October 31, 2002

Jesse- if you expect me to pay for that ticket, then you should give it to someone else, because I have no money, and what money I have will be spent on something creative for Ana's birthday on the 11th. 11th month, 11th day, think I can just work off that theme? Anyway, have fun in Winnipeg, since I probably won't talk to you again until you get back.

What's everyone doing for Halloween? I guess I'm going to Seattle with Joe, Jennifer, and Ana. I'm sure that will be fun, I think we're going to go to a bunch of Haunted Houses. I don't think anything will be scary after The Ring though...

I have a really disturbing "Girls Gone Wild" ad going right next to my face as I write this.... how annoying.
Let the cock-touching commence.

I wish I was Under the Pinkos!!! I kept trying to call you, but you're never home! I got the frog charm - What'd you get?

And for all you out there who haven't yet listened - Scarlet's Walk ons (as Micheal would say) your soul!!!

October 30, 2002

well from what i hear i guess my life in high school is good? huh ok whatever! steve i just now read the car post wtf were you thinking? letting a girl take your car did you not learn the first time you did it?

anyone know of any job openings i need a job ill be 18 in a few weeks and damn its goin to suck hard cock!

btw i have a belly button, just thought i would let you know that, its an inny too...


^--------- do it OR touch my cock!
I leave for Winnipeg tomorrow. woo.

Aaron - I bought 3 tickets to see Joe Satriani on the 22nd...one of them is yours. If you say your day is taken by your girlfriend, then I'll just club you over the head, and Josh and I'll take your car, and you'll wake up in the Moore theater.

Another subject that...well....

A concept that many of us here are familiar with: I’ll take a break. Wait a year, then go to college. Man-o-man, does that not work. Don’t stop Bre, because you’ll never go back.

Not that I have reason to bitch.

Not that I’m bitching.

It’s just that....
I keep getting pressured to.
By people who never went to college. Or at least never got anything out of it.
And by people who did.

The trouble is: if I go to school now, I have to give up all I’ve gained to this point. Everything. There’s just no way I could work full time and go to school. All the people I’m around who do that are miserable. And tailoring my work hours to the classes I’d need to take-not possible.
I’d have to find another job. One that would without question pay considerably less. Leaving me with no free time and broke as hell.

The developing racing career would be done-leaving me to rebuild it when time allows.

So...fuck it. Fuck it all. I can get where I want to be from where I am....it will just take longer and mean a lot more hard-ass work along the way.

Which is another point.
The racing career.
It’s really getting tough.
I need to quit existing in the shadows of others.
If I don’t start building my own fucking cars, I’ll never get anywhere. The Toyota I have can’t be what I need it to be. My brother’s car is just that-his car. It wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t learned Honda EFI inside and out in two days to build it....but that doesn’t mean shit. When he races it, he races it. So what if I’m standing there...holding a fucking wrench.

But he doesn’t race it enough. His lack of motivation has become the excuse for mine.

Just another excuse.
One among many.

We need to get the Friday night crew going again. It would seem that the largest part of the crew is 21 now. We should get together somewhere....somewhere that we couldn’t before. Someplace like Jillian’s. Well, we could have been there before....but that’s not the point.

This being the high-motivation crew, I’m sure that will happen soon.


I haven’t done a post this size in some time.
Maybe I should get a livejournal.....
You know, I wish I could feel the same way about school that Jeff does. I am ready to quit. Every time I think I'm done with this College, which is nothing more than an extention of High School, I find out that I need 5 more credits here, or we won't except that class, or I can't give you a no credit just because the school won't provide you with the materials for the class, it's just not fair to the other students. I talk to the person at one university and they say that I am guarenteed to get in, then I get a letter back saying that they won't except 20 of my credits. I talk to another person at another university who says the same thing, and then I never hear anything back from them. However they did manage to cash my check but have never heard from me before. B-fucking-S. Why is it worth taking all of the classes that I took in High School over again (because I did bad on my SAT's and ACT's) when I am just getting denied over and over again. IT IS CRAP, and I am sick of being screwed by schools. I want to take a break, let Justin go and get his school out of the way. But of course, that just isn't the way it works.
I realize something...

I never want to leave this college... this campus.

Fuck careers -- this is a career... learning...

damnit, and it's my senior year too. I don't want it to be. Not because i'm afraid of what i'll have to do when it's all over... but because, being here, there's life here... and...

i never really thought about how much of a love/hate relationship i've had with school. especially this school.

I'm sitting in Mary Gates Hall... in the center of the building, where people are studying... and i watch, and i realize... this is what i want... i could do this forever-- study, talk with people, have fun... kick back...

make an ass of myself a thousand times over, and wake up the next morning to do it all over again.

--K... this post is making no sense, so i'm going to cease now.
One of the greatest bits of comedy, although irritating, that I get to
see in my home.
My mom gets back, on one of her breaks from work, and she just
out of the blue starts bitching about something. This something I for
the most part ignore, aside from how it annoys me that she's bitching
about it out of the blue. As she bitches she manages to work herself
up, putting herself in an even worse mood...and bitches some more.
She eventually gets to the point where she starts walking really fast
doing things like slamming doors -- for no appearent reason, aside
from the fact that she's pissed, because she pissed herself off.

Way to go mom, take fast, heavy steps. Show the world your anger.

Damn it's annoying, grates my nerves even. But damn is it funny.
I considered telling her this just now. How funny I found it. But chose
not to for the simple reason that I dun feel like dealing with her right
now, nor do I wish to be here right now (or ever).
Remember how you decided the "existentialist chick" doesn't exist James? Well, she does. Because I stopped with the whole Courtney thing and I now guess I am dating her best friend who just happens to be an existentialist... Yeah, so, I think I'll be spending a lot more evenings at PLU. Too early to know if she's "slug material" yet...

James, I dropped by tonight but you weren't home... Steven, I'll probably be stopping by the arcade tomorrow while you're working...

Anyway, Peace.

October 29, 2002


man o' man steve...

i understand it, all too well -- to be right now that concept makes my life all the more complicated then ever before.

but i sure as hell understand it.
So I made the mistake of letting my girlfriend drive my car again.
Let's just say I'm short a tire -- again, and there is a deflated airbag
hanging from where the center of my steering wheel use to be.
Good thing I have another car.
I had two cops threatening me with a negligent, or even a wreckless
driving ticket as well. They also threatened to arrest me for wreckless
driving (which is a good thing they didn't, since I had an illegal knife
in my right jacket pocket). They also didn't notice the fact that the
insurance card I showed to them was 6 days expired, which is another
$480 fine to boot.
Jimmoi is good at bullshitting his way through life. I'm good at bullshitting
my way to remain in life.

Odd thing was -- I didn't get pissed at the girl.
Not at all. I didn't quite understand it myself.


Yeah, beat jimmoi to postin' it.

Anyway, lookee me, i'm posting... don't expect that too happen too much anytime soon. I'm... err... in the process of a great many things, and going through a "perspective-finding/altering/re-affirming" situation right now. However, as it annoys the hell out of me at times, and i know it annoys the hell out of a great many others when others do this, i'm not really gonna mention what the hell i'm talking about.

[-- Aside from the previous quip above. --]

That's all i really had to say. Oh... and...

Vive le BiFTECK!



okay... just had to get that out... one last time...

October 28, 2002

No one's seen 8 Mile.
It doesn't come out till November 8th.

I'll be gone till November 1. Homework. Ryan Adams. CD shopping.

so first things first.


ok that being said.......

i saw the movie formula 51 today and i must say i was thoroughly amused. an di cant spell for shit. anyways..yeah its a pretty good movie. and you get to see meatloaf explode. dont know what i mean? good. go see the fucken movie you assholes.

its drizzling outside. awesome.

i started smoking again. puff puff and away.

oh hell yes..im growing a beard because the majority of girls tend to think facial hair is gross. at least the majority of girls im trying to get leave me alone. fuck.

and fuck the board not working on y comp..but working on this comp. effuck.

i tire of this for now..and i have to gi take a big fat dump.

fuck you again you dirty rat.

LOL that guy is wieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd. but yeah, was doing work on computer and the " 8 mile " movie preview came on and made me kinda conflicted.... i KINDA sorta dislike MnM ( sorry for spelling for those who would be insulted. i just dont know how to spell his name ) but yeah anyone seen that movie, It looks kinda cool, and anyone know if its true? because hey, maby the music in vieeeeeeeeedios will get to me... becuase the only thing that makes me realy " hate " MnM is that EVERYONE drives by me with the SAME damn MnM song playen the one with bass that goes DO DO do do DO DO do do DO DO.... yteah.... .... ... No no, please, i insist...

* bitch slaps himself, knees himself in the crotch aaaaaaaaand * SHADDAP MICHAEL....
This would be my Link 'O the Day

We should ask this guy to join us....
well steve i guess that shows how long its been since ive bought cds at the mall

October 27, 2002

I don't want to have to buy him tapes. I just want copies.
and he already tried getting them, plus he lives in Texas.
Napster -- Waves went out of business years ago.
FYE is by Cinnabon ;-)

try that waves cd place at the mall, last time i was there they had tapes of the newest Static X album and a few other bands newer stuff...its the one by the Cinnabon in the South Hill mall
I posted it originally here cuz LiveJournal wasn't working and I needed it saved.
When it was working, I copy/pasted it off of here & then deleted it cuz it was too long.
Kurt's on the telly now. I can kinda understand your reasoning as to why you avoid Nirvana... makes sense.

Anyways, I have an uncle who is a truck driver. His truck doesn't have a cd player in it, so he has to listen to tapes. They don't sell a lot of tapes of the newer stuff out, so I have to make him tapes of stuff. He asked me for The White Stripes, The Hives, and Queens of the Stone Age. My mom told me I have to get them on tape for him. Do any of y'all own those? Cuz like, ya I don't.
I was gonna post "oh crissie that's so gay what you posted"
but then I come to the edit page, and lo and behold, no chrissie post.
There's mine, then there's James' response to Chrissie, but no
chrissie post.

I find Kurt Cobain so annoying because I agree with him and we have similar idealogies.
so fuck that. I still dislike Nirvana and still dislike him - on entirely no other reason asides from the fact that I believe that If I look into him and/or his music I might enjoy it. whargh. Steve - I know what you're talking about and have experienced the same deal. Touche' and congrats on the new lady-friend + associates I might add. Drop me a line if any of the new breed are " slug material. "

I now work 8 hour shifts.
it is going to suck so much.
and I guess McQuade said : " NO MORE WORKING WEEKENDS "
you know what that means? If this gets enstated by next week - Hmmm.


well now. there is nothing else ... is there.

October 26, 2002

I experienced a new annoyance today.
So I'm sitting in my car, at a park, making out with this chica,
and an airbubble rises to my throat. Luckily I am able to jam it in
the middle of my throat unnoticeably -- the problem henceforth
is the fact that I can not breathe when I'm lodging an airbubble in
my throat, right near the adam's apple.
So at a given opportunity I have to (again unnoticed) swallow that
airbubble to prevent anything even remotely similar to a burp while
our tongues are jammed in eachother's mouths.
Oh by the way I got a chica today - finally. And...met lots of new
people in the process.
We shall begin with :


and moving on :


I dont know, maybe its a mood Im in as of late - but Ive been thinking about what is a " rational " or " reasonable " manner in which one could self-terminate ... or ... commit suicide. I was thinking of a scenerio where a man goes out and commits a bunch of acts of sin or some sort of bad things and then right in the midst of it all suddenly finds that all the things he is doing are " bad " - and decides to off himself in the name of " justice " or whatnot. Hum. Anyone got any idea on what a " commendable " manner for suicide would be? Or is " all self-termination " bad?

moving on :


I proposed my life + death question as a manner to side-track the board off of the " rock " discussion. I'd have a whole lot more to say in my defense as to the implication that Im " using big words just to sound smart " - but Im just not going to bother. To each their own! Zug zug.


My name is not Jamie either. Or Jamie Lee. I dislike it when people refer to me with anything which is a slight reference to " James " or " Jim " - most people know that, and those who know me real close either tend to not use my name that often or I just dont notice it as much. Bradbury himself we ( or I ) use to call Pillsbury - a nickname. Not a bastardization of his given last name. Curious however - why in Chroist's name do you figure that you can call me Jamie - being that the only person who does call me that is Heather - and the name would be : " Jamie Bunny Rabbit " - or " Rabbitt " for short. Just because you're carpet-munching-lesbo-fucking my ex-girlfriend doesnt mean you can call me by the same name she does. Jeez. Show some decency for what people wish to be refered to as.


ill work on a new design shit. just wait.

What was her name?
I ate a slug today.

October 25, 2002

He's a second or third cousin of my grandfather....
there is a writer named ray bradbury i wounder if our bradbury is a distant relative?
steve- eat my ass with a large spoon...seems how i wouldnt be able to say that to you in person ill do it here..

has any1 ever found james to be kinda freeky like holy shit hes goin to kill us all? i had a dream last night (yes i was dreaming of james ha ha ha...) and james was going about his norm when his comp was messed with by one of chrises little butt buddies and to make it short he killed us all then sat down and licked the knife...???

i need to see a councler!
Well I have to agree with you 100% on #1 Bre, but I usually keep
quiet about it because people get so damned defensive about it.
As far as the charity thing -- well yeah, that's common knowledge,
as a matter of fact it's taught in basic psychology classes, that
everything you do is for yourself, whether ya like it or not. Even
those do-gooders who go to church and promote all that is good,
they simply do it so they can go to their "heaven."

And -- although I'm not sad for the people shot -- I don't find the
whole sniper incident interesting.
I did find it interesting that he was in Tacoma. "Interesting" meaning
it caught my attention when Aaron mentioned it, I thought about
it for a second, then went on with my business.

Now, when I'm driving down 167 and believe that I'm being shot at,
as does my friend who's sitting next to me in the passenger seat,
then I'm concerned about it.
That is -- until I take note that none of us are dead, and that it was
weeks ago.

Micheal -- Shutup.
Mr R -- Shutup
Breadbelly -- I see your point. Hence why I never called you bradberrie.
Pinkos -- .....Hiya Pinkos.
Micheal -- Shutup
The issue isn’t about my liking or disliking my name....simply that ”bradberrie” is not my name. That spelling doesn’t even reflect the pronunciation. My name is Bradbury. It comes from old English or Scottish for “Broad Board.” Traditionally it is meant to reflect one who came from areas of Northern England that had forts made of broad, rough cut planks.

I’m not trying to be rude in any way, merely pointing out that calling me “bradberrie” is somewhat insulting, whether meant in jest or not.
oh and hey jamie lee ((as in not mud) meaning jamie lee curtis the hermaphrodite) me and heather are going to camp heheh and wezza gonna have fun.....
so Mr. Bradberrie's Dingleberries

i was just wondering why you don't like your name ....i like it....
Preach it, Bren! Yeah, that's right - I'm cool enough to say "Preach it, sista" :)

Meanwhile, no Tori for me this year. :( It's assigned seating, and after last year - nooo thank you!

October 24, 2002

ok so now that you've craped out all the shit thats been building up the past 6 days youll be at school on friday right mike? (yea right) or when you wake up in the morn r u goin to do the momy im sick thing again? cuz i need your punck ass at school so you can give out some of the flyers for paintballin on the 11th hey that reminds me...
PAINTBALL NOV. 11 ask mike or Mr. R for a flyer

its 10$ to get in and a gun 100 paintballs all day air and field so come and get killed by mike and Mr. R... cuz you know we will kill you, you dont stand a chance in hell!!

next time im at the collins house someone remind me to sleep!! i felt like i was high all day it was wierd!
agreed brieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... a stupid person cuts off his head by seeing whats wrong with his table saw while its still pluged in.... why mourn i say ... HAH. James you dont always haft to be one of those happy go lucky feel bad for every person on earth that dies kinda people, so people are sad about 9 11, big woop, im sum what sad, not for the people, like brea said , the population lowerd, but i am sad for the planes, boying, sucurity so people cant get places quicker, and the world being clutterd with people who are so pro " cry for the people who died in the trade center thing "... so let them do what they want it gives them hope of some sort. the'll get sick of it... .... .... we hope...

nother note " do you ever go yo school michael " ...... y'know what FUCK you, i have A's and B's i do my fucken work i jump through the gad damned hoops and DO what is required of me, so you know what MR R and all you other assholes who think im " faking it " GO TO HELL!!! SO IM GAD DAMNED SICK FUCK OFF!!

" oohh he hide behind his mother oooOooOo whine whine whine " what....... the...... fuck??? yeah ok i dont want to go to school my mom says i can stay home because i dont feel well, its no fucking reason for you to come over and drag me out, and for what ??? SCHOOL.... fuck you, school is not real life, SCHOOL is not the " out side world " when i hit 18 and get a job and CAN DRIVE, SET MY OWN TIME TO WAKE UP AND ALL THAT OTHER CRAP THEN I WILL GO PLACES WHEN I AM FUCKEN SICK!!! Y'wanna know what i did all day today... well im gunna tell you, i spent 3 and some odd minuts on the SHITTER, crappen out 6 days of CRAP. so ya know what, Kiss my red swollen asshole! ( exception for those who did not know i was sick and did not say anything )

Die MR R :P
#1: I am sick of all of this philosophical bullshit that you people always seem to talk about. (Or maybe not always, but at least when I am around). All it attempts to do is make people look smarter than they are. "Oooh I can use big words to make people think I'm smart" kinda thing. And although I do belive that people are relatively stupid who don't know what those words mean, I don't see and reason for having to use them in every day vocabulary. All it does is remind me of Tyler Golightly, and that just makes me sick.

#2: I think that humanity (as man is no longer considered pc according to my english teacher) is just selfish in nature. Although people may do things that make them seem to be good (like donate money to cancer research studies and feed the homeless) they wouldn't be doing it if it didn't improve their position in life in some way. When you donate money all you have to do is claim it on your income taxes and it all comes right back to you; just as if you donate clothes and other household items to the goodwill, inflating what they really are worth, and claim it on your income taxes. If you donate your time doing some kind of community service you can get all kinds of free things (like scholorships for college), and, with a college education, you can supposedly go out into the world and be capeable of make lots-o-cash.

#3: Although part of me wants to be sad for the people who were sniped, I'm really not; however I do find the whole thing to be interesting. Just like Justin told me the other night, "It's population control." The population of the world is booming (which I believe is another reason why people should have to take tests in order to be allowed to have children period), and stupid acts like sniping people really work to control the population more than anything else.
What is it with Bortons and buttsex?

Seems to be a common theme.
Bradbury- he has already gone back to the same place once this snipper has no (code) if you will he is doing anything and anyone he want when he wants... I'm not saying your wrong but my thoughts are that he is just playing games with the cops and wants some $ I could see someone like James getting laid off, asking you for a gun (you ask why -but its James he'll find a way to get it), and snipping people for the hell of it, then thinking hey I could get some $ out of this I think ill try that! damn you James! stop snipping people.

wow like any of you care I'm back on the board not that many of you know me or care to I'm Mr. R and ill be here for some time making my little side notes and stuff.

BTW mike Collins is a ass he has faked being sick for sometime now and he plays it off of his mom...the second I get him alone oh hes going to get it in the ass!!!
Heartless? I wouldn't say that.

I find the whole damn sniper thing to be quite entertaining. I wish the fucker started by picking off politicians instead of just random people. Either way it's about damn time someone started waking people up. So, for the next few months, an entire area is going to be "paralyzed with fear." Awesome. Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all. What's even more funny is the quotes from any random idiot over there. The best are those fools in close proximity to where it's already happened. This guy is smart enough not to be lingering around where he just popped someone, so if your neighbor just got it, chances are you are safe.

Any way you stack it.....there's not a damn thing that your average Joe can do, so why be scared out of your mind? If the next bullet hits you, c'est la vie, shit happens.
I work tonight.
I keep hearing all this so on and so forth about how " they caught the sniper "
even if you all give me flak for this - I will simply state :

I care just about as much about children and random people getting sniped
as much as I care about large airplanes crashing into buildings

Heartless? Am I? I shall elaborate - We all live each day of our lives at constant risk. Leaving one's home, hell - waking up - no, not even that. Being alive puts you at a risk of death. It is really that simple. Now we all pay big bucks ( taxes ) to the government for " safety " and " protection " in the manner of laws, law enforcement, and other such deals like hospitals and fire-stations and so on and so forth. The government, for all intents and purposes - could be ( and no pun intended ) - " our big brother " - he is suppose to be there to " look out " for us. Thats why they break up big companies with anti-trusts and so on and so forth. " To protect average joe " - well - I remember a time ( or think I remember a time ) in my history books that when a big hurricane hit an area there was no " DISASTER AREA " or " GROUND ZERO " in which relief helicopters were hurried to the place to " help everybody cope and through this terrible tragedy " - oh fuck no. It was more like : " YOU LIVE IN A HAZARD AREA? WELL AINT THAT YOUR PROBLEM. " - I wish thats how it was now-a-days. I wish people were " on their own " - I dont like insurance. I dont like life insurance. I dont like the " protective sheild " that we not only build around ourselves - but that is built around us from birth. I wish everyday was a " day at risk " for everyone. I wish that getting sniped was a constant fear in every living person. I wish that when someone had something bad happen to them that everyone accepted it as is and moved on with their life. Yes, even the government. You are driving down a road and happen to get into a head-on collision because a drunk driver slams into your vehicle. As a result of the accident your wife and child die. So does the drunk driver. WHOOP-DE-SHITS. You believe that is tragic? SHALL THE WHOLE COUNTRY MOURN OVER YOUR INSIGNIFICANT LOSS? And if you say no then why do we mourn over those of NINE ONE ONE? I figure the only people we should ever mourn over is those who " die for our country " because they were dying " for a cause " - in fact - one of the only causes I believe that one should be mourned over. " I have died for those who live " - What the fuck did some shit who gets sniped off, or someone who jumps out of a skyscraper, or someone who commits suicide, or someone who gets ran over, or someone who dies in a horrible accident mean to me unless I know them? Nothing. There's my beef. And if everyone thought like me I could only imagine a much better manner of life. However, I go to even the extent of accepting death as a part of life and - knowing that everyone will die, how is there a " Died before their time " ? There isnt. You are alive. You are dead. One implies the other. You are alive, you will die. You are dead, you were alive. My mother. My father. My siblings. Those I know. My associates. My friends. My favorite musician. My favorite pornography actress. They will all die. I have accepted this. I have accepted that I too, will die. So. Will I care if I get sniped or ran over or die in a horrible accident? No. If anyone I mentioned ( or well maybe not the pornography actress, that would suck really - I mean who am I going to masturbate to? Zach-o? Pfaw ) - dies ... would I be grief-stricken? No.

Because Im heartless?
Because I dont care?
No. Because I've accepted how things are.

And I accept that most people go throughout their lives with some disillusion in their minds that they'll " LIVE FOREVER " or that " I CANNOT DIE TOMORROW, I HAVE WORK " - or some other obscenely idiotic conclusion that doesnt make them realise that mortality lies just around the corner. Mind you - it is one thing to accept this, another to brood over it.

and that is that -
I propose a question to the slugs :

Is man intrinsically good natured? And no tricky psychological answers like : " All actions a man does, he does in the right - for man would not do what he does not deem good. " - I heard that debate once, and thats too fluffy - and would appreciate YOUR OPINIONS on this. Not a cop-out answer. To reinstate the question : Everyone remembers how the " first copy " of " The diary of Anne Frank " ended yes? Something about how she " Believed that deep down inside everyone is good at heart " - Do you agree with that?

Say - for instance there were no government and each man was onto his own - would chaos ensue?
Is anarchy not capable of being because man is ill-natured towards his own kind?
I would appreciate your ( detailed? ) opinions.
and any comments or " debate " you would have on my big rant about death and so forth.

thanks slugs an slug-ettes. :b

October 23, 2002

Tori Amos rawks, man!!!

I had me somethin to writ bout. I did, honest! Unfortunately, you people distracted me wit you Women in Rock bidness.

So, instead, I gots to tell Aaron 5 Days. . . and urge the rest of yall folks to not see no Ring. Why? Hit was probably the bestest movie I've ever seen - but hit damn near scart the bejesus right outa me, and don't nobody wont to see Bradberrie cryin' like a little girl.

Once again, Zach-o says it.
Not exactly sure about what he said, but he said it nonetheless.

Gas has been running around $1.20 from what I've seen.
stop trying to stick up for women in rock.
if there are women who really rock..then they will be perfectly capable of revealing themselves to us with their rockingness or something. when someone tells me something i like sucks..or doesnt meet up to their standards i go "right on" for the most part..because if we all had the same goddamn opinion then it would be fucking gayer than when me and james suck each others cocks.

quit talking about what rock is.

ok here..my final opinion. gwen stephani does not rock. she once did rock.....but now she does not. now she grooves.

lets talk about something else now.....this particular board focus will just perpetuate because, like so many other thinsg like the spiderman vs wolverine debate of days gone bye...PEOPLES OPNIONS WILL NOT BE SWAYED BY YOU TELLING THEM THEIR OPINION SUCKS AND THAT YOUR OPINION IS WHAT THEY SHOULD REALLY THINK. CHROIST. i dont care if you all disagree with my opinions. in fact i enjoy it.

gas prices are fucking going through the roof here! what does a gallon run back there? here in kansas ive seen it as high as 1.60..and i havnt seen it lower than 1.49 for mor ethan three weeks. its rediculous. when i moved here gas was 89 cents a fucking gallon! fuck opec.

i have to go fail college now.

Lisa Loeb writes her own songs and plays guitar.
Britney Spears isn't that at all. So I can't see why you find them similar.
Maybe if you compared Lisa to Michelle Branch or something.. but Britney? No, not at all.

REM were a great rock band in the 80s. There is another. They were in the mainstream and underground.

Ya, Sleater-Kinney do suck. But they still make rock. I'm trying to think of examples of women making rock music, but you're all veto-ing my suggestions just because "you don't like it".

When I think of 'rock', I think of: guitar, drums, bass. Music made for the soul purpose of making music.
Kim Gordon rocks, how bout that? Any objections to her? Her music is decent. Her songs make you dance a bit. She's well-known. She didn't just get a record contract cuz she's super cute & married to the appropriate guy (OK well she is cute & married to Thurston, but I don't think that has anything to do with it). I think that's all the requirements you guys gave in order for someone to "rock".

and thank god people aren't making music like Skynyrd and Hendrix anymore. Nothing against that type of music at all (I do like Hendrix) but rock would definitely be dead if people kept making the same stuff over and over. Rock has to go through shit periods in order to come across something really good.

October 22, 2002

Trust me Bre -- a good number of us here, who are out of High School,
feel the same or similar things you are speaking of. And have been
for quite some time.
Right now I am sitting in the library at school and forced to watch several ex-bethelites/BBC members act like they really care about, or even know what an education is. Then I am led to sit and ponder the question...Do they actually know something that I don't? Were talking about the people who get stoned and drunk nightly, have been known to deface other peoples property, and basicly just be assholes, and I fear that they might actually be doing better in school than I am.

As I read what you guys are talking about, with "women in rock" and "rock" in general, I came to the realization that well, I don't care. I listen to music still, but I don't really care about it. I don't get all hyped up about a song anymore like I did in High School. And then again, I have to ask, why?

And then (still stuck on the whole High School thing here) I wish I was back in High School. I miss having weekends to use as I pleased, not having to work, being stick thin, and so on.

And then I have to go because Courtney is here and she gives me something more interesting to do than sit here and bitch to you people. ;)
Wow. I am a god.
On that note -- I'd like to laugh at you all.

Oh -- and if Lisa Loeb "rocks" then I don't see how you can say
Britney Spears doesn't. I'd rather listen to Spears if I had to choose
between the two. Do shoes have soles?

I'd also like to prove some more of my godliness.
Oh yeah. Bradbury -- Hendrix and Skynard suck too. Sorry =\


I can't wait 'till they cover "Men in Rock" and showcase Paul Oakenfold
on the cover. I will thoroughly enjoy that.
ROCK - again?

I was just thinkin - The reason I figure RBF is " rock " is not only because they damn well say they are - is but because whenever I get to listening to any RBF songs I always have an uncontrolable urge to just jig with it. It just makes me feel good. I mean in the car Im driving home and my throat hurts and I cant talk but I put on some RBF and it gets to the point that I want to just try and sing a-long but I cant so I mouth the words because ITS SO ROCKIN' I GOTTA. Hence what I wanted to say : " ROCKIN " - " IF THE VAN'S A ROCKIN' DONT COME A KNOCKIN' " - an inference to " GETS YOU UP AND MOVES YOU " -

Shirley Manson - however much good music, doesnt exactly sing about things that make people want to get up and dance. In fact, quite the opposite. Garbage is good - although I wouldnt go for saying rock. PJ Harvey rocks? And Gwen Stefani makes me want to kill myself with a tube sock. Twice. And The Cure? Chroist cakes - Take a stroll down to Bradbury's post where he mentions ( I might add, which was going to be my next post - the mentioning of such names ) - REAL rock - Rock that our parents use to " ROCK OUT " to - not sit around in their room and mope about how miserable their lives are - The Doors, Hendrix, Skynard - ZOUNDS. Rock that just fills the soul with Jumpin' Juice an makes you wanna do something.

Pinkos : Rammstein was/is German. At the time I was in a German-class. Hmmm ;b

But I agree again with Bradbury about post-Nirvana, I would say that " Grunge " and " Alternative " music have irreperably changed the " face of Rock "
Here's to " ROCK IS DEAD " and just for good measure " PUNK IS DEAD " as well.
Hoo Hah.
Couple of clarifications:
One, I wasn't saying rock is dead because Rolling Stone or whoever doesn't report on it. I was saying that if crap like the majority of what is out there today is grouped with rock, then rock needs to dye.

Two, the rock that existed in the 80's wasn't bad, but it wasn't the most mainstream, popular form of music at the time, in the same manor that right now bubblegum bullshit is. And Petty is from the 70's, he just happened to exist in the 80's.


Pinkos, please refrain from spelling my name that way.
a perfect example of why i will tend to agree almost completely with james.....is the band The Temper Tantrums. they are a band signed to one of the larger west coast indie rock label(bettie rocket records i believe). they have two albums out. they have toured the us a couple of times now.....and to this day i have yet to meet one fucking person who enjoys ther music. why? because it is terrible. it takes the standard like 3 chords of punk...subtracts a chord, leaving two chords.....and adds annoying tripple female high pitched annoyingness posing as singing. this band does not rck at all. the only reason they exist in my opinion is A) the guitarists husband is in some band or another and she wants to have a band too..and B) they are all hot pieces of young ass to stare at. that is literally why people even watch them at all.

sleater kinney......ugh dont get me started.

"riotgrrrrl" punk..is terrible. i mean, most punk is terrible..but this take sit to an annoying low. therefore it does not rock in any way shape or form.

women on the majority do not rock.
you know who rocks?

my smelly unshaven asshole. thats hwat rocks.

October 21, 2002

HUM i think that if they were giving out free dicks i'd take one......but it would have to be detactable....
That's the problem. There is still rock out there. There is rock out there made by females. Just because Rollingstone isn't reporting on it, it doesn't make it "dead".
Shirley Manson - she's rock.
Sleater-Kinney - they rock.
Oh and PJ Harvey totally rocks.
Liz Phair. Lisa Loeb. Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Gwen Stefani. Brody Armstrong. ..

The 1980s had rock. There was Tom Petty, U2, The Replacements, Guns N Roses, Van Halen, The Cure, and I'm not gonna go on..
The above may not be rock in its "purest" form, and you may think some or all of those suck, but they're still rock.
HUM so i wonder what all this talk about rock is ....first off who cares about what bradberries, notfinished, and jamiemud have to say they know what they like and i know what i like.....i'm not going to question what i like and i'm not going to tell all of those guys that their music sucks and that it doesn't rock because to them it does.....just like um ramstein remember that onw james we were in 10th grade hehehe .....you liked me oh well must go now
Here's a concept: Rock is dead.
Maybe not completely, but when the Backdoor boys and Tori Amos are considered rock, it’s all over. I can imagine guys like Jimi Hendrix and Elvis are spinning in their fucking graves right now. I’m sorry that Chuck Berry has had to see this in his lifetime.

We had this kind of crap happen before. It was called the 1980’s. Then Nirvana, et al came along and killed it. So where are the Nirvana, Pearl Jam and such of today?

It’s a sad, sick world of popular music we have going today...

Fuck Rolling Stone and MTV. Fuck them with an 18 IBC.

If you want rock, get out some fucking Stones, some Doors, Hendrix, Skynard, Robin Trower, NEIL YOUNG, Nirvana, Metallica (ugh, but they do rock), STP....the list goes on.

Rock DOES NOT include the likes of Tori Amos. Courtney Love isn’t there either. Hell, it shouldn’t even include Drowning Pool or any of the other “Modern Rock” bands we have now.


click on the link.

consider that my frontline attack on jeff + zacho + joe + andy
thats right.
Rock - suck it hard.

First and foremost I will side with steve by stating that " Rock " is a genre and who decides what is a genre? M-TV, or some magazine like ROLLINGSTONE - so whatever they say is Rock is what damn well is Rock. You know why? Because they went to college and majored in communications or some bullshit which says they know what they're talking about. Some little upstart will not know the hair on their head compared to that on their ass - OTHERWISE why the hell would those people get paid? Fuck just interview people off the street because EVERYONE knows what " ROCK " is. But wait - moving on from this drivel :


how is that for an oppinion? Oh - wait, THE STROKES SUCK. You want to know what " Rock " is?
Go listen to some good ol' cds of REEL BIG FISH - there is my definition of rock. You wanna know why?
Because they SAY they " Rock " - There is my definition of rock. IF they say " We rock " - then maybe they're Rock.
blah blah blah Im tired of typing ROCK. To tell you the truth I never found music much of something to debate over.

especially something as stupid as this.
its music.
listen to it.
shut up why dont you?
SICKNESS - get down with it :

So these antibiotics arent helping my neck-problem any. In fact now my ear hurts like a bitch. So I call the place up and say : " Hey they gave me stuff and said if it didnt work to come back - can i make an appointment for tomorrow? " - she says : " I can put you in for wednesday " - and Im thinking : " Bitch I hope I'm dead by then, then we'll see who " comes in wednesday " - HOLEY SHIT - she didnt even tell me what time. . . hmm.
That picture you posted Steve...

just brings back the same old feelings that i wish the me of now could quantum leap back in time in punch the me of old in the head.

i feel shudders.
By your logic, that would mean if Avril Lavigne, Good Charlotte, and SUM-41 say they are punk, then they are, in fact, punk.

Those five women aren't worthy of the "rock star" title. It's obvious. It's insulting and misleading to place them on the cover.

On that wonderful MTV2 24 hour thing with Courtney Love, she expressed her outrage of media's portrayal of rock music and females. So she played the Strokes as an example of new rock happening now. She played Heart as an example of Women that Rock.
Just cuz you bought into media's idea of rock, doesn't make it true.
Chrissie, my point was that "rock" now symbolizes music in general.
Hence the reference to "rock stars."
So yes, those are women in rock.

Rock and Roll? No. Rock, yes. Times change, it's the media, who cares.
It's a word they are using to describe something, it doesn't mean that just
because a word that used to be used for one thing is a word that says,
"Hey, you have to like all the music we include in this term, whether you
want to or not"
It's a reference. Plain as that.
First Post Glory!!!

October 20, 2002

hum so i see everyone and there fucking mommy is talking about women in rock..WHO fucking cares...society is what says what 's good...
i say don't listen to those bastards...there idiots...you know what you like and no one can fuckin tell your ass any different who cares if jamie doesn;t like
Tori .....i do .....so there butthole...and ani and sinead ...oh no now that means that i must be a fag cuz i like shit that i can relate to huh??? and cuz i'm being a
dick mean s i hat e all men right...no not all just that fucking stupid ass ones....
Do a little dance, make a little post. . .

Woo - hoo. Now, if I'd bothered to plan this out, my story would be better. But I didn't. So it's not.

My brother and his wife live in a really exclusive ghetto part of town. They seem to be on the verge of divorce really happy with the way things are going for them right now - they just had their second bastard child, and seem to be adjusting quite well. They both smoke work a lot of pot and really hard for what they have freeloaded , and I'm very pround of them.

My dad has a fat new girlfriend. She was one of my mother's fat friends from back in the day. They are very close in wieght , but it's going to be funny when they're physically around one another because she's so much fatter shorter than him.

My sister's a bitch,

and that is the update on my family.
But they didn't say "rock stars" they said "women in ROCK". that means they are a part of rock.
and you know damn well that an issue of "men in ROCK" would actually have men in rock. They couldn't get away with saying that Justin Timberlake was a "man in rock".
If they felt it necessary to mention pop stars, they could just include interviews with them inside the issue.
but it is an insult to present a "women in ROCK" issue and for the cover, to not include women that rock.
Hate to take your big post and sum up the contradiction in one small
statement Chrissie, but I must.

The term "rock star" is not used for people in rock, it's anyone who is
a famous musician. So when they say "women in rock" all those women
fit the phrase.
I don't like Tori, but some of those quotes were really good.

OK Speaking of which, yesterday I received in the mail the new issue of Rollingstone. The concept of this issue was "Women in Rock". Unfortunately, this was only a concept in theory, because only 1 of the 6 women featured on the cover actually rock. The 1 woman is Alanis Morrisette, the 5 unworthies are Shakira, Britney Spears, Mary J Blige, Avril Lavigne, & Ashanti (Ashanti is also responsible for the boringest music I've ever heard).
Now the reason this pisses me off so much is because, imagine if Rollingstone did a Men in Rock issue. You'd see Aaron Lewis, Bruce Springsteen, Chris Carraba, Eddie Vedder, etc on the cover. You would NOT see Justin Timberlake or Jay-Z on the cover. And why the hell wouldn't you? because they don't rock.
Now that we figured that out. Why are those 5 girlies on the cover? They will never be played on modern rock radio. I'm insulted as hell that "girl rock" is considered as being sultry r&b singers, booty shakers, & adult cheerleaders.
Girls That Rock: Brody Armstrong, Tori Amos, Chrissie Hynde, Pat Benatar, Courtney Love, Gwen Stefani, Exene Cervenka, Joan Jett, Janis Joplin, Melissa Etheridge, Kathleen Hanna, Sheryl Crow, etc and so forth. ahh.. fuck you Rollingstone.
My link of the day is better
Time for Steve's, Link of the day!

Screw you Zacho, this link is better than all your link of the day's combined.
Anybody with a brain knows that perfect hunting weather is when it's
warm out. I'm a lot more willing to sit around enjoying the woods when
it's warm, and hence able to wait longer for a deer to walk by so I can
make it dinner than I would be in the rain. Who cares when they're more
common, less common + more comfy is ideal ;-)
The weather thing: Fairly simple.
Large ruminants (i.e. deer and elk) don't move around much if the weather is nice this time of year. They'll stay bedded down in the thick brush and won't cross clearcuts and roads - the two places your count on seeing them. Rain makes them move around and feed. The animals being semi-nocturnal, this is something you need.

The rain also helps as a cover agent - the animals' senses of smell and hearing are dulled in the rain.

This, however, has not been "perfect" hunting weather. Not near enough wind and/or rain. This milder weather isn't quite enough to get them moving. Thurday and Friday would have been good, because the animals would have been getting ready for the storm that was supposed to happened.

Insofar as freezing your ass off - that's what Goretex and Thinsulate or for. With the right clothing and gear, you can stay warm and dry all day.

Of course, anyone who doesn't like being in the woods already won't enjoy hunting.
See? The board just needed some Steve-o magic to start working again.
Oh, and just to stir up a bit of...well...something.

I have a king missile CD.
Just one.

on a lighter note - it seems loose-slugs isnt updating. arugh.
Hunting - the more the people at my work talk about it the more I want to go out and buy a rifle and say : " Hey, teach me. "
Then I think differ of it. The stories I've heard about how " fun " it is to stay out in the woods and shit in your pants to stay warm just doesnt quite that much appeal to me. But there is something ... I dont know, I think it is reminiscant of the sniper's idealogy " I am God " - to hold a living being, literally, at your fingertips. The weather outside at the moment ( in the morning ) is - or so all those hunting folk at work say - PERFECT hunting weather. I didnt know what that meant so I asked and they said something about rain and cold weather. As long as it isnt warm - thats a good thing. I dont understand ( bradbury? ) - why cold/wet is better than warm/dry - I know it has to do something with " The deer come down when its cold/wet " - but WHY?.

moving on from hunting :

zach-o : I need to buy king missle cds. yes, yes I do ( hah, i noticed the reference, BITCH )
brean-na : Yes. Work sucks. as for liars who are your boss. tell'em off. I talk to my boss like " HEY YOU FUCKER " all the time. eh heh heh.
just-in : you work 14 hour shifts? Sweet - I burn twelves graveyard O_o
jeff : Im sure everyone else is as proud of you getting your named mentioned as I am. Seriously. No. Really. Here...


Im sure you can taste the sarcasm. ;)
no - but really - if you wanna come down here im off tonight, tomorrow - day after - and day after
and you could get brice to drive you and then that would get my Requiem movie back and remind me to get him on the board.


so. we've got pinkos. we've got justin+breanna. and we've got sarah. thats four out of five - now I need to get a-hold of brice ( ah hem )
and I also have to re-layout the board. augh. talk about a headache.
anyone have any suggestions of some sort? A lot of people wanted a picture on the back of the slug and the guy pointing at it for some reason.
I dont know why, but uh. I guess they liked it ( any other ideas? )
you know. like the estrogen-induced pink-hued flower-overdosed version? :D

October 19, 2002

....I've discovered in recent weeks that hypothermia is a strange thing....and I've reaffirmed that glacier-fed rivers are very cold this time of year. Around 38 degrees, and seemingly getting colder by the day.
However, I've also made sure that Coho salmon fresh caught is fairly tasty. I'll keep you all updated on how good it is once smoked.

In further news: There is none. That's really it.

What the hell is up with all of you?
Wow...Justin and Breanna.
Long time no see, both of you.

Well....I really have had nothing to post about recently....at least nothing that any of the other slugs would care or know anything about. The funny thing is that I've had the inclination and/or desire to do so. It just hasn't happened. Well then. Time to "get my drink on" and watch some racing.
Okay, so after reading, oh let us say, the last month or so of posts I am left to wonder...
The last time I actually (or perhaps we more accurately, but we will stick with I, since I am the only one typing anything at the moment) saw/talked/interacted with any one of you people was when Horhey (and I don't care if horhey is just -Jeff- now, he will always be horhey to me), Micheal, and Brice decided to stop by my house back in July. Before that, well, I think the only person I have really talked to at all since Christmas is umm...Heather Taylor. So, seeing that this is the case, I am left with nothing witty to say. So I just want to let you all know, so it is straight...I hate College, and I hate how the College keeps screwing me over. I hate work, and I hate working for people who lie and blame things on me because they are affraid of conflict (especially when it is your boss). Oh, and I hate being guilt tripped by my parents every other day.
So, now that I have gotten that out...other than that, my life is peachy keen. And I am also having fun knowing that I have ruined Justin's perfect immune system. Now, How are you (you being everyone, I suppose)?

Off of me now and on to my other half:

She means her better half. Makin lots O'cash buying lots of home entertainment equipment. i.e.. 36" tv, tivo, xbox, game cube, etc...
No time during the week to do anything but work for 14 hours and sleep for 3-6 hours still considered a racist in some circles. I can fire people at work it is really fun you really should try it some time, it releases tension.



but um.......

i should point out here that all of these cheese cakes were very delicious






























October 18, 2002

Damn people for not being available on Friday nights.
Makes for another lack of people for midnight bowl, except this
time due to the fact there were only 2 people, it's not
So I sit at home, writing this post, instead.

Speaking of typing;
I'm driving home, and I realize that my finger is sore. My middle
finger. The one on my right hand. Yes folks, the one most of you
see being displayed in your general direction on a common occasion.
It's going to put a crimp in my Diablo II playing. No hours of mindless
*click**click**click*'ing for me. No-sir-ee.

I saw a great thing at the Casino today. One thing I hate is people with bad
attitudes, brings bad karma to the table, and is just downright annoying. I
play blackjack for fun..I don't need to hear people being general asses.
So this guy has an Ace and a 5...for those who don't know this can be either
a 6 or a 16 (players choice, so if they hit and get a 5, they have 21, or if they
hit and get a 10, it's still 16) And the guy stays...the guy to my left is like
"You're standing on a 6? Never stand on a 6? You're gonna screw up the deck!"
As if the deck is made for him to hit there so we can all get blackjacks thereafter.
Well, comes around, dealer flips, and busts.
As a matter of fact, because of the coming cards, if he had hit like the guy
wanted him to, the dealer would have gotten a 21, and we all would have lost our
The guy never said another thing, right up until the moment he left.
Funny thing was, up to there, and for a good while after that...the whole table had
a winning streak. If he'd hit there, that would have altered the whole rest of the deck
(being who gets what cards and when) and who knows, we might have had a losing
So much for screwing up the deck, eh?

It was grand indeed.
i dont like doctors.
they seem to be able to diagnose you with acute "i dont know what you have but its not good"


its ok pinkos.
at least we can understand you and you dont replace " c " with " k "

in other news : I seem to have contracted what the doctor likes to call : " I dont know "
which is to say that I definately have a virus - but it isnt strep throat and it isnt mono, although -
I do have a high % of mono cells - making me " tired " and not only that - my " kill infection cells " are high as well.
so they hooked me up with amoxocillin and said ' take these - if you dont get better in a couple days / dont feel a reaction / or gets worse - COME BACK!

go figure.

everybody is......

doin the cock roach
doin the cock roach
doin the cock roach
doin the cock roach
doin the cock roach
doin the cock roach
doin the cock roach
doin the cock roach
doin the cock roach
doin the cock roach
doin the cock roach
doin the cock roach
doin the cock roach
hum well we all see that andrew is alive not that i care and that not mud is just oweing me some muney sucka hum well see what high school does to you ....i never learned how to spell...

October 17, 2002

Guess its been awile since I last posted, actually along time but oh well atleast this lets you know I'm still alive (could be a bad thing to some) but oh well. On a brighterside of things I got an official letter that states I'm being deployed to the desert from Dec. 16 2002 till March 16 2003 and could extend well past that. Needless to say this puts a crimp in my plans and will be coming back home for thanksgiving but oh well I just thought y'all might like to know

I never really understood that whole thing...but, then again, I came along in the wake of my brother. I guess my parents weren’t really concerned with what I would do, because he’d already done it all, and I learned from him how not to get caught doing most of it....

Yeah...so I go to plug my camera in just now to get the pictures from last night. 104 pictures copying over. Now I have to ponder how the hell I took 104 pictures last night. Maybe I had more to drink than I thought. Mr. R, maybe you can enlighten me....

Which brings me to my next point.

Since I turned 21 (six days now), I’ve only been carded twice. I’ve purchased alcohol on more than a dozen occasions, at different establishments. And I’ve only been checked twice.
Makes me wonder how much more shit I could’ve done if I’d have had the balls to try.
theoretically couldnt you give them my phone number and then if they're so paranoid to ' call if you're there ' -
you'd be here and that would be that.
personally I never was one to condone the whole " Im over at this person's house " when you're not.
I always chalked that up to a bunch of girls using excuses so they could go out and fuck some boyfriend.
Never understood it because I was always open with my parents : " Hey, I'm out - I'll be back tomorrow " - something like that.
also - arent you twenty or something? You cant stay out when it isnt a school night?
What the hell is with that?
and further more - I dont think anyone should want to be around me at the moment.
whatever the fuck is the matter with my throat just might be contaigous. Heh heh heh.
james you have to let me know when the poker night will be so i can tell my parents that i'm staying at heathers for the night (if that is alright with heather) so we can party all night hehe
heather could you call me sometime soon so i may arrange this with you
again i'm free tonight tomorrow and saturday.............
i have no money but i'm still looking forward to poker

Once, a long time ago, there was a homie who's name was Fred - however for all intents and purposes in Homie theatre we will call Fred by "the homie who looks like eminem"

Anywho. So this homie who looks like eminem has a relitively good life - with his rap record sales on the top twenty he could afford enough cash monies bling bling to buy himself the gold around his neck and the really awesome baseball cap on his head. Not to forget his jacket, and his good pal Ruff - whom for all intents and purposes will be called " The homie who looks like eminem's homie dog "

Continuing on. The homie who looks like eminem eventually came to the conclusion that he couldnt have hot-sex with His homie dog, or well he could but he didnt know if The homie dog was on birth control so he didnt want to chance it. So sporting his coat / dog / hat / bling bling - he went around walking at the local mall and found himself some bitch to tag-a-long by his side. Her name was Yo-londa, but for all intents and purposes will be called " The homie who looks like eminem's bitch " - not to be confused with The homie who looks like eminem's homie dog

And so The homie who looks like eminem, his dog, and his bitch all lived a happy life and kicked it easy livin the fine life - sippin' on jin and juice, bustin phat-azz rhymes and rhythms at The homie who looks like eminem's record studio. The homie who looks like eminem's bitch was on birth control so the two of them went at it like rabbits in heat only without the little rabbits popping out like popcorn in a microwave. Everything was going fine until ...

Edward, Tiffany, and Butch - whom for all intents and purposes will be refered to as " Trenchcoat homie, Trenchcoat homie's bitch, and Trenchcoat homie's dog " - got a little jealous of The homie that looks like eminem and his crew. So he decided to hatch a plan by dog-napping The homie that looks like eminem's dog. But he didnt want to do it to where anyone would know that it was HE who did the deed! So he hired ...

Sanchez and Betty, whom for all intents and purposes will be refered to as " Betty and Sanchez "

WHAT will happen to the homie who looks like eminem's dog? WHO are Sanchez and Betty? WHY is Trenchcoat homie jealous of The homie that looks like eminem and want to ruin his life? MAYBE all these questions will be answered in :

Yes indeed.
The eldest Borton son's 21st birthday party was a smashing good time.

This included the time (nearly an hour) it took to get angry piss-drunk John Paul safely home and in bed.

Good times.
and meanwhile, this is my new song -

Do a little dance,
Make a little post,
Get slugged tonight -
Get slugged tonight!
Get Blogged,Get Blogged,Get Blogged,Get Blogged
Get Blogged,Get Blogged

2nd verse pending
Everybody see my HR? Haaaa!
The Unquestionable Top 20 Posts of all Time

Someone with more computer skills should've done this one. Seriously.

#20 ->Okay, so it's not one of my favourites - but this post inspired so many replies that it has to be mentioned. Seriously. Who would have thought such a debate would be sparked by so stupid a subject? and for the record, Smashing Pumpkins were not really all that bad.

#19 -> Ah, who can forget the good 'ol days, back when Micheal tried to get us to do drugs or give him money through subliminal messaging. I can't. Believe me, I've tried. My favourite message was in the form of a spelling error - typical of Micheal's posts in general, but not his messages up until that point. The day that Micheal told us, He ons it, baby.

#18 -> I used to hate it when people would post all those suck-ass poems. I would always think - "Why the hell are they encouraging him? I mean, Damn". No one ever encouraged the true, great, talented poets on our board - but, if he's willing, I'd like to invite Steve to write us another verse or two.

#17 -> Under normal circumstances, I'm not cool enough to make the list. However, It's my list, not yours! Btw, James broke it so that I no longer make the list. Mother Fucker.

#16 -> This is not a cool post. It has no graphics, no scrolling, no annoying horozontal rules - but it inspired more posts than any of the bands better than SP, than the most vile things imaginable, than even say it with pen. .eh. . Jeff. Care to guess what it is? A Slug is Born

#15-> Remember all the debates about totalitarian James overtaking the board? Some people didn't realize that sometimes it was necessary - times when people could be otherwise hurt by the origional content. Sometimes, he was acting to save the children, don't ya know! In this spirit of dictator ship, James and RaechelleLaRee brough us A Child-Safe Christmas.

#14 -> We all miss Zach-o, don't we? (if you don't, say you do anyway; it'll make his day!) I used to love it when he was homeless, posting when he could get to a computer instead of using that computer to go online in search of a job or something. Sheesh. IIt was in poverty that Zach-o discovered his roots in the black community and began his Zach-o Raps for us. Man, those were the days!

#13 -> Ah, college life! Jeff used to do some great posts about life at U-Dub. (on a sidenote, does anyone else think that soulds like the U-Dub-ua-B? anyway. . .) Many of them had pictures of his roomate(s used condoms) and the girl that he wanted to(fuck every which way) kill, but one of my favourites had no pictures or songs at all. No, it was not the JamesBop! Jeff once posed the all important question - Who was he calling?

#12 -> Once upon a Frebruary, James led the board in a collective heave. A dry heave, that is, when he offered to Cook us all breakfast.

#11 -> Also not my favourite post, but deserving of a mention. Remember the debate that ended with the admission that Damn Potatoes had no rights? Who could forget; unless you weren't on the board at that time, in which case you technically didn't forget because you never knew to begin with.

#10 -> and then there was the New Year's Zach-o spent in jail. He went because he wanted to, not because the wanted to be assraped every which way by every prisoner present. At least that's what he told us. Perhaps Jeff could get Harry Wapler to look into Mr. Staley's true intentions. ..wants. . needs. . .desires. . .unless this is a porn-free zone.

#9 -> Now, this one did spark a lot of responces, a lot of moral debates. . .but I thought it was funny as hell. Nothing amuses me more than The Downfall of a Leader

#8 -> The following October, Aaron gave us a reminder of the flam cakes, and brought a new disgust and outrage at James' cooking techniques.

#7 -> This needs no introduction - not that I can think of one anyway. If you did't like Sim James, you suck and no one cares for your opinions, anyway.

#6 -> Damn. I used to think that Aaron had never really had a great post. . but Wherefor ist Thy currently? brings it to Aaron-o-ramma, with 3 posts in a row. Way to go, Aaron. Use this to your advantage - ladies love a good poster! Sidenote: no, not really, but if you use it and it loses you any dates, it's your own stupid fault for listening to a woman!

#5 -> I didn't like this post, but then, I think cock is not all that appetizing.

#4 -> Ooh, kitty. While all of you all participated in visual porn, one man took the artform beyond mere imagary. He showed us all how deeply he felt for the Thundercats - and unabashedly admitted his love of Snarf. Where's the sequel? You go, girl.

#3 -> Sometimes when board members fight, it's upsetting. People have been known to leave the board, forever changing content and leaving us without posts that might have been intertaining or informative. Sometimes, though, it's just too funny..

#2 -> This little picture needs no introduction! It's things like this that made all the Sept. 11th hoopla worthwhile.

#1 -> By now, my hands are really cold, so Post #1 will be delayed. ..expect if Thursday at the latest, to be coincided with Jeff's mega post.

Just Kidding - Fuck you all, It's my list and if you don't like it, make yer own list!

{ to further the effectiveness of this post - in the event you have a SHITTY connection ( as i do ) what you could do is go to your browser's preferences and turn off " show pictures " - this will make the page load faster, and when you want to look at a picture, you can just right click + show picture }

October 16, 2002

I wish I was, to dead to cry

One of the coolest lines I've heard in a song in the past few years.

Drove a lot today. Back and forth between locations trying to kill time.
Sorry Micheal, for not showin up btw, but got caught pickin up some shit
for my mom and by the time I got there it'd almost been time to bring ya
back anyways.

It's the most wonderful thing, yanno. Being lectured by your ex, of all people..
about your drinking. This person who's been spending the last 6 months or so
getting drunk on a consistent basis lecturing you about drinking on a nightly basis
since your birthday, even though you've only even come close to being
drunk one of those nights. Indeed.

Needless to say I turned that convorsation back in her face real quick.
It was fun.
Yeup. Lots of funzo "tell the contradictive ex to shove it" goodness.
That is all.
That, Mr. Collins, was one of the best posts in recent history.

Also one of the most time-consuming, waiting for that damn thing to scroll......

All i feel is burning in my eyes. my throat. my nostrils. my right ear. I dont want to go to that god-forsaken clinic again. give me drugs. whoo-eee. Im going to go to work tonight. Thats for damn sure. Even if I feel like shit. Fuckem. My parents are now asking me for 500$ - who would have figured that in the course of two months you could really get finacially screwed over. I have 600$ Barely enough to maintain the few bills I have. Life, as a physical embodiment - seems to be nothing more than lack-luster. Where everyone finds happiness I generally just tend to find more things that drag me down. On the outside I can just say that I feel like shit - that my throat or tonsels or whatever it is - is killing me : when in fact on the inside I am emotionally empty. I know when I should feel certain emotions and I feel they writhe and wiggle around inside of me but they never exactly " feel " - You could say I am in control then. A part of me finds it depressing - but it is what I wanted, no? To be in control of one's emotions and/or what they feel - reguardless of the circumstances? Maybe not control. Just supression. Instead of feeling I get a vague impression of what I should be feeling.

I ran my head into a brick wall a bit ago, literally.
I look at the bruise on my forehead and wonder why - but nothing seems to come as an answer.
maybe I've suppressed those as well.

oh. and to finish it off :


October 15, 2002

i remember the last time i was unemployed. only this time, i dont know anyone...and there is no girlfriend to find places for me to eat and sleep etc. but this time i have a car. awesome. i also have a place to live. hmmm. college is expensive.

i like chocolate pie. yum yum.

the other day, as i was going onto the front gate of fort leavenworth..i accidentally dropped my id card when i was handing it to the guard. he jumped back, put his hand to his gun..the other guards did the same, and he goes"STAY WHERE YOU ARE! I'LL GET IT!!!!!"....as if.i threw the card on the ground as a distraction......and while he was bending over..i was going to make a run for it........
man. these new guards are really jumpy.

awww go suck an egg fuckers.

so i'm a retard
i'm new at this and having a bad week so there
Sarah -

hitting post will make it where it will only show up on blogger.com
hitting post & publish will make it where it will show up not only on blogger.com ( where you post )
but also on loose-slugs.com - where people " check the board "

im tired.

October 14, 2002

mwahahhahhah look this is me posting oh my i'm hyperventelating because i'm so excited about posting (not really)

i just wanted to tell everyone a story about a turtle
the turtle went for a walk
the end
thank you i'm here till thursday

that being said.....

i decided that i am glad stupid people exist....because they make me look semi-intelligent.

October 13, 2002


so I've been thinking a lot about things lately and I figure that it is high-time that I " gather everyone together " again - you know, pull the little puppet strings I have on all of you slug-fucks and say : " HEY! LETS ALL GET TOGETHER BECAUSE WE'RE PALS AND ENJOY EACH-OTHER'S COMPANY " or something along those lines. But I assure you nothing will ever be as awesome as that very first barbeque.


I thought of more people to add to the board.

nothing more to report.
also - I just got Pinkos and Justin on the phone and invited them both.
Hopefully they wont throw me off like old milk and just ignore the invites - I called Sarah : got an answering machine.
So i'll call later.

Woooo - and to clarify : Jeff seems to believe that Im setting up another barbque.
that isnt what I meant to imply - rather, that I was thinking about getting everyone together.
not necissarily for food - or a barbeque, but just ... well ... SOMETHING.

gone now.

October 12, 2002

ahh.. my sis is such a hypochondriac.
She keeps insisting I need to find "sanitary wipes" to wipe down the computer and phone because I got "bronchitis" all over it.
I don't have bronchitis..
james's silly chat room lasted on its own after i left it until aparently 11:30 central time.......


what the hell was going on under that fence post
nazi punks

I would definately like to say that I hate people who drive white mini-vans. Or hell, vans for that matter. VANS ARE STUPID AND I HATE THEM. I ALSO HATE THOSE WHO DRIVE VANS. VANS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. Just when I have a straight-away because some fuckin' van that was going 30 miles per hour in a fourty five mile per hour zone decides to take a left and I begin to speed up SOME OTHER GOD DAMNED VAN SOMEHOW MANAGES TO PULL OUT IN FRONT OF ME FROM A SIDE ROAD AND GOES THE SAME GOD DAMNED SPEED. DONT CLICK ON THIS LINK --- And not only do i hate Vans, I hate super cars that people buy just so they can say : : " LOOK AT ME I HAVE THIS SUPER CAR " and instead of having the super car do super things they get in front of me and go slow slow slow to where I have to pass them and think to myself : you know if i had a super car like that I would probably get a lot of speeding tickets. SO MUCH FOR STUPID. Sometimes I just want to beat the living daylights out of people who, for no apparent reason, start slowing down in the middle of the road in front of me and then next thing you know they go and take a turn - OH WAIT THEY DIDNT EVEN USE A TURN SIGNAL. I MEAN CHROIST IT ISNT LIKE TURN SIGNALS ARE SUPPOSE TO INFORM ANYONE WHERE YOU'RE GOING TO GO IN A VEHICLE, I FIGURED THEY WERE PUT THERE FOR DECORATION.


you know you want it
" Looking for a good time? "


I need sex
So I go bowling at the Paradise Bowl & Casino...and after entrance
fees and whatnot I come out $13 richer.
I can live with keeping myself entertained that way I think.

Still haven't touched my schnapps. Pissin me off -- between work and
having to drive places doesn't leave me much a chance to down it.
I can hear it crying out my name right now.

There was a post incoming.
But I'm tired and just found myself staring at the screen for about 3 minutes
without realizing it.
So I'm going to sleep instead.
hey napster...114? is that all? mine was 150. i think jackson county sheriff dept is actually more assholed than the roy PD.

man...im not tired..fuck.

i would very much like to press pause right now....

October 11, 2002

Aaron - I left my keys in your glovebox...could you bring them by tomorrow night?
James - By the time you read this, I've probably already let you hear VSnare's CD "Printf" and bugged you about the CDs of mine you took out of Aaron's car...so I don't really need to say anything.
For $50/hr? come on, Zach-o, we all know you better than that!
yah so tonight i have finally encountered what every driver must eventually confront....the dreaded speeding ticket
and it happened in good ol roy...THE MAN caught me going 12 over the posted limit...what im telling myself to make me feel better is that i paniced when i missed my turn and hit the accelerator instead of the brakes and went flying right by a cop. Damn roy cops, and they pull out after you ever so smugly...like they got all the time in the world im just glad that i could find all of my paper work...or i would have been so screwed. And the ticket came to 114 dollar...well i guess they need to pay for a new city hall somehow dont they
.....I've known for quite some time that Megan McFadden works
at Fox's. But I mean -- it's a strip club, sure she may have been hot
in high school but you've got more jOe's and whatnot in high school.
When it comes to a strip club she's one of those "dime a dozen" type.
Megan McFadden at Fox's....REALLY?!?!?!?
I may have to look into this further.....

Working for twelve hours straight is a toll on one's body when all you're use to is laying around.
So nothing new is going on. I have seen the television show : Soppranos - and well, im addicted.
Go figure. Mmmm, Gangster / Mob activity. Nothing sweeter.

Some things are bothering me as of late,
some things arent. It is silly - really.

Steve - I would have had contact with betzer earlier however it seems I lost her email-address.

It feels good to work again, thats for sure.
Can anyone else think of anyone " from back when " like betzer that we could put our collaborative minds out to " get " ?
Now this may be hear-say, but I hear Megan McFadden works at the Fox(xx)'s down close by -
And - for anyone interested : I ran into Sam a bit ago and not only pulled his email-address but phone number as well.
I have still yet to get ahold of Brice.


Today was a decent day.
Lots of DDR after work w/Justin and Drew.

For those who care, (namely James, mebbe Heather)
Sarah Betzer should be up and running on the board as of Sunday.

They say that for every action there is a reaction.
But a pikee reaction, now that is a hell of a thing.
man bitchfuckers.

is it going to be like last christmas where i do all the posting?

fucken a.

...for 6.50 an hour.....is not worth sacrificing principles, or dignity for.
10 dollars an hour..maybe.

and ladies and gentleskunks...... for 50 dollars an hour..i would suck cock. hell..i would take it in the ass..for 50 dollars an hour.



October 10, 2002

the jackson county sheriffs dept can suck 149 dollars of man juice out of my 18 inch black cock those fucking ticket writing shit faces....

and mcdonalds can lick my sweaty nut sack, and bite my ass too....espacially the one named mike dobski.

that fucken jack off.

man i am just getting screwed here...

Damn you,Collins house!!! I forgot my post over there, and now that I'm awake, I can;t do it!!! Grrrr!!!

Meanwhile - Krissie should post a picture of her hair. I like hair, a lot, probably because I'm a woman. Yeah.

October 09, 2002

me and jeff-0 had phone sex tonight.

hott damn.


more fun than you can ride a snowboard down the road at!

October 08, 2002

Keep in mind:
I lived 12+ years in the south.
I only weigh appx 90 lbs.
Aaron, you were right....Kingdom Hearts does indeed rule, i have one question though. Where the hell is the friggen rope?
Hmm.....I can't help but think you have something wrong with you....

It's October, and still almost 70 degrees out during the day....that's warm.

Of course, I spend all winter camping in the snow, hunting, fishing and hiking. I usually only wear a t-shirt and jeans.....
1. wow I have no clue what emo is talking about. I'm out of the loop again...
2. Is Kingdom Hearts that game that's a combo of Disney + Final Fantasy?
3. I got my hair cut super cute & trendy like Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama. I'm totally excited, and it makes me happy, and I don't care if you guys don't care.
4. How can you guys stand living here?? it's so unbelieveably cold. I'm wearing a sweater and jacket.. and it's only the beginning of October. jesus christ. i'm gonna be freezing until june. side note: my parents are in FLORIDA and they tell me I wouldn't wanna go cuz it's 90 degrees & sunny. :/
fuck man....

what the hell?

i am wholely dissapointed....although i do have to give jeff "props". thank you jeff..at least someone still remembers.

Napster, I'm not going to follow in everyone's footsteps and rant about why you "shouldn't ought've done that..." instead I'm just going to say:

"Shit son..."

Jesse, I'm at Joe's, so umm... yeah, I'm headed around town today... but I be back to hang out soon... also, James, I opened Halloween Town in Kingdom Hearts... God is it fucking awesome.

And Jesse, you work at a box factory, not to degrade you, but what sort of people did you expect to be working with?

October 07, 2002

So Randy was gone, and I was left to operate the machine, with April. Simple logic just surpasses the woman...

Me - The board is coming through the machine crooked.
April - it looks like the rollers need a rubberband.
Me - No, you see...that's after the slots. It's going through the slots crooked...look.
A - Yeah, so we need to put a rubberband no the roller...
Me - no...we don't.
A - oooooooh, I see.

You know James, I really didn't believe what you guys were saying about her, til I actually had to work with her. First you think "no...no one can be THAT braindead." But man...that conversation hurt my head. Along with the "joy" of working with her, I was blessed with 2 POST workers. Mike Alther, who has been there for 3 months, and doesn't know how to use the computer, and Kim Hetzel, the fatest, slowest, and laziest person alive.

Mike - Those numbers up there...is that how fast we're going?
Me - Yes....it sure is.
Mike - ....in...boxes per hour?
Me - ...........yes......boxes....
Mike - *in awe*

Kim - I'm amazed at your knowledge of this machine.
Me - I'm amazed at how you've been here many years more than I, and you don't know how to run yours

Gah, now I know why Randy's so bitter.
Yes Drew, I'm working on finding access to it...but being such a high
ticket price will be tuff --- unless my casino visits on the weekend
of the 19th go well, which in that case I'll be there for sure.
yo yo bizzose... its me again I've found temporary accest to the internet... but anyway, someone call me I never hear from you bitches anymore... November 1st, Freek Night Halloween rave, must bee there...

Zach-o, i love you man.


more fun than you can shake your cane at!

October 06, 2002

speaking of stupidity & ignorance, here's some fun quotes:
"It's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. "
— Abraham Lincoln

"Stupidity has a certain charm — ignorance does not. "
— Frank Zappa

October 05, 2002

Stupid people are a plague upon the face of the planet. There are a damn lot of them, and by definition they reproduce more than intelligent people.

Life sucks, so buy a fucking helmet.
napster......get a livejournal. thats all i gotta say about it.

"worm encrusted asshole" muaha

shit. i had quite the rant to post. but i decided not to. "why zach-0? why would you say you have rant, and yet then sudenly decide not to post it?" you might ask? well its simple as the mind of the average high school soccer coach......i dont fucking feel like it.

eat my asshole with a spoon if you dont like that answer.
the thing is i need something to waste excess energy on....i know stupid people arent going anywhere, they breed faster than rabbits...just leave me to my venting
Napster -

The board is not a cache of followers in which one can merely say : " DESTROY THIS PERSON " and everyone bands together and humiliates some online-persona or website. Of course, I do that - but I do that in jest and was rather surprised when people actually speak to the random-people that talk to me from AIM. I post my conversations from them, here, because not only do I think they are funny - but because ignorant people ( at hand ) are fun to play with. Notice : PLAY WITH.

What you've done, three posts in a row - doesnt show anything to play with really. I dont understand why you cut/paste excerpts from the website when we all could go there ourselves and read. Or well, ( sorry michael ) - most of us can read. Not only that, but you curse and wail at the moon about how stupid people are and how angry it makes you. GROW UP. I will tell you a little secret : those stupid people arent going anywhere. And they really dont have a problem with you not getting any sleep and getting all angry. In fact, I dont even think they care. The only person you are troubling is yourself. YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE WORLD. YOU CANNOT CHANGE PEOPLE. - Getting angry over other people is a waste of energy. Find something that you dislike ABOUT YOURSELF and change it. Re-direct your anger. Or, better yet - mingle with those you hate.

It will fix you, very quick.

Go to a rave. Go to a foam party. Dont participate in anything you dont condone ( ie : drugs / alcohol / promiscious sex ) - and dont go taking some high-road " Holier than thou " route and damning everyone who does participate in such activities - but do something else : GO THERE AND HAVE FUN. Your perceptions of reality and people should change. Accept that other people make choices that you dont agree with, but also - THAT THE CHOICES YOU MAKE ARE NOT THE CORRECT CHOICES. There are no correct choices. There is no correct path in which to live your life. With these things in mind you come to realise YOU HAVE NO RIGHT, NO REASON, NO FOUNDATION to get angry at ANYONE BUT YOURSELF. Because where you can get on other people's cases for not following the rules and regulations you've set out for living, YOU CAN ALWAYS GET ON YOUR OWN CASE.


You could just toss all my advice out of a window and continue on the route you're on.
and if you do that - please, when it comes to something like this :

you all are fucking idiots...basically what youve tried to do is hash out an over simplified melodramatic explanation of existentalism for all your white druggie raver foam party friends. But what youve drudged out is a large steaming pile of the word like and big words that im guessing that you dont even really know the meaning of. And as for your bafflement of why people dont try drugs...its for the same reason that people dont think that fucking there toaster will give them improved virility in there day to day love lives. Or how sniffing your cats worm encrusted asshole just might improve ones ideas about how your life is nothing but a fucking waste of oxygen

post it on Their board.
I dont want to hear it.
It demeans us all and makes us all look like the idiots you so profess others to be.
Or rather not us, but you.

Now I take my pain-riddled body and drive to the clinic, where DOCTORS DONT DO SHIT.

HEY, i got some gud funzo stuff to tell you, in a month MR and i are haven a ... omg .. OMG I USED PROPER GRAMMER AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!... well yeah, me and MR are haven a paint ballthing go, we get 10% off and everything so its like 10$$ for everything, and if guns n bows has that 35$$ per case deel again they will call MR R and then the paint will be doubble coverd. so... NOVEMBER 11th ONE MONTH FROM NOW so post if ya wanna go, we alredy got around 12 people ( who will DEFFENATLY go ) 15 or total. Kurt, me, jeff, Napster, arron ( maby ), John, jacob, jacob's friends ( 2 ), damnit forgot his name but i see him everyday, and few others i cant remeber =) ill get some more.

so.... november 11th month from now, time to say " hey boss i want this day off bitch " and then go kill peopl =D
yah ok steven...call it what you will...though now looking back i can see that raver was the wrong choice of words and for that i can apologize but all that other stuff...that whole thing about him being better than everybody that just got to me
Wow, Napster.

You've just proven how totally ignorant you are about the word "raver."
Which implies you are probably equally as ignorant about the word "rave."

And, that last cut/paste you did, about the companionship and whatnot, is
also rather naive. From what I gather you think that guy is stupid because he
doesn't believe relationships are worthwhile, but wants sex.
Many people think that. I thought that at one point. Fact of the matter is your
animal instincts desire sex -- desire for emotional bonds come from elsewhere.
And not everybody has that desire.

I didn't read much from that other blog, simply because your arguments seemed
unfounded and...did I mention..ignorant?
AHHHH HHHHHH the further that i keep reading into this fucking blog the more i realise that i dont think im gonna sleep very well tonight....it just about pisses me off with every fucking word that this idiot spouts out onto the world wide web....case in point
"it made me realize how much ahead i am of pretty much everyone else there. it is giving me kind of a sense of confidence that i never really applied to school. for the most part, i'm more experienced both in life and in school and intelligent in the book sense and in common sense. i am better than pretty much everyone there in one way or another. i look older, feel older, act older, and am older than most of the people there. i don't care about all the social bullshit that is going on, and there is no way i can get sucked into it. before when i've gone, i looked like a young college student, so all the jerkoffs treated me accordingly. now the jerkoffs avoid me because they know i own them anyways. it is strange

in other news, a few minutes ago i super glued my hand to my shoe. it kind of brings everything into perspective...."

Hit this fucking blog with every ounce of shamefullness at your command i tell you...ARGGGHHHHH theres more

"so, the whole idea of companionship is just foreign to me. physical pleasure seems like a much more obtainable goal. i don't want to have to put up with another person's wants and need, i have enough trouble catering too my own. my emotions are more than enough for me to deal with already, so why in the world would i want to add someone elses!!!! it just does not make any sense whatsoever. why would i even consider it!!!! oh yes, the possibility of satiating my raw, physical animal need. there are things i can't take care of myself. so which shouting voice do i supress, the need for sex, or the need for mental stability. satisfy the body or the mind. it is a damned if i do damned if i don't kind of situation. either path eventually ends in insanity. the least of about 10 evils.

thus, the need for some sort of stimulus. not a tease. stripbars would be great if your 20 dollars got you a night of raw unbridled passion. it gets you about 3 minutes that leave you panting for more. i can't handle them. i always thing it would be such a great idea, but it is really not worth it, it just heightens the pain. obviously some sort of human interaction would be the best solution. yet, you still have to deal with another human. for those 3 minutes at the stripbar, that person is not human. they are something else entirely. if you had to spend a whole night with this person, they would slowly become more and more of a person, and that my friend would be a crime against everything mentally worthwhile. that is the great thing. for those 3 minutes, it was perfection. perfection that is not physically possible, but for 3 minutes it exists in your mind. thus the need for some sort of ultra life like sex robots. something without the human element to ruin the illusion. i always thought the prospect of stealing a person and having them become this perfect reality for one reason or another was the way to go, but every time i think about it, it becomes more and more infeasible in my head. i have moved on to the sexual robot slaves. they would be perfect. you could not tell that they weren't human, yet you directed their very thoughts. thus you could hold the illusion firm in your mind, and have them reciprocate it for as long as your mind can handle, since as a robot their mind was your mind. there would be no guilt over doing something taboo with another human, for you are the only human involved. these robots would allow us to live every one of our fantasies in reality"