October 19, 2002

Okay, so after reading, oh let us say, the last month or so of posts I am left to wonder...
The last time I actually (or perhaps we more accurately, but we will stick with I, since I am the only one typing anything at the moment) saw/talked/interacted with any one of you people was when Horhey (and I don't care if horhey is just -Jeff- now, he will always be horhey to me), Micheal, and Brice decided to stop by my house back in July. Before that, well, I think the only person I have really talked to at all since Christmas is umm...Heather Taylor. So, seeing that this is the case, I am left with nothing witty to say. So I just want to let you all know, so it is straight...I hate College, and I hate how the College keeps screwing me over. I hate work, and I hate working for people who lie and blame things on me because they are affraid of conflict (especially when it is your boss). Oh, and I hate being guilt tripped by my parents every other day.
So, now that I have gotten that out...other than that, my life is peachy keen. And I am also having fun knowing that I have ruined Justin's perfect immune system. Now, How are you (you being everyone, I suppose)?

Off of me now and on to my other half:

She means her better half. Makin lots O'cash buying lots of home entertainment equipment. i.e.. 36" tv, tivo, xbox, game cube, etc...
No time during the week to do anything but work for 14 hours and sleep for 3-6 hours still considered a racist in some circles. I can fire people at work it is really fun you really should try it some time, it releases tension.

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