June 30, 2002

wellkids..i was thinking..damn.its been a long long time since i had a link of the day that was worth a shit. hell. its been a long time since i even had a link of the day.

so for your viewing pleasure

Zach-os long awaited link o zee day

Oh, and I love you too.
The worst part is the fact that it was an old man.
A 79 year old man.


Just got back from a little fishing/camping/watching baseball trip.
Something I never noticed - all three activities can (and will, when it's me and John Paul Thiel) involve massive amounts of beer.

Oh, yes.
james..for your information

so im am still trying to figure out what i did wrong tonight at work....

let me fill you guys in on the details al ittle bit.

im working in drive thru.....and this car with three women came thru,and they were all wearing bakinis....they proceeded to tell me about how they had just gone to a show with a ton of bands..and the one that i remember most vividly was def leppard....and then i went to get their food..and the other chick that was working with me was talking to them about something..and they asked her if they could have free ice cream..and she said no....

i come back..give them their food...and they go.."so no ice cream?"..and i go..."who said no ice cream? three lovely ladies like you deserve some ice cream every once in a while"and i went and gave them all a free waffle cone with ice cream in it.....and i gave it to them,much to their delight..and they all go"WE LOVE YOU!!"..and drove off.

"that was a nice story zach-0 you are very suave..good work..whats wrong with that story?" you might ask?




June 29, 2002

I just found out today that my best friend is on the same military base doing his 16 week training as
Jimmoi is for his basic training.
Odd thing 'tis.
Difference is - my best friend gets a dorm down there - Jimmoi should be in barracks or somethin.

That is all.
I don't think he's bein hard on himself.

Hitting a pedestrian is an accomplishment.

I think the massive fucking was do to the fact that it hurts your insurance - bad =P
I don't hate california anymore...just parts of it like Hollywood. I turned 18 thursday. I seem to get a cold every time I come back form california. I can't sleep and I'm really tired. Bradbury, I'm sorry you hit someone. Don't worry...you didn't do it on purpose. Don't be too hard on yourself. I wish I could sleep.

June 28, 2002

james...remember when ii aske dyou to buy me that plane ticket to vist wa..and then you did..and i wa sgood for it when i saw you?

wanna do that again?

I love you.

I hit a pedestrian yesterday.

They said he'll be okay though.

I should have looked harder.

So, I think now I'll be looking for a new insurance company.


June 27, 2002

Sex is fun.

Unless of course you suddenly realize ya have no condoms.
Then gotta make a midnight trip to Safeway - only to find out that during the remodel, either
they've moved them to some insane spot or you're just an idiot who can't find 'em.
So ya make a trip to Texaco.

And the guy looks at ya funny when ya ask for a box of trojans.
Then ya say "Yeah dude - I'm getting laid - people /do/ do that yanno."
And he quickly grabs the box and rings you out - without looking at you directly again.
That is until you have your back turned and can see his reflection in the window.
Then - sex is fun.

June 26, 2002

anyone who has a " semi long " commute knows that VANS or MINVANS are the bane of any driving experience. Not only that - but high-priced mustangs, saturns or " fancy car " - and why you ask? Because it is these vehicles which decide to go twenty miles per hour in a thirty five mile hour zone. These are the vehicles which, in a fifty five mph zone they fluctuate anywhere from thirty five to sixty - for no apparent reason - maybe it is wind-drag and no matter how much they push on the gas the wind just slows them down to thirty five for a couple of minutes. I dont know. All I know is that ( mini ) Van and expensive car drivers can go fuck themselves, and I pass them AT ALL POSSIBLE COSTS - otherwise I lose valuable " relax that I am at work before the bell " time.

If you got a text-messege from me talking about anal-play, icecubes or anything else homo-erotic, please be informed that Joe got ahold of my cell phone and sent out text messeges to a lot of people. that bastard.

*crosses fingers* hopefully I dont work this friday ( my thursday ) - we'll find out today at work.

June 25, 2002

James...i can give you a ride to fireworks...but the thing is do you want legal or illegal
cause i dont think the legal ones go on sale until the 29th
and itd take some driving to get out to the reservation

If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is
"God is crying."
And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is
"Probably because of something you did."

sounds like something Jack would say.
however - unconfirmed, still funny.

also - anyone notice that the blogger date hasnt updated with " the daylight savings bullshit "
I'd buy fireworks.
because I have the money.
but you know what.
I dont know where to buy them.

so in the event someone wants to give me a ride somewhere to get fireworks,
consider them bought.
wowzer:; so I have been trying to think of a way to describe what it is like being schizophrenic; I have it now. It is like being constantly surrounded by a bunch of nonsense, yes AMAZING isn't it NONSENSE.. everything is nonsense and a new road to being bored ; ok such is life ... I know you are thinking to yourself "nonsense doesn't sound all that crazy" but just wait until you are reduced to dancing around outside in the wind while wearing your pajamas in the middle of the day, then you will truly understand the path of nonsense..... Everything is crazy I am just the sane one,... Regards Mike
personally, I was thrown off by the fact that a storm-trooper was driving.
but hey

a minor little update for you all :

I only ran TWO orders tonight.
Just two.
The first one was for 1816 boxes.
not that many.
the second, we setup at 7.18pm
started at 7.55pm
and then finished at 4.54am.

total ran : 122 400.
that beat joe's previous record of most ran in a night.
and then - get this.
we ran 1.2 million square feet.
that means I get a t-shirt.

hoo - doggies.
we ran the machine full throttle ALL NIGHT.


June 24, 2002

was just informed that that car is burning out - and now I see the rear tires spinning

Well damn - cuz that's /not/ why the laser was smoking, lol.

You have no idea how funny that is.

That looks exactly like what happened to that Plymouth Laser that tried to race me on meridian last fall - atleast I think it was last fall.
Except - I got more enjoyment outta seein the Laser do that, because it was his third time racing me. (And yes - he lost all 3 times)

i have to poop
not that hes gonna read this probably ever due to no computers at his training basic place but...


in other news...

im bummed out because i just got back from taking david to the airport.....

now i have to drink an entire case of smirnoff and three heinekens..alone....thats a drag.

at least my hair is long....

my lip ring is crusty.

June 23, 2002

Oh. Wow.

June 22, 2002

The MSRP is $20K.

If you can find a dealer that will sell it for less than $28k, you'll be doing good.

That, my friend, is "Adjusted Market Value."

A.K.A. "We have the only one in town, you're going to get screwed."

Korum added over $50k to the $45 MSRP of the Mustang Cobra R they had. Since Ford only made 500 of that car, they could get away with it. And did; I haven't seen it down there for a while.
The Official Website of Chicago - Discography - II - buying this - why? because of the song " 25 or 6 to 4 " because the song just rules alright. IT JUST DOES.

James wants to buy a 2002 cooper.
but its 20 000 dollars
and a hell of a lot of a monthly payment.
for a hell of a lot of time.


but it is oh-so-sweet.

June 21, 2002

Let's see here...hot females with guitars playing AC/DC? Nothing wrong with that.

In further news:

I won $60.

Out of all the people at the track today (there were several hundred) only six others were willing to throw down a lousy ten bucks. Cheap S.O.B.s
Yes Bradbury - they do put on an awesome show.
I saw them open for Megadeth a couple years ago.
Hot chicas carryin guitars playin som AC/DC - how can ya go wrong?

Doctor Steve McNobbisk is here to interview a said James Collins on many things about life and so on and so forth - here is a minor snippet from the show that will be airing tonight at seven -o- clock, local access channel :

Dr. Steve : so, James.
James C. : please, call me Markus.
Dr. Steve : so Markus. . .
Markus : what.
Dr. Steve : How do you feel about working a fifth day on a four on four off twelve hour schedule?
Markus : It fuckin' sucks.
Dr. Steve : so you dislike it?
Markus : want me to bash your head in?
Dr. Steve : I will take that as a yes, that you dislike it.
Markus : so you want me to bash your head in?

( James C. stands up out of his chair, grabs a hammer and . . . )

tune in tonight for great laughs and fun times as Dr. Steve interviews James C, the comical character from " That box factory " and " Dropout Dumbfucks Anonymous ".

Hells Belles...I've heard that they put on quite the show.

They were at the Fabulous Firwood not too long ago, but it was a 21 and over only show.
Scott (the Balding Mullet) went, said it was a damn good.

In other news:
Well, since it looks like noone else will be there, I guess my being late to Shari's doesn't matter.


Carry On.

i thought last night that iwsghs driunkj.

antd now thtat i ccant even spell the worrds.


jimmoi is stiil gay though/...

and i know no wmor ethan ever.

itsa timne fgotr moew to sober up i think.....

by slugs.
Jimmoi - Give my house a call soon as ya read this.

's about tomorrow - Hells Belles are at the Showbox - it's a can't miss thing.

I'll be at poker night this Saturday - so people know.

Still feeling the tiredness mentioned in my previous post.
Or the one before that.
Whatever it is.

I've realized that the unemployed life is even more tiring than the employed one.
It's cool - but it sucks to be so flippin tired.
Although I'll assume if I had no income - then it would just suck.
But I don't want to think about that.

So yes - in any case I'm getting a job soon.
Many options are open - but the one I'm primarily working on is Milgard.
The window company.
Making windows.

It's not retail - it pays decently - and it has 3 locations in California - which I can transfer to in January.

I've noticed that I've started using hyphens in my text a lot - it's wierd.
I never used to do that, I'd just go ... a lot in between points and whatnot.
Odd it is.
Why I mentioned that I'm not sure - but who cares.
It's a blog
And this is a post - on a blog.
Let this moment be written into history

June 20, 2002

I'll give much props to the redheads yo!! HAHA lookeee me im a wigga
Hey just wondering about poker night, do any of you guys mind if i get in on that? i need a chance for some money...or loose said currency what ever i guess
Tarwyn: What are you up to this summer, im going to need as much social contact as possible this summer because i have to get a freaking job and i need a metaphorical knife through which to cut through the drudgery of Albertsons/safeway (if i do indeed get either job) and my computer time...its evil...so if anybody wants to get weekly stuff arranged im up for anything... people from school would be cool (hint hint Mike and Tarina, and possibly MR. r) to get together with, or hell if your bored Tarina just give me a ring or drop me an email...whatever works. HEHE mike had a headache earlier and he took like one of each kind of tylenol that he could find, and hes really feeling the effects...no headache but right now hes passed out on my grammas bed and ill be dammned if i dont have a camera...endearing memories for sure

LOL... you can take that in more than one way I suppose, but I myself happen to love redheads. I myself am one.


Yes, Bonnie, I was at graduation last night and I do believe I got a picture of you, though I am unsure of that. It was sad when they took away your guys' beachballs. :P Hope you have lots of fun times in Cali... don't become a lobster!

jimmoi is a wanker.
NWN is out.
i have to cash in my check.
I do b-guy work, c-guy work, and train a temp which wont even be here the next day and I get paid a lot but I have to work tomorrow ( my friday )

so if you were coming over for friday - monopoly night, uh.
fuck it.

okay one thing to note is that the word FUCK is being used a lot more on the board now than in the past. I know I could go on about something, the thing is, I have just run out of things to post about... BUMMER
I was busy raving last night.

Tired I am.

Jimmoi, you're a wanker now.

Tired I am.
Ok well maybe my experiences with redheads have in some way distorted my view on this, but it's hard to enjoy the aspects of which you speak whilst trying to dodge sharp flying objects. Either way, to each his own.

Heh heh she indeed called him a wanker.

Don't blame her, either.

I would have gone last night, but I was having my own fun. Janie never gave me the ticket, and I didn't find out it was last night until the afternoon. Or at least didn't remember it. Any way you stack it, I was up to my elbows in grease most of the night. Funzo.

shit eery0pnme run!!!!

dammit i cant type becaus eof stupid being drunk.

i hate californiao.......have fun there in a place i hate bnonniue.

\but fuvck.......girls are such a drgag.

fireworks are now leaglal i n misouri.

and....i hop ejy dad doesnt find all th ebeer in my closet.


June 19, 2002

So, Jimmy...I hate you...you never came to get your damn tickets...but whatever....I'll never see you again, you fucking wanker. Also, if anyone was at graduation I didn't see you because I didn't have my freaking contacts in.

I'm leaving for California tomorrow...again...fuck. Whatever. I can't even go anywhere on the night of graduation because my mom is paranoid that I won't be ready to leave in time. Considering I haven't packed yet, she's probably right...but whatever. She's the one making me go. I don't even think I'm leaving until 3. My parents suck.

Graduation made me cry and now I just dont' know what to think. I'm confused. I hate being confused, but that's how I usually am. Maybe I hate the way I am? ...Nah. I think I'll go to bed now.

Life is confusing. Life is a fucking toy. I wish I knew how to play with it. I'm glad to be out of that shit hole school.
So I bought myself a hat yesterday.
Cool hat, indeed - it will be nice for poker night. As did I also get myself another dice-chain like I had on my old
wallet (the one that was stolen).
As well as a new belt with chains/rings - yanno - the bondage type thing.

Will be ordering my uber-poker shirt, since they were out of stock on my size.
But I know a site that sells 'em.
Matter of fact I will do that as soon as I'm done with this post.

I will probably not be at poker this weekend.
I want to be - don't get me wrong.
The uberness of my hat will make for a fun time.
Well it will.
But on the other hand, there's a cute chica who will be attending a rave with me - if she can.
If not, then poker it is.

I'm getting a job.
A real job.
Working with windows.

And the only reason I'm /bothering/ with this real job is because i don't want to hear from my mom,
plus it will serve for a nice extra income. Figure an extra grand a month can't hurt - put it into savings
or something for California.
Will keep me busy as well, so I spend less money.
Right now I'm spending money just for something to do. Fun it is, but the money could be better spent
elsewhere. Heh.
Jimmoi, what the hell is up with this "I'm gonna be 2 hours late picking up Chrissie" bullshit?
Just come pick me up goddammit.
haha-sorry zacho, but c'mon! doesn't that word just scream "HOMO?!"

i mean "FIRENZA!!!" i can just imagine a bunch of gay guys walking around saying, "we're younge, we're gay-lets party! FIRENZA!!!" it even sounds lie a fucking 70's variety show. FIRENZA!!! or the homosexual version of bonanza. dundadadundadadundadadundundFIRENZA!!! i dont know---maybe its just me...

anywho-im tired. james stopped by and gave me the boxes. awesome. jeff will be comming down around three maybe 6. i need to take a shower-clean out my room-eat cheese. im like overweight now-so i cant eat anything-sucks ass. they measured me at 5'11". thats bullshit! im usually measured at 6'1". the last time i went to MEPS i was 6' exactley. what the hell? am i shrinking? and dont say it doesnt matter-b/c it does. if im measured at 6' i need to be under 204, which is easy. but if im 5'11", i need to be 199. this use to be easy, but i sorta...yea, stopped exercising. i am currently 197. not good.

anywho-fun day lined uo today. mom's getting on my case as we speak about my room. fuck it. ihate it. why havent i ever cleaned out my shelves? theyre terrible. im considering just dumbing them all out of my car while driving 65. hehe. shoud be fun. and i still have yet to mail in them checks for the speeding tickets. heh. fuck the DOL. fuck the ARMY. and fuck the Air Force. and most of all-fuck you-zach. :D

note: i never met any crazy crazy(fun) red heads. just psycho evol red head bitches, and christina. and shes just bitchy.

dont ask why im posting don hertzfeldt cartoons, theres no reason cept for the fact that they look funny. on a related subject-james, rejected is availible on dvd now-WEEEE. unfortuantly, they dont have any in stock. :*(

im done posting.
Cooder, I dunno what you're talkin about.

Redheads rock.
They're insane - crazy - wild
(aka, they're the best in bed)

Yes, a lot of 'em have attitudes, but
a) Ya can worry about that /after/ meetin 'em, if ya dun like 'em...turn around and walk away
b) Sometimes attitudes are fun
c) Who cares about their attitude when they're screaming your name in bed?
Fuck this.

I have plenty of sickleave.

I'm going home.

*grumbles as he walks towards the door*
Heh heh he heh Firecrotch?
You want to stay away from redheads man.....fuckin' A.

I'm surprised that's not genetically encoded in all men by now.

I suppose some guys do like abuse, but still.......
fuck you jimmoi.

you fucking bitch.

im off to smoke.

that is all.

June 18, 2002

well-im in process of cleaning my room, not really fun because i havent cleaned it for about---oh-6 years. so its preety bad, i got papers from the 9th grade. weee. anywho-i also decided to clear out all my old emails and i found this one from none other than Mega jOe Macauley. funzo.


Fads to come
More pokemon

a hell of a lot more crap from Japan

stupid things from the past(ex pet rocks)come on your back yard is filled
with them
bewere next line is a killer
jeff gets fired because of stupid car guy
jeff gets aressted for not paying trafic ticket "car crass with trooper"
joe wins lotto
both Jameses found dead in Roy due to drunken hickes fucking him rectaly

from the desk of the fat profit


man i cant waitfor friday. hehehe/man thats gonna be funny. hey steven, jeff might come down tomorrow to go to graduation thing too, so if you do go, i guess we'll see you thar.

Hey, uhh...Jimmoi -
Ya really want us to answer the getting laid question? ;-)

Gettin myself a nifty shirt today with the money I won today - great for poker. Has dice shaped buttons. (no, not actual cubes, but little silver things that look like dice)
And might get myself this hat I been wanting forever as well.

Also goin to some experimental music/techno thing tonight. Sounds pretty good. -not a rave- just a show thing at some internet bar/cafe place.
Or something.
Goin to a Rave tomorrow night.
Or the Bethel Graduation - my cousin graduates.
Not sure which to do.

But will be taking a chica to a rave on Saturday.
If her sister lets her go.
Fun times indeed.

I love the professional gambling life.
Martin Scorsese...yeup awsome film person...goes right up there with John Woo in my humble opinion
oh woe.
oh woe.

dear troubled soul.
where have you put - your red mug of happiness
in this hole
in that hole

where is the whole
we never were.

( consider the boxes acquired, jimmoi )
i hate you steven.

the light of my day today was when i went into Best Buy for the first time in my life. it was like Disney Land. maybe its because my life has been uneventful since the last time ive seen Disney Land, but it was awesome regardless. they have every cd you can think of-EVEN PAIN!!! they had every NIN album, Authechre, Einstruten Neubauten and yes-they had King Missle. i hated them for having king missle though-since i went online and experience RAPE for 24 days by the hands of barnesandnoble.com, molested by their cold hands, much like uncle ernie's after taking me to dairy queen...
anywho-Best Buy is sweet, spent a good deal of the evening playing console games and looking for cd's i cant buy. they dont have a good DVD selection though. yes james-i looked for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas/American Psycho, and they didnt have it. they did have Following though. yumors

anywho-i have to clean out my room now, really sucks. i got so much junk that its going to take this whole week to do. yay.
and i dont have any money to see brandtson, so there goes this whole-WOOHOO, i get to see brandtson feeling i get when i get to go do something. oh well. brandtson is cool, but theyre really not my favorite. just the only emo band i can stand. :D

JAMES: i need boxes, hopefully tarco boxes if possible. i need boxes to put all the crap i plan on keeping, like my Akira action figuares and Jesus. and my comics that ive realized was pretty stupid to go out and buy 'em now that i'll be moving...same w/ the cd's i bought. ah well, it'll get me through cleaning out my fucking room.

i need to see insomia before i leave. and i need to see signs, somehow. maybe when i come back on leave, it'll be at the cheapo theather. that would be righteous. it'll be a neat-o funzo jimmio dayo. chances are, wont happen. either i die before i ever get back here, or we'll all be too lazy to do anything if and when i get back. hah. yea. i hate you guys. especially you steven.

which reminds me. i went online and signed up for Blue Sea Casino. i thought id be uber like steven, and i bought $500 worth of chips, i thought id be leet, and win a whole lotta mula. fuckign steven. anywho-i cashed out my remaining $121. fuck you.


This one is called Martin Scorsese.

He makes the best fucking films
He makes the best fucking films
If I ever meet him, I'm gonna grab his fucking neck
and just shake him and say
"Thank you. Thank you for making such excellent fucking movies."
Then I'd twist his nose all the way the fuck around
and then rip off one of his ears and throw it
like a like a like a fucking frisbee
I wanna chew his fucking lips off
and grab his head and suck out one of his eyes
and chew on it and spit it out in his face and say
"Thank you, thank you for all of your fucking films"
Then I'd pick him up by the hair
Swing him over my head a few times
and throw him across the room
and kick all his fucking teeth in and
then stomp on his face forty or fifty times
'cause he makes the best fucking films
he makes the best fucking films I've ever seen in my life
I fucking love him
I fucking love him

theres nothing left for me to do, im nervous, scared and well-bored. i figaure i'll be there for a week before i puss out and come home, and end my days working retail, buying cd's i'll hardly listen to, reading comics i will forget i own and dvds i'll see only once and than get robbed and lose my dvd player, forcing me to sell all my dvd's on Ebay and NOT make a profit. fixed owns your soul btw.

i probably should "personalize" my life journal profile, since i got it a week ago. fuck live-journal. and fuck the board and fuck all of you for never ever fucking posting. its not like you all have lives or anything. when was the last time anyone on this board ever got laid? huh? yea,thats what i thought-youre all losers like me. than why am i the only one online at 2.42am...you all are living a LIE!

and that whole speel about life being anti-climatic has made me a little depressed...

what if this is as good as it gets?

June 17, 2002

Import drags this Friday, my headers should arrive before then with enough time left to install.

That would suck if they get here late Thursday, leaving me only Thursday night to install. The install should take around five hours.....work Friday might be fun.

Hopefully I'll have them tomorrow after work. I might be calling in sick Wednesday.

I'll need every scrap of power if I hope to win anything Friday.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ; <-- byproduct of absolute boredome
what a bunch of maroons
Yep yep.
Total blackjack winnings this week:

And I was thinkin about sellin my car. lol
Blackjack is the uber god game of all card games!
I have always been more fond of:
"I am not an alcoholic - - - I am a dedicated drinker."
oh yeah...and jimmoi, there is no shame in quittiung target the pansy way.

remember how i was going to quit?

and remember how i actually quit?


sexe de bout
i started smoking. so far my brand is kamel reds. that menthol shit kicked my ass for a while..so i switched to the non menthol stuff.

on a related note..all the members of brandtson smoke camels. so if my heros smoke..i should smoke. its only natural. in fact..everyone in every band i like smokes i think. fuck self preservation.

and fucking dammit im getting into tool.
"I'm not an alchohalic. Alchohalics have class. I'm just a drunk."

yes. "How To Kill Your Neighbors Dog." the most dissapointing movie I've seen in awhile.

i still cant find anyone that will go see brandtson w/ me, and than fuck me afterwards. life sucks. and i still have all that liquor just sitting in my room. was considering getting someone online to come over, get drunk and than have my evol way w/ her, but that would mean that they would be drinking my liquor, and im fucking stingy when it comes to liquor that cost me 40$.

i quit target the pussy way today. i didnt show up. no "fuck you's" no superman's no streakings....just didnt bother to show up. kindof anticlimatic, eh? i also take it paintball isnt happening, since i didnt bother setting it up, and found that noone seemed too pumped for it. its all good. not like i'll never see anyof you ever again. i mean, the chances of the plane going to lackland crashing...well-lets not jinx it. heh.

life is sorta anticlimatic, as the recent string of posts have shown. but thats alright. i plan to go out in a wall of gun fire, or a firery plane crash, or a heart attack from laughing so fuckoing hard while jOe is getting a lapdance at foxes. hahahha. hahahhaha. hahahahahhaaaaaa. yea, funzo.

June 16, 2002


The best September 11th mockery I've seen yet!

This qualifies for our Link of the day!"


I rule all your asses!
I came in 6th place in the world series poker competition!

So...poker night this weekend will be grand, yes?

Sleep is over rated.

i am sitting at my new desk...it is wierd, this is the place i will be living for the next two months...it is like an apartment...in fact, it is an apartment that i share with four other guys...i haven't met my other roommates yet...only one moved in, but i think he went away for a week or so...

Roundtable pizza is good...
so is mint chocolate chip ice cream

old people piss me off...one almost backed into me today, even after kristen and i were yelling at her to stop, and i was beeping the horn... kristen had to roll down her window and start yelling at her to stop...and even then the old woman kept backing for a couple more seconds...

this is why old people should not be allowed to drive.

the people who live in my old place are indian or muslim...or something from the far east.

"tza" all over the tables...nice touch :)

don't bother calling me for a day or two, they haven't switched my phone over yet...bizaaa...

my old RA is a NAZI...at least i'm convinced so.

its a subway club...it has all types of meat.


June 15, 2002

A red
And a blue

One isn't blue
One isn't red

Yet they look almost exactly alike
except for two things
If I eat my keyboard, I'll have nothing left to type with.

June 14, 2002

Hey ; is there going to be a jimmy day today ?... if so, call my house or come and get me; if I am welcome to come, that is:;;:;
Indeed; Perhaps it is about time I share a little story with you all. Once upon a time there was a man who had an unspoken name. THe End ...

I wish I could think of something more to say, however, it is the case that I don't beleive in originality beyond the superficial; We are all just posers in another mans dream \; we are all just dreamers in another mans bed,.. this may be the story without which there is no end;; or some bothersom thing like that...

June 13, 2002

I like that tattoo idea, James. If done right, that would be cool as hell.......I see only one problem with it:

You're kind of a pansy.
Or maybe lightweight would be a better term.

I'm not trying to insult you, I'm just saying....it would take some serious balls to go and get that on your chest and I don't think you've got 'em.
I would do it, but that really just isn't my style. Plus, you'd never see it through the hair.
I admit, you have, on occasion, surprised me with your testicular fortitude, but I'm just saying you're not the tattoo type.
If there is such a thing.

Unless you get it really small....

Either way, it'll never happen.
and now for more on being stupid... my brain is best described as a pointless bit of gray fart material:;:; whatever that means UGH WhARG etc
Fuck you Dr. Feelgood

( dances to twelve monkies soundtrack ) - thats right bitches it came in. and oh my oh my oh my, talk about a background dilly - it almost makes me want to play poker. HOWEVER - it seems I am cancelling poker this weekend ( you could show up but uh - I probably wont be there ) - dooba dooba doo - one of the silly reasons that I am not avidly up-and-at'em about being happy is, I've realised IM A REALLY BIG ASS when Im in a good mood. I just generally tend to be more-of-an-ass than I am. My feet stink. BOY OH BOY do they god-damned well stink, I worked a lot today at work, feeding papaya boxes - heavy - oi oi oi , saw Jesse ( JESSE SHOULD POST SOME BOX-FACTORY RELATED STORIES ON THE BOARD ) - in fact, I will tell him that. Foreman was getting desperate to the point that " volenteer work " for this weekend actually came to me - they were still looking for people after me when I told them to go fuck off, I've already got 20 hours overtime, I dont need 32. So guess what - Jesse will probaly get mandatory overtime - hope he didnt have plans. I feel like a blowjob at the moment, and that is odd because normally I dont exactly feel all that sexual - but damnit, I could damn well go for some head-bobbing excitement. Hum. Continuing on - I got a great idea for the board and might work on it this sunday - if not next weekend - if not sometime when I get the chance. Hooo doggies. It will be somewhat like the last layout but ... well -- you'll see. Where the hell is zach-o? EVEN MIKE IS BACK, that crazy psychotic looney-bin drug-popping foon, oh shit - I kept it bold all this time? ITS STILL BOLD?! - and Jeff is posting and Jimmoi is posting. Hmm. Maybe zacho is dead. but anywhey - whey? whey whey, curds and whey - drink'em down miss muffet - I try to hit birds when I pass them on the road but they are too quick and they fly out of the way and I say : " DAMNIT " to myself and continue going 88 miles per hour in a thirty five mile per hour zone. Im dancing again. Boom da da boom da da boom da da boom - my feet really stink - but that is life when you work at a box factory - the house is empty and I think I will have to play pornography really loud and open my windows so that all the old ladies who walk by with doggies who shit in my yard will pass by the house and hear : " OH YEAH FUCK ME IN THE ASS< OH YEAH I LOVE YOUR FAT COCK UUUUUNNNGG " - and maybe they'll mention me in the OHHA MEETING - which stands for Oakview Heights ( where I live ) House Association and well, MEETING stands for MEETING - and they'll say " WE DONT WANT THAT PORNO BOY IN THE NEIGHBOORHOOD " and they'll try to boot me out but I'll be like " TZA MOTHA FUKKAAAAAAAAS " - and speaking of tza I might get TZA|AZT tatooed on my chest - but the second Z would be backwards so that if you look at it in the mirror it would be the same. who rains trout? fuck off - dancin dancin. that is all.

Yesterday was, it's safe to say, the
Return of the Slugs


And the triumphant return of "The Most Vile Thing Imaginable" will be a day remembered in the annals of history. Or, with the NAMBLA connection, would that be the anals of history?



June 12, 2002

The Most Vile Thing Imaginable [2002] Part 1

Yes folks, that's right, its the "Most Vile Thing Imaginable [2002]"! I know you've missed it, so i've decided to bring it back. After all, fun and debaucery was had by all last year. Who can forget Judge Judy's duet with LFO, or big fat Target Woman, or Limp Bizket (don't really know, or care, if i'm spelling that right). It put people at edge with each other, such as the Unions|Anti-Unions debacle that took place for a time...

Yes yes, it is time once again for the "Most Vile Thing Imaginable - [2002]!

So now, without further ado, i present our first entry:

--[ Our first entry for the Most Vile Thing Imaginable was first presented to me in a popular cartoon. It was a funny episode, and i thought it was making fun of a topic by making up a special group that wanted nothing more than to do vile and nasty things to a certain sect of people. I though, "haha" that's funny, because it was...I never realized though, that there truly was such an organization, until for gist of it, i decided to see if it really existed...

and i found that it did. So i present to you, a truly real and serious Most Vile Thing Imaginable [2002]: NAMBLA.

Yea! Let's have lots of ass-raping with little boys!!!

Yes, that's right, I said NAMBLA...where some of you might have heard of them on SouthPark...at least that's where i had heard of them...

Apparently, they are real, and were strong and receiving much charity back in the eighties, and early to mid nineties, until several people opposed them, and showed in court that NAMBLA was receiving tax-payer money from shadow nonprofit organizations...

creepy no?

They no longer exist at their old website, but then again, it isn't too hard to make a new one, is it? and so after some investigation by a good friend of mine who has recently retired from weather broadcasting...the one, the only: Harry Wappler.

Though i may be out of Kiro, i'm still bringing you all my underground investigative reports...Whoooyaaaa!

That's right, good ol' Harry's back to investigate this NAMBLA nonsense...and investigate he did...
He has already provided us with NAMBLA's new website URL:
Now we can all see how evil NAMBLA is - plus if they have a guestbook, we can fill it full of really really mean things to say...
hey free speech works in two directions my friends..

(i didn't hyperlink that site for two reasons, one i couldn't remember how - and if anyone can remember how to make links, please re-inform me, and two, i didn't want to actually make it seem like we are offering people a free access to NAMBLA, as that would be morally wrong, no?)

In fact, look at this poor young boy, not realizing the ass-raping that he's in for...

please good NAMBLA people, save me from the terrors of the Catholic Priests, pleeease!

According to Harry, youths like these have flocked to NAMBLA from the Catholic Church, guiled into believing that Man-Boy Love means that there will be people there to care and watch over them...

yeah...watch over their asses perhaps...

We must be wary my friends, of this new evil...of this new VILE evil that has arising from the depths and ghettos of human sexuality...

Yes - be wary indeed...because this is only the beginning...

Now, as with last year, I am not the only one who can enter entries into the Most Vile Thing Imaginable contest...
some of our best came from others, like Mr. Jimmoi himself...
so i leave it to you all now.

and remember...when in doubt:
rock the jOe!


(I think as part of the solution, i will start posting as i had in times before...which includes photo-off... just had a thought about that, that's all...)

You know what's disgusting...is when you are doing work, you turn-around to get something, and you see your roommate asleep, wearing only boxers...and boxers that aren't...covering all of the territory.

I think i will now slip into blindness...at least after i take my final exam...

I want my own bedroom...my god, is that so much to ask for...

guh. i will now study in quiet desperation.
Yes yes...sorry about not having the photo war...

Three reasons for why photo war has not taken place yet:

1) This is Finales week for me, and my last finale is today, after today i plan on doing lots of fun stuff - such as Photo-Off, Putting together all the movies onto a VCD-which may still take a good deal of time, and various other things (of which i am not ruling out masterbation...cause really, can we ever rule that out :)

2) My "borrowed" version of Adobe Photoshop that i "borrowed" from Limewire, stopped working-expired serial number, is what it said...
so i need to get a new serial number, then i can start "fixing" all those photo's i have.

3) My database of photos is down quite a bit, since they are all stored on my old computer's hard drive...which means that james, you and i are back on even until i scan these pictures into my new computer...

Yessir,...one i get my photos together, coupled with free time...i'm gonna post lots and lots, and it will be a new golden age for the board...

probably once we get rid of this crappy background...

my suggestion would be to go back to the old background, or something more like it, (you know, the very first one)...i didn't care much for the extra links and snazzy frames...it was all frosting on a crappy, mud-cake....

i preferred when the board was simple, and that little green slug and strange little man pointing to it was what i looked at as i read quality posts...

bring the old template back, and maybe we'll see a return to the old order....

yes, that is my hope

in other news...jimmoi is coming up here for a day or two...funzo...
we film stuff maybe even...who knows...if anyone wants to join him, call him and ask...
not too many people though, cause this room is already cramped with that stupid thing that sleeps here everyday...

oh well, that will soon be over,thankfully.

lets see...
oh, and yeah, jimmoi and i suck at Starcraft...i haven't played in awhile, and i suspect he hasn't much either...and we got our asses kicked when we teamed up against ONE terran opponent...

i mean c'mon...that's horrid....seriously horrid.

anyway, i should go now and study for my cognitive psych crap...yeeesssir...

so in conclusion, i have two things to say:

1) Bring back the very first template

2) rock the jOe!
fuck it, lets go bowling

so get this - Im getting bored and agitated with the monotony of my life - and am actually thinking about going out and doing something somewhere - with me driving ( gasp ) oh my jesus, you say. oh my jesus, you think. and oh my jesus, who would have thought I would avidly drive anywhere. chroist-cakes. but I digress. wait, how can one digress from digression itself, with no direction or designated place to go - one cannot stray from their path or get lost - being that there is no designation in which to make that possible. with that in mind - we come to my next little bit of information that may be of interest to you folk. I might be " cancelling " poker this weekend - a work buddy of mine is having a wedding reception on saturday and has invited me, and he has tried to get me to go to a bunch of " party-like " things and I have always put him off, so I am considering saying ' hey, not this week ' merely because of the habitual pattern we've all fallen into which consists of poker every saturday night. I dont know. things are all running around in meaningless circles trying to tell me that there is some subtle meaning to everything. I have recently stumbled upon the realization that I know nothing about anyone - that for each and every individual associate I know I have mere compiled databases on ' what they would do in such an event ' or ' what they have done in such an event ' - I dont care for any of you. I dont even waste my time getting to know you. All the whole lot of you are, are mere knee-jerk reactions in which I monitor and attempt to avoid being kicked from. But asides from that - sometimes you really brighten my day and make me laugh. I have a eerie sinking feeling that I might be bi-polar, merely because of my " explination of why I avoid happiness " - but much to my philosophies - FUCK MENTAL DISEASE and FUCK MEDICATION. and so we continue on. I feel like burning a hole into something - I dont know, Im starting to become active and not apathetic - ( why couldnt I be this way in highschool? ) - the things that piss me off are starting to piss me off to the point that Im going to try and do something about it. and yet, continuing on. Steven has his neat-o PDA, and it is my belief that the only reason that Steven is going to California is because of that PDA. You see - I have come upon the concept that he is going to CA to hook his PDA up to a solar panel and have it manifest FOOD - because the PDA being so awesome, I do not have a doubt in my mind that it cannot manifest food from solar energy. Just think of it " I feel like a hamburger " and you plug it in on a sunny day and sure you may get a turkerybuger or a veganburger but its the thought that counts you know. Then again it could just be that he's running to some woman who treats him well and is good in bed. Hey hey. Moving on - Should I run off with steven to the tatoo-parlour and get " TZA | AZT " tatoo'd on my chest? Hmmmmmmmm. Wouldnt that be a trip eh. so that even if I looked in a mirror - there it would be, reguardless. Hum de dum - shoobie-do-whop.


where is zach-o?
jimmoi is back and zach-o is gone.
and why hasnt jeff started the photo-war?
why am I so lonely.

oh. speaking of lonliness.
you'll never guess who Im going to ask out on a date.

hee hee.
Actually Jimmoi you're wrong on that point ;-)

I do know about the 21+ thing around here. But that changes nothing. Yes, there are plenty of clubs/bars to go to in Seattle
if you are 21+. Well, I'm sorry but I have no intention on waiting till October and spending the rest of my life doing nothing but
'clubbing' for fun. Yes it's something I intend on doing, but it's not the only thing I want to do.

A small portion of the reason I went to CA for my vacation was to scope it out. I haven't been there in a long time so I wanted
to make sure it was what I was lookin for.

And it was.

So believe it or not it's more than just leaving on a whim ;-)
I think I have gotten pretty far along the do nothing line...... Because of my recent diagnoses as schizo I will be unemployable for at least a year and a half, that means free money and free time for at least a year and a half.. and still I can't get past wondering if my keyboard is just a new kind of enemy.. I sit here thinking about this "being" thing and I can't help but realise how much more I like life than the idea of being something important. Lets face it, important people must be miserable, me, I am not important and being that "being unimportant" makes me a happy person... ugh; someone go figure -+|- ohh yeah;; something interesting is "I believe in GOD" wild ehh ?.
Well put, Jimmi.

"barnesandnoble'd," that's great.

And remember, nice guys finish last.

June 11, 2002

like most places, one reason why we all have problems finding things to do is because most places where there are "fun" things to do, youd have to be 21. at the same time---what is there to do anywhere? theres a saying. "theres two great places in this world. the place you left, and the place your going." or how about this one, "the grass is always greener on the other side." like ive always mentioned before, i dont intend on ever accomplishing anything, and part of the reason why is because i live by these two quotes. well, not live by them liek the golden rule, or anything like that. but i do know that nothing is unexpected. nothing is as great as it is suppose to be. bad things happen to good people. eat cow.

i would liekto point out that i didnt want to bring up another CALI vs WASH debate again, or criticize steven for wanting to/planning on moving to california. thats his decision, and i respect him (if he goes through w/ it) for getting of his ass and doing something w/ his life...if not just for raving funzoness. i thought about moving to CALI before. considered moving there, live w/ my grandmother (who hates me, but hoping taht shes sinale enough to forget that i was living there) and try to make it as a filmaker. than i stop having dreams and goals, felt that id rather not risk getting barnesandnoble'd and just be content on being alive. sure, thats a pussy way out of it, but---hmm. no thats just a pussy way out of it. oh well.
James, I know exactly what you mean.
I came to that some time ago actually, which is why I started making attempts to get out of the house as often as possible.

Which eventually led to the decision to move out of state.
Prollem is, this state there isn't much to do. For me that is, granted some people have no problems, because this state
has things for them. But since people are different, not all of us can get along in WA.
So my attempt at stamping out became a decision to move.

My comment about one more year would have been fun wasn't really referring to wanting to be in Bethel any longer for academic reasons...

i mean geez...i suppose i could'a taken advanced pottery like everyone else,

nor was it necessarily about trying to get a more climatic ending, nor a "worth-while" ending.

I think it was more that i feel i graduated too early, as is evidence by the fact that most of the people i decided to spend my time around were my juniors. It wasn't that i couldn't befriend many seniors, because i actuallly did. Rather, i just dedin't see myself as being...complete around them...

just thinking. It

I think perhaps, i just didn't want to graduate yet. There are times when things happen to you, and when you happen to things...
graduation happened to me,

and i realize that many say, "i wasn't ready for gradutation" but in my statement, i don't feel in company with them...

i have my reasons, which i am having trouble gathering at the moment...

so i won't try any more for the time being...

however, i will say one last thing in my defense...

I find it intersted that the person to mention something about this, was the same who spent a considerable amount of time at the high school when it wasn't necessary, but out of the enjoyment of it...

and also from the same person who spent more time in there due to choosing not to follow the doctrines (and by mentioning that, i should say that that was not meant in any berrating way.)

now if you'll excuse me, this browser window is acting up, so if it looks like this post is messed up...that's why.
" it would have been fun to been in one more year... "

to this statement I sort of laugh, because to add that extra year doesnt make the end any more climatic or " worth while " - in fact, it is just dead-time. Most things in life are dead-time. I'm becoming bothered with how much dead-time there is in my life and Im going to try and stamp it out. Im going to do this by going out places and doing things.

I dont know anymore... I dont know.
okay today I I just wanted to check and see what was on the board. I was hoping that there would be more talk of this BBQ action. I can see that I was wrong, ohh well. Mike _ + + out

June 10, 2002

yeah...just had to test this out, cause i wasn't sure if it would work or not...

if it does...then awesome awesome--
trying out new browser...pretty boring eh--that and studying stats...you have no idea how boring that is.
what BBQ ?... it sounds like a time to be had by all :; Some recent news on my end of the spectrum is " patient number 1 <-- me " will not be able to work normally for at least a year.. apparently I have gone and gotten all schizo, or at least that is what the doctors tell me... I only know one thing, I have gained 20 lbs over the last few months ..YES I HAVE NOW GOT A BELLY !! whoo IT IS SOFT AND SQUISHY .. yumm
all i can think of is how-much my life would be much-more easier in the event that I had a 600$ PDA much like steven. and now all I can think about is buying one. son - of - a - bitch.


so ya, does anyone care about the bbq, cuz if no one cares then no ones going to show up and if no one shows up then why should I care...

mike good to see you back...
one more page in the blog... Or is it on the blog ?.. if it is, get it off..
So now what will the madman do ?.. I guess if you ask me "being the subject of this end of the question" I will say.. I am going to get free money from the state.. and then I plan on creating all types of visual pollution.. drawings and scribbles and attempts at painting.. I just want to create something worth keeping as obviously I don't see myself as such a thing...my soul for food to eat... Isn't that just how it goes ?..

I have spent the last two days avoid an annoyance...

though not because i can't handle her, rather for a different reason..

i have something that she needs to study for an exam...

funny thing is though, she had some of the notes i needed for the last exam, but her bitch-ass kept forgetting to give me them until the very end... even after i gave her the notes she was missing from certain days...

--basically, she was manipulative and deceitful...
that doesn't work this time

i am having the time of my life on this one..

in other news...i will probably work some on thursday jimmoi, just to get more hours for my last paycheck in two weeks, but you can still come up...

maybe you can even help me move into the new dorm place i will be staying in...depends if the other residents have packed up and left or not by thursday...we'll see

yeah, last monday of public education...doesn't it just make you smile? i remember mine...it was wonderful-and depressingly anti-climatic...
it would have been fun to been in one more year...

surprising...isn't it.

June 09, 2002

So anyway...it's really funny that as much as I said I hated Cali before, I'm going back in about 2 weeks. I'm actually excited this time...more than last time because I'm going to actually get to see my friends that live down there. Hooray for that! Hooray for you! Hooray for me! I'm really tired! Also, I have to stay at home alone tonight because my mom is at my grandma's (once again) taking care of her and my dad and brother are gone watching the world cup game at Marcus's house. Nobody here knows marcus...but he is awesome. I hate sleeping alone because it scares me. I'm sure my dad and brother will be home by 2 or 3.Anyway, I'm going to go occupy myself so I don't get afraid. Tomorrow is going to be my last time having to wake up on a monday due to public education.
hahaha !! !!! !! it works !! good for it.....
hey hey;;;; Mike Rigney as being myself is, or maybe I am not, but at any rate currently I have found my way back to the blogger... and in good time I suppose..
News about ME... After attempting suicide and losing my mind I wound up in a mental hospital, there I found out something interesting ... I am schizophrenic.. who knew ?... anyway lets see how this works

June 07, 2002

I'd just like to say one thing:

I don't consider myself to have enemies...
and as such, I also do not set out to make them. In fact, i at times go out of my way to give benefits of doubt, and overall avoid making enemies or having people generally turn into them...

however, over time i have also learned to adapt and not be walked over...thus, if you mess with me, don't expect me to be kind after a certain amount of time.

Someone is learning that slowly as we speak. She is from california...she leaves condoms just laying in the trash for me to see...she uses my refridgerator and blankets, even after i have told her not to...even after i have been nice and helpful to her...
...even after i have helped her in general...

but she doens't realize what it means to give me my space- and now she will learn...because i will only sit back and be patient for so long...and then...
as some of the people here will remember, i will snap-sometimes unexpectantly to the observer...and i am not pleasant and i will have the retribution that appeases me.


so poker is $50 dollars huh? hmm, maybe one of these days, hopefully before jimmy leaves, i'll come down and play...if not, i'll film...i'm thinking of making documentaries and other such things--i have become quite the amateur film afficiando in recent weeks--not that i'm knowledgeable, just highly interested.

I have to work tonight.
what the bloody fuck.

everyone is on my case about how " Oh you'll have 20 hours over time, thats good money " - and Im like " IM NOT WORKING FOR THE GOD-DAMNED MONEY "

total, that is 420.48 in overtime money.


I just got the cd " SPACE " in the mail.
my god - I love this cd.

*raises glass* - here is to tomorrow.

Slow day on the board...

Jimmi ... do you want me to get the margarita mix, or are you going to? Either way, I'm gonna need some damn margaritas this weekend.

June 06, 2002

I dont know.
I thought of Jimmoi.
i reliesed something,. while i tried to go to sleep, but decided that it wasnt worth it. i am a fucking asshole. seriously. just think about it. i am a spineless little shit. i bullshit through my teeth, waste my money, and i am an asshole. and damn proud of it. just think, if the world didnt have assholes like me, than people will be able to think freely, and thats wronge! when people are left to think freely, we get-the smrifs! and i fucking hate the smirfs!!! i think of myself as the "thought police"...watch what yuo say or you will get bullshit backlash on you like peanut butter on white bread. take this conversation i had w/ JRR Tolkein

Tolkein: Those who wander, are not always lost.
ME: oh yea, than where the fuck are we, huh? you don't know, don't ya? we're fucking lost! admit it, dammit! admit it, we are mother fucking lost!!!
Tolkein: ...

yeup...i am an arse. but i like my place in life. w/o me, you'd all be lost, and content w/ never being found, but alas! i shall lead you all to the sane happy world we live in: CORPURATE AMERICA.

Yes, Gawd bless america...and spain...God bless us, everyone.

on a lighter note, let me just mention that Slave Labor is so much better than Barnes & Noble dot com because they actually send you what you ordered, rather than NOT send you what you ordered and charger you double for it to sit in stock.
i recieved Squee and JTHM: directors cut. funzo. the Squee one is neet/it has all the "meanwhile"s and the wobbly head bob's...yarsh...good reading.

oh and heres a link:


...but no matter, just go here: http://www.museumofconceptualart.com/worldwidewank/generator.html

June 05, 2002

So I got a new phone, right....

Nice phone, little Motorola.
This is actually my fourth Motorola cell phone, the other three being district equipment (how the first two died is another story altogether), this one being personal.

It came with, and I kid you not, the gayest carrying case on the face of the planet.
Now, I don't mean "gay" as in "happy," I mean "gay" as in "not funny ha-ha, funny queer."


Fuck me.


I think I'll go sharpen a lawnmower blade to kill a guy with.
citizens on patrol, ugh!

yes, wednesdays. my day off. actually---im suppose to be at worknow...but fuck it. i "saw" the scheduale and it said wednesday is no work day for jimmy, ignoring that it said 1-9, so im here on zee computer downloading porn. i miss you, mr computer.

james: i knew you didnt want me to mention the "party" so i did, cus knowing you if it wasnt mentioned, the chances of it actually happening are 0-none. so thank me/or hate me. i dont give a fuck, all i care is that BARNES AND NOBLE FUCKED ME IN THE ASS again.

i'll explain.

on may 24th, i put in an order for two king missle cd's and fixed from nine inch nails. the came to be around 30$ some odd dollars. i had enough, so i decided, what the fuck, lets put it on for ONE DAY delivery. so i was happy,expecting the cd's to arrive either the next day or the day after that, but alas...after 5 days no cd's. so i checked my account, and i saw that 51$ (the cost of the cd's and shipping and handling, overnight delivery and tax) was withdrawn from my accont, meaning that the cd's were paid for, yet they didnt arrive. i was upset, but not too upset, think that maybe memorial day somehow fucked up the order, so i was patient. than june 2nd came around and i checked my order online-and this is what i saw:

Fixed [US]
Nine Inch Nails/COMPACT DISC Not Shipped: You may remove this item from your order. $6.49
Happy Hour
King Missile/COMPACT DISC Not Shipped: You may remove this item from your order. $11.49
Mystical Shit
King Missile/COMPACT DISC Not Shipped: You may remove this item from your order. $18.98

so now i was pissed. so i called the guest service phone line and was like "dood, what the fuck?" and they were like, "dood, i dont know"
and i was like "bitch-fix it!!!" so they found out that apparently they sent me an email confirmation letter, that i didnt replky to so they didnt send the order...i never got this, but i did get a "thank you for shopping barnesandnoble.com, you bussiness is appreciated" email, like 4 days later. i asked them if that was the confirmation email, and they said "no, everyone gets that, you didnt send back the confirmation email we sent"


by now i was really really pissed. but i told them that by calling, that should be the "confimation" they needed, and they were like---"we need to discuss this with our supervisors" andput me on hold, so i was on hold for about 10 minutes (didnt bug me much though, since i was suppose to be in work at about 11 at the time and it was 12.40, so i wasnt going to be on time regardless), and finally they picked up on the other line: "sir, are you still there?" "yea...its 51$ on theline, i dont think i will be going anywhere" so they explained to me that there mustve been somekind of gliche and that it never happened before, yadda yadda yadda yadda, basically saying that im a liar (im not doubting that part) and that i did get the confirmation letter, just either didnt bother to read it or reply---fuckers. so they assured me that it was on its way now-and i shall get it w/in 2-3 days. that was four days ago. i go on barnesandnoble.com again to see if my order has been sent yet and this is waht i see:

Fixed [US]
Nine Inch Nails/COMPACT DISC Not Shipped: You may remove this item from your order. $6.49
Happy Hour
King Missile/COMPACT DISC Not Shipped: You may remove this item from your order. $11.49
Mystical Shit
King Missile/COMPACT DISC Not Shipped: You may remove this item from your order. $18.98

on top of that, they DID charge me an additional 51$...so i am now 14$ in dept. so yea, never ever order from barnesandnoble.com.

on a much lighter note, i ordered volumes 2-5 of Preacher, and learned that Steven Dillon is the artist for it, i did not know that. would explain why it looked a lot like the Punisher...

problem -

it seems as if I am now working this friday. which means this " barbeque " thing will be " starting " at 4.30 instead of noon. god damned work.
No, I didn't go to the DMV......once I found out that you seriously wanted it, I decided perhaps there would be greater entertainment value in fucking with you. As it turned out, your responses have not been as amusing as was hoped.

I am, however, open to suggestions as to what I should get......perhaps BIG TZA?

Not sure.

People might read that as "big teaser"
Not exactly what I'm looking for.
But not entirely bad, either.

Anyhoo.....11 more days. If you think the students are the ones keeping count the most anxiously, I'm afraid not. Right now most teacher's mental health seems to hinge on the fact that they have less than three weeks left. More than once I've heard a teacher say "I think I might make it...." with that twitchy sort of look that just screams "unbalanced."

Of course, there are some teachers who keep a running count from the first day in September, right from day 180 on down. These are the ones you really wonder about, they seem to enjoy teaching, but dislike children.

Either way, the summer is much anticipated, by all involved.

June 04, 2002

a few things before I skuttle off to work -

1. chips come in tomorrow ( dances dances )

2. jimmoi wasnt suppose to say anything really about a " party "

3. bradbury - in the event you did get around to the dmv - dont show me the plate, being that I dont to see it and I dont necissarily want to put into action the backlash that would happen if I did - also, please do not inform me of such - either.

4. it seems michael will be in for this weekend ( pokerwise ) - ooglies.

5. as for the party thing - this weekend Im not necissarily having a party in-as-much as if you want to come over and have hamburgers and food and watch movies and dink around it's all good. It'll start at noon on saturday and end sometime close to nine or ten - being as thats when the big money starts flying and the players need 1. quiet 2. people not hovering over their hands and 3. alcohol is invovled. However - in the event you wish to stay over you could ask and I could see what I can do - dont plan on it tho. And just to re-assure everyone ( mostly Aaron in the event he considers coming ) - I already have hamburgers and buns and so on and so forth and do plan to buy more. In fact - Im hungry for them right now. Personally - I dont expect anyone to show up - being as I havent planned this out in any real light, but if you do show up. happy funzo day, you can see the chips and eat food. if you want anything special ( large ribs ... ) bring'em yourself, alls I got is hamburgers. yum. yum.

6. I dont know really.

7. I found a problem with the board, instead of chronological order it was going first - first, last - last. that threw me off.
so sometime during july I'm going to have a BBQ/Movie night, and people can camp in my yard or what ever... so post back and tell me if its a good idea... I just wanted to do something cuz my parents are going to be gone(there okay with it) and I have a big yard and house...
So uhh...yeah.

Heres my dreamdate.

June 03, 2002

Random conclusions thoughts, all being reasoning. No endings or beginnings to sayings, phrases, or worlds in mind. Nothing for anyone to know understand or have a truth in life/hope in. All times just fucked up in their own periodical being. Reasoning no longer needed to be there.

Anger, happiness abound in all corners. People seemingly mad-eyes follow into shadows… lurking finding nothing but everything. Times change.

Older, remaining beings that just sit and stare. Eyes widely open shut as they stare. No mind to see, to hear, to read, to touch, to know, to feel.

Ignorance in it’s truest and finest form. Children running, playing - life is beautiful. Hearts proud in life as insects crawl, create confusion as everything amasses around us in one whole thing.

Beings, things, animals… mindless blobs without head, tail, or wing. Evil things lurking in daylight hours. Right behind you, smell you, breath you, are you. Sleep in waste, children crying in the day/night. Cracked skin, aged face, eyes glazed over as worm in death eat them while they sleep.

Laughing, crying, dying, lying, living your life. Everywhere, life is beautiful.


A voiceless speech. Two tones ring in my ears from one. Dazzling my mind’s eye at this thing. Thoughts inducing, confusing. Living, loving life. No hunger here, no soulless thing. Nightmares may show their face, but they can cause no harm, cause no scares to appear and tear one in two. Living, loving life. Things we wish not to see, wish not to know, are.

A voice with two tones. All pain, and all joy. No language does this voice speak into one’s ears, but a singing rhythm that can cause pain to some for unknown reasons. To others it is a distraction to what is going on, or an annoyance that hurts ears. To others yet, it is a soothing thing, bringing about sleep, or lets thoughts drift off into a voidless state of mind and being. To some, it merely brings a calm.

For the one who has the two tones, it is a way to release and be all these things and more. A language that one does not understand, where it came from or what it is that comes out from lips and mind to pour over, out, into others’ ears.

Do you, can you, have you… heard the two tones in that one singing/speaking voice?

Well if ya make that Paintball thing on the 19th or 20th then, I'll be able to bring my friend Anastasia along with..
since she's gonna be here from the 19th through the 22nd....

Aside from that, I can go at any point in time....seein as how I've stumbled upon these riches.
so that shit film that i dont want to see "MURDER BY NUMBERS" apparetnly will hgave a cool soundtrack, if i ever get around to watching it. the soundtrack is by none other than Clint Mansel. so it cant be all that bad. right? speaking of clint, hes working on his album and fucking Nothing records and his own website wont say when its comming out. fuckers

also: Suicide Kings was a leet movie, but i think Sexy Beast was better...thats my holier than thou opinion. Sexy Beast. yum. good movie. them hambugers were good as well. speaking of burgers:

james is planning a party perhaps. if thats the case, than i should start setting up my last PAINTBALL thing at ft lewis (pending on the # of people). if its less than 20---than we'll have to do it at OP. anyway, im working on the date, so if anyone has suggestions, post em---remember, it has to be before the 20th of june.

well, thats all. my king missle cd's should be in wednesday. fucking barnes and noble charged me but never shipped the cd's, so i called their help line today so they said they're on their way now. they better be, and they better have not charged me another 51$, fucktwits.

now-your moment of truth:


i am drew, the sky is blue cuz i am drew... hehe haha hoho huhu hihi


June 02, 2002

At this point in time, I cannot see straight, nor can I type well.

My total winnings (winnings, as in total gains) for this week at BlackJack:
est. $4500
I've spent the last few hours playing...because I simply just kept winning.

In about 2 weeks, my car will be payed off in full.
I need to piss now.
Dude, tha's just downright wrong.

No respect whatsoever from me if you steal it like that, TZA should be James' by all means.

That'd be like someone writing a book under the name Flayme Raven, who wasn't me.
looks like I gotta move to a different state then.
Now, I'm not trying to insult anyone, and I mean no disrespect,


That pie was fucking nasty

That fucking thing took foul to a new level.


Oh, and James:
will be mine.


You'd better get your ass to the DMV quick on Monday.

Unless you think you can convince me to go with something else.....

June 01, 2002

Yanno, gotta love workin at Wal-Mart during the summer.

Job may suck..but damn...the chica's that come in with that summer clothing on, that almost makes up for it.


Off to sleep before poker.
Sleep is good.
damn you steven.
oh - and I would just like to point something out -
when uploading images via the " upload file " option - already placed there is :
/home/loose-slugs/www/ - all you need to do is type in images/ - so it looks like this :

it would save me plenty of organizational pains.
again - ( top ten reasons why you dont play steven in blackjack )
I'd just like to point out to everyone, that this is the reason I play...and love...the game of BlackJack.

3/2 on a dealers 5. Dealer will most likely bust, so I double down in hopes of a 15. Get an 11, doesn't bother me, still expect the dealer to bust.

Which it does.

And I piss my pants.