July 31, 2002

FUCK! I'm going to have to feed again this week, I WANT TO LISTEN TO MUSIC! garargargarararggrgrargargararar

- 391
hey, hey.
poke her?

a coincidence?
I am thinking not.
Because she /does/?

I have 3 sets of those. 1 of which are black-light responsive.
Damn steven...and you say she lives in Puyallup huh? Very nice looking...but call me crazy but why does she look like she has fangs?

Craignez les tortues géantes de mer de tueur !

micheal i was gonna read you rpost...butits too damn long. dammit.

fuck banks. entirely.


This my friends, is a chica who lives in Puyallup.
And all I can say is "Love at First Sight."

It is now my mission to have her assimilated, and hell if possible we
will have a replacement for poker night, who's hot, which will help to
revive it. Since the loss of people has caused a severe dampering.

July 30, 2002

Alright then massah!

Any of you like Dirty Vegas?

Scoobsie Pooh: hey
zak p o w: you are?
Scoobsie Pooh: Roxanne
Scoobsie Pooh: u
zak p o w: Markus.
Scoobsie Pooh: kewl
Scoobsie Pooh: asl
zak p o w: I fuck small children.
Scoobsie Pooh: bye

bother this person.
well inspired by jeffs constant askings of why and for what reason zach licked my nekid man penis with wip cream on it, ive decided to tell the storie,

As zacho woke up he noticed that the land lord, known as james, was in the living room where zacho was sleeping on the couch. James was playing a game on the teeeveee, zacho was outraged, untill he saw the unbelievable conetration upn jamesessesese face. Zacho fell in love, he must have it. He lept onto james, " AAAHHH What are you doing!!" exlaimed james having the presure of zach on him. Zacho riped off jamess shirt and continued to dry hump the air around jameseses groinal area. Suddenly james and zach were both nekid and groining not knowing who was doing who they continued to moan and scream, when suddenly walked in Michael and Steaven. They were so awed by the moaning and gyrating that they too became nekid and began to moan and scream. The house waaas fiulled with screams when Michael had an great idea for a game, because during all the moaning Michael had time to read on of heathers SEX books she had in her baf. Micael got up and appeared with a thing of whiped spray cream and began spraying cream onto zachos nipples, Being so in love with things on peoples nipples steaven lept onto zach and began rubbing his nipples. Infaxuated with his nipples being rubbed zach transformed into a woaman and his penis fell off, jame lifed zacho up and began giving him THE BUTTSEX . Feeling oh so much pleasure zach looked for something to suck on, when Michael saw his gaze looking around he instinctivly put whip cream onto his 13 inch black cock and stuffed it into zach ( the woman ) 's face, after the big orgey of whipcream they were all dressed IN MICRO SECCONDS and were playing a game of Wipeout on PS2 like nothing ever happend............... or did it???
wannabee of sappytreestumps, but well call it creamy whipcream

Well thats how it all happend and i think i could make awesome cheeeze sex novles now =) AWESOME HEY BRADBURY I GOT MY USEFULLNESS!!! WRITING PORN NOVLES AND SCRIPTS!!! WOOOOOWOOOOO.
((((( insert nekid man love picture)))))
CAUSE IM A SEXY MAN http://www.hotornot.com/r/?eid=KRRQNMR&key=KQL
yours truly...better looking than 72% of guys on the site...holy shit thats one hell of a confidence booster

July 29, 2002

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire.....

We don't need no water, let the motherfucker burn.

Burn motherfucker, burn.

Heh. That kicks ass.
its about 1:45..or 2 something..me and brice are just gettng to roy..and it smells like something is burning..and brice goes..."fuck, i hope roy is burning down."

we get into town..and city hall is in flames.

that was fucken rad.

July 27, 2002


jesus christ of latter day saints....

*stabbs out eyes*
It's not the meaningfullness that matters to me.
As a matter of fact I'm thinking little about it when I am doing things.
When I am out, having fun, doing whatever - I'm thinking about the
present. Not the present meaning - my life at this time, or the span of
5 days past and 5 days in the future, but meaning the activity I'm currenty
partaking in. Although, sometimes even that doesn't help me. Sometimes
when I think I'm safe and I'm out escaping from my problems, it overwhelms
me and attacks me on a whim.
Then here I am doing shit that I feel stupid for later - and wish I couldn't remember.

My big problem is - the goings on afterwards.
After I escape my problems. After I go out with people. After I've blown up mail-boxes,
driven like a bat out of hell with somebody screaming in my backseat, and talking
to random people. When it's all over - and I'm going home, or when I arrive home.
Then all that's left of the times gone by is the reminiscing, the memory of that event.
So here I'll be again - facing my problems, and knowing that the only reason I'm back
in this spot is because whatever I was doing to escape....well now it's over.
Now what?
I end up worse off than when I started.
So I try harder to escape - until eventually I'm overcome - or I'm lucky enough to have
ran long enough to be able to handle it.

Then I can look back at any particular group of things I've done. A big conglomeration
of different events. Events I can look back on and say Damn - I miss those times.
And no matter how much I try to change things, the past is always more appealing. It's always
something that strikes this desire....I want to go back to then. So there's this circle
of times, that leads to nowhere, and to nothing -- with nothing to look forward too, except to be
able to look back on my current self. Looking back, while I'm in the same position I am now, and
saying Damn, I miss those times.

I agree - it's never because of the lack of desire to live -- but I also feel that it's not necissarily
the lack of eventfullness either.

Rather - for me anyways -- It's out of fear.
heres an idea make suicide fun....get all your friends together, go out and buy a little snub nose .38 revolver and play some russian roulette
good times

July 26, 2002

Websites are manifested in times like this.

The manic-depressive semi-boredom of nothingness. Nil. Kapoot. The only solace use to be coming up with a new website and filling it with even more nothingness. Scribblings. Scratches by a stick in a dune in some far off desert with the wind blowing hard, hard, hard. But now I have the slugs. So stagnant and irreplace-able, it stands here like a monolith of times gone past. Great memories compounded into dust into dust into dust.

When one is at work - all they can think about to get through the hour/day/week is that you want to get home. Get away from work. Stop getting PAID FOR YOUR TIME. And then finally the weekend comes. Finally your days off come. Finally it stops, and its quiet. and you're left alone, and all you can think of is : man, I want to go back to work - because this is all boring.

This is why I cannot live in an apartment/house by myself. the dulling quiet. The cars outside slowly making themselves past on the wet road. Suicide seems like a grand-ol time right about now, just sit down relax and see who can off themselves quicker. Not necissarily because one doesnt want to live but one just wants something to do to make living so un-eventfull.

and even filling one's life with people and fun and places, excitement - opportunities of enjoyment, love, sexual pleasures, misdirections, driving places, entertainment of some sorts, so on and so on and so on and so on. I could go out and do things with people and go places and see things and do things but they seem so meaningless, pointless - worthless.

it is all the same, in the end.
one big cyclical round-the-rosie, pockets full.


July 25, 2002

I'm impressed.
oh my jesus.
lololol thats great that just ownes steaven! just 1 thing WHY WONT IT STOP LOL, funny funny funny * is aten by a hyena * ... ow

I am a god - for the hyenas are after all of you!!

Commence evil hyena attack music now!

July 24, 2002

wow arron, wow, that post makes my life seem o so empty with out someone to share condoms with, man o man i wish i had some one i know from family to fornamananeacte with, that post just makes me feel that you truely are better then me =), well... now that ive said something stupid = D
i cant wait to get back to school, ive had this new look on school now, ACTULY LEARNING, i was watchen this show called like, Myth quest, and it was about heridacies, and some other guy i forget his name, but he goes into hell to bring her back because he was an ass to her, he goes to hell, runs into haidies, and makes a deel with him, he can take her out IF he can lead her out with out looking back at her. then i thought of Miss Devlin, and was like aaaaaaaaaawwwwwww maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, then as it showed what was on nextweek, it showed some thing about appolo, and the oracles, and i was like DOOOOOOOOOD i know who appolo is! makes me wish i knew more about stuff, so now instead of being that stupid kid in the coner, im going to be that kid who makes it his duty to get the answers, and make a fool of himself if he is wrong. Then i can say one thing, AT LEAST IM NOT THE ONE BEING SILENT!! =) im gunna make sooooooooooo many enemys this year!!! wooooooot NOW TO DELET EQ!!!!!!!!!! ..... ... .... maby some other time =)

National Moo Association.... OH THAT REMINDS ME!!! i saw on the news this group called, Moo, with some long word before it, but they had weapons and put up a fight with the cops, lasted 4 hours, when they droped a bomb on the house, they all died ( cept 2 people ) and the chief o police let the house burn, then the fire spread and took about 4 blocks with it =) THATS HOW I WANT THE NMA TO BE!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH BOY!
Somehow I knew there would be pictures of my family reunion on the internet, so I'm glad I didn't go.
I bet that when Steven found that picture it was labeled correctly.....From left to right, it should read:
"Brandon, Shanna, William, Kathy"

Yes, Indeed.
Jen B.? Heather? Same person? I'm confused...

I'm currently sitting at a Silver Cloud inn in Totem Lake posting on their public connection. I just finished eating pie and drinking coffee while reading a newspaper at the Denny's next door. I'm in Totem Lake because my Uncle died of pancreatic cancer, and his funeral is tomorrow, my father is the one speaking. This is all irrelevant to what I'm going to say... I think...

I have had many many realizations in the past two weeks. Let's see how many I can think of on the spot.

1) My arguments with Steven and Bradbury are pointless... Waste of words. I just think I was inclined to dislike people who disagree with me until very recently, when there is no reason to do so. So, for those of you expecting a few laughs from me arguing with Steven or Bradbury, I'm sorry. Also, Steven's animal pictures make me laugh.

2) Letting hormones control your brain is a BAD idea. Recently I came up for a weekend and was staying at The Puyallup Motel because my parents would not let me stay at home with my girlfriend Jessica whom I brought with me from Portland. When at about two in the morning it became time for a quick trip to AMPM to buy condoms, my brain was on hormonal auto-pilot, so without looking I backed up RIGHT INTO A 1952 MERCURY!!! It seems there was a classic car convention in town and all the owners parked their cars at the hotel, then the damn idiot at AMPM wouldn't sell me the condoms anyway, he said he had a moral issue with it. I took it as a sign that it just wasn't my day for fornicating. (Too much info for some of you? I care little.)

3) Although putting a note on a car is the right thing to do, it is also the expensive thing to do. I did leave a note on the car I hit, which just cost me 908.88 to repair the large scratch I put in his paint I guess. However he has allowed me to not go through insurance, which I really appreciate.

4) Never let the female choose the condoms... You could end up with Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms, which I have discovered are less condoms and more like bulletproof armor for the male genitals.

I guess this is life eh?

July 23, 2002


damn michael...

you're just awesome.

Episode II may not come out this week, as I had hoped...my french teacher is deciding to give us a project due next week. Unfortunately, i have to have it done this weekend because that is the only time i will be able to print it...

damn...but after ward, i'll work on episode ii, and episode iii
--quite fun!

hey heather, err...new person--welcome to the board.

that all said and done...hmm...

i should probably study french now...

ach, in just a second...

okay, now i will (partly cause i was gonna post soemthing awesome to say...but forgot it, so blah.)
jenni.....shut the fuck up, thank you =)

brought to you by the sponcership of the National Moo Association.

well with that aside, this week i hope to go down to the DMV and get my 1st step done =) then THEN I SHAL BE ON THE ROAD!!!! MUAHAHHAHAHAHHA.... must find job, MUST FIND JOB!!! hey would anyone want to higher me as sex machine or some kind of slave??? i do anything ( this is not offial ) for a few bucks, so basicly, you give me money and i keep you compony ( this contract does not work if you are a man, if so then YOU GIVE ME MONEY NOW OR I SHOOT YOU OR BARUK AKHAZAD A-MENU!!!!! MMMMRRWWWAAAAARRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<----- ( un bold, stands for extra exclimation)

just wanted to quickly see if this browser would post my comments...


i have to remember to post about zach-o being drunk on last friday...hehehe...funny stuff...have pictures of it and everything
Hello. I would like to introduce myself to you all with a story of love, passion, and frustration.

This is the story of a boy we'll call "JAC".
Jac only has eyes for his one true love - Compucare.
Sometimes, His girlfriend, who we'll call "JAB" tries to get his attention.
Jac doesn't pay attention.
He is too in love with Compucare.
Every morning, Jac gets off work and comes home to see Compucare.
Jab feels ignored and unloved.
Jac says, "Oh, Compucare! You are the only one who understands the complexities of my soul! You are the only one who really knows my pain!"
Jab continues to feel unloved.
Especially since James spends all his time with Compucare, and his ex.
He's obsessed with all of his ex's.
He's obsessed with his Compucare.

That's why none of his girlfriends ever get fucked.
Especially me.

dance bitch.

( x2 )

July 22, 2002

It would be nice if he was starving. He could eat the potato.
Only if he knows that it happened....

July 21, 2002

If I throw a potatoe at a junkie's head -
will it be druggie abuse?
No bonnie it isnt wrong to dislike siblings...in fact it is the most normal thing in the entire world

July 20, 2002

Is it wrong to dislike siblings? I'm serious.
LOL.... :)

funzoness as it were....... How are all of your lives progressing???

I have one year of hellish public schooling left. Oh the joy. te-he-he It has been a while since I visted the board here... I wonder what it is that has happened to all of you and the board. So few of you actually post anymore though, that I did notice... but then when have any of us really posted on a regular basis that have to go out and have fun all day for a living?

:) It has been a long happy time for me lately... depressing as can be but oh so much fun as it goes along!!! :)

Awhhh... the random things that make absolutely no sense...

I LOVE YOU ALL... actually, no, I do not. :P hehehe

July 19, 2002

You need to drink more.

Or less.


Tales of Jimmy
Episode I: The Beast Emerges

Before I begin these great tales, sure to leave one and all wondering around parking lots, dazed and confused, trying in vain to grasp the situation, I should begin with a prologue...

so thus...

Tales of Jimmy
Prologue: Free Food

Now...as you all may or may not be aware...our beloved friend jimmy had to up and go...for he was off to the airforce...

...or so you all thought!

for you see...though jimmy said he was going off to the airforce for free food--that was only part of the truth. Yes indeed he was going off to get free housing and free food...

but it was not to the airforce--

rather...rather it was to the United States Space-Force! For you see, jimmy was assigned to the USSF because of his incredible abilities to B.S. his way out of any situation...and of course because of his amazing ability to become this:

Super Jimmoi Number 1!


--and so begins our tale of adventure and mystery and of one tall asian man (who rides his bike too often) who may very well save the entire world...---

Episode I: The Beast Emerges

It is important to note here that jimmy has already finished most of his Basic-Space Training and has already been allowed to pilot one of the Space-Force's most powerful Space-ships. His daily duties involve flying around the solar system to keep an eye for any hostile E.T.'s...because after all...if aliens exist, there sole purpose in life is to destroy our planet and steal our resources...

...for the most part they are the pilgrims of Space...

damn those pilgrims...

But things can get pretty boring patroling the solar system...in Space...all by yourself...
so the USSF allowed jimmy to bring along two people for company...

now here you'd think, "oh hey, well that means that jimmy would bring along his best friends in all of the world...and Space...
James and Jeff...

well you were wrong...

maybe it was because i was busy in college that jimmy didn't even bother to ask me--or tell me that he was going to Space...i had to hear it from Harry Wappler (my good friend the retired newsanchor who now does underground news reports)...

and james was too busy promoting Amp because, as he puts it, "It's good fer ya!"

...regardless...instead of inviting us to go hang out in Space...he takes along my good friend Harry Wappler and his pet ButtLove.

wheeee, its fun time in space!

Yeeup...jimmy usually patrols around jupiter and uranus (come on...in a post about Space, you know i had to throw that one in).

Of course, he will sometimes make pits stops on other planets to leave behind wisdom and gifts from his homeland Earth:

Greeting...jimmy style

However...a dark force is slowly encroaching upon our beloved friend and compatriot...
for even as we speak...this deadly force of unspeakable power and an equalled hunger for the blood and flesh of all life slowly makes its way to our area of Space...

And perhaps...perhaps the only hope for us all...is jimmy

What the hell is that?!

Suddenly, as jimmy pears out the front of his Space-ship's window, nearly blinded by the behemoth being's power, his greatest fears start to seep into his body. In the pit of his stomach, jimmy knows he's seen this...THING...somewhere before...

So he flips on his scanners...and to his utter dismay...he realizes the truth:

Oh God no...

It is her...it is the beast from the past...the one who nearly destroyed them all...

As far creeps upon him, a new sense of urgency and determination also fill his mind...perhaps its because of what this beast has done in the past to him and his friends...namely james...

or perhaps its because...the beast is just plain fat, and jimmy really does hate fat people....

but whatever the reason, jimmy steers his Space-ship straight toward the beast, charging his weapons for a full out assault, as Harry Wappler and ButtLove prepare themselves for a fight...

as his Space-ship flies toward the behemoth...old visions of his last encounter with her flash in his mind,

Memories of a time past...

like a painful reminder of just how dangerous and vile she is...and why she must be destroyed....

Stay Tuned for Episode II.

July 18, 2002

AND NOW IM BACK BABY, its been two days since ive been able to get online on MY computer
Its safe to say that ive now found a project that is much like pulling teeth. I had to go down into the nitty gritty of my computers bowels and do some registry editing, because of some cumbersome spyware that came about as a result of Kazaa...and it was the one program that i actually trusted. Damn them...damn them all to hell, and more so damn me for just thinking that i could remove it simpy by deleting it. Nooooo i had to basically gut my registry....i read all these warning about messing with it, and i was literally shaking while i was going through the motions. Its like i was being faced with that whole "green wire-red wire" situation that you see so often in movies.
well instead of me geting on my computer pluging in diff lines and posting under my name, or changing jameses account and posting under my name, i decided to be REALY lazy and post, those who know Ravens grudge about " the mail box " then you would have loved what we did lastnight, but i will not speak of them on the board BUT IT WAS FUCKEN FUNNY AS HELL!!!!! wish i can a camra or vid cam, because to see sparkles bust the door open then burn throuhg the roof and shoot 4 or 5 fireworks into the sky from it is pretty damned funny.

James has sold out he has amp posters and WHERE DO YOU THINK HE GOT HIS NEW CAR!??!?!?! IT came with the sponcership of AMP, as i type he is sleeping with an amp represenitive, to further his careeer in the advertisement indestry, be ashamed, VERY ashame, and be even MORE ashamed that i didnt spell a SINGLE one of those right!!!

James wont wake up and register DAoC DDOOOO IT!!!!!!

Am i the only one who hates the template for the board?...

damnit james, get off your ass and put the old template back...
that one was awesome--this one reminds me of dried vomit that can be seen in the backrooms of target the day after christmas...

and what the hell is up with the date system...
i will try to address that problem myself later...

but back to the james thing...

you all know why he hasn't given us a better template--mr. "i'm the fancy dancy administrator who created the board so you all should bow before me"?

it's simple...
its not because he's busy
or his computer doesn't work
or he was strucken with amnesia and can't remember how to put the old template back


no... my friends...it is because james...

james... SOLD OUT!
buy AMP!  it's good fer ya!

see...he let his power get to him...and like everyone else---james has sold out...

i wouldn't be surprised to see AMP links on our board soon...

all i have to say to you mr. "fancy little administrator boy with my coushy box-factory job" is fuck you...

you have struck us all deeply this day.

so zach-o's coming to spend the night, along with brice and someone named jordan, at my place--funzo...

too bad i have to take a stupid french exam and finish the french homework i have--

ah well...

however, if anyone else wants to come up--could be fun...

steve?-interested...you could drag along andy--though i think he's busy today-not sure.

yeah--this is gonna be a short post, cause i'm at work, and i haven't gotten my posts ready yet...

but if you want a teaser of the fun stuff to come...


pika pika pikachu!


July 17, 2002

Yeah, i wanted to test this thing out again...

its a nifty little program for posting to slugs without having to use a web browser at all...


we'll see.

and we have to figure out what the hell is up with the board.
Fuck guys who go by fake names like "Kainoa".

Anyways, I like the lemur picture. :D now what is a lemur? is it a monkey or a meerkat thing?
Hehehe...I totally love kiwi birds.

July 16, 2002

I'm sure we could have talked them down to 1500 without the extra zero on that cougar.

I think I might try to get it for cheap, for something to build a hobby stock out of. Not sure. I think I'll talk to Brad and/or Scott first, see what the masters of short track have to say abou it...
So I'm buying a car.
the windows work.
you're asking : HOW MUCH JAMES?
and I tell you : 1500 -
and you say : " oh that sounds about right "
and then I say : " now add one more zero "

give me an ulcer
give me a heart attack.

i hate credit.
fuck you jesse, TZA -
and yes, steve and aaron still go at it.
good stuff.

bloody hell.

bloody fucking hell.
I might come home tonight with a very large lack of money.
and to add to that? they'll keep sucking my blood.

fuck those stupid gay stop lights that have cameras....especially when they are at the bottom of a hill on a road the speed limit is 55 and the yellow light is 1 second long and no time to stop!!!!!!!!

luckily..in kansdas..you arent required to have a licence plate of the front...so maybe the camera shot the fornt...and not the back..and ill get away clean.

and fuck mouses breaking..and fuck going all the way to kansas city ad then wal mart is sold out/.. and fuck having to go"FUCK I CAME THIS FAR I MAY AS WELL GO TO TEH OTHER ONE.."..and fuck old bitchy ladies being stupid.

but thumbs up for making out with girls.

July 15, 2002

I hope I don't regret this.
Since Steve used this forum to talk about his depression and I really admired the hell out of him for doing so,
I will do the same thing with my problem.

I meant to go to this problem with one of my friends..
but girls react with horribly cliché responses that are sweet but really aren't helping the issue.
and the only 3 guys I can turn to: 1 seems to be "away" for the last several days & I couldn't bring myself to tell him
anyway, the 2nd will respond to it by saying: "wow! I've never known anyone with this problem before, what's
it like?", & finally the 3rd guy refuses to speak to me.

I'm dragging this along so.. when I was 10 or 11, I gave in to anorexia.
I've spent the last 7 years recovering from it, and relapsing into it.
Over the last couple weeks, I have noticed myself falling back into it.
I've chosen to work harder against it, and I'm about to collapse into exhaustion-- this is too much for me to handle.
Then, a week ago I realized my problem not only included anorexia but also bulemia.
Over the last half of the week, it's gone down hill.

I'm within the homestretch of weighing 100 lbs (which is the most realistic goal I could ever set).
and I've never weighed that much.. and I'm having extreme difficulty getting there.

Finally, this was never an issue about me wanting to be skinny. I've been a stick since I was little,
and I proudly announce my weight-gain. And oh ya, my parents have known since I was 10.
I'm not expecting anyone to respond.. this venting was for my own good.
120 is a shit load for a battery.
with labor, that's about right.

Since you told him not to do anything....fuck him up, legal style.
also...im not a fucken female....
i know various things about the car..
and what i dont my dad does.

how the hell can you possibly say 120 bucks isnt a lot for a car battery?!?!

i just nowmade it back to what you said to me back there...

the actual dialog was"here is the car..this________ is whats wrong......i need to know how much it will cost if its something beyond the battery........dont do anywork until you callme and tell me what the deal is"

there was no verbal consent to anything.
i never signed any papers...

i drive a 1987 olds. Firenza...
since i already know the car isnt going to last long enough for any warrantoies as huge as the one i got..
theres no need to spend 120 bucks on a battery....
especially when we told him do no work because i have no money for it...
my dad had to cover it.

i dont actually plan on fucking with the guy.
i mean..COME ON..its me.....everyone on this fucken board should know im one of the top 5..if not the top laziest assfucker around.

jeff...im going to fuck you in your butt alot ok?
james...im going to do you in the peehole.

July 14, 2002

James - Remember when you wrote "Fuck you! TZA" on my car at work, well, it's still there after I washed it a couple times...I hate you.

It's nice to know the board is still the same, with Aaron and Steve argueing
Remember, little Collins, that the first 60 bucks you make belongs to me.

A man once said:
"If you've ever been too drunk to fish, you might be a redneck."

I never knew exactly what "too drunk to fish" was.
Until this weekend.

i dont think my head it screwd on right, or maby it is and my body isnt screwd on right, THINK ABOUT IT!!!...

... Moo

me go play games.

July 13, 2002

I bought a car and PS2 today...
Steve-- Resurrection Flashback has changed its format to include hits from the 80s and 90s.

Thanks Jeff!
Micheal - Believe it or not working in fast food is better than retail.
I hated fast food and refused to work there too, but I regret it. Sure it
may be a degrading job, but ya can have fun with the people ya work with,
simply because they aren't a bunch of old people talking about their
Yes, I would any day go back to Godfather's, but I would never
go back to Wal-Mart. Godfather's may not be fast food, but the work
environment is similar.

On the other hand
I can't remember what's on the other hand.
So instead of the other hand:

James-o, I think imma come over to your place in a lil bit.
But not 'till I wake up....the 5 minute drive home 15 minutes
ago was hell enough.
Driving with little sleep after spending the night in a drunken
stupor = not fun - especially when it's the first time you've
ever been willing to be in a drunken stupor.
I want some cereal.

July 12, 2002

DANCE HITLER DANCE =D heres anohter of my lame attempts to communicate with you " people " anyone know where i can get a job FAR AWAY FROM FAST FOOD, mom and dad are backing me up on car and insurence but now i need the job part, may have one at Kay mart but mom may fuck that up for me, i turned in an app at factory 2 joo and no respoce, ME NEED JOB!!! ME NEED MONIE!! ME NEED CAR!!

well i dun kno whats going on about the board with bonny and arron AND I DONT CARE! =D hey good for you all, bitching is the numo one part of this world and im glad your keeping that alive =D well.... enough =D's im off to go play Warcraft 3 or something, HEY ARROR WHERES ME AND DREWS MONIE FROM LENT BAHAHHAHAHAHAH
Ouch, Napster, Ouch. I was just joking about the whole BS thing, but whatever. My dog is home from the hospital, my parents aren't mad at me at the moment, my sister is being nice and I went shopping yesterday. I am happy. I'm also very sleep. I had a lovely day swimming in the sun. Whoa...that guy really does dance. I wish I could dance like him. I probably could if I tried. I think I will.

dance bitch.
just woke up, found this on my desktop, Naptster wants me to post it ... * SHRUG * we were out all night making asses of our selves going to safeways seeing if a safeway gift card any cash on it.... it has 1 penny =D im going back to sleep, heres napsters post

Muahahahahaha...its now 5:08 in the am. Ive been out allnight since like 10 i think. Goodtimes were had by all. Most of the other people in the house are sleeping now, Mr. R passed out...that bastard said he was going to stay awake, but noooo. I was the one who stayed up...all freakin night. Im not sure what else to really say...i mean i could type no sleep and all play makes jack a dull boy but there would be several problems with that.
1. Stanely Kubric might just feel that my little attempt at humor there would be a form of copy write infringment...though it is highly doubtful that stanley kubric reads the blog.
2. Why would nothing but play make jack a dull guy? Jacks gettin an invitation to the poonani buffet, and he'd be stupid to look that horsegift in the behind.
3. My names not jack....my parents didn't name me jack, and nobody calls me jack. So therefore who am i to even give a flying rat fuck as to what jack is up to and why hes getting no sleep.
Mmmmmm chewy pizza...yes thats right. James's familia seemed to have pizza...and it was left out. Mushrooms and olives eat them up yum. Amen to that...cause i thought i was gonna have to stumble around in the dark looking for a can of ravioli that i can eat cold or something. But amen the pizza has delivered.
And now it seems that mikes mom is up. Or else Cristen is just talking in an unusually feminine voice...even more so than usual. Early mornin sunshine is peeking its way into the house through the slats of the curtain hangy things...but im still left asking, "WHERES THAT DAMN ROOSTER!!"
Im guessing that what has all of a sudden triggered this inner monologue of mine (how do i know its an inner monologue if everyone is sleeping and no one hears me, and most noise is drowned out by that friggen fountain. I could be sitting here in the living room talking to myself and never even know it) is my first case of voluntary insomnia of the summer. Because more often than not...ive gone to bed...but not today (yesterday?). I sat up,well as much up as a person can be when they are sitting on the floor, and watched Princess Mononoke. That movie kicks fucking highwater poopstain ass. One of these days im gonna have to watch Akira to its entirety, because the parts that i saw were cool...no that doesnt really descibe it at all. Need to find a bigger word because im starting to sound like my little brother.
At the series of small dots the time will be 5:26................................
Almost been at this for 30 minutes...i think at like 6 or 6 30 ive gotta take Mr. R back to his house on my way home so that i can pick up my application and then run it to TSC, come back home sleep, if i havent already done so which i probably will cause im predicting passing out, the moment i get in my room, and then get up the gumption to call my other friend mike and get him to go see Reign of Fire with me. Man that movie seriously looks uber. Im looking back over all of this you know and im saying to my self..."damn this is long". Its not a paulino scale post mind you, but i think that this is actually one of my longest that wasnt complete and random utter nonsense. I mean to me most of this stuff sounds coherent, and the spelling is quite good because despite the fact that its 5 am (correction: 5:30 am) im actually taking the time to fix it as i go. DOes that make me a sick person?
Well i guess somebodys up, because the showers running (or maybe im still just hearing that damn fountain swell into a huge sunami type sounding water thing?) but i guess i know its not cristen cause i think hes playin EQ, in fact i think im gonna go slap him or something...but that would take energy that i would like to focus on this here writing...with all of this 5 dollar words, that ive gone and made change for. IF mike doesnt post this im gonna be pissed. ill have to turn his redeemer on him in broad daylight in front of his own home.
God i wish i had a katana (ok now maybe this is just getting ridiculous, because i have no idea where that came from? is it possible for a persons literary voice to be schitzo?) i mean yah, id be out in the yard swiping left and right. Fighting off invisible bad guy ninjas and oppressive evil snake amazons, but it would be the return of that child that i locked away in the cellar with nothing but dried apples and seltzer water to sustain himself. Goddamit that fountain is making me have to pee. Its just like the water wont end...and why because its a fountain. At least i think it is...no wait its a fish tank. Damn i guess thats what happens when i jump to conclusions and make an assumption, i make an ass out of ass and umption.
Man...i just pulled a jimmoi...

i had a project to do in french class on my family...

well i did it
but i think it will come out jimmoi style. Like, i was to put pictures of family members...
yet i put a picture of a neopet as my brother...then i put the real picture...

and the front cover, which says Ma Famille--there is a picture of a cheetos bag above it.

what the hell was i thinking...

perhaps its cause i think french is stupid at the moment. Ego-centric-yes. Does that bother me at the moment. No.


Oh well, i still put plenty of info--i think. I'm just not sure if he's gonna find a picture of a neopet all that "amusant".


i suddenly realized i am out of things to say while waiting for that paper to print out...

blast....now what...

hoo hummm..

yeah steve i can understand the need to type for no seemingly understandable reason...

Well BS...that is bonnie isnt it. And i would think that women would fall into that catagory of things too advanced for anybody to understand. Yah just think about that, and while your at it watch out for the huge puddle of sarcasm on your way out
okay, if there is anything going on tonight I would like to be included... so call me 847-4226 .. enough said
Man oh man.

That is truly funny.

The idea that anything penis boy could think up/regurgitate would be "too advanced" for Steven...

You should take that act on the road, you'd kill them in the comedy clubs.

Thanks for adding that moment of much-needed levity to my otherwise dull morning.
*Would just simply like to point out that Aaron just proved his point about the BS thing - since I have not
once mentioned suicide on this board*

I'm sorry, yes I did say I wouldn't respond to anything, but that was just irresistable.
BS...hey, those are my initials. I know my parents hate me, and that is total proof.
Man, it's funny how anything too advanced for you Steven turns into "BS" (yes I know those are your initials Bonnie)

I really usually don't degenerate into putdowns, I do with you it seems, but so do you so it would seem hypocritical for either of us to degrade eachother about it. I know you "aren't going to respond to this", nor do I really care. I too am bored by your mindless babble... "I'm depressed, I should kill myself, maybe I will, maybe I won't, maybe I will, maybe I won't". Yep, that's not a cry for attention or anything...
This is a test... it probably makes no sense to any of you... oh well...it's for my benefit
Good point - he's not in WA.
So, what Cooder sayded.


Aaron - I must admit. You are incredibly good at pulling total BS outta your
ass when needed to defend yourself.
And that's all I gotta say - nor will I bother later responding to anything, because
quite honestly you bore me, and I no longer find myself entertained by arguing
with you as I used to, mostly because often times a large amount of your arguments
are spent trying to degrade the person you are arguing with rather than actually
defending your point, or you just come up with some kind of BS like you just did.


James - Sounds good.

July 11, 2002

Plus, it may not be the law in Kansas for a mechanic to get consent...

Not to mention, he could argue verbal agreement.
Couple of things:

1) If you signed a paper when you took it in to him, authorizing him to do the work, then you have to pay him or he'll put a lien on you.

2) $120 isn't bad, to pay someone else. A $30 battery probably wouldn't meet the amperage requirements of your car, unless you drive some ridiculously small piece of shit (what do you drive?), and wouldn't last very long.

Next time, get an estimate only. Problem is, not many mechanics will give a free estimate, and rightly so.

Either way, before you go to the Better Business Bureau, talk to him about it, give him a chance to make you leave happy. If he is unwilling to do so, then get the BBB on his ass.

Don't resort to childish bullshit. If he knows you're pissed, and shit starts happening, you will get a visit from the local constabulary. Guaranteed. Even if they can't prove you did it, it's good to stay under the radar.

One final piece of advise, to all of you:
If you don't know shit about cars, don't buy a car that will need to be worked on. You'll spend just as much paying someone else to fix it as you would have to buy a good car.

Don't pay that guy - It is the law for a mechanic to call you up and tell you what
they need to do /before/ they do it and ask you whether or not you want them to
do it.
The law is on your side here buddy.

Plus - Call him up and tell him that you are going to turn him in to the Better Business
Bereau, however the hell ya spell that.
Nobody likes bein turned in to them.

So - with that law and the BBB on topic when ya talk to him next, he should back down somewhat.

i tell the mechanic about ho wmy car wont start and whatnot. take it in. tell him i want him to look over it and run it through his machine that tells you if it sthe starter, alternater, or battery that is fucked up.

so the mechanic does this. find out its the battery...and takes the liberty of finding the most expensive overwarrantied battery he can..and installs it. then calls me to tell me i own him ONE HUNDRED AND TWENY DOLLARS AND THIRTY SEVEN CENTS!!??

what the fuck.

lets review.

i tell him to find out whats wrong , and then call me and tell me so i can confirm or deny that i need a new battery.

he finds out, and then does the work..which i wasnt going to have him do..becaus ei can get a battery at ANY STORE for 30 bucks and put the fucking thing in myself.

i ask him to put my old battery back in please...but he says he cant because he already did the work so the labor cost still aplies..blah blha blah some law against blah blah blah...and not only that..but hes a real dick head to me and my mom and my dad..all three of us talked to him at various times.

so im out the most rediculous amount of money ever......

i never going back to that guy again.

furthermore...i am planning retaliation against his store. phone calls...letters...and vandalism. hoo dawgies. fuck with me will he.


every reel big fish cd hasnt been black james....

why do they rock so hard...is red.

the cd for"Cheer Up" does look stupid though.....and the album isnt as giddy and kiddo happy skank ska fun as previus efforts either.
but all the best bands tend to grow up on us after getting us hooked with what seems like teh perfect formula..then changing it to something that they think"expresses their creativity and shows their maturity" fuck that.

i do like the new cd.....but i have feelings for it...much like i do for new weezer stuff.

now i have to go apply for fucking college or some shit...

Steve - the reason I havent moved out yet?

because I cant stand being alone.
and I need people. not necissarily even people I like.
just people to be there. to stave off insanity.
even if they're there and I ignore them, it still works.

and I dig you around - we get along and think alike but yet not to the point where you get on my nerves and bother me. So hey - in the event your cali idea fall through ( more than likely not ) or you get down there and the whole plan doesnt work out as thought and you dislike it - you can come back up here and probably stay with me and whom-ever else I grab.

Just a thought.
I dont know.

doobie do-whop sho-dop.

July 10, 2002

Thanks Bonnie, I guess I should defend myself eh?

Not once did I say "above average", but I did say "not average", which are two totally different things. Whether my difference from average is a virtue or a flaw, I do not know. Therefore I never placed myself above them, and it's not so much that "average people" are stupid, or don't agree with me. It's more the feeling that when I'm talking to them, I'm talking to a wall, as if their mind resists anything outside their comfort zone. And fine, don't read the board, I could care less, I didn't want AVERAGE PEOPLE reading it either.

As for my fabricated intellect, whatever man... Perhaps you putting me down will prevent you filling so much of this board with your depressed ramblings.
Can anyone tell me what the hell is up with this board?

Tuesday, July 9 is split into 2 different spots, and today's posts are stuck in between.....
*flops around as a high pressure gardenhose that someone has left lying on the ground*

*spat spat spat*
You are right in one point - that everyone has considered themself above another.
But to consider oneself 'above average' or above such a generalized group is ignorant,
and hence shows a lack of intellect, which brings ya right back down to the level of people
he seems to think are lower than him.

I may look at someone and think they are an idiot, but I don't consider them average.
Carrot Top for example - that stupid red-head. I can't stand him. He's a fool.
Just because he makes money means nothing - I consider him to be an idiot.
Not an average person - just a fool who happens to make money.
Just because you think you are 'above average' intellect means shit, and
if ya do, you are probably far from it. Just because you see things the way
another can't see, doesn't mean they don't see things you can't see.
Aaron is, in fact - average. As Moby puts it - he is "Hypo-Intelligent"
And I'll leave it at that.

I don't find myself to be 'above average.' Nor do I see myself as being above
Aaron. He just simply manages to piss me off with this fabricated intellect.
It's one thing to say that ya no longer wish to talk to people who don't understand
you, another to say that certain people make your brain hurt. But to call
everyone who doesn't understand your own point of view (and hence be ignorant
to the fact that you just might be wrong, whether you are or not) to be 'average'
and for you to be above them is just plain stupid, and ignorant.

Hitler saw himself as 'above average' as well.
I'll leave it at that.
I think that someone is always going to think that they are better than someone else. Aaron chooses to believe he's better than the average person...so what? I'd like to think that I'm better than the average person. No, I'm not incredibly intelligent nor am I extremely beautiful, but I'm a lot smarter than the "average." For example, I know that Texas is not the biggest state. You'd be surprised about how many people do not know that. Also, what hurts Aaron's brain, hurts his brain. Why must we always be so "nit-picky" about other people's thoughts. They are, after all, their own thoughts. They belong to nobody but the person who's head they sprang from. I don't really believe that anyone could say honestly that they have never considered themselves "above" another person. As much as you may dispute it, the thought has crossed everyone's mind at some point. It's sad, but I think it's what keeps people going.
I was reading Aaron's board.
Simply because I found some of it humorous.
Just read bits here and there.
Then today, I noticed this...titled "Convorsations with the average"

"Well now, I've realized that average people bore me, and that I should just stop talking to them. It's not that they're stupid or mean, or possess any characteristic I find despicable. It's more that my brain hurts when I talk to them, I just have ideas to communicate that they either find too big or care not to know because they are content to know the very little they have always known."

Again - looking at other people as if he was better than them, calling himself - "above average" or somethin.
Hence - why I will no longer read that board.

And Aaron - yes, I post this in hopes that you read it.
I've decided that once I get out of this little emotional pit I'm in, I'm going to start
letting the "angry" side of me take over again.
Aka: I will again be pissed off at the world.

Because I can.

There are 24 hours in a day.
I want 34. And since there are 24, that pisses me off.
If people say something I don't like - I will let them know.
I will get pissed off - and hence be pissy about it.
Why? Because I don't care. If people have a problem
with me being pissed off - good.
What can they do? There aren't enough hours in the day
for me, and so I get pissed off about it. Will that change it?
No. But neither will sitting there not being pissed about it.
Might as well bitch.
I would go more into detail about my "anger" and how different
I was when I did let it take me over, but I'm too lazy, and due to
a certain anxiety attack I can't exactly think straight. As a matter of
fact I'm not even sure if the above writings made sense.

Nor do I care.

On the other hand maybe I won't.
Odd thing is - there are two sides to me.
The pissed off about everything - and the side
that tries to curb anger due to the feeling that
it only brings harm to myself.
Which is better - I'm not really sure.
Do I care - still not sure.
They can both go to the extreme - if I let them.
I haven't let them for quite some time. Some sort
of "Self Control" or whatever the hell ya wanna call

On the other hand I think I'm doing that thing again.
The thing where I type just to type.
But whatever works.

I got a new network card today.
And a hub to match.
Now my computer can network in a much better fashion.
If anybody cares.

I still have a parking ticket from Mardi Gras.
Got yet another notice today.
Stupid bastards with their non-working machine.

I really don't want to be here right now.
Sitting at home.
By myself.
It sucks balls - and does nothing for my situation.
Hence why I've been at the Collins residence so often.

I've realized as of late that I really depend on being around
other people - even more than I ever thought I did.
It's getting to a point of ridiculousness - yet I can't seem
to do anything about it.
And them damned pills I most certainly do not have any
desire to begin taking again - as my mom says I should do.
No thank you buddy. I don't like pills - nor will I ever.

Yes - California will be grand.
As the current list of people coming with me has somehow
grown to a whopping 5 - and possibly 6. (Including myself)

Ok that is all.

I will now go bang my head on a rock in hopes of
knocking myself unconscious for 8 or 9 or 20 hours.

July 09, 2002


Okay boys and girls, time for something important...

I just got an email from good ol' jimmoi's dad, and he has provided me with jimmoi's address...

a couple of things though,

you are not allowed to send packages of any kind, or postcards...
only letters. Seriously...otherwise jimmoi will probably get ass-raped.

Also, apparently the instructor in charge of jimmoi and the new recruits knows jimmoi's name...

that's right...in other words, jimmy has become his "pet project"...
ouch, not looking too good for our friend, no?


so anyway, his dad asked me to give this address to...YOU james collins,...yeeup...

but i figured, ah what the hell, might as well post it, so that everyone could write to jimmy..

so yeah...write to him.

NOW bitches! now...

oh yeah, you all probably want the address, huh:

AB Miller, James N.
331 TRS, FLT 586
36954 OPSC 3 Dorm B-6
Lackland AFB, TX 78236-6095

"When you are serious about this car thing"

considering I do not have a vehicle -
and do need one -
I am going to " go looking for one " this weekend
being friday / saturday - IN THE EVENT I DONT WORK FRIDAY.

... looking to blow 3 to 5k - hopefully " finance " it so i can get credit.
and so far - a miata is top of the list.
and sweet with the car-paint. doobie do.
Couple of things

1. Don't buy a Miata. Overpriced garbage. They're better than, say, most American cars, but they still suck ass.

2. Auto paint: John Paul works at Canyon auto paint. Just tell me what color you want, I can get it for fairly cheap.

When you are serious about this car thing, let me know and I'll help you find something worth your money.
ah yes. the word FU - such a terrible word.

warcraft three owns your soul, by the way

also - the time has come for me to buy a " good " car.
being that my transmission-fucked Tza car is now ... well, void.

Reel big fish has a new cd out. on the cover it says : " much awaited release " or something to the same extent.
I agree - I was super hyped for the new RBF cd. so I got it today. I listened to it.
I had to listen to it again. you want to know why?
because it sucks.
its .... its ... MELLOW - almost like they went and " grew up "

it doesnt sound like they're up and jumping around and having a big party.
it almost sounds rehearsed in a sense.

and the cd isnt black like all the others.
its got a white-embossed clown on it.
what . the . fuck .

either someone vital to the functioning of the band being " awesome " died or left the band.

I wanted to rock out to some new RBF tunes.
instead ... arugh.
I will post more when I have more time to listen to it and analyse each song individually.
but at the moment - im terribly dissapointed,

I might buy a miata -
and Dennis ( a guy at work ) is going to buy car-paint so he can have Joe air-brush TZA onto my car.
Joe doesnt believe that I'd duct tape it to the side of my car, im almost tempted to.
but car-paint would be interesting.


July 08, 2002

You may find yourself wondering, at some point in your life, how much damage a 79 year old man could possibly do to the front of a new truck at less than miles per hour....


Fucking shit.


While your average female may appear to not use logic, they do. Now, the logic used by the female of the species may be convoluted and, well, illogical, but it does nevertheless exist. They have their own unique way of warping little things into big things and twisting them around to make them appear, for that moment, the fault of the male.
Observations have led me to the conclusion that sometimes being single has some major benefits.


So it looks like we'll have three whole weeks of Zach-o ButtSex goodness. Bitchin. I even have one of those weeks off. Who knows, I may take more time off (unlikely, as I have already taken one week off this month).

I'd like to finish off with a




You thought I was going to use the "F" word a lot, didn't you?
Well you just have a dirty mind then, don't you?
I would believe the " zero logic " comment would be more correctly directed at the female of the species. Not " people in general "

what the hell is up with people.

im fucking sick of people.

hate them i do..them and their...thinking, and supposing, and assuming..and talking..and idea commings up withs that make no sense and or are based on ZERO logic.

fucking hell
arrive at seatac
july 17th

august 10th

July 06, 2002

So I'm on KaZaa lookin for a band called Hung.
They have a song I was lookin for.

I type in "Hung" and click "Artist" to filter out all the songs with
hung in the titles, and what do I get?
A screenfull of songs by some dude named Brotha Lynch Hung.
Songs like, "Lose a hoe, Gain a hoe" and "Rest in Piss." Or other
ones, like "Sicc Wit Shit" and "Locc 2 da Brain."

All of a sudden I feel dumber. As if stupidity just arose from the screen
in the form of some hideous, mind numbing gas.


And people wonder why so many people look down on 'brothas,' then
resort to calling them racists for looking down on them.
I went to a male stip club last night. It was really disgusting, yet incredibly amusing. Also, before they started their little "program" I decided that I felt like doing a dance for all my friends because we were bored. I'm really good at it...the guys that worked there said I was a natural. I didn't take my clothes off, though. That would just have been weird. I'm never going back to a strip club in my life, male or female. It made me feel like I was being condemned to hell or something. Anyway, I'm going to go take a shower. Ciao!
So I'm sitting here - depressed - thinking:
Maybe I should get into making music, for real.
What brought this upon me? Listening to "Jumper" by Third Eye Blind. (And
no I don't care what who has to say about that band, they have some songs I happen
to like - especially that one because of a link to my past)
I just happened to be playing it at the same moment that I was thinking
about how to get rid of this depression.
Since I spent an entire day recently afraid of myself because around every corner
I saw things that gave me ideas as to what I could do to end my life - which is
stupid, and I certainly don't want to do.
Music. Why not? Get into it - express my emotions through music and whatnot.
Then I thought about the 'grunge' scene.
Suicides up the ass - alcoholism/drugs up the ass leading to more deaths.
Why does this matter?
Well when I thought of this, and about that - I realized that were I to spend
so much of my time expressing these depressing feelings, being in happy moods
yet singing songs that reminded me of stuff that hurts...I'd probably end up just
like them. Unable to escape that depression - and hence taking the stupid way
So instead of getting seriously into music - I decided to write this erratic post.
That is it might be erratic. I've no desire to read it over again to see if it makes sense.
Fact of the matter is, I'm here - typing, currently listening to Bran Van 3000's song
"Drinkin in L.A." and things are less prone to bother me. Probably because I'm more
focused on making my fingers move to create little letters to pop up on the screen
hence distracting my mind from actually thinking about what I'm writing about.
Unfortunately I've spent the last few hours working up a sweat so I don't exactly
have the ability to go to sleep, otherwise I would - since that's been the best thing
all my life to do when I feel like this. I've always found that the best way to avoid
things is to sleep through them - even killing time. Then on the other hand
I've also considered it a form of 'running away' which I also seem to do.

Of course - isn't this here just another way of running away? Simply based
on the fact that the only way to not run away would to be to sit
and let the thoughts overcome me - and try to deal with them.
Which, by the way, I would be unsuccessful at doing.

It sure would be nice if I knew what day it was.
James you mentioned something about Saturday on my phone.
Let me know when that is - and I'll look into it.
Heather has Sundays off, so mebbe I can get her to go.
Although doubtful.

My song is over.
Which means my bedroom is silent aside from the quick tapping of my
fingers on the keyboard, with the occasional pause at which moment it
takes my brain a few seconds to process what needs to be typed next
in order to complete a full sentence.

And now I turn on a Paul Van Dyke song - simply because
I'm not in the mood to listen to anything else on my Kazaa playlist
that I haven't already listened to during this sitting, and I've no immediate
urge to open Musicmatch Jukebox to get to my full library of songs.
Although on the other hand this Paul Van Dyke song isn't finished dl'ing,
and I was about to write that it would probably stop before I even finished this
sentence - but instead it stopped before I could start to write that statement.

So based on that fact, I think I will stop right now.


July 05, 2002

From "Bad" to "Worse."

Talked to the adjuster from my insurance company earlier today.
Turns out the old guy isn't alright
He's in intensive care.

Let's do the math:
$100,000 insurance coverage - (A week [so far] of intensive care + recovery + the lawsuit that is no doubt pending) = me getting fucked in the ass.

Yes indeed.

At least I have a pay raise coming.

I'll need it when they garnish my wages to cover what my insurance won't.

July 04, 2002

Sorry for the imperfections, thanks for reading, it was meant for comedic purposes not to be perfectly accurate. Also, I post one everyday, so if you guys could just check back every once in awhile, that would be excellent. I did the next two on topics I know more about, just so you know. http://cof.blogspot.com
the good thing about my parents being out of town for three days is that i can keep my smirnoff in the fridge.

that bad thing is that i am drinking the last one right now.

fuck cars not starting after work.
looks to be that the official dates for the zach-0 visit are july 17 through 10 august..though that could be a bit variable.

fuck you buddy..im gonna go do some shit.
Not drag, downforce. The point of the wing is to create aerodynamic downforce. Not just for corners, also for high-speed stability. Drag is a side effect of downforce, and that's where a lot of setup issues come from.

However the wings you see a lot of these guys using are ridiculously large. A small upswept lip on the trunklid/hatch is all that is needed to sufficiently stick the car at the speeds these cars work in. If you want to keep a faster car stuck down at high speed, then an airfoil that is large, and mounted high up in the air stream is what you are looking for.
A good example of that would be the Mustang Cobra R. The wing on that bad boy was put there by a wind-tunnel engineer, not a stylist.

Now to respond to the rest of that....

For the most part, the people who hook up cars don't know their head from their ass, and it's very evident. A lot of what you said is very true, but there were a few little things that I took exception to.

The first is that while Civics, Accords and the like are made to be economy cars, they are all not just econo boxes. The suspension and chassis of a Civic are race-derived. There is a fine line between a race car and an econo car, when it comes to matters other than powerplant. Even then, the parallels are amazing. They both have mainly the same goals when it comes to construction, tuning is where the two deviate.

Second, Celicas and Integras are sports cars, and are sold as such. Mind you, they are low-end, and more budget-minded, but sports cars nonetheless.

Okay, enough of that.

Jeff, the best FTP client for X so far is transmit. It should be on the CD.
I hate the radio.
It just made me feel old.

How you ask?
Because it's "Super Hits of the 90's Weekend" and I couldn't
help but to tune in while driving home - then turn my stereo on
after I got home.

"Super Hits of the 90's"
Yes. I feel old.

July 03, 2002

Hey Jeff - all you have to do to get Adobe....or any software for that matter - is KaZaa.
I've downloaded Adobe Photoshop from it. Twice. And it worked fine both times.
As a matter of fact I'm downloading Office XP right now.

Aaron - Wings do look stupid, so I see what you are coming from...but they do serve a purpose, not
to cause drag....to keep your rear wheels down so you can take corners sharper. And although I do
drive a Celica - which is fast, and is not an economy car (although it does get 38/gallon),
I must say I got somewhat of a kick out of reading that. - as much of a kick as I can get out of reading something
funny right now anyways.

If you would, go here: ---------
ahhh haaaa...

and one more piece of the puzzle fits into place--
that's right james...

i have recently downloaded Fetch, an FTP transfer protocol which will allow me to once again download pictures flawlessly to my webspace...that means--yeah you guessed it, more posts...

all i need now is that copy of photoshop from bradbury, and i will own you

just wanted to update you on your imminent doom
It is amazing just how hard it is to come by the Adobe Photoshop program without coming across something that is almost it, but turns out is damaged in one way or another...

so until that end, i still have no image editor to sufficiently edit pictures...

but just you wait james... just you wait...

in other news...

i am working again, which is good because i missed working...

i work roughly 19 hours a week, give or take, and at $11 dollars an hour...so that should help me take care of college and housing...

cause i'm getting a place with joe ellefson, kyle batie, and allen luna--which probably 95% of you have no idea who that is...oh well---

i move in at the end of august...which will be fun--nice place, like two blocks away from the waterfront...

in fact, steve, you remember that park we went to that one day with the girls that you interviewed? yeah, i believe it is somewhere around there...

plus it rocks for other reasons...a community entertainment room, which is filled with leather chairs and a leather sofa, and a 52 inch TV...

my god just imagine the smash brothers on that thing :)

and on community outdoor patio...how sweet is that huh? oh yeah you bet it is.

the only problem is that it is a two bedroom, for four people, so i have to go back to sharing a room with someone for a year or so...but that's not too bad considering all the other amneties that come included...if i need a break from them, i'll just take a walk to the TV room. It's not too bad really...

and i don't think i'll have to worry about crystal--after all, there is a balcony, a super small one, which will provide the ample opportunity for accidents :)

I had a discussion yesterday about blind belief versus faith in anything--it was interesting, and i may put it here some time...but then again i don't know if i want to incite a huge debate on religion and stuff...

hmmm...then again...

if i had time, i'd probably do it now, but i have french homework, a french quiz later...and work in about 53 minutes,

how great.

i'm tired...i set my alarm for 7 today...then every ten minutes i'd get up and hit the snooze button...why...why do i do this to myself...

the snooze button...why not just set the alarm for 8 instead of a constant stream of torture every ten minutes for an hour?

then again, it is like a Skinner Box. You receive the reinforcement for hitting that snooze button by getting more time to rest...it is positively reinforced...

so i'm just a pidgeon...a damn pidgeon held in place by the need to sleep, but also by the greater need to receive reinforcement...which leads me to my "pecking" at the snooze button...


July 01, 2002

Oh, and maybe a
Yes the text in IE 5.2 is very nice....


I like my truck.

Other people seem to as well.

That is, they like DOING SHIT TO IT.

I discovered another dent from this weekend. Fucking parking lots.


So far it looks like I'll be on the hook for around $1100 from the little pedestrian fuckup.

Now this.


So now my insurance company will be very pissed with me.


I received today, via US Mail, my next 6-month auto insurance renewal notice.
It was to expire at the end of July, but is automatically renewed. And paid via auto-deduct.

The best part is this: It was mailed the day of the incident.

I now have until the end of January to come up with some new insurance, because after the last few months, those fuckers are sure to drop me.

Heh. Hehe he heh. I'm really going to get back all that money I've paid them. One claim at a time.

I didn't go to work today. Called in disinterested. I will tomorrow as well. Wednesday is still up in the air.

I'd just like to end on this note:


hmm...i forgot how much fun it was to post actually...

plus i love the way this new IE 5.2 smooths out my text--something called quartz smoothing--kind of a nice feature that comes with Mac OS X or something


all i know is that it really looks sweet...making me want to type more and more...

Dogs eat humans today in a weird bizzaro switch off...

look, i just typed something that had no bearing on anything...why? cause i like the way it looks when i type it...

i wonder if some authors write books just to see their own handwriting...
man if i had really exquisite handwriting...i would write just for the hell of it...

oh, and i must tell you all about jOe's lapdance...and how awesome it was to see some stripper give him one...funny ass...his expression....memorable...

her licking his stomach...piss-in-your-pants funny...

and perhaps later...later i will post and tell you all the story about the goat...
and i will get my pictures scanned...and then james...you watch yourself bitch...cause i'm coming after you full force...for another annual picture-off...

you may have pictures of kristen and me this year...but you forget...i have years and years of pictures of you...and your beloved ski instructor...
well...i haven't posted...

and here is why

[short story]

i thought i was going to have to sell my laptop, which meant no posting indefinitely...but then i spent the last couple of weeks figuring ways around that, and jumping through hoops, and now the worst of it maybe over...and i won't have to sell my laptop.

[end short story]

so basically, i will be posting after all...


yeah, bradbury, my condolences...

that really sucks, like..really sucks. i can totally understand the feeling of being up against the wall...and that sucks...

so yeah, if there is anything i can do...however doubtful...yeah, you got the idea.
--hehe, i am almost to the point in my education where i could always be used as a character witness and such--how awesome...

okay people, i will now start accepting bribe money :)

anyway, you are all probably anxious to get back to your mundane lives, cause you all know i am, so au revoir.

(oh yeah, i'm taking intensive french this summer--whooo hoo...time to start impressin' the ladies -- and yes i know that that doesn't happen for me.)