September 30, 2002

damn zach and his "i hate this.." post. because I was planning on including "I hate this.." on my post, oh well I'll continue nonetheless.

1. I helped my mom pick out 3 christmas gifts for me today: the new Ryan Adams and two old 'Mats albums that I have been searching forever for (I chronicled this in here awhile back... to refresh your memories: Best Buy refused to carry these albums in Washington stores for some damn reason... so ya I found the cd's at the FYE).
2. I literally got 0 hours of sleep last night. I got all philosophical or something.. I don't know.. all that damned thinking kept me up. I was analyzing the whole inevitableness of lonliness. how I have like NO girl friends (who live in this state). and how to scam out of doing a Health class.
3. I hate livejournal now more than the first time my friends told me to make a journal. Something about the communities I read last night. and some other reasons, such as: i don't like it. Kim will murder me if I delete it.
4. "New" Nirvana soon. yay
5. Speaking of the whole thing, I'm dissatisfied/hating the internet too for the same basic reasons as LJ. but I'm on now cuz of KIM. so ya, she best be happy (oh and apparently by the greeting she gave me: she was).

EDIT: I think I sound lesbianish in this post..
i hate aim. because it signs in when i dont want to use it..and it wont sign in when i want to use it.
fuck aim because it is a dirty piece of dick.

i hate girls so very much..because they make absolutely no goddamn sense. none. motherfucking none.

i hate blogger...because it wont remember me when i click the remember me box.
fuck blogger.

i hate large muchness....for being a lonely drunken bastard...who makes sense sometimes...even if he is a bastard.
fuck you james...for making sense.

fuck my comp. teacher, for deciding the paper itsself, rather than just the second draft..was due today.

mcdonalds can suck my hairy balls for not being able to communicate internally that i have days off when i have days off..and for not giving me hours sufficient to pay for things on.

and fuck me....becaus ei allow myself to be the way i am....even though its stupid and i know its stupid.

maybe the real statement is

stupidness is bliss.

fuck you.

The Further Adventures of a Particular Midget

As with all dying questions... one does not simply give up the search for an answer after stumbling into a wall...

Such is the case with our friendly travelers... who find themselves today traveling into a country with a peculiar rock formation. I am not allowed to say the name of this country... for if i did, they might wage war on me for saying that nekkid men with dogs in their lap often find habits laying on their rock formations...

...which just wouldn't be right.

So anyway:

As always, it is the search for knowledge and truth that drives our weary friends... but what is this... does this man possess the answer to that which our friends seek out??

Is it true... could perhaps... all this time... there answer lay in the mind of our very own friend... the creator of this here magnificent board... James Collins, himself...

...Perhaps another time, for he seems... preoccupied.

The gloves are off Collins... the gloves are off.
{ I've fixed your post Mr. Paulino, I've fixed your post }
G'luck Bonnie -- Hope it's a decision you turn out to enjoy.

Yanno, I hate it when I wake up at 3:30 in the morning on little sleep
then cannot get back to sleep.
Depression tends to drop by saying "Hi Steve, long time no see."
Not quite sure why, nothing changes between when I go to sleep, and
when I wake up. But that effect is still there, and bothersome.

September 29, 2002

we all know what the CHURCH says ...

but what opinion that of the working woman ?

hmm indeed.
I'm leaving tomorrow morning for 4 1/2 months. Bye!

September 28, 2002

I'm almost finished with my list - and it would have been my first post - if I could find that last post by MIcheal Collins.

For now, I'm here to talk about past times - happier times. I'm here to talk about the month that Jesse got his bear hat - the month that Andy became a bar tender, James became a box - maker, and Josie became an EMT and learned to swim. Aaron began to more avidly post SimJames, which ended in a tragic fire only 3 episodes in. Mike Rigney vowed to quit smoking, then vowed to quit quitting. Jeff exposed us to the truth about the Pope, Super Jimmoi Number 1!, and pondered 5 years.

The best month in Slug history

Damn, I hope that worked.

September 27, 2002

just in case you were wondering :

the church says : ....

the pain resides in a small spart just below one's lower rib on the left side of th elumbar region of your back.
where i stay s trapped and haunts you while you little do nott hink bout it.
given time it will gnaw on the pieces around it until once - not toyour knowkledge
it slips out and dances upon your back pieces.
and then it will sear its way up to tyour neck and playwith your head and braincase
and toss hopscotch across that which is known to be your backside.
adn the only release is to drug oneself with such pills as to not know where you were going
or why you were thinking of going therein the first place.

bette ryet.
who is going anywhere?

September 26, 2002

Yeah so uhh...I'm at work.

At work, on my
Oh and did I mention I'm going to be playing some Dark Age as soon as I'm
done making this post?
Yeup again.

I hour and 20 minutes worth of playing Dark Age...and I'll have earned
the $10 it costs me to play each month.

Heheh... anyone like The Vines, or have their CD? I was watching MTV and saw them covering Outkast's "Ms. Jackson", is that on their CD or just something they do live?

September 25, 2002

.....Jeebus somebody's got a temper.
I stated right off the bat the only reason I hadn't bothered
in the first place was cuz ya dinna know me, so I figured
ya dinna want it.

Chill out.
Geez, guys, don't throw me any bones or anything. Fuck. NEVERMIND...forget I asked.

Although the video game was controversial because of its violence,
the feature film version will aim for a PG-13 rating.

whats we talkin about boys?
DOOM the movie. ah hah hah.

An Age old Question

I'd like to present to you all... the wonders of digital media, and how it can record aspects of our daily lives

and the ongoings around...
take for example,

this fun conversation captured using the latest in digital media and speech-to-text technology:

just an everyday convo between two fun-loving midget guys in bondage gear...

...strikes up a provacative and philosophical question...

...a question, only one person can answer...

...but he seems a little... preoccupied...

I love technology. :)
First off i what the hell so....

Zach-0 5000
323-7 Pope Ave.
Ft. Leavenworth KS

and now for something..completely different.
this is the story of one james collins....and his secret admireerererererererer...damn that word doesnt wan t to end. anyways...

this woman..really has the hotts for james.

and i mean who wouldnt.

just look at that face, those eyes...that long flaxy hair..glistening in the sun. his dashing military record with the confederate states of america alone makes him one of the most elligable bachelors in the country!!!

anyways......james doesnt know about this....but i figured now would be the good time to bring to his attention..because..well i was bored.

also..i must show you people is the main reason that i was opposed to jimmoi hoining the armed forces...and jeff..i must appologise ahead of time..i kno wyou wanted to forget this fatefull day..but it must be told for the better good.

jimmoi is a nice, loveable asian guy.
but the problem is....

he likes to stick it in places it doesnt necessarily need to poop holes of manzors!!!!

again sorry...but think of the lives youll save by teling your story....or rather by me telling your story without your expressed written permission.

but fuck you because i have diplomatic i can do whatever i dayum please!!!!!!!!

and now..someone wants to say a few words.........


hey dead chris farley hows it going? its been a while! hows it hangin!


oh im sorry to hear that dead chris farley. so what was it you wanted to say?


why dead chris farley? why would you do such things?



well there you have it folks..we are all poopsexoring sons of bitches. i couldnt have said it better myself.

well i am done posting now.

*ps-please note that this is not jeffs MEGAPOST.


September 24, 2002


Steve = no money poor funzoness.

Which means I can't really drive to Seattle...cuz I'd love to
barge into your house and hog that big TV =P
ah what the hell, i'm a pansy

... that and i'm never serious about anything... well at least not anything that i'd tell you about...
or am i

what the hell am i posting about...

Jeff Paulino, President of the United Cracks of America
2717 Western Ave #330
Seattle, Wa 98121

I once put my address up here...

but nobody cared.

do you know how i know that nobody cared...

nobody stopped by to say hello

or "how's the new place jeff"

no... sniff sniff
I hate vicodin so, so much.
Well, since ya dunno Bradbury, and ya gonna write him
anyways, and to make ya feel like less of a
well as Bradbury and to give me something to do when ya write me =P
Here's mine.
Steve Pearson
24119 96th Ave E
Graham, WA 98338

/shrugs/ now I feel a little strange as well....I figured most people Steven would say - *shrugs*

Yep.....both Percocet and Vicodin are very good pain killers.....mixing them is.....well I know James is familiar....
on the way home from work tonight there was a grungy looking old all know the type. looks like a vietnam vet...who didnt make it when he came back from the he dresses all gross..and he never shaves..and has ratty hair....begs for money on freeway off ramps.....etc etc.

on the way home from work...he was staggering around, dragging a television by the the middle of the road....i found this rather amusing.

4 hours later on the way to the video store i saw him again......laying down in the gutter doing motions like little kids do when they are making snow angels.

i found this amusing as well.

on returning from the video store...i saw flashing lights, police everywhere, and EMT's loading his bloodied form into the ambulance.

something tells me i wont see him tomorrow.
Thanks, bradbury, for leaving your address. I mean, I don't really know you but i will keep in touch. It kind of makes me feel like a dumb shit that nobody else did, but whatever.

i have to go online around 11:45 central time a lot i can do something cool i just found i can do. weeeeeeeeeeeEEeeeeeeeeee

"im super ,im nothing ,im noone ,im goin nowehere fast..and i dont care..and i dont care."
sorry, I wasnt placed on valium - i was placed on vicodin and percoset.
now - i was going to say something but I forgot.

No Aaron, I only work Mon-Tues, Thur, and Saturdays

And James....I'd also like to add,
I had Worms World Party a month before it was released.
I doubt you did =P
I love Courtney's music--even if it's not that good, I still love the hell outta it.
and I like seeing her on the telly-- doing interviews, just talking.
i mean even if I don't agree with her 100%, I just like seeing her there.

With that said, I think she's an insane bitch.
There's a stage Courtney and there's the real Courtney. I am able to separate the two. It's just so much easier that way.

I hope that made sense..

Finally, Nirvana's my favorite band.
"In Utero" is my favorite album.
"Drain You" is my favorite song.
I love em.
BUT I'm cool with the fact that not everyone else will even like em.
as long as their reason isn't cuz "Nirvana sucks" cuz that's just... gay
and I know that it makes me look bad for being a huge Nirvana fan and liking Courtney.. but I explained my reasoning above and it's just how I feel.

September 23, 2002

WOW James, a girl flirting with you... that is a surprise.

Umm... no offense Kissie, but Courtney Love to me embodies all that is bad in pop culture. I hate her, and I don't even like Nirvana.

Bonnie, I'll leave my address on the bethel board.

Steven, you still didn't answer if you worked friday... Playing DDR by myself is boring for the most part...
I'm posting


I'm tired.

So i'm posting that i'm tired.

sorry... it sucks, i know
wait... i'm not sorry.
I'd leave my address. But ya dun know me, so there's not much point =P

James, we didn't have a level 4 wiz. We had an incapacitated level 4 wiz
that was stuck in his panther familiar because it died...otherwise that level
4 wiz would have had his ass up there MM'ing the troll to the death =P

And no, you're wrong. I found worms on my own. That's one of the
first games I ever download when I reformat. I've also never played worms with
you, which proves it.
By the way, I very rarely delete my zip files. Normally I burn them onto a CD
so when something happens, such as an emergency format...I have it all.

I never went home, so couldn't have brought him home.
I knew he'd just sit there playing the computer, saying dumb things here and there,
hence not annoying anybody unless they were annoyed by people who just sat
there, so I left him. Yes, he was a good place-holder...and since I figured
nobody was going to show up, I brought him.
So fuck you =P
Sure, why not...

25118 54th Ave E
Graham, WA 98338

For what it's worth.
today after going to the clinic and getting more drugs I stopped by the mall.
in which I ran into a good lookin' gal and we got to chatting.

and now, in retrospect, I realise something.

Im so hardcore going to the mall my next day off.
awesome. awesome. awesome.
and she's 23

Hey guys...will you put your addresses on here so i can write you letters while I'm at basic? I leave sunday. You don't HAVE to, of course, but it will be nice to get letters from you guys...they would be interesting and you guys have NO idea how much i'd appreciate them. I'm really looking forward to doing my Basic Training and AIT, but letters would help me not be home sick.


take this james!!!!

(click here fools)


i miss the old board where we did shit like this daily.

fuck talking about serious stuff constantly.
Bitch - the directory still even had the .rar files downloaded which were needed to unpack the game ( worms )
and Worms world party was the one that I pirated ( oh so long ago )
although I vaguely remember you saying you pirated a copy yourself, which compelled me to get it as well.

still - unless you save the old .rar files ...
you got it from me :b

I dont know anyone else who saves the old unpack-files.

OH -
what was with dumping me with " the new guy " ?
ok - dont get me wrong, being as I have nothing against him - but he just seems ... ah ... whats the word.
I dont know the word yet - but I just ... dont like him : not that I avidly dislike him - but there doesnt seem to be...
" empty " was the word I used to describe breanna - and it is something like that.

You'd have to take the emptiness of breanna and the chameleon-like skills of andy - combine them and you get " the new guy "
He'd just sit there quietly while everyone was yammering on chatting and then once and a while say something that was either absolute bullshit and you could tell - or just ... well, uninteresting. He was, however, a good place-holder. Someone good to tag-a-long when you need a spot to fill, but for chroist sakes man you left him at my house. I dont even know the guy - I was so paranoid. CHROIST. I wanted to call you up and yell at you and say : " YOU SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT HIM HOME WITH YOOOOOU! " - I locked my door ( well I always lock my door ) when I went to sleep that morning, and had I found my key to my room - would have locked it when I woke up later that evening when he was still there.

" Hey James me and Mike just killed off that skeleton and ogre all by ourselves!!!!! " - he exclaimed to me.
Well no shit sherlock. We had a lvl 1 warrior ( dave ) - lvl 4 wiz - lvl 4 rogue - lvl 4 ranger.
oh wait - now you get a lvl 4 ranger and a lvl 4 cleric ( if michael even used his new character, in which case he didnt, subsitite lvl 7-9 in stead of 4 ) and OF COURSE they're going to rip through that mod. oh my jesus I wanted to throw something at him.


Courtney Love......*shivers*


I feel like I need tested for VD after just looking at her.....

September 22, 2002

24 hours of Courtney Love on MTV2 is the best thing ever.
1. It's Courtney Love, enough said.
2. The music videos are of bands I've never heard of.
3. RYAN ADAMS stopped by the MTV studio for 2 hours. From 1am-3am. He played some songs, showed a music video of his, talked a lot about music, AND tied his shoes. yum. I wish I was there.
My friend was planning on going to an Arabic Dance Club.
Now, I'm trying to figure out what the hell this is.
So I asked *my friend* what dancing he was planning on doing there and he goes "uh I guess Arabic Line Dancing"
Steven, you working on friday by any chance, I wanted to stop in at the arcade and maybe play a few games...

And James, I might even have your fifty bucks...
You whore.
Worms is one of the games I /didn't/ get from you.
As a matter of fact the one I have is Worms World Party, which is the most
recent version ;-)

September 21, 2002

So, Blizzard announced their new project, disappointing about three fourths of their fans yesterday. "Why is that?" you ask. Well, because it's not Starcraft 2 which I personally feel is long overdo. No, it's Starcraft Ghost, a tactical FPS for CONSOLES ONLY! That's right, even Blizzard is going to the consoles, I've even heard rumors that they want to go strictly console by 2006. *plays taps*
Jesus chroist.
Steven has games that I use to play EONS ago.
you're laughing... no ... like remember when I pirated BLACK AND WHITE?
and WORMS?

jeeez. he even has an old-school version of COUNTERSTRIKE. :O

September 20, 2002

Uh....yeah....about this weekend.....

I'm not going to make it......

Something came up.
Reason NWN is better multiplayer:

A lot of the multiplayer quests I've downloaded, now that there are some decent mapmakers bringing stuff out, require groups and cooperation to get through. There's NO WAY you can do them solo, or even with a henchman, but with a group of four or five you get a fun game that requires thought and not just hack and slash. THe problem is finding the good maps amongst all the crap that gets propagated.

Now I'm going to go back to coding my RM2K creation...
More things :

Getting MOHAA up and ready.
Getting MYTH-2 up and ready.

thinking about Freespace(2) - but dont know.

any other games to suggest?
also : if you have multiplayer games : do bring them. ( whomever is coming )
also : if you're coming, and can spare money to buy things such as soda or munchies - please do so.
I can buy ramen and dew later on in the night - zounds.

and about NWN multiplayer : imagine the " RPG " game of wc3 but with more options and goodies.
I still haven't found any reason why people think NWN would be any funner multiplayer....
but I'm willing to give it a shot
I would contest that I am " just bad people "
because I'm SUCH AN ASS.


on another note - i found a NEVERWINTER NIGHTS CD KEY GENERATOR.
a rare find indeed!
you know what that means?

Ahh... I'm sure we have lots of things in common. I recall us both liking Buckethead for instance, and The Replacements, and unless you are for some reason caught a few evolutionary steps behind me, we both walk upright on two legs.

My point being is I realized why I didn't get along with a lot of other people. I emphasized difference isntead of common ground, not to say that the other people didn't also play into the differences, but on my side, that was the error. Now I can find common ground and therefore get along with most people, although there are still the few occasional individuals who are just bad people, and whom I will never get along with. Thank God there are none of them here.

September 19, 2002

I watched Survivor 1. Liked it
Never got into the rest, just didn't watch 'em.

All the survivor copies = gay though.
FV-- I found something we have in common...
Why is it uncool for me to watch Survivor? All my friends have been making remarks just because I wanted to stay in and watch the Survivor premier this evening rather than go hang out with them? I do not understand this.
medal of honor allied assault in high resolution fun-ness

sony vaio coolness.

20inch monitor goodness.

18 inch black cock yumminess.

mmmmmmmm cock.
I'm glad I could contribute to your vocabulary Bradbury...

Also, speaking of vocabulary, I bring you another episode of dialogue from a construction site, this one occuring when my Dad shared anecdotes with another contractor.

CONTRACTOR- I remember I was up on this three story fucking roof, trying to shove this bitch into the fucking thing and then the shit just fucking fell all over the fucking place.

DAD- Fuck, I once got this fucking plumbing shit to do, and I'm in the fucking asshole of the bitch, and I fucking start beating the shit out of this fucking pipe, and the fucking shit just sprays all over the place, so now I'm fucking soaked and there ain't shit I can do about it...

See, the reason this amazes me so much, is that where you and I see tons and tons of expletives, my Dad and the contractor actually understood everything in detail, it's like a whole other language that they speak on construction sites.
yeah so whos gunna show up, jamses is all up with the lan'ness till sunday, and he says " hell come over todday if possable " but once the 5 hub is full we hafta wait for bradbury on saturday. yeah well... uuhhh show up now if ya want, we have some WC NWN AVP2 AVP exp FS FS2 and other funzo games play all night, well.. you guys. i got school tommrow, so i go sleep tonight. But yeah i had origanaly planed everyone show up on fraiday get coms set up and all, and we start the weekend funzo ... but james wants people over today or tommrow so we can start funzo asap,

So who is gunna come, gimmy a tell, we got nuff hambergers to feed an army, still need soda and munchys, but yeah... NWN FUNZO!!!

wheeeeeeee get your gets over here!!
"Lesbian Gestapo" and "Homosexual Juggernaut"

Those sound more like porno movie titles than anything else....

The sad thing about dickweeds like this is that some people actually take them seriously.

My esteemed co-worker [read: dill-hole], who I'll refer to simply as "the Pud," was all hyped up for Pat Buchannon last year....he kept saying shit like "if I was sure Bush was gonna win, I'd vote for Buchannon."

The worst part is, the fucktard [I really do like that term] is Mexican/Indian from Arizona......but he acts like he's white right up until it's in his best interest to be a minority.

Not that I'm racist or anything....I just hate this particular piece of crap.
Valium is a terrible drug.

I understand how some people could become addicted to it.
because true - living a life which consists of nothing more than half-dreams and half-waking moments is ... cushey.
that's the whole "How can I miss you, if you won't go away?" theory

September 18, 2002

doing a favor for someone.

Josephine says:
here's a question!
Josephine says:
how the hell was I supposed yo REMEBER frickin' September 11th on the anniversary when they HAVEN'T LET ANYONE FORGET it all frickin' year. When you remember something, it's, like, all 'Oh, yeah, I forgot about that!' , not like, all, 'Man, I was just thinking about that for the last goddamned year!'

Don't forget Pat Buchannon.

The guy who states that America should be a God fearing country
and that it should be rid of all non God-fearers, as he's running for
Oh, and does that button also scream: "push me again, and let Aaron play for free."?

Just kidding, I'm cool with paying for my DDR.
Dr. James Dobson is an idiot... he's responsible for propagating ignorance and intolerance in our society, and he was on Larry King Live tonight. I've actually heard this man use the terms "Lesbian Gestapo" and "Homosexual Juggernaut" to describe the gay rights movement in this country. Whatever supreme fuck up allowed this man to command a pencil and write books needs to be corrected, he should be returned to an occupation which better suits him, like selling his ass for booze.
Ahh, on that point Aaron I have to agree with you completely.

Our 7th mix is just a bootleg version uploaded into the same
machine we had 5th mix on, so yes it's got the memory card
As well as a little button that screams "Push me Steve, and I'll
let you play for free!"

That does fit a lot of Tool fans, doesn't it?

I like it....

Oh, and don't worry about the ten bucks....I thought it was napster or someone that owed me....either way....If you feel the need to settle the debt, give the ten spot to Micheal, then he'll owe me forty instead of the thirty he does now....
Steve, I agree with your point, that's not really what I meant. I'm talking about fucktards who come up to me and say things like "I was listening to the song Hooker with a Penis today, only TOOL would have the guts to make a song about transexual prostitutes." (Yes, someone said this to me.) In reality Hooker With A Penis is a song a person accusing TOOL of "selling out", and it's very clear in the lyrics that this is the case. Another issue is when someone tells me how TOOL was a Christian band in the past and cites the song Opiate as their evidence. This is also clearly another idiotic misinterpretation which due to the fact that this person is telling other people will become a propagated lie, since the lyrics are "If you want to get your soul to heaven, judge in me, now don't you judge or question. You are broken now but faith can heal you, just do everything I tell you to do." These are the fans that make me angry, not the ones who ignore the lyrical content, but the ones who pervert and distort the lyrical content to something it isn't.

Also, Steve, does the 7th mix machine in your arcade have a memory card slot?
And a man came down to me and said "Son, I realize you've walked in the
shadow of the Valley of Death. But you've just got to PRAIIIIIISE our Lord
Jesus Christ.
He died for your sins you know."

Amen, Brother Steve.
Off topic...Aaron a lot of people don't listen to music entirely for the meaning
behind the lyrics. I mean I for example pick and choose subconsciously.
Some TOOL songs I like for the lyrics, sure....but there are many just because
I enjoy the sound of their music, vocals and all.
Rage Against the Machine however, I listened almost all their lyrics.
Which is why I have always been a fan of them.
Then ya got bands like Disturbed...I don't really pay much attention to the
meaning behind any of their songs, granted I can sing along to a lot of 'em
but I just see the words as vocals...part of the music. (Although their new
album has some content that I'd like to hear from what I've heard of it)
I care about what I enjoy...not necissarily the meaning.
FV-- I can't imagine there being a "scene" following Ryan Adams. and good points made about Tool, but you do choose to not identify with a "scene" which would be the point I was trying to make.. and even though it doesn't make a difference to the band, it's gotta mean something to you.
The fanbase and scene are intertwined, I don't even think you can listen to the band really without being a part of them on some level. For instance, I am a huge TOOL fan... however, I hate their fans... other than myself and a few others I know. Most of them wouldn't have a clue what any of the songs were about if they had the lyrics dumbed down to meet their fourth grade reading levels and stamped on their own foreheads... despite my hatred for them, the band couldn't pick me out from the rest of their fans when I go to a concert and sit in an arena amongst them. I'm just another guy who paid 45 bucks to see them.

September 17, 2002

dont call me ignorant chrissie....simply because i havnt read the book. you posted about it.. i gave my two cents..thats what i do on blogger.

tonight me and sarah got pulled over because she didnt a place where there was no fucken stop sign. yeah. and surprise was the same guy who pulled me over because i was "drunk". im planning his demise. pretty anti cop these days...i never was very pro cop now that i think about it.

FV-- good point with the first comment. but I did want you guys to comment on the book. I also like to make a point of arguing for the less popular viewpoint, especially when I agree with either side. I personally don't see what's wrong with being the corporate drone as opposed to being a bartender, but apparently some people do. and I definitely wouldn't call them ignorant if that was what they wanted. They were saving money to get a job they did want-- opening some type of hotel. they did that at the end of the book.....
My whole point of posting about the book was to say I felt ripped off by the awful ending. I thought maybe someone on the board had read that book and could offer some insight that would make me have a better opinion of it. Or just simply agree with me. I didn't realize it'd be an analysis on what jobs these 20-somethings should get.

a "scene" and a fanbase are quite different though. I don't get in on the scene action
Kissie, I don't think it's ignorant for any of us to make observations based on what you offer us. If you don't want us to comment on something, don't blog it here. I'm certainly not going to go read the book just so I can make a more "educated" comment. So when we make comments based on what is posted, we're just going on what we have, not being ignorant.

Also, there is no music really that doesn't have a "scene" accompanying it. Every group you hear has a following of some size, unless it's just you making the music and not letting anyone else hear it.

Also, putting up new mp3's on a completely new musical pursuit. Anyone with a interest in a variety of music elements and ambience, I'd like you to check out my new stuff, first mp3 went up today, but the site goes down quite a bit.
This is the link
hehe my group has this saying... IM SO NON RAISEST ... IM RAISEST! DAMNIT!
Right......getting a shitty dead-end job to avoid becoming a drone. That makes sense. They couldn't, say, get jobs they liked? Anyway....

Yeah Norway kicks ass, but like you pointed out, it's the size of Washington state, and for quite sometime they were controlled by Sweden.
the point is they don't want to do damage. they want to get away from it.
it's pretty ignorant to make a comment about the book without reading it first.

so anyways, I have seemingly good news:
Chrissie has a hot date to the wedding!!
yay yay yay.
geting a shitty job to avoid being a corporate drone sounds pretty ignorant to me. you can do a hell of a lot more damage form the inside than you can on the out side.

that smy two cents.

now on to things that amuze me...i wrote this song called "Chris Is A Jack Off"

its about this wigger kid that talks shit to my friend jordan. anyways..somehow or another he stumbled accors this song i wrote for him. anyways..he wrote a "rap" for me. yeah he really busted out some rhymin skeels yo... check this shit out. i fealt it to be blog worthy....due to the high level of laughing...

Lemme drop this bomb about this dude I use to know
He was a shit talker, a chick stalker, nuttin but a lil hoe
His head looked like a peanut but his name was jordan smith
And every time I see his grave it makes me have to take a piss
Jordan thinkz hes tha shit cuz hes a richie-boy fuck
But if ya smell his breath it’ll hit ya like a mack truck
That’s what jordan is
A little hatin hoe
He thinks his rhymes is tight
But his songwriting blows
Cuz jordan cant write
He can never be creative
Cuz he got no balls
And his sexuality’s jaded
A gay little fudge packer
That’s jordan smith
Every time I see his face it makes me wanna break his wrist
Yes jordan’s a bitch, this is true we all know
Cuz his mama was a slut and his daddy didn’t know
That if he fucked this bitch that nine months later
She would soon give birth to a faggot playa hater
And then theres zach,
Hes got an empty nutsack
His mudda wears short-shorts
And she smokes a lotta crack
Crack and nutsack
Those both rhyme with “zach”
Which is more than he can say
Cuz his song bout me’s just wack
His mama’s like fifty
And his dad likes to molest
Little boys and little girls
Boy he jus fucks em to death
Leads em in the bushes
With a chocolate pay-day
Then he pulls down their panties
And zach’s daddy has a hay-day

hehe. what a jack off.
ah, I support capitalism. I'm nothing like the main characters in the book. I do like reading about them though. And I was rather irked by the lame ending.
The entire book was symbolic. Their "McJobs" were bartending and at a department store. They are jobs that lead to them going nowhere in life. The reason they worked there-- as to not become corporate drones. You'd just have to read the book to understand it more fully I suppose. I can't explain it really well because my ideals do not match with these people.
The ending was symbolic to the point of being cliche, unexciting, and didn't really match up with the rest of the book (it was too optimistic, it just didn't fit at all). "McJobs" fit in with everything else. They had definitions defining everything...

Steve-- It was brought up cuz of my comments on a girl from my highschool. I do constantly talk about music but I would go as far to say that the majority of my music isn't teenybopperish. There is no scene surrounding it. No fashion for it. and I don't listen to music for any trendy reasons nor do I listen to it to get "away" from the trends.

September 16, 2002

Here's the thing about capitalism since you bring it up. I'm a fan of it... not in all cases, but in America. People always bring up successful socialist governments in an attempt to show me that socialism is better than capitalism. However, these governments either have insanely high tax rates (the U.K.), or they are really irrelevant comparisons. Norway is brought up a lot because it's the most economically successful country in the world and it's a socialist nation, however it's not fair to then say that America should strive to be like Norway. Norway's main exports are snow and fish in all likelihood and their economy doesn't have the complexities of ours, there are only 14 million people in the whole country... and they consume a very small percentage of what is produced in this world. Basically, I think that a lot of people oppose capitalism mainly because it's the most "anti-mainstream" thing they can do without really putting any thought into it. Notice I said "a lot", not "all"...

As for Kissie, isn't "McJobs" symbolic to the point of being lame?
Lol, Chrissie your constant talking about music if I remember
correctly is the /reason/ this whole teenybopper thing got started.

Aaron -- That's why you wear a chain =P
Sucks though...I'm paranoid of people, that's part of the reason I
rarely ever carry cash on me.

By the way, I'd just like to mention:

My job rules.
I just got finished reading the most cynical, anti-capitalist book.
The characters work at McJobs, detest yuppies, and tell stories about the end of the world.
Save for the ending though.. The ending happened to be the most optimistic piece-of-shit. Something about the main character being hugged by a group of special-ed teenagers and telling them "thank you". That's symbolic to the point of being lame. I feel ripped off.
On the subject of teenybopperism, or whatever, who cares?

Anyway... I got pickpocketed for the first time this weekend. That's 200 dollars that was supposed to pay my credit card bill and James and TOOL tickets gone. Sorry for the delay in the repayment James, but I won't forget. I also happen to know I owe Bradbury ten bucks for that one paintball excursion, so if you still want that I'll give it to James or Steven next time I see one of them. I do plan to drop by the arcade next time I'm up...

When I finally get out of Oregon, there are things I'm going to miss about working construction. For instance, friday I was helping my Dad and the cabinet installer, Allen, put in a floor to ceiling unit that was being troublesome, after a long struggle we all stood back and my Dad and Allen exchanged the following piece of construction worker dialogue:

ALLEN-"Jesus, this is like a monkey fuckin' a football"

MY DAD-"Like taking a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut."

ALLEN-"Like jacking off a running dog."

It's conversations like this you just can't find anywhere else.

too much things in my life aren't the slightest teenybopper (my music being one.. and the issues i deal with being the second one).
the whole girlie-teenybopper thing is the most realistic way for me to "get away" (well there's always drugs..) and yes I like to get away quite a lot. :D

I was watching the Anna Nicole Show (combination of nothing on TV and curiousity).. and the entire show is just footage of her eating. and that's the only comment i have on it.
Taking solace : aka - getting away.

We don't play DA to get away, we play it because we're bored and it
provides entertainment. You get teenybopper 24/7 ;-)

September 15, 2002

Steve: Michael was talking about killing ourselves.
I get teenybopper as much as you guys talk about DarkAge, DDR....
I was talking about "taking solace" when things got too serious. not from depression..
anyways, Kim says "that's the way most girls are HELLO"
damn i was gunna say that steven : ( when we get all " what ever the hell you call it " we dont go to Darkage as you go to girl talk..... Darkage is more of a DRUG then a fallback thingy.... and i thought we were talken about killing ourselves, and how it was kool to kill yourself....
Damn you Jeff.
I was going to say that I too use to harold " FUCK REGRETS " as a part of my persona.
I will just say this : To have no regrets is to miss out on being part of humanity.

Lol, well we weren't talking about killing ourselves...none of us.
I personally don't "take solace" in games, especially Dark Age.
As a matter of fact I avoid that game when depressed...

And you are constantly going being teeny bopper-sh, it's
not an occasional thing.
The chubby one with pink hair. yes indeed. hence the "mistakenly"
Lots and lots of people find her attractive. and they go to her for advice. (she has some advice/fashion column in Seventeen mag) disgusting.

Things were getting too serious on the board. all the talk of regrets and should we regret our regrets and kill ourselves? etc and so forth. when things get serious, I take solace in dumb, silly things: teeny bopper things. And you guys all have your video games (your Dark Ages of Camelot to be exact). so deal
Who the hell finds Kelly Osbourne Attractive, shes the chubby one with pink hair isnt she? or is she the one that didnt want to be shown on camera

September 14, 2002

Let's pretend you (yes, you) get this envelope.
The envelope reads: "To you, from Steve"

So you open the envolope.
Inside, you find a nice, big...

Fuck You

Yes...I have to agree...that last post was the epitome of
a post that might be posted by the teeny bopperest teeny
bopper in the world.
..... Kissie.... your posts... your posts make.... MAKE ME WANT TO KILL MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

..... steven.... you work sunday?.........

... god ... now im gunna have girl talk stuck in my head all fucking night, im going to walk up to james and say something like " and so i was like... doing my hair.... and................................... AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * kills slelf *
So I ran into my arch nemesis last night at the Blockbuster.

I've secretly despised her for 4 years now.
Back then, I was introduced to Brittney W (however she spells the name Britney) and instantly told that I should be friends with her. The expression on my face most likely read: "You've got to be kidding. She looks boring"
Sure enough, soon after I found out that my friend TJ was desperately trying to avoid her. Claiming that Brittany was lame: she's The Poser.

"The Poser" being the Kelly Osbourne type. Slightly chubby, prone to saying incredibly unoriginal things in hope of being found to be cool, and people mistakenly find her attractive. Like Brittnie would say things like "I am so punk rock: Blink182 are my favourite band!" disgusting. (When I told Zohra this story, she instantly knew exactly what I was talking about when I said the Kelly Osbourne type. So apparently I'm not the only one)

So I see Brittany with my (male) friend Kelly last night. They're dating.
--Kelly is a popular, preppy, pretty boy on the wrestling team. The only story worth telling about him is that he spent an entire class time with his hands wrapped around my thighs, wrists, etc. He was intrigued by my skinniness and wanted to measure or something. what a weirdo. So I find him to be appealing (in a very platonic way).

So I had a short conversation with Kelly. and he introduces me to his girlfriend, Britny. She's dangling on his arm like a businessman's wife. She's dressed the part. (I told you she was a poser. god damn she's so vapid) and I say hi and ask her how she's doing and she moans. Her response was a fucking moan. What the hell type of person moans an answer?
I regret the entire winter of '98-'99.
and I think about this all the time.

but recently, I uncovered a journal that I had written from that time.
I read through the whole thing once (and promptly discarded it afterwards)

but see, if I hadn't had that shit happen to me, If I hadn't done that shit then,
then.. well I'd continue to be that girl who wrote that journal, and I wouldn't be the Chrissie I am.

actually, the end result of that winter is that I learned to not "settle" (friends, guys, and decisions, and so forth)
and I also started to like me. (Me wasn't a person I had liked for 2+ years up until that point)

um actually I kinda have forgotten what I was talking about, so I hope all of that above made the point I was wanting to make.
the point being... Live with Regrets but Accept Them Cuz They're Necessary or some b/s like that.
Heh, to those who say fuck regrets and whatnot, you're full of shit, naive, or whatever.
You can't prevent yourself from regretting things, whether you let them drill into your
mind or not, that's one thing (although harder for some than others) but nobody
can say they don't regret things.

You know... I think its a fundamental thing to have regrets. It's a human thing. In fact... there you go... that can be the dividing line between humanity and other animals. Hell... maybe it is evidence of having a soul...

After all... having regrets involves having a hell of a lot of other thought processes... and perhaps requires something extra.
I don't feel like going into that though, so i'll just leave it at that.

Do I have regrets? It is something I myself have considered from time to time... but for the most part I stand on the idea that I do not... for to have regrets (in my mind) would also imply that i have the desire to change something about the past aspects of my life.

That doesn't mean that I haven't made bad decisions, or have had consequences of bad decisions thrust upon me.
It just means, that despite that all... I wouldn't change it.

I however, would not look down upon anybody here, or elsewhere, who would say that they would change something, or that they have regrets... because I have not lived their lives... thus, to judge that person would be erroneous.

Thinking upon it... i suppose i have a form of regrets... in that there are things that i wish i hadn't done... and that if in the moment, i would have known what would be the consequence, i would not have done it...
but if i had that proverbial "rewind" button--i wouldn't use it.

One reason that comes to mind is that, as cliché as it sounds... my mistakes have made the person who is sitting here right now, typing out this particular response, and having these particular thoughts. I happen to like this person, and I would rather leave the lessons that i've lived through alone, and take what i can from them--even if the memories are not always good. Hell, sometimes i like to remember the bad memories... sometimes i like to feel bad about them... because i get a sort of good feeling from realising that they happened, and i have the power to decide whether they happen again.

Would i rewind and do things differently if i didn't like the person i was? Well, i don't know if i can honestly answer that. I suppose i would like to say no... believing that if i didn't like the person i was, i would change from the present onward...

but if i am to be honest with myself, i don't know what i would do.

--Ach, late nights.

G'night all.

September 13, 2002

You know what?


I'm not saying there aren't things in my past.......we all know there are.

We all have them.

It's part of being human, and part of the learning process.

If I had it all to do again, I'd do it the same way. Things could be worse, and you never know which choices could have lead you there.

Live your damn life. Don't make the same mistakes twice, and work to correct the ones you've made. Shit happens, buy a fucking helmet.

Regrets are a sign of weakness.
According to Ryan Adams (in the Whiskeytown song "I Hope It Rains at My Funeral"): "No sense in wanting my life to live over. I'll Find different ways to make the same mistakes again"
Now if you get over the depressing elements of that statement, You'll realize you shouldn't live your life in regret. Just accept the shit that you did and the shit that happened to you.
Ofcourse that leads me to the mood I've been in lately. The "What does it all mean?" one (very High Fidelity) but at least it's a question that can be answered & dealt with. As opposed to trying to imagine your life if you had a rewind button.
Yes James, I do have regrets.
Hence the reason I complain about hating my past.
On the other hand, I've been working a lot lately to help
mend a lot of my mistakes, and it's working well. Which
is why I've been so happy so much the past few weeks.
if that was like... a suicide note... then... yeah.... if he dies... i dont care what his will says, im geting everything in his room
( COMPUTERS AN ALL ) so.... if that was james, REMBER!!! you die, and i get 3 more computers and a room HAHHAHAHH... and dont skip out on the countless murders there after for the monie your worth.. " commer heather i con something for ya..... "

school is fun... its even funner to walk down the halls and EVERYONE around u can hear the tecno going... they are going to have the top 50 techno DJ's " songs " and such next week... so WHEEEEEEEEEEE, um.... its fun to just read a book in the new teachers class ( materaial science, Mr Steuarts class.... ) hes good teacher... but slow....

im gunna go play Darkage or something now =)
Thank you James.
Choices . . . again.

I believe a long bit ago I made a post which was entitled " Choices " - and it consisted of me ranting and raving as I always do about some idiosyncratic detail of life while all-the-while bitching in my heart about something else. By complaining about one thing you indirectly complain about what you really wish to complain about. This time I wont. Because I understand a lot of things. I understand that who you are and where you are depend on the choices you make today, that you made yesterday - and that you will make tomorrow. I've talked with many of you about these things - some of you openly, the others they might not know they were talking about it but none-the-less the questions or conversations I had with you dealt with the same material. I spoke to Steven about the past - he and I agree and both are solemn about some of the decisions we've made in our past. I know that some things I have done I feel I should regret - and always hail that regretting things is a useless activity. No need for regret - all it does it cause more sorrow for yourself. I dont know if Steven regrets any of the things he has done - but I now have the nerve to admit there are things I have done in my past that I regret, and wish to the very center of my being that I could go through again and do right. " If I only knew then the things I know now." - the saying goes. We all make mistakes and we all deal with them. The question is not how to avoid mistakes or avoid problems - it is not how to avoid getting hurt or to protect yourself. The question is just how to live and take everything in as it comes to you. A problem I've realised about myself is that if I am not worrying about what I or someone else is going to do next, I am brooding over what could have been had I chosen different paths. And yet the question remains in my heart today : What life is a life worth living unhappy? At the risk of sounding melodramatic I appreciate each and every tid-bit that anyone here on the board posts - be it inane or stupid, a poem or a thought, a question, an answer. Anything really.

The best of luck to you all : wherever life may take you.
Because you'll need it.

September 12, 2002

I think Steven is trying to say he got a hard-on watching the monkeys fuck at the zoo.....
The Point Defiance Zoo should be shut down.

Beastiality is illegal, to the best of my knowledge..
The zoo puts zounds of animals on display, all
of which are naked. Is this not blatant beastiality?
And what about when they start mating? They don't make
any attempts at blocking the line of sight so small children
are unable to see it. Is this not a blatant promotion
of beastiality?

I'm going to write a letter to the senator.

or maybe I'll just go to

September 11, 2002

Kickass, I've always wanted to work there, plus 7th mix is by far the best version of DDR to date, especially since Burning Heat is on it. FOr those of you that don't know, that'd be the song for Gradius 2. Steve, make sure that the arcade owner fully unlocks your machine... I don't want to be without great songs like Kakumei when I get back up there and go to play.

God is the TOOL concert on Oct. 2nd going to be sweet.
Im all down with the lesbian jelly, jesus, if the porn indistury uses it... then it MUST be good =)

me go sleep
Napster - That post was disturbing because while i was reading it i was actually eating toast with rasberry jam. It grossed me out. Thanks a lot.
Yeah I been (not) workin the past few days actually.
It's the greatest job on earth.

Napster, is it just me or have all your recent posts....which
happen to be few and far between....involved food in some

I was gonna make a post about something.
Then got sidetracked.

So I won't.

September 10, 2002

Hey Steve, you get that job at the arcade?

i wish i could go to hell right now, then i wouldent haft to deal with STUPID PEOPLE LIKE MY LITTLE FUCKING BROTHER, he lones things and never gets them back , when somethings his he expects no one to touch them, but yet if its others, its ok for him to take... he asks questions YOU HAVE ALREDY FUCKING answerd. Then goes to dad and asks " SO N SO HAS MY ( insert thing ) " ... someone... anyone im paying 2 cent for him to be killed because any more would make jesus cry. you should be paying ME 2 cent to kill him.... guh...................

yeah...krissy =) lifes a bitch, deal with it. im gunna lay down and go to sleep wanna get MORE then 3 hours of sleep today....

if today didn't suck enough:
1. unable to get the Replacements albums I need oh-so bad
2. tony's car is still broken
3. kyle can't go to flogging molly :( :(
4. now the worst news of all: I just got the word that THE WHITE STRIPES are on the cover of the new SPIN.
you can all just go to hell now.
so I got rather irked about Best Buy not carrying the cd's I wanted.
and I called them. and apparently, they've decided to not carry the cd's at all in Puyallup, Federal Way, Seattle, etc.
I don't know why they'd make such a stupid decision like that.
*Warning contents might actually make you stupider*
So i was reading through my emails, and in the subject line i come across one stating "Sweet Lesbian Nectar". And at that moment my jaw dropped, not for any pornographic lust reasons but because an ephiphany struck me. I had no idea lesbians produced Nectar. Why arent the juice/jelly corporations jumping all over this. Imagine the possibilities. You could be sitting around and breakfast, eating your toast when suddenly you come to the conclusion that it needs turn to mother dearest and say "Mom, please pass the lesbian." Mmmmmmmmm, now doesnt that sound delish. Now what im thinking is that we all need to write a letter to one of those big companies and inform them of this new resource. If they dont then the porn industry just may well be able to expand its market in agriculture....they have such easy access to this, that its shocking they have discovered it yet.
Oh and im serious about the letter part...and how
my razor broke. like the whole thing. and i don't have any backups. so i have to use the blade to shave, which means that I'll probably miss a bunch of spots. which means that when tony sees me tonight he's gonna think i'm a Hairy Chrissie. arghh.. shaving sucks. I don't know why the hell girls have hair on any place besides their heads.



so you're planning a LAN party eh? Well, depending on the time that you are going to have it, maybe i'll show up...

i doubt i'll play any games though, but it'd be fun to come and such, nonetheless.

also, i can showcase the movie that i am making...

--still currently without sound-effects... but that will soon change i imagine...

right now i'm sitting in the UW computer bookstore, typing away on an iMac... funzo...
i'm getting a keyboard, just don't know if i want to do that online, or buy it here... both have some perks i imagine.

Also, Michael... you'd better make plans to come with me and jimmoi and james for our third annual trip to mt. ranier... yeeup, that's right, i've choosen to bring you along in Andy's place... since him and james are still at each other...

that or i'll ditch james and have it be andy and jimmy and me, and you...

either way, it would seem as if you are invited...

--and its not 'till december. Hmmmpf... maybe i'll film the second episode of my movie up there... could be fun.

in any event, that is all boys and girls.
Ok James sence i can never get tot alk to you person to person, you work 20th 21st and 22nd??? because i wanna set up a HUGE lan party oh around 16, If all works out, bradbury will bing the hub and wires ( i hope ) =) and if everyone brings their com then bwamo, so far i got Steven Zuber Mr R ( if u dont mind james set your old one up get him on there ) Most likly curtice will show up so we can put him on ither cristens or dads, cristen might as well play, me, James * if u dont work * bradbury and whom ever has a computer with a lan card that i can find in the next 2 weeks so right now i got 8 people. Maby jessy??? ill hafta get ahold of people that have been over before with their systems, who was that one guy who broght over Nox?? was that arron?? or his friend??? I would have 7 comfermed BUT GOD DAMNED ANDY DOESNT WANNA FOOOKEN SHOW UP BECAUSE OF THEIR BITCHING.... jesus if satan said " Hey michael wanna have a 20 person lan party for your soul, oh and you must denounce god " FUCK YEAH is my answer...

Ok aout where systems will be... people keep mentionioning " room " ill figure something out, i plan to move the couches a lil and put a few tables in the living room. dad says 16 might blow the power supply thingy, so ill make it max 11 or 10 with 3 backups : ). if a few people could buy big cases of pop and some munchys all the better. so... yeah................ if people dont say yeah i can be there and people start dropen like flys... then on the 25th or 26th ill give ither the A O K or tell bradbury fuck it....

..... now.............................. WATCH AS MICHAELS PLANS BLOWUP IN HIS FACE 9.99$$ an hour.
And I finally just pulled Rounders over from the other computer.
Indeed is it enjoyable.

Just got it runnin in the background now. And it's on repeat.

Saw "FearDotCom"
Lame movie.

September 09, 2002


Ah, this cable modem thing was pissing me off for a second. My computer wouldn't recognize the connection, and it ALWAYS recognizes connections.

Anyway, the movie is finished. All i need is to add a soundtrack and sound effects, which won't take long at all. Any thoughts on what i can use? This is mostly directed toward James, Bradbury, Michael, and Jimmy (if he ever checks this), since you guys were there for filming and know roughly what it is about. For those of you who have no idea, here is a still:

And what is goin' on here. Who is this masked man... and what is he planning to do to Michael... Can we say, "Buttsexx?"

Yeah... i bet you are all really interested now... aren't ya?

Whelp... that is all for now...

no wait... here is something else for your funzo-amusement...

i call it... POWER OF THE DRAGON!

As you can see... Andy is one with the DRAGON SPIRIT!

Hehehe, sorry Andy, but i found that picture in my video archives and i just had to... doesn't matter i suppose, since you refuse to check the board...
I got the same thing.
just creative spam.

September 08, 2002

............... ither zach is fucking with me....or sweet jesus ........

ATTN: president/ceo


I am contacting you based on information and esteem
recommendation I received of you from a high ranking
official in the commercial section of the Nigerian
Chambers of Commerce and Industry who guaranteed your
reliability and trustworthyness in business dealings.
This business proposal I wish to intimate you with is
of mutual benefit and it's success is entirely based
on mutual trust, cooperation and a high level of
confidentiality as regard this transaction.

I am the Chairman of the contract Advisory Committee
(CAC) of the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Works and
Housing (FMWH). I am seeking your assistance to enable
me transfer the sum of US$16,500,000.00 (Sixteen
Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars)
into your private/company account.

The fund came about as a result of a contract awarded
and executed on behalf of my Ministry the Federal
Ministry of Works and Housing.The contract was supposed to be awarded to two foreign contractors to the tune of US$60,000,000.00 (Sixty Million United States Dollars).
But in the course of negotiation, the contract was
awarded to a Bulgarian contractor at the cost of
US$43,500,000.00 (Forty-Three Million, Five Hundred
Thousand United States Dollars) to my benefit unknown
to the contractor. This contract has been
satisfactorily executed and inspected as the Bulgarian
firm is presently securing payment from my Ministry,
where I am the Executive Director in-charge of all
foreign contract payment approval.

As a civil servant still in active government service,
I am forbidden by law to operate an account outside
the shores of Nigeria. Hence this message to you
seeking your assistance so as to enable me present
your private/company account details as a beneficiary
of contractual claims alongside that of the Bulgarian
contractor, to enable me transfer the difference ofUS$16,500,000.00 (Sixteen Million, Five Hundred
Thousand United States Dollars) into your provided
account.On actualisation, the fund will be disbursed as stated

1. 30% of the fund will be for you as beneficiary.

2. 10% for reimbursement to both parties for
incidental expenses that may be incurred during the
course of the transaction.

3. 60% of the fund will be for me which I intend to
invest in your country with you as my partner.
All logistics are in place and all modalities worked
out for a smooth actualisation of the transaction
within the next few working days of commencement. For
further details as to the workability of this me.
Thank you and God bless as I await your urgent
uuhh i got one!!! LOOSE KOWAZAKIE FLYING MONKIES ESCAPING FROM THE WOOODS!.... no?? how bout EVILS DEN ONE... or Lastnight at band camp heh... me go do homework now =)
Right....a title....hell.

I always suck at coming up with titles....

As far as .mov to .mpg, I believe I have used Quicktime Pro for that in the past....but, to be truthful, I don't know. Possibly from inside iMovie...



Either Dungeons and Dragons is becoming really popular or I'm just getting nerdier friends..
In any event, it seems like everyone is taking out the 12-sided die and playing D&D.
that and listening to Rush. gross


My next movie moves along with great speed. Hehehe, michael, i think you'll enjoy it... i can't believe it, but that evil twin idea might actually work--- might.

Sorry if the movie didn't work at first... first time i've ever posted a movie...

and i am surprised that no one had the quicktime plugin... that was one of the first things i usually had to download--even when i had a PC.

i'm trying to figure out the right way to change the .mov file to a .mpg file-- bradbury, if you have any suggestions... that'd be great. i prefer the .mov file at the moment, because when i save it as such, it seems to come out cleaner in quality, and the file seems a bit smaller... a bit in the sense the file is like 140 k in .mov format... when i tried putting it in .mpg format, it came out to be 400-something k.


hey michael, bradbury, james-- you remember the movie and its content -- any ideas for a title for the movie?

September 07, 2002

"Catalytic Serendipity"

I ran into Alec yesterday, at the district office.
Well, actually, he walked up behind me and announced his presence by jamming his finger into my lumbar region and making a kind of buzzing/screeching "eeeeee" noise. Good old Alec....
He's really starting to look a lot like the traditional portrayal of Jesus Christ. Any of you that may interface with him on a regular basis....(Michael, I look in your direction), tell him I said so....I'll be interested to hear what he has to say.
"The Badge"
Damn good movie....

Billy Bob Thornton kicks ass....
I absolutely hate this song:
"First Date" Blink182
Do you like my stupid hair?/Would you guess that I didn't know what to wear?
i would so escape through the bathroom window if I had a date with that guy in the song.

I do love this song though, but I can't watch the video:
"Underneath it All" No Doubt

And finally, the one song that I can hear a million times in a row, and it never loses its specialness:
"With or Without You" U2
I had to edit Jeff's post a little.
but now - if you download quicktime, the image you'll see will not only 1. be able to be seen " in full " but 2. can be paused ;b

September 06, 2002

Jeff- I see some green-grey-brown sliver of a rectangle moving. Is that what I'm supposed to see?
See Jeff?
I'm not the only one without Quicktime. - for those without : like myself.


Dance bitch, DANCE!

Perhaps, if i'm feeling jolly, i'll add the controller, so that you can put a stop to the incessant bird chirps... perhaps

Hehehehe, this is ONLY the beginning!


hahahah.... i have them all... well almost...

the tools i need to post and have fun...

i have cable modem, adobe photoshop, iMovie, Toast Titanium, Quartz Graphics

all i need now is Final Cut Pro 3 and Mac OS X 10.2

now to work on my movie
So Im cleaning out my car this morning -
and there are these kids that show up.
after Im done I ask " What grade are you guys in? "
and they say - seventh, seventh, nineth.
I laugh.
then one of them asks : " Are you a Teacher? "
I ask him : " Why do you ask that? "
He says : " Because you look like one. "

. . . . .

nothing says broken dreams like the eyesight of a seventh grader.
I said : " I wanted to be. " - and then went inside.
hahaha. nice one bradbury.

in the eighties, i had the cool hair, the cool clothes, i listened to cool music, and hell i'll go as far to say that i was cool.
the nineties is the most embarrassing decade for me. my clothes. my hair. most of my music. and me especially. oh dear god.

September 05, 2002

Why the hell I just posted that....I'll never know.
Saturday night I was downtown
Working for the FBI
Sitting in a nest of bad men
Whiskey bottles piling high

Bootlegging boozer on the west side
Full of people who are doing wrong
Just about to call up the DA man
When I heard this woman singing a song

im all all about the playen games all night, but i take it to the extreeem with steven and zuber we played it all day... then night...THEN day.... then a mid afternoon sleep ( 2 or 3 hours ) then to work for them and me watch movies .... yeah.... im off to play the sex, yeeeeup.


Hey, you think the mint bush was a stupid idea... just ask mr. james about what he was eatin' when we went camping...

--before any of you sickies get any thoughts, i'll fill in the answer: grass. that's right, he would pluck grass from the campground and stick it in his mouth, like a Pa bear on that hillbilly bears cartoon that i see once in a while on cartoon network...

i'm sorry, but yes, while the mint bush was rather nasty in retrospect... at least i wasn't suckin' down the collected years of urine (both human and animal), car byproduct, trash, and campground sex.


I stayed up as well, playing games... though probably not as long as you did... i was up playing a 50-stock game of four person Super Smash Bros Melee...

almost won it too... stupid school and work is really pulling me away from mah playin'
So. For my twenty first birthday I got, for the first time in my entire life - a usefull present that I actually needed - and it was by PURE ACCIDENT - Ive been meaning to stop by KMART and get a new cdplayer for my car and what do my parents get me? A creative NOMAD - ( mp3 player ) - sweet.
so all night ive been transferring CDs over to my system, then when I go to sleep - oh, they get transferred over to my nomad.

I don't want to know where you put the post....
when i think about you i post myself
in the 80's i had a radio, a real bad hair cut and nowhere to go, except aladins castle and eckerd drug....


i stayed up all night long and played computer all true men should do. and now i have to work an 8 hour day. fuck. woo.
energy drink high for me. ye-up.

i ate tuna tonight.

sure do love those mint bushes.

i have to go pee now. ;)

A chronologically fucked up post or a reverse chronologoical fine and dandy?
looks like this is how it's going to be, buddy. until I talk to blogger and figure out wtf is going on.

September 04, 2002

Aaron, I like Orbital, and I listen to them, but not I don't really
know any of their music by name.

Got into a car accident today. Was great.
I wasn't driving, of course -- but anyways, the cop got there and said he
couldn't make a report because it was on private property.
So we're going to deny that the driver did indeed back up into the Cadillac..
since there's no police report to prove otherwise =)

Lots of interesting things happened to me in small proportions.
More should happen tomorrow.
Life is beginning to catch my interest again.

On another note.
Me and Zuber are comin from his house. We drive by AM/PM and
lo and behold there's this amazingly hot chica outside of her car by the
tire pump station. So I wave, and she waves back. Yeah yeah big deal.
Then we're sittin here watchin her, being heterosexual males and all...
and she waves at us again.
Hot damn.
So we bomb through the intersection and take a left into the gas station,
catching her just before she leaves.
"Is that your boyfriend?" I yell over David's loud car.
I see her lips moving but nothing coming out.
Then tell David to turn off his damned engine.
She says "No that's not my boyfriend but I do have a boyfriend!"
"Can I have your phone number anyways?"
So she hops outta the car, comes over, says Hi to me and I get her
phone number in my cell phone.
Her name is Randi.
Hot damn -- Granted I'm already hung over another chica, but tha's
fine. I still got it and I'm still gonna call it and still gonna try and get
her to come out and play with us =P
dolphins-suck it.

anywho-i passed my room expection, appraisals and progress checks, and today i passed open ranks dispite a shitbaG UNiform---AND NORCROSS DID NOT!!!!!! HAHAHAHHAAAA!

you all dont know Norcross, but he acts and looks like aaron. heh. funzo.

as usual, i have nothing interesting to post-so i will just fad e a w a y . ... . .. . .

ooh i went bowling for my FIRST TIME EVER tonight.
how dumb.

Edit: ya I forgot to add it was with people I didn't even know. I mean, I knew the Warped Tour people better than these kids. If you can even imagine that.

September 03, 2002

Aw, Jeff, I always wished I was a teen in the '80s.
I could so rock the whole "Molly Ringwald" look. and I could date a young John Cusack. :D
The soundtracks to the brat pack movies, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, U2, the Replacements, Billy Idol, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Bruce Springsteen, John Cougar Mellencamp... all good stuff.

Speaking of the Mariah Carey movie, I watched the Britney Spears one the other day. I kinda liked it. One point in it shocked me just a *little* bit. The ending managed to suck though.


There is nothing better than the Simpsons on DVD...

ah thank god for the Second Season--especially when you have no cable tv
I don't know what's going on with the order of the board, but either way, I have a question for Steve since he seems to listen to a lot of Trance. Steve, do you know which Orbital CD the song "Funny Breaks" is on, if any? Or maybe some compilation it might be on?


Yeah, i tried putting things in chronological order... and it didn't work... and it looks as if it still hasn't worked. I've even tried viewing it on several different browsers...

--which i'd also just like to say, Netscape 7.0 actually rules--so far. Finally i get tabbed browsing that works...--

okay, anyway, if you hadn't noticed... it seems to do this thing where it will post say... wednesday, above thursday, even though it is supposed to be thursday, then wednesday, then tuesday, and so forth... however, i realized... it only does that when the post comes from 11:00 at night or after until 12:00, when the new day starts...
at least, 11:00 seems to be around the current cut-off mark...

just a thought... you should mention it to blogger james.

that is all for now.
The board is now chronological for each day.

September 02, 2002

My car is a 93 Ford Tempo, I would have checked today but I had the all too important task of breaking up with my girlfriend (I fear this may give James a chance to make fun of me just as he's always wanted.), so by the time I got back it was too dark to see. Thanks for the advice Bradbury.

James, why Sept. 4 to start drinking? I think the only reason I don't drink is that the taste of alcohol about makes me want to vomit. That's why the first time I drank something that doesn't taste like alcohol, but contains it, I began to down it inadvertantly at the same rate I do soda. Eight Mike's Hard Lemonades in 40 minutes if you've never drank before is a poor idea, at least for me. The story goes that I began to lecture my friends eight year old sister on the meaning of life and vomited in a houseplant. I woke up to some anonymous crackwhore falling off of the couch on top of me and with the worst hangover ever. Thus my first, and last experience with alcohol.

I really don't know why I shared all that... oh well... peace.
i post therefore i am
i bought star wars galactic battlegrounds. its age of empires with storm troopers. but its currently more fun than aoe becaus eits new to me. yeah.

i hate late fees at video rental places. i had run up one to the tune of 15 bucks. leaches. fuckers.

i cannot stress enough how much i hate mcdonalds.
That's Mr. R's older brother you just pissed off.....
1. i will fix the way in which the " day posts " go
2. i will make a new template for the board.
3. these things will be done by the time I begin drinking ( aprox. sept 4th )

hehe, well first let me say OH SWEET FUCKING JESUS NOT THE PINK LOOSE SLUGS TEMPLATE!!!!!!!!!! it was wierd going into the lybrary having people look at you looking at a PINK thing with some guy with a flower for an eye!!!!!

i just pissed off mightmuff93 anyone have ideas who he is, if not BUG THAT PERSON TOO =)

back to utopia. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, maby ill play some DA
Getting your wisdom teeth removed does indeed suck....but then they give you vicadin or some other good narcotic, and that makes the whole thing much more entertaining....

Re: What i just said

Ignore everything i said about fixing the way the board posts... i tried that... it screwed up... then screwed up again... so i'm stuck reading it backwards from bottom to top, as are all of you...

however, i changed the template... originally a change that was supposed to go hand-in-hand with the fix to the posts... that didn't pan out...

it has, however, left me with an urge to try again to learn html and whatnot, and create a template... so that is what i'm going to try and do during my interim and off times... i will learn html... hopefully...

then make a template that is something closer to the original template than these current ones are...

i hate these cut & paste templates that we are forced to use at the moment. Hell, i'd even be happy with that pink slugs template we had for about a day that james made.

Addendum 2

Just as an extra thing... i fixed the way the board displays the posts, so that they are chronologically placed... cause i'm getting damned tired of having to read backwards...

This is for those who aren't "apt" enough to figure out why they don't see any new posts...

if you still can't figure it out after this little note, well then... you are really stupid, and i don't think anything can help you out.

It may take a bit for the board to start posting things correctly, i'm not sure... so if it seems muddled... then wait...
and if it's still muddled... oops.

Oh my geezus....

During this past week, i have watched quite a bit of tv and movies... as i am currently watching after my girlfriend since she had her wisdom teeth pulled out...

which also left me with the distinct impression that i will never willingly have mine pulled... you will have to seriously put a gun to my head...

am i afraid of the pain? nope. then what? -- simple... the blood... i saw so much blood... and i'm fine with blood, till i start to see it pour out of someone's mouth...

i'll get them done anyway... but i won't be wanting to eat afterword...

anyway, now that i'm off topic, i will attempt to verge back onto my topic of movies...

i saw "Glitter" on Saturday...

Yes by choice. I wanted to see it so that i could determine if something out there was worse than last year's "The Fast and the Furious"...

jury is still out on that one... but i will say that it made me want to rip out my spleen and choke Mariah Carey with it...
Everything you've probably heard about how horrid the movie is, it's entirely true...

i became quite sick at the number of scenes where Ms. Carey was the only one able to "sing well" in a crowd of people. It also had too many scenes from the 80's, which reminded me why i am so fortunate to not have been an adolescent/teenager during those terrible times...

then i remembered how my mother would only listen to 80's music in the car before the time when i could drive... no wonder much of my early teen years were troubled... who's wouldn't be? seriously?

And of course there were the other cliché characters in the movie: the two best friends who get left behind by the aspiring and finally noticed star, the "shining-knight" who notices her and brings her out of her despair to become a great star, the mother who had to give up her baby and who is later found at the end, the "bad-guy" who wants only money, the producers and big-ticket album makers who try to make her be what she "doesn't want to be".

... ooooh, and then there was the cut-scenes with glitter or fireworks as transition... WTF? that and the city-scapes... every other transition, i got to see the tops of New York buildings and bridges... well i guess i can canceled that planned trip to New York now, as i've seen every fucking building i could have wanted to see...

there were no point to those buildings... NONE. Now, some might remember jimmoi's tirades about how the flying whales from Fantasia 2000 were pointless... and may think that it's the same thing going on here... that i'm just ranting and "ten planes in china" and all that...

but hell no... you watch and you tell me if the buildings made any sense... i even tried to make them make sense... but no...
i could at least make the flying whales make sense, but not those buildings...
What kind of car, and can you tell where exactly the fluid is coming from?
Not always the easiest thing to tell, as when it leaks it will streak down the underside of the car when you drive. Things can get....gooey, for lack of a better term.

It might be something simple enough for you to do yourself, like a leaky cooler line; or something slightly more complicated, like a bad pan gasket. About 90% of the time it's going to be a cooling line on the pressure side that starts puking fluid.

If crawling under it with a flashlight doesn't show where the leak is, try parking over spread out newspapers; when you move the car you should be able to see where it's been dripping.
Heh, funny.

I brought up dolphin's to James the other night in a less detailed, and short..convorsation.

Aaron -- I lack knowledge, equipment (For actual DJ'ing [mix, scratch, warp, etc], not computer stuff)
and patience.


One last thing that i want to say for tonight before bed.

Thank you.

It has been some time since i have thought about such things... as life-stressors have been getting to me... but it has felt quite good to stretch my mental limbs, even if for but a moment...

and the board... yeeup... quite a good read lately.

A quick short answer to james' query about life and answers...

you are NOT supposed to have answers... in fact, if you are finding more questions and less answers as you get older... then damnit, you're doing quite well in life... better than others i would argue.

what the hell would you do if you had your answers? seriously. What would you do?


Well, I certainly have missed out on quite a number of interesting posts in the last couple of weeks. That's what happens when your internet access is taken away as a result of moving... and when you go from the luxury of Ethernet to 56k... blah. Thankfully, i'm getting a 128K DSL or something like that, next week.

There was so much said about Souls, Intellegence, and Language, and I can hardly remember it all... so i'll try to throw in as much as i can recall, and people can get back to me on what seems to be missing or incomplete.

First off... this idea of "Self-Awareness"-- we'll i hate to break it to you james, but we (humans) are not the only ones in which are believed to be "aware"...

So are Dolphins... and evidence would indicate that yes, even infants... really young infants, have the beginnings of self-awareness--- not surprising considering that they do develop self-awareness when they reach an older age.

I have always defended that dolphins were smart animals, far smarter than some give them credit for, and smarter than even supporters would believe... and here is why:

Dolphins have been seen to be "aware" of themselves when confronted with a mirror. The exact details of the mirror experiments escape me, but the basic bottomline is that show a dolphin an image of itself in a mirror, and it can differentiate between itself and another dolphin. Furthermore, it will spend different amounts of time looking at itself versus looking at an image of another dolphin.

It would seem that vanity is an offshot of "self-awareness".

Now, this is not an argument that dolphins are as "aware" as we are. However, it does go a ways toward attacking the belief that humans are the only creatures capable of the feat of "self-awareness". With that said... self-awareness is indeed a feat. There is no arguing that... at least not at the present time.


Dolphins, like humans, and a very small select amount of species, mostly, if not entirely chimps or primates of other kinds, engage in both recreational sex and homosexual acts. I cannot explain why this is important at the moment, but it actually does stand out as important... i will more than likely formulate the reasoning for why its important later.

Now, much as i explained how we have come to believe that dolphins have some sort of self-awareness, be it rudimentary or not, that is how we have come to believe that young, young infants have self-awareness. The mirror. Believe it or not, the mirror is perhaps one of the most powerful tools for the testing of self-awareness. (I would argue that the mirror as an invention, was perhaps just as important for human beings as fire would have been, or the wheel.)

(Now, before i continue, i will say that i am neither supporting or denying evolution or creationism... i'm just stating it as how i understand things... without putting my personal beliefs into it... i may do that later...)

If you want to take the dogma of evolution... then consider this...

During the early phases of conception and fetal development, the fetus goes through the process of growing and maturation. Biologists and doctors have long noted that (by looking at it through the evolutionist's eyes), the fetus matures along phylogonical (i think that's the right word) lines. By this i mean that one can see the path of evolution of humanity by watching the stages of human fetal development. Phylogeny recapitulates ontology (or something like that... i forget the actual phrase, but it's something really close to that.)

Wouldn't the same go for mental growth...

many researchers would say yes, and it would appear so...

The structure of the human mind, as many more advanced mind structures of other animals, shows this similarity. There are two parts of the brain... the old reptilian brain, and the more advanced mammalian brain... the mammalian brain being an extension, an upgrade, of the older brain... yet we still carry the old... and as we mature, it is the mammalian brain that grows...

why is this important...

well... now consider what i mentioned earlier... about an infants early "awareness"... think of the young infant as a symbol of the way we were thousands of years ago as adults... even millions of years ago...

imagine that neanderthal, as it approached a pool of water... a pool of crystal clear water, and it saw itself... and for a moment, it stared at itself... almost... just almost touching upon itself mentally... coming to a clear realization... but for just a moment, before turning away...

that is the infant mind...

and it evolves... only the evolution from the infant awareness to adult awareness takes place during the beginning of modern human lifetimes.

There was more i wanted to say about all that... but it is late, and my thought processes are severly lacking at the moment...

but the point of that spiel? simple... if you believe, as someone mentioned earlier... that a soul is linked to self-awareness, that would almost mean that a soul could be obtained through evolution...

do i believe that... well that is not important, as i'm only giving this information to clear up somethings for the moment.

i will say though, that i believe that if you are going to say that an infant does not have a soul due to a lack of self-awareness... then you are wrong, or at least to me it would seem like your taking a fallacious stance.

i would argue that if souls are linked to self-awareness... it is still possible for the infant to have a soul...

first for the fact that infants do have a rudimentary type of self-awareness... think of it this way... for them, it must be like first waking up from a long nap, especially one with a particularly vivid dream... the infant is experiencing, and using, its ability for understanding awareness for the first time... its new, as is life to it... of course it will have some trouble processing this new notion of "i exist outside of others... outside of the environment... i am one onto myself..."

two... and here is where it gets more muddled... is where language comes into play...

it is still possible for infants to have a soul and they are simply unable to express that to us. Language allows us to understand what another is contemplating...

without the ability to "speak" with infants, we are unable to ask if they understand themselves separate from others...
{DAMNIT...i totally lost where i was going with my line of thought...}

okay... i can't recover my thoughts... that's what i get for waking up early today... okay...

hmm, so i will end this post prematurely... there is definitely more that i will say later today after sleep... and probably some i will correct...

so if it seems like my arguments are missing key points... that's understandable...

but i will say at the moment, that--James, i would seriously consider dropping the argument of self-awareness equalling having a soul if you wish to say that animals have no souls... because i feel that there are some holes with that argument...

kinda like when people believed that they had souls and intellegence and such because we where the only ones to use tools...

until a woman named Goodall went and made us all feel a little less "special".

To be continued...
man o man. Well we found the church, still had the " to darken our dorway, is to lighten your burden " sign. we drove by to make it look like we were pullen around * because there was a car there * and then drove to safeway to plan, upon pulling up me and Napster unscrewd the casing, got the lightbulb put it to the side and left a note saying " we darkend your doorway, does this mean our burden is lightend??? " Crew of the NMA.

AFter that we dropd off napster and saw this nice mailbox the redeamer wanted to bite its teath into, so we drove up, GOT REEEEEEEEEEEALY close and i smacked it right down the middle.... got it good, but ... it got stuck and MR R decided to pull out and well.... the door got my right hand good, but the part you open the door with, bit into my left thumb =( so that was the end of mail box smachen. Maby later we bring MR R on the JOE FUNZO EGG SMASH ATHON =)
Buckethead is amazing.
The new Guns N Roses are a good lineup of players.
I wasn't too enthralled with Axl's performance. Maybe because I expect so much different out of him. So much more.
I thought that the new Guns and Roses were awesome. Indeed, they now have Tommy from the replacements, but the fact is, they have a guitar VIRTUOSO in the band now with Buckethead, as he showed in his rearrangement of the guitar solo in Paradise City. I've liked Buckethead since his first solo album, and he alone gives me a reason to buy Chinese Democracy when it comes out.

And although Eminem's performance was nice, I actually prefer it when there are other performers on stage with him. It gives him just a bit more presence. However, there was one rapper there who doesn't need that entourage to have presence, NAS... too bad he only did one verse from "One Mic" and had Ja Rule and Ashanti, the no talent ass clowns, accompany him.

And Steven, awhile ago you said you were interested in remixing and composing and what not. Just wondering what's preventing you from doing it?

Bradbury, about how much do you think it would cost to have a transmission fluid leak in my car fixed? Thought you might know.

Oh, and umm... I'd like some critiques of my music but it seems doesn't like me and is no longer existent. So if any of you have some freetime on AIM, I could use a second,third, and possibly even fourth opinion. My SN for those of you that don't already have it is: Self DeNihil. A pre-emptive thanks.