October 27, 2002

I find Kurt Cobain so annoying because I agree with him and we have similar idealogies.
so fuck that. I still dislike Nirvana and still dislike him - on entirely no other reason asides from the fact that I believe that If I look into him and/or his music I might enjoy it. whargh. Steve - I know what you're talking about and have experienced the same deal. Touche' and congrats on the new lady-friend + associates I might add. Drop me a line if any of the new breed are " slug material. "

I now work 8 hour shifts.
it is going to suck so much.
and I guess McQuade said : " NO MORE WORKING WEEKENDS "
you know what that means? If this gets enstated by next week - Hmmm.


well now. there is nothing else ... is there.

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