June 30, 2001

i bought blink-182 tickets yesterday.
fook. they arent playing washington warped tour!

i bought a weezer poster yesterday.

i bought a new belt yesterday

i bought a zippo with the weezer logo on it yesterday

i bought an mxpx t-shirt yesterday

i bought the new mxpx cd yesterday

i bought the newest pain cd yesterday

i bought a buckcherry cd yesterday

i bought a blink-182 movie yesterday

i bought a big fat green candle yesterday.

i bought a bag of balloons yesterday.

the balloons, the candle, and the buckcherry cd were so i could go through angelas line so i could talk to her, because i have a massive crush on her. its pathetic. i was going to ask her if she wanted to get a bite to eat on her lunch break today, but when she came in..she left again. i dont know why. :(

warped tour in 2 days.

jimmoi, james, and mike had an odd day yesterday.

yesterday i bowled 130. not bad.

ergh. im the biggest asshole in the world.

i don't like this oz name thing. my name is also Ass Executioner. i wanted to be differnt. boohoo

fneh. anyhow.

i feel real blah.

THIS IS WHY I need to take a vacation to BRAZIL. Not only that but a lot of things are on my mind - not like I'm going to post about them - just a bit ago my father called and told me to cook LAMB CHOPS and I DONE ATE 'EM - so ... HAH. No more hand puppet for you!

Ok - so now I'll play zach-o in counterstrike... I don't know if he knows about the new maps - so we shall see. Charlie might come over - which is a good thing - merely because my mother is gone until tomorrow and father shows up at 12. Hmm. oh - another funny thing :

goto THIS FUN PLACE and learn what your OZ PRISON BITCH NAME is ... Mine consists of the following :

Ass Executioner

Mwa hahaha, bitch.
Look up your own name... ok - well, and do yourself a favor as well :
Look up Jimmoi's real full name.
You'll get a kick, I swear you will.

I seem to be the only semi-dominant oz-bitch name around.
I mean mike and jeff dont seem to have good ones either.

If anyone notices a couple of obvious "brodie" marks (thick, black burnout marks of the sort left by the rear wheels of a vehicle that is rotating on the front axle) in the Lakewood mall parking lot, out in the corner in the middle of nowhere, I know nothing about them.

Ok then.

Mike: since we have no real omen, religion has taken on that role of late, sort of a scriptural quaalude, to calm people down and make them think that their actions in this world will somehow benefit them in an afterlife. So, yes, some people do has an omen that guides them, but then there's the rest of us that don't buy into it, and so what do we have?

Ugh. Alcohol is your friend!

I have know Idea how to post pics. I need to know so I can do my profiles... HELP!!! someone please tell me how, I know that your all laughing at me cuz I don't know how but please tell me...
ahhh, it is napster, whats up napster...
There will never be any omen in life from which man should guide his actions. We are left frusterated in life and any omen which we percieve is external and we are left with nothing but our own interpritation. Indeed we are like a general with his soldiers in this respect, we are given some order and then must decided how to act upon it, It is our individual decision which will decide just who is going to die and who will live. Our own judgement is the only judgement, therefore, the only omen we percieve is the one which we choose to percieve. Yet our own individual is ambiguous, i have long believed that my body was more the tool and my mind was the user. I have changed my mind, I believe that the self is simply something assembled by the mind to interact with the world it percieves, the self is designed and built for this world. The moment the world changes and becomes something other than the world the self was built for one of two things happines (1) The body abandones the self and builds a new one (2) The self is updated and changed to fit into this new world. This relates to the experience of aging and the changes in taste and thought which take place during this process. You can do well to identify with your self-concept because that is who/what you are, however, you are fleeting and will decay/die/change to fit the needs of your body in a changing world. The moment this world changes you stop existing and a new self is sewn to the mind in order to continue to exist, Indeed, our minds can not handle a paradox in reality and this is exactly because our minds are designed for a world without paradox, however, if a paradox comes to be then a new self will come to lite. One which can deal with the paradox. Since the only judgement is our own, and we are ambiguous and fleeting being, should we judge or decided ?... How can there be any natural law when the only natural law that we perceive is most likely only a side affect of the design of our selfs for this world ??....


June 29, 2001

This is why I like Radiohead:::

This song (Street Spirit [Fade Out]) was written in 1993, around the same time as "My Iron Lung." "Creep" is Radiohead's American hit, this is the British equivalent. Laced with Ed's absolutely perfect arpeggios, the track has a mesmerizing quality that links it to the work of Stereolab. With lyrics about feeling like a very small person in an intimidating world, this fan favorite is memorable and timeless. [Radiohead: From a Great Height]

Thom: "'Street Spirit' is our purest song, but I didn't write it.... It wrote itself. We were just its messengers... Its biological catylysts. It's core is a complete mystery to me... and (pause) you know, I wouldn't ever try to write something that hopeless... All of our saddest songs have somewhere in them at least a glimmer of resolve... 'Street Spirit' has no resolve... It is the dark tunnel without the light at the end. It represents all tragic emotion that is so hurtful that the sound of that melody is its only definition. We all have a way of dealing with that song... It's called detachment... Especially me.. I detach my emotional radar from that song, or I couldn't play it... I'd crack. I'd break down on stage.. that's why its lyrics are just a bunch of mini-stories or visual images as opposed to a cohesive explanation of its meaning... I used images set to the music that I thought would convey the emotional entirety of the lyric and music working together... That's what's meant by 'all these things are one to swallow whole'.. I meant the emotional entirety, because I didn't have it in me to articulate the emotion... (pause) I'd crack.... Our fans are braver than I to let that song penetrate them, or maybe they don't realize what they're listening to.. They don't realize that 'Street Spirit' is about staring the fucking devil right in the eyes... and knowing, no matter what the hell you do, he'll get the last laugh...and it's real...and true. The devil really will get the last laugh in all cases without exception, and if I let myself think about that to long, I'd crack. I can't believe we have fans that can deal emotionally with that song... That's why I'm convinced that they don't know what it's about. It's why we play it towards the end of our sets. It drains me, and it shakes me, and hurts like hell everytime I play it, looking out at thousands of people cheering and smiling, oblivious to the tragedy of it's meaning, like when you're going to have your dog put down and it's wagging it's tail on the way there. That's what they all look like, and it breaks my heart.
I wish that song hadn't picked us as its catalysts, and so I don't claim it. It asks too much. (very long pause). I didn't write that song."
bzat. i'm feeling very compulsive right now. i wish it were 2 weeks ago. so i could call this girl. instead of e-mailing her and hoping it's the right address because she went off to a music camp. did i spell address wrong?

this ees her:


bah. this is just the type of thing i hate and used to complain about in high school.

fish out

Something more, something more

I just realized something...

it probably wasn't very fair of me to single out james for the search thing...
so for the sport of it, i will make a list for people who might waste their time searching for me:

jeff s. paulino (yeah, like i'm really gonna put my middle name when i can't stand it) paulino mookie roach (ask justin or jimmy) horehey jorge el presidente nonfinis NON FiNiS NONfinis MadStapler Mowgli mowgli paulino jeff university of washington UW uw psychology sociology social psych seven roy texas fort hood fort lewis paintball paulino jeff jeff paulino (i'm guessing that the more i write it, the more likely people will find it) roy roy university college student target employee target paulino flo stock hood fort military bethel high school pierce college paulino paulino jeff

There we go...

that's enough for now.

I think that even's up everything...
but i still want to see if james' alters it.

well, i guess this is growing up10

Here's something to search for:

Y'know, with all this talk james has been spouting off about people finding him, and people finding all of us...

i thought i'd invite him to enjoy the fun,
and he gave me the idea for this next little thing...

So here goes:
james c. mud not mud "king of dirt" porn collins administrator james james james collins mud not mud mud? bob "administrator bob" bethel high school tza scribble shaggy long-haired glasses weird strange anti-social porn berzerk (note: i threw this one in because no one uses the term bezerk anymore, so if anyone ever searched for it...well that would be funny) mental problems schizophrenic schizophrenia associative identity disorder disassociative identity disorder multiple personality disorder attention defecit hyperactivity disorder ridilin ridelin (mostly because i didn't know how to spell) tza guh pfhf (i don't know..)

Yeah, i think i'm done with that for now...
note that i don't necessarily believe that these things listed are qualities james possesses, but other people wasting their time "searching" for him (not that i'm saying it would be a waste necessarily), might consider looking him up as.

I also don't believe this list will last up for very long, as i anticipate james will come through and edit it...
i thought about making it more difficult...but i don't really care to.

i just want to see how long it is before this list goes down...
and so i am starting the count at 4:50...five minutes from the time i wrote "five minutes".

now, i may not get a chance to post this weekend, so would someone tell me if he takes it down before monday, and when he did...
not really that important, but i'm curious...

oh, and note to james...just because i expect you to edit this post, that isn't some sort of twisted way of saying that i feel it is alright for you to.
i won't be mad...
but as a form of censorship...i just wouldn't be slugs. (new saying i'm working on).

well, i guess this is growing up9
I must say, AIMster kicks major ass. WHO'S DOWNLOADING A FULL EPISODE OF LA BLUE GIRL!!!? OH YEAH! I AM!

Keeping Tabs

First off, i'd just like to say "welcome" to andy. I see he has posted, which should make the board only more fuller and richer, and whatnot...

yeah, james' picture of me is a rather bad one, which is good for him...
though i admit, the playing field is a little onesided, with my massive forces (pictures), going up against his one.

i should probably share pictures with him...then we'd have a really good contest. we shall see...

and now then, on to the more interesting issue of the day.

Apparently someone from Guam has been looking around for me...
i must say, i am quite intrigued as to who this mystery searcher is...

well, whoever you are, please, by all means, leave a comment at one of the comment spots on one of my various posts...preferably this one, or one of my more recent ones.

Much thanks to james for installing that netstats thing, that allows us to determine where people are viewing our site from...

unlike james, i am not paranoid by someone looking up my name...
quite intrigued really, that anybody would spend that much time looking me up...

quite intrigued indeed.

this bares further investigation.

whoever you are, are you family? or friend? though i doubt friend...i can't think of any friends that come from guam...

oh...and here's one last possibility...
maybe, just maybe...that person from guam was never searching for me.
maybe they were searching for a keyword that was mentioned in one of the many posts here...
or maybe...just maybe

they were searching for YOU!

well, i guess this is growing up8
wow, is it just me or did anyone else just fall in love with jody?

i was looking around on my computer the other day and found this poem about spam.

i believe i wrote it in a fit of bordem. i never knew how to spell bordem. you get the idea.

Once I met a man.
A man who liked to eat Spam.
I opened up a can,
and put popped that man.

He liked to eat it raw.
He liked to eat it fried.
He'll eat it with a buzz saw.
With mashed potatoes on the side.

He certainly was a silly man.
He always knew what to do.
Break out a can of Spam!
And a catheter or two.

I won't even begin to tell you,
all the things he did with Spam.
I've just one fact to tell you, or two.
He really loved his Spam.

well, what can i say to follow that up?

i'm here. i listen. sometimes.
ANYTHING is possible!

Ever feel depressed ? Ever feel unwelcome ? Join us, join www.zombo.com !
Anything is possible...

Every go to the store to buy juice ? Have you !? *nods his head* Yes, I'm sure you have...
"White Grape Peach" is some nice juice isn't it ? That's two juices right boys n' girls ?

- Yes dM, that's White Grape and Peach...

WRONG Read the damn carton! A combination of three juices! Three! Ask yourself... "what the fuck is the third juice in my drink!?"

yea.. *goes off to ponder that thought*
4. 29 June 07:24 Guam (netpci.com)

... someone searching for a Jeff? Jeff... Paulino?

" Come back! We miss you!"

just glad nobody from Ireland comes searching away . . .
( knocks on wood )
Why wormy Raoul is none other than napster
possible people to link to ( be sure to put up your thoughts as well ... if I find someone REALLY good - I wont ask ;)

really good looking woman ... other than that?
nice layout / pin-up girls... good combonation.
I really dig this one ... merely for the following entry :

i'm a smart girl, and i'm pretty and child-like. most guys meet me and expect me to giggle and add nothing significant to the conversation. they expect me to simply be a 'trophy girlfriend' type girl or the helpless damsel in distress. haha. i laugh at their misconception.

yes, i wear pink dresses. and sometimes pigtails. and i might be eating an ice cream cone and playing with a puppy. but i scored a 1460 on my SATs. i read pablo neruda (untranslated) and can do differential calculus in my sleep. ask me about Brentano's three disciples and his contributions to metaphysics and psychology. or perhaps some nonlinear dynamics. hmm...

all of this and an excheerleader ::shudder::

A group of people who I might link to merely because they're a group of people - much like we are - but more "uniform" more "together" more.... more... ah, shall we say "more without a bunch of ranting loons posting pictures to downgrade eachother's reputations" ... eh? :)

this place has a large picture of a woman - very bright site - and it would be a nice contrast for people coming from our dark and dreary slug-slime website ... actually - i was thinking the transition would blind and/or temporarily stun people... I might link to this one!

my last one for tonite - merely because Jimmoi is half-nude behind me on the bottom bunk singing... a bit of what he's saying :

"Christina, You're the devil ... I'll give you some scotch on the rocks baby ... Oh yeah post about me singing that christina is the devil, bastard... ( laughing ) ... I hate you, I fucking hate you - oh man I so love you, dude... dude... ah ... man I'm going to return to singing then... and if you want me, to disrobe me, that's ok - cause baby, you gave me scotch on the rocks and i say hay ... is for horses... no wait - i hate you, you hate me, and it makes it even easier - oh baby please give me scotch on the rocks so i can get drunk and make decisions i'll forget ...."

ok i'm stopping there as he's now aware, or well - yeah, he's aware of the fact i was writing what he was saying and now he's singing right next to my head about masturbation and the devil and so on... anywho - where was I?

oh yes - the last one i saw that i was going to post was THIS ONE - and then i saw at the bottom there was a link to eh wha? - and then I found that there was a whole community of sorts of women ... I'm going to email one of them and ask them if they want to link with us right now....

of course - it wont consist of " Hey would you like to link to us? "
it will be more like what I've been emailng everyone else I'd like to link up with ... which consists of this :

I dig.

"See my butt, see my butt, see my butt - it's so hairy, and so scary, in your face"

... yeah... this is why you don't allow jimmoi to sing before he goes to sleep.

I'm done.
He's trying to set the alarm for tomorrow morning.
or well, in a couple of hours - being later on today -
so that we can go donate plasma ( not blood )
Mike says it's copper joose. And copper joose it will be -
it'll give us SPECIAL COPPER that comes in 50$
I don't like the concept.
We ate steak so that we can have iron and didnt drink coffee.

We'll see.
or well - ... g'morning.
whichever one its going to be for you.

Also - Today is Anthony's birthday.
Now you see - i dont exactly think he wanted anyone to know.
but you know what?

let's all give'm a big one eh?


atrayoo.... yea, sittin' on my pud one day I thought to myself, woowee I need to wash my self, so I decided to go and take one of my old cock-gobbler-turkys and put it in the frying pan.... CCCHHHEEEEEESSSEEE........ God I'm tired... put the lime in the coconut and drink a boul up, I put a lime in the coconut and drink the boul up, I put the lime in the coconut and call the doctor and woke him up and said doctor, is there nothing I can take, I said doctor to relive this belly cheese....
yea, I did get a job at the cheap theater, I'm starting tommarow at 6pm... who is this raoul something or other, i do not know this name...

June 28, 2001

someone should give me a larger monitor. mine died and thusly i am left with an old 15" monitor. boo

lordy knows i try to post but i'm so caught up with doing nothing that i hardly have time or anything. just trying to find the time to walk up the street and get a job is getting tough. i almost did it the other day. that and getting my learner's permit. i need to do that since i'll be starting college in august.

yeah. and my advice for today is: listen to black flag. old school punk eez gud
I was looking around for places to link to -
not only other blog-sites, but web cliques and rings and so on...
and ran into this.
Guess what everybody? We're not elligble to join " whore " because of the following reasons :

1. we bash artists, and most particularly of any form
2. our site contains trashy humour, which is just bad.
3. wE hAvE tExT tHaT iS vErY aNnOyInG aNd PoInTlEsS.

You see? Oh - you might be wondering " but mud, where are these violations? "
Let me make it clear for you - oh blind one :

I hAtE mEtAlLiCa. MeTaLiCa Is ThE sHiTtIeSt BaNd In ThE wHoLe UnIvErSe.
ThEy SuCk DoNkEy NuTs!! ThEy ArEnT pRo-NaPsTer!!! ArGhRgHr!

What did one package of toilet paper say to the other as a third one went to work?
" Another one wipes the butt! "

thank you.
I think all women do is fuck with the opposite sex's heads, Nick. Even if you are going out with/together/married etc. It's just how they are.
meeza bored.

so im getting ready for work, getting hyped up to "donate" copper juice when i feel this strain on my lower back.
i hate strains.
anywho-i see that Micheal and Anthony are posting. now, we just need mike, and we got sumthin.
hehe, jeff, i think you got james in a corner. he underestimated your "sickness".
ofcourse, james only need that ONE funny funny looking picture of you "pointing" at something in a "packer" jacket thingie. har har har...but dont bring me into this. everyone is aware that its so easy to make fun of me-being that im FAT and GOOKY and have homesexual tendicies...and kant speill. have have an overbearing mother who wants everyone to EAT THE MEAT, theres a fly in my room flying around, and i eat bloody steaks, and that im horny and have hankering for spankerings, and that i pout an E aftere everythinge, and that i have EVOL FEET, and that i still work at the evol place (target) and thqat i went to pierce and that i dropped out and that im lazy and have to always be right...is that all or am i missing something? oh well, im sure you guys will find something and doctor a photo of me eating pecan pie or something...nothin's funnier than a gook eating pecan pie...mmm, mmm better.

anywho, im geezin' so i'll post later...mabe saturday. COPPER JUICE!!!

and now-for your moment of...ben?


W000T got my learners, and i start in car driving monday!!!!! whos your dady!!! Now i can run you all down and stalk you and take pics i can blackmail you all with. muahahah well... gunna go bug james to play me in CS.
Oh yeah... I came to say that I will begin my search for blogs to "leach" off of. Also, I will put up my remixes of the Ninja Gaiden music here. Thank God for NES music or I wouldn't have anything to do.
Wow, I just came here to post something important... but I completely forgot what it was.
Hahahahahaha Jesse you suck.
Seriously though, Jolene has been fucking with your head for a year now.....Is she still "with" Ryan?


Thank goodness. I've arrived. I know you've all been missing me a lot. Honestly, I've never posted here because I really didn't care. But since I love all of you far to much to neglect you any more, I've decided to become involved. Yes, this is the much respected and feared Anthony. Yeah, the loser at James' BBQ.

Ok, the real reason I am posting is simply because... well.... I saw that convincing picture of the collage of penis', and I was taken in. On a more serious note, i should be posting more often, and have a good day.

I A-M N-E-W T-O T-H-E B-O-A-R-D ----- Just thought I'd say that cause mud told me not to. Much respect to you James =)

*wave* bye bye
recent updates :

due to the fact that we keep getting people in from google searching for child pornography - i decided to take our "random readership" into my own control to some extent - so slugs : I ask of you this >>> Go out and find us some blogs to link to - preferrably blogs that have site-trackers on them, so that they may see that we've linked to them - and they will, in turn, link to us - and then guess what? We'll be able to leech and suck away all of their readers into our own! mwa hahaha!

Also - if you notice there is a "blog.hop" link - click on it and you'll go to the bottom ( i might change the title of 'blog.hop' to 'rate.us' so that people vote - be sure to vote GREEN ) -- this is also to promote a readership which does not consist of pedophiles looking for young child pornography - or Mike Rigney stalkers that might be wanting his mathmatically genius of a penis. hahaha.

ooh yeah - also - click on comments at the bottom of this - you'll notice you wont to got he top of the website anymore - but rather to the top of the post that you're commenting on. Yeah - i got sick of having to scroll down and so i fixed that. If it annoyed any of you - well I expect a thanks for taking into consideration your feelings. I STILL havent got a reply back from the guy who runs the comment-script about the redirection URL. bloody hell.

also - jimmoi wanted to re-instate PORN WARZ - merely because I don't think he can do any photo altercations - and I was all raring and ready to start beating the poop out of all of you - but then I saw [ DS ] leave a comment ... as now that she seems to be a reader - uh ... yeah... I'd feel kind of uncomfortable posting pornography ( in fact my whole Say it with penis JEFF! picture really embarrased me ) - so uh... yeah, you guys go ahead - and if I gather enough courage I'll beat you all. hah.

I know you're all expecting me to retort to Jeff-o's picture barrage of anti-Jamesness... well, just you wait - I have to gather my strength you know. Jeff has a larger power base of photos to work with - as I never knew he had so many of me ( me bending over? being mollested by men? ) .... what sort of pictures he may have of YOU --- now you're going to be curious, arent you? anywho... what i've been pre-occupying my time with is well... PICTURES OF MYSELF -- neato eh? here is an example :

hey thats me in the coffee!

ok - with that said and done... I believe that's all the updates for now...

thank you, and good night.

if you notice, my eyes are now on the board. neato eh?

June 27, 2001

Mike should be stopping by sometime with a rant about .. hmm, I forgot about what.
But it'll be good, and mike-ish.
Crap - I forgot I gave out those cards and [ DS ] posted a comment.

Some gal solicited me for cyber-sex.
I shall give you now some funny tidbits :

Shauny 8:48 PM do it baby

Mud 8:48 PM im doin it, im doin it

BAHAHAA - I said " PFHR. " ... that'll be my new word for awhile.
" PFHR! " - it will connotate " that lady looks good "
hahaha a ahah aooh man I kill myself.
please not the random "UNG" noises. I had to mock what she was doing.

the other funny tidbit :


Shauny 8:59 PM oh well u please me alright what else can i do to make me feel sexual



Mud 9:01 PM I have to go - brb


HAHAHAH - Two good catch phrases from that >


ahahaha ... oh man ... ooh whooo .. yeah... phweee...

classic. i tell ya. whoo.

also - be sure to see my PHOTO ALTERCATION STORY RETORT to Jeff's ... rather... elaborate story.
Hey drew did you get a job at that cheap theater?
So anyway:
I was walking around one day and I all the sudden found myself here sitting. Then a brilliant thought came upon me as fast as death to a bumble bee, "Wasn't I walking?" Then, out of the blue this malformed donkey came out of nowhere and took my by the scruff of the neck. At this point I was really pissed off and I wanted to kill this him. So I screamed,"HEY! YOU'RE MESSING UP MY MINK COAT!"

And as quickly as the words passed over his head, we flew away.

Where we left from, I can't remember, and where we landed, I've yet to figure out. But alas, there is good that comes from nothing I say,"I know why." The ground seemed to crash upon my head as I landed in the ocean. The water seemed to avoid hiting on my skin like every girl does. Then I then asked myself, "I know why?"

A butterfly flew passed me as I fell down and hit the soft gravel pit of my lawn.

"The donkey brought you here did he not?" The butterfly spoke in a light klingonish tounge.

I didn't understand a word he said, not because of the Klingon, because he spoke in fragmented speech like some demented rubber duck. This donkey, who was he and what did he do to make the fur on my neck scruff up?

I don't know...
I realized I wasn't real when I thought I did know, who is to know but those who don't?
I don't understand?
don't understand, don't know, don't realize what is alive and what is beyong nothing...

I don't know why I'm depressed right now, I mean shit, I went over to Jolene's house last night. :) I realized I truely do have strong feelings for her .... can I say love?
- Jesse
Hello-hello-hello, how is everyone, well that two weeks thing didn't work out, my mother got accused of stealing fireworks, and she didn't want to put up with that so she quite. so how is everyone, I love what you've done with the place, all the pritty colors and pictures, its all so pretty... I noticed that mike hasn't posted in a long time, what happened, is he in Boston or something? Not many people at all have posted jesse Z? where are you??? OH, I'm going to be an uncle, I feel cool, well I sound like a fucking jackass so I'm going to go... fuck you all I love you...
Well James and Jimmy are off to give blood or something..... they wouldent let me come so im gunna drift back into EQ!!! YES THATS RIGHT!! EverQuest!!! When i can drive... some, most of you people will be sorry :) muahahahah MUAKAKAKAKAKAKA .......
Btw im in driving lessions :) on fryday i start in car driving in school and i alredy ( Well soon ) have my Learners license and ill be being tought by my perents ( AHAHHAHAHAHA LOLOLOL ) when they want to get off their buts and teach me :) hay anyone 21?? Wanna teach a new driver and go around places in a P0-S Ford tempo 85 modle??? i get my learners tommrow or so. and good post btw jeff :) i got a laugh outa it hehe, a little resemblance to DBZ. in there :P but it was funnny! :) wonder what james will do hehe

WWHOOO CYA MOM TAKEN ME TO GET MY LEARNERS!!! W000000000000T!!!!!! ( i think... if its open. )

Revelations of the Truth

Lately, you all have been witness to some very interesting posts, about the nature of myself and jimmy. However, these posts have only been part-truths...

It is time that i string together these events and explain what you have all been witness to. So, i present to you the story of james and the Otterballs.

This true story takes place way back, about nine months ago, before i left for college. Life was great. I was preparing to go off to college at the university, and was in the process of saying my goodbyes to most of my friends.

Around this time james had found himself a companion. We did not know who it was because james starting disappearing from time to time. So, jimmy, andy, and myself decided to discover where james had been going to. What we found out was beyond disturbing. [and so we took pictures using my special camera.]

Oh how i love thee
We found james tying his shoes as he was getting ready to leave with his new beloved. This woman nearly cracked the lens on my camera. All the dogs in the neighborhood went silent around her presence.

Upon seeing this horrid situation, we determined that we had to save our dear friend james. We figured that he just was not thinking straight...
Andy, jimmy, and myself decided to try and administer some medicine which we hoped would bring james to see the truth.

james, c'mon, you have no choice!
And so, we tried administering ridilin to him. Hey, the doctors in "The Exorcist" tried it, so we figured why not try it.

Well, we were all hopeful. After all, this was drastic measures, but we wanted to save our good friend. However, as we later found out...the ridilin had no effect. We saw james back with his large jello-based woman at Sharis.

I love those rolls...no not the bread silly!
Don't let that seemingly happy look fool you...he was hurting inside.

Seeing this put jimmy in a large rage. He had to stop his friend from being overwhelmed by the flabular beast. His rage became so great, that he went Super jimmoi Number 1 and attacked her head on:

Die horrible fat beastial creature!
And so jimmy powered up to save the fate of his friend...but as it would turn out, it just wasn't enough...

Though Super jimmoi Number 1put up a valiant fight, he was overcome, and then swallowed whole. That fat beast swallowed our good friend jimmy!

All seemed lost. What was worse was that seeing jimmy swallowed did nothing to bring james back. Andy and i were forced to give up...for the time being.

And so i went off to college. While in college, i enrolled in a special class involved with lighthouse studies. Here is what james was talking about. Indeed, i was enjoying myself at my post at the lighthouse. All seemed well...though i still mourned my two lost friends...
but all that was about to change:

Seek the Otterballs!
I was sitting there, observing a flock of animals for my Compartive Animal Studies, when suddenly a floating imagine of former President Clinton appeared before me, and gave me a startling message. He told me to seek the mystical Otterballs. "Only with those will you be able to save your friends, and defeat the evil fat beast. I know...in truth, those were what i used to free myself from the clutches of monica and hilary!"

And so i set forth, on a great journey to seek out these unknown Otterballs. And that is when i came across the cave with the large woman beast. As it turned out, she was guarding them. Many had tried before to get them, and she had eaten them all. To save my friends, i sacrificed myself by living with her for months, in an attempt to get the Otterballs.

Then the day came. Right when she least expected it, i sliced her in half with a lightsaber that i fashioned out of the bones of those who had sought the Otterballs before:

I will save my friends!
I fought with everything i had, and though almost losing the battle, i managed to come out victorious. I slayed the horrid beast.

After that, i gathered the Otterballs together, and brought forth the great OTTER.

I am the great OTTER!
He came forth from the balls and told me that i had three wishes. I thought long and hard, and came up with the three wishes. First, i wished for james to see the truth in his relationship with the large beast. Second, i wished for jimmy to be restored from her gut. Finally, i wished for the beast-woman to be banished into the depths of space, so that no one would ever endure the pain that she had brought to james.

After making the wish, the great OTTER disappeared. I quickly went to see if the wished had worked...and thankfully it did. Jimmy was back, and james had lost all interest in his giant beast woman.

However, now there was a new problem. James had apparently become obsessed with me for saving his life.

Jeff, you are the greatest ever!
James started walking around wearing a shirt with an obscene picture of me with many penises. He had become deranged... He even posted pictures of this desire on blogger...as you probably all have seen.

It took many times of me telling james NO...but he finally began to understand. He still is slightly obsessed...but not nearly as much.

After this incident, he became withdrawn...he had lost his love, and his obsession. And then suddenly...he remembered one person who admired him from the very beginning:

OH, there's my man!

At once, he began his journey up the great Mt. Ranier to find his long lost ski instructor. He finally found him, and brought him a valentine's day card:

Will you be my valentine?

And that is the whole story behind the recent posts. I hope that has been informative.

Things are still going great between james and the ski instructor guy.

jimmy now fights crime against all fat horrid beasts of the world.

I am back in college getting my psych degree.

Everything worked out for the best in the end.

well, i guess this is growing up7
BIG IN DASS PEE PEE!!!! UHHHUUUHHH.... well sense there is man love porn on the site i decided id come back and stair at it..... uummmm.... btw MY SITE SUCKS!! im thinking of nuking it or selling it to some idiot and charging him 5 bucks a month. SO Jeff.... hows it going? Hows the tower,and the wife? Beach look good today :) ? *snicker*

As i go down the list and read....i find out james is stalking people, jeff is somewhat of a " penis head?? " is that what ur aming for?, Jeff also has a ......wife(??) and lives on the beach and gets away from it all bye playing in his fantasy land *snicker*, Joe eats asainac people and makes them turn into super Jimmio # 1.... AND DBZ IS NOT A GOOD THING!! *mumbles to himself*....where was i....oh yes.......and james is a flaming homosexual and he doesnt want to admit it but he is trying to show it in all his posts....so im going to say it for him, just rember Mud if big penis doesnt scare you then what else is there to be afraid of?

Your Angel of Death

online > yahoo profiles > this is mentioned -:-:-:-

More About Me
Hobbies: i love to read and write and i love sex all the time.
Latest News: i have a new baby.



remember kiddies - drive it into the vagina safely, dont fuck unprotected.
oh... and since we're on that subject - speaking of penis....

Say it with JEFF.

You all may or may not think I am crazy.
( well - correction : you all think I am crazy )

About what?
About the usage of my name, my given name, online.
You may be saying to yourself :
" You're dumb mud... you is really dumb, nobody can find you! "
( please take note - I didn't use my name :b )

So thank you - but with the help of Google.com - I have found the following.
by clicking here you will be taken to a website I searched for key words - they are highlighted - go to the very bottom of the page - and you will find a bunch of ranting on that she posted specifically from mike's hands themselves... Go figure, this must be the woman of asian persuasion he speaks of.

Also :
I tried to find some stuff on Jimmoi - but uh ... Miller is too much of a common last name.

And WHAT IS THIS? - why our good friend Jeff does a presentation on TOUCANS, otherwise known as Ramphastos sulfuratos -- and he even showed up RIGHT HERE as well!

GOLF ANYONE? - I'm sure bonnie wouldn't mind a round or two.

and just when you thought I was done. . . BLAMMO! -- You're hit with another piece of searchy goodness! Just what are Jesse's thoughts on Adobe - Premiere 5.1? We would all like to know!

And how many plays has the wOrm been in? -- although to tell you the truth, I do not think he is a Senior.


ANYONE - given the inclination to actually FIND ME can with everyone all using my name and everything. These things I've found merely by searching by a few key words. DO YOU NOT SEE?!

You bastards calling me psychotic...
and paranoid...

sex cunt prostitute orgy nude fuck pornography women porn girls blowjob anna blonde legs xxx hardcore sexy xtreme download divx mpeg video buttlove girl lesbian whore sex breasts lolita teen hot pictures porno buffy download free passwords cum rectum fuck cock penis titties boobs spread eagle red head brunette suck exhibition

for those of you who came in through a search engine looking for porn :
i hate people.

June 26, 2001

Hiya guys its been awhile, ive decided to share with you some things that i like which i just recently realized today
WW2 cartoons
Pearl Jam
Hackey Sack
Cable Modem
Pony Hell
Zip disks full of porn recently found in my closet
The Jeff Foxworthy Show (yes one did exist)
Hunter S. Thompson
nude women
brief cases
yahoo chat
mastuerbation ( i just had to get that one in there)
Napster 1 year ago
Buffalo Chicken strips with ceaser dressing

Zip drives that dont work
that little chicken hawk from looney tunes
nude transsexual (oh jesus)
yahoo messenger
Dirty Pony Hell
Cleaning up after mastuerbation
Dirt Bags (hackey sack filled with dirt)
Toonami Politics
Outlaw star being too short
daylight savings time
that time of the month
Napster present
quite the list huh, well im not sure what else i should post, i think everybody else should post a list of there likes and dislikes
Warning : the following will shock and amaze you.

You may all remember way back in the day when Jeff posted that in fact he never went to college - and isn't there at the moment.  In fact he isn't even in Seattle. You all remember? OF COURSE YOU DO. You remember when he posted that instead of going to college / seattle that he decided to live the rest of his days out by the ocean and work at a light house. Remember the day he posted his picture on the board and the look on his face was so giddy - so full of joy - that nobody suspected any different. And in case you don't remember that day ... I shall, from the depths of my saved files - dig up that very picture of him smiling and pointing at his lighthouse of joy and wonder.


yes...We were ALL happy for Jeff having found a place to dedicate his life too. A reason to live - to wake up each day. To monitor the beaches like nobody else had monitored them before him. But you see - I've recently uncovered a dark, dark secret that he's kept from everyone. In fact - there is a reason he's hidden it... which is obvious. He is ashamed. He has decieved us all into believing that he was a light-house worker. He has decieved us all into believing that he had a wonderful job at the light house... and most of all -
he lied to us about his happiness...

Why would our beloved Jeff lie and decieve his way into manipulating the thoughts and feelings of us here on the board? Well I stuck a secret camera onto one of his fruity jackets a long time ago - and forgot about it. Obviously he throws his clothes around and so when I hooked up my digital equipment to spy on him at his light house just a bit ago - I was horrified. The camera must have fallen off of his jacket, or he just threw it on the ground - as you can see he is featured in this picture... but who is that other woman?

Somewhere in some cave?

I quickly enabled the audio program on the camera and was stunned to hear
the following dialogue :

A voice, sounding like Jeff : b ... bb bu... but it's... it's cold outside d.. dd ... dear.
( Noise, sounding like beating of a fist against a large melon )
( Jeff yelps in pain, more noise sounding like running footsteps through a cave ensue )

My draw dropped in horror.
I was stunned.
Jeff was married to this fat oaf of a woman?
And why were they in a cave?
I waited until he returned with the beer.

Jeff : here ... here is your ... your beer .... dear.... i ... hope you like it... i got you lite... because yo---
( a noise, sounding like a smack )
Jeff : FINE!
( noise of a computer turning on and booting up )

Wherein the camera depicted Jeff online, at his computer - posting to the board about how he loved his life at the Lighthouse and how everything was grand and perfect and that the ocean was good. He then stopped posting and proceeded to boot up a game of " TheSims" ... Now you see - you may have seen his recent posted picture of his " Fantasy Land " as his obese wife had put it ...
but only I have acquired the TRUE nature of what his Dream World consists of.


In the picture is it obvious that Jeff has created TWO DISTINCT COPIES of himself. And they're obviously in love with eachother in a way that no man should love another man. You see? We must help Jeff! We must first remove him from this dark cave and large woman. We must then remove him from his computer fantasy land where he can love himself in manners unheard of! Sitting in hot-tubs with himself, both thinking of the same thing and completing eachother's thoughts! Giving new meaning to " You complete me " - Jeff must slowly come to the realization that his obese wife is not good for him, that nobody should live in a cave, and that no - it is not healthy to fantasize about playing footsie with yourself in a hot-tub.

Please call 1-900-savejeff and send me at least 5$ to my house.
I SWEAR I will use it to help Jeff out of the situation he has written himself into.

Really... I do.

Welcome one and all

Well, james has asked me a favor, and since i am the only one who has a picture of this, i will post it.

Almost a year ago, actually probably more than a year ago...
james, andy, and myself went to seattle to meet bullrabbit [also known as BR].

now, i don't actually know BR, but i met him briefly. Good guy. BR is a person that james and andy know.

Now, enough with the introductions:

James and andy meet bullrabbit.
Here is james and andy with bullrabbit. This was after we were kicked out of a bar because everyone but BR and his friends were older then 21.

yeah. Well, gotta go.

working on a new project for slugs.

well, i guess this is growing up6

The horror, the horror!

And now, for something completely different.

One time, when i had a special get-together in Fort Lewis, i had invited some of my closest friends. At that time, james collins, jimmy miller, justin kaasa, breanna towne, and jOe macauley showed up. It was quite an interesting time. However, the fun would not last long...

jimmy decided to wear an old halloween costume, a blue M&M suit. As a result, this spurred the hunger within jOe, unleashing his "Frenzied" mode. [NOTE: If any of you know Dragonball Z, it could be compariable to going super powerful yellow number one {japanese speak for anything cool and great}, only with jOe it means more hunger, violence, and bad body odor.] He lunged after jimmy.

I was able to capture and document this rare occurence using a special camera i personally invented that utilizing STT {speech to text} and T3 {thought to text} software invented by both myself and my esteemed collegue, a one Mr. Harry Wapler.

I want the chinese food!
Poor jimmy never knew what hit him. One minute it was a fun outing with friends, the next, he is staring down the jaw of death and trying to hold his breath from the noxious fumes. jOe wanted M&M's at first, but then later realized that james was asian, and decided that it was time for chinese food.

We were all stunned by what happened, and for a second or two just stood in total horror. Even john stewart, life-long friend of mine and harry's couldn't believe what he was seeing. He even felt deeply sorry for our seemingly fallen friend.

that poor poor bastard
Here john was visibly grief stricken by the inevitable loss of our friend jimmy. Ignore the blue background he was standing behind...someone had foolishly left a "Grammy Awards" set right in the middle of the woods...we all got a good laugh about that.

Yes, all seemed loss for our dear friend. Suddenly however, the tables turned. jimmy found the inner strength to resist the Frenzied jOe. He began to power up! [Apparently all asians are able to power up. That or they are all able to mysteriously able to transform into blonde Don Kings. This is what i learned from anime!]

I am powered up and will kill you jOe!
Here jimmy takes back the fight after he goes Super jimmio number 1 and starts to choke jOe. Not even at Frenzied mode was jOe able to stop jimmy. Some speculate that it was the horrible stench of jOe that pushed jimmy to the edge to release his hidden power. I think it was that Super Burrito Grande at Taco Bell.

The tide of the battle had turned. jimmy almost killed jOe, but at the last minute was spared his life, as all good guys do. Then we all continued with our barbeque. It was grand, except for john stewart kept hogging all the baby-back ribs.

well, i guess this is growing up5

Simulated Bliss

So i decided to try out the game "the Sims" for myself to see if i liked it, and if it was worth the hype.

My judgement: It's okay. Not quite what i expected, but at the same time, it was good.

I even made my own family of two. I am married to Kristen, and we live in a large house. I did this, not because i was materialistic, but because i wanted to try and build a ludricrious looking super expensive house, complete with an indoor pool. Did that work? Well...

lookee my house!
Well, will you look at that. I even have an indoor pool, and a pool table. I don't know if you can see the pool table. Now this would be some place. It's like a huge bunker. Just imagine if one of us had this place. We could all hang out here, and do stuff...yeah. Okay, in reality it sucks...but it was fun to create this ridiculous house. C'mon indoor pool. Yeah.

As you can see, i had some fun building that house... I never plan to, nor want to, live in a house like that. It's just too much. This was more designed as a fantasy headquarters for our group to hang out in, and make our plans, and whatnot.

And, it was fun to just relax. And where does jEFF go to relax in his simulated world. Why, none other than the hottub with his redhead wife...i don't know if the redhair is visible hear:

warm bubbles...whooo haaa...
By the look of the picture, i'd say i was talking about guitars or music... I guess that's not really me, because i wouldn't talk about guitars or music very much.

yeah, i am going to mess around with this some more and see what else i can do. It wasn't really fair this time, because i used a cheat to get lots of money, so that i could experiment with the game. Next time around i won't do that.

And i have to remember to get james a copy.

well, i guess this is growing up4
So far it looks good.
Now i feel like going out to the world and leaving big piece of paper with
In fact - if any of you go out to the mall
or what-not - be sure to throw around the URL.

yeup. lets get some readers
( and hey! if you're already an avid reader - comment on this will ya? )

The Administration of two

So i guess i am now an administrator.


I will not add anybody new for the time being, as per james' request. I think being an administrator is good for primarily one reason...the maintenance of this site.

Two administrators are good in the case of the likely event that james or myself die. Not that i want any one of us to die...[mwaa hahaha...where is my arsenic?]

other than that...it is business as usual.

there was something really interesting i was going to say, and i think i even had pictures to illustrate it...but now i've totally forgotten.

Oh, and i am going to try and find people to add. That should be interesting...and james did ask me to find people earlier sometime last month or the month before. I won't add them though, not for the time being, but leave them as prospective candidates.

Quick question, james...
to add a person they have to be a member of blogger right? So i tell them to go to www.blogger.com and register, and then i can add them...right.

Don't worry i'm not going to do that now...but i did want to know the process.

Let's see....
in class, which i ditched the later half of, we talked about Emile Durkheim...

i enjoyed his quote: to be free is not to do what one pleases; it is to be master of oneself.

consider this for a moment. it isn't so much that we need freedom to do whatever we want...such as walking around the streets of major metropolises naked...but to have mastery of our urge to indulge in the act of walking around the streets of major metropolises naked.

this argues against the virtues of anarchy and chaos, which many people press for because it gives the freedom to do whatever.

here's another way to think of things...
if you could do everything you wanted...what would be the enjoyment.

part of the urge to do whatever you want, is because most of those things are probably not allowed, or not able to be done all the time.

it is the very fact that we have restrictions on some of the things we wish to do that make those things all the more enticing.

think forbidden foods. say your a 350 lbs grahamite [note that this isn't necessarily a real person], and your doctor tells you that if you eat an entire cake, you will die of a clogged artery.

now...you are forced with the forbidden desire.

before your doctor had told you about the cake and clogged artery, eating cake wasn't really in your mind, at least not eating an entire cake. now however, you are given a tempting, and tasty, treat...the cake...which comes with consequences and positivies.

normally, in your mind, the positive [eating the cake and getting the sugary positive taste] wouldn't seem like much of a positive. After all, it is just a food...
however, given a restriction, we have an urge to occasionally break that restriction.

this can be compared to the apple in the garden of eden...
if Adam and Eve hadn't know about not eating the apple...would they be likely to eat it...aside from the chance of coming across the tree and eating the fruit?

that's something for you all to ponder.

Anyway, the point being...there is more pleasure to mastering the urge of breaking restriction [not eating the cake/not eating the apple], then indulging.
at least according to Durkheim.

any thoughts on that?

well, i guess this is growing up3
the following people . . .

have been deleted from the board - some for reasons of not posting /
others because they asked to be removed / and thirdly - some just took up space :

1. David Hurley
2. . soma.
3. carl treyks
4. erica x
5. jeff borton

also, jeff has been enstated as an administrator.
although I am asking, publicly, of him not to add anyone to the board until I get the comment script done.

ok - now off to the comment script!
Miss ------

approximately 3am this morning I was done.
I am free. The future is at my hands.
Now all I have to do is confront - and finish.
Hopefully this will be done with the help of Jimmoi and Mike.

those who dont know what I'm talking about - good.
In any event . . .

Today my job is to get the comment script ( not the one now ) working.
Once I've got that done... i'll implement it -
and hopefully people who view the board and dont post regularly will start commenting. A neat thing - is if you comment a lot, regularly - i will enstate you as a member to where you can post! fuuuuun zooooooo


I hate the bus system. Well, at least the Seattle Metro system. This has been a reoccuring theme ever since i moved up here for college life. After nearly seven months up here, i still hate the Seattle Metro system. I hate it. With a fevor.

First of all, i hate the fact that i am subject to the whims of a system as screwed up as the bus system. For example, when i am early to the bus, and need the bus to be on time to a specific destination, the bus is usually four to five minutes late. However, when i am on time, i usually see the bus just leaving, or had just left about a minute ago. And finally, if i am late, i see that the bus is late also...but just leaving the bus stop.

Now, i think my hatred of the bus system extended back to the glory days of when i was a sophomore at Bethel High School. Seriously. I hated the bus then too...though probably for different reasons...though even those reasons probably overlap to a general degree. The biggest problem i had with the buses were some of the people i knew on them. Both james and andy can back me up on the level of stupidity that could be experienced on that bus. One example: Larry Ford.

Guh...the name still sickens me, and makes me want to jump from a building and land on a rusted wrought iron fence.

This is the bus i used to ride, number 92-15
This is the bus that james, andy, and i used to ride on our way from roy to Bethel. Good ol' number 92-15, driven by Mel. I hated that bus because i usually had to deal with, or listen to, stupid people.

Now don't get me wrong, i like the memories at the same time. I remember a time when we all tried to put yellow sticky notes on joe ellefson. I was the best at that. I once got one on him, and he walked right into his house. Then his mom asked, "Joseph, what is that on your back?" or something like that. Luckily for him, and by extension me, that he took it off before she read it.

Anyway, now instead of dealing with a school bus chock full o'stupidity, i am on a bus chock full o'old people and mentally unstable individuals, as well as the occasional drunk.

I am the pinnacle of all evil in Seattle
This is a bus that is frequently used by the Seattle Metro system. Actually, this is one of the rare better ones...most of them usually look run down and are filled with an assortment of drunks, mentally instable people, or old people who move slower than sand. See that person on the bike...he or she is probably schizo and a crack addict...doesn't he/she look so happy!"

I really hate metro...i hate having to deal with an organism that demands that i be at a certain place at a certain time, but either takes its nice sweet time getting there, or early and then leaves without me.

...of course, on the positive spin of things, i don't have to pay for parking or gas.

these are just the things in life.

well, i guess this is growing up2

June 25, 2001

Go to nevada, hookers a legal
ah - so sad : I digress

my balls - are sore

i too, unfortunately, confess.
I am bored. Bacon? I think therefore I am as Bacon? WHAT? Anyway...

I can't believe you guys are thinking of going to Vegas without me... but since I've been there five different times I thought I should give you a little advice...

1. Bring a lot of money. Money is necessary to tip everyone. Not only waiters and waitresses, but everyone...

2. One of you has to be at least 21. You can't get a hotel room in Vegas unless you are 21, due to the fact that there are gambling apparatus in the hotels you can't get a room there without being 21 yourself.

3. Hookers are only legal outside the city.

4. You have to take me with you.

But on to other things, on July 11th the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, which looks quite awesome I might add, comes out, I propose an outing of all the slugs who are able to attend. What do you all think?
My balls are sore too Jimmy, don't feel alone.

It's alright

The weekend was a good break for me. After having that cold, it was good to hang out with jimmy and zach and justin and brice, and...yea.

Kinda makes me wish i lived out there still so i could just see you guys more often...
instead of having to take calculus, sociological theory, and psych...
not that those classes aren't good.
[or bad, for that matter]

I have to go to class in ten minutes...

i haven't shaved in three days, or something like that...

-what else am i missin'-

i wish i had vacation hours still...that would be nice.

of course, i need a job for that.

but i have come to the conclusion that i will work at target for the time being. That is the decision that i have come to. Blah. I hate the whole hiring process. I wish i could just have the job right away...

hiring processes suck...the interviews, the re-interviews, the drug screen, the orientation, the first day, the getting to know everyone, the reprimands, the car collectors, the second reprimand, the other idiot you work with who does all sorts of drugs and comes to work high and asks you to cover for him while he's drunk or stoned, the gay boss, the gay boss's henchmen, the kiss-ass employee that drives everyone crazy, the time when you have to put in for time off weeks in advance just so you can enjoy thanksgiving with your family and friends, the paperwork involved with going on leave of absence, the final week, the goodbyes, the final day and cleaning up, going on leave of absense to go on to more schooling, the months later finding out that instead of "leave of absense" you were marked as quitting, the getting pissed off, and the rehiring proccess.

damn circle of life.

[i should go to class now]

well, i guess this is growing up1

Good morning, The Worm, Your Honour,
The Crown will plainly show,
The prisoner who now stands before you,
Was caught red-handed showing feelings.
Showing feelings of an almost human nature.
This will not do.
Call the schoolmaster!

I always said he'd come to no good,
In the end, Your Honour.
If they'd let me have my way,
I could have flayed him into shape.
But my hands were tied.
The bleeding hearts and artists,
Let him get away with murder.
Let me hammer him today.

Toys in the attic, I am crazy.
Truly gone fishing.
They must have taken my marbles away.

Toys in the attic, he is crazy.

You little shit, you're in it now.
I hope they throw away the key.
You should've talked to me more often than you did.
But no! You had to go your own way.
Have you broken any homes up lately?
Just five minutes, Worm, Your Honour,
Him and me alone.

Come to Mother, baby.
Let me hold you in my arms.
M'Lord, I never meant for him to get in any trouble.
Why'd he ever have to leave me?
Worm, Your Honour, let me take him home.

Over the rainbow, I am crazy.
Bars in the window.
There must have been a door there in the wall.
For when I came in.

Over the rainbow, he is crazy.

The evidence before the court is incontravertible.
There's no need for the jury to retire.
In all my years of judging I have never heard before,
Of someone more deserving of the full penalty of the law.
The way you made them suffer,
Your exquisite wife and mother,
Fills me with the urge to deficate!

No, Judge, the jury!

Since, my friend, you have revealed your deepest fear,
I sentence you to be exposed before your peers.
Tear down the wall!

I am 100% sure that Descarte said " I think therefore I am "
Bacon said " Knowldege is Power "
and we all know how full of shit that is.

that - and i believe that night got us all addicted to coffee in ways unheard of.
bloody hell. stupid caffeine. I FIGHT! I FIGHT I TELL YOU! DAMN CAFFEINE!

also : i had the dream about my teeth " rotting out " again.
this seems to be a very constant dream, occuring more than once.
anything know about reoccuring dreams and how they're suppose to mean something?
because this whole teeth thing seems to wake me up a lot.
seems to be a nightmare.

I always have to wake up and touch my teeth ( WITH MY FINGERS ! ) to make sure they're still there.

Your balls hurt, well welcome to the Human race there Jimmoi. i beleive your problem could be caused by a lack of stimulation of any form, sometimes refered to as "blue balls". I recomend constant mastuerbation, and for you to triple the amount of sex you have. Lol oh man im just messin with ya there, i almost sounded professional there for a moment. Think of that doctor morgan testicular Md. Whoa
bad train of thought
now im writing in
this get on your
today i start drivers
ed, have to get up eary
and every thing oh well
look out highway patrol
here i come

June 24, 2001

my balls hurt. my eyes are irratated. im tired. and im addicted to coffee. can life get any better than this?

anyway-im just getting on cus i havent been posting in a while and i plan on posting reguarly now---again. yea.

james: my mom noticed the missing violin-so tomorrow i will have tog et it back.
...nothing elese to add. friday was fun. im concidering taking two weeks off since i have 50 hrs vaction and maybe go with mike and james to Vegas. maybe have Brice and Zacho tag along. OR have mike me and james go to canada, and brice and zach go eleswhere and have each group take notes-tape shit and than compare and discuss and bitch and get all excited about the trips. hmm. maybe start Tza franchises and Anti-Tza fractions along the way. yum.

decrate said i think therefore i am? i thought it was bacon. in fact-i was certain it was bacon. ah well.

my balls hurt.
Heres a quote i heard
It hard to meditate on Amphetamines- Joe Walsh

One day, God and the devil decided to play 18 holes of golf.
They toss a coin, and the devil tees off with a nice drive.

God tees off with an awful shot into the ruff. A squirrel running along grabs the ball in his mouth and scampers away. As the squirrel is scampering, an eagle comes out of the sky and snatches the squirrel, and flies high into the sky when it is hit by a bolt of lightning, frying it instantly. The golf ball falls to the ground and into the 1st hole.

The devil looks at God and says "Are you going to play golf, or fuck around all day?"

ahh. classic.

June 23, 2001

Hello all, I'm posting again. I don't have much to say so this is a semi-obligatory post, except to say that you guys need to contact me about doing something. We need to tape R & G are dead, anyway soon I will work at pizza hut probably. Then I might just have money for once. But I haven't much else to say, except that I have adapted Descarte's "I think, therefore I am" rule to justify a life of semi-controlled hedonism. By the way, has Mike posted recently? In a completely platonic way, I sort of miss him...
and thus

the woman we were suppose to meet never showed. ah well.
there will always be a plethora of women out there wallowing around for one to pluck with thumb and fore-finger!

bradbury : i originally was considering joining the forces because I was ... well ... we'll say emotionally disturbed with certain persons - and had planned out my life according to " supporting " someone - ie> " paying the bills "

however now i'm not as emotionally offkey ... and think clearly.
and sure - its an idea... but hey ... i wont go jumping into anytime soon.
maybe if i havent got much to go with at the end of summer... who knows.

Jimmoi and i found the C B C place today - with the courtesy and help of Brea. She suggested we look it up in the phone-book, and sure enough DOT DOT DOT... Got to handle it to women to figure out things like that.
We both applied. Hopefully it does something eh.

oh dear. i'm tired.

June 22, 2001

im gonna do stuff.woooo

i was pooping in the bathroom and a lady came in. it was very weird.
*winking face*
*smiley face*
fuck the bills
John Lee Hooker died yesterday.
That really sucks.
There isn’t much left of the blues anymore.....but at least we have it recorded.....

James, I find it funny in a sad sort of way that you would consider joining the military. Just proves how hypocritical one can become when the real world stares them in the face, and ideals don’t mean jack shit if they don’t pay the bills.


Mathematical Problems

yeah. I really need to study math. I hate this, i really screwed up a quiz today, that i didn't even know i was going to have.

This is what happens when you get sick. I like math well enough, i just can't remember it.

now we are watching old paintball footage that james shot with brice's camera.

now we are watching other stuff...

okay, so i need to do some work...later.

so here i am sitting in jeffs room at the UW, all alone because brice went somewhere half an hour ago and i have no idea where the fuck he is, and jeff had to run off to a class. as im sitting here i realize...brice doesnt have the number for jeffs room to call if he wants me to go let him in! funny shit. i have jeffs keys, so i can leave and enter the building as i please. but still....i dont know where the fuck brice went, or how the fuck hes getting back in.

hot shit he just got back in. how the hell he did it is beyond me.

hes talking about a homeless guy or something.

hey jimmoi chris grace was bitching me out for an hour last night because he was saying taht you stole his vest or something. props. hes fat and dumb.

i got a kick ass sterio for 60 bucks yesterday.

make fun of site for teh day
Hey guys whats up, im over here at my friend Karls house and at the moment we are arguing over how many bags of Chocolate chips you need in a batch of cookies, he says you need 2 12-ounce bags, thats ridiculous. Isnt it.He amazes me sometime because of the fact that he almost enjoys arguing as much as i do. THough his form of arguing is usually nothing more than simple contradiction its fun nonetheless. Well today is another slow day, just like yesterday. What am i going to do with myself, im taking drivers ed on monday and its going until July, so thatll be fun. Im getting my dads 86 Oldsmobile Cutlass. My friend mike (not rigney) says he want me to "pimp it out" not sure what he means by that. Im getting a job, but its not much, just mowing a lawn....for 6 hours a day. Either that or im gonna try getting an orderly posistion at Tacoma General, that would be cool but im not sure what kinda experience would be needed


My cold has finally broken, and my head feels ten times better....

the downside...it took hours of sleep, and that means my calculus homework is not done. FSCK...that also means that i can try to work on it, but its due in less than an hour.

Well anyway,

here is brice now posting:

hey all you fucking assholes, what the fuck?
yeah, so im in seattle with zach at jeffs place, its 836 AM, its fucking loud outside. seattle kicks ass.
yeah, so i woke up like an asshole today because this asshole jumps out of his asshole bed and almost lands on my asshole fucking groin, he runs outside with my asshole keys and moves my asshole truck for me. thanks jeff, for saving me from a sure disaster from the city of seattle parking patrol.
oh yeah, if you havent noticed quite yet, i think everybody and everything is a whore..... im just tired.
oh man, the drive up to sedro wooly included many fine bitches, most of which looked at us two sexy 'muthafuckas'. i was a proud man at that point. then we got to where zach will be living................ fucking A zach, dont go there, for the love of cod, dont go.
first..... it stunk like a good clean family environment.
second.... their family is fuckin weird... they all have the same damn bedtime and stuff....
third..... its out in the middle of nowhere (worse than roy or graham).
four..... i still havent had to have sex with you.
okay, so i just feel like typing a whole bunch of shit.
yeah, zach is going to pierce himself today while we are around seattle... just to piss those assholes james and jimmy off...
"its gods body"..... take your fucking glasses off asshole.
yeah, righteous.
ok... what else is there to talk about? oh yeah, doesnt look like ill be graduating any time soon... fucking false family emergencies.
damnit, i really could have cared less about my grandpa being sick... i want to fucking graduate instead.
i think ill find some sexy bitches today around seattle, attempt to talk to them, look like a fool, make my self esteem drop like a piece of shit and get zach pierced.....
jeff is recording right now... damn hes awsome for letting us stay here.
ill tell you guys one thing... the concept for the comunity can (toilet) is kind of neat... something about a whole bunch of guys that live around you taking pisses and shits.... or even showering on some occasion when they decide its a good day to smell clean.... but somethinmg about that is sort of.... you know.....ahh heck
i bet i stink right now. i bet my hair looks gay.. damn, my asshole feels all gross....i wonder if jeff or zach tried a little something to me lastnight.
fuckin A, i want to see a naked woman right now. oh well
ok dipshit assholes... im going to leave. now fuck off.

Yup, that was brice who just now posted...i'm sure somewhere along the way he said that they spent the night at my place...so i don't really have to mention that.

To james and jimmy, i think i will be coming down there today with them, but it depends on when they leave, and all that stuff...
i'll probably stay with justin, since you two will be out with that job thing of yours, or whatever it was. So if you get a call from me, i'll probably be either here at home, or at justin's.

Uhm, i think that's all.


June 21, 2001

and yes. when i say service, i mean air force.
step one : G E D
step two : DEL KENDAL
step three : BASIC TRAINING
oh shit.
what is jimmoi going to do now?
there is a SPELL CHECK capability! ( top right, abc and a check mark )


will we still suffer through the "everything ends in e" mentality that jimmoi has, or will he continue to type in the wronge ??
the world waits in antici


also - i feel good. i feel almost happy.
and you know what? i want to be happy. i think i'll start doing things that make me feel happy.
Well by nature alcohol doesn't taste good.....but there are some mixtures that go down without too much trouble.
Here's a few of my favorites:

Malibu spiced rum in cherry coke....one or two shots to a can of cherry coke, quite good.

Mikes hard lemonade.....lemonade with a little extra something....from what I hear Henry Weinhardt's version is better. (*These both can be purchased at grocery stores, whereas hard liquor can only be acquired at a liquor store.)

Boone's wine.... You have to drink a whole bottle, but it's not bad and get you fucked up just the same, and they have many different flavors (fuzzy navel being the best).

The old classic: Jack and Coke. mmmm........good shit. Maybe not for beginners

Oh, and lets not forget my favorite hard liquors:

Ouzo; it's Greek, made primarily of aniseed, and is really, really strong.

Goldschl├Ąger: cinnamon schnapps. Has little flakes of 24k gold leaf floating in it, will introduce you to the floor in a manner unheard of from other booze, but don’t get really drunk off of it, the high sugar content will make you sorry the next day.

Absolut Mandrin: Vodka flavored with orange oil.....Absolut kicks ass, this stuff is even better, and the after-scent on your breath is as if you just ate an orange or drank an orange soda.....

Now that you’ve had a beginner’s guide to getting wasted, if you want to learn more, go to
they have all the tips and tricks of making mixed drinks.

James: if you join up, JOIN THE AIR FORCE.


tequila made me * giddy *
what the hell eh?

I'm curious as to what other alcohols would make me.
and I hate the taste of tequila.

is there any * GOOD * tasting alcohol?

on a minor note :
i might join the service

go figure.

Yes different types of liquor can produce different moods when drunk.....tequila usualy does make people mean, as does whiskey, but individual reactions vary. Usually beer or other less-alcoholic beverages produce less radical reactions, and Long Island iced teas just plain fuck you up. (long island iced tea contains no tea, its five different kinds of hard alcohol, but tastes remarkably like actual iced tea, until you've had three or four and find yourself on the ground and not able to get up.

Anyway, back to work....

curious ( and ra-r89302 is probably gone by now so i'll have to wait for bradbury to help me out here )

what did she mean that tequila made a "mean" drunk and so on?
is it - true - that certain alcohols make you react a certain way?

because tequila made me giddy.
and then i passed out.

go figure.

June 20, 2001

Yes Jekyll, I completely agree......and as BHS's former Resident Alcoholic in Training, I must say James is a pussy.....but I did the Alcohol treatment program I had to, and now I don't abuse Alcohol any more.....I make sure to never drop the bottle. (bad joke, but any Alcohol treatment program that everyone shows up to drunk isn't doing any good.) And anyway, I haven't gotten really shit-faced, puking, passing-out drunk in over six months.....that's a new record, by the way. I decided to stop before I got an ulcer (I couldn't have been far, JD is not kind to stomach linings).
Anyway, last day of school......good. Now we can get some work done.

So what if James was drunk when he posted? Ive been drunk when I post before, allkeyhol is not the devil. I sayd, not de' debil! Life goes on. Drinking is a perfectly natural thing, and all those prudes out there who against it only dont like it for one of two reasons: 1 someone they know died from a result of alchyhol. 2. they have never tried it.
I must say, two? What do you weigh? 20lbs? 25? Good god! I would love to see you after you've had about 8 or 9 drinks in you. Tequilla makes a mean drunk. Vodka makes a sick drunk. Burbon makes a funny drunk. Beer makes an asshole drunk. Scotch makes a depressed lonely drunk.
New subject now. Ive grown wierry of the other one...
Well I just hope bonnie has a good trip. Maybe I will see her in about 5 days.
Im glad school is over. I have a lot to think about this summer. Priorities, where they lie, and such...
Too much to do, and so very little time left for anything.
In the event that my plane is bombed, highjacked, blows up, crashes, or disappears, I would just like to tell you all one thing that I have probably said many times before...oh well.
Here it goes...
There are many things we say and do to make others think or feel a certain way about us. We put up masks and act different toward one than we would to another. We wonder why people dont like us, or do like us. At the risk of sounding a little too cliche', I would like each of you to know that you are important, Im not sure to whom, but you are still important. You can make the decision to separate yourself from the flock, or you can follow the stream. In the end you will die either way. The flock to the slaughterhouse, the vagabond will die of thirst hunger or cold... those things are irrelevent. all of them. the only thing that matters is wether or not you enjoyed it while it lasted. you can come back to any moment you wish to. all you have to do is make it worth it. who cares if you dont make someone happy. who cares if you dont go to college, clean your room, pay the bills on time, dont have any money for the necessities... the only thing you must think about is whether or not you are important enough to live your own life. you are all important. you just have to remember not to focus on anything but whats here, right now. screw em all. every last one of them. just as long as your happy. dont die regretting your life... live looking forward to watching it all over again. I have the philosophy that in life we meet many people. Each person we encounter has a particular trait that is theirs and only theirs. They can not change it, nor can they destroy it. This "gift" (so to speak) is something that everyone who encounters the person gets. We each take a little bit of that gift to make us who we are. The gift can be bad, or good. It does not matter, all that matters is that you know its there. So ask yourself one question... what is my contribution to the world?
and remeber that there are somethings you cant change. So why worry. Just shrug, and remember...so it goes.
in response to james' being liquored up.

who cares if james gets drunk. who cares? who really cares? its not a big thing. noone should even care, especially not in a negative sense, because it is james' choice to be drunk or not so, and he can do what he damn well pleases without careing. it doesnt make him cooler or less cool. he simply is as he was before.

that being said, fuck him. and fuck jordans dad. jordans dad is one of the biggest fucking assholes i know.

teh motel jimmoi refers to was a dive down pacific ave. not far after plu i believe. there was a coat under the bed containing the test result papers of the owners latest HIV testing(inconclusive). the bath towel had blood spots on it. there was a live in prostitue 12 doors down from us. the phone didnt work. someone had stolen the remote for teh tv, and it had no external power button.

fuck james some more.

fuck posting
i WAS going to shoot down james ... even though i CAN shoot him down-but i'll just use tactics ... i'll just wait until he gets out of the MOOD, and than i'll shoot him down when he forgets most of his arguments-and i get to research more ... god damn im a politician.

anywhoo-i'll postr about the MOTEL HELL aka VD MOTEL ie the Spruce Bruce Motel --- ???

it was a DIVE as zach calls it. i'll just use the ACRONYM FWTO (For White Trash Only). but zach will explain in due time.
zach made a funny funny the other day-because he's doing an experiment, and y'all the subjects ...

james said it didnt last long. damn.
LAUGHABLE-james said a fhunny fhunny. james is not jesus-remember folks-he does "FUCK" up---or at least he will, and he does indeed git drunk...yeup.

its the year of the dragon!
yea-i saw ART of WAR yesterday, and boy oh boy-if there isnt a more predictable film ... yea. that movie---was otay-boot...predictable.

i can't think of anymore to type will later-now heres zach-o or zach-ee...dont ask and dont use it or else...he'll...bitch. yea.

and jeff, when are you comming down? friday or saturday? if friday, we'll pick you up at seattle-cus we have to go to CEDROOL WOLLOW to get the BACK PACK and big labowski---if saturday, justin can pick you up. yeup. boot sechs. sexe de boot. im out. hehe. buttsex.
I am removing the clause afore placed

Jimmoi, a bit ago - i believe it was two days ago, told me one purpose for tZa - which was " seperation ". The distintion between " them " and " us " -- and that got me thinking. It got me thinking a lot. In fact it didn't get me thinking at all until this morning. I've been bothered by a lot of things lately - and I got drunk to forget them. And that bothered me too. And I got to thinking about those things as well. And I got to thinking about how Jordan's father was an ass, and about how where I am going to go with my life - and what the whole thing was about - and then it hit me, it hit me hard. and it hit me quite cleanly : and it was this :

In life, you move things. The trick to living a happy life is to move things in a manner that other people are impressed - and that it " looks nice "

that was it. it wasn't much more than that - in fact i had toyed around with the idea before a long time ago. I found that all one does in life is move things - and the more i thought about it - the more it seemed to be that the things moved people instead of the people moving things. But that's a whole different debate in itself ( whether or not people are moved by things or things are moved by people, that is ) --- now, where was I? Oh yes : " seperation "

he said that's what it was about. seperating the flock. making a distinction between " us " and " them " -- and i thought ... " what are they doing, and is there a them?"

much the same way mike and i can see, or come to the same conclusion of one thing that is *truely & definately* there but have different takes on them - this is tZa. Everyone is tZa in their own little way - in fact, most people are the embodiment of the concept. " fighting to make a difference, a distinction, ofUs from Them ".

but I got to thinking - How could I make tZa be more than just an idealogy? If everyone does it - then how can I further the " seperation " and make a distinction ( i've probably spelled that word eighty billion different times now ) that actually has some ground under its feet

and i found this :

to further the seperation of " Us " from " Them " it is not only an idealogy that must be in place, but a manner of being. It is hard to explain - well, through text - but " being " as an acceptance of all things to come, and what has been. Giving your life to nothing, and have faith in everything.

Now you see - this sounds strikingly like - oh, shall we say - CHRISTIANITY? -- having faith in God? ( if you notice, i didnt say God ) - but nothing is God. Once you accept nothing, you have everything.

Imagine it this way :

The world is full of roads, and each road is connected to eachother in one way or another through a series of roads... wait - i could make this into a logical sense of an equation....

the big one

ok - now as you can see in this image - H can connect to everything, wherein everything else is connected, although through a series? you see what i was saying? Now we'll say H is " nothing " - once you've achieved a state of " nothing " - having faith in " everything "

does anyone see? Once you're at the bottom - everything is up - you can go ANYWHERE.


I'm so hyped i cannot type anymore
hey look - i can ryhme too.