December 31, 2001

I think I will rob you of first post Zach-O
goddammit....stupid blog time set for i have to stay up 2 more hours...


fuck all ya'll cause im in a different year than you

hmm. maybe zach-0 should go to college this comming fall. if for nothing else , than because its easier than getting a real job?
i need alcahol for io feel the need to be drunken..but there is nothing here. maybe i should just go to bed.
look at me i got first post of the fucking year.

identify that one jesse

not only is one more year down the drain -
but my age changes as well.
go figure.
After playing FFX, I realized what my favorite part was about the game. It's where you see yourself every five seconds. Yes, that's right, the true meat of this game is at the SAVE SCREEN. So, while this game tries so hard to be an RPG between the excruciatingly long cutscenes, and the FMVs that have no point in being. This game has a lovely save screen that you can just google at. Yes, save points "You walked out of the room, would you like to save?", "You just got done watching your average tear jerking Final Fantasy FMV where lots of people die and the realization that you CANT do anything right now sets into the characters brains...wanna save?"

Summoning...a cleaver way to give Pocket Monsters a different name. "Hey Yuna, wanna battle? My Charmander against your Ifrit!"

I'm not saying it's a bad game...I'm just saying inbetween the movie, you can get some fight scenes in, some level ups, a lot of annoying motion blurs, and after every movement, it asks if you want to save...oh yeah, and you also have a busty goth summoner named Lulu on your team that kneels down in order for you to see her "Check out my big tits" victory move.

Apparently, in the future, human's can hold their breath for play an underwater sport that has become the Earth's new grand religion. I'm sorry but the whole Blitzball thing is pretty lame. It's kind of funny that Blitz is German for "Lightening" and they play it underwater. I mean, it's so great how Blitzball is so well planned out storywise and that they made it really intricate but as goes for subplot, it's just as enthrawling as another lame football/baseball/basketball movie.

FFX is nice, and the animation/CG are amazing...but they fucking use Ghosting effects and motion blurs so much it annoys the hell out of me.

Ok, I have one thing to say about FFX...BLADE RUNNER MONOLOGUES! It's as if FFX was trying to be a film noir. How Tidus has random monologues every five seconds that sounds just as well performed as Harrison Ford's in Blade Runner. "I knew what he was saying, everygood cop knows. It was a mishmash of English and Japanese..." BLARG!
Since a lot of you bastards claim to have the First Post for no reason, I think it's my turn. So, for great justice....


Autechre's "Tri Repetae" CD Set is awesome....

December 30, 2001

'ello govnah.

that had nothing to do with anything. this sickness is starting to kick in again - this " I wish I was worse off than I am now, therefore giving me some sort of direction " - and what was immediately at thought was alcoholism. I want to be an alcoholic now, but rarely can stand the taste ( or kick ) of alcohol. Then I could be a heroine addict. I've heard so many stories of people " coming off of heroine " by being locked into rooms and going through withdrawals - you can see this also featured in the film trainspotting - and hey : that movie was good. It would be great. It would give me something to fight. Oh... wow... it is crazy how one can be.

I might write a story coming up soon. It has something to do with a stray cat - but I dont exactly know what. It will be a grey cat. One once said that my poetry and essays really sucked ass - but my stories were sometimes good. I resented that. I prefer when people say my scribblings are sub-par. It makes me feel better, because wherein they dont like what I write - I take a large quantity of joy in - so they cannot share in the experience and feelings that I have - but when they go and do things like ... enjoy my scribblings - then I think they're up to something. They're out to make me think they enjoy what I write merely so they can get some sort of leverage on me.

What happened to pantera? They were awesome, and they continue to be - but what happened to them. I remember there used to be some sort of small following with them - and all of this " new metal " - being linkin park and system of a down and so-on and so-on, I just realised that pantera had been doing those things long before - and so ... where is the big pantera hype? And what happened to Lisa Simpson being the melodramatic blues-singing sax-playing semi-intelligent hipster that she used to be? ah...

Life seems to burn a hole into your pocket. Making everything you place there fall through and then land onto your foot. Somehow - someday, you end up kicking it off.

then the fun begins.


yes it has faye on it, and it is episode 10, Ganymede Elegy
great episode but it seems that so far my favorite has to be Waltz for Venus
Gosh its great
Napster- Um....who does it have on the front. If it's the second volume, it'll have Faye on it. and what episode are you talking about? 10?
Hey Jesse, i recently got Cowboy Bebop on dvd (it fucking rules) the second volume i think and on one of the episodes there was some music that sounded kinda like radiohead almost? was it them? crazy
The Pillows are, by far, one of the greatest bands of all time. The only other bands that hold this much replay value are System of a Down and Radiohead.

Ok enough about music, that's a debate I don't want to hear anymore for a while.

Anyway, I've been playing Frequency too much...and my thumb hurts. Some songs go crazy when it comes to Offbeats and they start to piss me off, much like DDR can. I'm probably going to be walking around Portland later, so Aaron, if you and your cousin want to find me, I'll probably be around there sometime.
2:25 - We'll be taking the train in about a half hour to the Portland city center. whee. SO FIND US IF YOU ARE OUT! YOU FUCK!
Hi everyone. I thought I'd post because...I can. I can finally type like a normal person with the stitchy-things out of my finger. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I know I did. My parents got me the best christmas present ever... PS2 for my brother...he's been in his room with that thing since Christmas. I haven't really seen him. Hooray!

I got home from WSU last night. I am doing ROTC during college and training in military intelligence. Hmm...weird. I don't like growing up. I also don't like hearing my dad's old college stories about panty raids. Whatever. I had to pee in front of someone at MEP's. Now that is difficult. I also got blood taken...I usually cry around needles but I figured I have to get used to it now. I think I am. Me in the military. weird. I hate people telling me what to do.

Anyway, I have to go eat lunch with my family. Hooray. I love sunday lunch.Anyway, if I don't post before new years....I hope everyone has a fantastic start to their new year. Aurevoir.
morning morning morning......lovely morning.

so by reading james last post.....i am now able to determin why he hasnt been posting. futt bucker.

i agree with the theory that everyone else is either dead..or jimmoi.

i went to grammas house yesterday. my grandpa got me a fish gutting kit for christmas. yeah..i can really take that on th eplane. what with the 4 inch knife it comes with. and he also gave me 4 computer games he found on clearance at some dollar store. the box reads.."compatable with tandy 1000 model computers". OMG. i USED to have one of those.....but um...for the love of god. every thing they got me was USELESS.

im listening to tom petty and the heartbreakers. i used to say they sucked. haha....

ah whats the use?

December 29, 2001

i figured you guys needed to see this
Hey am i the only one who had a crappy christmas
i got a toilet plunger for christmas, my dad obviously took the term crap present way too literally, i put it on my list as a joke, whyd he get that he ignored everything else on the list
i got a computer desk for a computer that is basically a paper weight
i got two cd's, one that my dad wanted and the other one my last choice and its not even music Bill Cosby Comedy routines not bad but you just dont get the rythm from it
i got two bags of candy, thats not gonna help my waist line

ya i know i sound a bit like a scrooge but it pisses me off that for the past months my grammas been buying my brother racing gear for his motorcycle (chest protector, boots, gloves, burn-proof outerwear and a helmet w goggles) and recently she bought him a full paintball set. What did i get from her for christmas? Pajama bottoms!!!!
everything i got for christmas (with the exception of the desk, and toilet plunger) can conviently fit into a redwings shoebox


Frequency is indeed awesome, hey Jesse, where in Oregon are you? I only ask because I too am in Oregon currently, if you get bored and it's not long distance give me a ring. (503) 538-4553

And on the issue of games, the best of the systems released in the last year, is undoubtedly the GameBoy Advance...
We all love Frequency, that has to be the best game for the PS2...oh yes...It's like DDR for those who don't want to dance and it actually has good music on it, with artists such as Orbital, BT, Paul Oakenfold, and DJ Qbert.
a couple of things.

1- GTA 3 is too much fun. too much fun.

2- Metal Gear Solid 2 is fun, although short - and much too many scripted sequences versus playing.

oh yes.... so does the other neet chicabee on this now vegitative board....
you know what James/other nutty perverts.... I now have a picture of two hot blonde Swedish lesbians making out... HAHAHAAAAAAAAAA :p
I am in Oregon. YAY! Go go Broadband. Go go random death sounds.
Napster - I'm pretty sure that no one cares about Aaron's board. I would go into it and endulge myself into description....but.....naaaawwwwwwww
I know where everyone is...THEY ARE DEAD!
Hey, anyone else seen Pay It Forward? Just finished watching the movie... wondering what others thought.

December 28, 2001

Hmmm. I want to talk about sheep. I love sheep, but in a strictly platonic manner. Yes. That's it. I wish I was Little Bo Peep, but only after she found them there sheep. I'd be a forlorn cattle while my sheep were gone. I'd cry. a lot.

You know what the best thing about sheep is? The way they baa all the time. It's so cute. It makes me want to take them all home with me to be my special pets and also friends. Sheep rule.

On a not-sheep-related note, I found out that MerryBoat's gpa and SATs were lower than mine. I hope this means I can get into UW relatively easily. Yeah, buddy.

I wish sheep came in as many colors as sweaters do.
Hmm Aaron, havent i been saying something along those lines about your board as well?
im starting a nudist colony! full of hot girls with supulent curvatiosness and nice bootylisciousness in the assal region. and im going to get my ass polished for the occasion.

of yes...funzo.

wow nice to see a couple people post. still not enough. dammit.


WTF? I agree with Zach-O.


I mean, come on... my lifeboat is still more active than this James! And whoever said the Blog is dead... why don't you post instead of just letting it die?
hello again.... there is something to be said considering all that has happened, but then I think, why should I share that? It doesn't matter to anyone else but me and a few other indviduals here over seas, so forget that. To long of a tale anyway.... LOL. So are all the BHS people enjoying their break? I know I have enjoyed mine. I don't have to got back to school till January 8th.... awhhh the bliss of that. Lay back and do what I please for 3 whole weeks. :)

It's still snowing.... We've got about a foot and a half of it now. I'm glad it's gone back to the big fluffy ones again... those are my favorite. My psyco snowman is starting to look like some sort of weird marshmellow with all that excess snow on him. LOL.... well this is me saying hej då again.... I'm going out with some friends for a bit. Oh yay.... hehehe... buh bye :)

December 27, 2001

i take that back, its not dead..its just not really going on lately i think.

wow someone besides zach-o posted.
jimmoi day is dead.
dont worry zach-o im here, its not much of a post but at least its a change from the norm

bye the bye, whos all goin to jimmy day this friday? if anybody could pick me up id be much obliged. Im not in roy im actually a hell of alot closer. Im in Deer Creek apartments. Anybody available to give me a ride? Thanks a bunch
i hereby rename this blog....ZACH-0 BLOG because noone else posts in it anymore....

two mother fucking days later and still noone has posted? fuck you guys! man. well i dont know what to say cause i have not left the house for a week! and ive had the weirdest sleep schedules too. someone should call me and let me know that the end of the world has not come and left only kansas alive..nine one three-six eighth zero-zero one fours even.

im so bored. and i cant sleep. i need to go outside and vandelize something. the kid who lives downstairs.....likes limp bizkit and the supertones. hahahahahahahahaha. well fuck this im going away till more people do shit. fuck fuck fuck fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck


December 25, 2001

wow if james had seen how much i fucked up the board for 5 minutes there..he would kill me..but i figured out what i did wrong.......*phew*
haha merry outruns christmas!!!!!!! hahahahaha


i dont care which of you is against being happy this time of year. ill kick your ass. i hate poeple who get all depressed on holidays cause it brings me down.

fuck wet blankets!!!!!


December 24, 2001

What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Defender-ship.I am a Defender-ship.

I am fiercely protective of my friends and loved ones, and unforgiving of any who would hurt them. Speed and foresight are my strengths, at the cost of a little clumsiness. I'm most comfortable with a few friends, but sometimes particularly enjoy spending time in larger groups. What Video Game Character Are You?
i posted this in my live journal and i thought that i was so clever that i would post it here too...

a word of caution to mr clause.....

when entering US airspace this low. hug the trees. because if you fly high enough to be detected by NORADs are screwed. with all the hype and hubbub over september 11th us air defense is shooting at everything that moves it seems.

so good luck santa. i hope youve got some awesome stealth mode for your sled. cause if not....then santa clause aint commin to this town.

December 23, 2001

at this to the list of acceptable things to post.......

I took the POOPQUIZ
and I am:

find out what kind of turd you are..
at the poop quiz.
take it here!!!

I took the POOPQUIZ
and I am:

find out what kind of turd you are..
at the poop quiz.
take it here!!!

I took the POOPQUIZ
and I am:

find out what kind of turd you are..
at the poop quiz.
take it here!!!

I'm addicted to The Specials....the cure......none yet....I was skankin down the streets of Seattle at 11:10

Joe, and I went to see it yesterday and it was awesome, although I admit the effects in the first scene weren't too impressive. Also, Boromir's death sequence was a little overplayed (sorry if I gave that away but you should really read the books first anyway), but these errors are only minor. The film itself is excellent. Hey James, where's my Strider cup? j/k, I'm not that insistent.

Jesse, I disagree about your Christmas statement partially, I think Christmas is still alive only in a few. It's partially because we are going in the wrong direction, we should make Christmas more commercial. It's a time when we should express that we value other people whether with sentimental homemade gifts, or the economy stimulating alternative of material bought things.
guess who dinnnit sleep?


last night the question arized. arose? came up? whichever one applies..the question is..who shall pick me up at zee ayer port? i was hoping it would be jimmoi and mud also known as N O T.(james?) but if they cant do it....i shudder to think. taking the bus home form the airport is hardly my idea of a good time.

this place is fucking dead. the same posts show up as i click backwards 3 days. that is not funzor.

that being said....

look ma its snowing here. sort of. a big old catholic church burned down accross the street the other day. good times.

merry christmas you fucking pieces of dog shit i actually like some of you......and that is your present. being liked by zach-0 the magnificent............except james and jimmoi who get real stuff. like sex with goats for free.....


December 22, 2001

I have one thing to say, and that's:
BlackMan Game
Here's my story, after a day of excitement at school. I went home and talked to Colleen for a while ^__^ cheer me up. Then, my sister and I went to our friends house so we could all go as a collective to see Lord of the Rings in the Cinerama. Oh yes, midnight showing. Well, I was acting like a cat on crack the whole night. I was running around, skipping and jumping like a monkey constantly getting shocked in the ass with a taser. We crowded into the top balcony of the Cinerama, saw the previews for Episode II which will most likely disappoint me with Anakin's actor..fuck he sucks...Well, I've been up since 4 and the last thing I want to do is be stationary...but I had no other choice for thenext 3 hours...The movie rolled, and I passed out an hour into it. I woke up 10 minutes before it ended, and left....

Rings were given to people, blah. Some evil guy who looks like a member from GWAR made a ring that gave him the power of being even more evil and also made him immortal. After a while, he gets killed by a human with SUPER HORRIBLE SPECIAL EFFECTS ACTION!. The ring finds itself new owners, and bad things happen to them, and even make them talk to themselves in caves for 500 years. Billbo, a little halfling, finds the ring and becomes nice and weird, but he ends up giving the ring to Frodo. Frodo is the type of guy you don't want to look at for very long because he was played by Elija Wood, who has the most wicked blue eyes. Well, he gets the ring....
.....People are fighting for it, some guy dies, Frodo and this other guy cross the river, people leave, stuff happens, the movie ends....
There is no such thing as Christmas. We don't give because we want to, we give because we have to.

Government says: Spend money all the time, stimulate the economy, but only give on Christmas. Give to the poor only on christmas. Give to foundations only on's the christian thing to do.
and on the third day i said, i want to take off my pants and i did.....AND REVEALED ME CHRISTMAS BLOOMERS
Merry Christmas everyone. I hope your holidays are excellent.
A few words after a froidy without jimmoi ... but with someone that we are all glad to see again..

what was my best christmas presant this year ?.. It came early on the faces of my friends, the faces of people that I will never forget... It came with a smile and a hot cup of coffee.. It came and said "dude when do you get off work ?" .. but seriously .. The best gift I could have ever asked for was never wrapped by elves or carried in a magic sled.. there weren't any deer ticks to be found for miles, or any fat guys hopped up on magic dust... Just a few familiar faces, a few familiar smiles.. A hug, a smoke and a few laughes. The best presant under my tree took a year of constant effort. The best presant comes in the memmories I share with each of you of the times we spent together laughing and enjoying life. The times we had to comfort one another when we were hurting. Some of you I have known forever, and some are rather new.. but all the same it doesn't matter, because we shared a bit of our lives together. I can't think of a better gift in life than having spent the last year with you guys...

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year... It will not be our last......... Mike Rigney

December 21, 2001

oph wait asshole jimmoi has no computer to see the beautifull funnyness i made for him

i hate it when i spend an hour on my post and it decides that it doesnt want to post

people need to start fucking posting again.

i went back in time on loose slugs...

it was funzo....

i still ike the whole
"got yuppie?!?"
thing. that was classic.

and when i was trying to get amanda (hug & kiss?)to date me.

i think poeple in kansas arent used to seeing men as beautiful as me..cause when i walked somewheree today..all the cars slowed down..and the drivers stared at me. or maybe they think im a homosexua and they are like gettinga good look at me so they can go round up a faggit bashin possy and linch me up real gewd?


i had to babysit jason..the newest staley...alone. for hours. and he didnt stop crying. the whol efucking time. drove me to the edge of humanity. and made me have serious doubts about fathering children. but then again i seem to think with my weenie a maybe the results are inevitable?

i forget what else i im going to go.

i like to cuss like this....


FUCKING A!!!!!!!
I never knew this Wendell guy but its always sad to hear of someones passing. Devlin i must comment on your devotion to a student, its a trait that i believe is lacking in alot of teachers these days. FOr some teachers students are nothing more than student numbers or a letter grade that briefly visited his/her class and took up space. My mom is also a teacher, she works with the "fringe" kids and the so called "at-risk" students, but im sure that if one of her students died that she would do the same thing. Kudos to you Devlin.

On a lighter note if anyone wants to get together at either sharis during the christmas break im up for that. The one on canyon is just a short walk from my moms place (Deer Creek apartments, ring a bell to anybody) which i hope to spend the majority of the break. And the other ones not that far either. If anybodys up for that id love to get together and shoot the proverbial shit
it seems the comment system left,
and then came back.
dont know why.
augh. long day today.

expect updates.
funny. hah.
to the friend that I didn't know well enough, Wendell, I've decided not to go to your funural because I feel its not my place because I didn't know you that well... I looked up to you and your friends when I was in seventh grade, I wanted to be one of you... I saw brittney the other day, I'm sorry I had to be the one to tell her... I sorry you couldn't be with your family...

The show didn't go as planned today, mainly because we were rushed like no other and my fucking cab wasn't even on, so this means you were barely able to tell what song I was playing because my Lead was really quiet...fuck...oh well, it's fun, and if we ever get together to play again, you guys should come hear it. It's really awesome.

December 20, 2001

2. _l_o_o_s_e__s_l_u_g_s___.:::ó ••
Saturday, December 16 whell, in not gonna debate on this cus you know i cant type after i come home from wurk, and i have artirithus and my mom is cheep ...
... is kept in James Collin's basement, along with his collection of Sawatzki and Devlin pictures. These episodes are more "adult" then the rest of the ...
... by post'rs of mr swatzski and devlin (his skewl teachers) and proceeded to masterbate to there believed presenc'. -mmmm, devlin, you make me so hot, ...
51% Sun, 02 Dec 2001 00:06:47 GMT

I would like to know what this is about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never mind, just eliminate me from the board. I don't need to read obscene things about myself.
Wendell G. Henry

Born on Jan. 23, 1981 in Puyallup, WA and passed away on Dec. 16, 2001 in Graham, WA. He was a student at Pierce College, and is survived by his father Glen Henry, mother Colleen (Richard) Landry, sisters Fawn (Virgil) Davis, Kathryn Henry, 2 nieces and 1 nephew. A memorial service will be held at Powers Funeral Home in Puyallup on Friday at 11:00am, and a grave- side service will follow at Woodbine Cemetery.

I miss Wendell. I am furious that the school has not acknowledged his death. Today I gave Mr. Hammond a note asking that he do something, at least tell the teachers because I found out from a student. I hope some of you who knew Wendell can come to the funeral.

I wish there was something that I could say to tell about what a loss his death is but words fail me. He was a kind, sensitive, funny person. Knowing Wendell made me a better person.
Who the hell are all these people? This is why I stopped coming, cause all these people just keep coming and going. Its not the same...

remember...all good children go to heaven
wow so many poeple have posted these last two days...

This owns all of you!
last night I finished up my christmas shopping and went to shari's on canyon with andrew and mike. we smoked and talked like we usually do, and they asked us to leave because they need the table for people who intend to eat (pay more money), we payed our bill, started to leave when brittny thomas (an old friend of all of ours) so we gave the person who asked us to leave a dirty look and sat back down, talked about everything and nothing, I had known brittny from frontier Jr. high and I had thought that she might know wendle henry, he died this weekend, he got hit by a car while he was walking, so I told her... I felt really bad because she knew him pretty well, so we all cheared her up by talking about budism and crap like that. I left happy, and then I come to school, I hate this fucking place...

I want to see sherrie...
Nothing out of the ordinary, just the same ol' same ol'...

School days over and over again...the same people...the same opening phrases
Nothing new to come here...
When I wake up in the morning, I stare out in the blackness...
the blackness that is filled with clouds...
Sometimes I give up all hope in ever leaving this state....

December 19, 2001

Spread the Christmas cheer, stimulate the economy...

I once spoke of a girl....she once spoke of me.... gathered....what happened...

so I got up this morning to my mother calling "hey drew, ya know the roads, frosty-frosty," so I desided to walk to the bus, I was late and I missed the bus, so I decided to wate for the Jr. High bus, I some how missed that, so I went home, it took five minutes to open my door because it was frosen shut, I started my car to warm it up, I scraped all of the windows, I got in my car and tried to close the door, the latch wouldn't close, I tried and tried and tried, it wouldn't, so I stuck my finger in there and it fuckin' latched on my finger, so I got the door closed, I was driving very slow because I was scared shit-less, I was going down the hill on 224th just past safeway, I tapped on my breaks just a little bit to slow down, my car started to go side-ways down the hill, I almost pissed my pants, cars in front of my cars behind me, in the other lane, every where, I almost hit a couple of cars, finnaly I stratened out, and I got to school an hour late... my moms going to be pissed...

ANDREW IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7th Guest was a good game....but I like MYST well, 7th Guest did infact have better music, and I'm going to be playing the guitar in front of the whole fucking school on Friday, so everyone! GET YOUR ASSES THERE TO SEE ME FUCK UP!!!! It's going to be a class competition, you know the shit sophmores + juniors vs. Seniors...oh yeah...well, I'm going to be playing a duet with a guy named Justin, he's pretty thick, but shit, the guy can play the guitar. Well, everyone come, it's going to be great.

- Jesse

December 18, 2001

. . .
wow! ( just so there's two posts instead of just one )
and I was talking to my father and he was complaining about EQ and how that he has had the account for two years and " didnt want to lose it " and I yelled at him - saying it was just a fucking game and he didnt have to put so much effort into it - and he said that he didnt have much of anything else to put his time/effort into.

this is because he is white.
but he did have something.
he had his children - but didnt find them interesting.
never has - dont think he ever will.
I laughed when I came to that conclusion later on.

My family is " broke " this christmas.
I have more monetary suppliments than they do.
So I'm going to " pep up " our celebration this year with a surprise.
hopefully it will get everyone up and at-them.

is anyone up for going to Shari's - or some other " get-to-gether " occasion ( possibly even at my house / kind of like the barbeque only not ) on christmas eve? no need for presents - being here itself would be enough. my grandparents and calvin will be present, although much like thanksgiving we can just ignore them. ah hah. we could play my newly acquire games. I dont know - if you're interested in stopping by - just email me ( ) or call if you have the number. I'd like that. I dont know.

two posts and a whole lot of wasted time.
Where did she go?
I don't quite remember,
Why did she leave?
I don't exactly recall.

I was thinking about writing a song about " Im dumb, white, and got nothing to do with my life "
most of the time I think that I'd have an easier life had I been black.
Then I'd dedicate my life to " FUCK WHITEY " or " THE MAN IS KEEPING ME DOWN " or " THOSE BE MAH NIGGERS "
or then some of the time I think that I'd have had it easier if I were a woman.
And then I would dedicate my life to " WOMEN CAN HAVE SEXUAL FREEDOM " or " DONT OPPRESS ME WITH YOUR PENIS "
but neither of these things apply to me.
I am white. And I have no heritage to speak of. And here I sit. I work at a box factory.
It isnt all that bad - then again - it is quite bleak.
Then what if I were Filipino? I'd dedicate my life to " ISLAND PRIDE " and " WE-S GOT-S TO-S STICK-S TOGETHER(S) "
Being white just seems to be the scape-goat now-a-days.
We are the " lost ones " - nowhere to go and nothing to do about it much anyway.

On the radio this morning I heard that you shouldnt eat bacon.
It might cause cancer.
Oh well.
The second thing you shouldnt eat was aspertane. I dont believe I eat that anyway ( nutrasweet ) - being it tastes like shit.
Then you shouldnt eat margarine.
If you want to know more things you shouldnt eat - try 1 800 592 HEAL
or at least thats what I believe the number was.

I've been thinking about myself - who I have "become" a lot lately.
and I realise I've begun to actually " care " about things. To be ... ah - I use to say it was " human "
Now I just think, as I have always thunk ( ah hah ) - that it is stupid.
I was overly-concerned about bonnie and her boyfriend / and whether I had actually offended the two of them.
Had I been me - instead of being concerned I would just dig myself deeper and laugh all the way down.
I was overly-concerned about bradbury and his seemingly disavowing of those I know, and the board itself.
Had I been me - instead of wanting to email him and see what the problem was - I would not give a shit.
I was overly-concerned about heather and her seemingly " Im sick for james but not for anyone else "
Had I been me - instead of thinking she was avoiding me I'd just not give a shit and continue living my life.
I was overly-concerned about if I was getting " assistant pay " at work - a whopping 15$ instead of the 13$ I get.
Had I been me - instead of concerning myself with fucking money I'd not care. Happy I have a job at all.
and finally -
I was overly-concerned about being overly-concerned about things.
This, I have realised, may be a sign of " chronic stress " - or some other bothersome diagnosis I could take drugs for.
I figured this from a radio commercial that ' more-than-spoke ' to me about stress, and worry.
It pegged me - and then it began to talk about how I could " get better " and " be better " and " not worry so much "
( being that if I took drug so-and-so and dont care about rectal bleeding, violent vomiting, or explosive flatulence )
and I laughed.
I dont want to " get better " and I dont want to " be better "
In fact - the more I think about it,
it seems I was trying to be normal.
to fit in.

fuck that.
fuck caring.
fuck the whole lot of it.

I want to call Rachael and set up a date with her this friday.
but I havent the proverbial balls to go and do so.
I know this is something I'd enjoy putting myself through.
being the masochist that I am.

... you know.
I think I'm just getting burnt out.
Yesterday, I was playing basketball in P.E. and I was getting really frustrated because it was just like when I was in elementary school and everyone was better than me and they knew it and made fun of me, anyways, I was in the locker room changing (shutter), and I was bitching about what I had gone through that day, and this one kid pipes up about how I should shut up and he said something about Coby Briant (some basketball player), so I went off on him about how I didn't give a shit how the fuck he was and if he could play basketball or not... so I left, the next day (today) I hear that after I left he said something like I hope he doesn't bring a gun to school... as soon as I heard that I wanted to find that mother and slame his fucking head against the pavment... I was so pissed, that fuck, just because I'm white and were black I'm supose to shot everyone... fuck that, I'm better than that... God damn I hate school...

anyway, I had to get that out, I'm happy cuz I'm going to see sherrie today, andrew will be back today (8:30pm), and my nephew might be able to come home this weekend...
today is the day that I'm flying home... actually in a half hour I'll be at the airport and at 8:30 pm I'll be at seatac. Again I hope to see you all when i get back home.
Finally, something other than smiley faces ...

Perfect breasts

Fake silicone breasts
( + )( + )

Perky breasts

Big nipple breasts

A cups
o o

D cups
{ O }{ O }

Wonder bra breasts

Cold breasts
( ^ )( ^ )

Lopsided breasts

Pierced Breasts

Hanging Tassels Breasts

Grandma's Breasts
\ o /\ o /

Against The Shower Door Breasts
( )( )

Android Breasts
| o | | o |

Martha Stewart's Breasts

And God created woman, and she had three breasts.
He then asked the woman,"Is there anything you'd like to have changed?"
She replied, "Yes, could get rid of this middle breast?"
And so it was done, and it was good.
Then the woman exclaimed as she was holding the third breast in her hand...
"What can be done with this useless boob?" And God created man. :)

December 17, 2001

Until today I thought the hardest person to Christmas shop for was my father, I was wrong. I spent three hours in the mall today wondering about a Christmas gift for the bastard I've known longest - James. I hate you James - you're almost impossible to buy shit for. However, after some thought and remembering of 'old times' I found something.

Ever had a drive through experience from hell ? I'm certain you have. Today I was thrown into another one. Driving home from the mall I had the urge for some Taco Bell tacos. The only Taco Bell I knew of was on Pacific Ave. so I made my way there - Hold! Break! Turn right! I spotted a KFC / Taco Bell by Fred Meyers ( however you spell Meyers. ) I turned into the drive through and sat there. Yes I sat in line for 30minutes just to place my damn order. Thirty Minutes! Getting my order was at least another ten minutes. Grandmothers eat jello and play bingo faster than I got my food!

I'm going to watch Titanic now. It's the second part, the first was shown yesterday ( I didnt watch that one ). Today however - she sinks! DeCraprio dies and that extra falls, smacks his head on a railing entertaining me with a loud "Pop" sound. Fun!

Although, I should say - a rather well made movie, very nice ship ( if only by looks not design ), I also wish I had a nude sketch like the one shown. Better yet, I wish I could sketch like that so I wouldn't be stuck with my landscape drawings.

James: I have something for you, lets just say, showing you this is your Christmas gift, because I know you'll love this. Ok, V/VM records re-released their Demo disc that was first released in a 7" LP form. You can get it now as a 3" CD. This includes 7 fucked up, christmas songs. This CD includes a group called Hell Interface which is Boards of Canada, just an alter ego so to speak. You can download the songs at:

This CD is full of twisted little Christmas diddys. Butcher Claus and V/VM will leave you with a sick, yet pleasureable feeling deep inside your gut. This is a great CD to play on all the occational family gathering, and will scare the fuck out of all the small children Christmas goers, leave them screaming for their mom in hopes that Santa doesn't exist.

oh yeah, and if you look down at buy, and go to different record labels, you'll find some of the greatest independent artists and underground experimental music around.
alright i am gonna get right to the point.


i fucking hate stupid people. soon as i get a job in gonna start getting myself back together..and fucken gonna isolate myself from FCUKS!!!!!! < look at that! om so pissed off at shits that i spelled FUCK wrong. hooooooooooo dog.
boy howdy.

and fuck jimmys brother walking up to me and randomly deciding to put me in a wrestling hold.....somehow displaying his supeiority to me? he needs to die. slowly. at my hand.

DEATH. of the zach inflicted nature.

i enjoyed the x files tonight. bwhaha.

man a big drawback if i live in hat SAGES ROOM SMELLS LIKE SICK GROSS NASTY VAGINA!!! fucking gross. an going to have to sleep with a nice economy sized can of LYSOL by my pillow to battle the smells of vaginaloscity.


somebody called me a nigger today. such things are beyond comprehension.


i wish i knew how to make cool special effects.

Oh what joy, tis the last day I'll be here in the great desert of Nevada, and on to the great forests of Washington. I hope to see all who I know alive and well on different days of my 19 day paid vacation compliments of the US air force.

You all have a great and wonderful day

December 16, 2001


Fuck, I will have one...yellow...I've been told I'm enough of a dork to own one
well as you know the days have been passing by with only 2 to go and I'm home.

December 15, 2001

I would only like to say two thing in response to your responce:
First- you call yourself a republican? I would like to ask that in the name of a true republican light you start calling yourself a democrat because that is what you are.
Second- May God have mercy on your soul, and pity on your heart.

Next time you start complaining about how the world is going to hell in a handbasket, take a look at the rhetoric you support.

. . .

*You have now been put on my block list*

Sometimes, it's all I can do to not laugh at these people
Happy Holidays, Folks!

So there's this song out on the radio right now - something called Momma's getting ready for Christmas or some such nonsense - and I know the feeling. I don't know if any of you have heard it, but its more or less about this looney toon woman who goes all nutso for Christmas, much to the inconvenience of her relatives, and it makes me realize that I know that woman.

Were there ever an award for 'Twisted Christmas', I am quite certain my family would have won it many times. It not so much that we have odd traditions - more that we've taken some of the 'normal' ones to extreme. We bake cookies and make candy - only so much so that we're lacking in places to keep it. We have a tree - or three, as we've gathered too many ornaments over the years to put them only on one. My father puts up Christmas lights - nothing beats the 'last Friday in November' tradition of calling 911 as he, again, falls off the roof. We even sing Christmas carols - though most of them are of a unique design.

I'm joining the likes of those who hate children, chocolate, and ice cream - people whose aversions often set them against the crowd - in that I don't think I care for Christmas. Even when the idea behind it has depressed me, even when the commercialization of that idea has gotten to me, it's never been like this.

This year, my father and sister put up a tree - and that was all that was done. There was no stressful weekend where we hurriedly attempt to unpack decades worth of Christmas collectibles. There are no inappropriate songs about a hated neighbor and what Santa and her are up to. Our cookie jars stand empty - no one's bothered making the hundreds of cookies it takes to fill them all up. There's nothing hung by the chimney with care - my father's not harassing neighborhood children dressed as St Nick. and I can tell you, at least one of us is in no mood for Christmas without mom.
3 more days and I'm coming back yall better look out because I'm raisin hell MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and first post just like every night HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

December 14, 2001

I have the day off... anyone going to get coffee/whatever tonight ought to stop over here and give me a lift........ Got paid yesterday :)
well, im on all sourts of pillz now and they seem to not be working, so on teusday they are going to stick 4 inch needles into the two tendons behind my SKULL in my neck that lead to my brain.... basicy those tendons are inflamed and the muscles around them are tighnting up causing masive pain for me, so as i said before, FUCK YOU!..... god damn docktors, i was in the hospital this monday and teusday, where i constantly woke up to people poking me and toying with my head, then bllood shots EVERY 50 mins... and oh yeah 2 IVES in me..... god damned foookers.... ggrr well just thought id post ( and renew my postage timer... ops i forgot im not suppose to say anything about the (------EDITED-----)

anyways, my head hurts, and im starting to tweek out from these pills.... NIGHT =)

4 more days

December 13, 2001

A Message From Thom

violence breeds violence

we need a world court

not a republican with his hands covered in oil and military hardware
lecturing us on world security

we need love and understanding and tolerance and good laws that apply
to everyone, upheld by those who are in a position to judge

praying for world peace is not such an embarrassing thing to do anymore
i think

especially not this christmas.

i hope your christmas is peaceful and loving and spiritual.
does that sound silly?
don't care.

thom yorke - Radiohead
today...was a great fucking day....

Went to school for first period...left shortly after to attend a meeting. I gots a photoshoot in June!! WOO! and one around on my birthday next year!!! BOOYA!!!! ... in Long Beach!!! mwahahahahahhaa, takin' pictures of chics in Hula skirts...oh yes...I can't wait ^__^...yeah, and in '03, if we really kick as at this one, off to Hawaii we go for the big Hula contests ^__^

I got an A on November 20th on EXPERT!!!
12345...5 i say just 5 more to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 12, 2001

6 more only 6 more days and I'm home

December 11, 2001

You know, maybe I'm just trying to hard...or ... I don't know, maybe I should just give up. Would it be worth it all? to spend months of pay to see a girl? Maybe I'm just depressed, or maybe I'm just analyzing my situation too much. I'm just so sick and tired of buying useless material things that end up scattered about my room. I guess the solution would be "Save your money." You know, buy a good car, move out. Maybe I just need to fucking grow up. fuck it...shoot me....

In talking to some people,
and finding another version :
these were left out :

You had a Big-Wheel.
You remember the original "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and thought it was funny.
You remember "Where's the Beef?" ( AH HAHAHAHA )
You wondered what a gigawatt was.
David Bowie scared you in Labryinth
You learned how to fake being sick from Ferris Bueller
When you grew up you wanted a car as cool as Nightrider's.
Love and marriage, Love and marriage, goes together like a horse and carriage.
The power rangers are just Voltron rip-offs.

ah ... dood.
im all hopped up on 80s now.
Tales from the Punchbowl is indeed a great cd. I'm proud to own it.

As for the name. Jesse pointed out that when you pluralize a word that ends with "us" you get "i" For example "radius", "radii" So "Jesi" would be the plural of "jesus". The techno I'm making now is going under the band name of Supertonic Inversion and The Cosmic Jesi, so I just decided to use the last part for my screen name.
the district took down blogger... what the fuck... oh well I'll just have to get in illegally... James you brought me back man, back the the eighties...
ANDREW IS COMMING BACK its going to be awsome... drinking and strip clubs...
bradbery, I havent talked to you in a while, whats up???

so where is mike rigney?
dig it.
It's the " Eighties Child Checklist "
funny funny.
but you'll notice my answers arent there.
and I dont want to see your answers either.
the questions themselves are funny.

You solved the Rubix cube by peeling off the stickers.
You watched the Pound Puppies.
You can sing the rap to "the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

( mud note : on the website I found this on, they " giggled " and said " yeup " - in fact, they did it on a lot - an OBVIOUS INDICATOR THAT THEY DONT FUCKING REMEMBER. - in fact - they probably dont even know what SUMMERTIME is - or that FRESH PRINCE was an actual " band " - DOOOD. - oh - and to " prove " that Im no lamer :

Now this is a story all about how,
my life got flipped - turned upside down,
and i'd like to take a minute ( just sit right there )
and ill tell you how I became the prince of a town called bel-air

In west-phlidelphia ( born and raised )
on a playground is where I spent most of my days,
chllin out, maxin, relaxin all cool
and shootin some b-ball outside the school

- Im sure YOU, because YOU ARE NO LAMER, know the rest. )

You know what 'Whoa' means from Blossom.
Three words: M.C. Hammer.
You thought it would be great to have a friend named "Boner."
You can sing the entire theme song to "Duck Tales."

( mud note: again - she giggled, unlike us LEET PEOPLE who can actually SING A LONG. ah hah. I wont be redundant and type it out thou. You know you know, you know )

If you played The Chipmunks Christmas album all year long!
The Crypt Keeper really freaked you out.
You remember reading Kool-Aid man comics.
You watched Fraggle Rock.
You had plastic streamers on the handlebars of your bike.
Your remember when getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons was worth your time.
You know what a " rat-tail " is.
You saw the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the big screen. YES
You got super-excited when it was Oregon Trail day in computer class at school.

(mud note: DOOOD. )

You made your Mom buy you one of those clips that would hold your shirt in a knot on the side.
You played the game "Mash" with friends at school.
You wore a Jordache jean jacket and you were proud of it.
Garbage Pail Kids.
You remember reading "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" and all the Ramona books.
You know the profound meaning of "Wax on, Wax off."
You wanted to be a Goonie.
You ever wore fluorescent, neon if you will, clothing.
You wanted to be on Star Search.
You can remember what Michael Jackson looked like before his nose fell off.
You took Lunch pails to school.
You remember the craze, and then banning, of slap bracelets.
You still get the urge to use "NOT" at the end of every statement you make.
You remember Hypercolor T-shirts.
You remember Punky Brewster.
You loved Howard the duck.

(mud note: DOOOD. )

You thought Sheera and He-Man should hook up.
You thought your childhood friends would never leave because you exchanged "friendship bracelets."
You ever owned a pair of Jelly Shoes.
After you saw Peewee's Big Adventure, you couldn't stop saying "I know you are but what am I?"
You remember "I've fallen...and I can't get up!"
You remember going to the skating rink before there were inline skates.
You ever got seriously injured on a slip and slide.
You know not to mix poprocks and soda.
You have played with a 'skip-it.'
You had or went to a birthday party at McDonald's.
If you've ever wanted to go to Degrassi High.
You ever sat on or used one knee on a skateboard.
You learned oldies songs by watching Alvin and the Chipmunks.
You had a Glow Worm or watched the cartoons.
If you remember Heathcliff...
You saw the California Raisins Christmas claymation special.
You remember Popples.

(mud note : the lady i stole this from actually didnt know this. If you dont know this - and you consider yourself " raised in the eighties " - fuck you, poser. ah hahaha.)

You remember boom boxes instead of CD players.
You remember watching both "Gremlins" movies.
You remember the gimp fad
You remember the Transformers.
You knew what it meant to say: "Care bear stare!!" and you had a favorite.
You remember Rainbow Brite and My Little Pony Tales and how stupid they were.
You remember watching TV wanting to be as smart as Doogie Howser.
You remember Alf, the little furry brown alien from Malmac.
You remember Vicky the Robot.
You remember Eve Garland from Out of this World and how she could stop time by pressing the tips of her index fingers together and talking to her dad through a glowing cube in her bedroom.
You remember the beginning of New Kids on the Block.
You remember watching The Cosby Show.
You remember Michael J. Fox in Family Ties and Back to the Future.
You know all the words to the Big Red commercials.

Man oh man oh man - how much do I love Tales from the punchbowl by primus - I had forgot how great this album is. In any event - today was grand - because my operator had a hell of a time and he had to do a lot of work and all I did was stand around. hah.

Mrs. Blaileen - she was a sixth grade teacher
And she controlled the children
By using humiliation.
The target always seemed to be Donny.
He was a bit slower than the others.
When he was quite young
His mother died at the kitchen table
While choking on some food.
The fashion of the day
Was bleach and tied Levi's.
Donny decided to make some,
But he didn't know to rinse them.
So he came to school a reekin'.
Bleach stenched filled the classroom.
Mrs. Blaileen began to chastise.
She made him feel like an asshole

Im thinking about actually removing the comment system and implementing a " tag board " sort of thing - which would allow visitors to comment on the fact that they visited, and reduce people's " not posting " due to a lack of response. At first I figured it would be convienent, making the " one liner posts " which were nothing more than responses to other posts which were not only annoying - but when you came to the board with nothing but sixteen-billion-umpteen one-liner " that was a good post billy-bob-joe " posts, you just wanted to gorge your eyes out. I figured the comment system would make it to where if someone wanted to compliment or reply - that could be done without bothering anyone else. Instead - it seems to have turned into a " popularity " poll - a manner in which some people judge who has the ' best posts ' or ' most read ' or ' most enjoyed ' or whatever the hell you would care to image. so - with all this in mind, I ask if anyone else is for the idea, or would entertain to propose another solution. I'm thinking about working it to where you can "click on comment" and a " send an email to the slug " window comes up instead - making comments directly to the postee. thinking. Please post with any ideas ( or comment, as it still exists ).

He stood in line with the rest
And waited got his chance
To take his place behind the glass
And watch the ladies dance

It's the nature of things

He stepped into the darkened space
The air was thick and warm
He drops the coins in one by one
The scene unfolds before him

He stands looking eye to thigh
As she looks down from above
Only to be recognized
As his former love

It's the nature of things

I'm hoping that my " would be " christmas break, in the event that I do get one ( and ill be taking a book to work soon ) will give me ample time to actually making the site " look good " - and get rid of frames. Go figure.

And with that -
I leave you with ....

dood I'm so waa-sss-ttt-eee-ddd
you see, even in boswania they take cough-drops

and ...

THIS BOY is responsible for the death of YOUR FAMILY - and the FIRST PERSON to find his place of residence and BRUTALLY MURDER him will get off on a light sentence, four or five years with parole ( ? ) - because of his TRAGIC LOSS due to the september eleventh tragedy.

Damn oh well 7 MORE DAYS
mwa ha ha! I have beaten Andrew!!!

December 10, 2001

It's like Heroin...
( James, I know you'll hate me for this. )

So my parents gave me money for, I guess, an early christmas...whatever. I found on thing, and spent it all. My Playstation is now fully equiped with the wonders of the arcade...loud euro-beats roar through my house, the walls shake with every stomp I make on the floor, the air fills with the stench of sweet, gallons of water are consumed within minutes. That's right, I now have Dance Dance Revolution for my playstation, with a nice dance pad to accompany it. Heed...
Hey everyone, this is Aaron, back on the board and posting again with a new name. Not that anyone cares particularly. I've looked at the board and continously thought to myself, as a spectator only, "What does the board need to bring back the good old days?" After a long amount of time I came up with an answer:
I bet you thought I was going to be self-righteous about that eh?

Anyway James, I have a request for Christmas: I want the Strider LOTR cup from Burger King, it's 1.99.
8 more days til i come home

December 09, 2001

Guess what I just found?

my paintball shirt - the one with the elbow pads.
( seriously considers paintball sometime on a weekend when he's off, sometime after christmas )

anyone interested? ;)
i hate people.
Congratualations on first post, Andrew. Don;t let Andy make you feel less happy about it just because he's bitter.
9 more days I'm coming home!!!!!!!!!!

December 08, 2001

or ... it could just be a really horribly done animated .gif
go figure.
For all the happy people :)

Woke up today and went to work
found out it was Sunday
I couldn't care less
it feels so much like a Monday

Came home to my palace in the city
didn't see my children there
looked for my wife to ask
couldn't find her anywhere

Where did they go?
and why did they leave?
are they coming back?
should I stay and wait?
or should I leave?

made myself dinner at the sink
couldn't eat what I had made
poured myself a stiff drink
and thought about work tommorow

Went to bed in my room
turned on the radio and slept
in my dreams I saw a woman
and she stared at me and wept

Woke up today and went to work
found out I had been here for 40 fuckin years
I packed up my things and left
40 years? and I don't remember one thing to cheer about

Went home and the phone rang
was my grandson wishing me a happy birthday
I didn't even know his name
he hung up and I went away

Will I be dead when I wake up?
maybe I already am
I can't believe my life has past me by
and I don't have a thing to show

Where? Where has it all gone?
and I know it ain't comin back
I'm just left here in my palace
waiting for a heart attack
I just bought chirstmas presents for the following people :

My Father
My Mother
Heather's Family

if you're not on the list - i want to hear your complaint. and what you want. and maybe ill get you it. then again - there is a 100% chance that I wont, but I'd like to hear your bitching anyway. Because then again, I might be nice. Then again - you know I'm not, so why bother complaining? Hmmm - now you're wondering if I will really get whatever-the-fuck-it-is you want. Well then.

Complain at me. Because I dont love you. You're not on my christmas list, bitch.

Oh - total christmas present cost : 95.54$
hoo yeah.
10 MORE DAYS AND I'M COMIN HOME WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bitches. Yes that's right, bitches. People are assholes. My shift ended two hours early today, on the one side that's pretty sweet because I get to go home - on the other I'm losing some money from my paycheck. Tips you ask ? Oh damn! It's Andy's last weekend at Cassidy's, we have to give him lots of shit and tip him just about nothing! Hell ya! That's what we'll all do. For all the crap I put up with I got $28 for 6hrs - hello, why do they think that kind of shit would make me stay ?

I'm angry, very very angry. I don't usually get this angry - the kind were it feels like bloodlust, rage, like some sort of fantasy character berserker rage. I was breathing so heavily as I left work and drove home that on multiple occassions I thought to drive into trees or that on coming car at 60mph. Damnit RAR!
I'm so pissed off that if someone wanted to start a fight right now I'd swing first, hell yes.

I'm with DS - people suck. First post, wow... we're all so excited that you got first post... (deflation)


I am the queen of the first post. I rule. A lot. Really, I do.

December 07, 2001

Emo you just hurt my feelings, seriously I'm hurt how could you say such things, even if you are just joking around. I got friends at Hickem AFB Hawaii and at Pearl Harbor. I really hope you are just joking but please don't wish things like that anymore.
It is official, I am drop-out, of grad school that is. I hope so anyway. I just turned in my last paper with a note to my prof. asking to rewrite it if he thinks it is garbage. I completed (fingers crossed) seven of eleven classes before they broke my fuckin' spirit. Education rules but people suck!
So I bought the tool DVD, what does it matter to you? Good CD, and good DVD. Mmm, Tool videos are tastey. I might get into still-frame photography with all this money I'm cashing away. Heather displayed an equal amount of interest in the topic as well. Mmmmm... Now all I have to do is find a still-frame camera, learn some techniques, get some good clay, and try to think up some really sweet " stories " - or maybe stories of my own ported into a clay-film. neatness.

Zacho- studio apartments are the shit and want one myself - however when the need come's a rising for " privacy " - it is far from a walk down to the nearest toilet station for a big good poop ( otherwise stated as " there is very little privacy " ) --- but 150 a month for a studio apartment, where in chroist's sakes are you looking? Thats so bloody cheap ( you have to remember I make 13.13$ and hour now and bring in an average of 600-700 biweekly ) - and maybe if we could get to talking ( or if we could make it easier on the both of us, just get our two women associates to start yapping at eachother ) we could consider the possibility of getting a place together... hmm, then again - you'd probably not like that. but I do know that I need to get out of this bloody house. And quick.

I should be buying online-christmas presents, being that they'll probably be late ( no, not probably, will ) anyway. Ah well. If you cant take late-presents then fuck you. I have to remember to send off my insurance. oh - something I thought up today while at work : KEVIN SMITH sucks for the same reasons that SHAKESPEAR sucks. Both of them arent really good with plots or story - however the presentation of their material may be witty, strikingly poetic, and good good - the " meat " of the stuff just isnt what fullfills my appetite.

you'll notice i'm splicing in pictures of random things throughout this post - thats to make it seem like I'm actually making a post of some 'gusto' when, in fact, all the pictures themselves have absolutely nothing to do with the material in which I am posting. Go figure. I might go down to the school today - reguardless of how tired I am. Maybe I will get some burger king for michael. But considering how much of an ass he enjoys posting I am ... hmm - makes you wonder if I should do it at all. One second while I go off to put some coolant in my car.

Hmm. then again - I dont exactly know where that shit goes. I'll just wait until someone who does stops by. The " thing " that lives in my dresser is making noise - i went and opened up one of the drawers and now it's stopped. Hmm. Maybe it isnt a mouse. Maybe something grew. I will have to take apart my dresser to find out. that'll be fun. Or will it ?

I suddenly just got tired. Too bad school-ites, i'll stop by next friday, I'm going to bed.
jeexis chroist!!! someone is fuxing drugged up out the mooothar fucking arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(*cough max powers COUGH!!!!!!!!!!*

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ah ah ah ah

its 9:40 AM and my person that i live with/ roommate type FUCKING HIS WOMANS ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GARD DAYUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its! thats not allowed to at least noon. ever heard of a fucking NOONER?????? fuxors!!!! chroist. i like the term nooner. i intend to have one. with what i dont know.
jimmys litle sister has a friend spending the weekend. last night, that friend expressed a desire to suck on my man noodle.

seriously doood.

someone better fucking get me an apple jones.
hell i got your apple jones right here *un-zips pants*

jimmoi call me sometime this week. i havnt fucked your ass in a while.
Better yet bring me back a apple Jones
1) Zach i love you and feel sorry for you, maby when i get a job i can hire you to cleen up my fucking house/ or kill my little brother.
2) who ever the fuck -joe- is.... ill kill you.... ill seriously kill you when i see you EVER.
I wake up to my dad slapping me because im almost ina fucking comma from the pills the doc gives me, i have ben dignosed
with chronic migrains and on the 18th there gunna see whats fucked up with my brain, they took some jelly outa my liver with
some long ass needle and i fucking feel like shit..... so ya know what FUCK YOU.
5) now that my social life has been bumped back to nothing i find myself playing EQ and enjoying it, and sence james is an
asshole, i prolly wont be going on Fryday anymore, EVEN when dad says yes, why would he say yes??? because when i was
in bed having about 3 or 4 ivs hooked up to me i decided to ask " why the hell dont you want me going out with Jimmio and andy
and them !?!?!? " his reply was, ... ... ... SO HAH!!!!!! then i blacked out or somethen.......

----------- u heeyuk u heeeyuk --------------
9) can u guys bring me back some Large BurgerKing fris or somethen from fryday /cry /cry /sniffle /sniffle
122139234384818274552348714.00000001) my head fucking hurts again, im gunna take some oxycodone aka
HARD KOR SHIEEEEEET, doc said, " This is well beond tyenol, and if you have any drug tests youll test positive
for kokane and harrrwyen....." shit should knock me out in1 pill, but didnt so i take 2 and THEN it starts working, so
i think he was excaderating on the tyenol thingy, and the other 3 pills i gota take or my liver will somehow EXPLODE
but hay 1 taste like MnMs other taste minty and the other other one taste like swwwwweeeeeeeeet swwwwwwwwweeeeeettttttt
kaaan i just wanted her aswwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeet swwwwwweeeeeeet caaaaaan caaaaan can uHuUHhuuUuHHGHGgGggGg

Rember Drug.... wait im on drugs KOOOL!!! Now im like the FOnZY!!! DOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD
it wont let me edit.....
there we go :) fixed it on jamses com
i hope some war wanting faction or terrorist vengeance jihad people blow up pear harbor today. cause then stupid people wont know what to call it ....becaus ethey WASTED the title "Pearl Harbor 2" on september eleventh.......not even considering the facts such as......A) september 11th is not december 7th B) new york new york is not pear harbor hawaii C)the only similarities between december 7th 1941 and september 11th 2001 is that there were air planes involved. etc etc etc. so i think it would be funzo for pearl harbor to get the fuck blown out of it stupid yuppies and small minded hick fools will be hard up for whatto call it. PEARL HARBOR 4!!!!! no wait thar...1 uh 3 no 2..7 um no gal dernnit agitha what number coms ayuftur 2? oh yeeeahh....PEARL HARBER 3!!!! u heeyuk u heeeyuk!!!!!!

goddammit my girlfriend got a job. even if i do get a job she will be making more than me cause somehow she managed to get 40 hours a a silkscreening/novelty shop?!?! foook. damn those ambitious career women. oh well. ill be the stay home dad and she can pay the bills. i seriously might get an appartment with her in january though. 250 a piece a munth she says will get us a good one with 2 bedrooms(in case we break up and hate each other so we wont have to sleep in the same bed and be broken up), or 150 a piece for a studio appartment. either way im getting off cheap. and in more than one way. *wink wink* (SEX?)

one frescetta pizza = 4 dollars on sale at safeway
one 2 liter of pepsi, and one of cherry pepsi = 2 dollars 37 cents on sale at safeway
feeding myself so the stupid bitch i live with cant say i am costing her money = fucken priceless.

my dad is sending me more money..but he is being a sneaky bastard and is hiding it in a card my 8 year old brother made for to the people i live loosk lik emy brother being sweet. to me and my dad its him sending me cash without jimmys mom knowing about i wont have to give her any money. i earn my keep around here. if it wasnt for me..noone would ever fucken do the dishes..or do the laundry. i swear. i do 3 loads of laundry a DAY. and i wash dishes at least twice..clean up the kichen and living room at least once..and usually twice. this place is a white trash distster area. i hope their land lord comes by and sees the filth. i hope they get evicted. it would be funny. really would.

so anyone know where i can live?

im off to try and sleep. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

seriously dood.




December 06, 2001

ah shit...check it out. I FINALLY REMEMBERED TO PUT DS's CDS IN MY BAG!!! I SHOULD BE KICK IN THE ASS!!!!!....shoot me....
We no longer have an asian mayor.

I know - it is depressing. I know I was sad when I heard about it on the radio this morning. No more bills for for potsticker taxes or imported pears from fuji.

So lately I listen to talk radio. Loveline and Tom Lycos ( LIKE THE FUCKING SEARCH ENGINE ) - actually it's spelled different, but eh. and a commercial they play quite often is for a website called And so there I was cruzing through all the wonderfull-ness that is PORNOGRAPHY - DEE - VEE - DEES and found a little treat for you all. Introducing . . .


Yes, will fully functional Special Eyelet Bolt that enables the Swing to Rotate, making every orifice and conceivable body-part that exists OPEN FOR PLAY, a Heavy Duty Link Chain - for those husky girls you might find down in south-hill, a Torque Support Bar for Added Leverage, meaning that if you want your pet HORSE to join in on the hardcore action - the more the merrier! Heavy Duty Straps that can't Break or Tear ( no warranty on this, however ) -- E-Z Spring Open Connecting Hooks, hop right in, get the quicky hang-fuck, hop right out! ...Hight Strength Steel Spring...Fully Adjustable Self-Tightening Buckles with Extra-Wide, Nylon Straps for Maximum Comfort...Soft, Padded Stirrups for Feet, Ankles, Calves & Thighs!!! Easily Installed, The PLEASURE SWING is nearly 100% Preassembled...Simply Press & Twist the Eyelet Screw into any wooden doorframe or ceiling beam, and the hours and hours of swing-sex you'll enjoy will surpass all those times you were a kid thinking how cool it would be to have sex at the playground.

Andy just got here - and I have to go " christmas shopping " perse - but I will mostly be doing that stuff online. Can we say ...

jimmoi's christmas present? I do think so.
anyone remember me talking about a girl named sarah hullet? shes trying to get into my pants again or some shit. she wanted me and brice to spend the night at her house thursday. i thought she was buying me a ticket to a sho wi wanted to see the next day.....but shes not. so fuck that shit.

on a related note...does anyone remember becky? that girl brice was trying to get with? well SHE is buying me a ticket to that show now. strange.

i need a new place to live. i am going to kansas for three weeks on december 19th. and i really need to be moved out by then, cause im probably getting thorwn out of here soon anyways.....and i am scared of what might happen to my belongings while i am gone. so, if any of you happy souls happen to have an extra room or something, or know of someone who migght have one and be willing to rent it at a reasonable price......(i intend to have a job by the end of january)...yeah help me out if you can. its much appreciated.

we gotta smoke a bowl!

so on the heals of the conversation with the fuck emo guy......comes an annoying conversation in the "emo_kids" community.
the guy i was talking with said he doesnt like the juliana theory because hes not christian. and i was merelytrying to say thats a dumb reason to dislik ethem as they arent a christian band.....and he started dissing christians....and then he resorted to sarcasm and slander of my user name. and to all this i say....fuck snobby scenester emo kids. i hate snobs. i FUCKING HATE SNOOTY DIRT NOSED PIG FACED ARSEHOLE SOBS! goddamn. seriously.......hating a band because they may or may not be christian is a pathetic excuse....unless the msuic they do is praise and worship. but hating christian music is too cliche' to be valid. that is a fucking bandwagon. and people who jump on band wagons lik ethat becaus ethey think they are above someone else..and then deny thatthey are ona fucking bandwagon? fuck em. FUCK THEM IN THE GOAT ARSE WITH A RUSTY RAKE!!!!!!

i hate snot. i hate being all sniffy with the numerous body fluids pouring out of my body at seemingly random places and intervals. I FEEL LIKE A POOP LOG WHEN SOMEONE BREAKS IT UP WITH THE PLUNGER CAUSE ITS TO BIG TO FLUSH INTACT!

in fact. i feel so feeeetusie..that i am going to adue and head to bed.

im not hanging out with any of YOU FOOLS on friday because i am an asshole like that.

jimmoi i will see if i can get you any vinyl on friday. it will be ever so hard.....but ill do what i can.

F-U-C-K da poliCE nOGG-aH!!!!!!!

Blow to the izzo JOb to the suck eee

2 dollah?
Well had my Dorm of the Quarter room inspection. Passed with 0 demerits. oh yeah damn I'm good you can all bow down to me later actually you all can bow down to me on the 18th of this month because I'll be home for christmas

you all have a nice day
wow that was deep jezzzzzy, i cried, ... ... ...

I haaaaaaaaaaad 6 needles put in my arms for blood, 3 IV's put in, sucked the juice out of 4 iv bag thingys, and had a fucking spinal tap, I HOPE YOUR ALL BURNING IN HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and NOW im on fucking pillz that are suppose to FUCK me up, and hay BRICE, i got zantack pilz!! kooooooooll.... im going to sleep, oh and FIRST POST FIRST POST

FUCK YOU!!!!!!! when you have a spinal tap THEN you can NO laugh :P have a 3 inch needle be shoved into the bottom of your spine and then slowly sucked jelly out of it, to have them fucking say " we went through all your shit we took outa you, and there seems to be nothing wrong ( ie infections, desieses, some kind of BORG TERCHNOLOGY) so ya know what Drew, when you say POST.... .... well lets just say this I HAVE A GOD DAMN GREAT REASON FOR NOT POSTING!!!!!! fucking doctors....... and now i haft to go back today... ugh ... * takes a pill and goes to sleep, then dreams of stabing doctors in the eyes with IV''s and 3 inch needles....* aahh my back hurts, fuck u james, go tot fuckigikaklsdnnf aknd afjklsndlanflkanfka$@#$$!#asdd!@E!@E@#!~@4QWCDSDF@#$!@$Cc SWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEE!@q3crE@!234.................

End of message.

December 04, 2001

So there I sat, the glass in front of me was half empty and the sound of rusty nails clanging together seem to grind into my brain like the pounding of a washing machine with a unbalanced load. I pick the glass up with my hand and stare into it's liquid. I loved that half empty glass, why did it have to go...I don't know what happened either. Just, one day, it left me. The day my half empty glass left, was the day something inside me changed. I felt different, the world was changing and I couldn't stand it. Why did it leave me...I'm so feels like my insides are being ripped apart by a dull, old pitch fork. My mind can't seem to think straight, I hate this feeling. I feel insane sometimes and I spiraticlly do things, it's very unlike the man I used to be. People find me more enjoyable to be around sinse that glass, half empty, that used to sit on the table in front of me left. Deep inside, I feel as if I'm still the man I used to be, but it doesn't seem like it...people laugh at somethings I say...I wish I had that glass still, half empty...and I wish it's opposite wasn't placed on the table now in front of me...
well now, I'm not the infomus wOrm any more, now I am the mighty (dundunnudunnnn) doctor (dr.) eeeww...........

December 03, 2001

I was just watching a Mazzy Starr video which made me super depressed and I started to ponder why I bother to get out of bed every day. So I can go to my job, so I can make money, so I can afford a home with a bed. With that circular logic I get out of bed so I can have a bed to where I am wishing to relegate myself.

Don't grow up kids. At least when you are young you have dreams, goals, and ambitions. When you grow up you are too old to do foolish things and get away with them. Run off and join the circus. Don't tie yourself down.
ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh,nnnnnnnnooooooo I'm going to do it... I can't belive I'm going to do it...
I am 86% SKA.

Pick it up, I skank! I am one full-fledged crazy Rudie, I am going to go celebrate my victory with some skankin'!

Take the SKA Test at!
I AM 56% PUNK.

The intelligent punk. Tuff and Smart. I
may be able to maintain a train of thought
long enough... What the fuck was I talking

Take the PUNK/POSER Test at!

I am 34% EMO.

Not quite Emo
Hmm.. i suggest I stopped listening to Dashboard Confessional.... enough said... Now that I stopped looking at my shoes, I know how the real world looks.

Take the EMO Test at!

I am 67% Grunge.

I am pretty dirty, all right and, I reek of teen spirit... I would sell my own children for a moldy hotpocket, man.

Take the Grunge Test at!

I AM 50% GEEK.

I probably work in computers, or a history
deptartment at a college. I never really
fit in with the "normal" crowd. But I have
friends, and this is a good thing.

Take the GEEK Test at!

I am 52% Raver.

I may not be freaky like those Candy Kids, but I do know how to party. I am well connected in the scene, but may be getting a little tired of it.

Take the RAVER Test at!

I AM 69% GOTH.

Image and attitude are my paths to Goth-dom.
Graceful and scary. I am the Master, with
many slaves.

Take the GOTH Test at!

I can't belive I just did that...
so in livejournal my user name is emo_kid. somehow or another i became a part of a community called"fuck_emo". i didnt even pay attention till a few days ago. anywho.......some guy said something that i decided to reply to. here is the progression of comments.....

random fool #1:
why is it that a lot of "hardcore" kids seem to be turning to emo these days?

random fool number 2(guy with dead kennedyslogo as user pic):
simple reason:
hardcore is an extremely emotional music and it just makes sense that as some people get a little older and become fucking pussies they start crying more and listening to the Get Up's a sad state of affairs.

me :
a lot of emo is post-hardcore.
or something.
maybe theyre bored?
or they realized that they look gay when they throw floor punches?

dead kennedys fool:
no, emo is the progressiong that people who are into hardcore and are also psuedo bitch pussy intellectuals make, they get all nihilistic and whinney. Fuck em

sure then.


seriously doood.

if someone is a nihilist...then it wouldnt make sense to whine about anything.


maybe i misunder stood the whole nihilist thing...but doesnt it involve NOT caring. and if you dont care about something..then you dont whine about it because you DONT GIVE A SLUGS ASS SPORE HOLE THING...right? i dunno. maybe im just trying too hard to be clever. or something.

whats up with that whole..large letters that say POST!!!! thing? wasnt that a life boat thing? its annoying.

i went to sedro woolley today. me and brice threw my dresser in the river cause im sick of hauling it around. how TZA is that?

GHRE!!!!!!! i hate jordans mom. i want her to do nothing more that shut up. she was giving me shit and trying to guilt trip me about never actualy oving in with her..and nlah blah blah. and she doesnt shut up. seriously. brice went outside cause we were trying to go..and she shuts the fucken door and keeps talkinga nd hes just standing out there on the porch like...wanting to go..but i cant. and they kept insisting that i take the box xrings for my mattress..but the thing is 3 inches longer than the bed of the truck..and it is raining. and even if we did squeez it in..there would be no room fo rmy stuff. and i am far more concerned about the stuff thatn the box springs. but she WONT SHUT UP ABOUT THE FOOKING BOX SPRINGS!?!!!!!! and im wont fit. thats all there is too it. plus its raining! RAINING STUPID BITCH! RAIN MAKE THINSG WET IN OPEN TRUCK THING CAUSE WET GO IN OPEN PART RUIN STUFF!!!!!!!!!! if i could have the power to make poeples mouths dissapear liek that one part of the matrix........i would do it to her. and dont fucking start commenting on the matrix and its sucking and ripping off cause i wanst talking about that shit i was using that part as a fucking reference to what i want done to her.

international noise conspiracy is playing a show friday i guess. those guys rule.

i found my spoken shirt today. im fucken stoked on that. it w=has the star of david on it..and people at my school used to tell the teachers that it was a wiccan symbol..and i would get sent to mr principle with a mullet and have a good ole fashion talkin to. and i would say that it was the star of fucking david.....and that there is a distinct difference between 5 points and 6..and that the 5 points really isnt even wiccan anyways and that he really had no damn idea what he was talking about..and he would writ eme a demerit..and i would rip it up. (repeat each time shirt is worn.)

i like snow. i wish it would snow.

i found the funniest porn today on teh floor in this house. the one was called titty slickers. i didnt catch the title of the other one...but if lines like.."Diane, i was wondering if..well..i could have sex with you on your desk?" ..."are you kidding..come here big guy mhmwhmmmmmmwhmhwmhmwhmhw"..if lines like that worked in real life..then sex would be no fun cause it would be too easy to obtain. sex you had to work for sometimes is no fun. so i mean jeexis.

JEEEEEEXISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS CHROIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont recognize half the fooking people in this place.

YOU FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 02, 2001

Online tests are the new thing, just let it pass.

If I'm not feeling better by the end of the week, I'll stop going. So Drew, I would really appreciate the rest of the money if you can hand it to me. Sometimes I feel shitty, it's dragging me down. I want to sleep tonight, but I don't think I'll get much. Haircut is needed for me, I look like a fucking bum. I stayed home only to finish some assignments that I didn't get around to, but, I didn't even try for them. BAH! It has started earlier this year...I knew it. I just...need a change....

Personality >> Personality >> Personality >> Personality >> Personality >> Personality >> Personality >>
PEradngeinga dG>># 235 dsfg >>A> >A>>>>

thats what the whole lot of you need.
syphilis awareness.

dirty monkies.
why do my posts not show up untill a few hours after I post??? I mean I posted a 5:20 and now its ten and it still hasnt shown up, what the fuck, no matter where I am, even on BHSblog...
Primordial Life 3.14 Serial :

Name : Cosmo Cramer
Serial: 17672
ban posting online tests....

Which Evil Criminal are You?
well JAMES if i was a crinamal i would be Pinochet who ever the hell that is.
realy nuffen to post about , uumm me go SeXoR (--- EDITED ---)

AND i think thats 3 times in a row that ive been first post, BOOOH YEAH!!!!

December 01, 2001

the search engine should work now ( even better than before! )
im taking a bath.
then change more things.

that's right.
go ahead and mass-post a bunch of stupid fucking test results.
go ahead.

you wont like what I do.
I just hope you all realise that I dont give a shit what you got on some test. The " how big is your penis " test was funny because of the pictures. I dont care if you're punk. Or emo. Or geeky. I dont think anyone else does. Sure if you take a test nobody has heard of, say - for instance the criminal test - and you post the results - that'd be fine and dandy. But when ... this happens.


I have individual ftp access available to me now -
so expect to see " user space " - i can lend out space to people.
for whatever website you'd want up.

I'm on it,
oh - and please re-email NOTMUD@LOOSE-SLUGS.COM if you wanted an email address with the ending, because I had to move over to unix, my email was temporarily down - so try re-emailing if you already did.
...................... " grinfo011128@excite.... adult products catalog (678170) Dec 1 2k " ........ ........... ........ ...... ......

I am 23% SKA.

I am not ska. I am not even close... I don't even know what skanking is? I may need guidance, get offline and see if I can go find myself a show, or a CD, or something.

Take the SKA Test at!I am 28% ADDICTED TO THE INTERNET.

I could go either way. Deep into the madness of nights filled with coding CGI-Scripts and online role playing games, or I could become a normal user. Good luck!

Take the INTERNET-ADDICT Test at!I am 48% Metal-Head.

Most other metal-heads acknowledge my presence, but they laugh at me behind my back. Maybe I need to stop spending all that money on haircuts and invest in a few Pantera T-shirts.

Take the Metal-Head Test at!

I am 78% Grunge.

I need to go take a bath, man! And I might wanna toss that shirt of mine in the wash? Any grungier and I would be mistaken for mildew, dude.

Take the Grunge Test at!

I am 31% EMO.

Not quite Emo
Hmm.. i suggest I stopped listening to Dashboard Confessional.... enough said... Now that I stopped looking at my shoes, I know how the real world looks.

Take the EMO Test at!

I am 9% Raver.

Have I even been to a rave? I'll go home. Loser. I suck. Actually, I am probably just a normal person taking this test and don't know why.

Take the RAVER Test at!

I AM 20% GOTH.

I wanna be a GOTH. But I'm not.
Smoking cloves and too much eyeliner
a goth does not make. I'll go home and take
your Cure CD's with me.

Take the GOTH Test at!

I AM 55% GEEK.

Nerd, Freak, Geek, Dweeb. Sound familiar?
That's okay, cause I will be the richest
person at my 15th year high-school reunion.
If a "con" isn't happening that weekend.

Take the GEEK Test at!

I AM 36% PUNK.

Well, I may know what punk is, but... Okay
maybe some people think I am punk, but is
that enough? Nope.

Take the PUNK/POSER Test at!