wait, fuck you james, change it...


well I wont be able to post again until monday, unless I can find a computer with the internet... (bastard moten breaking)... untill then... I bid you all a good thumb up your ass... (not really, I actually love you all, see what a liberal/independent colledge will do to you (it obiosly hasent improved my spelling skills)...
Heh...nice timing on that one Aaron. Just a little bit ago, when we were leaving a school, the other tech and I saw exactly that...Mr. Mullet, with his 2.3 Mullet children. I mean seriously, he had a kid that couldn't have been even two years old, with a mullet. Sad.
Note to middle aged man in parking lot this morning:
just because you have decided to take on the social stigmata of a mullet, does not mean you must condemn all three of your androgenous (sp?)children to the same fate. You can go ahead and be a martyr for your cause of "resurrecting all the deceased members of Lynyrd Skynyrd through the powers of terrible haircuts" or whatever it is you are attempting to do, but come on man, think of the kids!

Anyway, James, comment system isn't that hard to implement, fuck you, I did it on another board (lifeboat?) awhile back, took maybe forty five minutes of my time.

Also, need I remind you guys that awhile back we shifted the importance of chronological posting, making not the first post the best, but second post? If you look to the archives, you'll see what I'm talking about, we never officially shifted it back, so you are all backwards.
so far, so good.
so i've got * tons * of plans for this weekend. Im literally " BOOKED " hot damn.

I've told denis to go to the board again.
hopefully he stops by and looks around.
Denis ( in case you didnt know ) is my russian buddy.
He's funny. He called me his " little american brother " - ha ha
another anectdote as to why he is funny : this morning here is our conversation :

I have to leave soon after work as well Joe.

Why is that? What're you doing?

Oh I have to go watch the shakespear. At the thea-tre

Well what are you going to see of his?

Well it isnt Hamlet or something else, its a weird name.


No not that one

Then which one?

Just name a bunch of them and I will tell you

(thinking of ' weird named ' plays by shakespear)
Much ado about nothing?

No not that one.

Taming of the Shrew?

Yes - that. What is Shrew?

Well um... a bad person... err - ... think of me, only female.

Oh so a Gay?

Ha ha ha. No. Like - you know how Im not exactly a nice person? like that. Oh! A bitch. Like a bitch.

Oh. ok. And what is " taming " ?

umm. - say as if you were going to try and make me a nice person.
You'd tame me.
You know like wild ani-

So its basically " Rehabilitation of the Bitch " ?

hahaha, yes Denis. Rehabilitation of the Bitch.

C'mon, now you cant tell me thats classic.

what else?

I will be working on getting Mike onto the board.
dont know about the girl i'll be running off to olympia tonight with though.
Have to get ahold of Jon and Roody.

Yeup. Have a good friday. Mine was awesome.
just a little correction james.....*cough 7.9 cough*

i for one....like chronological order. first posts are now king of the day...making first post glory just that, once again. i bote for it to stay.

I ALSO SAY FUCK YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE THE WANTERS OF FUCKING COMMENT SYSTEMS. NOBODY EVER GODDAMN POSTED BECAUSE IT WOULD BE IN COMMENTS....AND FUCKING I NEVER READ MY COMMENTS SO POTENTIAL GOOD POINTS OR ARGUEMENTS WERE LOST fuck the comment system..fuck james ass even if he can make one..just because fucking jame sin teh ass is desireable to me. seriously...anyone else bugs james about a comment system..ill ram a 9 inch steel pipe so far up their sweaty ass that it will come out of a pore in teh top of their pinshaped head.

ass munches.

i propose this for the me+jimmoi return to home funzo weekend.
camping at whichever camp place thing is cheaper. lots and lots and lots of beer. poker. anal sex for all. on elast revival of road skiing..but taken to a new level. somewhere outside of pierce county. and on video. with points given for distance of ski and time...and amount of sparks.(finess?)... whatever we do should begin late at night on friday.....with eating at that one place we used to eat and then a jones cap"youre gonna get head" circle. actually that could probably come at the end of the adventure too..whatever. i just think it would be nice to add those things to the mix once more.....because they very well may never happen again.....or something ....or you guys coul djust be like.."eh fuck you zach." whatever. thats what my idea of a good time is. and its been fucken forever since ive had that kind of a throw down good time shiggity doo dah. ill even bring my cane out with me on the plane.


my favorite SNES games were
* mario cart racing
*utopia: the creation of a nation
*super bomber man

i never got into genesis.

UT is still my favorite of the FPS games we used to play.

um....gay sex is still better than non gay sex. especially if its with a man!

damn..i just stuck lego spears through my earring holes. now i can have lego guys holding onto the spears as my earrings. this is going to be fucking awesome.

what else...

oh yeah james did i mention that at last check its 7.9?


sounds like a car commercial. 7.9 something or another financing and nothing down till 2005 give us your soul call 555 wegityooorsole!

i saw phone booth. it was short. and i didnt end teh way i wanted. and the end was quite predictable. it was pretty entertaining though.


long post.

glad to see life again breathed into the board.

fuck you. all of you.

starting with you.

Yes, the chronological idea was mine... to spur on the idea of First posts...

which i got this time you bastard! although i didn't have my post ready, which is sad cause it will take time, but will be an accomplishment of graphic finery...

also, my hot or not pic isn't ready, cause i've been working on my post. Thankfully, i have plenty of time tomorrow to do all these things, so worry not james, i'll have it by tomorrow.

Uhm, i had more to say but i can't remember.

The chronological thing, i only suggested it... but i also knew that it might not work out. Perhaps if there was a button, as i suggested to james, that took you to the more recent post... but eh, whatever. I figure it's a hard thing to program.

Anyway, whatever happens happens.

Aih. Laters.

April 24, 2003

did you ever think that someone you know is goin to die?

well think about it what if your friend from school that you rarly tyalk
to but you know really well from thast past just uip and dies?

think about it it happens Sherry Tumelson dieed last night none of you
knew her but i did and she was a good friend

what if aaron was goin tpo work (sorry aaron) and pulled out in front of
a suburban and was injured on scean and when he got to the hospetal he
was dfead what would you all think?

whould you notice i would and for some reason it would hurt. do they get
to know every thiong in the world do they get to know the answers to
evry question? i feel like i want to know but that isnt goin to happen..

hey i hope this never happens to any of you. and im shure you guys (and
gals)think the same.

Thanks for that Jimmoi. I needed a little Beatles just then.

Um...Yeah. I wasn't going to say anything, but the reversed order of posting sucks llama scrot. I have to scroll way the hell down to see if anyone has posted. And let's face it: I'm not always with-it enough to catch that I've gone right past the new post(s) and into the previous day.

Fibre optics kick ass. The laser used to drive a 25 kilometer span will perform laser surgery on your eye if you look at it. Not to mention one of them is less than a quarter the size of a deck of cards. That's just cool to me somehow.

sorry I havent posted, I'm limited on the internet because I still don't have a motem(I don't know if I spelled that right but I don't care, fuck you spell ceckers)

the James- yes I will be posting as much as possible, well, if I have anything to say...
I might be invinting more people. Anthony, Jon, Roody, Mike ( rigney ) again, considering Adam Wearn.posted by not mud @ 5:13:31 PM
what do you mean "considering Adam Wearn"???

the Jeff- the James was good, good hamburger flesh... good times... I have no idea who 'the girl in the orange shirt' is...

sorry I speak of everyone with 'the' in front of their name, I've been watching to much of the StrongBad... ( http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail.html ) not a bad site, its fun... you can play 'trogdore the burninator'... if you have never been introdused to StrongBad befor I definatly recomend; japanese cartoon, dragon, techno, monster truck, and well all of them because I personaly think they're funny as hell...

the Jimmo- go jimmo, 8.9, I guess he really is "the Jimmo"...

oh ya, the Drew got a tattoo, anyone remember Travis Stanly, he was in the band 'Mullet', he took Casey Tuttle to Misouri with him and learned how to tattoo, he took courses on blood born pathogens and cross contamination... anyway hes back now, hes good at tattooing, he comparitively inexpensive, he did my tattoo and I love it... oh by the way he now hates Casey, he beat the shit out of him... he put his head through a wall, it was awsome...

well fuck.
lets do it doggy style for chroist's sake.
and i'll grab your breasts.

( ? )

more things :

Im surprised that almost everyone ( with the exception to Jeff, who's idea it was ) - has come up to me and said : " GOD I HATE THE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER OF THE BOARD NOW! " - but yet nobody has posted about it. Bastards. Thats how it always goes. Everyone talks to me or emails me and tells me things but do they post it? no - so then im the only one with knowledge of things. guagahg. oh well.

1. breanna - no offence - but it almost seems as if you're wanting me to get ahold of you - and that scares me actually. it would make me feel much more at ease if you post : " You know james, I dont even really care what you do - *SHRUGS* do whatever. " (cough)

2. about games wolf3d and other mentioned games like Dune2. Um. Play them. They are dated - sure they may have been good in their time but i cant play dune2 because well. it sucks. I know i started with the mention of " doom2 " and thinking more on it at work i came to the decision that i shouldn't have even mentioned it - because halflife and UnrealTournament were leagues beyond it in the realm of FPS. and bradbury quite frankly i dont believe anything is beyond the capabilities of the board - because all of our strengths and weaknesses combined make us CAPTAIN PLANET - er. well. yeah. so > TOP TEN GAMES OF PROPOSED GENRES :::

Real Time Strategy
First Person Shooter
Role Playing Game
Multiple Player Online Game

thats all i can think of right now.

... fuck you zach and your 7.5
fuck you.
The man in the crowd with the multicoloured mirrors
On his hobnail boots
Lying with his eyes while his hands are busy
Working overtime
A soap impression of his wife which he ate
And donated to the Nation Trust.

I need a fix 'cause I'm going down
Down to the bits that I left uptown
I need a fix cause I'm going down
Mother Superior jump the gun
Mother Superior jump the gun
Mother Superior jump the gun
Mother Superior jump the gun.

Happiness is a warm gun
Happiness is a warm gun
When I hold you in my arms
And I feel my finger on your trigger
I know no one can do me no harm
Because happiness is a warm gun
-Yes it is
Horhey- yes our phone # is the same as it has been for the last year. Just remember, if you call and want to talk to Justin, call weekdays from 5-8pm or any time weekends, although we may not be home. Oh and James, even Justin says he doesn't care if you call.
I like the Ft. Lewis idea. Someone should call and check to see if the campgrounds will be open.

You guys have opened one giant ass can of worms with this ultimate games list. You'll never be able to make a list that doesn't leave something out. It would have to be organized by category or something...and that sounds like way too much work for this bunch.

In further news....there is none.
john mayor has downsyndrome-or at least he looks liekhe does when hes singing...god i hate that song...i dont knwo why its in my head right now---fuckign coy. we're wathcing CNN at work, debating which anchor woman is the hottest. man...im bored, cant wait till 3 so that we can watch TV. its 2 here...one hour...hmm...i could go to lunch.

anywho---james' old house could be cool for a gathering-but ft lewis does have a nostalic...fuck spelling...feel to it. something new? we can invade bellevue in monkey suits and call ourselfs the monkey patrol and say --waht the fuck your lookin, and mind your own bizznazz cus this is munkee bizznazz and throw bannannas at people....but that'll get us arrested...and it has too much of a Jackass/trigger happy teevee feel to it...but it WOULD be new for us to do...i guess...fuck it, lets just go kill a deer or something.

haha, and i was gonna put gorillaz... but i didn't think ANYBODY would remember that one, which made me question whether it should go or not.

also considered MegaMan 2... Metroid... all of those...

okay, so top 10 just isn't gonna work... there are too many games on too many platforms...
so we could do a top 50 maybe... that migth be better... or top 10 per console/computer... hmm..

anyway... i'm bored and in the Health Sciences library. I ate hospital food awhile ago... yeesh.... it wasn't so bad really... but it wasn't so great either. I imagine jimmoi's airforce food probably tastes a hell of a lot better.

ugh, this post sucks... and there are no cute girls in the library, which is killing the mood (well at least none directly around me.)
under classic ps1 games i forgot GTA2 and DRIVER!!! FUCK!!!
a lot of games are being neglected---like OLD SCHOOL atari. PacMan, Galaticca, Pong, astroids. what about the qbasic game gorillaz, i mean what perosn did NOT play that game in keyboarding class? while we/re talking about classics, what about the original Warcraft or Dune for christ sakes the first RTS. and please dont tell me someone forgot about Wolfenstien 3d.

if we're talking 8bit nintendo-what about Contra, Metroid or MoterCross? if we're talkign about Sega- what about Alter-Beast , Shinobi and Ninja Gaiden? i mean JESUS! we've only mentions TWO fightings games. Double Dragon, Fatal Fury, Samari Show Down, Marvel vs Capcom two.
speaking of Capcom-wheres Megaman 2, resident evil or Devil May Cry? how about CLASSICS on ps1 like Metal GEar Solid 2?
we mentioned FF seris, what about xenogears? theres a shitload of games, too many to just have a TOP TEN list for...i mean damn, im forgetting a shit load---i forgot myth2 mist hl tfc and unreat tournament-JEEBUS! and what about rainbow 6? i hate this game, but it DID start a whole new genre of realistic fps---and i have to admit i like ghost recon...a lot...and i suck at it, but still...

so yea, maybe we should make a top 200 list (muhahaha...the last time we did that, we had debates for MONTHS!!!)? i dunno, ignore me.

Well james, i tried to republish the archives like you asked... but that went nowhere... they still don't seem to be up. Oh well... all in good time i suppose.

Hey breanna...

you're phone number is still the same as it has been for the past year, right? Just making sure. Sorry i haven't called or stopped by. I really haven't done that with much anybody, so you and Justin aren't being excluded :).

I think, personally, that Starcraft is in a league of it's own. This is my opinion though, but still. Yeah, it's based off Warcraft to an extent... but that's about it. Warcraft II may have had two races, but overall they were pretty much the same race, in that they overall had the same weapons and so forth. The only real difference was that they looked different, thus enabling one to say, "oh... Warcraft has two races to choose from..." Really, it could easily be just humans versus uglier humans... or even, and probably more appropriately, Humans versus the jOe Macauley clan... only less viscious and cannibalistic.

Eh, maybe i'm in the wrong... as i'll be the first to admit... i'm not a gamer, i just play them from time to time... so what do i know?
James- If you would like to call me and talk about whatever, feel free. There is always the slight possiblity that Justin might get jealous, but hey, there are girls giving him their phone #'s while he is working, and showing him their boobs and so on, so I think I'll be okay talking to you. The best time to call is during the day (although I think that is when you sleep) from like 12:30pm-3pm. During that time only Jared and I are home. After around 3pm we start screening calls because of the fucking mormon bastards bugging us because Jared moved in GOD DAMNIT WE WERE FREE FOR A YEAR AND HE RUINED IT!!!! (no offence to anyone just incase though). If you don't still have my phone number let me know.
I guess I'll make a games list too.
Since I decided to read all that.

10. Doom 2 (PC)
---It was the first good FPS. It ruled. (No, Wolfenstein sucked)
Then I found cheat codes. It ruled again.
Then I discovered multiplayer. It ruled for a long time.
9. Worms 2 (PC)
---Me and Corey Michlitch discovered it in class, 10th grade.
All of a sudden classwork didn't exist -- exploding sheep did.
8. Escape From Monkey Island (PC)
---What, games come on CD's now too? Want some Grog??
7. Warcraft 2 (PC)
---Sorry, I was never a SC fan. Besides -- SC was based on
6. Mario Kart (SNES)
---Who can deny the amazing funzoness of throwing as many
green shells on the field as you possibly can?
5. Golden Axe (Genesis)
---The best sidescroller ever made. Sidescrollers sucked -- until
you played Golden Axe.
4. Street Fighter 2 (SNES)
---Pioneer of fighting games. I vividly remember saying "hey dad,
this looks cool, let's rent it!" Followed by days upon days of about
10 of us (family, and neighboors) giving eachother Yoga-Noogies.
3. Toejam & Earl (Genesis)
---Toejam & Earl.
2. Chrono Trigger (SNES)
---A great new style of RPG gameplay, an awesome storyline,
great music, and as Aaron said -- many endings.
1. FF3 (SNES)
---Always will be on top. The storyline ruled, all but 3 characters
(2 of which you can get through the game without even glimpsing)
have an indepth storyline of their own. Graphics in the style RPG's
should be.


Actually I made that list in hopes of killing time.
2 more hours!!!

I only waited an hour and so many minutes cause i figured, oh... james works at nights, no threats there... and you seemed away... damn you... you damnable little man.

but that's okay... all's fair. You may have gotten it this time... and you may, through your clever backways, may get it again... but there will come a time when you'll forget, and it will be mine... and when it is... i will have a grand, awesome post.

Hey, in the end i'm comforted by the fact...

that jOe's superASS is still beating you by quite a margin...
of course, that happiness will subside once i put a picture of me up and it dies instantly...
but till that time later today... i'll still keep my happiness.
I mean, I've always thought

but maybe that's just me.
Her name is Sharon Marston, she was a friend of James and I that was in Knowledge Bowl with us. She was alright, very neutral, smart, probably what James would identify as MSI.

Anthony and I just went to grab soda, a bum begged for change, and then when I gave him a dollar, asked me what my mission was?


of course, I only said that in my head, because I didn't want him to be some secret ex-Vietnam War ninja and shank me.
[cattle castration]

Oh yeah, james... who is the girl in the orange shirt? I was trying to remember everyone in this picture, but her name eludes me. If anyone else knows, please fill me in. If i remember correctly, she was only a occasional visitor or something... but (and again this is if i remember correctly), she seemed okay.
[the one true first post]

I hate you james. This was supposed to be the first post... but you went the crappy way of reserving...

I hate you will all my being...

but that's okay, i'll still post mine anyway...

it was a nostalgic post... a rememberence of a time long past...

when this picture was taken:

yummy in the tummy

Yes, i can remember that time... filming the fake documentary... asking about james and his family... those two girls that had no idea what we were doing, but thought we were cool because we were older and we had a camera. Guh... And we finished with James being eaten by the crew.

See... that's what happens to little collinses when they go doing things underhandedly... like say! stealing my first post! bastard.

For some of you, this may not make sense, cause for a time my post will appear first... but for others... you'll see some concoction of james... and it will be first...

oh but that's okay james... enjoy your glory... for now.
( sits back - relaxes ) ( exclaims : " ahhhhh " )

yeap, nothing like a good ol' fashion


to make one feel at home.


it sure is a grand thing that nobody else were probably wanting to be the first first-postee.
I mean Jeff came in second an hour and thirteen minutes after 12 o clock.
yeeeeeeeeee- eeeeeeeeeeeeeee- uuuuuuuuuuuuu- p

I tell ya.
Hmm. Not much to say really.
with the exception that here I am. First. First first first first first. so it seems.
hey, who is before me? Surely it isnt jeff - its NOBODY because I AM FIRST.

( ok really - important things ensue )

first - you know what's really dragging me the fuck down? EVERYWHERE I GO PEOPLE ARE NAGGING ME TO SHITSVILLE ABOUT " HEY JAMES YOU KNOW IT WOULD BE REALLY GRAND TO HAVE A COMMENT SYSTEM " - and you know what? YOU WANNA KNOW SOMETHING? Its a fucking PAIN IN THE ASS to get them to work. It took me forever to get that old red-one up and working and you know what happened because of it? Posts went down in number because people started using " number of comments " to judge how good a post was. A couple of people would post a few things of value and if they didnt get at least 2 or 3 comments per post they'd be like " OH nobody reads my stuff " or " My stuff isnt good enough for the board " and they'd go back to their dark little corners and never post again. I FUCKEN HATED THAT. Another downside to comment systems is that PEOPLE ON THE BOARD will use them as MINI BOARDS and conversations + postworthy material will be stuck into the comment system and those tangents wont get placed into the archives. ( unless someone can find a comment system which saves comments in a local file or something ) - fugah! Not to mention that most comment systems work on CGI or PEARL scripts which i have to CODE and FIGURE OUT how the bloody thing works - but oh no, everyone is like " JAMES IS MISTER MAGIC MAN - HE CAN JUST POOF A COMMENT SYSTEM OUT OF HIS ASS AND IT WILL BE SUPERB " - guh.

first -
no wait thats what I am today,
second : anyone up for a ' gathering ' of sorts on saturday - that of May the 10th - when jimmoi+zacho are here? Im figuring something along the lines of the barbeque again - but in all probability it wouldnt be able to ' flow ' where i want to go ( alder lake ) - but if ' camping ' is available then i'd be definate for that. or we could do it on the 9th and camp on ft. lewis again - or we could do it on the 10th when my parents aren't at their home and bribe michael to let us all in and have a BARBEQUE TWO. Tons of ideas - do me a favor and post some of your ideas as to what we can do as a " gathering " - think of something new, something different, something we all havent done together, something fun. Or i'll just come up with something and tell everyone when to be there and what to bring.

first -
no, god damnit i keep making that mistake, me being first and all,
third : i think thats it - but i know there is something out there that agitates me so much that i have to fill a good paragraph about bitching about it. so im thinking of something that gets on my nerves. .. . .. hold on second - me being the misanthropic pessmistic fiend that I am you all know that there'll be something that I dislike. Cable modem. god damn do i hate fast internet connections - ah ahahaha, no ... no i dont. and small paychecks, FUCK - i only made around 800$ last night on my paycheck, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT? ah hahaha - the funny thing is that is small. And ...

well shit nothing is really pissing me off.
ill post later.

fuck you.

April 23, 2003


This is Monika. She likes tattoos, piercings, berries, deer and hibernating in the winter.
Damn. The board is on fire again.


My boss wants to send me to Redhat school. I haven't told him I'll be going to Pilchuck this summer. But that doesn't start until July, so I have plenty of time to let that sit.

Come to think of it, I hadn't mentioned it here, either. Pilchuck glass school. I'm pretty stoked about being accepted. Now I just have to pay for it. Guess that's what loans are for.


Thanks for bringing back that memory (James).

I always thought it was me. Maybe that's why I pried.


C'est la vie.


Like i said, i knew i'd forget some... and that list was made waaaay early in the morning...

I considered Goldeneye... but it was also up against other ideas for fps'... including Counterstrike and Doom... (which strangely enough i forgot both of those).

and there was also a period in my life... which to an extent still to extends to now... that i didn't really play many games... long story which i won't get into.

As a question: there was another 8-bit game that i've been trying to remember but can't... somethin from Nintendo that i can't recall but that's been nagging at me.

I wonder if top ten is just too short a list...

Oh and james... like the board... and you're still losing to jOe. hehehehe...
however, i won't talk until after i post my picture.

Others on the board should put there picture up to... all in good fun and whatnot.

This posts sucks... i had a bunch to say and now i find myself distracted by tv, a weird truck rumblinb outside... and the fact that my mind is wrapped around the idea of putting my Betta Hippocrates with another Betta and filming it as a documentary.
Jeff, your list sucked, no offense. But you didn't include any 8-bit generation games. Many of which ruled all over the games you listed there.


10.Tetris (every system imagineable by now)

Even though I am not a hardcore Tetris fan like James. This game ruled, it set up sooo many other games it isn't even funny. Plus the concept is simple and addictive.

9.Grand Theft Auto 3/Vice City (ps2)

Look at the sales, they say enough about the success and quality of these games. They are basically the same game though so I'm not giving them multiple spots.

8.Golden Eye (N64)

Who didn't play this game with friends for hours and hours on end. Some claim Smash brothers to be the best four player game on the system, I say Golden Eye takes it hands down.

7.Final Fantasy 7 (ps1)

It is my personal preference that FF7 is better than FF6 (or FF3 stateside), however some may disagree. I don't care though, this game had a fucking awesome storyline, and the customizable spell and ability system was a welcome change for this episode.

6. Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)

The best game in the Mario Bros. series to date. The world maps implemented in this episode ruled everything. The variety of enemies, levels, and power ups gave it a lot of replay value. And if you were one of those pussies who just used two whistles to warp directly to the eighth world, FUCK YOU, YOU ARE NOT A GAMER

5. Guilty Gear X2 (ps2)

The best fighting game I've ever played, hands down.

4. Starsiege Tribes (PC)

Way better than the sequel. This was the first FPS in a long while to introduce a lot of new elements to the genre. Even though I was never very good at this game, I still thought it was an awesome idea.

3.Sol Feace (Sega CD)

Sorry, had to include a less known game on here somewhere. This game was a side scroller that came with my Sega CD. The game was insanely difficult, and maniacally addictive, so I had to include it on here.

2.Starcraft (PC)

I had to put this game where it belongs. This game was not arguably the best RTS of all time, it IS the best RTS of all time. No other game has the variety and balance of Starcraft. That's why the game continues to get pretty good amounts of play online 5 1/2 years after it's release.

1.Chrono Trigger (SNES)

My vote for the best game ever made. This game had multiple endings, an innovative battle system, a decent storyline and innovative characters. What else do you need?

tell me what you figure of the new layout - suggestions, ideas, complaints?
so on so forth. things of note : the posts are now chronological again ( ie : WHOS GONNA GET FIRST FIRST POST BITCHES?! )
im considering looking into comment system scripts but on the condition that we on the board dont use it - more like the comment system for " wanderbys " or " visitors " to comment because they cannot post on the board. If I could get everyone to agree to that I'd probably get the comment system up and running again. umm, what else.

Im trying to get it to where the " archives " will have their own page, not be UBER SCROLLED TO DEATH on the side there.

and dont jenk my hotscores damnit. Im gaining on Joe.
new layout to accomidate the " hot or not " idea.

Yeah, there were a few games i had forgotten, obviously. And the ranking, i quickly figured that when i found myself at "5" with Mortal Kombat II while having Mario Kart, A Link to the Past, and Starcraft all behind it... I just was feeling lazy and tired and didn't want to copy and paste and cut and paste and post and edit and paste and post... you get the idea. Anyway that being that expect an updated draft of that list sometime soon with some additions and some drops... i had forgotten Counterstrike up until the end when i thought of it and didn't add it...

I thought of GTA3, but again, couldn't really settle in my head whether it was still too recent... and actually was considering putting in GTA1 since it kinda helped start that along... when i thought that, i thought Carmageddon, but that game didn't catch on quite the same as the GTA series.

Grand Turismo 2, whether you guys play it here, which i don't much either, is still considered a great game, and people STILL play it despite there being a Grand Turismo 3... i know of a person who bought a PS1 for that game, then bought a PS2 just to play Grand Turismo 2 with enhanced graphics... But yeah... GTA3... definitely an awesome game...

and again... there are games i left off that people loved playing... I would almost say make up your own list... hmm... or better... if i knew how to make a form, i'd just have people vote on the best... or hell, just email a list of your ten favorites of all time... then i'd post which got in...

awesome idea, but it might be more than most of us can focus our attention on so i don't expect much of that.

Guh, perhaps you are right james... perhaps i do have a taint of a gamer... yeeesh. Good thing that's all it is :).
heyhey---look into Auto Modellista. i made the WING car aaron wanted to make---you knwo-a lil fiat thingie w. a giant WING on it. muahha. at least rent it and see whats it like. i think i like it mainly b/c its shell shaded. *shurgs*

and i have to agree finally---GTA 3 on computer is UBERLY better than on ps2...i knew it for a long time, but i didnt want to admit it. so sad, but its true. i have nothing else to say on this matter. fuck off.

lastly-im comming home. for three days. over a weekend. in may. be prepared. Jimmy day. May 9th. get that day off, come down to SPAMWAY and get some KY in preperation for soem serious ass fucking. im even going to pay for ZACHO to come up there too. FUNTIMES. this is out of the blue and not set in stone---yet. but I WILL be coming down and it WILL be in may and i WILL fick slap michael in the face and so on and so on and yadda yadda.

three days. im leaving right after work, go on an aeroplane, be there in 3 hours take a taxi sleep at jeffs ( if its aight jeff) than ride a bus down w. him to sharris meet everyone at 11pm and eat bloody steak...this is only if its aigth w. everyone---dont wanna make plans for peopel before discussing it---so will it be aight? and i'll choose who will be at sharris so no suprises. assholes. write me back-just to chatt truely yours this stan.
1. Jeff - nice, but not nice enought. Obviously ( as I said long long ago ) - you've got the taint of a gamer, but not the real blood of a gamer. This is terribly evident by the placment ( or lack there-of ) - of Starcraft ( quite possibly the best RTS of all time ) and the stark absense of the doom series ( more importantly doom2 ) - all in all a good post. still. jenked. I mean c'mon. GTA3/b beats " GRAND TURISMO 2 " any day of the week, including fictional days of the week I can make up like : " FLOOBDAY " and " SHANKDAY "

2. Breanna - you read the board everyday even the days when it was ... well, for lack of a better word : Dead? I was going to try and get ahold of you to talk with you - there was a lot of ' history/past ' things I'd like to go over with you on a ... ah, personal basis - one on one and all. but I didnt know how far along Justin has gotten in the department of " growing up " so to speak - and whether or not that was an option for me without being a detrimental factor to your " relationship " as it were. In fact there was a time directly after me and Heather went our seperate ways that I fully intended on breaking the two of you up just for kicks. Um. Yeah - I tossed that idea out the window merely based on the fact that I know neither of you two anymore, and the people I knew in my head were probably dead already and the flaws and problems i wished to fix in them were - well, probably fixed already. Im glad to hear that you're not getting married - not out of spite or anything, but I generally frown upon marriage in general ( BONNIE ) - And finally : I heard of your acquisition of a home. I cannot say that I was not jealous. Um. And very agitated. I hoped my relitaves would die off soon, if not the exact day I heard that you fell into posession of a home. Hrmph. ( SHIT ) - am I allowed to say all these things? Most likely not.

3. Jimmoi had a good point about Age of Empires. That game did consume a good amount of time. And what is Auto Modellista? Some Fuckin' RICER GAME where you buy SHITTY CAR and STREET RACE IT to WIN MORE MONEY and PIMP OUT THE SHITTY CAR? pfff. Jimmoi has become our AZN-representitave in this department of R(I/A)CING.

fouthly ....

5. still going to work on inviting those people.
theyre opening an indoor paintball course!!! YAY!!! its going to be in the old commisary. funzo.

uhm...i have nothing to post, but its good to see that the board is alive. im trying to post more often, but ive been busy at work...im actually wokring, but just for this month---next month im going to work 6 hours a day 2 days on three 3 days off and get an extra 1200 a month!!! YAY! uhm...what else. oh yea, their paying me next month to NOT eat at the chow hall---so no free food, but extra monies...thus the 1200 extra.

Auto Modellista = UBER!!! yes, go rent it , than buy ---than buy it again. FUCK YOU GRAND TURISMO!!! FUCK YOU MIDNIGHT CLUB!!! yes, i love this game...

also---correct me if im wronge but did Microsoft make Age of EMpires---Age of Mythology and Mech Assault? and others of course, but these are on the top of my head.

uhm...im have nothing productive to say except that FAMILY GUY ROOOOLS. assholes.
At this point I am so lame that I read the board everyday, I just have nothing to post, hence why I never do. As for the flock.jpg, I just think it is a funny picture and felt like posting it, but other than that it has no real signifigance. So anyhow, if any of you have anything you need/want to say to me put it on here and I'll read it within a few days (if posted on the weekend), however I doubt I will be kept much in the loop of anything. As for Justin, he is working, and sleeping. We are going to Vegas for a week in July, we were going to get married, but, decided that we don't want to. So for now we are just going to continue living together. Oh and James, as for a post you did a while ago, when you were talking about moving out and who has moved out and so on and so forth. I don't rent any more, I own my own home 100%, and I live in Spanaway now about 5-10 min. from BHS.
[no better way to pass time...]

So i was sitting here reading various things... and for one reason or another that escapes me for the moment...

i thought... what are the top ten video games/computer games of all time. (i thought about whether i should include computer games (as in PC games in this list, but then i figured... ahh, i'm too lazy at the moment to actually make too lists, and so... one list it is)

So then... i thought, what would be on my top ten... and so i present you with my "work-in-progress" list of the top ten video games (which is slightly biased since i don't have a PS1 or PS2... oh well... sony can kiss my ass). This list is in reverse order but is highly subject to change as i am writing this early in the morning (early for my brain) and it is likely that i'm leaving many games out.

10. Grand Turismo 2 (PS1)

Ahh Grand Turismo 2. This is saying much considering i didn't play it that often. Still, as far as my recollection goes (and please remember this is MY recollection so if anybody out there knows better, that's fine, just don't get all high and mighty on me) this was one of the first (not counting Grand Turismo 1) to be quite so in depth with car choices and selection and getting to drive realistic cars... and quite simply, that seems awesome.

9. Starcraft (PC/Mac)

I debated this one, mostly cause it's still relatively new in some respects, and because it is still played. Yet that was also the reason why i decided to put it on the list, at least for now. Starcraft. I can't even begin to tally the number of hours i have played that with James, Andy, Jimmoi, Zacho, Michael... the list could continue but i don't feel boring myself with endless typing. You get to control three races... and they were all varied. And for all those who played against James... who can forget those g'damn stupid Hydralisks that he'd bury around everyone's bases, so that when you thought it was safe, he'd pull out just a few more... I hate you james.

8. Mario Kart 64 (SNES)

I don't really even think i need to say much about this one. Simply awesome. And for all those who say that the first Mario Kart was better (cause there are people that say that), all i have to say to you is: Rainbow Raceway. Or even, that damnable freeway track... I hated that track, and yet loved it because i remember racing one of you bastards on it, and just when i thought i was gonna lose, a giant truck... quite possibly a "Land-o'-Lakes" truck, slammed into you and i took first. Hahaha, bastards.

7. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES)

This game was so... great. Storyline was there. Plenty of weapons to find and collect. Bosses were awesome. You got the Triforce at the end. Plus it was the first time that it featured a Link where you could enter your name and it would appear in the game. Also the first time that the Master Sword was used to deflect the bosses energy bolts, a theme that has now become tradition in the Zelda series. Oh, and of course, the first to introduce the idea of mad crazy chickens that came to kick your ass when you beat up one of them. Gotta love gang-mentality.

6. Super Metroid (SNES)

Everything that was awesome about the original Metroid, only given five-thousand lbs of steriods. All the old weapons, all the new weapons... SCREW ATTACK! Sound track was enhanced but carried with it many of the same old tunes. Ridley and Kraig... and Mother Brain... and the awesome HyperBeam that you got at the end when the Metroid comes to save you. Sweet.

5. Mortal Kombat II (SNES/Genesis)

This was a much harder decision to come by. I couldn't really determine whether I liked Mortal Kombat I or Mortal Kombat II better. Eventually I settled on this because this game featured more characters, more fatalities, more moves, but it hadn't gotten stupid yet. Save that for Mortal Kombat III (though i will argue that III had some saving graces... namely i believe it was the first MK to actually implement combos). Still... i wonder. I did like Goro of the first MK.

4. Super Smash Brothers Melee (Gamecube)

Ahh, again another hard decision. Go with the original or go with the update... and then it dawned on me... if it was merely an update then the original would win out... but Melee was more than a mere update. It was like someone took gold and turned it into... well... hmm i don't know cause nobody has taken gold and turned it into something far better than gold. While Melee had the same basic idea and similar moves... it took the gameplay far and above. The character additions, with the exception of fucking Doctor Mario (come on Nintendo... you already had Mario and Luigi, did we really need Doctor Mario when you could have at least had Wario??) was awesome. Personal favorites: Young Link -- which i own with, and Luigi -- who despite his awkward weirdly slow, yet oddly nimble movements, remained quite good in a fight. Still, i did for a moment want to say the original Smash Brothers, because i still remember the debate between Green Hat Pikachu and Blue Hat Pikachu...

Blue won, of course.

3. Super Mario Brothers 3 (NES)

Again... if it were a matter of just being an update, then i'd have said the original... but this game was also more than just an update, it was like a revelation of what could be done with a little bit of thought. Those sweet suits... Who can forget that? The Frog Suit, the Tonaka Suit, the HAMMER BROTHERS SUIT! Flying.... flying! Damn, the one thing i wish Melee would have incorporated would be at least one of those Suits for Mario or Luigi... or that bastard Doctor.

2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

Now i know that some will have complaints as to why i listed this game when i already have a Legend of Zelda game listed... but i have my reasons, and here are a few. The storyline became VASTLY more indepth with this game. Before this, the Zelda series was fairly indepth, but this took it to a whole new level. Second... The Legend of Zelda in a 3d environment. Third... a young and old Link. Fourth... The mad Chickens were back, but now they flew at you from all sides and all angles and various heights. As i learned quickly, 3d makes it very hard to escape from a bunch of crazed chickens. Fifth... Water Temple. The by far hardest temple I can remember from the Zelda series... except maybe a vague recollection of a water-type temple in Link to the Past. This game was in a league of it's own when it came to the N64. There are so many other reasons that i can't even begin to recall that this game deserves to be a top ten.

1. Sim City 2000 (PC/Mac)

This was a hard one to remember, but i remember it being fun. Building a city... then sending your natural forces to wreck havoc upon it. Don't tell me you didn't enjoy playing god with your little Sim City civilians.... because you know you did. The only problem i had with this was remembering which version was the version that I played, so i just went with 2000.

Upon finishing this list i realized a couple of things. I already don't agree with some of what i wrote... or rather, with the placement of some of these, and i will likely want to change them... but for now i'm leaving it... so... that's that. Secondly... all the systems were pretty much covered... or rather at least the major makers...

except for one: Microsoft... (PC doesn't count because at least as far as i understand it, Microsoft itself wasn't instrumental in making the game). I didn't say any Xbox games cause i hate xbox... well that and it's still relatively new... and the other systems are a bit older. Gamecube wouldn't have made it if not for Melee. I thought perhaps Halo for xbox... but i think CounterStrike would beat that... Fuck... counterstrike... okay so i told you that i forgot some games... Splinter Cell was another option... but i couldn't decide if it was too new still...

Anyway, that's all i've got to say on that. Laters.
1. you'll notice that there are no links to the 'quiz' and that it doesnt say : HE WAS THIS - WHAT ARE YOU? - because I jenked the image and didnt post the quiz-script, so technically - its an image not a quiz - so BAM I am WITHIN MY OWN LAWS. har har.

2. zacho : M*A*S*H sucked my C*O*C*K. And a short little fat one it is.

the bitches love me because they know i can ROCK.
james that was a decent idea. however if anyone decides to try and copy it i will be pissed. just because...

am i the only person in teh world who is obsessed with the show M*A*S*H?

fuck my throat.....ugh.

oh and by the way...everyoen who was reading that thing from ask bradbury...

yes i did in fact get sexe-de-boot. however it was not from the broad i was referring to at the time. but three seperate times did i enter the next woman through her fun hole.

happy days.

April 22, 2003

hey i thoght those were baned and " anyone cought posting them will be vanquished " .... hheeeyy your not above the law! Getem guards!
hahahaha, usually i dont do these.
but uh.

read the pink letters.

its funny

hee hee.
Man Bites Dog
haha, breanna - i didnt know you monitored the board still - and what of justin? ( whom i forgot )

and what is the significance of " flock.jpg " ?

anyone else notice the board seems to be alive again? ( drew will you be posting often now? that rules )

I might be invinting more people. Anthony, Jon, Roody, Mike ( rigney ) again, considering Adam Wearn.

and now for some people I missed :

Justin: othwerise known as " glasses " - meeting outside of some asian guy's classroom ( dont remember his name ) in the junior high, right next to the entrance doors. Other notable characters who associate there consist of " Can-of-wax " / Cannifax and " Bubba " a one-very-large-toothed somewhat-retarded black boy.

Raechelle: Mr. Sawatski's class - a girl who continually bothers me and almost arouses me by not complying with what I tell her to do. First memeory is of her taking my shoe and not returning it - I get so angry I start entertaining rape fantasies.

J. D.: In the afore-mentioned class with Mr. Sawatski I was impressed that both he and his sister had MSI qualities and could actually "Think" as it were. I assimilated him during one of our " desk circle " discussions when he agreed with me, the topic i forget what it was.

Kyle: In a class, Junior high, Mr . . . Hall - algebra. He continually fails to do his homework and of all people, right before class - copies MY homework. This is when I use to do my homework and eventually because of people like him I cease to do so. Contributing factor to my cynical idea that school is not effective and being used at its maximum capabilities.

Joe ( korean ): First met in a classroom where i was a partner with him in a group. I did nothing he did everything. I laughed a lot, we got a B+. First memory is of coming home with him and we go to his kitchen where-in he removes A WHOLE MEATLOAF, slaps two pieces of bread onto it and calls it a sandwhich, EATS IT within FIVE MINUTES.

Anthony: walk into the " brand new " wizards of the coast at the mall to buy some cards. bought a starter and a booster for the fuck of it. I do not know who I had with me, but we walked into the " back room " to check things out where two other kids were sitting and playing MTG. One of them ( anthony - whom i did not know by name at this moment ) - calls us over and asks if we'd like to play. I told him that I didnt have a deck but I could make a shitty real quick one with the cards I bought. Needless to say I lost. I thought him to be very cocky and an asshole because he thought he was so good that he " WHOMPED MY ASS " and i didnt even have a deck of any caliber. I left the store with a bad feeling. LONG TIME LATER it turns out he says to me : " Hey james remember when we first met in wizards? " - i have no recollection of meeting anthony but do remember the asshole. Little did I know they were the same person. I laughed.

thats it for now.
Wow, James, your post was so amazing that it inspired me to post, but now I realize I have nothing to post at all. Michael, why do you hate hospitals? I used to hate them, but then I went to have some x-rays done on my lungs (really fun walking around the hospital in just a thin robe) and I found the most awesome purse with my favorite painting on it in the gift shop, and i made it worth it. i guess you probably don't like purses, though. Umm...yeah...
Interesting post, I had forgotten about so many of those moments until now. I don't know if that was a good thing or not trying to remember all of that. Any how, not like I need to tell you, but I suppose I was talking about you back then. : )
[overflowing lard]

So i was randomly looking around for pictures of crowds of men to photoshop james into so that he'd have something to dream about tonight instead of thinking about me and knee pads when i ran into this little clip on a message board and immediately i thougth of jimmoi:


You're right 100% right. But dykes and fags are only the tip of the iceberg. What really represents "Depravation,immorality and disgusting" behavior are fat people. I mean come on, all they do is indulge in their own depraved obsession, whether it be cake or hot dogs. I can't even see their bones or muscles when they walk by, and I seriously find it disgusting. And the worst part is that they go out on the street every day, and I'm supposed to just grit my teeth, grin and bear it??

Look, I have some fat friends, so I know what I'm talking about. But it's not that hard to lose some damn weight! They just don't want to lose the weight because they're selfish. And to be honest, I feel discriminated against when I'm around them, because they take up so much more room than me. On an elevator, while they're selfishly taking up 1/7 of the space, I'm only taking up 1/8!

It's not that I have anything against fat people per se, it's just that they're immoral, selfish, self-centered jerks. Maybe deep down they're nice people, but I'd really feel more comfortable if they stayed out of the public eye and made themselves as hidden as possible.

After all, think of the children. If little Johnny sees a fat man walking down the street, he'll get the impression that it's okay to be fat! It will be the death of conventional morality as we know it.

I wanted to laugh... but i couldn't cause i suddenly imagined jOe on an elevator shifting around uncomfortably because all the 1/eigthers were bunched in their with him... and all he could do was frown and continue playing his pokémon magenta or whatever hell other color they have named it now...

i hate pokémon, probably almost as much as jimmoi hates fat people.

If you wanted me to come,

there's always those knee-pads.

( SORRY - you just left it so readily availabe ;)
For all those who remember the good ol' days of the old 8-bit Nintendo dominance...

and those who don't visit Something Awful that often:

The lies... the lies!

I'm sorry... maybe i'm simplistic in my humor... but this was freakin' hilarious. I suppose you also have to be somewhat caught up on recent news events as well.