May 29, 2008


Because many have requested this from me:

Wii Console: 4299-0178-9998-6595
Mario Kart Wii license: 2105-9143-6631
Super Smash Bros Brawl: 4682-8140-3095

There you have it.


First I thought it was a woman.
Then I thought it was a man.
Then I realized that it was the amorphous personification of my
nightmares and deepest fears.

May 28, 2008


Nothing special today... Except "Beardy" being in front of me while I
wait for movies from Scarecrow.

May 27, 2008

My Suspicions Have Been Aroused...

I saw an article in the Seattle Times today:
Boy who hopped flights caught again at Sea-Tac

It's apparently about a boy named Semaj that doesn't like living in Lakewood (or Tacoma basically, for those unfamiliar) who keeps trying to escape back to Dallas, TX.

I can't blame the boy. I've lived in Lakewood, and other parts of Tacoma... (and Roy... [shudders]) and now when someone talks of going to that area, I want to gouge my eyes out with a butter knife.

But Texas? I've lived there too... it's not much better.

But I'm digressing... that's not what I wanted to mention today. What I wanted to mention was what I noticed in the article. Namely... the boy's name.

Now, the newspaper CLAIMS that this person is a 10 year old boy named Semaj... but just look at that name. It looks fake. I'm sorry, but it does. In fact, take a look at it again... and then flip it around... and you get:

Semaj = James

Fuck no.

I think James is posing as a ten year old boy trying to hop flights to go down to Texas. For what reason?

I don't know... but I bet it's something deviant. Just look at that face:


some thing funny

check these out

May 23, 2008

Elevators Make Friends

Setting: Elevator in Bellevue
DT, Jimmy, Bonnie, Myself

One woman enters, thinks elevator is going up when in fact it goes
down. Pushes button. Her friend says, "no that's going down."

The friend pushes the button again, still not convinced. Then pushes
it again.

Friend finally convinces her that it is, in fact, going down. Both
leave elevator.

Elevator doors start to close.

DT: I fuckin' hate dykes!

Elevator doors continue to close, slowly.

Enraged "dyke" yells: Fuck you cocksucker!!!

Door closes, screaming continued.

Hahahahhahaaa. Ahhhh DT...

Alleged Baby-Daddy Jimmy

Well its allegedly. I think it happened sometime while he was in the
Air Force. He doesn't talk about the child much.

I think something might be wrong with it. He seems almost embarrassed
when I ask him about it.

Dear god

Jimmy had a kid boy I have been out of the loop

Phone Updates

So I lied. Jimmy hasn't gotten remarried. I just learned how to post
to the board with pictures via email and iPhone.

I can't wait to run into a person drunk and throwing up on the street.


Hey jOe,
Forget to mention that Jimmy got remarried. And she is accepting of
his child from the first marriage.

May 22, 2008

Time changes all

People change with time man. Yet I think I have a solution for the jimmy issue. I think it is time for a little reunion. Lets get the hole gang to gather some way some how. Think of a way and post.

Near Eight.

Eight years.

Okay, that's premature. Not quite eight years yet. But we are slowly creeping upon that mark. And I do mean creeping. I was looking at the board statistics, being bored and yearning for a simpler time when I didn't worry about bills, melting glaciers, and super-viruses, and I noticed the trend in postings, and number of postings.

And I also have been re-reading some of our thoughts, many juvenile, some almost prophetic. (Okay, there really weren't many of those... I'm not even sure there was one of those.)

I really doubt this board will survive past this year because in the last three years it's pretty much been me reminiscing about how we don't post on the board. And then there is Heather who posts something arguably inane or downright scary. Then Bradbury who posts something that amounts to a solid, "Yeeeup."

Gone are the days of Jimmy and James screaming "buuuutttsexxxxx" to each other. (My bad, that was Jimmy and Zach.) Gone are the photoshop-wars that were launched from cities apart. Gone are the days of Chrissie and Bonnie half-bitchingly whining at each other about God only knows what. Gone are the blogged-about BBQ's and MEGAposts that almost never come to fruition. Gone are the lists and rap-battles. Gone are the days when Michael would get online, rant about something involving cows, and scare the living shit out of me.

I have occasionally come to a point where I think, "Man I miss the board the way it was..." and think of efforts to resurrect the finer, best points of it. Maybe even introduce a few new things, like podcasts (maybe of movie reviews), another shot at a MEGApost, a comic book series involving some of the slugs as characters, etc...

But then I think of all the wasted effort as no one reads the board anymore. Few probably know it still exists in some fashion, and I'm sure many of the original authors have hit puberty and are now into girls (or guys, I'm not judging). James has lost his creative-motivation or something, because he can't muster then mental-libido to fire anything back these days. I think he was right when he posted years ago that when he got a job, he would become corrupted:
However - my parents are seriously considering going down to some car-store and getting two cars for the price of one. You know what that means? That means I get a car, and I have to get a job. And when I get a job, I'll be corrupt and wallow in the filthy pollution known as MONEY. God I hate the concept of money.

Jimmy is in a relationship, and having been in one, and being in one know, I know what type of time-resource-consumer that can be. Last I heard, he doesn't have a computer again.
Joe, as in MEGAjOe or just jOe, well... he's still around in some fashion or another, but I doubt he uses his computer for anything other than looking up Pokemon-related porn. (Hentai, sorry, gotta get my nouns correct.)
Bradbury... he too will always be around in the same way that fog is around... ethereally, with his trademark "Yeeeup"-type comments. I don't fault him for that, half the time my life is a yeeeup-type situation (with regards to career).
Are Mr. R and "Slim Jayee" (I still don't know who the hell this is) still alive?

There are more names, many more than I can recall on my ever-shortening lunch break... and maybe I'll get the inclination to write more about times-since-past. But then again, I don't want to be that loser that attends his HS reunion every time because he can't let go of the past and move forward.

Perhaps that's what I'm doing now... trying in vain to grasp as a past, instead of what I think I'm doing, which is trying to preserve a potentially meaningful outlet into my darker, laid-back side before it succumbs to the titanic pressures of adulthood, responsibility, children, and death.