October 24, 2002

ok so now that you've craped out all the shit thats been building up the past 6 days youll be at school on friday right mike? (yea right) or when you wake up in the morn r u goin to do the momy im sick thing again? cuz i need your punck ass at school so you can give out some of the flyers for paintballin on the 11th hey that reminds me...
PAINTBALL NOV. 11 ask mike or Mr. R for a flyer

its 10$ to get in and a gun 100 paintballs all day air and field so come and get killed by mike and Mr. R... cuz you know we will kill you, you dont stand a chance in hell!!

next time im at the collins house someone remind me to sleep!! i felt like i was high all day it was wierd!

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