October 17, 2002

I never really understood that whole thing...but, then again, I came along in the wake of my brother. I guess my parents weren’t really concerned with what I would do, because he’d already done it all, and I learned from him how not to get caught doing most of it....

Yeah...so I go to plug my camera in just now to get the pictures from last night. 104 pictures copying over. Now I have to ponder how the hell I took 104 pictures last night. Maybe I had more to drink than I thought. Mr. R, maybe you can enlighten me....

Which brings me to my next point.

Since I turned 21 (six days now), I’ve only been carded twice. I’ve purchased alcohol on more than a dozen occasions, at different establishments. And I’ve only been checked twice.
Makes me wonder how much more shit I could’ve done if I’d have had the balls to try.

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