October 21, 2002

Rock - suck it hard.

First and foremost I will side with steve by stating that " Rock " is a genre and who decides what is a genre? M-TV, or some magazine like ROLLINGSTONE - so whatever they say is Rock is what damn well is Rock. You know why? Because they went to college and majored in communications or some bullshit which says they know what they're talking about. Some little upstart will not know the hair on their head compared to that on their ass - OTHERWISE why the hell would those people get paid? Fuck just interview people off the street because EVERYONE knows what " ROCK " is. But wait - moving on from this drivel :


how is that for an oppinion? Oh - wait, THE STROKES SUCK. You want to know what " Rock " is?
Go listen to some good ol' cds of REEL BIG FISH - there is my definition of rock. You wanna know why?
Because they SAY they " Rock " - There is my definition of rock. IF they say " We rock " - then maybe they're Rock.
blah blah blah Im tired of typing ROCK. To tell you the truth I never found music much of something to debate over.

especially something as stupid as this.
its music.
listen to it.
shut up why dont you?
SICKNESS - get down with it :

So these antibiotics arent helping my neck-problem any. In fact now my ear hurts like a bitch. So I call the place up and say : " Hey they gave me stuff and said if it didnt work to come back - can i make an appointment for tomorrow? " - she says : " I can put you in for wednesday " - and Im thinking : " Bitch I hope I'm dead by then, then we'll see who " comes in wednesday " - HOLEY SHIT - she didnt even tell me what time. . . hmm.

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