August 31, 2002

Steve, I Downloaded that song, good stuff. I'm a large fan of Goa... There's a few artists I would actually suggest to you if you are into this sort of music. DJ HMX has a great song called "Ibiza Dreams" you might like. And anyone who is at all into the electronic music genre whouls check out Juno Reactor and Symbion Project.

James, Waking Life is about much more than lucid dreaming. If you really watch it, you'll realize it's like Slacker only more though provoking and with animation to prevent you from zoning out.
I would contest that " mental development " is a byproduct of a soul.
and that those things without mental development, do not have souls.

ta da.
Whelp that about sums it all up right there then James -- just
as I said, you don't believe in a "soul" for what a soul actually
is, you believe in mental development. Because the concept
of "Self awareness" which in a nutshell is what you just described
in an almost textbook style response, is merely a stage one
develops mentally as a child.
What stage this is I cannot remember, but I'm sure our friend
Jeff-O could help us.
first and foremost -
you'll noticed the general tone of the board has changed from squabbles between individuals to a general place for people to answer eachother's questions. As it was intended, and although I do not take full credit for the occurance - I would appreciate it further if it continues and everyone else posts questions they want answers to as well. and now, to continue to my responses!

1. No, I do not believe babies, fetuses, or my sperm have souls. I believe a " soul " is not necissarily something that one " has " or " is born with " or " grows up with " - I dont believe it is exactly a " thing " so we cannot apply " thing properties " to that which isnt. I believe the first initial part of " having a soul " would be self-realization. " I am me " or " I am " or even " am " - which is the catalyst for having a soul. One can go as far as saying that " James is me " is self-realization. To have a name, and to understand that " the name means more than a moniker to get my attention, but rather a reference to ME " - two points, one that children are somewhat like animals in the sense that they have low cognitive skills. true. And you may all be rushing to say : " WHEN I CALL SPOT HE COMES BECAUSE HE KNOWS THAT HIS NAME IS SPOT! " to which I will reply rather easily this : When you call a child, it comes just as the animal. However - four or six years down the road when you leave spot alone the dog will not sit and reflect to himself " Hmm, I am spot. " and consider who he is, what he is, why he is here, and so on and so forth. THE QUESTIONS never arise. However, A child can call his own name - ah! but what if there are more than one entity with the same name? Two dogs named spot are in one room, one on the left one on the right, you call spot and both come to you - but two ten year olds named Bill, you call Bill and they'll understand that Bill is a reference to themselves, and not necissarily them. This is why I believe animals do not have souls. Of course you could just go on and say " Well just because you dont understand what an animal is saying doesnt mean that he doesnt thing those things! " to which I could reply " Animals and sex. " - this is another interesting concept. To be self-realized and self-aware is to acknowledge that there is a " you " and a " others " - you put two animals male and female in a glass room with people watching and the female is in heat - they're going to go at it. You put two adults and they'll know they're being watched. This has to do with adam and eve, covering themselves with the branches. Also - neither of you ( michael / steven ) shot down my attack that an animal doesnt have a soul because he cannot pray. I didnt say that an entity had to pray to have a soul ( you stated that ATHIESTS DONT HAVE SOULS HUH? - no, they do - because they can pray but just refute doing so - an animal, no matter how much he believes or disbelieves in God or any higher being other than his master who feeds him, cannot " pray " - he can beg for food, but thats about it )

2. As for it being binary or not - I guarentee you with the right decoder that it can be deciphyered. Kudos to you if you can figure it out. And no, it isnt binary.

3. Aaron - I am disturbed by how much you keep referring to Waking Life. I find no answers from Lucid dreaming or its followers. However, to appease you - I shall watch the film again and get past its " LOOK I CANT JUST HAVE DIALOGUE ABOUT THINGS I HAVE TO HAVE FLOATY EYES AND MOVING DRAWINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " and actually listen to what has to be said.

4. Bradbury - gimme a couple days and I shall soon know what it is like to drown your troubles away with a bottle and a glass.

I will put something else here later.
Aurora Borealis -- by Astral Projection.

This is one hell of a good song. Its Goa Trance...and one of the only
trance songs that I could really dance to. (Trance and dance don't go
well together, unless you do the liquid) Hell it gets me dancing in my
chair when I'm not even in the groove.
I just felt I'd mention this before going to sleep.
Well, yes I agree, language is necessary for communication, at this point. But I don't think it's a very efficient method of communication. Sure it worked well when we were still in the "tree" and "snake" stage, but now that we have all these abstract things to convey with it, it isn't as efficient as it needs to be. Again, as is said in waking life, words are just dead and inert, when someone says "love", or I think I am experiencing a feeling such as that, how can I be sure. I cannot feel what someone else does as love, I only have a definition to look upon and try to match up to, so I really can never be sure what "love" is, or if I am feeling it as language defines it. So until we can directly communicate thoughts without language I guess I have to use it, however I do believe ther eis a more efficient form of communication readily available: Art.
Exactly Aaron -- that was kind of my point in that last post -- trying to figure
out exactly if we were all talking about a "soul" as it really is or a soul
as something with a new definition...which isn't a soul, else it would fit
the word. (Language is language, if everyone were to drastically change
the meaning of words, we'd never be able to communicate)

August 30, 2002

I almost forgot. My daily work activities are rarely the same from one day to the next. I imagine that if I were to be stuck in the same room all day, every day I'd have gone quite mad by now. As there are 25 building sites in district, and my job covers so much, I don't have to do the same thing two days in a row.
It's neither binary nor hexadecimal. I don't know what it is....

Okay, souls or not, animals are tasty. At least, all of the ones I regularly eat are. Not sure what dog or possum taste like, but I hear they are quite good.

What, exactly, do you define as "soul?" Aside from James Brown, et al, I've never really cared very much for the concept. Maybe it's the six years of Christian school in my formative years. I hated every minute of it.
Yeah...."How do you do it ( anyone on the board? ) - how do you get through your day everyday? Knowing that tomorrow will invariably be the same, that nothing changes and the only things that do change"

Good question.....there are a lot of things that keep me from going insane.
Youth is the main one, due to the stunning history of "mental illness" in my family.
Aside from that:

In my day-to-day life, I am surrounded by people that are interesting. My group of coworkers is makes life easier. It is a rare occurrence to have a day where we don't spend a great deal of our time working making jokes and quoting various pop-culture sources (mainly "The Simpsons").

Hobbies....or whatever you call them. Dreams, I suppose. Doing what I want on the weekend: cars, fishing, hunting and enjoying the outdoors. The idea that if I (we) work hard enough, then maybe (just maybe) it will be possible to make a career out of doing what we like to do. Talking to guys who do race for a living, it's mainly luck, getting noticed by the right people at the right time is what it takes...So you cling to the idea that if you branch out and do a lot of things, someone might take notice. Even if not, it's still a kick in the ass to do.

The last major factor that helps contribute to my making it through the day...Alcohol.
As Homer Simpson put it: "Ah, beer. The cause of, and solution to, many of life's little problems."
Many experts say that drinking doesn't make problems go sure as hell makes them less troublesome, though.

That's how I get through my seems to work, and I'm sure there are things I overlooked in this.
I just thought of something else as well.

James, do you think babies have souls? If so, then that completely
tears apart your arguments for dogs, since their processes are nearly
identical. They cannot ask "why?" nor do they have religion.
This all comes later.

If you do not in fact, believe that babies have souls, then we
really have to get a better form of communication here, because it would
seem that your idea of a soul is more of a mental thing, involving the id/ego/superego
and whatnot. But then that would be entirely psychological, and not really be a
"soul." You might define a soul like that, but fact of the matter is that's not a soul,
it's consciousness...the definition of a word cannot be changed, altered maybe, but
not changed entirely -- especially when it's brought up for debate.


On another note, is that even binary James? I don't know a whole lot about
binary and whatnot but to the best of my knowledge it's supposed to be just 1's and 0's.
But I could be very wrong in that aspect.
00001011 00005003 00022022 00000032 00014024 00005001 00001003 00040011 00000037 00022022 00002004 00005001 00000007 00002001 00005001 00005004 00005004 00022022 00000054 00212000 00022022 00002004 00005001 00000024 00015001 00008002 00006002 00001007 00000074 00001002 00002004 00008001 00005003 00000085 00002004 00014024 00000003 00001007 00007002 00001005 00001002 00286003 00000063 00001012 00008002 00001007 00000083 00008002 00001002 00001002 00014021

decode that bitches.
I'd also like to throw in the fact that dogs dream.
As far as the "Snake" and "Tree" this was merely to respond to the language thing.

For the rest, you are very right...but it doesn't mean they don't have souls.
I guarantee you they don't have a word for "Why?"
humans have this added layer of consciousness that allows us to do that.

Exactly, it was added later on. It's because of the advanced intelligence we have.
Dogma came about to solve that. The first religion was with Clan of the Cave Bear,
as far as we know, because they were the first to erect graves, which symbolized
their respect for the afterlife. This meaning they then gave themselves reason to
exist. Beings that don't question existence simply don't need a grandeur explanation.
It all goes back to intelligence, and nothing more.

Also, unless you are Christian, or just plain believe we popped up outta the middle
of nowhere, then evolution says we all came from the same source -- and a soul is
not physical, therefore cannot come through evolution.
I agree with James here. The reason, as far as we know, NO animals are metacognitive(sp?). What does this mean, that while monkeys may have "words" for "SNAKE" and "TREE" I guarantee you they don't have a word for "Why?" While some animals like ants are most likely robotic in nature, responding purely out of instinct, some other animals, most of the larger mammals, are aware of their activities and can "think" about their options before responding. However none of these animals will look back on their activities and question "why?", humans have this added layer of consciousness that allows us to do that.

I will argue that Christianity doesn't even REQUIRE that you confess your sins. You are let in to heaven by God's grace, not by your own actions. However I will argue that if you truly believe Jesus died for your sins you would naturally then wish to give up those vices which cause you to sin. At least, this is my belief. Call ti Dogma if you will...
As far as your question James --
I have the same problem. That's part of the problem I have that
me and Jeff have talked about on numerous occasions. Fearing
the future and whatnot.
I get through my day, simply by pushing the rock up the hill.
It's true I do know the rock will fall down. That's why I push it
up again. It keeps me occupied, since I know that the rock and
the pushing is all I have.
Napster -- not a matter of calling back -- one of the guys quit and a girl
that works there wants his replacement to be someone she wants to work
with -- so she's gonna get me the job there ;-)
Which is how she got the job in the first place (Her friend not wanting to
work with an idiot)

I guess some of my best friends have no souls because they are athiest.
Damn =P

James -- you imply now that all life on earth had no souls before the Clan
of the Cave Bear, since that was the world's first religion.
The language thing also implies that mankind had no souls before they
developed language -- which did in fact take a while.
Then there are monkeys. They have no language but it has been discovered
somewhat recently (I'm not sure on exact years) they they do in fact speak
to eachother. I watched something on it -- a snake would come and they'd
make certain noises, then all of them would climb up a tree, because that
monkey just said "SNAKE!!!" whereas another time something else came
(Don't remember what it was) but it made certain other noises, because
it was a different danger. This is an actual "language" that the people
studying them have discovered. So...does this mean that humans and
monkeys have souls, and nothing else does?

More on the language thing. Most animals do not have the ability
to even make a language if they could. Their bodies are not made for it.
This doesn't mean they cannot understand it though.
Teach a dog to sit on command, and it does. Sure this is conditioning
to the word, but there is more than just that.
My grandparents had 2 dogs that would respond to human actions.
If you heard someone coming up the driveway and said something along
the lines of "who's here?" to someone else, the dogs would start barking.
Sure maybe they're barking at the sounds they also hear.
Until you realize that you can say "Who's here?" to the dogs and they go
running barking at the door -- even if nobody is here.

Dogs also attain emotions, bonds, and attachments to people..and even
other animals. We had 2 dogs, one was really old and eventually died.
Our other dog, Dusty, got upset -- he knew something was wrong, became
less active, and started sleeping in Mollie's old sleeping spot.
He did this for a couple weeks -- and started the day after she died.
How's that for no soul?

You say "in most religions" -- do you mean that if you are in a religion that
doesn't do this, you are soulless?
Being of pagan nature, I do believe in a soul...and I do believe that your soul
goes to another place after death. (And no not a paradise/inferno)
On the other hand I do not believe in cleaning/purging my soul. As
a matter of fact the common pagan form of punishment for "sins" is Karma.
This being all the positive/negative forces you send out into the world shall
be returned to you threefold. (Hence why I have always been generous with
Praying and whatnot is just dogma. Our psychological makeup requires
some form of dogma simply because it gives us a reason for existence. The
fact that we are too intelligent for our own good brings us to ask questions.
And judging by the other part of that same post, you prove that. Dogma helps
people answer these questions. Dogs do not question the future, therefore
have no need for it. This is also merely a matter of intelligence.
I do not confess my sins. Nor do I need to. Fact of the matter is, my idea
of a "sin" and yours differ. Sins are's a matter of one's own
sense of moral. Dogs do not need, and therefor do not have a sense of morals,
therefore they do not believe in sinning.
So as well as not being able to confess their sins, a dog cannot sin.
Let's say Fisher goes and rips Christien's jugular out, killing him.
You will find the dog to be sinful probably, because you find it wrong
to kill someone. The dog will not see sin in that. Maybe you can say
because the dog will have reason behind it, will not just kill for the hell of
Well then what about the 2 lions portrayed in the movie "A Ghost in the
Darkness?" It's a true story -- those lions did hunt human beings for fun.
Their remains are also at a museum, though I don't remember which one.
(Jeremy Jahn's brother has seen 'em actually)

Basically what you imply is that a soul came to us with evolution.
Which is ridiculous...a soul is either there or it is not. Whether religion
created them, and henceforth they do not actually exist (in which case
we also do not have souls) or if they do exist, humans just took a while
to figure it out. It's not something we created on our own. And it's not
something that just comes and goes, as you said with reference to a person
being in a coma. It's also not something that can come about by physical
evolution, that contradicts the whole nature of the soul.
By saying that one has a soul through religion just simply says that through
religion, one has found dogma. This is nothing more than the argument of
an athiest saying "I can't go to hell because I don't believe in it." If you don't
believe in some form of relgion, sure -- dogs have no soul. But neither do you.
Just like if ya don't believe in hell, ya can't go there. Unless of course you are
wrong in your beliefs -- but since that is what you believe, then it is fact
to you.
Well. i dont prey i dont wanna beg forgivness for my sins i dont even care if there is or ISNT a got. alot of people are aethiest, are you saying that they do not have souls too?? if they were confronted by god, yes they could speak, but would they. ( i unno ) but me, if god comes down and says ... I want you to confes to your sins, ill be like... " ok but you wont like them " and when he asks to beg my forgiveness im saying " No, HELL NO, i like who i am, i liked what i did, i liked who i killed why i killed them and when i killed them, i have no regrets as to what i did, it made me who i am and im sticken to that, NO I DONT WANT TO ATONE FOR MY SINS.

Now if a dog supposadily has to plead for his sins,.... what sins, how the fuck can a dog sin??? CRAPING ON THE CARPET!??!?! ppff yeha like thats a sin, maby in its owners eyes :P , PISSING?!?!?! please hobos do it all the time, what then huh??? stealing??? coveting thy nabors wife, stealing thy neibors goods???( if the dog was ill trained im shure if he did this it would reflect on his OWNERS soul) Making crude pictures... please james, Dogs do have souls, they hear, they think they SLEEP their as much as us as we are them, but more evolved. if someone made some science head gear thingy where it translated stuff from dog im shure there would be thoughts, words, and regret. therefore making " god " able to hear them, if he is so all seeing and all knowing :P

* shoots jameseseseses fish out of the water * bitch
Steven; Congrats to yah, man...that is indeed the cushiest of the cushy. My question to you is...HOW THE HELL DID YOU EVER GET PEOPLE TO CALL YOU BACK!! God job hunting sucks, i turned in a shit load of applications over this whole summer, made thousands of calls, and what came out of it...2 honest to god interviews, there was this other quasi-psuedo interview where Shari's told me to come in on Wed, but that just turned out to be a week long wait for them to tell me oh im sorry there are no posistions available, and the manager didnt even come out. Man that sucked. I must look really bad on paper or something. I mean its not like i havent had work experience...Bethel Field Crew may be rather mundane, or even tedious but its far from being easy. And then theres the job at lumbermans, i want it but the hours are 2 to 6, school gets out at 2:15 this year...and i want my 4th period Drama class. fuck....also, my parents keep telling me to get involved in school...i tell them, thats why im in drama...they say, but thats just a class...not a club.....Hmmm lets see here, by their reasoning that would make band not be an extra curricular activity, because its a class that just happens to do stuff afterschool
Drama does the same thing, just less frequently...not sure what i was trying to prove there, maybe just trying to get it off my chest
It is at these times that make me wish that yes - I got past my own problems and went to college like a good little boy. Or that I sucked up the regurtitated microwaved and buzzed-in-a-blender bullshit from highschool and got a diploma and went through the military. But no. I decided I would tough it out. And here I am still living with my parents at twenty-and-one years of age. Some people dont seem to have a problem with that ( Andy? ) - but it seems that there is a part of me that does acknowledge that such activities " are not right " - and should be remedied. Unlike Steven - I dont have any grandeur plans of " getting the fuck out of here " - as of yet, and fully well know that in the event I am out on my own, alone - I will most definately lose my sense of sanity. Then there is Heather, whom I was counting on to move out with me, to protect my sanity and give me someone to be with ... it seems she's fallen through and here I am where I began - stuck at my parents house. But two things to post about. And here we go.

Numero - Uno
Answers - has anyone found them? I figured as I grew older that the answers to my questions about life would be answered - being older = more experience = more answers, but it seems the more I get into this little episode of time that I am alloted, the less answers I get and the more questions. It seems as if living itself was designed specifically to force you into not thinking about it and to just suffer through everything. In school - I learned that life is suffering, or was that through Buddhism? I don't quite recall - but I found solace in the idealogy of Albert Camus - and that of Absurdism. His concept of Sisyphus pushing that rock up the hill only to have it knocked down, and to push it up again - eternally struck so deep in me the meaninglessness of every action ever concieved and to be so. And yet here I am living through it. Here I am going through the actions myself - pushing the rock up and having it come down, and I am surprised!? But I know what it is. To agree with something in text and in a book and to understand the concept of something is much different than actually living it through - than performing the actions itself and feeling the feelings that are attributed to those occurances. Oh. How do you do it ( anyone on the board? ) - how do you get through your day everyday? Knowing that tomorrow will invariably be the same, that nothing changes and the only things that do change are the small things that you have control over that you can change - however the rock is still there which will require pushing, each ... and every ... day.

Numero - Swei
Animal Souls - I said I would post about this to start it up as a debate ( much as the eminem debate which I will get to at the end of this ) - do Animals ( particularly dogs? ) have souls? I personally say no. My reasons? I shall go through them. Animals do not have a language - now some of you might jump to the conclusion and say that animals talk to eachother - this is true, but that is communication - not language. Language itself consists of a bunch of different accents, tones, dialects, and so on and so forth. Grunting, Groaning, Whimpering, and Growling do not count as these things. A growl is a growl is a growl, but I can call you a dumbshit-mother-fucker in a happy tone of voice and then what are you going to think then? Happy or insulting? OH GOD! This confusion cannot be emulated in " animal speak " because when you whimper, you are in pain or hurt. When you growl, you are anger or defensive. Its that simple. There are no double meanings to anything. But I was shot down on this point that " No language is a lack of intelligence, not a soul " - and so I had to think of something which was not " intelligence based " which proved the lack of a soul. And I found it - how? Through religion, suckers - in most religions you have to attain some sort of level with your soul, you must cleanse it or something - or purge your sins or beg forgiveness from the creator, so on and so forth. An animal cannot pray. An animal cannot confess his sins. An animal cannot confess at all. So beat that motha-fuckas!

And as for eminem being a good rapper?
Of course - hands down.
I dont even see a need to debate it.

As for country - however, I do not understand what you said about the older stuff?
Do you like or dislike it - because I can stand the older stuff ( patsy and so forth ) but the newer stuff just seems to be cut/paste same damn'd thing to me / cant stand it.

I dont feel well.
Aaron, you hit the nail on the head, and found something you, Steven and I all agree with.

Saying that rappers like Eminem and Tupac have no talent is being deaf to the art simply because you don't like it. All you have to do is pay attention to the lyrics, the way they lay down the rhythms, etc. Once you listen to enough of it, it becomes clear the talent gap that exists between good rap and everything else in the genre.

The same can be said for country. I don't like country, but I do recognize the talent needed, and that there is the same division of talent there as in all music. That doesn't make me want to listen to it....except the older stuff, like Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. In fact, the lyrics to one of Cash's most famous songs, "A Boy Named Sue," were written by none other than Shel Silverstein.

Early OT sucks. I should've turned it down.....
Yeah 7th mix came in on tuesday.

And...I've been playing DDR since before anybody here even heard of it, I garuntee ;-)
(It was virtually unknown in this area and there weren't many machines at the time...
this is when DDR USA first came out)
I just don't play often..nor have I ever, simply because I never had the money to use
on machines. As a matter of fact Mr R could beat me were we to face off, although
I've never seen him play....I just know he can do a lot on difficult settings that I can
hardly do on standard.
But that will change...soon....since I'll have free 7th mix at my disposal for hours
on end.
I have the konami mix on my PS2, but hardly ever play it...since I hate the crappy slidey
plastic pad.

I've always thought Eminem had talent. As a matter of fact as soon as I heard any of his
songs besides "My Name Is" or whatever it's called, I liked him.
I don't agree that rappers have no talent...they're very good at what they do. It's just that
"what they do" is usually shit ;-)
Eminem I like simply because he's funny, he's intelligent, he raps about stuff that I actually
give a shit about...and he doesn't really care what people think.
AKA -- Were Marilyn Manson to grow up in the ghetto...he'd be Eminem.
And that's fuckin awesome.
so I just got invited to a wedding.
I feel kinda weird.
Eminem IS a good rapper.
and I'm excited to see his new movie.

Anyways, what really gets me is this..
There were all these announcements "Justin Timberlake is performing SOLO for the first time ever!!"
And I'm thinking, well actually I didn't care at all, but I thought he would actually be performing solo.
So when it comes time for that Grande Solo Performance, 30+ people -- dancers, guitarists, drummers, rappers, singers-- join the stage with Justin. ugh, what the hell

August 29, 2002

Indeed, this argument has worn out it's welcome. You're right, I wouldn't say these things to your face, I'm not stupid, You're WAY bigger than I am. However, that's not the main reason I wouldn't do it, because all the stuff I post is merely meant to "get your goat" just as you said those threats were to me... So anyway, enough is enough, I no longer gain any entertainment from it, and whatever.

Steven, working at the mall eh? And do they have 7th Mix now? I didn't know you played? Any favorite songs from that mix? Maybe w'ell have ourselves a face off or something, hopefully you're better than Mr. R. I heard all this talk about how he was getting good, and it was just talk. Anyway, now that the "fight" is over. I'd like to bring up a point which may be debatable:

I hear a lot of talk about how Eminem, and rap artists in general, have no talent. Then when I ask the accuser to do what Eminem does as well as he does, he makes an excuse. Do you have a right to call someone talentless if you can't do what he does? Because I started writings some rap tracks and have even recorded a track with another rapper this summer, and I'll tell you that Eminem is a good rapper. Just thinking to myself, I think he deserved to win Video of the Year.

The funny thing about these "debates" is that I remain calm the whole time
like having hit a pedestrian for instance. Oops, was that a jab in poor taste? I think it was

I found that humorous. Calm in tone yes, I agree with that part -- but not calm in nature.

On the other hand while searching for the second half of that, I noticed this, which I hadn't read before.
"Writing novels and plays that no one publishes while digging ditches for a living somewhere in the midwest." Is this pessimism on my part? No. I would merely be happy and content with that future is all."

I envy that.
I personally have this constant nag in the back of my head to live thi high life -- hence it
is my goal. Problem is that's an incredibly difficult thing to attain when starting from scratch.
Yeup. Tha's that.

On another the middle of typing this I got a text message on my phone. A new job was just kinda
tossed into my hands.
I love it when that happens.
So if all goes well (which is pretty much a 99% garuntee) I'll be working at the arcade in the mall.
Damn if that's not a cushy job.
Free games, (lotsa free 7th mix DDR), get to sleep in the office when tired - get paid for it
and not get in trouble for it. Indeed. Cushy job. Minimum wage, but hell that's all I need now
that my car is paid off.


Shizzle yo. Fo sho.
you know people who call you and you dont know who it is but you know they made you get up to answer the phone??? well THIS PERSON DOES IT ALL THE GAWD DAMED TIME!!!! SO BUG THIS PERSON!!! Anonymouschhick20 BUG HER LIKE YOUVE NEVER BUGED HER BEFORE!!! gawd i hate her, she calls all the time for cristeina, then when she cant get thought she LOGS ON AND HUNTS MY DAMNED AIM NAME DOWN!!! man people piss me off... me go make sex
All the next day I was looking at the "CHIMP" label face-up on the shop floor. Damn thing stuck better to the floor than anywhere else. We finished a three-day motor swap in a day and a half, and I owe it all to CHIMP. That label kept me working hard all day to avoid being there at midnight.
How to know when it's time to quit for the day

You're labeling sensor plugs before removing the wiring harness from engine "A" to adapt it to engine "B."
Mr. Y: "What is this?"
Mr. Z: "Fuck if I know."

Mr. Y labels it "CHIMP."

Mr. Z: "Does that say 'CHIMP?'"
Mr. Y: "Yes."
Mr. Z: "'CHIMP?'"
Mr. Y: "Yep."
Mr. Z: "?"
Mr. Y: "Well, that was about the gayest thing I could think of just then."
Mr. Z: "..."
Mr. Y: "What?"
Mr. Z: "Well, chimps are pretty gay."

Both agree that "CHIMP" is what it should be labeled.

Mr. Z: "Gonna label the next one 'BUBBLES?'"
Mr. Y: " Yep."
Mr. Z: "Maybe we should call it a night..."
Mr. Y: "'CHIMP.'"
Mr. Z: "..."
Mr. Y: "'CHIMP.'"

Man, that was a late night. To top it off, the labels we used didn't stick very well. Most of them fell off over night and I ended up using the shop manual to figure out what they were by wire color.
twice i seee no twiece YOEU SPEAK TEH LIEZ!!! LIEZ!!!!

man o man, aaron i thing you would whoop me in WC3, i just played and after a while of not playing i fooking suck now, i got tooled by a fooken computer!!!! :( was my fault too, kinda ... build defencees ( liek usal ) then riped a hole into my side through the forest and let infection through causing me to die horridly =)

anyone wanna have some fun tonight, me MR R and napster (maby). funzo cop called funzoness =) i unno with my luck this will all blow over and we be liek " feh "
It was so good, he had to say it twice.
ok... now this is where i jump in and bitch slap the both of you, because in the last 2 posts of you two CHILDREN, i did not see anything about fucking driving or any kind of anle sex. THERFORE comming from the lowest fourm of life, the epiditame of STUPID, ( being me ) i say GROW THE FUCK UP THE BOTH OF YOU JESUS FUCKING CROIUUUUST, back and forth back and forth, yeah in the beginning it was cool and funny now its just, who can hide behing a wall and wait for someone to punch through it and smuther him to death with his hand..... NOTICE NO NAMES FUCKING SAID YOU WHORES.

BAJESUS, you guys make me sick, its no longer a depate, its who can use the most slandure and something i cant think of !! ... ... ... just grow up you fucks jesus.

Now you CCCCCCCCCCOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLL make some kind of post against me, but unlike most people im not human, i dont care, i could careless, and when the fuck did you find out? and why the hell am i posting this?? i dont know but its fun to bitch at 2 children squabbling over a toy and say HEY BITCHES GET IT FUCKEN RIGHT, GRAB A DAMNED KNIFE A DAMNED HAMMER AND START THE GAWD DAMNED BRAWLING!!!!!! did i mention i like chcken? You both may have your " better qualitys then i have " like spelling for instance, but right now, im looken down on both of you, because i can drop SHIT as soon as it starts by changing the subject, or as known, " using the pussys way out. " ppfff.

Id haft to say this is the longest post ive ever made and will prolly not be read by 98% of you, there fore, i have spent time waiting for utopia to load another hour so i can continuieuueueue weeeeeeeewwwooo SSHWEEEEEEE... my funzo ness of raping and pillaging a town of 14K. WHEEOWEEEEOWEEEE.

just incase zach wants to skip all that ZACH READ HEAR TO SKIPP BULLPLOP I cant wait till i get a job oh man o man, the way you speak of fastfood makes me want to work there, and think I CAN HAWK LOOGIES IN PEOPLES FOOD!!! DOOOOOOOOOOD. welp off to post something on my board see if we gunna do anything tonight, maby we can con bradbury and aarron into the same room and letem go at it.... i certainly got monie on bradbury :)

Okay this will be the last post I direct at you. I will not respond to your weak attempts at insults, I just wish to clarify one thing:
What I meant by "If you actually want to catch an ass-kicking, just keep up the same line of bullshit rhetorical banter if we ever meet again face-to-face." Fairly simple. In the real world, not on the internet, when you insult somebody in that manner to their face, they won't put up with it. Instead of getting in to a little war of words, they'll simply kick the shit out of you. Or attempt to do so. I know this from first hand experience.

Hiding behind the internet has become a popular thing to do. Its very similar to a small dog, say, a Chihuahua, barking and growling at someone from behind an eight foot chain-link fence. There is security provided by the board, and as James points out "what happens on the board, stays on the board." That's fine, people can then say whatever they feel without the dangers that exist in the outside world.

Know this: I do not simply bark on the board. If you ask anyone who knows me, they'll agree I say what I want, when I want, to whomever I want. I don't care. It's gotten me in fights and brawls before, it will again. If means a stay with room and board on the county's dime, so be it. Just ask Brad Borton as to who it was that kept us from brawling at the track that time. Wasn't me. Sure as hell wasn't him. His dad and the track officials were the only people there who kept us all out of Thurston County jail that night.

What you've said to me here would never fly if we were actually in the same room. I have a hard time believing you would ever say the things you've posted here to someone's face. I have fought with people that I consider friends over less.

So, basically, bark and yip all you want. If you ever want to step around the fence and try to back it up, just give me a call. I'll be more than happy to critique your debate style with a foot and a half of maple and steel.

August 28, 2002

The funny thing about these "debates" is that I remain calm the whole time and I keep that tone to my posts, while you get all pissed off. This is what fuels me to keep them going, and when you keep saying "our" to disclude me, I would point out that while I'm definitely not in the "in" crowd of the board now, and nor would I really care to be, I do believe I was on this board before you were, not to sound elitist or anything.

Anyway, so basically, what you said in your last post, was that you give up. Good. And as for how I'm going to catch up an ass-kicking if I keep up my rhetorical banter (I've found this is often a phrase people of below average intelligence use to describe that which baffles them.), I take it this is another stupid threat that holds no bearing? Because for a moment there I was frightened honestly. I think I'm going to keep a running count, I've shown this debate to several friends both online and in real life, and asked "which one of us sounds more immature" (since you keep calling me prepubescent and other things which would infer you think I am immature), and so far the votes in favor of you, six to zero. That is to say, six people have voted for you as sounding shallow and not at all intelligent.

I know you say you aren't going to respond to this, but I know you'll want to. I just wanted to make it a challenge not to. Peace all.

Oh, James told me to post a disclaimer, I don't know exactly what it's supposed to say, but these were his words: "first - make a disclaimer that you're only " responding to his attack and fully understand that whats on the board stays on the board - and that all attacks are " in the spirit of argument " " or whatnot."


I just feel like a failure.....
Okay......I never said anything about speed......but there is a huge difference between driving "safely" and driving precisely.
Driving in a manner that most consider to be "safe" is not necessarily better than driving precisely. If someone has physical control over their vehicle, and knows how to make it do what they want, then they will know the limits of safety while driving. However most people who drive "safely" are the biggest dangers on the road.

It grows more and more clear that you really don't know shit about actual driving, so I'm not going to bother arguing this with you anymore. I'm sure you can get in a car and go from point "A" to point "B" effectively, however I have no doubt that the nuances of the art remain unknown to you.

Either way, I'm done. It's a waste of time to continue debating this with you.


You obviously don't understand that I was trying to fuck with you when I made those "threats" you refer to, as well as the colorful insults. As the old saying goes, just trying to "get your goat." (That isn't meant in any manner that involves Velcro gloves and kneepads, it's just an expression.)
The fact that you thought I would actually show up proves how damn stupid you are. You aren't worth the time.

If you actually want to catch an ass-kicking, just keep up the same line of bullshit rhetorical banter if we ever meet again face-to-face. Aside from that.....whatever.

One are very quick to bring out the personal insults? Why is this? Are you so insecure that the only way you can feel good about yourself is by finding small things to point out in people? What the hell is your problem? I don't know you. You don't know me. As of now, it's going to stay that way. I really don't want to.

If your only purpose in coming to this board is to start shit and stir up a hornet's nest, you've certainly succeeded. Either grow up and knock it the hell off or quit wasting out time. You may notice, we quite often have discussions between ourselves. These discussions often could be taken as a little insulting.....but yet we're all still on good terms with one another because we don't take serious jabs. It's all meant in good fun.

I never wanted to make this personal, as I enjoy a good debate, but you ruined it by bringing in intensely personal insults. I'll admit, you struck a nerve, and I got a little pissed about it. How about you just fucking stop now, before things get nasty?

In closing, take your half-baked, bullshit little pre-pubescent personality and shove it up your faggot ass, you worthless fucking shit-for-brains excuse for a human being. How's that for clever, bitch?
so---elendorf alaska. weeee.
thats where im heading off too.
funzo. at least im going w/ people i know-so thats not too bad. one of my good friends from basic is going there too, so it shouldnt be too bad. i hate my life.

well-i bought pulp fiction and fight club on dvd, and fiear and loathing should be in the mail now-so im stocked for...uh-studying. yea.

school is funzo-basically i'll spending all of next week on OJT, help desk where i'll tell people that theyre too dumbors to be owning a computer. course, i cant really do that, unfortunatly-b/c most people w/ pc problems here are officers. weee-but it shoul;d be an easy A. tomorrow is my finzl for block II-where i have to put a computer back together. fun.

so far i have an 87% which-for air force standards-really really baaad. they expect above 95%, which wotn happen w/ me anytime soon-since my study habits include doing laundry-go into moore's room, take a soda, go to norcross' room, play PS2, take a soda, go to my room, watch a movie-go back to moores room, take a soda, and guess what-its time to sleep. its amazing that i have an 87%. heh.

anyway-just wanted tolet yall know where im gonna be after i leave mississippi. mmhmm.
I'd like to direct your attention to the fact that there is NO WAY to increase speed without sacrificing some level of safety. There are situations that driving fast is what causes you to become unsafe, and if you want to use years of driving experience, I have just polled the four thirty five (and above) year old drivers in my house at the moment, including two truckers who defined good driving as safe. I asked if driving faster at any point wouldn't sacrifice some level of safety, unanimously the answer is No. I myself do do a fair amount of driving, It takes 45 minutes to get to work, and I do that six times a week there and back, in addition to doing lots of runs to paint stores and lumber yards. Steven, no offense, but I have ridden with you, and I find your driving to be terrible and wreckless, and in no way "good".

Now, yes, I did indeed post a jest at Bradbury, not a malevolent "go fuck yourself" or "suck a dick" or any of the multitudes of clever insults Bradbury has thrown back, and I have my reason. It keeps the argument going, which causes posting to continue on this board. If I start a debate or respond to either Steven or Bradbury with an opposing viewpoint, instantly a dry spell of posts is cured. I've talked to James about this on numerous occasions.

Also, Bradbury, sorry, I was told you live with your parents. No doub though, I'm sure they are extremely difficult land lords to deal with. That's an error in my sources. However, are you ever going to come through on your threats? I question this, because on one instance you threatened me you said "So you'll be at Denny's, huh?*pounds fists*" or something along those lines, and I was a bit intimidated but you didn't show up. Now you say something might happen to me? So, just for future reference, when you are wanting to kick my ass, I'll be back from Portland by the beginning of October, I post for you these directions to my house, that way you can't get lost or anything.

1. From Safeway take Meridian towards Kapowsin.
2. Turn Right on 232nd
3. Turn Left on 94th
4. Follow 94th out until it turns into a dirt road, shortly after it will T
5. Turn Right at the T, I'm the first driveway on the right.

There, I hope that makes things easy for you. Cheers all.
so is penis free void?

most times at mcdonalds.....the only time i amlikely to work when i know there is the possibility that i wilget to go home faster. if i work midshift..theres no way im even going to give 25 percent. youre gonna get maybe 12 percent out of zach during the day.if i am acloser.......i am will go all out.....only if i know that it wil result in my getting home last night. i did a lot more work than i normally do.....but iwas also told that it would be ok to cut a lot more corners.....because the manager i closed with seems to not care about stupid pish posh rules.

my point is.........the fear of being fired only makes someone work just hard enough to not get fired. i only work hard when there is something in it for me......and dont give me that bullshit"whats in it for you is 6.50 an hour" because that arguement isnt going to get you more than a swift fuck in th eass by me.

I aggree with bradbury, not only for the reason that he is big and could kill me in one swipe, or maby its the reason of protection of what he might do to my ppprreeeeeeeeeesccccciiiioooouusssss in his glovebox, or maby its because its good to see people go at it, or maby .... where was I..... .... hhmmm oh well

The porch light idea is awesome, its wednesday... funzo porch stealing night muhhahaha, steven should be over to get his computer so im shure he might be able to come ( or come if he wants to ). MR is here too, so ill tellem. check the NMA board if u see this napster.

so i was playing this game right, and then i whoooped this guys ass and cought the ball, and was like COOOOL, then i ran it to a touchdown i got smacked and laned on the line of the touchdown thing.... DOESNT THAT COUNT AS A TOUCHDOWN!?!?!?


have a healthy helping of GO TO HELL everytime you open that box of cerial. and dont forget to wash it down with FUCK YOU WHORE when that GO TO HELL gets stuck in your trought. ... .. die.
James....that System of a Down post kicked ass.

I can't help but agree with your interpretation that they want you to steal their porch lights. Or maybe they just want you to replace them with a lower wattage light bulb? Maybe trade the ones they have for some 40 watt or something.

Get your facts straight, junior. I do not live with my parents. I rent a house from them. I don't know where you get this "pillar of success" shit, but I have never claimed to be anything along those lines, nor have I ever supported any such claim.

Mistakes don't always characterize the existence of flaws. I recall having said "fuckups happen." If you're trying to say you've never made a mistake in the areas you consider yourself to be strong in, then you are lying through your teeth. Plain and simple.

You really need to quit bringing up incidents about which you know nothing. You were not there, nor have I ever explained the circumstances of my accident to you or anyone you associate with.
Quit bringing it up.

Now you want to go back to driving again. How many miles do you drive in an average week? Or, more to the point, how many miles in the past year? Hell, why not in your entire driving career? Do you know any of those numbers?

"I question why you think your job is so extravagant"
Hmm....I make 20 bucks an hour fixing shit. I have excellent benefits. But "extravagant?" No. I may have said it's a good job, which it is, or used the term "gravy" to imply it's smooth and easy, but I don't know where you get extravagant from.

Finally, there is a major line between actions and words. You don't know what my actions are or have been, only what I get on here and post. Go fuck yourself.

August 27, 2002

Stealing those particular lightbulbs would be uber.

Aaron, you asked for that response from Bradbury, you provoked it by mentioning the pedestrian.
And I wouldn't be surprised if you'd done it on purpose. His response had nothing to do with the
situation at hand. You attacked him with things that had nothing to do with the convorsation, he
merely responded to those attacks.
As far as being a better driver...Bradbury is a very good driver. Being fast is one thing, yes.
Being safe is another, yes. Being able to do both is to be a good driver. Ask anyone -- I scare the
shit out of people when I drive....but fact of the matter is I know what I'm doing when I do
it. AKA -- I can handle a car very well...and I'm sure most people can attest to that.
That is how you outdrive someone. Being a good driver is plain and simple: how well you
can control the vehicle you are in. If you can control it well, you can be safe and fast
without sacrificing safety. Anybody can be one or the other, it's not that hard.

As far as hitting a pedestrian goes...shit happens. You imply by calling Bradbury a poor driver
that all people who get into accidents are shitty drivers.
That is what I like to refer to as: "ignorance"
Hmm Aaron...this whole Christian thing is "good" and all, but when you use it in these debates it sounds a bit preachy...speaking of that i was at borders today and i saw two full length collections of that comic book Preacher, that you showed me, spent some time leafing through one of them and it was as awsome as i remember it being...but damned if i didnt have the money.
Also on the subject of christianity...i was driving down Canyon today and there this little church right there next to some place called Doc's racing, and it always has these weird little sayings, stuff like "All crossroads should bring us closer to the cross", weird stuff like that. But today the one i read kinda threw me off (more so than usual of course). it read slightly as follows "To darken our doorway, is to lighten your burden." Now just think of that for a second.........keep thinking.......just a lil more....ok. Now if im interpreting this right it sounds to me like they are encouraging vandals. This is my interpretation, "Come steal our porch lights" now wouldnt going from having nothing to an armful of lightbulbs do nothing more than increase ones burden? Think about them apples for awhile, this shit goes through my head alot cause alot of times its hard to get reception on some radio channels seeing as how i have no antenna. Weird huh? ANybody up for stealing the churches lightbulbs? I think itd be kinda cool
Hmm... I bring up a good point, you direct shallow profanity at me and threaten me... yeah, that diploma obviously proves you're intelligent and mature, too bad your actions don't. A distinction between flaws and mistakes are unnecessary because having made mistakes is what characterizes the existence of a flaw, and both are subjective on some level. I don't think James made a mistake, you do, besides saying "I'm right" do you have any other justification for feeling your opinion is greater than mine.

Define "outdrive", if you mean you could beat me in a race and get from one place to another faster and more efficiently than I, I agree. However on the real world I think the ideal of driving would be safety without impeding the progress of others. I don't know how we could have have a contest based on this, but I've never hit anyone with my car or injured another person.

Define "We" as in the "We all", because I know people who read this board who find you and Bradbury extremely stupid and unable to admit when you are wrong, I disagree, I merely find you somewhat misguided. But these people laugh at your "attempts" at disproving my arguments.

By your own argument you really have no right to make fun of anyone, you are hardly a pillar of success, you still live with your parents.
Well I have to agree with James.
But then I have to agree with Bradbury.
But then I also have to agree with Aaron.
.......I hate that I can't really argue either side.

So instead I'll just stick with my previous statement, that to be proud
of not having a diploma is naive, as is James' reason for not attaining one.
I'll also have to stick with the fact that it really does hold no water in a debate
such as this...since the diploma does not in fact say anything about who
you are. And for many people it really does them no good...but for
many others it does them a lot of good.

Hot dogs, anyone?
It wasn't directed at James. But when he jumped in, well, I had to respond.

You need to make the distinction between flaws and mistakes. Sometimes fuckups happen. There are also such things as bad choices, which would also fall under the heading of mistakes.

Now, I never responded to your first comment about my pedestrian incident, because I felt it wasn't needed. But you brought it up again. Two things:

1: If you've never had a wreck of some kind, or a ticket, or whatever, then you don't drive much.

2: If you want to bring up driving skill, shut the fuck up right now. I'll out-drive you any day. If you don't think so, bring your best. I will beat it.

Just for the record, we all think it's pretty damn funny when you try to insult Steven. It's stupid when you try to insult me. Maybe you should give it up, before something bad happens to you.

In short, suck a dick, you whiny little fuck.
i can tell your future... i see... i seee limbs.... flying.... limbs of... of... of you!?!?!

say lil prayer for you, ILL SAY A LIL PRAYER FOR YOU.
"More what I was pointing out is that people who didn't or couldn't graduate from high school, for whatever reason, have no business talking shit about others.... "

I don't know about holding any water, but isn't this the traditional "let he who is without sin cast the first stone, judge not lest ye be judged" argument? Because James has a characteristic, in this case not having a diploma, that you view as a flaw, he cannot talk shit. By that logic I, Jesse, Steven, and you yourself Bradbury cannot talk shit either. "Why?" you ask. Because you too have flaws, like having hit a pedestrian for instance. Oops, was that a jab in poor taste? I think it was.

You see, the fact of the matter is, James is doing fine without that piece of paper. He makes good money. I have another friend doing just as well if not better without his diploma too, and although I have a diploma, I'm not doing so well right now. My assumption is that neither path can be proven superior to the other. James spent a year in high school extra, I hung out with him a lot that year, and I would say that that was a year of experiences for James that you didn't get to have, can you say that your year of workign as a tech for the district (Which I question why you think your job is so extravagant?) for that year was full of greater experiences than James' year? No. As Steven posted many people are happy with many different things, so you're question of "Will your retire from the box factory in 40 years?" really isn't mocking James at all, he could be happy with that. When people ask me what I'll be doing in thirty years I always reply "Writing novels and plays that no one publishes while digging ditches for a living somewhere in the midwest." Is this pessimism on my part? No. I would merely be happy and content with that future is all.
awesome, action is happen on the board, ... ... im posting because BRADBURRY keeps loging on and saying, " I have a hostage " and " i have a friend of yours " .... I KNOW WHO AND IF HE IS HARMED I KILL YOU!!!!! that was a present from my aunt =( i want my cow back and the waiting is nerv racking, he keeps loging on saying something then loging. AAAAWWWWWWWWWW, time to get out the ninjeas... anyone know where bradburry lives??? the ninjeas would like to have a house to rummage through for an object.

Rember everyone the best part of a healthy brakefast is JABBING THE FORK INTO YOUR FUCKING HEAD!!!!!!....
Did he have any means of wiping close at hand?
Not too pull away from this fabulous debate about the powers of paper and proof of it...

but yesterday, as i was walking on my way to Bell town, passing a spirally looking statue/art-work thing, i noticed a man...

"a man you say?"

a man i say...

and what was so special about this man? Well.... i'll tell you my friends...

this man that i saw... well he decided to take down his pants, exposing his ass... and squat down, right next to this here statue...

and to make things more interesting... there was a group of people all over the place, and no one paid him any heed... as if to explain, "oh worry not young man... this is our normal behavior..."

now--i couldn't honestly tell you what this man was doing pulling down his pants and squating by that spirally statue thing that sits in belltown (i'm guessing the seedier part of belltown--of the "outskirts" of belltown), but i imagine that i won't really be walking that path again at night...



No, It does hold water.

Like you said, there are many idiots out there with what's your excuse for not having one? You couldn't even play their stupid little game well enough to graduate? You can't even prove that you could meet the pathetic standards of the state? You couldn't take it seriously enough?

I'm not saying that having a high school diploma is a big thing. As you pointed out, it's not. What I am saying is that someone who can't even get one must be a real moron. I know that's not always the case, but you'd have a hard time proving otherwise.

More what I was pointing out is that people who didn't or couldn't graduate from high school, for whatever reason, have no business talking shit about others....

It isn't that you need that piece of paper for yourself....IT'S TO PROVE THAT KNOWLEDGE TO OTHER PEOPLE!!!!!!! Right now you have no way of doing so that "holds any water."

Or will you happily retire from that box factory in 40 years?





I went out on a date,
With a girl, a bit late,
She had so many friends,
Gliding through many hands.

I brought my pogo stick,
Just to show her a trick,
She had so many friends,
Gliding through many hands.

Unannounced twister games,
All players with no names,
They lined up double quick,
But just one pogo stick,

Everyone gets to play,
Runaway, expose',
It was so exotic,
But just one pogo stick.

Jump Pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo

Bounce Pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo

Down Pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo

Up Pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo

Oh, I like to spread you out,
Touching whoever's behind

Jump Pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo

Bounce Pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo

Down Pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo

Up Pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo

sorry, had to be done.

August 26, 2002

nevermind. it was Kim who sent it to me. it's excused.
Hehehe, I have to agree with you, James -- that the statement does in fact
hold no water.

On the other hand, I find it entirely naive to be "proud" of not having a diploma.
Simply because there's nothing to be proud about.
Fact of the matter is, I am not proud to have a diploma, nor would I be if I didn't.
I'm simply "glad" that I have it because it has potential to make some things in
life easier.
I went to school for all the time anyways, no reason to not have it -- when it will
in fact make a difference. Versus you going to school a year longer than
me and not having that convenience.

Yes, there are many idiots with a diploma. Yes, that pisses me off. But I'm not
going to inconvenience myself simply because they're stupid. They have nothing
to do with me, and I like it that way. They do have something to do with you;
this being that they are part of the reason you have no diploma.
what the FUCK is this all about???
Someone emailed that to me. Someone is some weird sick fuck with too much time on their hands.
the email addy is
so who was it?
Hahaha - a good laugh, but none the less the statement : " Either way, lets see a show of hands from all of those present who managed to graduate from high school after only ONE senior year: " holds no water what-so-ever ( or so, in my eyes ).

I would just like to remind all of you how many dumb motherfuckers out there who work at burger-king and some other shit-end-job who go to community college just as if it were " higher school " who do have diplomas and did graduate high-school. These are the people I despise, and a reason I can argue against the credibility of a diploma, or - more specifically - a BETHEL HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA. There are people who dont know who Freud is. What a Freudian slip is. Who Karl Marx is. Who mistake INDIA FOR A GOD DAMNED CONTINENT and AFRICA FOR A COUNTRY. People who do not know basic math skills, have diplomas. People who can barely spell - people who can barely read - and people who can barely speak a coherant sentence without using words such as " fuck " " ass " or " shit ". These people all have diplomas.

Personally - these are reasons why I am proud to state that I am a non-grad.
and proud to realise that I do not need a piece of paper to know that I have knowledge worth of value.

As Bart Simpson stated on t-shirts which were banned from school :
Underachiever, and proud of it. isn't that iMac sweet? I'm still not sure when I'll be getting mine...I just can't justify spending that kind of money when I already have two perfectly good computers....actually, two very good computers.

Plus.....two grand is wheels, tires and shocks for my truck...all badly needed due to the lack of performance-minded engineering in street trucks.....

I'd have Jaguar already, if Apple weren't being shit heads about it. They wouldn't release it to anyone before 10:20 Friday night...not even the Apple engineer I talked to Friday afternoon. Today, 10.2 server arrived...10.2 workstation can't be too far behind. I'll keep you updated on whether or not it's all they say it is.
One word:

I loved them both.

Mario 64 was mind-blowing. Maybe that was more because of the substances I may or may not have been taking at the time.....

And Goldeneye. That had to be the best N64 game.

"Original Techno Composition" if that isn't bordering on a contradiction, I don't know what is. Not that I don't like techno, I do. It's just that....well....I spent a lot of years doing nothing but learning and playing music, so I guess I'm still a purist at heart. Of course, I've forgotten 90% of what I once knew about music. Maybe closer to 95%.

Jesse - man, I thought I knew you....evidently not.

Either way, lets see a show of hands from all of those present who managed to graduate from high school after only ONE senior year:


didn't think so.
I haven't gotten to read much yet...but from the one thing i saw...

there was at least one other GREAT multiplayer game for n64--

and it was Super Smash Bros.
Hey Steve, shit bro, don't have a fucking cow. I did infact get out of my "mid-teenaged mindset". I'll quote you: "You don't know shit about me."

Yeah, I don't know shit about you, yes, this is true. What I do know of you is that which you display the board, which doesn't involve much knowledge about music. So, mind my ignorance. If you know something, speak up and say something. Sweet god, anyway, I should have accented the text a bit so some people can even take sarcasm online. And yes, SNES was the shit, probably still my favorite system to date.
I would contest - still, that SNES was a SHITTY console - I hated it, I vaguely remember any game that was worth multiplayer-experience. Almost every game for that system that people harold " saving " it are single player RPGish Final Fantasy Chrono Trigger games. And as for the N64 - I would say that the only game released to " almost but not quite " save that console was TETRIS - with up to four players all playing at the same time and the prolifieration of N64 controlers you were always capable to have a good time with that game.

And another thing I've been thinking about thats been getting on my nerves lately is how they dont have " small toys " anymore - things that you can collect and play with. Two things I've been looking for are these small " muscle men " that were called : M.U.S.C.L.E. and there were tons of them - some flesh colored others neon colored - and they didnt move they were just like small hard-plastic figurines that looked real mean and you could make them fight and use your imagination and could have like five or six of them in your pocket. They were my savior during long road trips - all you needed was a handfull of them and you could make so many stories and so on and so forth. Anywho - needless to say - there arent any of them that I can find, asides from eBAY where they'll cost an arm and a leg ( I want to get like a couple hundred of them ) - and another thing that I cannot find are the small Z-BOTS - which were kind of like the muscle men but these could move and they were odd colored and robots and they were basically the same thing but smaller.

Now-a-days the only things I can find are like miniature poke-mon figurines which dont look as cool and are always " posed " in positions that you cant really do anything with. And they're all anime-inspired so when you buy a SMALL figure you get like 97% eyes, 2% torso and 1% arms+legs. WHAT THE FUCK I WANTED A FIGURINE NOT A LARGE PAIR OF EYES WITH ARMS AND LEGS AND A BODY HANGING OFF OF IT.

Okay... wow.

So i'm sitting here in the UW computer/bookstore, checking out this 17" widescreen iMac... and wow...

this thing would be amazing for watching DVD's... damn you bradbury, cause i know this is the one you are planning to get...


and i'm also trying out this new Jaguar... (OS X 10.2) and it really is faster... so far...

of course, its on a super machine... so who knows about my iBook... but still...

i just wanna watch movies on this thing...

who'd have thought... a widescreen on a computer... sweet... uber-sweet.

and i'm really thinking of getting OS X.2 just cause its like fast... and i can actually probably use it to get online at the new apartment complex that i'm living at...

address, for all those that care:

Jeff Paulino
2717 Western Ave #330
Seattle, Wa. 98121

--- now fair warning... i may not have that address right, and i will have to go home later and verify that... but i do believe that it is correct...

i believe so... that doesn't mean i'm a hundred percent sure...

the coolest parts of this new place:

1) 52" TV in a media room with leather couches and chairs... just imagine Smash Bros Melee on that... or any console game... beautiful...

i feel like playing old NES and SNES on it...

which reminds me--i havne't read all the posts lately... but i saw this blurb so i'll tell you: its Zelda: A Link to the Past. that game...godly...Rock the jOe godly!

2) about two blocks from the WaterFront...

james... remember when we came up here to meet BullRabbit... yeah, i was walking around the area that i live now... and i realized... i live really really close to the bar that he took us into before we all got kicked out...

my goal... find that bar... do you remember the name of said bar?

3) no more freshman.

4) okay... hmm...had a four... don't remember four...

Basculez le jOe!

the bad about new place of residence:

living with four other guys...

damnit. oh well... awesomes none the less...

and damnit, i just realized... i want an airport device... cause wireless internet rules all. all.
i have the FLU now. I'm never allowed to leave the house, but I managed to get sick..
ahh.. anyways, these posts got me thinking "oh well I can just play the nintento and playstation".
I decided to investigate what games we have, and we have NONE for nintendo, and only DDR, Final Fantasy 9, & 2 Tony Hawk games for Playstation. so much for that.
STEVEN- Okay, if you didn't mean to attack me, I'm sorry for responding it so defensively and returning fire. I really don't understand why we don't get along anymore, we used to. Either way, I will say that our definition of compatible with trance may be different. Some melodies when shifting through keys pretty much become completely different, and there are indeed keys you won't find in Trance. Several major keys in fact. So although you can shift those to a different key to fit them into the genre, I would argue that it's not a completely different melody. That's the basis of my argument. I too listen to a fair amount of trance, but after awhile the genre started to bore me... if only because the drums are too recycled but that fits the point of the music so I'm not insulting it. Also, you may think I'm lying but I have in fact beat Ninja Turtles. It was the first game I had and I sat around playing it ALL day until I got Contra, I beat it after many many attempts but several obstacles including the dam level, the maze you have to go through with the turtle van and the last boss thwarted my attempts many times. However, I did finish the game, and the amazing ending which included a pixelated picture of the turtles eating pizza and the words "Game Over" was far far from worth the time I put into it. Some other great NES games include Star Tropics, Link, Metroid, and Strider

BRADBURY- I have done more than remix songs, I have original pieces. I didn't say I was a master of music either, also I would contend that with technology at the level it is, there is no difference in the level of talent in composing a symphony or an equally intricate piece of electronic music.

JAMES- Asides from Mario Kart, what about Super Mario World, Final Fantasy 2 and 3, Chrono Trigger, Lufia 2, Secret of Mana, and the Zelda game for SNES who's title escapes me.
So I'm searchin on the net for this device I just posted about.
I don't find what I'm lookin for...yet but instead I stumble
upon these things called "portendo" and "NESp."

People's attempts at taking parts from...many things...including
NES parts...and making portable versions of them.
It's rather humorous to see this little device with a huge NES
cartridge sticking out the top of 'em. Heh.
Check 'em out.

SNES was the shit.
I can't think of a whole lot either, but then I suck at digging back
and remembering old games unless something sparks a memory.
But I do have to add, Final Fantasy 3. I got into FF hardcore when
the first one came out, indeed -- it was also the shit. But 3 is the
best of all time by far.
Blaster Master. There's a game that kept me occupied for a long time.
That fucker was hard as fuck although it doesn't compare to
the difficulty of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
I got to the last guy on that game.
And he killed me.
I have yet to talk to someone who's ever beat would figure
I'd have met someone who would atleast lie about it, but no...
nobody has ever told me they beat that game.

Now you want a video game system that sucks balls? (Besides
the Sega Saturn, because we all know about that) N64. That was
something I regretted wasting my money on.
I bought Mario 64 -- it was damn cool because of the new concepts
in it. Then I bought Zelda 64.
Then it sat for about a year....before I gave it away.

Anyways the reason I was making this post -- James before you go out
and spend all that money, there's another option you might consider.
I don't know what the name of it is, but it was at the Tacoma Dome Expo
thingamajig this year....basically it looks like a regular NES controller, but
instead of the standard plug it's got a Coaxial plug on the end of it.
This meaning you plug the controller into a TV -- hit a button on the controller
and a menu pops up.
This menu consists of a selection of every NES game made (Sure they might have
missed a few, but unknown ones I'm sure). And that pops up on your screen.
It also has a spot to plug in another controller and play multiplayer.

Is that not the ultimate gaming system or what?
I was gonna buy one, a friend from work told me about 'em...but I didn't make it
to the Dome in time, expo show closed =(
It is good to see everyone, yet again - back in the swing of things.

Aaron and Steven going at it again ( again with something I dont care much to jump into on - what is with that? why dont the two of you choose a god-damned topic that I know something about so I can show both of you up? ;b ) - and Jesse casually telling everying to shut up - Bradbury commenting from the sidelines and then out of nowhere Zacho says something that just makes me laugh like a no good :

" Last christmas I Was the board .... so fuck. "

that was great. I mean c'mon - to think the board was even here last christmas still trips me out - On one hand you have that this has stayed around for that long - and on the other hand you have the small thought that " a year or two still isnt that long of a time " - whooo.

Anywho - on to my post :


here it is bitches - at work they play football games and here I was thinking to myself " you know what I want to play? I want to play TECMO FOOTBALL " - because that game was the shit. Anyone saying otherwise obviously never spent their entire summer drinking pepsi, eating doritos, and playing Tecmo with their pal who was lucky enough to own a NES. In fact, the more I think about the more Im going to go out and spend like 300$ on getting a NES and all the old-school games I grew up with. The FIRST final fantasy, the old-school hockey game where you could start fights, the CONTRA series, oh my jesus - and even the MeGa MAN series. NINJA GAIDEN. EXCITE-BIKE. DOUBLE-DRAGON. BLASTER MASTER. METAL-GEAR. BATTLE-TOADS. PAPERBOY. SUPER DODGE BALL. PRO WRESTLING. these are classics. Games that if hadn't been - I would probably remember most of my childhood and all the anal-probing and sex-play that my homoerotic foreign bus-driving next-door neighbor named Phil did to me. ... wait-a-minute.

but then there is the other thing I am almost tempted to spend my money on - and it isnt NES or NES games. But rather, a SNES ( OH MY JESUS HE ADDED AN +S ) - and when I got to thinking about all the awesome games on the SNES all I could think of was Mario Kart ... and I kept thinking. ... and I really didnt get anything else but Mario Kart because I really didnt enjoy the SNES and thought it sucked anyway. HAH. SO FUCK YOU SNES.
i know i dont check the board as often as most. but fuck you. last christmas i WAS the fuck.

anyways that being said..

i dont know who the hell free void is....but whoever you are...Crystalis was the most fucking righteous game on NES. i love dit so much...until my copy got destroyed..while i lived at a certain house in tacoma..that was full of things that have something in common with a box full of white color crayons in a garbage can.


hey have this deal where you only call when im gone.
i should be home this weekend.
Lol @ Bradbury.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to listen to Aaron's music.
I only followed the link once. I really did want to see what he had to offer.
All of a sudden I guess I'm glad I didn't waste my time ;-)
Shut the fuck up Jesse I wasn't bitching.
I simply made a comment that wasn't directed at anyone offensively or otherwise, merely
an observation -- Not my fault my umm..."bluff was called"

And you don't know shit about me so don't even go into sayin how much who knows about
what. I'm sure there's stuff you know about music I don't know, just as well as there's plenty
of stuff I know that you don't. Fact of the matter it doesn't matter who knows what about music,
music is meant to be listened to, which is what I do.

Aaron, my comment wasn't an attack on you. As I said -- it was an observation. If you are mixing
a song, good for you. As a matter of fact when I read that I thought it was cool, simply for the
fact that I'd like to be able to do that shit myself. If you want to take it as an insult...good for you.
Also -- I listen to trance. I listen to a hell of a lot of trance. And I can tell you that there is no melody
that is "incompatible" with trance music. It's technology, it's electronic -- any melody can be
I also haven't called you immature.

So in summary -- Jesse, shut the fuck up. Your angst-blinded rants piss me off. Once you get out
of that mid-teenaged mindset that most of us managed to start growing out of in early high school,
then I'll pay a little more attention to you.

Aaron -- My first post - meant no offense. If it did, I'm sorry.
My second post - some offense meant, simply because ya pissed me off.
This post - eat shit because I could care less what you "think" -- and die.

I'm not in a good mood right now.
And I'm rather enjoying it.
I love it when someone mixes a couple of shitty techno songs and suddenly they become a master of music.


Try playing real music, say, with a symphony orchestra.

I've never met anyone to whom the term "poser" was attached so easily.
I actually think you both no shit about music, but you seem to have something in your head to make you think you have the devine truth. Just listen to it and stop bitching, jesus. Dont ruin it for the rest of us.
I am so sick of that phrase "the pot calling the kettle black"
Anytime someone uses it to close up an argument, it means they ran out of things to say and so they must
somehow make their weak argument seem valid.

I must disagree with one statement you made:
I also think you know jack shit about music
Steve happens to know a fucking lot about music. Hell, sometimes he upstages me with his knowledge.
I didn't "Have to investigate" it. I just thought you were wrong and prepared my sources for the argument. If this makes me lame, I don't care. The point being that I doubt you listen to trance songs and go "Damn, that's a melody from Crystalis". I also think you know jack shit about music, because most of the melodies in the Crystalis songs are in keys that are pretty well incompatible with Trance music so I have no idea how you'd find them there. I notice that if I say anything you have to start an argument, then you usually start to say things along the line "Why do you have to argue with everything?" and point out I'm immature for arguing with you or something like that. Basically: Pot, I'd like you to meet Kettle.
Dude, your lame.
I say something so you have to investigate it?

Fact of the matter is I've heard Crystalis music in many different songs.
OMG -- so they don't use the name Crystalis in the songs! That doesn't mean
they don't exist. Try going to and download some techno, which I do
often. I've heard it many times there. So you know -- I don't download videogame
remixes. They've never struck my interest.
What does this mean, you say? It means most of the remixes I've heard have
original names, not "Crystalis theme song (trance mix)" or whatnot.

Lol. Call my bluff.
Don't play poker Aaron. You don't know when to fold.

August 25, 2002

Steven, no offense but I'm going to have to call your bluff on this one. The standard site for VG remixes on the internet is pretty much "", there are 2 remixes of Crystalis there, neither of which are the song I'm doing. Also, I searched Kazaa and found the same two remixes. MegaMan on the other hand has almost 30-60 remixes per Megaman game. So I hardly see how they are even comparable and how the Crystalis music is remixed to death when there are many more songs than the two which have been remixed.

Anyway, I finished my remix, James, remind me to send it to you next time you're online.
Napster-- garcon is pronounced "gar-sawn"
It did indeed have good music...but it's already been remixed to the death -- just like Mega Man =\
I think I do remember that game.....
I love remixing Video Game music, did anyone ever play the Adventure game Crystalis for the NES?

That game had some great music.

August 24, 2002

Ryan Adams. October 29-Tuesday. at the Moore.
I'm there. alone most likely. dammit. but i'm excited!!

In other "dammit" news, I found out that I am not five-feet tall.
I'm 4'11 9/10. bullocks.

August 23, 2002

Now jeff ive been meaning to ask that garcon pronounced with the c a a sharp "s" or is it pronounced like a K
I really hate when i'm wrong about things...

well this means i can post "Attaque des Kangourous Tueurs!" -- when i finish it up for French class. I have to email it, or give it to the professor, tomorrow.
What's up with blogger... 5 to 1 it won't post this.

August 20, 2002

I'm not sure about the terms "waiter" and "waitress", but more than likely that is the case...

it certainly is the case in France... where it used to be the thing to call the waiter "garçon"...

now you will probably get punched or something by the waiter... instead it is now "serveur"...

--i think it is because of the fact that "garçon" is translated to the word "boy"... and means just that... so when you are in a restaurant, and you ask for the waiter...its bad to call him "garçon"...

a useful tidbit to know if you ever go to France, or eat in a French restaurant--there or here...

--hehe, now to go to a restaurant and call for the garçon...

hey, just because i have that knowledge--doesn't mean they all need to be aware that i know it...
Ask -Bradbury- was a valiant attempt that kicked ass for exactly four days.

They have this new waitress at the Chinese restaurant we often eat at. She's from the Czech Republic. Man.....I need to move to eastern Europe. Seriously.

And the term "Waitress." Is that now un-PC? I can never keep on top of what the puritanical assholes that come up with this shit deem to be improper. Should it now be all "Server" instead of "Waiter" and "Waitress?"
Did you just say Rush?
Yeah, Floater fucking rules, They're playing at Graceland this Thursday. It's like Primus + System of a Down + Neil Young + Rush. oh hell yes.
I imagine that jimmy checks this from time to time...

so for jimmy...

hey, sorry i missed your last couple of calls--i'm not used to listening for my cell phone's ring, so if you call and i'm not there, it could be just that i didn't hear it... try waiting for like ten to twenty minutes and trying again.

that will probably work...

also--i'm in class from 2:20 (4:40 for you, i think) to 5:40 (7:40) for you, i think...
so i don't answer the phone, typically.

after this week, that will probably change, but not sure entirely yet of how it will change...

anyway, that's all.


oh, and if anyone wants to help me move on friday night, or can get boxes from james for friday night, that'd be awesome.


August 19, 2002

Well then

I went to make myself some scrambled eggs just a few minutes ago.
Boy did I regret that.

It seems that it's been so long since I made 'em, (I used to make really
good scrambled eggs) I can't remember how to make 'em properly.
So I winged it.

They don't taste all that bad -- but I think that's primarily the salt/pepper I
tossed into 'em. Nontheless they taste quite different than they are supposed to.

Guess I'll try again tomorrow.

August 18, 2002

I like Drowning Pool.
I also like the flak I'm gonna get for tellin y'all that ;-)

No worries Bradbury -- actually check this out, I'm drivin down
167 after calling everyone I could think of...and as I look to my
left I see this nice Mustang.
Holy shit it's Jacob!
He's the guy who sells Voicestream in the booth inside Wal-Mart...since
I worked in electronics I came to talk to him a lot. So I have him roll down his
window and give him a 70mph invite to poker and have him follow me to
Andrew's house.
Crazy shit.
Then we took all his money...not that it mattered, since his income dwarfs
James' as pocket-change.
He didn't know shit about poker. It was great.
He wants to play some more. I told him I'd pull him along with my other
group where he'll last a bit longer and probably learn a little easier.
So we have a new wheel into poker night, for those who are interested.
A wheel with a high bankroll for that matter.

Now, onto other -- nonrelated things.
I have this opportunity.
Basically it's a full house in a game of 5 card stud.
Full two's rolled over a pair of three's.
It's a guarunteed win -- seein as how it is
5 card stud. A shitty boat it might be, but it's a full
boat nontheless, and I ain't losin. So do I take
the win? Or do I save my pride incase something
that's defintitely not going to happen, happens?

Yeup -- that's the life.

I think I'll go with a high bet on this one.

August 17, 2002 the only thing I had heard about this was what Napster posted.

and then what James posted.

You know what? That's all I'm going to know, because I really don't care. I'm sure someone will try make it so that I know more.....but I don't care to either way.

You know why I don't care? Bands like Drowning Pool are shit. Plain and simple.

For every Hendrix, you have a dozen Steely Dans. With a Genesis, you get plenty of Boy George. Free with every Cobain, a fair helping of Courtney Love. Guess which of the two categories Drowning Pool falls into.


Went to Costco today. They were doing demos like crazy. Discovered the "International Cheeses" booth. Man, is that dangerous. I must have eaten half a pound of various cheeses I can't even pronounce, all in little bitty cubes. Of course, no Costco lunch is complete without rounding things out by going through the various food departments.

Nothing beats a free lunch, one bite-sized serving at a time.

Steven, sorry to bitch out on poker, but I'm going to be a little broke until the first of the month. We're trying to get the Civic put together (with the new motor) by the last import drags of the season, which happens to be two weeks from today, and it isn't exactly a cheap venture. So I'm going to need that 20 bucks for gas and whatnot. Hopefully I'll be able to win a little cash there, but I may be going up against the Civic.....maybe I'll be more consistent....
Its a hoax - this " drowning pool singer dead " thing.
its just a ploy to advertise their tour :

" death by bull sperm " - they're going to prop up his " supposed " corpse on stage and play " bodies "
people will be WOWED when the dead lead-singer actually begins to move and sing :


and a great time will be had by all.
then again.

if he is dead - I hope they play BODIES at his funeral.
I'd laugh.
so hard, would I laugh.
Yes we need more suicide pacts among shitty fringe-rock group lead singers.
The singer of Drowning Pool is dead...

Why couldn't he have taken Nickelback with him?

August 16, 2002

When I was in Cali, I heard about this *PUNK* concert on KROQ...
It has the Distillers, the Sex Pistols, Offspring, Vandals, Social Distortion, Bad Religion, Buzzcocks, Circle Jerks...
etc and so forth..
and Blink182 & New Found Glory.
what the fuck are they doing there? this isn't Warped Tour.
Well, Blink182 can be excused, just barely, but New Found Glory?? oh please. does anyone actually like NFG?
Yeup --

Right now is the time where I go take a shower, so that I can
drive down to the Muckleshoot to sign up for my classes, which
start on September 9th.
Dealer, classes that is.

I have REDISCOVERED poor people food. Im not talking about Ramen, or Mac and cheese (which i have nothing against mind you).....i'm talking about the kind of meals and stuff that you can throw together from stuff in a dry goods cubbard. Sort of like a Culinary McGuyver. I was just sitting here...ive been doing alot of that lately...when i thought, "Croikey, Napster youve forgotten the simple things like bananna sandwiches. Your hungry arent you, you limey littel bastard, you think your too good for stuff like this dontcha mate? " And so i went out to the kitchen, before i could start questioning why my thoughts were fluctualtiong between Steve Irwins accent and that of one of those British gangsters from Snatch or Lock, Stock n Two Smoking Barrels. I didnt fry the bananas because A. I wanted to eat ASAP, and B. Because i dont wanna end up like elvis. Oh man that was one hell of a sandwich too, chock full of Potassium and peanutty goodness
played chess. played ut. played pool. going swimming. going to see a movie. maybe play some smash brothers (or tekken tag, depends if i buy a gamecube or a ps2 today) and i still have tomorrow and sunday off. yea.

yea, i remember when james and i use to drive home at around 3-4 in the morning and see possums all out and about-and we use to try to run them over intentually...hehe, "LINE 'EM UP!"

i apparently can get free disney world tickets. i am intrigued.

i pretty much cannot leave the base until my second phase and cant leave mississippi (cept for pensicola and new orleans) until 4th phase or when i leave tech. that sucks, but i can have visitors (hint hint) on weekends (and weeksends start at 1730 on thursday night, hint hint) so if anyone (cough, zach cough) wants to stop by and hang out...they can. just abiut it or email me or something. buttsex.


when i come back during christmas, i'll tell yall abouit my funzo basic training stories. but for now-im going to play ut.

So get this - I have figured out my problem.
I hate people. Just people in general. People I dont know. Hell - sometimes even people I do know.
I hate people who drive slow on the road.
I hate people who are lazy and dont do things that even a half-sentient rock could do if it grew arms and could speak spanish.

and so it goes-

now I have a 1500 ( +? ) computer and it is so sweet Im creaming my pants even while typing this sentence.
this sentence as well.

Sorry for not posting as much lately -
life ( or rather, work ) - just has been catching up to me.

oh my jesus - and jimmoi posts.
and zach posts.

now where is jeff?

there are times in one's life where they have to re-evalutate where they are and where they are going.
their future and past and present all in one big comglamoration ( ? ) of thinking-ness


im still waiting for mine to hit.

August 15, 2002

chroist cakes jimmoi posted!
my car confuses me.
like it wa sgiving me hell for the longest time...then suddenly last night i was working fine..
and the seatbelt even fixed itself.


Mississippi eh jimmoi?
thats somewhat near a way.
if you get somesort of leave you should come see me for a day or two.
how i miss your buttsex...

they are the stupidest animals.
i am never trying to not hit one ever again..
"ohh look at me im a fucking oppossum..if i play dead the car going 92 miles per hour wont hit me!"

im going to go put my hand on my penis and rub now.

i have fifteen minutes before they kick me out of the lab-let me just say that the board (or bored) is dead and hell-and if it cont. to be dead i will wont check it again. so be interesting god dammit!

also- i have a new addy since im in tech school it is if you decide to send me pornographic materal...



tech school owns btw. i got a tv. my own bathroon. fridge. and im on night shift classes so i never see my roomate-har! there's also a day room and beats UDUB's day room-well jeff's old dorm room-theres a 62inch teevee and a dvd player w/ pool tables and foos ball tables. we also have a swimming pool. yarsh. and the rooms are brand so their nice. and i get three days off. hee. man i like tech school oh-and i get 1 hour lunch and as long as i want for dinner. fook yea. and the food's free-the books are free. yeup

i gotta go.