October 20, 2002

Do a little dance, make a little post. . .

Woo - hoo. Now, if I'd bothered to plan this out, my story would be better. But I didn't. So it's not.

My brother and his wife live in a really exclusive ghetto part of town. They seem to be on the verge of divorce really happy with the way things are going for them right now - they just had their second bastard child, and seem to be adjusting quite well. They both smoke work a lot of pot and really hard for what they have freeloaded , and I'm very pround of them.

My dad has a fat new girlfriend. She was one of my mother's fat friends from back in the day. They are very close in wieght , but it's going to be funny when they're physically around one another because she's so much fatter shorter than him.

My sister's a bitch,

and that is the update on my family.

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