May 30, 2003

News Flash, Fuckers

I'm not paying for everyone else to camp.

If none of you helps out or chips in on food, I'm only going to bring enough for myself. No excuses, you have all known about this for weeks.

May 29, 2003

funny DT funny :P Yeah, im not sure who is gunna come get me for the get to gether at sharies, so um.... im gunna go driving around in moms car, prolly drop by jamesesese house to see if anyone is there, then go to mall to get some CD's if mom lets me.

yeah..... wish james would pick up his cell phone.
i was able to conquer michaels stupidity and am going to be able to go camping friday. or i mean im fishing with justin ;).
Aaron..i seem to recall a certain quote by you."man i almost hope you guys DONT pick her up so i can read about it in her livejournal and laugh".


yeah the stripper might come to the sha-bangzo. so um...basically...if she my new god.

i love cock.
we ended up not going to seattle, cus zach didnt want to stick around for aaron to come back w/ krissie, so we left a lot earlier, and ended up going to the ram, drank there, sobered up, and drove aorund for two hours listening to Dre and Outcast going to peopel houses we use to know. than of course, foxes-spent loads of money and got a stripper to go to denny's w/ us, and than invited her to the shebang---which she said she'll think about it---which means no. it was a relativaly good day, nothing too major, cant wait for the shebang.
well-you have to admit, it was a good laugh. lesson? dont rely on jimmoi. ive been known to ditch people all the time, granted its childish, and it makes me out to be a huge prick or asshole---i still get a kick out of it. and please dont use the "how would you feel if somebody ditched you?" question, b/c one: ive been ditch on several occassions and two: its still fun to do regardless. and besides, it wasnt my idea to ditch, it was zach-i was sure as hell not going to go hang w/ her bymyself, and zach didnt want to see her. lame excuse? sure. but i dont think i could take her whining by my lonesome. any who--this only proves that you're a better man than me aaron, and i'll let you punch me in the gut ifit'll make you feel better.

May 28, 2003

Okay, when are you guys leaving?

It's not like nobody knows what to do if I'm not at work for two days.

Oh, wait. Well, there are a few people who know what to do.

Fuckit. You only live once.

I'll be your D/D tonight, just tell me when/where to be.

Call me at home 262/1307
Dammit! Why does your birthday have to fall on a Wednesday? Fucker. As I'll be ditching work on Friday, it wouldn't be wise for me to accompany you guys tonight, but Lord knows, I want to. Fuck. Fuck it all to hell.

Happy birthday, shithead.

Keep in mind that I'll get you good and fucked up this weekend, so save at least some of your liver capacity.
Jimmoi, I fucking hate you.

Remind me to punch you next time I see you.

You don't fucking ditch people like this.
im sitting in my underwear. nothing but----my underwear. sexy, aint it?

tonight its zachos birthday---big 2-1. seattle time, eh? if anyone above the age of 21 wanna comealong to find mcminimems and go waste cash at fantasys, you welcome to join us. 2s a lil gay---3 is aight, 4 isa a party and five is an orgy, so we need two people. toobad you all work, eh?

i bought 30 days of night, fables and finally bought thw watchmen, after many many times of "hmm, the watchmn..." and not buying it. im now officially poor. i had to dig into my savings for the comics, and will dig into the parents for the beer monies.

i had something to say, but jeff came online, and i got distracted.
wouldnt it be funny

if i got naked..

and mastubated in jameseseses room?

May 27, 2003

New rule:

Don't IM, email or otherwise contact me by starting out with a bunch of shit that makes no sense. Seriously, learn and use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. I am not about to try and decipher what the fuck someone meant by what they said. It's not that hard to type out what you want to say instead of typing a bunch of numerals and shit in place of words. "2" means "two," not "to" or "too." It goes between "1" and "3", not "want" and "go." "4" is not "for." "4" is a fucking number, you sloping-foreheaded mouth breathers!


Michael, I can't help you with this particular mission. I don't have anything that fits the bill of what you need. My old blue POS truck is not licensed, and I don't have the time, energy or cash to deal with that right now. My Bronco is not a truck, the back is closed and covered. Lastly, I'll be damned if a $30k truck is going to have any part in beating the shit out of a piano. Huh-uh. No way. Get your ass in gear and get a fucking job. Since you're not going to school until September, you have no valid excuse for not even trying (see, the apostrophe followed by "re" is a contraction for "you are").

I've devoted years of my life to killing brain cells. What's your excuse?

Actually, that brings me to my next point: the theory of brain cell natural selection. You see, I'm not just killing brain cells, I'm killing the slower, weaker brain cells. Thus, I've left my skull filled with only the best gray matter, increasing my mental capa..........


What was I saying?

Eh, it must not have been that important.

I need a drink.
Tip to credit card companies with outrageously long hold times on card activation lines:

Don't have Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" as your hold music. I was about to go all "Apocalypse Now" by the time they picked up.
Ugh, need someone with a truck....MR R get out here so we can get the piano : \
hah, well being woken up at around 12 when i went to sleep at around 8....yum....went all over the place did ol'fassion Jimmio-day stuff, and had some fun. yeup, Bradbury, i have need of you and your truck.... please be on AIM when you are not busy :D it will be fun for all.

God i have a killer headach, oh yeah, james i need my cards and the key to this fucking door, next time that little shit comes in my room fucks my desk up, im taking his keyboard mouse AND speakers....FUCKER i want my Starcraft CD, and i dont get it, im gunna kill him.

yeah..............................that is all.

May 26, 2003


Maybe we should've read the board.

Hey Bradbury, dont come out to roy, ill save ya some time, i gota do some house work crap anyways, i'll see you at the shaaaaaaabang zacho, just hope bradbury checks the board before he leaves.... im gunna get some sleep now, was up all night planning for the Big war : |


May 25, 2003

yeaup..... tag board doesnt work for me, but it loads messages that i can not see.

so yeah......monkies.
blah blah blah.

May 24, 2003


Zach: Yes, and I just now replied to it. Opps, sorry about that. Any idea where you'll be staying?

Steven: I will need to know what size engine you have.... Your choices are: 1.6, 1.8 and 2.2 liter. If you email me your VIN I can tell for sure. The best thing you can do now is Bars leaks. Good stuff, it'll patch holes you wouldn't think possible.

James: Changing your oil isn't a problem. Your brakes wouldn't be too hard, but I'm not sure if I'll have time in the near future. Easy answer for now, call the dealership's service department (286-6100) and ask what it'll cost to get new brakes. I'll look around and see if I have a coupon. They send me books of service coupons every month; usually there is one for brake service. They aren't open Sundays, so don't bother calling tomorrow.
hey bradbury did you get my email?
The Tag Board

The tag board is a temporary, if not permenant ( costing me 20$ a year ) - for short comments on posts and wander-bys to say something. It also has a limit to 500 characters. I would expect you all to have the intelligence and common sense to be able to decide " what is a tagboard worthy " post and what would mandate a " blogger login post " - take for instance, if you want to say : " James, Im not a fuckin' idiot I understand " - that'd be perfectly fine for a tagboard ... tag.

but if you wanted to give me a good three paragraph lecture of how I cannot get laid.
definately worth a post.
i know a SHITLOAD of people that HATE the big labowski. in fact, in the class me aaron and justin were in-the mere mention of the movie brought out outburst (haha...oh, if you dont see it---)of out rage (haha...there i go again) "I FUCKING HATETHAT FUCKING MOVIE ITS FUCKING FUCKING STUPID FUCKING FUCKIIDDITY FUCK FUCK!" and whats funny, is that most peopel didnt liek ti because they said it was just an excuse to have the f werd in the movie 80- billion fucking times.

this is the list for EVERYONE not just the board EVERYONE. so anime is like the answer only a mongloid re-re would offer.

and napster-what the fuck. didnt you see my bitchings about the labyryth? karate kid would be on the list of classic shitty movies -along w/ every steven segal movie. yum.
" you remind me of the buldge, what buldge??? the buldge in my pants, what pants, these pants, do what, remind me of the boldge. "


I got some movies for ya, but they are anime, so im not sure if they count

Akira, how can you forget Akira???
Pincess Monokey
Ninja Scroll
The Game

yeah, those are a few of the movies i could think of, im sure there are more,, im going to sleep.

------edit-------- oh yeah.... that poker movie, and pehaps Oceans Eleven

May 23, 2003

there is no way in hell we are watching labyrinth.
how about the labyrinth good movie...and who could go wrong with David Bowie
Die hard is a definate
Kick Boxer- the first one only, the rest of them with that guy from step by step blew ass
Best of the Best
Karate Kid
I'm glad someone understood it.

Figured that if anyone, it would be you.
bahahaha, ok Bradbury, your post ruled.
i went to the doctor today..because yesterday i had symptoms similar to an asthma attack. this will be my last doctors visit whilst having the military dependant TRICARE insurance..because that runs out on the 28th.

the doctors brilliant advice to me?

drink water, and quit smoking.

i needed insurance for her to tell me something i can hear for free from a public service announcement and sesame street?

wel the symptoms went away..but my chest still hurts and im still coughing up green flegm.

an dyou know what....


food for thought.

when i was in highschool....and also when i was in community a general rule we only had finals mon-thursday because it was given that noone would show up/care on friday. friday was the day that you showed up if you happened to wake up and we watched a movie..or if you were doing really shitty in the class youd show up and the teacher would give you extra credit/you would give the teacher head for a grade.


movies everyone will like....

everyone likes the big lebowski but weve all seen that so many times im sure someone will be like"blah blah im an annoying stuck up man and or woman whore i am tired of this movie"

how about the blues brothers? (not to be confused with the shitty blues brothers 2000)
how about tommy boy?

oh fuck i cant think of any right now.


ok so my flight gets into SEATAC at 10:43 am on may 26th. that is monday. so whos picking me up?
contact me via email ( ) or AIM ( amialwayswrong ) for the flight number and stuff.

Called Brice

He has work - two jobs.
but I did a lot of talking and said that I could probably get all participants in on a " brice fund " of 2$ a piece.
just to get him down here - and i'd give him 25$
for gas ( him being in bellingham ) and missing out on his work.

he said he'd think about it.

Tons of people I have still yet to get ahold of.
I will do that tomorrow.
so far i have nine absolutes for Sharis
seven aboslutes for camping.
se7en is obviously wrong, i knwo a shitload of peopel that didnt liek it, wouldnt like it and would hate i. justin for one didnt liek it.

io never liked american tail---the songs bugged me.

rescuers....thats a good one.

Im thinking Die HArd and Toy Story. Who Didnt Like toy story?

and krissie---what the fuck? why are you pissed? b/c we didnt arrange the day to fit YOUR needs?

jeff--the movies that everyone---i mean EVERYONE likes. it stemed from a convo we were having in Barnes and Noble where i said that RAMBO was a classic, no matter how stupid or horrible it was...but more on that later.

i need a vacation fromthis vacation.

cd /etc/slugs

rm -rf bitch

shutdown -r now
Don't even bother with contacting me for this stuff.
I'm not going to see any of you guys.
I'm gonna sacrifice seeing you assholes. kbye.
[shining moment]

Hmm, two more for the list.

Which reminds me to ask: This list... is this like movies that aren't necessarily "super great number 1" movies, but that don't suck... thus making them movies that everyone is like... yeah, i like that movie..

just curious.

Anyway, two more to the list:

An American Tail: The story of the lost mouse Fivel. I cannot honestly think of anybody who thought that movie sucked.

The Rescuers: It's the Rescuers.

Oh god. I hate allen luna's sister. Yes i do. Allen is my roommate, and his sister is 16, but sounds like 12... and i want to smack her.... OMG, OMFG... OMSOfsja;lkjdfg;oafsijg;lkwMEFOIA ;OIJAL;FKJM Raaaaa~~~!!!!!

people should be born automatically at the age 17... or 19... ack
It's not just irresponsibility. It's called living. Enjoy life while you can. So you boss/parent/commanding officer is pissed at you. Big deal.

Friday I probably won't bother going to work. I'm getting a research assitant, and that's his first day. My boss will probably rip me a pair of new assholes for skipping out. Tough shit. Not the first time. Won't be the last. I don't really care, and the boss knows it. He also knows that I'll get the job done.

If you don't want to miss a day or just be useless for one, don't fucking show up.

You'll be happy later on in life, looking back and saying "I never let anything stand in the way of my public school education!"

Pfft. Don't kid yourself.

I can think of two... well actually probably more, but i'll just go with the two for now:

se7en: though i do wonder about this only cause i'm sure there is some person out there who would say, "ungh this movie is horrible because it has so much violence and is wrong and is evil and... SATAN ahh blah blah blah blah" without grasping the movie at all.
but i could be wrong. I'll stick with this one for now.

The Transformers Movie: C'mon... this should easily stand out. Death of Optimus Prime AND Megatron.

Oh, and...

who could forget:

Legally Blonde: Hahah... just kidding... you didn't think i was serious did you? While i actually didn't mind it all that much... it's no army of darkness.
Jimmy, James and I are trying to come up with movies that no one on the face of the earth would say "that movie sucks" to.

So far our closest movies are:

Army of Darkness
Land Before Time

Any others?
well spoken.

going further in on the sacrifice subject.....

this trip is the most irresponsible thing i could be doing. my 21st birthday is the 28th>(while i am there for those of you keeping score at home). on my 21st birthday my military id expires..along with my health insurance. this could be renewed if i was in college full time. but to that i say "fuck that". so since i am not in college full time i have to move off post. so in all practicality..i should be out looking for a job and a place to live..or at least at home cleaning my room and boxing everything up. but you know what? im not even bothering to take the dirty dishes out. you know why? because i am an irresponsible son of a fuck.

so um......everyone who is worried about school......take your goddamn finals on 2 hours of sleep. drink coffee. sleep all day the day before......and all day the day after.

you can graduate from school any time you want. zach-0 and jimmoi comming to town is a rare deal.

a lot of people are complaining about the day.
and the time.

to this, i say : " learn the word

thats right.
Im calling in on thursday - ie : im missing out on a good 300$ worth of work there. you see me complaining?
Zach-o lost his job to be up here for the shibang.
Jimmoi sold his very last testicle for the money to pay for his plane ticket.

And all I continually hear from Jeff ( and now Chrissie ) is " blah blah blah - its so difficult "
Its called IRRESPONSIBILITY - why dont you just calm down and kill off anything and everything you planned to do.
I mean, who the fuck 1 - gets together late night on thursday?
This ensures that we wont have a bunch of teenage fucktwits who bother the shit out of us.
And Jeff inquired as to why the " big shibang " isnt on memorial day weekend
because it would be " more convient " for people.

Zach doesnt get here until the twenty six - 10am.
he'll leave sometime around june fifth.
... and i havent contacted half of the people on that list ( which ill be doing after this post )

so ' convience ' would mean ' one or two people '
also - TONS of people will be out and about camping and dining on memorial day weekend.
do we want to have fun or do we want to wait in line? ( ah hem )

ok - now i call a lot of people.

Fuck that. Keep it Thursday 11pm.

So you miss some sleep, maybe a day of school. Big deal. I did it all the damn time my senior year. Still pulled a 3.5 gpa that year. That includes the time I was suspended...
Change the time for Shari's.
Either make it not Thursday
or make it at 7pm.
You have got to be out of your mind.

May 22, 2003

Drew. Shut the fuck up you're a friend and you're coming to the shibang, yes?

for christ-sakes you're the first person mentioned.
hahahaha. ;b
well I generally like the James, the only thing that bugs me about the James is that he doesn't consider me a friend, just an associate... other than that I think hes pretty cool...

The fact that we are at least attempting to be very organized about this proves that it's bound to be a different group than we've had in the past. Even if it's the same individuals.

Insofar as transportation is concerned:

Last year we proved that midsized sedans (specifically Korean made models) aren't cut out for this type of excursion. Thank you for removing that doubt from our minds Mr. Miller. Any that are planning on attending the camping portion of "El Bigo Shibango" and have access to taller, more off-road capable vehicles should look into bringing them. There are some rather nice trails in and around the campgrounds that can be explored by pickups and other such four-wheel-drive conveyances.

I, for one, will be bringing my old blue POS Bronco. It has seating for four, possibly five. Including driver. If need be, I'll get my old blue POS Pickup going and we can take it also. It's only rear-wheel drive, and has crappy tires, but also has sufficient ground clearance for most of what's out there. The old blue POS pickup can carry six, assuming that all six like one another and none of them stinks. The old blue POS pickup doesn't have current tabs or insurance, so that might represent an issue. Don't plan on it being part of this unless needed.

I also have a tent that will easily sleep four (since most of you aren't very tall) and random other such bullshit.

We need to plan on doing some grocery and liquor shopping. I'm fairly well stocked up on booze, but I don't have much food to speak of in the house. Depending on how much I drink between now and then we may not need to do much shopping at the liquor store. The one thing I don't have that some of you may want is Amaretto.

Perhaps Friday morning the elder Collins son and I (and whomever else would like to be there for that matter) could meet up and get what we need for eating and whatnot.

SO perhaps everyone should brainstorm on what kind of "camping food" they like and loath, and we can put together enough so as we don't starve or feel overly stupid whilst we are out there.
ok. so what i have so far.
the " big shibang " consists of two parts.

the first part being " sharis night " -
held on the 29th, begining at approximately 11pm.
We'll all meet at sharis at that time.
Im going to go to the managment next week and say :
" hey - ill have ... a ... lot of people. coming by.
is there a way we can reserve things? "

Im hoping to take the whole back part of Sharis.
So please, if you know people on the board and can get ahold of them, please do so.
have them call me ( 2536914874 ) and leave a messege or tell me they will be there.
or email me ( ) and tell me they'll make it as well.

i'll need a good number of people who are " already in " for them to even consider allowing me to ' reserve ' places.
which they probably wouldnt, anyway. bah.

thats the night of the 29th.

The night of the 30th then we all gather together a bunch of tents and random other such bullshit.
meet outside my old house ( parents home ) at around noon or 3pm - just out of the sake of tradition.
drive our ways out to ft lewis campgrounds.
and have ourself a riot of a time drinking and staying up all night.

( remember last time we went campin? =)

the same goes with the night of saturday ( im really up for a good two days campin' )

so what does everyone think?
dates / times good for everyone?
so on - so forth.
The shari's event is really crucial. I really want to grab EVERYONE. Im gonna call Brice down too.
anyone who has " significant others " - they are invited as well,
but try not to invite ' friends of friends ' sort.

People I specifically want to try and get for sharis :

Drew + Sherri + Steve + Courtney + Bradbury + Aaron + Ana + Breanna + Justin + Brice + Heather T.+ Bonnie + Mike + Michael C.+ Sarah + Jeff + Andy + Jimmoi + Zach + Tarina + Jesse + Mr. R + Pinkos + Chrissie + oh - and D.T. ... anyone remember anyone else from " back in the old days " gang? ---- and Steve mentioned, with glee ( i might add ) - " JOE! " and I said : " Big Joe? " and he said : " JOoo-OOO-OOOE "
... eh.

Upon thinking about more people Steve and I came up with the following names :

" Sam Stol " - can be contacted and gotten ahold of
" Chris Ballew " and his significant other - they can be gotten ahold of.

as for campin it isnt really 'mandatory' and only those who are commited should really come.
those i already know who are in it for sure : jimmoi, zacho, bradbury, steve, myself - michael.

I really wish i didn't have to do mass amounts of studying today, or i'd stay in bed and post updates on my deteriorating condition...

in fact, if i ever get a terminal illness... that's what i'll do
post about it on regular intervals...

if i could stay home, i'd work on my Colossal Comic Rebirth series... that could be fun... maybe i'll still do that.

but no, i have to go to barnes and noble...

and i have to get this book that a friend suggested... sounds... inviting.

bah, another lame past to pass my lame-time.
[buck futter!]

hehe... good ol' celebrity jeopardy!

ahem, anyway... i'm sick.

i'm posting while sick. I haven't posted in a bit, cause i've been feeling slightly sick. Bah, stupid sore throat. I hate sore throats... cause then you get that horrible running nose, and then burning when you breath... and you start growing antlers...

no wait, that's not a cold.

ahem, anyway...

so i was recently told that the big shibang thing, as james puts it... is on next weekend, not this one... wtf?! i thought it was this one... considering it's gonna be memorial day and all...

oh how i hate you all... but i think that's the cold talking. It's almost gone... keeping warm and drinking fluids work.
stupid roommates for giving me this cold... or that girl in my group who's been sick for two months... might be her fault. aaghh.

i wonder why snot isn't blue. Wouldn't that be amazing. C'mon, i'm sure somewhere
one of you was thinking along those lines.

Bah... humbug.

well-its obvious that james has a thing for asian men. who can resisit the slant-eyed demons and their microscopic penises? yes, the real reason why james and i are friends is that hes such a lil tight-ass, he needs someoen w/ a tiny dick to stick in his bumbum. well-you all now know the grusome secret...well---it wasnt REALLY that much of a secret, right? i love you james.

in approximatly 24 hours, i will be landing in SEA-TAC. awesome, aint it.

May 21, 2003

So im cruzin through HOTORNOT
and its on MENANDWOMEN
and then all of a sudden Im like : HEY JIMMOI HAS ANOTHER PICTURE ON HOTORNOT?

... but then i realised it wasnt him and ... but then a few clicks later!
and so i was zooming through the pictures.
two and two and two and two and - HEY ITS JIMMOI AGAIN!

but alas - foiled again. He was a tricky one, this jimmoi, with his clever desguises.
He knew how to " blend in " he did.

And then all in a row :

i was caught by surprise.
these jimmoi clones - how could they exist?

then i figured it all out.
its because they look like fucktwits that I mistook them for Jimmoi.


. . . or maybe ... just maybe ... it had something to do ... with ... their ...

In light of the " top five annoying things about James " - ... Nobody has really mentioned that I'm an ass except me.
what the fuck you people. C'mon. Bring it on. What about my glasses? Those've got to annoy someone.

And Jimmoi : just for you >>>

click here

May 20, 2003

When does your flight come in? I haven't left nearly enough tire rubber behind in the parking garage at SeaTac...
Five Annoying Things About James

5. his anus is full of gayness

4. his penis does not meet the size qualifications of my anus

3. he cant hold his breath long enough

2. he still claims to like women

1. hes a fag.
jesus god jimmoi.

ive been all about TGS forever.

you are so last month.

but what is this month, is me comming there. there being not here. and not here being washington. yeah.
so who is gonna go to the airport to pick me up?

i hate the dentist. my whole fucking face is numb...

yeah um....ass funk,,,,,,,:
you must looooook at thie linkeeeeeees:


jeff said he alread seen them, and i show napster---but the rest MUST LOOOOOOK.


May 19, 2003

[for those that doubt]

Okay, so jimmoi didn't believe me that jOe Suavo was jOe's evil twin, saying that it was a baby.

Well here's a picture of jOe for comparison:

Can't you see the similarities?

And look at jimmoi in the mirror... he's lookin' at YOU!


[attack of the clones]

I was thinking.

Then it stopped.

Then it started again, and through that i remembered the old COLOSSALjOe comics... the fun little venture into the story of jOe and his battle with his family and friends and the humane society.

One of the main characters was a guy named jOe Suavo... the coolor, smarter jOe (his iQ was something like 20... a genius in the jOe pantheon).

A charming character really... with much potential...

So i was thinking some more...

and i saw the matrix the other day... and i thought... that movie... unghhhh... it was okay... but it was missing something... perhaps... a little bit o'spice.

and then, like the dawn from 2001 a space odessey, where the sun rises and suns light on the monolith (the monolith being my wondrous idea), i came up with:

Agent jOe SUAVO in The Matrix: Reloaded and REMIXED!

C'mon. For those of you who thinks the matrix: reloaded sucked... just imagine that scene with the army of Agent Smiths replaced with the army of jOe Suavo's. Neo versus 100 300lbs cool versions of jOe. Well, if that doesn't write a movie, i don't know what does.
The park thing sounds alright, assuming that the weather holds out. I doubt most of you will relish the idea of a barbecue in the rain, despite the covered picnic areas.

Another thought - since we are thinking of camping out on Ft Lewis, we might just hold it out there. Slightly more inconvenient for those who wouldn't be staying to camp, but it's an idea.

I do like Steven's idea better though.

Also - I have a propane grill. It's not the biggest thing around, but I can also borrow my dad's no problem (so long as it doesn't blow up - I'll explain later) and that would give us some more grill-age. I'm not particularly fond of propane, but charcoal would be a hassle for this.
[What if... jOe]

I was thinking... just for fun, what if jOe was art.

This is what happened:


Hahaha... okay, so not that funny. Not even remotely funny. Hehe, see Chrissie, if jOe were black, or Fresco-art then he'd be awesome.

Savor that picture, download it, burn it to disc...

it'll be worth a whole five cents someday. I guuuuaaaraaaanteeee.
That might work. I don't know if I would be too fond of travelling all the way to Roy to have a celebration.
So, I'm paying off my layaway thing on a barbeque this month.
It'll be in the apartment by the time everyone gets their asses over
here at the end of this month.
We've talked here and there about havin a BBQ at James' old place
and whatnot.

So I'd like to bring up the idea of takin it to Wildwood Park in Puyallup.
For those of you who don't know what that is, ahh well. For those who
do, give a yay or neigh. They've got little cabin-like things and whatnot
for occasions like this, and I think it'd be a great place to just have a big
get-together for everyone.

1. James's lil nicknames for people
2. He eats slowly
3. His idiotic declarations about women that he seems to believe are true
4. His NIN and Tool and Pink Floyd CD's
5. Last time he saw me, he inquired on my height. >:(

Quentin Tarentino disappoints me more and more lately.
Ofcourse, I've never seen any of his movies so why do I care.

and uh, cute Fievel Mouse gay boy should win American Idol. yea!
i mean c'mon, he's a total nerd. Nerds rule, right?

May 18, 2003

You forgot he looks funny!!
Things I find annoying about James :

5. His absolute intolerance for people he finds unworthy of association. Take for example, I tried to introduce him to some buddies of mine and uh. He was a total jackass.

4. His inability to get hot bitches and treat them like material objects. I mean what the fuck. ( literally )

3. His arrogance and pride and the fact that he believes he is right all the time.

2. He always wants attention. I mean look at him. Everything he does and says just shouts : " HEY LOOK AT ME IM UNIQUE! "

1. fuck you.
It's really shocking when you're watching American Idol and then all of the sudden...bam...there's Quentin Terentino in the audience. I really spelled his name wrong I think...but still...what the fuck. Hmm...annoying things about James. He walks too fast.
slowly the board is dying, but its holding on by its fingernails. i think the reason why it was so alive is b/c of the cat fight b/t krissie and bonnie. other than that---the board was just as dead. well..wait---there was the whole "JAMES YOU SUCK AT RELATIONSHIPS!!! YOU ASSHOLE BOYFRIEND ASS YOU!!!!" phase of the board. and than the TOP FIVE ANYTHING contests. so---to sprucin things up---heres


5. His voice. a cross b/t chrisitan slater and weezle---it just makes me wanna strangle him at times.

4. His Hair. well---james w/ short hair is much worse...

3. His Siblings. I cant stand michael--god, fagwhore.

2. i cant think of anythign at 2

1. or 1, but im sure you guys can---so, i'll leave this for all of youse to come up w/ 5 things annoying about james. truthfully, nothign really bugs me aboot james, or else i wouldnt hang out w/ him---but im sure you all have something. i just cant stand his voice---argh.

and if this goes smoothly, we'll have TOP 5 THINGS THAT ANNOY US ABOTUI JIMMOI eventually everyone on the board. weeee. built up aggression, and emotions will FLY on the board, i cant wait.

1As i walked down the hall of judgment i said to myself 2. oh what a glorious pooh this will be, it will be so glorious that the high heavens will speak of its glory. 3. and as i opend that door to thy heavenly place i sat upon the white toilet of godlyness and 4 let loose what that shall be called glorious. 5 as i stood up about to flush that hunk of gods creation, i looked at this pooh, and said 6 " wow...that is one beutyfull pooh " 7 and god said " Yes my son, that is. I could'nt have done better. " 8 and un-to flushing thy pooh i saluted honor of that pooh...9... and god said " go now...and be with thy own " and i flushed all that was holy.

.... yeup.... Buttsex
" Bumps on the penis are one of the most common things guys write in about. In guys who have never been sexually active, there's very little to worry about if small bumps appear on the shaft of the penis or along the rim of the head (the corona). These small bumps are most often Fordyce glands, little sebaceous (grease producing) glands that produce lubrication for the tender skin of the penis, to keep it from drying out and cracking. They're NORMAL, don't cause any problem, and don't need any cure. They're only bothersome to you because you're looking at them closely (and if you look at them closely, you'll see a little dark dot in the center--the gland opening, where the sebum comes out). In some guys, particularly those with oily skin, they may be more prominent than in other guys. Other bumps around the head can be penile pearls (also without any real meaning) or Tyson's glands. "

ah ahahaha.
Jimmoi has a 'bump on the penis' friend

is that his given name? thats why i looked it up.

Its also a ' village ' in Arizona.
go figure.
there is now a "slight" difference in the color of " links "
they still light up when hovered over.
its a little bit darker than the normal color text - almost like a blue.

tell me if it is noticeable - and if the distinction between link & text needs to be made more evident.
also - on the sidebar very bottom you'll find the search engine works ( amazingly well ) - but i still cannot find my bettie page page.
fugh. the site it sends you too will soon be fixed up and look pretty and so on and so forth.
does anyone remember the bette page website I had made?

if anyone is bored and has time - please find if I linked it anywhere in the archives.
fuck. arghar ghar.

speaking of archives ...

moments of memory!

I curse at Jimmoi's mother. read the next post. its funny.
Aaron learns the real lyrics to a song.
Devlin-S makes her last, if not one of the last posts. ( cries )
Steve uses both hands to masturbate with.


also, fooling around with a search engine.

May 17, 2003


I have been working on something inspired by one of jimmoi's random ass phone call comments. Funzo. Just waiting for him to come over... and if someone had a DV camera... that'd be intensely awesome.

Hey, james, do you have a digital camera... a GOOD digital camera?
as steve would say : " there is an ebb and flow to the board "


May 16, 2003

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlines.

my room smells bad.

one week left.

i hate the taste the blood.

percocet is good stuff.

malibu and hawaiian punch is the ultimate pussy drink, and i love it.

now---there is a post for the 16th.

May 15, 2003

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
-John F. Kennedy
The "adorable gay guy" is not adorable. He looks like Fivel the mouse from Amercian Tale, on crack. Granted the mouse was adorable, but he wouldn't be so adorable on crack and he definitely wouldn't be adorable in the human form of a gay guy. The fat guy is cute. He has dimples, and what's wrong with fat people anyway? They deserve some stardom. The only fat black men who were famous kind of sucked. Notorious BIG...or whatever, couldn't really sing, and this guy can. I'd rather look at his dimples than see the beady-eyed crack mouse staring at me in the checkout line of every store I go to.
leave my fuckin' cheerio's out of this.

they aint done nothin' to you.
[if jOe were black...]

I've had the misfortune of catching some of those shows. Don't ask why. I feel vile myself already. However, the fat guy is awesome. He rocks. He'd be like jOe, only if jOe were cooler, changed his clothes once in awhile, didn't smell, and yes, were black.

They are both good singers. Very good. (I'm talking vocal talent not what they sing...) I really don't care who wins between them, I'm just glad that fuckin' marine didn't win. He pissed me off. I hated him. Not cause he was a marine...

ah, maybe that too.

I almost want the fat guy to win. Hehe, wouldn't that be awesome. Then i'd try to get jOe to sing and make HIM the next American Idol... or whatever American Idol he'll be on when he's ready. At the rate this is going, i figure American Idol 52.

I wouldn't go around choosing the Idol based on asethetics.

Unless you want to base it on the same principles as Britney Spears.

Just a thought to have with your mornin' Cheerios.
I saw the matrix today. manoman...dont ever watch it unless you want to hear: "You must choose-but you have already made a choice-which is why you must choose to make a choice of a choice you already have chosen." like 18 times. less action and supposedly more story line equals more "acting" from Keanu "Ted Theodore Logan" Reeves.

Question: supposing you believe in a heaven. if a human is cloned, can the clone be received into heaven---and if so, will it be based on his merits or the merits of the origal human? what if we cloned someone that we all can agree (even humanist) that is evil ---lets say hitler---and the cloned person becomes a UBER mother theresa---will it be alowed into heaven---or will he burn in hell (supposing you believe in a hell) merely b/c he's the cloned of hitler? i guess the answer will rely on either or not peopel are born evil, or peopel can chose their fate---path blah blah blah NEO!!!

now---just for jeff:

I've unfortunately become obsessed with American Idol.
Not watching it, mind you. I've only seen barely one episode and I flipped the channel when they were singing.
But the whole "who is going to win"
mainly because it is this really really adorable gay boy versus this 300 lb'er.
After seeing Miss White Trash Kelly Clarkson on the cover of every magazine this past year, I really really really should not have to suffer through seeing the Fattie.
I only care about who wins for aesthetic purposes. yep.

May 14, 2003

dammit michael what the fuck?
1. figure out what I did to you, jeff - in highschool. being that i didnt give you a racially based name like POTATO.

and secondly - since you were trying to agitate everyone ( i dont see how anyone would be agitated by anything you said ) - i'll bring this up to question : Jeff, do you entertain raping these women you so vehemently claim to hate? Everytime you spout off about some moron of a girl I have this crazy notion that you just want to make them submit to your will and do debase things to them. Its funny, because I think I'd be the only person who sees you doing anything violent or 'bad' so to speak.

2. high school was a place for innocense and children. something you'll always look back and go : ' damn, that was easy '

3. That sucks about Alec.

4. and off to work.
ok im feeling that high school ending thing..and now its over

I got to run another set of subjects today. The power. The shear power.

Yes. Excellent.

So now we have all the data... i'm starting to like this. It feels much more like a college education should feel like. Too bad i'm leaving. That still bothers me. Hmmmrph.

Got an email today, something about the CIA. In fact... lemme see if i can find it:

CIA Internship Information Meeting
Thursday, May 15
4:30 pm
Mary Gates 191 E (conference room in the Gateway Center)

Come meet a CIA officer and learn about the amazing array of internship
opportunities available at the Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA is
looking for students from all majors. Questions, answers, and
refreshments--join us!

Well... wouldn't that be interesting. Jeff the criminal profiler. Working for the CIA. Maybe i'd get a laser watch.

Heh, certain get some sort of cool spy type thing. Then i could use it to blow up RED HONDA CIVIC HATCHBACKS.

Fuckin' cars. I hate 'em.

Anyway... so apparently this "degree" thing is definitely going to be worth something. How intriguing.

Heard something today, at the end of the day, that I thought some of you might like to know.

Alec had a "massive" heart attack two days ago. Going in for quadruple bypass surgery tomorrow or the next day.

I heard it from Mike Jensen, so I'd bet on it being fairly accurate, but I still don't know for sure. I'll ask JB tomorrow, see if I can get some more info. There are a few other people around that will know more than I do, I'll ask around.

I don't know whether anyone will get all... 'pissy'... about what i'm about to say...

eh, good thing i don't care :). Or do i...


see this is why i'm glad that i'm not a gamer. If i did... i'd sound like michael. Sorry michael, but c'mon. Who here wasn't thinking it. I was just the only one who had the courage to tell him.

Or the malignance.

Anyway, time is running out here at college... and i feel an incredible sadness washing over me. It sucks. It's worse then that time at the end of high school, when you realize that you're gonna miss it...

perhaps, though, that's cause i kinda hated high school. I liked the time... in that was when i met all you fine people. Except for you jimmoi. You and you're, "hey, i work with a gay guy in the library". You bastard.

Or you, james. You and you're, "horehey, his name is horehey!"

No wait, that was you, Justin.

What the hell did you do to me James. It must have been something... for me to have come out of that bastardly high school so mal-adjusted.

Anyway, enough rambling. I'm off to read a book written by my professor on the history of african americans and how it's considered, by him at least, to be a holocaust. So far... i am... bothered. Not by the content, but by the form of some of his arguments.

Which reminds me, on another tangent, i went to a marijuana legalization debate yesterday. Interesting stuff. I wish i had attended more debates while here, but i was busied with other events in my life. It was biased toward pro... but they did present some con arguments really well.

I had only one major grudge with it...
when this stupid, quite possibly freshman, girl got up and started trying to preach and debate with a... get this... DEFENSE ATTORNEY (a man trained so that his livelihood depends on being a good arguer), without having any facts or stats...

my favorite line, "well any statistician will tell you..." and then five seconds later when asked what facts and stats she was talking about she said, "well... i don't know, they're out there"

I hate her. I do. She bothers me. Anybody who is going to argue, no matter what your stance, cause i tend to respect a stance so long as it's based on SOMETHING... have a fuckin' good line of thought... not something that boils down to "well it's the law... it's the law... IT'S THE LAW"...

i dare to wonder what where she thinks laws came from.

RAAAwwwrrrar... still mad... still steaming... nothing more bothersome then someone who argues with no facts, but continues to not be even the slightest bit open to the possibility that they are wrong... or that they aren't at least completely right... or that they've viewpoint is heaven-sent.

Well, actually, there are other things more bothersome... and those are RED HONDA CIVIC HATCHBACKS.

later slugs.
Well james, maby your computer is JEWISH because that audio post worked fine for me, and you said TWO minute trail when its only ONE!!! for shame.

yeah, moms going to take me to the drivers place to get my REAL licence, so ill be able to steal moms POS car and go driven around in it, sence she has got her new me-ata I will prolly be able to take it out alot. When is this big shabang gunna happen?? I might be able to drive to there myself and no one would have to pick me up if its in like....2 weeks ( you know how parents are and " ill take you in 3 days " least MY parents. )

yeeeup, in SB ive worked my way up to a general of leading armies into death, lastnight we were hired to attack IQ and take out the out side barracks.........turns out they are protected by the TOL ...heh... we still got paid, and an IC of IQ came out and we had a fun little BBQ and 1 vs 1 duels.....all in all, 30 PFH were killed by one person. then today we were hired to take TBW out of IQ(gormm), turns out TBW wants IQ gone bad and we stoped them.... OPP aint so happy :D

right now im waiting on the stupid SB patch to get finished and stairing at MR.R's IM screen name wondering if i should send him a tell or something.....anything....seeing as i havent spoken to him in ... a month i think, maby more. Other then that my studies are comming along nicely, mostly math and creative writing, i have yet to " work " on government seeing as even if i do understand it it will still fuck me in the ass.

Jimmy, i hate you :P we need to play SC on like.....uuhhh......some day, you too zacho.

soon i will have a summer job, and it will suck, and i will then know how life gets worse...and worse, then climb a clock tower piece the rest together, my patch is done. :)
i think i have a new band. mmhmm---The Roots. yum. laid back.
w/ my mind of my money and my money on my mind.

May 13, 2003

french fries...freedom fries...french toast...freedom's really not that complicated. At all.
I dont get the " freedom toast " joke.

sounds like some patriotic bullshit to me.

i saw identity.
oh my jesus that movie gave me a tootache.
literally - it came into my mouth and drilled holes in my teeth.

good begining - terrible ending.
i almost wanted to cry.

i have to make a god-damned movie.
where coincidences happen FOR NO REASON.


and by the way
the ' follow your heart ' deal was andy's latest user-info.

WHEN IS THE BIG SHIBANG?! - i tried to get the whole 26 - 1st week off, but it was denied
so I am putting in for the 28 - 29, then i naturally get 30, 31 off.

so within those four fuckin days. Im going to actually * PLAN OUT * what to do, SO WE GET IT DONE.
but rough plans. not time, just " things we gotta do and when we gotta get people "

ie : things that must be done :

The shari's ritual, in style ( ie : i talk to the managers and reserve A WHOLE SECTION of sharis ) -
road ski-ing? ( cough cough ) - even though we can get in to some deep deep shit.
camping I really want to do on fort lewis.

anything else - maybe smash something? anyone got anything big?

[I am the Banana-King]


ahaheheha... FREEDOM TOAST

i'm sorry, but that was hilarious... screw you guys. I laughed, that's good enough for me.
French toast. In France, they sometimes take their left over bread from the day before (they buy fresh bread everyday because they're awesome) and put it in batter, similar to american french toast, but they'd eat it for dessert, not breakfast because they aren't the fattest country in the world and they don't eat things like french toast for breakfast. or, excuse me, freedom toast.
What do you mean no such thing as americanized frence cuisine? ever had a crossantwich from burger king?
fuck your adio blog post. i dont know what it is or what it said because i clicked on the thing and after 10 minutes of not loading i declared loudly"FUCK PAULINO AND HIS AUDIO BLOG CRAP!"

real cute with the firenza thing miller. and as to the food thing.....americanised italian food tastes good, and exists. there is no such thing as americanised french food. how many french cuisine restaurant chains are there? im not going to say there are none because i cant back that up..but im willing to bet there are more places in the vein of olive garden than places with names like "jean clauds french to go!".(french bread in grocerie stores doesnt count).

"sleep is for the weak" is omething people just say to make themselves feel better when they cant sleep.

hey james maybe you should listen to your heart and suck my cock. just a thought.

microwave burritos make me a nuclear superpower via my anus. global analnuclearwar?

May 12, 2003

- - Listen to your heart - -
No one seems to do that anymore these days, it's sad.

a little bit of advice... eh heh heh.
thats what I look forward to now-a-days.

Jeff : i'd be carefull what you say on an audio-blog post.

Im tired. I have to go to work.

2 shots gin (tanqueray)
1 shot Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice

Shake or stir, pour into rocks (lowball) glass filled with ice.

Damn good drink. Tanqueray being 94.6 proof, these sneak up on you pretty quick.
Powered by audblogaudblog audio post
is it just me-or are mormon comercials really confusing? i guess thats because their made by really confused peopel for really confused people. justa thought.
junior Senior? ok stuff. MSI. uhm...heard two songs---one i didnt liek at all the other i liek a lot. so i'll just put it over int he pile of stuff i wont get into. the new jennifer lopez video is on-you knwo the one thats liek flash dance...yum. im gonna download it. i downloaded dirrty from christina agulara. that was nice. i lied that one. masturbated many a times to that video. mmhmm.

i reliesed that im very unhappy. go figuare.

i ordered pizza today goign to run out of money-fast.

today is verdict day. i find out when my leave is approves and than start buying them tickets. fun times are on the horizon, if we all play our cards right. stay in, take chance-go on a hunch-a feeling and soon yuo'll wint he ...uhm..pot...jack pot...ante...fuck you. its like the special olympics, even if you win, you're still a retard. isnt that their saying? i dunno-i just dunno.

USELESS INFORMATION: did you know that phone booth starring katie holmes and colin ferral was originally suppose to be made in 1968 by none other than Alfred Hitchcock (hah...i said cock)? i was suppose to watch that the other day, but i didnt feel like goign out that night. will buy it i guess. or not. im looking at my fightclub poster-and im laughing. in all the HOOPLA of the poster, theres this caption near the bottom that says 'READ THE BOOK." i dont knwo if its advertising the book, or its fincher telling people to fuckign read the book rather than watching movie. its proabbly the latter, btu one can hope.

i left Flith, the irvine wells. and i feel like reading today. damn. That American Idol bitch is on. she needs a nose job-why? b/c her nose bothers me. i think teevee shoudl only be what i want to watch, and sotres should carry only what i wanna buy. whatever. one can dream, eh? but heres somethign. i went on a rant yesterday when i was drunk-but its still soemthing to think about. Im sick and tired of seeing old people and handicapped peope driving sports cars and other such nice things. so here what would happen when i conquor the planet. one---all sports cars would be cheaper like maybe 8 grade for all persons b/t the age of 21-26. if youre under 21-you have to drive a yugo, golf or a motherfucking dodge colt. if your under 18---youre not alowed to drive. fuck you. i couldnt so neither can you. the prices of sports cars would gradually go up w/ age after you read 26, and once you hit 35-fuck you you cant buy one. if youre handicapped you can only buy a stationwagon or a astrovan. fuck that if your handicapped, you shoudl be drving asshole. im JIMMOIA-there will be no SUVs or mid sized economy cars. only sports cars and fucking cadilacs, and the occasional muscle car. only peopel alowed to drive anything other than ... fuck. afi is on. i hate this song. it cause me to loose my train of thought. mother fucker.

Anyway---im sick of people like this:

Juan "RICO SUAVE" Guerrvera driving a fucking Dodge Viper when he should be driving a something more like this:


anyway---i dont think any of my rant made any sense---and i guess they are just cars, and who really gives a shit. i just really hate that Juan guy...i mean, fuck him.
europeans do not believe in batheing. this is true. in fact the french are world leaders in the perfume industry mainly due to the fact that their culture does not bathe. i lived maybe 2 hours from the french boarder and i travel trhere on weekends many times as a child, and i have to say that the french are very rude---but at teh same time-are americans any nicer? are english? are koreans? fuck no (actually-the germans and the japanese are the most polite people on the planet, ironic, aint it?). do i like the french? id care less about them. the country as a whoel reminds me of hollywood, where everyone cares about appearence and "culture" and "art". and i hated hollywood, since i hate southern california, so i guess i do hate france. as for italy. what the fuck are you talkign abotu zacho-have you ever had real italian food? youd hate it. last i checked you dotn like onions or garlic so id liek to see you eat real italian cuisine. i perferr french food over italian believe it or not. i hate italian pizza- i preferr chicago style-and veal parmesean is the most god awful tasting meal i ever had. and their lausangnia is actually soup. wtf? ever had lausangnia soup? sick. now like i said, the american take on italian foods (as seen in olive garden and other such restarunts) they taste good.

so in closing, i blew chunks out of my ass and you all ate it.

May 11, 2003

Heh. France. Well, considering that the part of my family from France left in the 1700's, I'd say they didn't like it either. It took the Germans and Dutch in my family until the late 1800's and early 1900's, respectively, to come here. Of course, the Indians waaay back on my dad's side came here 10,000 years ago.

Go figure.

So, Zach, not that I disagree with you, but kiss my ass all the same. the stuff. Then again, most spirits are alright by me. All the various whiskeys (scotch, bourbon, etc.). Gin. Vodka. Cognac (brandy). All good in my book.

Now, I'll go discover more interesting ways to mix them.

Ciao, baby.
im not even worried about the not deoderant. thats almost irrelevant because bonnie did make a point. lots of people everywhere chose to go deoderant free.

however....the majority of stories people i know tell me after they go to france are of the french being rude to them.

the language. dear god i hate the language. if i was going to learn a useless language i would learn latin. why just last night the guy at 7-11 was speaking french and itcaused me to be very annoyed.

as far as the topeless can do the same and more in italy and greece. and the food is better..and they have cool roman ruins to look at. ad you got ouzo is greece. cant say thta about france now can ya?

all in all.

fuck france.
I really loved France when I was there. It's true that some people don't wear deoderant, but that's true about some people in America, too. The people were always so nice to me there and there is so much wonderful art everywhere you turn. Plus, I love Van Gogh and so seeing where he did a lot of his paintings was excellent. THere's so much history in France...everything is so beautiful. Plus, you can walk around on the beach topless which will make avoiding tan lines way easier. You have to find a nude beach for that here, and it's not like there are a million of those in Washington.
[freedom fries]

Oh, and i'm not a big fan of france... but i like the french language. It's a good language, and challenging... and i had fun learning it last summer (it was also easy credits).

Had even more fun making fun of france and of french while in the class.

Vive le bifteck! -- prof's never like when you yell that out in class.

It is rather smelly and hygeniene is a foreign word to them, from my understanding, though i could be wrong.

So i think i found something fun to do with the board... my contribution...

but i'm not sure if it will work. I'm gonna try though.... and if it works... sweet.

Later peoples.

May 10, 2003

ok so i dont know what the context was....but someone posted a pictur eof the eifullllll tower. i would just like to say that i hate france the french, and their language.

france is not part of europe. it is the gross nasty smelly un dooshed vagina that europe tries not to tell its prospective lovers about because they know any guy in their right mind woul dnot want to do them if they catch a wiff.

May 09, 2003

Zdraste!!! i hear somebody from "Evropa"., France?......, must be one of my neighbors, on "the great european scale".;0) .
Hey Jimmy how come there are pictures of grown women on your board? You know all of them "red dress"/gang band?
That's it for today, russki has left the building...
Damn, the images were working earlier.

I think Kill Bill looks cool. Plus, after that he's going to release The Vega Brothers.
the new Quentin Tarentino Movie looks retarded. Kill Bill. if you knwo a lot about Quetin Tarrentino-youd understand why he made a Kung Fu flick...not his first kung fu flick. Iron Monkey wasnt all that bad---i liked the sequel---actually the first flim of the serirs since Iron Momkey was a prequel---drunken master. that wasnt made by point...KILL BILL looks stupid. i still have yet to see jackie brown.

"I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species. I realized that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to an area, and you multiply, and multiply, until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet, you are a plague, and we are the cure."

uh, Kissie, I'm not getting all touchy about the Kim thing...why don't we just drop about what evil lurks inside goth pussies which i think is pointless because they are virtually black holes that just lure you in and never let you out so your trapped in the darkness FOREVER.

May 08, 2003

Sheeeeiiiitt, arguments and fighting again?

Some people are too sensitive. Looking back on myself, I guess I was one of those people...

WHy would the king from the trolley town on Mr. Rogers be dwelling in an evil vagina?

What sort of get together is this? WTF?
Anyway, as for my five things:


What better hiding place for the Technodrome than behind the labia of a goth slut? The turtles would never think of looking there.

Some people say France is in Europe. But have any of you ever really been to this "Europe" place? Maybe... if you've been inside of a goth vagina...

Fuck, I don't want to come up with five things...

Getting the newspaper did give me an idea though... more on that later.
uh, Bonnie, why are you getting all touchy about that Kim thing?
You guys typed up some hypotheses on her relationship, age, location..
She's one of my best friends; I don't want her business mentioned on the board again cuz I know she wouldn't like it if she knew.
so angstful. one time, when i was little, i found this dead cat.


Trying to guess whats inside the very depths of evol-what could be lurking inside the abyss-behind the lubina and the bush. this is pretty hard, i mean i have to think about what would be funny, what would make you think -AH, yes...- and "i never thought id ever hear someone say THAT could be found in vagina!" its really almost too difficult to say what can be found in them vaginas---theres too many thingis---blunt objects, food, people, mythical creatures european automobiles. but i can tell you what you will never find inside one of those vaginas---and any other for that matter----Michael.

now---on to my five persons places or things aka-nouns that youd find in those gothic vaginal pockets of doom.

The secret location of the body of Jimmy Hoffa. c'mon, you have to admit-you saw THAT one coming. he's pure evol, hes a very famous missing person-and he's italian. haha. yea. fucking WOPs.

Now these vaginas are an ideal enviroment for a certain creature we all knwo very well:

Yes the MegaJoe (i WAS going to post pikajoe, but im sticking to my guns). Their moist, warm, smelly and full of bacteria-the MEGAjOe has found a home in the love purse of lil mis missery. and once agian, you all saw that one coming. heh. i said coming.

ok-i swear, this one will be the last person.

HAHAHA---i mean come on-the halarity of captain america. the lamest of the lame superhero ( Captain Planet is a little TOOOOO obvious, along w/ eminem...eminem is not a superhero---but hes obvious)Captain America has disapeard from the public eye---actually they re-released Captain America, and its selling relativly well, but he's still lame, and hes still a dork. except in the Ultimates. He kicks ass in the Ultimates, but only b/c he kills people now. comment.

haha...haha..ha...c'mon. whooo is it. lets see if any of you faggots can remember him. Hhaha.

ok...well- i have a challange for all of you. can you name five VERBs that you can find in a vagina? they dont have to make since---you can say somethign like---falling...yea, thats not funny at all...but somthign like CLAPPING, or SPITTING ---you got it? those are the two .... yea ... but id liek to see what you can come up w/-and for you lil "GRAMMER" freaks that get all pissed off when peopel misspell words (haha) in properlly use soem or another----i want you to try to find five going to get yelled at for that one. fuckers.

Five evil things

It's not easy to come up with five evil things you'd find lurking in a goth girl's pussy. My first inclination was to list five common venereal diseases...but that would be too easy. (I find it disturbing that MS Word autocorrects the word "venereal" if you type it incorrectly)

In no immediately obvious order:

Vice President Dick Cheney

Secret undisclosed location? The pink stinky bunker of love.

The Recording Industry Association of America

I'm not trying to say they're a bunch of pussies... Well, actually I am.

A Furby

These things bug me.

The Arby's Oven Mitt

I think Tom Arnold does the voice.

Actor Gary Coleman

I doubt you would actually find him anywhere near goth pussy
And The Labrynth is one of my favorite movies. Yeah, I had a crush on David Bowie and wished I was Sarah or whatever that girls name was. Shut up.
Gee...Aaron, how did I know you were going to say something about my post? I just really want to know who you are to say that I have less ground to 'attack' James. I wasn't attacking him, I was just stating my opinion. Also, I forgot that everything James and I have ever talked about goes through you, so you would know that, yes, of course, my argument is not valid. I have no idea what I'm talking about. Maybe I'll double check with you next time I post so if you don't agree with my opinion I can change it because you are always right and I am always wrong. Then again, I have to admit, I do seem to cause problems with a lot of people even though i REALLY HONESTLY DON'T MEAN TO!!! Oh...and nobody really DISCUSSED kim.
Actually Andy's Girl (Kim) lives in California. She spent a week or two in Las Vegas with her aunt. She's 18.
and long-distance relationships usually don't work.
and I don't like seeing Kim being discussed on the board, mmk.

Also-- I hate the Labrynth.
thats it.
one can only take so much porn-email and then have one of them catch your eye.

why - you ask : would porn email ever catch anyone's attention?
maybe because there are Scared tenage girls getting raped - or Sexually deviant soldiers run wild on IRAQI wiman -
surely these subject headers are bound to turn some heads : but not mine.
And then there is those Farm Girls Fucking Ranch Animals and the alluring :
" Hear these chicks scream as we tear their p*ssies wide open with our gigantic d1cks "

what almost got me was erica asking me if I'd like to Buy Online Viagra
which I mistook to read Buy Online Vagina - and clicked on, only to be discouraged by her selling of viagra.

Racoon misbehaving and the terrible WARNING : Sister gives head to brother were all casually deleted as well.

But today my friends and foes alike - one caught my attention.
It was simple, yet well put together.
Like a vagina before prom-night, yes. Before the alcohol and the drugs mess around with the little girl's mind and make her think that everything and everyone is a penis in which can bend her over sappy tree stumps and give her a good ol time. Unlike all the other subject headers for the porn industry - this one was almost comical, if not intrigueing.

it consisted merely of this :
What evil lurks in the pussies of these goth sluts?

and quite frankly - I really wanted to know.
what did lurk in them pussies - really now.
I clicked on the link to find this full-color ad screaming at me : " WHAT IS INSIDE OF THEIR PUSSIES FROM THE DARKSIDE?! "

so my question to you - my dear slugs : is to post FIVE PICTURES of things that you may believe are

this should be fun =)
As where my attack on James' love life was somewhat valid, yours Bonnie, is a lot less grounded. Who's to say James' few long lasting (relatively) relationships do not qualify him more than the many short relationships you've had? I would also say it's much less than 15 percent for long distance relationships, because truly long distance relationships, where the couple is apart and meets from a distance, are different from the ones where you are separated by distance after laying a foundation. I would argue that in the first sort love is irrelevant, since you can't really know a person without spending physically present time with them.

and god dammit, I liked Labyrinth.

About the Denny's group quote, that was merely a thing to get at James back in the day, for fun. ANyway, in the past now.

May 07, 2003


see what yo nigga says to that one.
and andy being fair-game because he isnt on the board to defend himself?
wow - i actually laughed at that.

and what is this? do we have another photoshop contender? I do think so.
Looks like Im going to have to kick it off. ah hahahaha, unless jimmoi beats me to it.

Mwah hahah. - and since we're all hopped up on my love life ( or lack there of ) -
here's one for you. the following girl I am considering assimilating to be one of my :
" quote unquote " hot bitches -

the downside? is that picture is two years old and in 1962, she was eleven years old.
she grew up with the god-damned hippies and is in to all that crazy free love ...

but she's older than me, she's older than you - and she's worldly.
you see I came to exactly the same conclusion that Jeff had earlier :
that maybe I need someone who is more mature than myself to keep me in check.

so we'll see how this goes.

and by the way.
Im not delusional.
i have the bestest quote of the day
oh jesus.
from jackson aka CRUNCHY TOAST (cus hes so black).

today, while we were sitting around and lookign at the internet at work, jackson stumples upon some fast and the furious 2 advertisment thingie TWO FAST TWO FURIOUS!!! jackson looked over ta me and said "They should call it 2 Rice to be Serious."

i laughed. HARD. im still laughing now.
That last one was going to be my quote of the day. Damned if I didn't find a better one though

In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards. -Mark Twain
There is nothing in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and he who considers price only is that man's lawful prey. - John Ruskin
so i was sleeping right? you know, because i was tired. and so yea-i worked a 13 hour shift last night-ok-like 7pm to 8am-got it, so get this-i come home, and i got home, and couldnt sleep---normal. because of the caffeen. anywho---i fall asleep around 10, which is ok, b/c than i'll wake up at 6 and shower and wippeeditydoodaa. now heres the kicker---at 2 pm, they decide to coem into my room and change the smoke detector...i havent been able to go back to sleep since. good joke, eh?


i decided to do something new here on this marvelous board. its a new segment whats above. i'm goign to take a person from the board that hasnt posted in a while and do above. i was, until peopel started postings and than when i looked back i saw in horror, that there already was a...look above. aparently i was in the USSF (United States Space Force) and i fought off an invasion of evol space dwarfs from planet fuck. of course, i couldnt do it w/o the help of my good friends... Harry Wappler and Buttlove?

See, look-im in space!

...riiight. anyway---my ...WHERE ARE THEY NOW segment would be closely resemble that---minus the anal.

anywho why has the board resorted to personal attacks on james' relationship failures? we should start calling it loose...james women....fuck off. anyway---in tired of coming home, after a hard days work of wathcing labyrythies and looking on the board thinking im going to be amused and enlightened, only to see somebody yelling at jamesio for his many many MANY flaws. do it on your own time. like, make a NEEEEW board or put in a comment system (HAHAHAHA...just joking, dont put one up). i mean yelling at people for like being homosexual, or yelling at peopel for being homophobic or yelling ta people for their belief in the exsistance of a race of darwfish beings fromt he planet fuck is ok. its funny to see how stupid you people (me included) are. now---personal attacks on andy and his relationship woes? free game, because he aint on the board to protect himself. so in conclusion, frecetta is betta.

also: kickass ruuuskies on the board. yay.
also also: bitch boy ass muncher who cant keep a reltionship going for more than a year w/o goign into stupid pre-teen angst-mode known to the world as james. try to get Meesta Goldfishe back on the board. his postees were liek the funniest, aside from jeff's insanely...insane and mostly sick demented products of his own insanity. yarsh. get him back. yell at him and like threathen to sexual molest his kitty kat.

Actually, I'm pretty sure andy's girlfriend lives in Las Vegas...or something to do with Nevada. He told me before he started hating me, too. Also, long distance relationships can work if you REALLY want them to. You only say they don't because none of yours have, James. I will admit,that probably about 85% don't, but there's still that 15% that works out wonderfully. I say if you really love someone, 15% is better than nothing. I don't know WHY you act like such a fucking relationship expert when you don't really have THAT MUCH experience with relationships. Just saying....something to think about...
so Andy logs onto AIM.

now I dont know about you all - but even though he and i havent spoken to eachother in a good year or two - i still get kicks outta this guy.
from what i hear through the grapevine he's been swooning over another californian internet girl.
she's seventeen. or sixteen. or eighteen - reguardless, in her teens.

so I go to look at his user-info and lo+behold, something was amiss.
Here is what I got :

What the hell you lookin at ? o_O -

I was almost dissapointed, nothing to laugh at!
So I checked the user-info of his " super secret screen name "
and got this :

I'm not good enough.

- woe, i said to myself.
maybe he finally hit the realization that when someone is a good number of states away,
that talking to someone else on a phone or chatting with them online - cannot compare to actual physical contact.
long distance relationships are doomed to fail, reguardless of how much people care for eachother.

I thought it was funny.
I got to thinking about him today at work and thought to myself :
He'd be making more money over there on the corrugator than I am right now.

Someone should tell him about " the big shibang " and tell him he's invited.
he wont come.

still. its the thought that counts.

Ah, the inherent problem with the internet... you think you have something different or unique, and you have immediate access to something that will prove you wrong. Go fig.

Labyrinth... unnngh... an afront to humanity. I wept for humanity, actually, when i first saw that movie... then i cursed the directors...

i imagine that the devil has taken their empty souls and is currently using them as the sex toys for his demonly minions...

(i don't get out much.)

Zach-o, you must come out here, it'll be good and fun, and I will NEED something to distract myself that weekend. Finals and such will be shortly coming thereafter and i need a moment of fun before i'm forced to grow up and leave these hallowed halls of academia.

I was talking to my friend Tiff, and i said, "You know, next time i go out with someone, she has to be smart... not book smart necessarily, but just... worldly... yeah, that'd be a nice change of pace... and she has to be able to hold conversation..." (not that my ex couldn't... but it's definitely a requirement for the future)...

to which i then added, "i suppose i'm in the right place"

she casually said, "yeah, guess so..."

which in turn made me think more on it, because it was one of those responses that says, "actually i doubt so..."

and then my memory turned up Crystal. Do you all remember my rants about her? Let me refresh your memories: "Robots existed during the industrial revolution and it was a glorious time for the children, where everybody got richer and nobody really suffered."


-- and there is my rant for today. Au revoir.
Good morning my American comrades!!! greetings from Russia with love!!!
Now i know how to do this shit, yeah!!!

The Denny's group by the way, would just like to make it clear how incredibly superior we are, man that's two one line posts in a very short period of time...
posted by L8 July @ 1:59:34 AM


i remember that shit.

i read all the posts on there..and i was quite highly amuzed.

labyrinth is a terrible fucking movie..but for some reason i laugh when i see it. or parts of it.

so um...whats the deal with me comming out there?

i think i am going to go masturbate now.

somebody stab youself in the thigh with a fork on accident and take a picture of it so i can have something to laugh at tomorrow.

Is this a joke? i don't know. if so--i aint laughing...well a little bit.

oh and wtf?---LINK HEEEERE!!!

jeff? you? what? KILL!!!

anywho-Jackson is forcing me to watch LABYRINTH. the fag. i remember breanna liking that movie, and the many many conversations about the "buldge" in David Bowie's pants...that was a constant topic in the "show."


jackson is now dancing to shitty 80s music. he's a disgrace to the negro race. he took the movie out now...hahahaha. oh i hate that movie. steven liked it if i remember correctly. so uhm, before he can retort...FUCK YOU STEVEN!!!! I HATE LABYRYNTHSSSSS!!!!

now that its not being played, i blow a sigh of relief. ahhh.

May 06, 2003

HAHAHAHAAAAA-that was classic.
btw bradbury---it was a link...i couldnt figuare it out wither, intil i was going to post and i saw that it was a link.

i read all the post there, and i read this one---made me laugh a lot. "It’s just that “the group” isn’t important. If we’re going to Shari’s, cool. The other Shari’s, fine. Denny’s, well, okay. Sure. If James isn’t there, and it’s just Drew, alright-I get to talk about cars. Just so long as that Hyundia fuck doesn’t show up (what the hell is his deal?). WHATEVER!!!!!!"

HAHAHAAAA yea, funny fun fun.

i had something to post but i cnat remember.
Which post were you pointing to?


So I was watching Boston Public last night. Not a show known for amazing realism, but good still the same. I suppose someone without experience in school systems wouldn't take issue with some things. Anyway. So at the end they are having a music montage-showing various people with music over the top to wrap things up-you all know the type of thing. Then I realize...

"I know this song. Shit, this sounds like a NIN song. Wait a minute, that sounds like Johnny Cash singing."

It bugged me all day today. I couldn't for the life of me remember the name of the song. I finally get home and fire up Acquisition. Do a search for Johnny Cash Nine Inch Nails.

Johnny Cash, Hurt (NIN cover).

From his latest album.

I've always liked Johnny Cash, and now I respect him even more. The meaning of the lyrics doesn't loose anything with him singing. It's played with just an acoustic guitar and piano accompaniment.

Talk about a true musician. Been through hell, comes back. Gets Parkinson's, doesn't give up music. Doesn't shut out music by today's artists, but embraces that which is good.

NIN certainly is good in my book, but hey I'm easy to please.

The point is this: his version kicks ass.
Archives are working now.

im going to see if i can setup that search engine again.

-- and this was a classic post.
Heh you like the carbomb do you? Jolly good shit man. It's not a "true" carbomb unless you have a float of bailey's on top of the whiskey.

Sounds like you've finally graduated to the level of drunken partier. Welcome to the club man.

May 05, 2003

last night apparetenly, i almost went home w/ one of the mammoths of the thundra. spooky.


Theres a nice bar that ive been going to. i didnt think id liek the barscene, but its pretty much liek a sharris, with alceeehal and a lot more expensive food. in a bar, be prepared for LAND SHARKS, aka: Woooly Mamoths.

Nummy yum yum, kitten! (the email addy is for Michael, i knwo how he wnats a lil blubber action)

dont ever drink alone. always have someone sober w/ you to keep you away from the fat ones. and malke sure they arent your good friends, cus your good friends would love to use that cahnce to screw you over so they can hound you about it later, so use someone you barely know-they tend to be the most honest. oh and leave the bar before you tab gets over a hundred---b/c when it does, they take your credit card keepig you from leaving--so you end up ordering more drinks. and pizza and beer is the best---and bradbury-YES. YES. YES guinness draught is the bestsest. Guiness w/ a shot of baileys in it? godlike. after the night is over cruise around looking for ladies---being in alaska, they wont be good looking. thank god your drunk, eh? feel free to yell out the window (ah...old times), btu dont make the mistake that a lil texan made lastnight and do it at a stop sign, where they can retort. sample: "GET A HOG!!! ...GET A HOG!!! ...ITS A BIKE!!! ...NOOO!!! ...A MOTERCYCLE!!! ...YES!!! ....HARLEY!!! GET ONE!!! ...WHAT?!! ...NO!!! ...FUCK YOU!!! ...NO FUCK YOU!!! ...ASSHOLE!!!"
try to make comments that make sense, and not "ABA-JABBA-LABBA-NABBA-NANA!!!!" course, its fun to yell that at the natives....occasionly it means something in their language (translation: Do you have some yam-pies? i would love to come to your brothers wedding AAAA---OHHHHHH!!!!)

now---on to better things. like ice cream.

Cold Stone is an ice crem palor where you can create your own flavor of ice cream. sounds good? well---try it went you snorted Bacardi 151, and like chug three irish car bombs and than spent liek 60 dollars on shots. flavors we came up with? mud. ant. saliva. peanut. chicken. fried chicken (for jackson, beignthat hes black). cantelope. birthday cake and escargo. liver. im sure people came in there and created nasty ice cream before, but im almost positive that they didnt eat...all of it...and than request a barrell package thingie to take home...dear lord its nasty.

Rules for surviving a strip club. One-dont go. Two-dont go after youve been drinking. Three-dont think any of the strippers like you. and finally---Four---DONT EVER BRING YOUR DEBIT CARD....theres actually anohter one-FIve dont hit on the homophobic Boucer, but that will never happen w/ anyone here (im looking at you Zach!). On a nigth out w/ the guys, a trip to a strip club is normal. Now---which strip club? the slightly more expensive-yet classy Fanatsies? or the Cheaper yet more Trashy BUSH? well, being that we were all drunk-CHEAP and Trashy looked aight w/ us. i dont recall the strip club much, but i do recall missing a lot of money from my ATM Account---and making a friend w/ soem native guy i kept calling POPO.

after the strip club, everyone's just about to sober up----its time to get some caffiene in the systems, and go off to denny's. Hasbrowns Bacon and Eggs w/ coffee is what i got---fordyce gets a Plate full of bacon, and god knows what howell got. moon over my hammy? sounds liek a fag meal.

well---that concludes a night out in alaska, wished i had pics. fordyce does, but hes at work, and im to lazy to break into his room. so, chow.
I was thinking along the same lines. I have plenty of camping gear, and I've wanted to take my Bronco out for a trip anyway. Maybe this weekend I'll get time to finish the new rear bumper....
I heard " you talkin to me? " was improvised.

also : when exaclty is THE BIG SHIBANG!

Ive decided it would be best if we all just met up at my old house - and then went to ft. lewis to ( !!! ) camp ( !!! )


I have to agree with the brad...

what a great movie...

"have some popsicles..." go wolfman jack...
Suicide-ish doors. Like my truck (and almost any extended cab pickup nowadays), the rear doors will only open if the front door already is.
Its a reflection of how he likes his enemies and bitches
( weak assed and watered down )
And that RX-8 has suicide doors. Mmmm. Suicidey doors of delight.

May 04, 2003

The RX-8 is one badass machine. Looking forward to seeing it on the dealer lots. I guess that means I'll have to start paying attention to Mazda lots. Fuck.

What the fuck is up with James Bond? What kind of pussy orders a martini shaken? ALL THAT FUCKING GETS YOU IS A WEAK ASS WATERED-DOWN MARTINI Fuck!
James, your list just makes me picture Zach-O screaming "Buttsex!."

I would have a different list than anybodie's, of course...but I don't feel
like it, so I'll just comply with Jimmois, since his is closest to my taste.

Now, on the other hand, last night I noticed X-2 had the new Mazda RX-8.

I don't care if it's a ricer. I fucking love that car.





...i swear...if i hear one more song from this mongloid---i will...i will kill....


working graves sucks. im here by myself. the phone hasnt rung since 8pm. its 4am right now. im watching vh1 because the only other thign on is infomercials. im bored. fordyce and howell said they'll stop by and play monopoly. they havent came by yet. i think they went to sleep. assholes. they took all the games off the systems, so no battlefield 1942 or quake 3 for me. they still have the imulators though, so im keeping entertain, just that it aint enough. hahaha master p's ignition is on.
its the remix addition, of a song about pissin'
this song rules. "i'm drinkin' coke and rum, i say so what im drunk-its the freakin weekend baby and im about to have fun-i wanna go PEE PEE! i need to go POO POO..." harhar.
Sgt Walker was telling us about how back in the day they use to snort a shot of everclear at work evertime a call came in on graves.

wee-Pimp Joose is now on. i hate this song. good video though.

well, im goign to eat some hot pockets and candied nutz.

[prancing on the shores of illusions]

So... here i was, talking to chrissie and bonnie, and watching random ass dating shows.

"OH GOD, why JEFF"

simple -- because we don't have cable and at this time of night, on a saturday, since i have been studying and don't have anybody around that i want to hang out with tonight (mostly cause i've hung out almost all nights this week)

And plus... it's seriously hilarious... i can't explain it, and nobody here will believe me... but i was rolling on the floor dying...

and as i was rolling on the floor... i saw these people:

Now... you are probably wondering... "why are you posting about these people sitting around looking at each other all happy and stuff?"

Because, they were on a genital herpes commerical.

So i was thinking... they seem awfully happy...

and then next thing i know... they are scampering on the beach:

Wow... that makes me want genital herpes. I want to scamper carefree like that! How awesome...

Oh wait... no... hold on...

Well now... that doesn't look quite as much fun as scampering on a beach...

but the valtrex commercial didn't say anything about those funny little spores...

then again, they didn't say anything about this either:

Well now... Those Valtrex bastards... i was just about to go out and get myself some Herpes and get a royal injection of fun, excitment, and beach scampering into my life...

Good ol' Google to the rescue.

I hope this has been an informative post about the dangers of believing in Valtrex. Now, you'd think if they were trying to help out, they'd be a little more informative about genital herpes by talking about their drug and less about scampering people. I don't think if i had what is in that picture above that i'd be scampering anywhere. And certainly i wouldn't be like those nutcases in their happy bliss showing myself off.

LOOK AMERICA, i have genital herpes... wanna date?