March 31, 2002

holy shit

couldn't pass this one up
it just fits me so well
If I were a video game character:

I am a Pacman Ghost.

I like to hang around with friends, chatting, dancing, all that sort of thing. We don't appreciate outsiders, and do our best to discourage others approaching us. I enjoy occasionally wandering around randomly, and often find that when I do so, I get to where I wanted to be.
Yes, indeed.

It was actually the center of the left hamstring, Mike. Still a tender spot.

Man o man, Steven’s new move. Gotta love it. Amazing in its simplicity. Wonderful in it’s effectiveness. Crazy enough to come as a complete surprise.

The dual-gun cover fire technique worked very well. Right up to the point where I was shot a dozen or so times.

Lady luck is a slut. No, a two-timing, gold-digging whore. Or, maybe I just had a bad second half of the night.
Nope, she’s a whore. Pretty sure of it.

So, Andy, fuck you both.

Zach, dude, why didn’t you come with us? Aside from the lack of funds.

And I didn’t get hit in the nuts once. Not bad for a weekend that involved both drinking and paintball.


Fun it was.
Lotsa people who haven't played against us before
Hell yeah.
Although I really sucked ass the second half of the day.
But nontheless, as Micheal new "Middle Flag" technique.
Hell yeah.
I just can't get over his "Where the hell did the flag go?"
I also can't get over the sight of Bradbury usin my gun to cover well as his gun.
Looked like a fuckin terminator/commando/rambo type thing.
Just picture Bradbury
With 2 guns
Walking slowly forward
In the open
Keeping the other team down
Oh. And Marilyn...bein on my team the entire day
Until the last game
Smoked me. Right between the eyes.
Hot damn.
Oh and can't forget the so-called 'pros' shooting me (their teammate) after I get the flag.
Luckily it bounced.
I'm tired.
And Bored.

oh by the way was looking throught the posts and noticed that kissy responded to my jail bitch name... NO.... ONLINE TESTS ARE EEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVVVVIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! FOOOKING EEEEEEEEEEEVVVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was talking about

heh heh heh
Yeah so, here i am the last man on my team, rushing up the right side on hamburger hill siting there waiting for people to move in, i hear some moving ans see someone RUSH in, caped his ass GOOD, thinken to myself, ... " 1 min left and somebody had to have seen me shoot him and is waiting for me..... i think ill rush and die glorysly," so i rush out going around the corner and BWAM THERES BRADBURY!!!!! normaly like usal when people are shooting at me i close my eyes and spin, so naturly i aimed my gun at him pulled the trigger like a mad man and spun... i made a row accross his head, 1 hit.... he got me ... 13 times....... still a tie :P.

other then that me and steaven flanked the whole team going down the hill... and i got bradbury IN THE ASS!!!! well... it was in the calf but hay close nuff... then on the air field i rush down the whole thing take out so many people.... then see some GIRL and take pity, " SURRENDER OR DIE!!!!!! " ... ... ... ... CAP CAP CAP CAP!!!! ..... ... .... ok.... FINE... DONT SURRENDERR!!!!
insert michael lighting the fuck out of the wall the is near.... wich about 70% hit her and bounced...

WHHHHHHHHHOH YEAH DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .... click click click.... hhmmm no amo.... FALL BACK!!!!
insert mad jimmy run

I thought to myself i could flank her and get her to surrender with no paint..... as im about to rush her.... i look around the corner with her halfway slowly making her way to me.... i yell HOLLY FUCK!!! and run the hell out of there to my team mate.... who gets confused and starts firing at both us.... i yell YOUR TEAM and rush past her leaving her to her death, LEAP over a bunker stand up and get shot in the shin.... i loose ballance and fall strait on my ass....

man o man best game... ever....

there were few other fun things.. like steaven and his god damned new tactic of geting the flag from middle of the house... but ill keep that a suppprize for ya'all the next time we go :)

I would like to take this moment and laugh at all the fuckers who laughed at me when I spoke about my 'Lady Luck' card that I had up my sleeve. Sure, Lady Luck may have knocked at my door while playing 'Iron Cross' and I said something to the effect of
Im too lazy to answer the damn door... thus I probably shouted "Go the hell away! Im losing!"

It appears as if Lady Luck really wanted to help my 'down-to-$1.25-ass' out, so she snuck in the back door and together, hand in hand we ripped the fuck out of everyone for the next few games. That $1.25 turned into an 'not-amazed-as-hell-because-she-was-always-on-my-side-$8.40'!

Fun fun. Now, lets have some fun and move all the stuff in my room around.

March 30, 2002

im driving now, yeaha
Panic Room - I'm Jodie Foster trapped in a room with my daughter and bad guys are trying to get me. AHHHHHH! Trapped, trapped, trapped. Now the bad guys are trapped in the room with my daughter. AHHHHHH! Trapped, trapped, trapped.

Don't pay full price to see this film. It is okay but no Fight Club or The Game.
We did interrupt something, didn't we?

Yes, we interrupted

Zach getting shot the fuck down.

But at least he managed to get her into the back seat.
Mind you, it was the back seat of Jimmi's dad's KIA, but a back seat nevertheless.


i lied.

i couldnt hold the poop in.


god i love animaniacs.

and not sleeping.
fuck paintballing zee day after i leave. if you assholes dont paintball when i get there in june..i will seriously have to do some ass kicking....which could easily turn into ass fucking. mmm hmmm.

jeffs video out to be interesting...especially since you guys that you were like...interupting something. hah.

but the part where i fuck jimmoi......mmmmm classic.

i have to poop....but i think ill hold it in till kansass. cause kansas is well deserving of shit.

March 29, 2002

Mike i need your phone # yo!
has anyone evr clicked on the stat. list? we are # ten out of 1000 ifs fuckin cool i guess we could be called gods...

I have had "The Ballad of Chasey Lain" stuck in my head all day. This little tune is by our old friends, the Bloodhound Gang.
Not a bad song, rather humorous actually....but not good to be humming in a school.

"You've had a lot of dick, Chasey, but you ain't had mine...."


So under the revised and clarified rules of [Second Post], who would have second post today?
Not that it matters.

By the way, I do believe I shall mop the floor with you all on saturday night. Then on the paintball field sunday morning.


damn you evil bastards i always get first post and i hate you all for it why dont you get up a little earlyer and post huh? bass terds ok im at school and i seen james he ruined everything me and gimp man had planned so i will not use my size and dream ok kicking his ass that would be fun... ahhh shit
i hate this class cox is gone and i have shit to do
might i say we should change second post to first post again its getting really shitty not getting any glory fucker James and all you others bitches...

all of you must know mike is no longer james 2 he is gimp man or any of the other names he gos by just not james for the fact he cut his hair...

what happened to warg?
As the creator of 'second post' I believe that I'm entitled to make any changes to the way it works. The idea was that the second post of the day would have something to say about the post before it, starting some sort of discussion. So, 'Second Post Glory' shall only grace those who write a second post with a minimum of two paragraphs. Should the second post slot be filled with a two-liner the glory falls upon s/he who manages to full-fill the required paragraphs, even if this is in the fourth post slot. Spamming a few words over and over again shall disqualify you ( This is directed toward you, Michael... )

Not to ruin Bradbury's day, this shall be effective on April First

Prepare yourselves ladies and bastards, it's Friday - the weekend has begun. I shall reclaim the money I lost last weekend - due to the fact I couldn't find that fucking destiny card in my sleeve. grumbles I would also like to state that my troops shall own -all- in Myth 2 should it become part of our weekend. MRAAR!

End Transmission.
almost had seccond post!!! ALMOST 1 min off!!!
Second post.
Yes indeed, on Friday no less.

damn tjis first post it sux i had somthing to say but i dont re,member anymore...
Steve call me at 2:30


March 28, 2002

You mean this picture James?

Which Grunge Band Are You?
My microwave has a "Popcorn" button. Yes. You know how long it took me to give a shit? We've had that thing since my sophomore year.

Speaking of things that have been around a while.....that jailbitch name gen is quite amusing - that is, when you enter the names of other people. Heh.

delet this, is a copy of last post
BAHAHAHHAHAHAHA friend sent me this thought you all would enjoy it

Your JailBitch name
Heh reply what your name is, dont just post a few letters....
kinda... like ... what it did.......... RUN!!!

hhmmm my posting seems to be messed up, first it doubbled it, now its trippling it, and now it just doesnt want to delet the ones i posted....
............ your serious Bradbury, i sure damn hope so, went to docs today and they found out what was wrong, my mind was fucked up again and they gimmey some sheeeeeeet that make me bvetter and fix my sleepen habbits...soooooooo after today and tommrow, i should be good to go, nothing can stop me NOTHING!!!!! ... inless no one picks me up :( ... ... ... mmmrrrr RRRRR... heeeeeeheeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeee. Only thing stoping me now is taking my pills.... which i can bring with me SHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! and my dad.... he wont be awake till 10 or so, so someone pick me uo at 7 if possible, and bradbury it wont be as much as i expected, 1, the deel debbie gives me will gimmy about 500/w ent fee, and like 10$ for 1000? * shrug *

I dunno, if your ok with it bradbury ill be sure to pay you back once i get a job, wich wont be long ( 3 months ) because IM GOUING TO GET MY FUCKEN GRADES UP AND SHOVE THAT 10 DAY SHIT DOWN THE THROAT OF EVERY TEACHER WHO SAID IM NOT GOING TO PASS..........*insert classes im going to sever to save the legg* MATH.... that is it. Once i get all that taken care of mom said she will help me get the 66 dodge dart and my drivers licence then its up to me to get a job..... then i can join the working life .....

I School/Work.... I work.... I grow old I DIE.... just rember that peoples .... YOUR ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

soon or later
fucking hot steemy dog shit i will get second post sooner or later

ok steve i kinda have school tomarrow but i can get it to you after school im off at 2 so what time do you get off work? call me ill be at work today but just leave a message my step mom Sonja or brother brad should be home till 530 then my dad gets home so just call me later...

Mike you smelly bass terd why havent you been in school???? i am now going to come up there when i get my new car and smack you around and call you jeni if thats ok with you so...

Jeff, I'mma call my insurance on the way to work...I'm sure with a car that early ('72 didn't a say?) The insurance is fine...but gotta check anyways.
Will have that answer by the time I'm on my lunch, so basically yeah, I'm game for it. I'll give you (or your dad) a call in the morning (I don't work) and I'll have the money by then, so...yeah...some point tomorrow I'll be able to pick it up.

loved it.
people at work now call me kurt.
because someone off-handedly mentioned I look ...
like kurt cobain.
oh. oh happy day.
and i get home, only to see a picture of mr. kurt.
wearing what?
wearing a suit. and a tie. and looking like who? like me.
that dead bastard.
and my car is now re-leaking engine coolant.
I fix it for two days, and then am like :
only to have that thrown in my face.
bonus? I got paid today.
bonus? I'm stopping by the school tomorrow morning with ...
a quote.
I'm gonna post it on some teacher's doors.
It's gonna be great.
not much to post.
and to end, I shall deflate our good pal Mr. Borton -

second post glory is nullified and passed onto the third post in the event that the second post is also the person who did first post



second post bitches!!!!
Steve ok so when would you want to get it as soon as your ready ill bring it (but were) i dont know so yea if you are just pick a place we both know like safway in graham and ill be there if we cant till this weekend then thats fine so post and tell me

March 27, 2002

or yesterday.
or some time.
i forget. i dont care, really.
but anywho.
joe brought in a picture of his little girl.
and himself.
and it was nice.
and it reminded me of the pictures of my father and me.
when i was a child.
and suddenly :
i was overcome with a strong urge to want to have children of my own.
but then.
but then I got bitch-slapped with reality.
and he showed me another picture.
and the child's big, blaringly blue eyes stared wide into the camera.
vacant, void of thought, innocent.
and it scared the shit out of me.
and that urge took a nose dive into " HELL NO MOTHO FUKKA "


and thats that.
yes Steve i have car for 450$ i put this in your comments but peaple dont read them so im posting

NOVA 77 good car any questions call me or my dad (Scott) my dad or Jeff me 847 4837 and we can talk i want to sel;l it by friday so if you need it soon then i can help
So, thanks to the wonders we call - mechanical problems - I don't want to drive my car too much. It's perfectly driveable, so long as I don't try to go in reverse, but I don't want it locking up on me entirely. So, my bank says (because of the loan on it) that if it is maintained in a storage facility (roughly $60/monthly) then I can drop my insurance on it.
That would save me approximately $90 a month.
Big deal. But hell $90 is $90.
I cannot sell the car for as much as I owe on it, simply because a '93 Celica with a bad transmission and the cosmetic damage is certainly not worth $4500.
Which means I need to store it until I can pay off enough to bring the loan down to what I can sell it for, sell the damned off all my other shit...

And get yet another nice car.
But that will be a good ways down the line. Because I'm poor.
So if anybody knows of a car that's for sale for $300-$500 that should last atleast 6 months 'till somethin goes wrong (so I can buy another shitty car) Then lemme know.
So I can lock up my car, and throw this damnable $250 insurance down the drain.

March 26, 2002

Hmmm, so I was thinking about this lent thing some folks are still blabbing about. I thought it would be insanely funny that those people would return to school on April first ( April Fool's Day, I think they have school then ) and claim they won whatever money they kept talking about. Oh what a well planned April Fool's gag it would be to say " HA HA! April Fool's suckers! No money! "
I MAY not be going for 3 reasons, 1: i Dunno If i will fEel like shit this weEkend, drugs and Vaxeeens that were pumped Into me are wearing off and im geting this feeLing of where i want to kill everything around me.... ( ie the walls ) 2: inlesS someone Can spot me aboUt 50$$ ( i would pay theM back in about 5 years ... with about 100$$ intrest if need be... but i likly wont take the money if they care too much about the money ( ie: bug the fuck outa me and make me pay lump sums.... bah )
3: i wanted to talk to steaven about it but i kept falling asleeep before i could, if i did show up with you and MR R then it would basicly be us 3 vrs wallmart people and steaven, i dunno if i wanna show up just to make the whole day hell... as in they will be my bitches....
OH and i dont have a ride =), gunna try to show up in school for the next few days, maby that will show my mom/dad that im feeling better and it will let them throw money at me, then maby the other things will fall into place and i will be there at paint ball..... ppffff like my life would be that simple.

Well i fell kinda better and about school, there is a 25% of me geting least a c in all my required classes, A: i work my ass off. B: stay after school and work my ass off. C: Get a few reports done if i could only find bloody information. D: the teachers give me a break. and E: i dont explode on a person i wish to beat the living fuck out of =).

Bah ill prolly do B and C... the others will morph into, Throw more work onto Mr.Moo(D) and Working morphs into watch TEEEVEEE and play computer games.(A)
oh and by the way HAVENT PLAYED EQ FUCKEN YET BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALMOST 40 FOOOKEN DAYS WITHOUT MY EQ....... but i havent played it because i found a replacement, it was called BAULDERS GATE TEEEEWWWW.... but i beat it just 1 hour ago and now i dont know what im going to do because MY LIFE IS O SO BORING WITHOUT EQ OR SOME OTHER GAME TO FILL MY VOID OF EXILE AND LONLYNESS :( oh well... i guess sleep will fill it... and oh man is that alot of sleep.

... ... ... ... rember all.... Dying is a well balanced part of your breakfast.....
After all the fun of last week it seems a little like a ghost town.

I wore a toga to school today. I think we, as a society, should wear more togas. They may not be terribly fashionable but they are comfy.

Where are the hetero-life partners? Did you run off to Hawaii to get married?

Chris Cornell left what was left of Rage. So much for Ozzfest this summer. At least the album will still be released.
I post, there for I am, full of shit.
I post, therefore I am.
i post.

March 25, 2002

Hmm....yes sir. Too quiet.

So, Little Collins, what's up with sunday? Yea/nay?

one last thing:
What the hell happened to me?

listens to the sound of chirping crickets...
Undertow certainly beats lateralus.

Aaron, I certainly hope you weren't attempting to refer to me with that "melodramatic high schooler" bit. That would be bad. For you. Get the picture?


March 24, 2002

Aenima takes all, nothing else needs be said.
a. SATURDAY NIGHT is otherwise known as POKER NIGHT - the highlight of this weeks poker night just happened to be when the stakes were rising beyond the skies, and nobody knew that I had FOUR THREES - which is beat only by a straight and royal flush. The stakes kept raising, with fifty's and seventy fives. Until it later tapered off with tens, and fives, until I finally called michael. Steven put down first - he had two pair. queens and something else - which beat out Andy's two pair, which didnt even meet queens. I put down my four threes expecting to take the pot when - WHAT IS THIS? MICHAEL PULLS A STRAIGHT FLUSH OUT OF HIS GOD-DAMNED ASS AND STEALS IT AWAY FROM ME.


b. with the departure of jimmoi to the airforce there will be a seat open for poker night. we've just recently started playing for money ( 5$ entry ) and the rules are very simple. There is also the sixth seat which is open - which michael normally plays - but until jimmoi gets the boot I am willing to let that sixth seat open to whomever is interested. If you enjoy playing poker and are interested in playing - email me at

3. I never stated the denny's group would harold TZA as their banner. That was merely something we thought about. and I never stated " friendly " competition either. Im all up for hostilities and hatred within the ranks of the two. However - reports I hear that the denny's group consists of nothing more than a bunch of acne-ridden youth who would think it is cool to get a fake ID and sneak into a club that sells ( !!! ) ALCOHOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

d. as for your comment on my attempt at making " faith " fly as a debate ( it never happens on the board, god, religion, and faith arent things that people believe need to be debated about on the board - friendships, countries, and young kittens find themselves no longer because of conflict over said things ) - I would state that I already shot you down before you even attacked me. I specifically stated that people who delve into the existance of God loose faith. they loose their " blindness " and " faith " - which I specifically put the definition of so that I wouldnt get shit back, like " WELL KIERKEGAARD SAID : "

but we never got anything from Aaron. Nothing that you thought up of your own, which is which I did. I came to a conclusion based on my own experiences, thoughts, and ideals - not by reading a very logically written book by a very well known philosopher. so it looks like Mr. Kierkegaard has shot me down - but he's as good as dead. by hiding behind the shadows of those already passed, and utilizing their knowledge as your own - you learn nothing more than subterfuge. how to fake life. something very prominant in the book I am reading now : Siddhartha. OoOooo.

and now I'm running all over in tangents.

5. total votes so far : 1 undertow, 3 aenima, 1 lateralus. ( jesse told me he enjoyed undertow far better than aenima ) - probably because of sober, because I do admit, sober is a bad-ass song, and prison sex. hMmm. But wait - undertow, IMHO, beats out lateralus as well. hot - d - a - m - n.

6. I entirely agree with bradbury's " get fucked " - unfortunately, I have no fucking outlet to speak of, unless we include said hands - and even those are no fun anymore - so it seems I have to go and swim my way through the dating pool some to find me a lovely piece of meat to stick more meat into. again : hot-damn.

g. i think i'm done now - oh wait, no I am not - Ive recently just found out that MYTH 2 only requires you to have ONE CD to play, being that I can put network versions on the rest. You know what that means? Now that I have what I need - all I have to do is gather together 10+ people to play myth2. I shall be gathering people together at my home to learn them how to play. EGG SALAD.

8. now I think I'm done.
I went to the junior prom last night. What fun. Spencer hung out with me, per my expectation. I was surprised/relieved that he did not ask me to dance with him. But a VERY INTOXICATED Chris Righi did ask me. When I turned him down, he asked why. I reminded him of the diatribe he wrote and gave to me about how he did not like me because of my "communist views" and said that I should go live in Cuba or China in a grass hut and see how much I like it then. He laughed and apologized, shook my hand and said essentially "let's be friends." I can't remember the last time I saw someone that drunk. Probably because I was the last person I was around who was that drunk.

Oh, and this is nice. Raechelle Velock asked me in the interest of "spreading homosexual tolerance" at BHS to dance with her. Again, I turned her down. (Maybe if she looked a little more like Gina Gershon.) She also told me that she had a thing for Spencer.

After the dance I stopped by Shari's. None of you were there.
Okay, I'm not quite understanding, James says he congratulates the forming of a different "TZA" chapter, although I argue that we aren't one, he even says that we should have friendly competition between the two, so I make a simple one liner in jest, and you all explode? Man, you guys are still melodramatic high schoolers at heart aren't ya?

Jesus Christ, Good God man... I thought argument was what James wanted all along, and then when I try to start another debate you all go hostile about it? How's about you all stop taking yourselves and everyone else so seriously. Now, of course, I expect to get a backlash from this as well, so, show me what you got.

March 23, 2002

Oh, and:

Get fucked

Drew: if you need to borrow my blue truck, just say the word. No guarantees, but it's better than walking. Seriously, it's no problem.
That goes for the rest of you, too. At least the ones I know. I won't lend my shit to someone I don't trust - paying towing and impound fees sucks ass. That won't happen.

[joking]If he is a giant penis, then what does he have swinging in his drawers? I contend nothing at all.[/joking]

1. we all know aaron has a large penis. you can see him from a long distance away, wobbling to and fro in a crowd. being that he is a penis - and no, I'm not calling him a prick - which would be an allusion to calling him an ass or a fucktwit ( that would be me ) - we're talking 100% bone-i-fide penis. so of course - he cannot be compensating for the lack-there-of in his pants.

2. I would post what my background is - but I am seeming to have difficulties in doing that. Let's just say it includes a woman, and some socks, and that she is wearing said socks. c'mon. if you dont want to go to the bathroom and masturbate already ( sorry - not the bathroom in andy's case ), well then fuck off.

3. everyone keeps telling me that since I have money pouring through my eye sockets, that I should " buy a new and better car " - to these people I give a great big FUCK YOU to. because I hate new cars, and I hate buying cars, and I hate cars, and I hate people who say I need to get a new car. I can fix a god-damned engine coolant leak. GUH.

4. Panda Bears

5. Some people in my association seem to be getting it in the ass as of late. Bonnie and Drew to mention a few. Hey that rhymes, in any event - If you've been paying attention you know what happen to the ol Bon-bon, and if you dont know as-of-yet, Drew had his car yanked out from underneith him. He showed up at shari's stating he was walking to denny's - from his cheapo-theatre work. Eesh. That sucks. He said it wasnt all that bad - just wait until one day he's walking home and it starts raining slush.

6. go home.
Here's an idea, since no one gives a shit about "The Denny's group", whatever the hell that is - just yer face ont the topic Aaron.
Oh damn, that was ment as a joke ofcourse - couldnt ya tell ? Hell, it was so obvious - clear as crystal!

If I don't give a shit why did I post this ? Cause Im fucking tired of hearing superiority shit - people bragging to, just as Bradbury said, compensate for some other deficiency ( think that's spelled right ), be it them being insecure about whats in their pants or elsewhere.

In any case, Id like to state that I'm feeling rather good today. No, not "Hot damn Im fucking horny" kind of good, just an overall "wow, I feel free" kind of thing. I also have a feeling I'm going to win some money tonight... oh yes. Tonight we play poker, and I have a card up my sleeve - destiny.
"The Denny's group by the way, would just like to make it clear how incredibly superior we are"
Who fucking cares? Do you want a goddamned medal or something? Why do you need to feel superior...compensating are we? [Aaron], do you have a little dick? Is that where all of this came from?


James, this is a fairly simple one, assuming that the easy steps work. If they don’t, sell the car...

Okay, step one: Go down to an auto parts store, get yourself a bottle of BARS leaks. Not the cheap shit, get the BARS brand-the others don’t work as well.

Follow the directions, it works best if you add it with a volume of water.


If there is any spot under the hood you can’t touch with your bare hand for 10 seconds, don’t try and open the radiator cap-bad shit happens if you pop the cap while it’s hot.

You do have to add it directly to the radiator; if you put it in that plastic bottle (coolant recovery reservoir), nothing good will happen.

If you don’t feel comfortable with this, let me know and I’ll help you.

Now, since we are leaving winter, you don’t need to maintain the 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water. You can go down as low as 30% coolant to 70% water, or even 20/80, but you do need the antifreeze for its temperature stability and anti-corrosion qualities. What this means is: don’t worry too much about adding the antifreeze instead of water as it gets low, so long as the water still has a green color to it. The best thing to do is mix them externally and then add. That, however, is a pain in the ass. Just pour one then the other in until it looks good.


The Denny's group by the way, would just like to make it clear how incredibly superior we are, man that's two one line posts in a very short period of time...

March 22, 2002

Sorry aaron, its a no go this weekend, maybe next time though
OH yeah, and Denny's tonight, just in case Napster forgot.
First of all I'd like to say that Lateralus is the best TOOL album ever, followed by Aenima...

But as for your "debate starter" and the quotes are entirely necessary, where is the logic to back up your statements? You claim to have a viewpoint that is valid, but why is it valid? Because Webster said something that almost backs up your "proof" of faith being blind to be necessary. I believe you once told me to read Kierkegaard James, and now I think you need to follow your own advice, for he writes a few books on the subject of "faith", all of which are logically backed up, and all of which easily refute your "debate starter", so I don't really have to. Faith in God is not concrete, no, but it is far from blind, which shows that you have done very very little research on the subject... If there weren't a lot of evidence to justify the existence of God, than no one would have faith, or belief, which I hardly find worth dividing, in him.
Has anybody ever felt really good about themselves for one
reason or another?
sure everyone has
but has anyone ever felt good about themselves because they
stood up
stood up for someone else
just some poor kid getting hassled on a bad day by some punk
who doesnt have the brains to express himslef in a way that
doesnt lead to violence. And then your looking at this situation
and you just snap, sending you on a crash course with the
agressor causing you to shed backpack and coat and take on a
semi violent demeanor. And your watching yourself as if from
the outside of your body. You see yourself collide with this bully
knocking him to the ground with a clothesline to the back of his
punk ass head. And then telling him to get the hell outta your
ssight and that you never want to see him commit these deeds
againfor fear of more possible retribution/judgement. And
afterwards your filled with a feeling of fear, because you
realized that you had to resort to violence to quell a similar
case of possible violence. But then the thanks that come make
you know that everything is all right. This really happened
yesterday and i feel great about it.
a few more things just off the top of my head before I go to sleep :

a. best tool album ever : aenima. by far.
b. who all is coming to get a piece of zach-o love tonight?
c. i need help locating and fixing an engine coolant leak, anyone got any ideas where to start? it's my " weekend project " ( can anyone say " HEY BRADBURY? " - just you wait until I get his OWN WEBSITE " ask bradbury " up an goin ;)
d. for those of you who follow my love life and enjoy masturbating feverishly to the thought of me having sex ( nobody? ) - Heather stopped by yesterday. I think it was yesterday. anywho. she had a real expensive jacket on. I think she got it for her birthday. la - dad - de, this, however, has no relivance. Im just writing it so I can forget about it ;b
e. HOT DAMN. thats right.
the day the whole world went away : : : : :

first off - steve, fixed your missing " i " real quickly afterwards.

second - three days off. we'll see how fast they go by.

thirdly - the post that has been delayed for awhile, to let the last ' big hooopla ' calm down so I can prod the board into the next big debate. which would be :


an associate at work asked me if I believed in God. In my head, I answered no. From my mouth, I answered yes. Then I hesistated. Then I said wait. Then I said yes, but in my head thought no. This caused confusion - so I decided to delve into the reasons behind this confusion and came up with the following conclusion :

I believe in God. But I do not believe in believing in God. To elaborate :

  1. Confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing.
  2. Belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence. See Synonyms at belief.
  3. Loyalty to a person or thing; allegiance: keeping faith with one's supporters.
  4. The theological virtue defined as secure belief in God and a trusting acceptance of God's will.
  5. The body of dogma of a religion: the Muslim faith.
  6. A set of principles or beliefs.

wow. it's been awhile since I've used an Ordered list.
now that we've seen the textbook definition of " faith " I shall state that " believing in God " is to " deny any faith in God " -

I am a full supporter that faith is entirely blind, and that in believing, praying, acknowleding, or accepting the existance of God is to play the game with a stacked deck. Cheating. It's like going to the horse race, knowing which horse will win, placing bets on that horse - and when it wins - " acting " like you're suprised. It's like getting Christmas presents on Christmas when you have to act like you didnt already know what it was because you were there the day the person who got it for you, bought it. Its entirely bullshit.

Faith in God requires you to give all these things up.
It requires you to " let go "
to accept the cards dealt to you
to ride the waves and go with the flow

God is not something you pray to everynight.
God is not something that you thank for a good day at work.
God is not something worthy of killing someone else for.
God is not even something that should be thought of.

because even thinking of him is a deviation from " faith "

how's that to start a debate? hope to get some good input.

THE SECOND post Ive been meaning to get to will have to be put - being that Bonnie has hit bad times and it was specifically about her. Having your house violated, or anything violated and stolen for that matter, sucks a big fat anglo-saxon cock - and with Bradbury, my condolences.


looks like thats it for me.
oh - and I'm looking forward to some zach-o man-love tonight.
Mmmm, mMmm, good.
We all love cabbage don't we ? Yes... yes I'm sure we do. Later I shall explain why.
smacks the big Reserved stamp onto first post slot

So here we are, after work getting ready to listen to uncle dM speak about cabbage. Bradbury mentions cabbage as a 'good' thing, however my usage of 'love' was more or less sarcasm. We all know what cabbage is, big ball type thing sort of like lettuce only harder in texture with a god aweful stench when cooked. It reminds me of such wicked things as Cabbage Patch dolls, ugly ass abominations of nature - never should that have been called a 'toy' and also of Koreans eating Kim-chie (spelling?). Supposed to be very tastey food that Kim-chie, though I've never tried myself - the fact that everyone complains about its stench ( since it's rotting cabbage I guess ) keeps me firmly rooted in the "Hell no Im not fucking eating that" category.

So here I am, at work. I don't like my job - I get payed very little money for the amount of heavy work I do. There is however another reason I don't like my job - I work with about seven, you count em -seven-, Mexicans. A friendly enough group of people, even worked out a quicker system of doing what I do with my 'partner' without speakin to him. ( Oh sure, he speaks English, I just can't understand it ). Day in and day out I listen to them chatter on with their Spanish jabber, rather irritating concidering my stance on learning / speaking the host country's language while in public. To the point of cabbage however - I was at work doing my thing and trying to pick up some of the few Spanish words I actually know - suddenly it hit me.

What -the- fuck is that smell?! I asked myself.
I looked around seeking -something- out of the ordinary which may smell strange. Nothing.

G'damn! There it is again!
Hmmm... I seem to recall that smell from some where. Cabbage, yea thats it - I think mom cooked cabbage once.
I groaned to myself silently, something... no - someone was stinkin of cabbage!
It's her! That girl I just walked past!

Yes folks, I don't know if theres any special Mexican food which smells like cabbage that one would keep on his or her person, but that "I reek of cabbage aura" was about her. It engulfed her like a snake eating a lil tree frog. Horrid! I highly doubt it was 'food' of any sort.

I shuddered at the thought of returning to work the next day, cabbage was in the air. However, no it wasn't cabbage that day, nor was it today - it was babypowder. You know, that white lil powdering crap you put on a baby's ass, for what reason exactly eludes me.

Though previously the smell of cooking cabbage kept me at bay, the thought and experience of this shall drive me into a dark little hole in a mountain. Cabbage ladies and bastards, fear it - avoid it at all costs. Lets see if you still love it with this thought in mind.

-- On a seperate note -- I was told " Get Friday the 29th off damnit! -Do- It! " So I did. Now however I wonder, does this have anything to do with some paintball game which michelle and "that-one-dude-who-doesn't-realize-first-post-is-out-and-who-i-don't-know" keep blabbing about ?

I shall leave you all with something to ponder " Got SoW ? "

March 21, 2002

Bradbury-Go with the 76 Regal, that is a car isnt it? and not just a truck, cause i think there are too many trucks in the world
And once again im at loss for words, i havent been talking lately alot. but i feel good for once in my life, im ahead in my studies (Math i finally own you!!) and things are good, im back to playing RPG games and not letting the opinions of my brother withhold me from this passion of mine.
Stupidest quote of my bro
"IS it just me or did it get fatter in here?"
I can wait until im in college and i come home and here stories of him getting the crap beat out of him by a large group of husky guys cause he opened his big mouth, of man Karmas a bitch
ok you all fucking suck i post no one but the teacher who dosnt know who i am reads it... FUCK YOU ALL AND GO TO HELL!! i still waqnt to know if we are going paintballing on easter... (no we dont have to wait 3 days to play again LOL) Mike were the hell r u why havent you been in school call me!!!

and is the fight over???

First post somthing i couldnt get for sooo long is now mein!!

March 20, 2002

John Cusack is good, but only one of the movies mentioned I liked...(or remember enjoying)..."Grosse Pointe Blank"
At least, I think I liked it. Reasonably sure. Maybe I should quit drinking? Hell, four weeks of mandatory substance abuse counseling couldn’t make me quit, my own realizations of negative after affects won’t either. Ugh.

That really bites about your computer Bonnie (and the rest of your belongings, for that matter). I’d say some shit like “I hope they catch the guys that robbed you,” but they won’t. On the bright side, most of your shit will probably turn up in local pawn shops and/or thrift stores sometime in the near future. To quote:


Again, I do empathize with you.

No it’s when you play and get hit on Good Friday that you have wait three days.

So I have a dilemma: What to do now.
More specifically, which project car to go ahead with.
Choices are: a ’76 Regal 4-door, which I already have sitting in storage, it just needs a motor and some finish work to become a very evil sleeper; a 4Runner, which I don’t have but could very easily acquire in varying stages of readiness and turn into an excellent off-road Toy; or just stick with the [still under factory warranty] Tundra, for which there are a healthy selection of go-fast goodies available at outrageously high prices.
Input, anyone?

As a matter of fact, the only people I even know from Frontier are the people who are already in this 'group,' Justin Calvert, whom nobody here has met, mostly because I'm sure if I brought him along he would end up physically attacking people because he'd take all the attacks too seriously...there's the aforementioned Joe (the tall guy), and..Austin Gershek..who I haven't actually seen in about a year.

Sure Drew..I'll shove my head up my ass, if you can give me a good and non-delusional reason to.


The Tall guy /was/ the guy from Frontier. Unless I have a friend that I don't know about.
Joeseph Whitford worked with me (fired recently) and we knew eachother from Frontier.
I was staying with him and Rosalie for some time. The only 2 people from the apartment at the time, and hence the /only/ two people I brought along.

And no you don't see me with a new person every time you see me, because I'm /not/.
Straight up cannot happen, since I /don't/ hang out with these new people.
There's Joe and James Parker, who I've known for years, there's this group, there's Rosalie and Joe from work (Joe being also from frontier, and being tall) and now there's a recent addition named Marylin from work.

So I don't know what you are seeing as far as my 'socialization'...but you need to lay off the shrooms or something dude.
Not like I'd go and lie about it. It's not as if I /enjoy/ being anti-social. As a matter of fact I hate it. But fact of the matter is, it's feel free to pretend you see me with these people....and next time you see me with one of these imagined people, please point them out to me, because maybe if I can start seeing hallucinatory people then I won't be so gad fucking depressed every time I come home from work.
Looky Mommy!!! There are ladies on da bord!


Kissie, I like Bonnie don't really post that often, at least not in the recent past, but I am a female. I don't have a dick and these things on my chest weren't put there by any kind of surgery or anything. :)

Funzo nutty poetry below... *smiles*


Holes in...

space... space... space...

forever night.

Take in... Take in... Take in

sight of endless universe.

Stealing all...

from everything... from everything...

To reform again

whirlwind... whirlwind... In whirlwind.


Bright light once again.

itself... itself.

Itself... ' itself ' itself...

In time lament.


I'm glad to see that everyone is popping out of the woodwork so to speak. I haven't gotten to check this bord in the past few days really because of crap ass BHS work and plah, but what is here is highly entertaining.

Happy Birthday Everyone!

Wow, I'm in one of those rare good moods where the whole world doesn't look like a giant cess pool, with alll of it's diseases, and the longevity of old people, ect. Which reminds me, that mood is over, haha... I enjoyed it while it lasted. :)

Tah Tah!
So...I wonder if going in your pastor's office during his sermon at church to check up on the blog is a sin...nope...I don't think so, but it's probably frowned upon by God. What can I computer was stolen friday and so I haven't been able to check the blog like usual.Wait...pretty much everything out of my house was stolen so I'm feeling pretty damn sorry for myself. Kissie...I look down at me and I see boobs and...wait a penis. Which would make me a girl...right? Yeah...but it's okay, you probably didn't know I was on the board because I don't usually post. ANyway, I have to go pray now. Goodbye. I truely miss you all.

Which John Cusack Are You?

Which John Cusack Are You?

Which John Cusack Are You?

Which John Cusack Are You?
Twelve Hour Shifts Suck Donkey Ass.

thats for sure.
Im just holding out for fri-sat-sun.
just holding out.
and it's the third day, out of four.
and I swear . . .
it shouldnt be this difficult.

just holding out.
three days, off - all to myself.
just curious - who'll all be at sharis ... tomorrow is it? day after?
I've forgotten. fuck it. friday.
friday when zach-o gets here.
in fact - anyone up for going to a movie?
I wake up at 4pm. Im figuring Ice Age or Panic Room.
Is that out yet? Yes Andy, I'll pay your way.

I have the complete monty python flying circus on dvd.
yum. it is terribly funny.

that had no correlation at all.
i should take a shower or maybe a bath.

oh dear now I've gone and lost myself.
Couple of things-

1) If you go paintballing on Easter, do you have to wait three days after being hit before playing again?

2) Two people made references to the absence of women on the board. I have the genitalia that classifies me as a female and I have been on the board for a while.

3) Jesse when you called everyone else an ass you used lower case letters, however, when you called me an "ASS" you used all caps. Are your implying that I have a big butt? Because I don't think you should call someone as revered as I clearly am (Who's Who Among America's Teachers) a fat ass. That is pretty hurtful. Know your place, young man!
ok all of us are fucking idiots i agree but why the hell are we still fighting about this all it is really doin is making James happy tons of peaple are posting on the board and he gets a kick out of every1 who plans to kill every1 else...
moonpies are good...

ok so how many peaple actualy care what is happening???????it seems to me that the only one who does is Aaron... why?

oh and Steve are we goin paintballing on easter? if so let me know and get a hold of James and see if hes goin same with his bro...
thanx for the reading and if you keep fighting let it be heard WHY!!!
No steve, your a fucking idiot, it was three people you brought, the tall guy, the chick, and the guy that went to frontier... lets see, one... two... three... yup I count three... and everytime I see you you're with someone different so yes I concider you social... you thought you had a sucsesful rebuttle to counter my post so you thought I sould put my foot in my mouth but you seem to be intierly wrong...

Steve: insert head in to ass, Because apperently, you are the fucking idiot here

and no I don't need someone to tell me that james is a dick, especialy you, I understand the nin thing, it was explained to me in great detail...

No, nether of us are following james right now, in fact we are following Aaron right now, hes the one who started the argument...

I do agree with you on one thing, I find all of this very funny too...

Krissie Shortie:
I'm sorry, I briefly read over your post a I thought you said "my boys" I do apologize for that... but yes I was offended about the ddr and guns thing... not so much the ddr thing... with boys in a group you are going to find that there will be alot of penis flying around, so insulting the testosterone level will offend someone, I just happend to be that someone, so fuck off, you came in the middle of an argument and stated things about whats going on, thats anyoing as fuck... and I wasnt bitching/complaining about work, if you would look at the board and talk to us you'd be a little more informed...

I'm sure you and steve are haveing fun pocking and proding at me while playing footsy under the table, but you have failed... if your going to argue, come up with something liable...

I hate spell check... and fuck you too...

I don't want to grow up, I'm a toys'r'us kid and I'm having fun... get a hair cut...

fuck you, I'm gonna be goddamn rude...

I love online arguments... fuck you all, I love you too...
I absolutely LOVE IT.
I've laughed so hard in the past couple of minutes ( after work ) - and when you work 12 hours - laughing is good. real real good.

as for the post that got eaten by blogger - it seems I shall have to paraphrase it. and here we go :

this is what the board was for.
bitching. about work. about eachother. about stupid people.
and it seems to be going well.
and everyone is getting in on the action.
even people who dont know eachother ( a N e / dirt-worm ) attack eachother like it was breathing air. Hell, drew even cursed people out. I love it. This is the proverbial cess-pool of all our thoughts. The place where all the shit goes. Bullshit Utopia in a sense.

But dont get mistaken.
a-n-e and dirt-worm, in the event they figure out who eachother are, should never take anything from the board to heart. In real life - we are all associates, and good associates at that. We enjoy each-other's company and respect each-other. But must we agree or like eachother? Of course not. In real life, we will be cordial. The board is where we can complain. and bitch. and instead of going behind each-other's backs and saying how much you believe that guy stinks, just come out and say " MY GOD, THAT JAMES CHARACTER IS A FUCKING MORON " - because c'mon. who isnt? anyone claiming to be anything above a fuckin' moron is calling the kettle black. we're all morons. we're human. hot-damn. but wait. it's even better :

A long time ago me and Jimmoi wanted to start " TZA CHAPTERS " and have " TZA WARS " - basically to prevent individual gatherings from getting " too big " - we'd have people split off into other groups. Aaron's idea of going to Denny's is great. I love it. They can be the Denny's crew. And there will be the Shari's crew. And if we find some other place, another crew. Mind you - they need not tote TZA - but it would be fun to send a messenger from the Shari's crew to the Denny's crew one night with " vital information " consisting of " We of the Shari's crew have come to the conclusion that in a hand-to-hand combat situation, spiderman would whoop-the-shit out of batman " - hahaha. oh man oh man.

I was surprised even Jesse got in on the action - that was great - rip roarious, I swear. and DS stopped by, and a-n-e ( kissie ) made more appearances, steven was compelled to defend himself, drew is being active, borton said something - bradbury is up to his good ol' self, even andy had a say. Man oh man oh man.

God I love the board.
Kissie asked me : " So you just anger the people on the board so they'll post? "

hee hee hee.
and in closing - I have but one thing.
The Aaron-crew will never have anything as awesome as road-ski-ing.
hands down.

it seems i am returning to washington in the midst of another one of the neat civil wars that happens between everyone..cause every single person on this board is a fucking asshole whoremongering dick/and or vagina faced cock guzzling queen fucker.

and no one called me an ass??



now that ive said my two bits.....i am thinking that i shall be in the tacoma/puyallup area on friday.....

March 19, 2002


Fun Fun =)

Popcorn, anyone?
wow hey i haven't been called a fucking idiot yet well thats probably cuz im just a peasant as well as James 2nd ohh well it will happen sooner or later. on all the things that have been said well the leader being James thing i have no clue the way i met James was at school he had a COME.TO/SLUGS sign and then i got on the board met James 2nd and became his friend... i think i know what will help everything a good game of hopper some know the rules and some don't sounds good to me...

i went to Canada and beat the hell out of 6 guys and knocked one out and broke my nose FUN i say FUN!!!!!!!
thats what we all need to do if some don't like paint ball lets put on the gear and beat the crap out of eachother!!

James 2nd were the hell are you!!!????

Drew i never thought you could say such harsh words i thought you were the nice guy AHH i thought wrong ohh well

Aaron wow doode you need a different group or something I just stopped reading your posts they got boring ddr is OK but not for FAT GERMAN GUYS like me so that would never happen and why would you want to spend all your time/$$ at the mall?

Steve I thought you were anti-social the first time I met you you said hey and shot me wile flying accrost the ground and then you didn't say anything else until I seen you again and you said hi thats aboot it...

Kissie? OK a girl on the board wow!!!

James has a lot of NiN CDs I didn't know that!!

And were can I take the test to see what type of gun I am?

We will all go crazy and DIE
yes DIE
and it will be fun cuz I like t fight!
This started with what?

I swear to christ people, GROW THE FUCK UP! All of you! My god.
Ok, So let me get this straight:
James had a bad day at work-
Aaron says James is an Ass (ooo...Them's fighting)-
Aaron brought some people to the Friday "What used to be Jimmy-day" gathering thing that was once "lead" by James-
James doesn't want to "lead" anymore-
James doesn't like large groups of people (understandable)-
James said "I go this way, you go this way", group splits in two-
Aaron and I get together for DDR on Friday-
Aaron announces that he is starting to get together with other people away from Sharis-
Aaron also states his views on Gattica (which was a bad movie in my opinion)-
James gets mad, writes "attack Aaron post"-
New info------

Steve doesn't like large groups-
All the sudden, Steve has brought people before?...huh..weird
"Fucking idiots" becomes a common phrase in everyday speech-
People don't know how to talk to one another-
Episode II: Denny's vs. Sharis's


Ok, all over what? Because someone wants to get together in a different group? Whoop-D-Fucking-DO! Lets go through this again shall we?
Aaron posted something he shouldn't have on the board, yes, that is true, it should have been sent through e-mail or whatever. Apparently Aaron has been calling James an "Ass." Now are an ass, but who gives a fuck? I'm an ass all the time, so is Drew, Aaron, even DS can be a major ASS. The only thing that seperates us from a lot of people is WE ALL KNOW THAT WE ARE ASSHOLES!

So someone brought some other people to the Friday "What used to be Jimmy-day" gathering. Someone spoke out that the group was too big and broke apart, this shouldn't have been taken in a bad way (Aaron). All the sudden people speak down to James (Aaron, Drew) as if he were a bad person (no, he's just an ass).

James doesn't want to be a "leader" anymore, now James, you haven't been much of a "Program Manager" but merely a "Scheduled Task." You had the routine, and everyone followed, now, having followers doesn't make you a leader.

Now, the day after, Aaron posted his "We'll hang out at Denny's instead now." .... so where's the problem? Now Aaron is a "fucking idiot" (along with the rest of you, but I'll get to that later). So Aaron wants to start another group and the message was only meant to note it to some other people that may want to alternate from the normal Friday "What used to be Jimmy-day" gathering to another group. I don't ever remember Aaron saying "Fuck you all, I hate this group, I want to kill all of you and fuck your dead corpses with my hunk of manmeat", so wait, he didn't say this did he? No...SO STOP ACTING LIKE HE DID! All the sudden Aaron is the Anti-Christ and everyone hates him. So he meantioned another get together group *GASP!*

So now, James goes hogwild and attacks Aaron at everything he says (much like I did long ago). Can we say, over-reacting? yes we can....cry James, cry me a river.

(Insert many "Online Test" images)

All the sudden, being a materialist is mentioned. Out of all the things James said, all people picked up were the petty "I own many NIN CDs"?? POINTLESS! I skip this.

And along comes Steve. Steve doesn't like large groups either and wow, Steve works at Wal-Mart? Nasty. You know, I never remember Steve bringing anyone along to the Friday "What used to be Jimmy-day" gathering. This may be because I rarely went, but when I did, he never brought anyone. But that's besides the point. Steve also doesn't know how to use Proper Grammer, I guess that's how he got his job at Wal-Mart. "Which is actually something me and James discussed numerous times weeks beforehand." It's "James and I" Steve.

Drew posted. Ok, Drew may not have much to say but "Fucking Idiot" (and so starts the trend). Not only does Drew use Anti-Social out of context, but he rarely justified his response "I completely agree with you", "You're a fucking idiot", why? WHY?!?

Wow, what a flamewar we have here...I hate you all.

Cry, someone called me an ass.
Cry, someone's leaving.
Cry, he's a jerk to my friends.

Grow the fuck up people, jesus christ. It was nothing to whine and bitch about. All of you are "Fucking Idiots" for taking it this far and bickering back and forth like little 5th graders. I'm seeing unjust insults from most people and just petty comments that state "I have lots of stuff" It went from "I'm getting another group together" to "This is my CD collection" and "Fuckity fuck fuck fuck...shit...idiots moron fuck fuck fuck go to hell. I'm unjust, here my cry for battle ass."

James, you got down on Aaron for talking about relationships all the time (noting to your artistic work), yet, your post was far more pointless and just a stupid attack on someone. Go shoot yourself in the face.

Aaron, You probably shouldn't have posted that on this board. Retarded move. Go shoot yourself in the face.

Drew, Don't just blindly insult people without justification. Go shoot yourself in the face.

Steve, You didn't do anything bad here except use bad grammer (I probably did too...but oh well), go shoot yourself in the face anyway.

I'm just sick and tired of all your whiney, post pubescent, he said she said bullshit. Drink something, and just let it pass by, who really cares.

- Jesse
Wow. I’m sensing a little.......tension? No, that can’t be right, not here.

SO...Fuck Aaron. Fuck “Kissie.” Fuck James. Fuck Steve. Fuck Drew. Fuck Little Collins [get a job bitch]. Fuck Shari’s. Fuck Denny’s. FUCK, FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK.

Calm down a little.

Of course, now I must add my two cents: I agree with James, big groups suck. He’s not the leader. He’s not a figure. He’s James, for Christ’s sake. Nothing more, nothing less. I ask him where he’s going to be, because I like to talk to him......I don’t give a fuck where “the group” is going to be. I’d rather avoid it. That’s not to say I don’t like the rest of you (those of you I know, generally the ones I just referred to with an expletive). It’s just that “the group” isn’t important. If we’re going to Shari’s, cool. The other Shari’s, fine. Denny’s, well, okay. Sure. If James isn’t there, and it’s just Drew, alright-I get to talk about cars. Just so long as that Hyundia fuck doesn’t show up (what the hell is his deal?). WHATEVER!!!!!!

If you took that personally I don’t want to have anything to do with you.

I wrote this post 6 hours ago, and finally blogger is working.. even though I'm not neccessarily this ticked off by The Dirt Worm, I'm still posting this in its entirety:

Apparently, I have to clarify some things for "the dirt worm". Honestly, if you're gonna bitch about me, don't put words into my mouth.
1. I never called ANYONE "my" boy. I dont see how saying "the boys" translates into them being mine.
2. I put "Boys" because by the looks of this board, putting "boys and girls" would be inaccurate.
Those two listed above seem to be your biggest problems with me, but I never called you my goddamn boy, nor anyone else, so what the hell is your point?? Continuing...
3. I don't recall specifically bitching about any of you, maybe my attack on DDR and excessive posting of gun pictures is Offensive to Mr.Dirt Worm. Oh well, it's his problem.
4. It was Dirt Worm's suggestion that I come back to this site "never" instead of "occasionally". .... hmm all I gotta say about this and everything else is, lighten up.
5. I'm not gonna reintroduce myself.
Not a lot of love on the board today.

Guess what! Guess what! I was chosen as one of the Who's Who among American Teachers! (Mr. Larry Gliege was given this honor as well.) I am now validated as a human being. I just hope the rest of my life is not one huge denoument. As if this recognition was not shallow enough, the person who nominated me was the girl who wrote the book report on Mussolini - the great, benevolent, humanitarian leader of Italy.

Whose house? Run's house! I said whose house? Run's house!
Drew, don't call people 'fucking idiots' unless you have relevant backing. And try using something new, because if I remember right you used the same insult in your last post.
As for being with a 'different group' of people every time you see me....
Let's see...I've worked at Wal-Mart for a year and a half now, and after all this time I just now started hanging out with a few people from work. And mind you, there were 2 people, not 3. Those same 2 people that I'd been hanging out with for a few weeks.
Wow. 2 people...the only 2 people I've hung out with that I didn't know from High School or meet from this "group" since high school.
Oh yes. I'm so incredibly social. I have learned to hang out with a whole CROWD (2) of new people since graduating 2 years ago!!!

Drew: Insert foot in mouth now. Because appearently I'm not the fucking idiot here.

Obviously you do need someone to tell you that James is a dick otherwise ya wouldn't have gotten so pissed about the NIN thing, which you obviously haven't understood as of yet.

Yes, James does lead you. As a matter of fact you are following his lead right now. Which I find funny. As a matter of fact even I'm following it right now, but again, it's because I find it funny. As a matter of fact I'm sure James is able to lead you more than just about anybody else in the entire group.

I'mma go and buy myself a Sundae now.
Ice Cream sounds good.
i had a good post.
and it done got eaten.
ah well.

Your a fucking idiot, don't talk about being anti-social when everytime I see you or hear about you your with a different person or a different group of people, I seem to remember someone else that brought three new people to shari's, gee could that be you??? ya thats what I thought... I don't need anyone to tell me that James is a dick, I fucking know that, just because you've known him a few years more than I have doesn't mean you know that hes more dick than I do... fuck you...

as for James being the leader, fuck that, he doesn't lead me and I'm sure he doesn't lead anyone of you...

I'm sorry if you had a bad day of work, but ya know what I have too, I've been hit on by every single kind of nasty woman you could ever think of, insulted by my co workers, cut my self, burnt myself, brused myself, my life has been threatened, gotten yelled at for something being dirty when I cleaned it10 thousand fucking times, I have to put up with the skaters from the park next door, gotten knives pulled on me, put up with pot smokers, crack smokers, all of the drunk people you can imagin, people sneeking in, crying babys, children, rich people, people trying to get me to fallow "the all mighty God", people sneeking food in, homeless peolpe, people who can't clean up after them selves (such as; vomit, wemon on there period, chew, piss, shit, etc.), mentaly unstabel-disturbed-retarded people (ya, they're regulars), I work in the getto of puyallup, it takes me 40mins to an hour to get to work, and a lot of other things that make my job shit... I'm sure that alot of people have jobs that are shit, like steven at wall mart, I'm sure all those people are great... so I'm sure alot of people can sypathize with you...

I completely agree with you...

Kissie Shortie:
who the fuck asked you??? Mabey that Occasionally should be never, is there to much testosterone for you, fuck off... don't call me your boy, I'm not one of your fucking boys... and who the fuck are you???

if I have offended anyone, good, fuck you, and I'M SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!, unlike some people I do concider all of you friends and I value your opinion(sometimes)
well well well.. Occasionally I will report back to the slug page to see what's happenin' with the Boys. Apparently, a variety of things have transpired:
1. Boys like to post every single result from the gun quiz. ....

2. Something about James and Aaron and Shari's and Denny's and NiN and leaders and who is better than who and DDR and large group gatherings...
I don't know what's going on exactly.
Except.. DDR and NiN aren't of my liking BECAUSE (and I'll list a because here, as to not piss off James): I'm not to hot on video games and have you watched people play DDR? you feel pretty damn embarrassed for everyone involved. and NiN, I'm not saying they suck, I just don't like that type of music.
Oftentimes when someone declares something "sucks" without giving a reason, it pisses me off too.

Last thing, switching from Shari's to Denny's? don't be so difficult.
Amen to a number of people.

If I remember correctly, from what Aaron told me the night the fiasco happened...
James told them to 'go away' because he doesn't like large groups.
Which is actually something me and James discussed numerous times weeks beforehand.
Large groups suck.

And the group I saw with Aaron alone was..well...large.
Hell I didn't know half the people, but that's likely because I try not to know a lot of the people simply because:
a. I don't like large groups
b. I know I won't get along with most of the people, simply because I'm too anti-social and get irritated with certain attitudes/personalities too quick.

As soon as I heard what James had said...I quickly remembered the weekend beforehand (where everybody and their brother was there, after getting used to being 3-8 people) and laughed...because quite frankly...that Saturday night sucked a good amount of sucking.

Then you take into consideration that most people, from what I gather...don't get along with atleast %40 of the rest of the people, why bother when ya know you are gonna have useless debates about stupid things rather than interesting debates about less stupid things?

As for Denny's:
Go for the French Slam. 's good.
As far as anything else about Denny's:
Heh. I really don't give a rat's ass.

So amen with Andy all the way.

As far as James' last post...the life is great one...Amen to that post all the way.

James is a dick...we all know this....he knows what's your point? If I cared about his dick-ness...then I probably wouldn't talk to him...but I do.
It's entertainment, hell. NIN is one of my favorite groups. Do I care what James has? No.
But those who's lives revolve around music, in a pointless sort of way...they might care. Which is why I understand almost completely (I say almost because I may be missing some of it without knowing) why James does it. Because it's funny to see the reactions of people.

As far as the whole 'leader' thing...I think James' pseudo 'leadership' isn't just from planning 'events' but also because of his control.
Which I also find funny.
I mean...right now I can see James laughing.
And I agree.
Because he just did what he wanted to do ;-)

Fuck me backwards and call me a donkey's ass! ~ steve.

March 18, 2002

Here's an idea, fuck denny's - make some serious passionate love to Shari's and laugh at all the bullshit talk about "the leader of the group" because we've never fucking had one nor are we going to. The person who organizes the most 'events' doesnt make a leader - you want 'events' plans some your damn self. Be assertive fer crap sake.

Denny's - Ha! What's this ? Lifeboat part II ?

wanders off mumblings about shoving birthday candles in various places which would make people say " I'm so embarrassed!"
ah -
life is great.
I tell ya.
I fore one think that Aaron and James are fucking idiots... I don't give a shit who owns more nin cds, I don't care how you paid for them, I don't care what purpose you own them for (make fun of me now cuz' I like nin)... James that was a dick thing to do and Aaron you over reacted... get over it, your both fucking children and if you decide to separate the group into denny's and sherry's then I will be going to both...
For those who do (or don't) care:
I'm attempting to get a job with the post office.
A carrier of some sort..where I drive my own car.
Only needs 2 years of a safe driving record...which I have.
$13.63/hour to start. Plus allowances for vehicle maintanence.

Which Firearm are you?
brought to you byStan Ryker

I guess now I can go postal.

Which Firearm are you?
brought to you byStan Ryker

ahhhhhhhhhhhh hell ya!!! thats the shit right there...

Which Firearm are you?
brought to you byStan Ryker

March 17, 2002

Oh yes...

Which Firearm are you?
brought to you byStan Ryker

I am the future of modern warfare? WTF?!?!?!
Okay number 2:

Which Firearm are you?
brought to you byStan Ryker

That's a little better.


Which Firearm are you?
brought to you byStan Ryker

thats my number 9 match

and heres #1(in my opinion)

Which Firearm are you?
brought to you byStan Ryker

Though I usually find these things to be pure shit and dumb as hell, I couldnt resist to answer this little 'survey' thingie honestly to see what it might say about my personality.

Which Firearm are you?
brought to you byStan Ryker

Then I said to myself, holy shit... I rule ;)
Rule due to the fact that I'd be a sniper rifle, and because I won all the damn money last night in poker! mua hah
( No we never played a golf game so there can be no reference to my sucking there )

mumbles about fucking water traps

March 16, 2002

finally that stupid dog has caught on and now bess blocks Blogger, thus is the reason i havent been posting.
Yes jeepers creepers is a crappy movie, today i spent 5 friggen hours cleaning out my room and attic in preperation for myself to put together a desk that i can put my crappy paperweight of a computer on.

On friday i went to see Resident Evil, and i must say im dissapointed, but not pissed off
it was scary ill grant them that, but the sole fact that they made the lamest evil creature type thing the main bad guy, and that they ripped the climax of the film from the second game (as well as the bad creature thingy). And no tyrant, no hunters, no GIANT SPIDERS. And Milla jovavich (there were nipples) was ......ehhhhh. I must applaud them though on the zombie effects, friggen awsome for a movie that didnt have George Romero overseeing the zombies. THough the thing that pissed me off was that they used too much hand to hand combat. Judo chopzors to zee friggen zombie!!!
And no TYRANT!!! but they did leave it open for another move so heres hoping they get it right next time.
im in canada and they do say eh a lot it fuckin rocks i knocked out a guy in my first fight and now i get to go back and do it again
the first thing i heard here was do you know what this is all aboot eh? ahhh its great.. well got to go and this rocks
wow that post makes me wanna hate arron too, but i cant hate anyone... cept that HUGE fat blimp that floated by .... ... ... ... ... ...
but um, yeah i just got through watching Gattaca and i thought it was kinda cool, but um my opinion doesnt matter. so i have became a follower of The Leader.

We love the leader.... we pay to the leader so one day he might finish his space ship and fly us all to the planet... uuhh ... * whispers to zach or jimmy *... damn forgot, You must join us, so James can take us all to the land of hope and goodienesses. Will you join us and throw monie into the fly yourself to " hope " donation?

Oh well im all over the place today because they found out what was wrong with my stomich and stuff, i have some kind of abnormaly above my stomich, and something elce wrong but i forgot, oh well, someday i was hoping to just keeel over and die and if that may ever happen that buldge thingy in me will be the cause of it =) woooooooot.

subject of james

why should i give a shit?? because im The Leaders Littlle Brother =) which in therory makes me better then ALL OF YOU, sence James, The Leader, is BETTER then all of you and because of that i am better then EVERYON BAHAHHAHAHHAH BAAAAAAAAAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHH....... what the hell am i talken about, oh i know STFU Arron, so people have things to do, they miss something dew to work or something you should be ok with this stuff, i mean, WHO....GIVES....A....SHIT?

I was going to do some big thing on DDR but then i couldent think of everything because i havent tried it, but if i were i too would think it was a waist of money and time, give me the CDS and the pad and i MAY, JUST MAY try the mind numbing game developed by the government to keep those ADD kids off DRUGS. bah.

and Arron.... what NIN cds does he not have :) id like to know, so he can get them bahahhaha suxor.

Rember everyone wipe behind your ears and floss dayly and have a heavy helping of DDDDDEEEEAAAAAATTTTHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
because today is a new day.
and there is no link.
Apes, band together tonight!

( and if you didnt notice, the word " Apes " can be clicked on, it being a link. WOW! )

well done, Mr. Collins.

"your average bethel high-schooler"....dude, I've left things swirling the bowl that had more fucking independent thought than your average student at BHS. I won’t even start with teachers (present company excluded, of course. I should also mention that, with a few notable exceptions, BHS has one of the best staffs around.)

WTF is this snow? At least it’s not sticking in any great quantity.

Im attempting to change my schedule.
which explains why I am up this late.
and I will make this my " attack against Aaron " post -
as will continue as follows :

!!!!!!!!HI BOYS AND GIRLS!!!!!!!

so what was in my head would take too much effort.
effort I, being oh-so-much-better than the rest of you, will not put into this post. so ... eh. I'll just do it number wise because it is easier that way.

1. OWNING MORE NIN CDS DOES NOT MAKE YOU BETTER - but I can tell you all the different ways that my owning mine make me better than you - take for instance :

1a. I bought all mine through my own earned cash, wherein you either had someone else buy them, got money from your parents, or mowed a yard which does not constitute " a job ".
1b. I dont like NIN. I absolutely hate Trent Reznor. The only reason I want all the cds is so that I can make fun of people when they say they like NIN - and I can flash'em about and say " LOOKIE WHAT I GOT YOU SUX()R"

moving on, however -

You're short, sweet, yet horribly non-informing attack against my like of gattaca. Just in case you didnt catch it, you know it going by so fast that I almost didnt even see it - I will repeat it here :

" GATTACA? WTF? That movie was rat excrement!"

and why? Bad acting? Bad directing? Bad color scheem? No. None of these are mentioned - Not even a Bad sountrack or horrible plot. The main reason it was rat excrement was because Aaron has therefore said so. You make no backing to your claim - when my " liking it " were specifically stated to be personal reasons for liking it. It is always easy to shoot down the things others say they like when you dont have to actually think about saying they suck. But you see, another reason why I am better than you, is because I do think of why things suck, and when I run into things I dislike I know why I dislike them. I dont just dislike them because I figure thats what everyone else will say. And when I run into people who promote those things that suck, I am sure to tell them why and not just " BOY OH BOY, THAT SUCKS "


the instance which occured last friday was so blown out of porportion that it is silly that I'm even wasting my time explaining things to you. I got dicked at work. Period. The only working individual there who could possibly understand a god-damned thing I was trying to say would be Bradbury - and when you went off and started calling me an asshole, I looked to Bradbury and he casually said " I understand man. " - I was glad. Because it wasnt that I was an ass, It was that I know what the working part of life is. And I understand what it means to have plans for the weekend only to have work say " oh by the way . . . " and then your plans are all shits-ville, and when you go to your usual after-work place a bunch of loud fucktwits are all running around talking nonsense. -sigh-

but wait, kiddies, there is more.

You change your stance. You are the embodiment of everyone around you. I'm sure you'll start listening to abstract IDM music now that you've got Jesse to tag-a-long with. One day you'll say one thing is sux, the next - you'll be all over it proclaiming it the best thing sinced toast and butter. It is hard to decide what you're for and against being that your ideals change with the wind, time of day, or your last meal. I am better than you because I state one thing, I stand by that one thing, and three years down the road - DDR STILL SUCKS ASS.

and in closing -
I've never claimed that I was " better " than anyone, maybe exception to your average bethel high-schooler, and even there I tried to dumb down what little intelligence I may have so that I could get by without people saying " OH MY JESUS LOOK AT THAT ARROGANT SON OF A BITCH " - anyone showing any sign of intelligence will always be called arrogant. They will always have words like " IM BETTER THAN YOU " placed into their mouths, when they dont say or even consider such things - only because others are jealous or envious of them. It comes with the job. Which is why I didnt want it. But it seems no matter what I cant get away from it.
For the record, I never said I was better than you or anyone.

But you know what?
I just did.

March 15, 2002

GATTACA? WTF? That movie was rat excrement!

Also, I can name probably at least five NIN CDs you don't own... I own more of them than you James.

So, Jesse and I have named friday our DDR days, and we started it off with a bang, skipping "career day" and instead heading to the mall to play DDR only moments after the arcade opened. Also, since James has appeared too good to hang out with us on fridays, as was shown by last fridays escapades, we're alright rearranging our meeting to Denny's, I'm mainly posting this here in case Napster wants to show up, so he knows about it. Denny's is about a quarter of a mile farther down Meridian in case you don't know this. We won't be going tonight, but next friday, and I have a faulty memory, so yeah...

Also, does anyone know how I can get something to install when I get an error as it's setting up "Install Shield" that says windows installer(followed by a list of nonsense) is not a valid application? I think I'm looking to Bradbury on this one.

I'm sorry to hear that about your husband D.S. Did he propose his Simpson's idea?

Also, Jesse and I have started another tradition with the way we buy CDs, from now until whenever we decide to stop, he will pick the cds I buy when I have money, and I will pick the CDs he buys when he has money. I don't know how well this will work, but it seemed alright, got Jesse to buy Jane Siberry today... Good stuff, in my opinion at least.

Well, goodbye all, I'm headed to Jesus camp... hurray for Jesus...
Mr. Collins: (First let me write thank you for the kind words regarding the current economic situation in my home. I do appreciate it. Hopefully things will work out.)

Second, get your ass to Evergreen. Today at BHS we had career day! OH! TESC was there. As I surveyed the catalogue and yearned to 18 again so that I could go to Evergreen and stay there all four years instead of leaving after 5 quarters (what a fool I was to leave!) I saw a class and thought of you.

Paradise Outlaws: Kerouac, Bukowski and the Beats
Spring/Group Contract
Faculty: Bill Arney, Craig Carlson
Enrollment: 48
Prerequisites: This all-level program will offer appropriate support for sophomores or above ready to do advanced work.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Charles Bukowski, Diane DiPrima, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and other Beat writers shared a unifying vision of a better future, of the possibilities for change in America. They are part of a libertarian tradition that envisages an ideal, however romantic and unattainable, of the individual embracing personal freedom while resisting institutional values. They were outlaws aiming for Paradise. The Beats shared a populist perspective, a view that art is unelitist, antihierarchical, egalitarian. They professed to learn more on the street than in the academy. They tried to be accessible and honest. They were more concerned with the rawness of experience than with trying to get into the museum of literary culture. Students will study Beat politics, fiction and poetry. We will examine American culture in the 1960s through the work of Robert Frank, Hunter S. Thompson and others. We will read William Blake, Howard Zinn and Paul Goodman, listen to a selection of 1960s jazz and rock 'n' roll, and read/hear a selection of Beat writing. We will follow Allen Ginsberg's advice: The method must be purest meat and no symbolic dressing, actual visions and actual prisons as seen then and now.
Credit awarded in literature*, American studies*, writing* and art*.
Total: 16 credits.
Program is preparatory for careers and future studies in literature, humanities, law school, nuclear physics, sociology, history, American studies and poetry.
This program is also listed in First-Year Programs.
Second post.

Hell yeah.
Uno -
does anyone else find it funny that Steven could think of me getting pulled over / ticket - wherein its always US thinking thats what happened to him? But of course, that's silly. Because he'd just out run them. pfaw.

1. I bought a cd of a band NOBODY KNOWS OF - and they WONT GET POPULAR like JEW did. Nope. This one is a guarenteed winner.

2. sorry to hear about that DS - in the event you ever need some sort of " OH SHIT WE'RE GOING TO LOOSE THE HOUSE " payment - drop me a note and i'll see if I can help out, FOC. and as for Heather - please refrain from even mentioning her, being as she is dead and anything correlating to her - be it gossip or not - is not and will not be processed as, I repeat, she is dead. Oh - is your husband looking for a job? Because ... ( leading into statement number three )

3. I had contacted Mike and told him I'd go around grab a bunch of people to take them to the box factory and have 'em all sign up. Unfortunately I had just learned as of wednesday ( havent gotten around to talking to mike yet ) - that they are no longer highering " through the door " - which is to state that they kept getting DUMBFUCKS ( just think of jimmoi, but not with a fascination with bums ) - so they decided to go through a temp agency. What this means is that you'd have to go to someone else to work there.

But do not fret - Im currently getting information ( friday ) which I will be able to give anyone interested in a box-factory job the number and how to contact the temp agency - and then you can specifically tell them " I WANT TO WORK AT COMMENCEMENT BAY CORRUGATED!!!!!! " -

However, you must be willing to fuckin' work hard.
Because in the past three days I've been dubbed " The best C - guy in the plant " - and that's because I've damn well earned it. I work the hardest, and I do things quick. If you're going to come in on my name then you better not taint my reputation, damnit.

continuing on to ...

4. - about the box factory. Next week I'll be starting a new shift, a twelve hour shift. - fun fun fun. I will be working monday through thursday. Seven in the night to seven in the morning. Hot damn. And now I shall be off to cook my bacon burger.


March 14, 2002

My husband got "laid off" today. They should call it a fuck off because that is what it is. The company will not rehire. They laid off a bunch of people today. Now I, a lowly teacher, am the primary breadwinner of the family. Time to start buying lotto.

On a lighter note, Drew and Aaron each took a bite of a bar of rose scented soap in class today. One of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. I hope you are well, boys.

Mrs. Northington thinks Heather Taylor is pregnant. (had to spread the gossip)

This was gonna be a comment to James' speeding post, but it was too long:

Actually it's not that way anymore, (referring to zach-o's lead car comment) it used to be the lead car because of the way the radars worked, but now they can pick off anyone from a crowd.

On the other doesn't work too often. I've often seen cops pull over 2 cars at once. Then there's the unmarked car threat.
And believe you me...there are a hell of a lot of unmarked cars in the Puyallup/Parkland area.
Too many for my taste.

That'll be an interesting story, James tryin out his speeding theory tryin to get an unmarked car to get a speeding ticket.
And as ya speed up, so will they. And until ya decide ya don't wanna speed anymore, you will continue to speed up.
At which point they slam ya with a $200 ticket for goin 20 over ;-)