October 24, 2002

Bradbury- he has already gone back to the same place once this snipper has no (code) if you will he is doing anything and anyone he want when he wants... I'm not saying your wrong but my thoughts are that he is just playing games with the cops and wants some $ I could see someone like James getting laid off, asking you for a gun (you ask why -but its James he'll find a way to get it), and snipping people for the hell of it, then thinking hey I could get some $ out of this I think ill try that! damn you James! stop snipping people.

wow like any of you care I'm back on the board not that many of you know me or care to I'm Mr. R and ill be here for some time making my little side notes and stuff.

BTW mike Collins is a ass he has faked being sick for sometime now and he plays it off of his mom...the second I get him alone oh hes going to get it in the ass!!!

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