November 30, 2000

Well my dearest Josephine, my sinserest appolloygollgeez to you, I didnot mean to destroy your kristmas spirit, if you would like I will pretend that I never said anything about it at all and will even say that you thought of it first, I will also tell others that the onkology dep. kopied you, will this help to ease the pain? Anywho... howdid you enjoy the presentation of the snail today? kwite entertaining no? I kant wait for the sequel...

Max, I must also extend my sinserest appolageez to you as well, I never intended to smash your feelings into a little pastey pulp, I believe you would best remember me as the good dok who hit on you whilst you were online under your brothers aol akkount name. I would also like to make it known to you that your brother [mud] is trying to pass other people off as you... although quite unsucksesfully.

Mr.Bradbury, I believe I may have had the pleasure of making your aquaintens at one point and time, however to my dismay I canst remember when. Praytell, what yeer deed yu gradgeeate frum beethell hi skuul? [im doing my best with the bethel edumakation i has reseeved]

James, the pully thing will never go over, AT ALL, so dont try it kuz it aint gonna happen like you think... what are you going to do when you miss the 'target' and hit something else not quite so pleasent if you catch my drift?

Alas, I shall now retire for the evening, I have a competition for tomarrow that i must be in sound mind [or as close as possible] to be able to argue properly.
Remember kiddy's ALL good children go to Heaven....
don't feel bad, i figured out who you are right away....(duh?!?!?!?!)

sorry, just, well, the check is a lot bigger than I'm used I bought a new computer today.....and I still have plenty of money left over for billz and xmas......2,500 bucks is a lot of molah for a month, when you have next to no billz.......
so when we go pb'ing, I guess I'm buying paint for people.....
hhmmmmm.........scroll lock......I think (not sure) that it's used in DOS based TelNet and that sort.

and those ZapMe bullshit computers DON'T go through bess-proxy----but the link at BHS is like 56k cause the (coax) line goes right over a bunch of light fixtures (60-cycle hum like crazy) but ZapMe does filter content (supposedly) the only problem is because they are outside maintained we (district tech) can't touch them :( and the union won't do anything about it.
so.....Dr Jekyll....who are you?
to answer your question: I am a BHS grad, I went to school with all these weirdos (i don't know who all of them are either). Now I work for Bethel School Dist. as a computer/AV/telecom technician. the "N" stands for Nick (Nicholas) any questions?
i feal hurt man...HURT .... you dont know who i am??? im ... im MMMEEE!
oh....who are u?? u is m and t is u so i is me and u is t....ya.... well im not muds bro... u?
well.... i suck a frames... and tables ....i hate learing HTML....PB PB PB PB PB PB PB PB PB PB PB PB PB wwwhheeennn! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! =((((( heh ... how old do we hafta be for the housing and are there whores?? whores are good.... yes yeesss yyeeesss whores......well um...ya.......*points at the screen* STOP MOCKING ME!! SSTTTOOOPP. go work on my suckky ass web go by by.

National Moo Association
I quess.... i dunno....
GRRRRRRRRRR!!! Damn that Dr. Jekyll!!! I thought up the bestest and also most wonderful idea in the whole wide world last night, and she's been doing it for years!!! You see, I am making a first aid tree for which to put our secret santa presents under. There is going to be a glove at the top as a star, roller bandage garland, and also an odd assotment of bandaids and gauze for the orniments. It would be so much fun, but her damn oncology department does the same thing every single year, and Miss Hyde is in charge of it! Damn her!!! You hear that? Damn you!!!

$10 Housing. Low-income, homeless, d-violence, bad credit.

In case you don't understand the "d" stands for domestic. That's right, if you can put up with the screams of a woman getting beat down the hall, you can have a roof under your head for only 10 dollars a month. Can you beat that? I didn't think so. Anyways, if you're interested, I can give you the number for the house if you want.

For all of you that go to Bethel, you know about those computers in the library, the "Zapme" ones that don't work? Well they work, normally this wouldn't be that big of a deal, except that they have a satellite connection and no BESS. YES!!!! I can go anywhere in the world. Now on to bigger and better things, if we want to talk about computer "shit" then we can, we were here before you Slim. I haven't seen computer games be the subject of a post in a long time anyways, so I don't know what you're worried about. Now I'd like to get pissed off and rant about somethign stupid. WTF does a scroll lock do? All keyboards have one, but I've never seen one on. Therefore I must concur that they are in fact useless pieces of shit, and that they have no purpose to exist. Therefore I rally you all to my banner, boycott the evil scroll lock. Duct tape over the indicator light and rip the key from your keyboards, if you don't, you're headed straight for hell. (I figure if that gets people to go to church, it'll probably get them to rip a key off their keyboards, right?) Now that that's done with, I will laugh at Slim for getting hit on by a "heffer". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

November 29, 2000

Hazzah!!! Its about time that I got this blasted thinggy to work... not too fond of kumputers you know. I would like to take the oppertunity to thank the lovely vanna... i mean james...for the privilage of joinin the slug parade. Next I would like to finally say that I dont know who the hell half these people are on here, I know like 4 and one is me little brother, slim, and I know whitty, or tube as he used to be so fond of being labled, and of coarse our dear founder the good mud, as well as my dearest kumpanion my lab-partner extrordinar Josephine. So I just pose one question, who the hell are all of the other slugs?
With that I believe I am finished, remember, all good children go to heaven....
man o man, i got more time to write now, so ill tell you more about them sexual favors stuff. ok? at lunch today, oh my god. i goes to buys myselves somes breadsticks and with the extra quarter left, BAM!!!!!! -zebra cake. then since i was early, i walked around for a minute and go to sit at the usual spot, when BLAMO!! jaiymez leaps out from the corner, and tries to punch me. so there's a huge fight, crowd and everything, money bets going on in the background kinda stuff, children being left by their fathers on foreign shores..... anyway, we resolve that, and sit down. everyone gets their and, i think they were some friends of jeykes or something, along comes two heffers. im not talking your typical moomoo heffer, im talking nasty ass skanky fucking cracked out whorish beer belly gutter slut homo-erotic diesel dykes that were so fat that they would need to be rolled in dough to find the wet spot.
and if they were to be fucked anyway, they probability that your penis would shrivel up and die while infecting you with gaynegrean(dont correct me on the spelling, you know what i mean). imagine freddy crougar, only fat... now have sex with him; that's better for ya. anyway, these heffers walk up and the talk to jeyke and stuff when the heffer rears its bulbous head my way and moos something that sounded like "youre cute". this is when i pretended to be asleep, even though she saw me talking to jaiymez a minute ago. now, as she's over here, shes stuffing her face with a sundae. she starts mooing for a while more then realizes no one is paying attention. so yet ago the thing looks at me, and says something to the affect like "i have nuts in my mouth" (from the sundae), i think if she hates me she'll leave, so i say "that's not surprising". at this she got a bit upset and decided to wipe some nuts on me which i wiped on castro's binder, and then he spilled marinara sauce all over the wall/floor/books/papers. then she left, and i was able to eat my zebra cake without fear of being raped by the fat whore.

this is slim jayee signin.

BTW we going to go to OP or what for PB this time? cuz i got some new moves for OP=) off them cars and stuff ... muhahaha... um and on the subject of Pokeymon.... its not made for YOU to watch it was made for little kids. The little kids i know love that stuff so shaddap maby you shouldent spend your time watching it if yu dont like it ... gez.

well.... night... i guess " Nobody snuggles with Max Powers, you strap your self in and ffeeell the breezz! "

National Moo Assosiation
= o- - - huh? would someone inform me who slim jayee is??? btw hay whens PB? i wanna get my 3 friends to come and killem .. bhwhhahahaha well.... i was forced to make a thank you letter in school to people that i was absent too.... i told the teacher it was not right to be forced to write a thank you letter for something u didnt see .... i think its just wrong.... WRONG!!!!.... ug..... sleep...? what doust thy speek of sleep?

Update on Not mud's hostage takeing
Well.. i killed him already.... happy?? =P

National Moo Assosiation .... you will feal its power....

ok well.... me go work on my site.. anyone know anything about frames? or borders?

and rember ..... to lash out on a teacher proves that they have you just where they want you...
Alright, I'm starting this post with a gawd-damned fucking simple son-of-a-bitch request. now listen up crackers, NO MORE GAWD DAMNED COMPUTER GAME SHIT!!!! I come on here and its pokemon this and pokemon that... gawd damn. those of you who dont, i appreciate it.
OK, now on to jaiymez up there, for one it was a persimmon not a fucking perricot you moron. second, i didnt say it was rude, any [girl] who looks that much like a guy... well, use your imagination (if you know leigh oliver).
now, ive noticed as time goes on, more and more frequently im offered sexual favors (not even conspicuosly either!). today, the count went up to six. they werent bad either, in fact if i was a man without principle, who knows what i might have done....
example: chris something or other (homo) was coming up to me to do something, while doing this he was reaching down low (you know, down there). so i yelled, "DONT YOU TOUCH MY GAWD DAMNED PENIS!!". then came a reply from the stairs. "can i touch your penis?" with that i asked her for the time and went on my way.
now for the gutter story (for the persimmon). jaiymez was trying to get people to eat it and he tried to convince him that back in the day that indians used to eat then. so he tried doing it to someone and then i cut him off and told the real story of the indians and the persimmon fruit....
you see, a long while ago (about 1985) when litter became a huge contributor of pollution in this country and people got lazy and threw garbage out their windows. they didnt expect something to come of it, but it turned out that it formed a potent fertilizer, however, only one fruit would grow from it......... the PERSIMMON!!!! now seeing as indians are lazy trailer trash (except for them casino owning ones, then they just dress dirty. but speaking of casinos, i saw a billboard on the ride home that i thought read "our sluts are red hot" when in all reality it said slots not sluts) they had no mone... i mean that wanted to live from the land, so well passed out in a gutter one night, an indian awoke to find the strange fruit shoved up his bum. since he was cracked out anyway, he had the munchies and decided to try it. and you see thats why persimmons give you cotton mouth, representing the sacred indian "peace pipe" (aka bong). and that is a true american heritage story, of the indian and the persimmon.

once again pleased to educate the crackers, this is slim jayee signin

I'd just like to point out that BG2 is hella-addictive, yes, Hell-addictive :: Hence my recent lack of posting. I will make up for this by telling you but three things that happened to me today and/or that I witnessed. The first one being that I ran into a girl who had a journal, upon asking her what the journal was she said it was 'for her friends.' I was bored, I wanted to write, and so I basically made her journal into a advertisement. Jump for joy - we might have newcomers coming to look around and say "wow, what a bunch of dumbfucks." Be sure to post something to think just that. The second was that I was wandering through the hallways trying to get people to eat ( AND BECAUSE I CANNOT REMEMBER IT'S NAME, IT SHALL BE CALLED ) Pericot. It's not pericot, but it's something. anywho, she was crying - her boyfriend (15) was thinking about leaving her(17). My immediate reaction / our conversation, went something like this:
Me: Why you crying?
Her: My boyfriend is thinking about breaking up with me. (sniffle)
Me: Oh. How old is he?
Her: What's that? (sob) [she's refering to the pericot]
Me: It's pericot, how old was he?
Her: (squibble, yes squibble) Why do you have that, pericot?
Me: You want some? How old is he?
Her: Sure... he's fifteen.
Me: How old are you?
Her: Seventeen
Me: Are you going to go to college?
Her: (slurgh) yes.
Me: Is he going to college?
Her: yes.
Me: Are you going to the same college?
Her: I dont know. (cry)
Me: Exactly. I Dont NO. you take off the I don't part and you get your answer, just say no. forget him, he's stupid, it's nothing, get on with life.
Her: .....
Mind you, Jake, and J.D. called me rude. And that's not exactly how it went, but to my recollection, thats how it went - and I cut out J.D. with his "it came from the gutter" horror stories. That was number two, the third thing was my journal entry. I know, you've all read it - but for those who havent, I'm going to post it here, and then leave... so, here goes.
Today hasn't started off on a good note. Guh. I'll probably stay after to do loffer-work. Hoo-bloody-rah. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking : " He doesn't know what I'm thinking, and if he can... I'll think of baboon ass. And then he'll think of baboon ass. And I'll laugh.
That's it. Great huh? I thought so. I'll stick it in some book some day.. who knows. Ok, BG2 time.
I just wanted to post telling all of you that if you have the oppurtunity to come see the play at Bethel, DON'T DO IT!!!. Thank you for your time.
I agree with Jeff, after thanksgiving sales, are indeed incredibly stupid. Every member of my family except me and my brother fell victim to them though. Anyways, I don't have much time so I'm going to end with an incredibly large HR.

November 28, 2000

SUBjECT: The after-thanksgiving sale stupidity

Ahem. First off i'd like to say, "Are you happy james, i finally am posting something on your blogger thing."

Now then, on to the subject at hand. There are many things stupid in this world: Hotwheels Car Collectors, Jim Carrey, smoking, eating raw sewage, Jim Carrey, etc. I'd like to address one that I have a direct and personal link to: The after-thanksgiving stupidity that seems to grip the entire world in its utter stupid frenzy. Every year there seems to be a ritual in which we eat till we look like the Macauley family after a dog feast (this would be thanksgiving day), and then for the next two days, the world apparently works off the poundage by acting like monkeys on crack, running around to store after store shopping for items they don't really need. And why? All because they are on sale. Yippie! Tell me why on earth we all need to go out and fight for a bar of soap that is markdown by 20 cents. And if you think this is all in my head, well then your wrong.

Case in point. A journalist was out by an area Walmart covering the after-thanksgiving sale. (The first problem i see with this is why the hell he wasn't out covering something far more important like wars in the middle east, or the food shortages of afgansitan, or the starving children of Boswania :). Here he is, his microphone clutched in hand, talking about the great sales as the doors are getting ready to open, at the ungodly hour of 5 in the morning. Suddenly the doors open, and what happens. Good ol' Mr. Journalist is mowed down by the frenzious rush of screaming shoppers, intent on getting that bottle of Clariol's Herbal Essences, at 10 percent off. Yeeup. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the stupidity of the after-thanksgiving sale.
heh eheh likey my hr? and you won't find that shit in any html guides....
that's what the tat on my right arm will be sorta like....gonna get that in a few weeks.....

November 27, 2000

was going to fucking post, gawd-damned blogger, just fucking trying to adjust the typing screen thingy, then.....BAM!!!! -delete. the fucking sons o' bitches. you waz all goings to here abouts the gospel according to slim jayee, but no GAWD DAMN YOU BLOGGER, YEAH YOU SEE THIS SHITHEAD? IM TALKING TO YOU, fucking SOB.

blasted Bradbury and your usage of HRs. I upstage WC and you go and pull a colored stunt like that? blah! .. I just wish to say this : BMG is GODLIKE and BG2 is SO FUN. haaah. yup. Im goin to sleep now. yes, early, but hey --- that means ill be awake for tomorrow.

blasted Bradbury and your usage of HRs. I upstage WC and you go and pull a colored stunt like that? blah! .. I just wish to say this : BMG is GODLIKE and BG2 is SO FUN. haaah. yup. Im goin to sleep now. yes, early, but hey --- that means ill be awake for tomorrow.
Well as long as you don't hurt his lil bro, mike I think his name is.....that little dude is good at paintball.....

And it looks like I might get paid at the end of this month....."There will be a Christmas after all this year, Johnny. Lord Jacoby has thrown us a pitance..." that could probly get me shitcanned......

Hey I like your little demonic reference in there Max. Reminds me of all those freaks who say if you play stairway to heaven backwards it has satanic references in it. My bro tried that in video productions his senior year, nothing.

So I am sitting here listening to Blue Man Group, wondering why I haven't just bought their CD, but then I realize: I am cheap. It's begun. I'm turning into my father. AND his father. The only two people I know who's vocabulary includes "buy" as a dirty word. You know, it's a little frightening. I actually caught myself the other day thinking "why the hell should I buy any CDs when I can download all the free music I want, over my slow-ass modem, and then spend even more time burning on to CDs that I get for 28¢ each?" Now I'ev made up my mind. I'm buying the damn BMG cd, and a bunch of others I've wanted. Fuck it. I'll just wait til after payday to be sure I have gas money come the end of next month. Damn gov't job only paying once a month. Anyhow I've also decided to buy an iMac for my parents, so they'll leave this PC alone and quit bitching about never being able to do anything because they can't figure it out......Then I'll get a G4 tower and move out, taking the PC and G4 with, leaving them with a nice, dependable iMac that does everything they need.....

Bringing me to my next, and final, piece. Today I didn'tr really have anything to do, only one work order and it was a printer I had to take over to the shop for the HP was an apple personal LW2, which uses the HP laserjet print then I was sitting around with nothing to do, and after enough of that I (bad move) went over to check on new work orders and ask (yet again) about the damn cell phone and keys I was supposed to have gotten the first damn day, and Patti (dir. of technology, my boss) sees me and says "go see JB he has a project for you." fuck. So I go into the little back room where for some reason the web and database servers are (instead of next door in the shop where every other server is) and JB has me get a box down off the highest shelf. So I think "cool, got off easy" but he tells me it's the worng box, and then we look until we find the right box, which, much to my dismay, is full of external video transceivers for the older rev iMacs that didn't have video out. I'm thinking he wants me to put one on some computer somewhere, since by union rules he can't, and then he tells me that every iMac in North Star El. gets one. that's like 125 computers. But then he clarifies that only one machine in each classroom gets one, cause they got projectors and can't connect them to the machines. That means 20 machines, as some rooms have G3 towers which already have video out. Then I read the directions and it's gonna take 20 minutes each machine for me to do this. Hmmm.....I'm thinking this is a bad thing. Well in the end I got help from another tech and it takes only around 12 minutes per machine. The moral of the story is this: You should never spend too much time reading a long boring story with no point and no lesson to learn, and if you did read all that damn are you bored cause I just about fell asleep typing that shit.
OMFG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! you think BeeGeeTeew sux!!! OMG OMFG!!! JOO=SUX0R who couldent past first lvl!!!! J00000000000000000000000 sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DDDDDDDIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! JOOO DIE YES YES DIE!!!!!!!! oh..... um

My damands have not been met.... and i have been sent a total of $2.00 .....w I AM NOT PLEASED!!!! Do not pay me and im going to cut off Not muds toes and force him to smoke them like small smoked sausage... now PAY ME!! or i shoot Not mud in each limb till i run out!! and i have new damandS........ thAt i geT to kill 4 no 6 ... no no ANYONE in my school !!!!

National Moo Assosiation

I haven't posted all weekend. EQ is dead for me, I'm cancelling my account, because I was informed that Neverwinter Nights is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!! I can't be sure this person is telling the truth though since he is James. Andrew Morgan? Napster? Anyways I'm no longer using horizontal rules, soon I will start something new, just as soon as I remember the tag. Mwa ha ha ha ha! And James, BG2 sucks ass.

November 26, 2000

Hmm....that newgrounds was pretty tight-didn't stay too long, but what I saw was cool.....check out
got some nice comic strips there. Think James was one who told me bout that....

Hey I had a rare original thought a little while ago.....
So I was going around turning on the xmas lights a little while ago right around dark.....There are quite a few this year, and they aren't all controlled via one breaker I was going around turning shit on, and I had this revelation. Ok, night paintball, but with those little xmas lights strung around everywhere......that would provide just enough light to prevent absolute confusion, but not enough light to make it very easy nonetheless.....figure the little variety of string lights are pretty tough, and could survive a direct hit from all but a point-blank shot. Maybe some of the ones that do patterns and shit........
Would that be a kick in the ass or what?

If you think about it life is weird, one thing that catches my attenion is the fact that man creates things in his image. Namely the computer. We like to tote ourselves to be more advanced than they are, but what are we really if nothing but organic machines. What is the difference between upgrading your computers graphics card and getting eyeglasses, or even more so getting a faster processor and getting a pacemaker. In the light of this we should realize that we are not superior by far but equal to most of the things we have created. And to N Bradbury, the thing that i am on is called life,literature and Videogames.
oh and here my newest acronym, and why is james the only on doing this its supposed to be a group effort. Also tell me what you thought of Newgrounds.

sorry mud, you're fucked bro.......
you ain't worth that much to us.......
I am holding Not mud hostage, if i am not paid a ransom of $$$40,000,000,000,000,000,00 I will kill him now.
And my damands are for each cow to be given their last words befor they become steak.
Same with the chickens but before the become yummy spicy tastey food.
All those damands will be meet or your beloved Not Mud WILL DIE

National Moo Association
Leader: MADMAN!!

Ok now try and do it without pausing, and at your normal speaking cadence.

And about paintball: the plan is over your guys' "winter" break, right? apposed to the rest of the district, I only get a total of four days off over break (xmas, xmas eve, new year's, new year's eve) two of those fall on normal weekends too.....
so if we could plan this out for a weekend day, I'd be able to attend, most likely with accompaniment. One of the people just broke his foot, so count him out. But my brother would most likely come, as would his girl's bro. Maybe his girl's dad. That would be fun, he was an airborne ranger.

My two ( but after reading Bradbury's post, three ) VERY important things to add today. The first statement is something I've realised early this morning and it is this : { WARNING, EXPLICIT MATERIAL FOLLOWING< DO NOT CONTINUE UNLESS OVER THE AGE OF 18< SKIP TO NUMBER TWO IF NOT ABOVE THE AGE OF 18< YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED} Never go pee in the morning, when you've had the great experience of having morning wood. It is a terrible, terrible experience that nobody should go through, man or woman. guh. And it's difficult to aim with the damn thing trying to point at your forehead the whole frikk'n time. guuuh! ok. NUMBER TWO : this is mainly for WhiteChocolate -- but BG2 IS TOTAL OWNAGE. OMG it is so fsking fun, it's unbelievable- -- and guess what? They allow you to port your BG2 character into NeverWinterNights! KICK FUCKING ASS. In fact Im going to go back to BG2 and beat the living shit out of this Beholder ( i never knew them things hurt SO MUCH ) after Im done with this post. And last, but not least -- neat color thing Bradbury, but what's the number? Because both me and my little sibling can do the color thing --- but neither of us would call the number because we dont know what it goes to. whee. ok, that's all.

November 25, 2000

Good luck.
If any of you can actually do this all the way through, call this number: (253) 756-2587

November 24, 2000

Super Nerd Actually Inspects Lazy Sons-of-bitches-like-you.
Underwear Never Implies Female Yardwork
Sandworms In Lansing, Lousiana : Yum.
Either Virgins Entertain Really Youthfull Boys... Or Die Young.
KoRn Excretes : Everyone Packs Shit.
Unless Kathy Ran And Nobody Is Alive. . . . . Nuke'em.
Lizard Expert Peter Emerson Raises Snakes.
wHoa.. hey.. DONT TOUCH ME! .. hEY! DOnT TOUCH ME! .. la la la, la la la, la . . DONT TOUCH ME!

OK I only have one question for you, napster: WHAT THE FUCK are you on? Seriously, what the hell.....I need to know so I can avoid it.......

Back to what I came here for:

When the hell are they going to port OS X for PCs? Damnit. I was promised OS X for PC. I mean, if I was that serious, I could get the beta and re-write it to work on PC unix instead of Mac UNIX, but first of all I'd have no clue how, second I don't care that much.

But what the hell? I think maybe Microsuck made a deal with Apple to keep them from doing it.....have you seen how MS is doing all this shit for OS now?
Hey all its me napster again, and ive gotta say that im reeling from the sheer amount of turkey and other delectable treats that i have consumed over the past day and a half. Anyways i was just sitting here thinking ( if you can call what goes through my head thought)
about nothing really when i thought heres something that would be fun, acronyms. Post words and make acronyms of them lets see just how many we can get ill start out and you people follow suit, you too james/markus. Heres the first couple

Well ok there you have it, ive started now you people finish, remember have fun with it. ANd if you think somebody wont know what the hell your talking about then more power to ya.

Spent all day hanging lights.

Still not even near done.

Tomorrow is another day, and all that's left is fairly close to the ground. I still haven't gotten around to changing the spark plugs on my truck, that's a good two-hour project. I want to by monday, these cold mornings suck with older plugs in. (large v-8s don't like the cold, more so when the plugs are funky.) Otherwise I have nothing to do but relax. That's the best thing about my new job: no outside effort required. The only problem is that during the week I'm too damn tired after work. Not that it makes all that much sense: how could fixing computers all day make you tired? I guess it's mental fatigue more than anything.

Metaphysics? Not quite. That's physics. Metaphysical dealing are beyond my current scope of giving a shit. But the principals of quantum physics are behind 99.999% of modern electronics. Almost all transistorized circuits are designed with this knowledge. Not to mention all TV's and monitors. Letsee here, also the computers we are doing this on: CPU's have such small wiring now, the designers deal with individual electrons. As do bus controllers, etc, etc.

I agree with Natalie: working with incompetent and/or lazy and/or just plain stupid people really does suck. But it seems that the rest of us are outnumbered by a good margin. The gene pool is growing shallower by the moment. Like watching the inbreeds across the street today. The one little idiot has a chainsaw. Not really sure where he got it, as none of the people in their family works. They live completely on the government ticket, plus whatever the ten or so people living in their small house pay them. It couldn't be much, as none of them seem to work much either. Anyway back to the story. So there's this little moron, with a chainsaw, a Husqvarna with about a 20" bar (retail of about $800) and they have this whole pile of uncut, unsplit firewood. So instead of just cutting it into manageable size pieces and splitting it, the dipshit in question is cutting it all down to size with the saw. At one point one of his little cronies yells out "oh, come on, you pussy!" I'm just waiting for the blood-curdling scream and shouts of "9-1-1, 9-1-1!!!!!!" It never comes. So by about 3:30, it's plainly evident from the smell wafting on the breeze that these boneheads don't understand the need for bar oil. What bar oil does is keep the chain and bar lubricated and thereby cool. Well when I can smell the chain cooking from 400 feet away, it's a little too late to save the temper of the chain. Then I hear an older female voice yell "hey, where's that camera? I need to get a picture of him working for once!" So this'll probably be how they'll spend their day tomorrow, also. Judging by the size of the pile left to cut, they might be at it for weeks. As none of them goes to school, either, I mean weeks of full days spent half-ass working on this. Of course, we have to take into account the fact that their saw will most likely die tomorrow sometime.

So anyway I'm just about done for now.....
Anybody who likes serious dramas and animation shorts that are serious and chalk full of violent goodness should go to NEWGROUNDS [ed/note: when you have an A=HREF you have to TYPE IN what you want the txt to link to will be named... eesh], there click on Toons and then go to serious. My reccomendations would either be To Kill an Assain (all three kick ass), The Little Jamurai, and Cold Revenge. Awsome animation combined with kickin soundtracks. Definately a must see
Hello again all its me napster, writing to post my bit of insight. Heres something to think about, Tolerance. This is never gonna help the world get rid of hate. Cause what does tolerance mean, when you get right down to it its just tolerate. And society usually deems it fit that you dont have to like something just tolerate it. This means that the hate that people are trying to rid of so dilligently through tolerance is always going to be there. What we should be promoting is not tolerance but acceptance.
oi james, thanks fer fixin me link. speaking of the great gatsby movie, i auditioned to be an extra for it. see, they're having this contest : three actors (1girl, 2boys) must send in a film of themselves performing a portion of the script that was used in the robert redford version. they're supposed to choose 4 winners at the high school level and 4 at the college level, i think. chances of winning are slim fer me group, cause the teacher made me work with some lazy mexican kid that wanted to play the part of tom in the audition tape. he didn't realize til after we'd edited and sent the tape that tom is NOT the story's protagonist. ("listen, chi-chi, you are supposed to be the bad guy. act mean. say that line with a sense of authority." "oh oh. you're right, natalie. i have to make the great gatsby know that i am the man. i am the good man, and he is like the dirt of my sandal. gatsby is evil. not even worthy of a stale tortilla.") so much fer my break into showbiz. i spose i'll have another chance. maybe tomorrow...

... lies lies!!
( i was speaking of a different universe, really )
heeee, I haven't the slightest idea about metaphysics.... yup.

Hmm...James, I hate to correct you, but light and radio both travel at the same speed, 186,282 mi/sec in a vacuum.
Both are forms of electromagnetic radiation, only different wavelengths. All forms of ER are photons, depending on whether or not you believe in the theory of quantum mechanics. If not, then they are still all waves of the same type, only then you run into a little problem that light behaves as both waves and particles, as does radio.

I agree with you, though. All those "alien visitation" idiots are wrong, but just because they haven't been here doesn't mean that there isn't life elsewhere.

It's towards the end of the day and I've got nothing better than to watch a movie and .... THAT BLASTED SONG IS STILL STUCK IN MY HEAD. Unfortunately, as raw fishe doesnt post here anymore [the bastard] he wouldn't be here to defend Shaggy. It was originally him who said that he was still good, and it was I who said "what? uh, no." Oh well. So I now command all of you to go out and get yourself a copy of " It wasnt me ". Because it's funny. And the beat (pardon the bad choice of words) is PHAT ... S'got ridim. haa! i'll look into the Seti@home thing and maybe we can get a "SLUGS SENT OUT MESSEGES FOR EXTRA TERRESTIALS TO LISTEN TO" sort of deal. On a slight connection to the concept of 'extra terrestials' I'd like to tell you all what I told a class I had in 5th grade when I did a report on UFO's. Say I was outside one day and threw a large piece of a watermellon in the air, and you being my next-door neighbor, saw it. And you didn't know what it was. Guess what sukko? It's a UFO! Yes, UFO means Unidentified Flying Object. So if it's in the air, and you dont know what it is, it's an UFO. I hated how a lot of people thought UFO=ALIEN. That really pisses me off. oh well. Does anyone avidly watch that Roswell show on the WB? If so, HOW CAN YOU? I find it rather stupid. The funny thing about aliens is that .... oooh dear. figure this. radio waves from Hitler's first radio broadcast at the olympics are cruzing their way through the universe as we speak. Matter itself doesn't travel as fast as radio waves, and radio waves dont travel anywhere near as fast as light. Ok, so say "EXTRA TERRESTIALS" get ahold of Hitler's transmission. In the event it did, you'd have to factor in these fun filled facts : 1. it has to get to them, radio waves arent all that fast. 2. they have to either send something back (which would take a long time if it were another radio signal) and/or come themselves. Unless they're made of light, and more-than-likely they're made of matter, it'd take a helluva long time to get to us. Aliens weren't around back in the day when Roswell happened. They couldn't have been. I'd say if there are other life forms out there, and they ever do get word of us - we wont see them. For a good piece of alien/related/sci-fi/classic literature look up "Childhood's End" by... Arthur C. Clark. Fun stuff. Makes you think, then you realise it's just fiction, science-fiction. Bah! And hahaha! HRs are addictive. We should start HRA, Horizontal Rule Anoynmous. heeeee

November 23, 2000

im going to cry. is no more. it is now a poem site. i am very not happy. it used to be a great site with lots of neat stuff now all it has are wanna be gothic poems which makes me angry and sad. i just wanna...asdfjklasdfjkl asdfjk jklasdf jkl asdfadg hket yioadfjkl; vnad there we go. i feel a little better now. asdjkl sdmnlxvhio efnkldio wer im done.
I don't know about all of you, but I love sitting around doing nothing and getting paid for it. More so when I'm not actually at work.
Tomorrow I get another 8 hours of it.
Gotta love a union job....
Your HR thing has gotten to me.

I think you missed the point of my post. I wasn't trying to belittle you, just tell you to shut up in slightly kinder terms.

And by "who the hell are you" I didn't really want your name, just a little explanation of who you are, where you are coming from, that sort of thing.

Thank you for correcting my spelling. Seriously. Don't apologize for it. I missed that one.

I was pissed off. That's why I was trying to belittle you. Your post in particular didn't get me there, but it didn't help any.

I guess now we come to the part I really hate:
the apology.
(^that's all you're getting^)
Nothing personal, I just don't like to admit I fucked up to someone I don't know. Call it a character flaw, one of many.

Ok, onward......Instead of the first thing I wanted to put, "kiss my ass," I've decided that I shouldn't go down that road, it wouldn't get us anywhere and I won't mean it later.

Where are you from, what do you like, where do you work; et cetera, und so weiter.

Most importantly, what kind of car do you drive? Maybe this only matters to me, but a person's choice of transportation says a lot. That and I am completely infatuated with cars, racing in particular. It's in my blood. And yet I work with computers for a living.

there is a very good reason most webpages look best under IE. They were designed with IE in mind. Web guys don't like netscape, and neither do I. I dislike IE just as much, if not more. But in different ways, they each have their highs and lows. The Mac OS version of netscape is far inferior to IE for that OS. Sweet irony, isn't it? And office 2001 is really good, and only out for mac. But all MS shit has troubles on mac. OS 9 and office 98 have had some big problems. The installers MS uses suck, too. Trying to do a whole lab is much slower and a good bit more difficult than with other programs. The install prog uses too many steps, and does hardware and software detection between steps, causing you to sit in front of a machine for longer. (hit enter, wait, hit enter, wait, hit enter, wait, and then it goes; rather than enter, enter, enter, walk off) But java for mac is also lame compared to windows. But I hear that it's really slick for Solaris.

By the way, have any of you heard of "SETI@Home?"
It's pretty fucking cool.
check it out.
maybe we could start a group.....just a thought

hello you,
first post, and thanksgiving no doubt. ahh, thanksgiving- a time to get together with family to share love, happiness, and corn. of course, the indians called it maize, but we (the "white man") corrected them with our fire sticks. well anyway, another year another horrible thanksgiving, this year our family hosted. look at my enthusiasm, look! there it is, enthusiasm. the word itself reminds me of something that must be forced on to you. oh well. as this evening wraps up with my two aunts and their horrid offspring. cousins, talk about a word i hate. it wouldnt be so bad if you had a cousin your age, even then you're always compared to them or associated with them. but no no, these 'uns are 2,4, and 8 i think. the ones that are two and four are horrid. this'll explain it all they have california parents (you know, "no honey, we dont yell", "no dear, we dont hit", "no honey, we dont climb on the FUCKING COFFE TABLE!!!" or something similiar to that). in other words they dont spank/yell/discipline their damn kids. it doesnt help that their all "up with Jebus". so these kids run around the house, take things, scream, climb on the FUCKING COFFE TABLE!!!, among other things. they dont get their way, bam, warpath. bring to the scene throwing kicking/hitting/throwing/crying/yelling/(suicide). anyway, the other one, 8, not quite the same, but she's just dumb. that and she's dirty. ick. whatever, now I'm just waiting for them to leave. i want to be by myself, just sit, watch the teevee. i must admit, the highlight of the evening was when my grandpa was justing standing behind me, started to cough and then passed out on the floor. i was very lucky, considering my grandpa is a 300 lbs. trucker, i could have been crushed! i was lucky to walk away alive. at least my uncle chris didnt bring his "woman friend", who is a 40 year old chick with a kid. this disgusts me because my uncle is only 23. so technically he could be her son, that is if she was a slut, which she probably is. ahh, thanksgiving.... my favorite holiday.

-slim jayee

<<<<<[11/16/2000 9:32:37 PM | N Bradbury]
I think everyone here is pretty damn smart, but the term "intelligent light" doesn't seem acurate. >>>

Sorry sorry sorry, just had to do this.. It's not "acurate" it's "accurate." Something about your post made me angry, I'll get over it.
<<<<<[11/16/2000 9:32:37 PM | N Bradbury]
Hmm.....I read over the posts....finally.....

"intelligent light"
I like that.

I think everyone here is pretty damn smart, but the term "intelligent light" doesn't seem acurate.

If you think your problems are all that big, well, see a counselor. But somehow I doubt it's all that bad.
It seems you are humble to a negative extreme. Lighten up. Shit happens. Deal with it.

If the person you speak of didn't care, what you said would make them follow your advice. Obviously they don't share your opinions.

Maybe the phrase "ruining me" is a bit strong.


Who the hell are you, anyway?
Your coming here, to this group, shows maybe all you want is attention. This isn't about that. This is supposed to be an intelligent exchange. I think that James will back me up when I say "who cares"
I really don't.

One last thing:
Something tells me you are still in high school or junior high. The shit you are going through now is NOTHING compared to the real world. Enjoy school while you've got it, there is a lot of freedom that you can't and won't get elsewhere.
Once the real world slaps you up side the head, this kinda shit seems so petty it's amazing.
If you have anything negative to say in response, keep it to yourself. Or direct it to me only ( if you are really pissed) But don't waste anymore of the post for this shit.

now, how about a little intelligent commentary? >>>>>

Okay, so maybe im a little late in replying to this, i honestly forgot i wrote that until today. Anyways, as for being in high school, sorry- I'm not. I've graduated. And as for "the real world" believe me, I'm there, I've been there my whole life. If I ever wrote about the things that really bothered me, this would be a ten mile long post. I know what the real world is, don't need to tell me about it. Maybe my first post came out a little odd, It was late and I was upset, both do funny things to your head. Anyways, thanks for the over-all disparaging tone of voice. I appreciated it.

So anyways, to get off that topic.. Its Thanksgiving. Woo. My mom was screaming at my brother in the other room, then she came in here and broke some glasses. Its turning out to be a wonderful today, just like all holidays are. Thank goodness I work tommorrow, I wont have to be home. People think I hate working weekends ;) Trust me, I dont. It is an escape from here at least. I dont mind in the slightest.

Anyways, I guess thats just about all I have to say right now, other than the fact that I probably should check back here more often... Yeah..

Oh.. Paige Fetish is not my real name, duh. Sorry if I like my anonymity. Sue me.
Netscape is buggy.
minor comment : has anyone else noticed that the internet, in general, is designed and should best be used with Microsoft Internet Explorer ... ? I, normally, don't condone the usage of MIE ... but damn, Blogger and other such things look so good with it, compared to netscape. heee.
Ok to respond to the idiots trying to remove "Bess-proxy"

It will not happen. Period. We (technology department) were told by the Board to install an internet filter.

Bess is administered by a company called N2H2, a national corporation. We payed them for a server. We put it wherever it's needed. (there are actually two, one at the district office, one in the telecom building at the bethel campus. That one serves Shining Mt, BJH, BHS and Transportaion.) The server uses their software and queries the N2H2 people's server about a site before you can go there. They maintain the servers, and the server puts a little ad bar at the bottom. But not for in district servers.

We do not pick which sites are blocked, just the categories.

You can scream and yell all you want, but there is nothing to be done. People can say "public access" all they want. But it's a liability to the district, and we don't fall under the same laws as libraries do.

So the answer is: get used to it.

"Bess" is here to stay, you should be glad you even have internet access at school.
NASCAR sucks.
just had to say that.

ok... it's thanksgiving and the slugs-post is taking off like a wingless bat in a hurricane. I've got to do the following things : Get in on the posting, reply to my own question (decade) - respond to Jospehine, Bradbury, and Napster (Napster's in! hoo rah!), get Mr.R in - I guess I have to help him out or something, and I'm even going to get my 1st youngest sibling in / Michael. Busy, busy day! Also please take note that if you misspell anything and don't correct it or misstype an HTML tag - I automatically fix the error (ahh, the glories of being admin) As Josephine had called Bradbury a 'firat aider' and I got n-n's A=HREF to work. hee hee. Ok! REPLY TIME!
Bradbury : Yes, BESS sucks ass. I hear there is actually a group of people out to get it removed - and I think they will get absolutely nothing done with their ... bantering on. As for cars - the only three things I know about cars is that 1. Heather's is POS, 2. I will soon be getting a car, and 3. In the event I have car troubles - Get ahold of castro. heee. And also - I would say that there is a very high chance that we will fuck up the next decade.... giving the next decade so we can fix it all up again and learn from our mistakes ;)
Josephine : [dances] POS, POS, Who's got a POS, POS [stops dancing] heee hee hee. Firat aider? :b Too bad you couldn't come over for thanksgiving... we had marshed partatoes, and turhkey. Yummm. I finally got around to reading your article in the newspaper - and yes, you sound 'dumbed down'... heeee. monosyllabic words..
Napster : WhiteChocolate was originally a sophomore when me and my [now aten by the monster called Graduation] cohorts took him under our wing - as he was the only sophomore to exhibit an intelligence level beyond that of " poo ". And yes, you're funny - and I'll never forget the one time Hanson made the mistake in stating that every war had music .. aka, the 'soundtrack bit'. classic.
N-N : I fixed your link, and the 50's were good ( hee hee, petty paige... yum. ) I myself chose the 1920's to be my decade - merely because of the amount of care-free'ness that proliferated the decade... Of course we all know they paid for it when Black Tuesday came along - but hey, it was a great time to party! Guys wore suits, girls wore dresses - people got drunk, and life was grand. (read the Great Gatsby, I drool, A&E is having a new rendition of Great Gatsby sometime soon - I do wish to see it)
In conclusion - EVERYONE MUST SEE THE NEW DUNE ON DECEMBER 3rd, SCI-FI CHANNEL ... and I am off to go find the bacon my mom hid this morning... It has to be somewhere in the fridge, and if not -- i'll just make my own, HAH!
I could go off on a whole "what I'm thankfull for" trip, but we all know what we've got, and that's a good bit of a cliché anyhow.

The 50's is also a good one.....being able to buy a 55 chev brand new...would make a guy I work with, Gerry, rod guy, loves his chevys.....also a BHS grad, but he did so long before any of us were born (class of 69 i believe).

But the whole........masquerade of happiness.......of the 50's and early 60's is a little disturbing. That "the whole world is building to MADness with weapons of mass destruction, housewives are becoming increasingly medicated for no reason, technology is generally destroying the world as we know it, but otherwise life is PEACHY!!!!" the "nuclear family" isn't a concept I enjoy. At least now we face the fact that we are all doomed.....

And now it's raining again. I was starting to like the bitter cold.

Time to go drink coffee, listen to KZOK and read a book....enjoy your turkey, all.
comwell, i was skimming through the posted blogs and it seems like ya'll prolly know each other in real life. i am natalie fernandez. i'll bet this post will make me look really dull, but i'm not--i swear. ok, in response to the question about what decade i wanna live in... hm... i think i'd choose the 50's. i've always been fascinated by the 1950's. i'm not altogether sure about what i find so thrilling about this decade. being a non-conformist, i'm the last person that such a decade should even appeal to. there's something about the poodle skirts and classic cars and betty page that just makes me giddy, and i mean GIDDY. for instance, whenever my family goes on road trips we wind up listening to the AM oldies stations, and the songs get me all worked up and hyper. i dance around, bobbing my head like an infant. i begin to act like a big pink retard. i can't explain why, i spose i just find the decade amusing because people seemed so sheltered. hehe, check this out.. TEENAGE-MOCKERY hm, i don't know what the hell that thing just did. it was supposed to link these shitz i want you to see. it's this mockery of teenagers in 1954. well i'd like to elaborate on my obsession with this decade, but i've got to go help muh family cook. hasta los huevos.
Hello to Mr. Bradbury. I also drive a Ford(even though Jeff Gordon doesn't), and that is what was wrong with my poor little defenseless car. It's a 1988 Taurus, and I was told that there was a recall on the transmission. The transaxils of that model, for no reason whatsoever, have a tendancy to explode with little warning. Jamie still hates my POS, but it is the bestest car in the whole world, aside from this first act of mutany. Also, I was not allowed to tell you that you were a good first aider while I was still in charge of you, largely because you and Clowers tried to kill me once too often.

As that rabbitt has acted interested, I will now once again try to force Bethel students to attend my CPR class.It is on 120200, a Saturday, and you all have to call me/hunt me down to sign up. This is the first step towards my evil plan of sabotoging Paula and stealling her job. Mwahaha. It's very frustrating, though, because she's being a bit too cooperative.

November 22, 2000

Lets see what decade would i like to live in, hmm i would have to say none, yet all at the same time (except that one with that nasty plague thingy). My perfect universe would be a place that combined the best elements of every decade known to man ( and others that arent).
I didn't see James' post I was busy with mine....


Well, that's tough.

With all the shit that happened in the 1960's, I'd like to pick that, but that whole Vietnam war thing kinda sucked.....I'd be one hell of a big target....cept I'da been a pilot. But otherwise, Hendrix, Clapton, moon landings, the whole thing.....pretty neat.

Then you have the 1940's. Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier.

Hmm.....1770's, also would have been good....

But I would have to choose 2000-2010. We are at the start of the information revolution. The advances in technology in the next ten will most likely be some of the greatest ever. They are building a stadium just for the Seahawks (wait, what the fuck is that doing in there? Maybe just because it's so damned unbelievable) But anyway they are also building a supercollider in Texas bigger than the SSC that was killed in '93. That should be online this decade. The international space station will be populated. Possibility of a manned mission to mars. I just hope W isn't our next president....I'd be seriously depressed then.....

The best reason to pick the coming decade is it's the only one that WE will have a serious influence in and a chance to mold to our's our decade. Maybe we won't fuck it up.
Well children, the time has now come. The arrival of the one called Napster is upon you. Now is the time for all to bask in the glory that could very well be me. Now grovel dammit. Id like to say that despite anything Marcus/James says drama is a kick-ass class, the point that he is correct about though is the fact that the Drama teacher is stupid, she gives most blondes a bad name, despite the fact that there name is as far in the mud as its going to get. Well not much is going on here with me, I wonder if Mr. R is here, being a fellow sophmore ive got to say that hes pretty cool but when it comes to portraying our lord and savior (who i am in no way promoting!!!) he flat out sucks. One thing that has puzzled ( i think thats how its spelled) me is my speedy acceptance by certain upperclassmen ( you know who you are) whilst being a sophmore. Considering the fact that usually when Marcus and Aaron talk i have no idea what they are talking about (anthony just seems to sleep alot, but hey whatever works), i do however on occasion add my own little version of sardonic wit, that when delivered seems to please them to the extent that Marcus sheds his misanthropic outer shell and laughs. This is one of several social skill that i am currently working on and hope to add to my resume someday. Well now wasnt that fun, i hope that all of you out there that post on this site have not taken a word ive said in the last few sentances with more than a grain of salt. Well umm im not sure what else to say without making it sound like incessant rambling in a futile attempt for acceptance. One other thing though, ive learned that through this i can hold peoples attention without being nude while typing it, (You should all know what im talking about). ok so bye i guess and remember Never Trust a Monkey
So Heather draws money from the district, too.....checks come the last day of the month.

I am an EXCELENT first aider, am I? That's not what you used to say in class.

I have come to realise that many of you are still students of the Bethel School District.
I bet you all feel like you have no rights, get shit on, etc, etc, etc........
Now imagine being a full-time employee of said can be a little frightening at times.

Any of you have an opinion on the internet filter we use now (Bess can't go there.....)? sucks don't it.
How about the new policies (restrictions) in affect on Windows machines now? Ain't it great?

A lot of you have problems with your cars. Why is this? Maybe it has something to do with your choices of vehicle? It can't be the way you drive, cause I am a lot harder on vehicles than any of you, but I don't really have many problems. It can't be luck. I mean, little stuff, yeah, a linkage clip the other day, heater core once, but all in all nothing goes wrong with my truck. Many of you have seen it, it's older than all of us. Big chunk of crap. (5,000lbs!) But starts every morning (and more importantly, every day at quitting time) I'm a little baffled by this. Like heather loosing her tranny, how the hell does that happen? With the shit I've done to my Ford, I should be on my third tranny and second engine by now. Back to the point.... Oh, wait. What was the point? Did I have one? hmm... Oh yeah. Does any of you drive a Honda product? Some of the crap we've put civics and accords through, including the 13-second quarter mile Civic myself and my brother built, that was something though.....then some (insert explative string here) decided that instead of dropping 20 grand into a race car it would be easier to steal someone else's. That engine isn't something that's easily replaced. The tranny either (1000-horse ready). I loved that car. 120 in fourth gear. Never seen a cop as pissed as the first run on south tacoma way with that thing. Civic GSR hatchback. Red. LOUD! I am still heartbroken.

Jazz and Jack Keourac play behind me, and I sit here eating my corn pops in glee. Glad to hear that Bradbury is posting again - and isn't dead... but I understand how ... time consuming work is, as I myself do not participate in the activity. However - my parents are seriously considering going down to some car-store and getting two cars for the price of one. You know what that means? That means I get a car, and I have to get a job. And when I get a job, I'll be corrupt and wallow in the filthy pollution known as MONEY. God I hate the concept of money. .... And Kerouac is the shit. I'm working on getting Napster in ... sending him a re-invitation and all... hopefully he'll be in for Turkey-day, as he'll probably have something funny to say in light of everyone's festivities. Time to respond to everyone's posts now!
Heather : Hey, a shitty car is a shitty car, is a shitty car. ;) BTW - is the first aid thing open only to Aaron and/or is it a class in which you would have to take next semester? I'd be interested in getting my cards renewed (and getting you money? hah.) ... I've got nothing better to do. Where do I get more info on it?
Bradbury: Yes, I've cut my hair and gotten many different reactions about it. I should get a picture and post it, heheh. I also heard - asides from Andrew coming back up, that Sam will be as well. I'm hoping to organize the next PAINtball session in leu of when they get here, so they can join us. Drew is my man on the ball, figuring out when they're here, when we can go, and so forth.
I still have yet to find any Kerouac books ... sadly. I'm going to ask a question now. I'll expect you all to answer it! The question --- What decade would you give anything to have 'lived in'? Lived in, I mean by 18-29. That's when you truely live. Well, Heather just paged me - I'm going to post/publish. Have a good turkey day tomorrow everybody. I sure hope I will.
Yes. . .It is now 8:08, and my father has yet to return to my house. That is very good, for now I will not die. Also and as well, Castro came and saved me and my car, and he will soon fix it for me! So now, even though Jamie called my poor little car a piece of shit car, it will once again be opperational. That's really all that matters, right? Oh, yes, and I see that a Bradbury has posted. Bradbury is an excellent first aider. You know why? because I trained him. Yep. On that note, I know that Mr. Whitechocolate dropped first aid and therefore did not get his Red Cross cards. I recommend that he take the up-and-coming Dec. 2nd class at the highschool. There, instead of paying $65 for his cards, he can get them for $17 with the sports medicine class. It would be very helpful to me also and as well, because the district is paying me much money based upon how many people show up. I bet he doesn't sign up anyway, though.
You know they teach HTML code in Jr. High now?

saw that today at Cedarcrest.
I didn't miss much, did I?
Haven't posted since friday, been very busy.
It seems, however, that what looks a blessing can turn into a curse.
I.E. my new job.
Not that I hate working, but there seems to be a lot more stress than I am used to.

Now why, I don't fully understand...........

I have noticed that all of my co-workers treat me different than when I was a "student" tech (a temp, that is)
Some negative, mostly positive. And I am exposed to more of the bullshit politics and territorial shit.

Ok off-topic: What kind of car do you have, Heather? I might be able to get you a new (used, but functional) tranny for free or real close. My dad was good friends with the owner of a tranny shop (until the guy died) and I know many people in the automotive business. Not to mention what I have sitting around.

So Collins cut his hair...fuck my world is crumbling...
I was just ahead of the trend, back junior year...

I noticed Paige hasn't posted since my little tirade. I didn't mean for her to go away, really I didn't.........

I am in withdrawl.....

Oh, yeah I amlost forgot....

Any of you who knew Andy Davis, his ass is coming back from Lackland, Texas soon. The little dipshit has been in the Air Farce learning electronics. And to think, he could've stayed here and gone to Bates. But his parents were both in the USAF, as were some of his uncles I think, so family all know how it goes.........

"That's all I got to say about that"......

Hello. I am supposed to be in Tacoma filming a modern translation of The Glass Menagerie right now. As you can all see, I am not. Would you like to know why? For you see, my car's transmission just exploded. I mean that quite literally, also. I am sure that I will most probably die from this. Oh, yes. and if I do not probably die from that, I am sure that my father will be killing me at around 8p.m. when he returns from the telephone poles.
Hello this morning. The shakespearean tragedy line was great by the way Heather. And James, it seems to me that we three are now the only people posting. Where's Napster, Bradbury, Jimmy, and the others? I don't have much time to post right now, so I'm simply going to put smaller horizontal rules at the end this time.

November 21, 2000

Hello Mr. Zebra. . .
FOr those of you who have not yet noticed, I am one big giant Tori Amos joke. Does everyone know about Not Tonight Josephine? Or why I am happy that I am posting this at 6:58? (at least at my house, anyway). Yes. I suppose my Rabbitt and I can now turn this into a horrible sex room where we nauseate you all with "I love you" bs. Meanwhile, I was told that Drew might be joining us, so I will now tell him that he was very mean for yelling at me in 1st period, and request that you all give him a swift kick to the shins for it.

It is times like these that I am at a loss for words. After reading the last two posts above this one I now realise one of the reasons I am thankfull for my spouse (hah! spouse! ah hahahha, err, girlfriend) being with me : and that one attribute I had failed so horribly to mention in my "Reasons I am thankfull for my girlfriend" sappy letter was that she is funny. Funny in a sense that only she could be funny, and that no other person I ever meet will be. I would like to take this brief moment to just say I'm glad she's sticking with me, and not some other smuck who goes on Oprah because his wife seems to always have headaches whenever he's like "hey lets put spice into our relationship and go to the bedroom". ( it's on in the living room... I laughed, so should you ). In any event - with such classic lines as " you will all be a bunch of jealous chipmunks now!" and the Shakespearian bit - I hope you all appreciate her as much as I do. And yes - so that your inner-most fears may be confirmed, this is just one big sappy post in which I proclaim my love and try to get into her panties. Haa haa.
" Honey . . . lets put some spice back into our relationship and head off to the bedroom! "
" I've got a headache! "
.... ahhh, classic, I tell ya.
Mmmmm, horizontal rule.... tastey.... Mmmmm, oOooohhh.

I cut up a kitten! I will now fill you all in on a few bits of information. . .
1. If you squeeze a kitten's skull too hard, its brains will shoot out at you.
2. Never allow Dr. Jekyl(RaechelleLaRee)to disect with you. She once again tried to eat our specimen for the small digestive fee of $5. However, Miss Teacher Lady caught us. Any way, my purse was in my car and I had cat all over my hands, so I probably wouldn't have paid her anyway.
3.You know those ridgy things in the back of your throat? People don't develop those until childhood. However, kitties are born with them.
4. The limp bodies of dead kittens can act out most any Shakesperean tragedy. They are also wonderful dancers.
5. You can peel a kitty just like a banana.
6. If you sqeeze a kitty paw hard enough, you can declaw it without surgery. It is much more entertaining this way as well.

The End. I must go and eat non-kitty foods now.
Mwa ha ha ha! You will all be a bunch of jealous chipmunks now! Why? because a certain little Josephine is on her way, in just a few moments, to disect a kitten! Yes. I get to cut a poor, defenceless kitten into many pieces and then poke around its insides for a while. It is going to be so very very much fun, and I get to do it. Not exactly a person, I know, but I'm getting there.
I've realized now that I've finished reading 800 pages of greek drama that my speech is now a modern english/oedipus play hybrid so to speak. Recently I have thought up something which would be great for us to do involving drama. We could have an improv show, completely independent of Hansonolo. We could select 5 or 6 people who are good at it, talk to Mr. Brown about getting the auditorium one or two nights in March. Have practices so everyone is really good at it, then put on the shows. Admission could be two bucks or two cans of food and all proceeds would go to the food bank. Not only would it be a lot of fun, but I could put it on my college application where it will count as community service, HAHAHAH. Now, didn't we discuss who had the right to horizontal rules James? Yes, that's right, we did. And who got the right to full length ones? Yes, me. Now I am afraid that I'm going to have to kill you. Oh yes, go check this out, this game is going to rule, it's called planetside and it's on it is the god of upcoming video games, right after neverwinter nights. Anyways anyone who goes to bethel post here and tell me what you think about the improv idea. Meanwhile I shall be looking for something new to do rather then horizontal rules, I will defeat you James, yes it will only be a matter of time. Oh, and perhaps you could enlighten us to what exactly your latin ramblings mean?

I have come to find a brand-spank'n new latin quote to use in my everyday life. It is so wonderfull that it almost surpasses "Beastia sumus et non bestia simis." ... I said almost. Jake just finished eating his doughnut, he says it was... and I quote : "Pretty good." I am also eating an apple jolly rancher. You can find the wrapper in which I got the jolly rancher from under this desk in which the computer sits. Ok. Now here comes my final statement, and uh... yea.
Cum finis est licitus,
etiam media sunt licita.

there you go. you're a new man. or woman. whatever you are - you're new. go out to the world and proclaim your newly acquired knowledge in a manner that makes you look semi-intelligent. That is all ,,,

November 20, 2000

In fact, HRs are so cool I think I'll use them from on in all of my posts. Not as carefree and whimsical as WhiteChocolate does, but in an effective manner that will heighten the entire post-reading experience. You're witnessing it right this moment, notice how everything is center, uniform, and in the HRs? Yes, that's style buddy. Style.. Nothing WhiteChocolate could ever pull out of his ass could match my skills of posting... noooo.
By the way, I have found that the majority of people not only believe me in saying that Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are dead is Existentialist and not Nihilistic but that Tom Stoppard is also an Existentialist. Notice the great italicized and bolded words there. That's swave. Anywho. That is all, continue with whatever it was you were doing.

I've suddenly come up with a brilliant idea that I'll be able to execute quite effectively. It's a new website, and yes - I know how much I swore up and down to all hell and back that I'd never make a new one ever again, but it'll be... neat - to say the least. It also requires me to get a camera, which in itself will be more difficult than making the website itself. So - to make things short, sweet, and simple - if you're registered for _l_o_o_s_e__s_l_u_g_s___.:::ó and I happen to come up to you with a camera trying to take a picture of you... remember - it's all for the good of the slugs, and smile. Or else the many slugs that keep your garden'a growing will rise up by my command, much the same as the russians rose up by Lennon's command, and will proceed in a systematic plan to destroy/pillage/burn/rampage/elephants/murder/stab/chop/slice/dice/erradicate/erase/chase/exterminate and/or not like you.
insert evil laugh here, and notice I used an HR, HAA HAA

Wow James, cut your hair huh? Now I have something to look forward to. Anyways I've read so much greek drama that my I've started inserting greek language into my vocabulary. There is nothing else for me to say so I think I'll just needlessly insert some horizontal rules.

b zzzzz t, b zzzzz t, b zzzzz t

November 19, 2000

It seems as if i am going somewhere tonite.
I got to play plenty of ww2 games. fun fun fun.
I should organize a 'get together' LAN party type thing for myth/ww2
that'd be interesting, to say the least.
anywho. I got my hair cut. I look like christian slater. I laugh.
so many people are going to moan, and bitch, and complain,
and so on about my hair.
It saddens me to think that a major factor in people's awareness of me is my hair. Maybe one day I should come with my hair shaven off... and nude. I bet that people would notice I am bald before they noticed I was nude. bleh.
Hello all.
I am very very sick and I have reason to believe that it is all my useless boyfriend's fault.
I therefore hope you die, you mean bald boy you.

November 18, 2000

Ahh... James, I have your William James book by the way, and Napster needs to post, we've been lacking comedy lately. Anyways if you didn't know I totalled my car on thursday and I'll never drive again. I'm at my Dad's right now and I should be getting back on EQ after I eat the pizza. Anyways, James, Aeschylus is the man, rivaling shakespeare as a "read for words" author. I welcome you Heather, please however do not ever state the fact that you are "screwing the administrator", because I am eating most of the time when I'm posting. Well, off to eat the pizza.
It is 5.36am at the moment I am typing this, saturday morning. After reading a woman's sex & relationship website I now know that it is on weekends that men's testosterone levels are highest, and sexual activity is more likely to follow suit. I, however, do not think I will be getting much action at the knowledge bowl tournament. I don't think I'll be getting much of anything at the knowledge bowl tournament, with exception of the pizza they've bribed me with.

On a lighter note : blogger seems to be extraordinarily fast this morning - be that because it's so early or they've finally fixed their servers, I don't know. Napster and Heather have also joined us, so look for posts by them from here-on-in. In retrospect : suzaku, non finis, raw fishe, and others don't seem to post at all. Should I delete these people from the team, or just let them sit there and rot?

.... ok, I've got to get dressed now.
yes, I've been typing in the nude. hah! look at you now,
you're attention has been held by a nude person!
PH34R M3!!!!

November 17, 2000

Hello there all.
I was told to post here, so that is what I'm doing. I am an Anne-Marie. I expect you all to welcome me now, and preferably in a polite manner.
After all, I am screwing the administrator.
Wow, I was really pissed last night.

But it ain't nothin compared to how pissed I am today.
With the day I had today, I won't bother posting I'd just dig myself in deeper.
Today I was sick. I am hopped up on dayquil now. hey, I can breathe! other than that, I was just called. I'm going to knowledge bowl tomorrow, starting at 6am. Great. Last time I commit myself to things when I am unsure about going.. Hopefully it'll be fun. But getting up at 6am. guh! I'm making up for the day I missed at school today, that's what it is. God sure does have a sense of humor.

Heather was going to come over tonite. She got shafted. hah. She doesn't exactly know the meaning of 'being shafted'. Her father said it's "getting screwed". She took it literally, and thought it meant getting fucked. Getting the shaft means that you've got the short end of the stick. Ah, and I wont try to explain what getting the short end of the stick means either. in any event.....

I've got nothing to do now, with exception of reading my Dale Carnege book. Or playing myth2 - but the ww2 conversion takes forever to download.

November 16, 2000

To quote the Stones:
"You can't always get what you want"
We all know the rest of the song.
Hmm.....I read over the posts....finally.....

"intelligent light"
I like that.

I think everyone here is pretty damn smart, but the term "intelligent light" doesn't seem acurate.

If you think your problems are all that big, well, see a counselor. But somehow I doubt it's all that bad.
It seems you are humble to a negative extreme. Lighten up. Shit happens. Deal with it.

If the person you speak of didn't care, what you said would make them follow your advice. Obviously they don't share your opinions.

Maybe the phrase "ruining me" is a bit strong.


Who the hell are you, anyway?
Your coming here, to this group, shows maybe all you want is attention. This isn't about that. This is supposed to be an intelligent exchange. I think that James will back me up when I say "who cares"
I really don't.

One last thing:
Something tells me you are still in high school or junior high. The shit you are going through now is NOTHING compared to the real world. Enjoy school while you've got it, there is a lot of freedom that you can't and won't get elsewhere.
Once the real world slaps you up side the head, this kinda shit seems so petty it's amazing.
If you have anything negative to say in response, keep it to yourself. Or direct it to me only ( if you are really pissed) But don't waste anymore of the post for this shit.

now, how about a little intelligent commentary?
Argghhh... I know what will make me happy recording slugs. yessss.... Here he is to save the day Mrrr.... .SSSSSSlllugggggg... hehe. BTW my vcr ate my cky2k tape, my day has not been a good one. I learned that i am not getting any thing useful for christmas, oh yeah thats right im jewish i dont celebrate christmas. fuckers. mmmm.... chocolate milk yummmm. Well, i should go to the supermall and buy some kabuki dolls. that would be neat. Im done rambling and making not much sense. sooo.. later.
ninja penguin
As Aaron suggested that I would, I am going to post my ... spiel that I came up with in first period just because the pen I was writing with wrote so well that I had to write something with it. You know the feeling you get when you have a pen that justs writes so good you draw all the time with it, just because writing with it feels good. Anywho....

. The number one problem many students have is so self evident that it isn't funny. Not only do students suffer from it, but teachers do as well. The problem I have just explained to you, and you should now realise that you suffer from this problem as well. Teachers and Students, these relationships between people do not exist. There is no such thing as a teacher, no such thing as a student. As all students are teachers, and all teachers are students. They, like buying and selling, are two sides of one coin.

. The problem is that nobody accepts that for what it is. To a student a teacher is an authority figure of whom they must absorb knowledge from. The flow of information in a Teacher/Student relationship is noto bidirectional. This does not only apply in a school enviroment. Our whole society is based on a Teacher/Student mentality. Activities on all fronts, however, would be greatly improved if the concept of Student and Teacher were eradicated.

. A kike (or any other religious/racial slur) is a slur for someone being Jewish. Being a Jew (or any other religion/race) should be a slur for someone being human, much the same as Teacher & Student are. When you hear that someone is jewish you don't hear "they have a family, job, etc...." you hear "they are unlike me." What is the difference when you travel in the United States between North Dakota and South Dakota? A borderline. Common terms like Jew, Student & Teacher are mental borderlines which seperate people from eachother. People are people.

. When you hear teacher you hear "someone who knows more than me, whom I will learn from." When you hear student you hear "someone who subjects themselves to the whim of a teacher." Neither of these terms correctly define any relationship between people, as these are forced mentalities.

. What I mean by forced is that they are unnatural conditions placed upon the human mind. In the Dark Ages, possibly even before, the concept of Mentor/Apprentice was developed. This Mentor/Apprentice mentality has worked it's way through the years to be known to us at the Teacher/Student mentality.

. This is the problem, our manner of thinking is, in itself, outdated and essentially designed for the Dark Ages. In the Dark Ages life was so harsh and intelligence so scarce that embracing a Mentor/Apprentice mentality was the only way anything could ever get done. We have just now begun a new milleniea with mentalities that are not up to standard with our physical technology, benifits, and capabilities.

. Our average lifespan has increased a hell of a lot ( dont know exact specifics ), Computers have made communication on mass scales over long distances easier than preparing dinner for oneself, and the number of people readily available to get things done is astonishing. It is true that the Teacher/Student mentality can work, as it worked in the Dark Ages. However difficult it may be, however, we must as a species in it's entirety, change our mentality from an outdated one to one fit for our time, and our needs. Not for the needs of the Dark Ages.

. People have an amazing ability to retain knowledge & patching them together in a network. An example of this wouuld be the following: *there is a term for it, but I don't have the term :|

. Dogs. Dogs are animals. A lion is an animal. Lions live in Africa. Africa is a continent. Continents are formed by tectonic plates, which are moved by magma under the Earth's crust. Earth is found in the Sol system, third planet from it's star. It is also the only planet in it's system to contain life forms, such as Dogs.

. These connections between all aspects of gathered information aren't 'solid' information, but the larger the base of information is, the higher chance of deriving knowledge from the information is. With each human being a gatherer of information, and the technology we are developing in means of communication - we can break ourselves free of Dark Age mentalities.

. With a combined pool of knowledge I would believe that any task can be achieved more efficiently, productively, and timely. Imagine a learning enviroment such as a math class. The teacher first gives each student a problem, and then tells them to solve for the answer. If a student has a question in how to do the problem, he gets the teacher's attention and the teacher explains what the student is doing wrong. If another student has a different problem, they must wait. If four different students with four different problems want the teacher's attention, only one can have it at one time. This is inefficient, unproductive, and of course untimely.

. With the concept of a pooled-information base learning enviroments have no Teacher. Each person involved functions as both teacher and student. Thus is the natrual mindframe of humanity. As a collective, where one student may have problems - instead of waiting for the teacher to address it, another student would be there to help him/her. The learning enviroment in essense becomes a self-teaching group.

. I whole-heartedly believe this is the manner in which we were not only meant to function, but that we should function as a whole. Objectivism and other such idealogies are the plague of our entire species. The concept of self is important, this is true, however not important as to make any one person of more value than all persons. Things that promote blatant individualism should be eradicated. To quote a well known saying : "No man is an island."

. Why has it seemed I've strayed from Teacher/Student mentality ranting? Because that's only the tip of the iceberg as compared to the problem I've addressed in the previous paragraph. We are trapped, mentally, by thinking since we aren't all joined at the hip, that we aren't all joined in the mind. Mythology proves this, and like dogs parking at themselves when looking in mirrors - we haven't gotten to realise that no matter how different we are, the similiarities drastically outweigh the differences.

. I am hoping something comes to move us all in the general direction of what I've written here. I'm expecting it to be the antithesis to Capatilism, and I'm looking forward for the zeitgeist to just show up. But will there even be a zeitgeist, or will we be beaten upside the head by technology to realise that we ourselves need to be 'upgraded' in a mental sense?

.... guh.... talk about long eh?
Who dis Tuttle?

I agree with Collins. It's even worse at the junior highs. The raging hormones block any trace of intelligence they may have.......and not to sound like some kind of wierdo, but some of them junior high girls could get a guy in DEEP trouble......if any of you guys over 18 know what I refer to...if you don't then nevermind and go away. But seriously if you were at a party.....................jail time isn't cool.

Back to the point.

A lot of it isn't as much stupidity as apathy.
The combination of the two is really dangerous.
But then you run into the vocal, proactive idiots. Like Will Carney. Anyone know that dipshit? He really got on my nerves when I worked with him this summer. AND he's one of Wiard's little lackies. telling me and the other tech the password to deepfreeze right in front of a bunch of students........look for 219 to be having bigger problems soon.

Another thing I've noticed is that almost all of the ACT (Advisory Council for Technology) people in the schools, who teacher's first line of contact in case of computer problems, are usually the biggest idiots on campus. That shit really pisses us off. It's hard to do your job when you have some dipshit teacher who knows nothing about computers is insulting you in the work orders he turns in and fucking stuff up when you turn your back.
But its not all of them.

But what doesn't make sense to me is that some people are all up in arms about wanting PCs. It's stupid to have anything but Macs in elementary and junior high schools. Macs don't have problems like anything running windows will. Anyone that wants to argue Win 9x/nt is better, do my job for a month. Unless you are running CAD/CAM software and equipment, Mac OS will do everything you want and better, because it is a lot more stabil and much less prone to corruption. Don't even try to argue, you haven't got a leg to stand on if you haven't worked extensively with both.

Ok so I've said my piece for now.
Jamdigga and not mud must help me with my ingenious plan to assassinate Mr Tuttle. hehehe. I was in the ninth grade when that happened it wasnt my fault. It was all hormones. kwapaa.... This is on none of the subjects that they are talking about but, i dont care. I have decided that screw taking it slow with relationships girls dont want that. They seem to want gay guys like tuttle. Need a gun. sorry. for being a dick head hes annoying. argghhh...
Ninja Penguin.
Sorry, all out of intelligent light today, will you accept mediocre light? Anyways, I don't know you "Paige Fetish" if that even is your real name, so without your acquaintance I really can't help you with any of the problems which you have.
Is are was were be, HAHAHAHAH! I can use all the "to be" verbs here that I want, and my god damn english teacher can't do a thing about it. Anyways James has a nefarious plan to turn the human race into the Zerg (for those of you that play Starcraft or had played it), I think he plans to post it.
Also Jimmy, get on to tell James that Tom Stoppard is a NIHILIST not an EXISTENTIALIST. Also tell him that the whole "blood and rhetoric" scene would be better than the "acting" scene. And remember in life, like in Diablo, there is no cow level, just a sheep level, and it's name is Roy.
It has come to my attention that the general populous of this school is lacking something. I haven't figured out what it was, oh -- wait, Intelligence? Not only that, but I've sadly become very ... very... very tired in a very brief period of time. I think it was something along the lines of a girl asking "Whats the difference between lock-down, a fire-drill, and an earthquake?" that just sapped me of all strength. Does being around stupid people make one loose strength? I don't know. And Aaron has made me realise that I should be responding to good ol' miss fetish, so I should address that at this moment - although I am tired, apathetic, and ... no, not misanthropic... I'd say... oh. tired. yes, again. tired.

Why do I tell them how bad I am, why they shouldnt be with me, why I am not worthy of a second glance
i'll say this, a quote I came up with which was very witty - but I soon after stopped using because nobody got it.
The lower your expectations are, the higher your achievements seem to be.
I don't know if that applies. Wait. Errr. What? Ok. maybe I should do this later. Yes, I will.

I have around ten minutes. That isn't enough time. Jeff, and Jake have joined today, and I'm going to pester the hell out of Anfany in 3rd period to join - I think other people will join as well. dum de dum. ...
awww fuck i feel like hell.
Maybe one of you can shed some of your intelligent light on me. Tell me why I am unable to love someone without unconciously trying to drive them away. Why do I tell them how bad I am, why they shouldnt be with me, why I am not worthy of a second glance. Tell me this, please, it is ruining me.

November 15, 2000

There was recently an Initiative (which passed) to up the teacher pay, I don't know the exact numbers however. And looking at the payscale you've supplied I can't say I understand that any either... my concept of how much a 1$ REALLY means is worth nothing, because I have no job, no taxes, and so on.

This compells me to try and get Schwimmer in on this, just because she'd give insite on teacher pay - but I won't go to that extreme. I didn't vote for teacher pay raises, but this is coming from the person who also didn't vote for the banning of traps to kill animals. I say kill the blasted animals. But... I digress.

In the event that you make more than a teacher, wherein a teacher has had more college 'investment' shall we say, I do agree they should be payed more. You see? They should have had Bradbury doing the Inititave explaining and I would have voted to raise their pay. heh. ;)

on a minor note, has been invited to join our slug debate program. & if you're reading this you should too, damnit! I also changed it from being reversed to sequential order. tell me what you think is better, reversed or not. I also got to add my 'fuck you' to .. and put a link on the side to it. At the moment it really hasn't "got big" but I'm expecting it to increase in popularity real soon ... go there, post a fuck you, and use as your URL. Get traffic coming to here! That is all.
Ok I just remembered what I was pissed about earlier.

Why, can anyone answer me, are there so many increadibly STUPID people teaching in our schools?
I understand that the lack of pay is a big part
I mean, I make more than most teachers-$31,000 a year-and all I do is fix computers and shit all day. (that figure is not take-home. After taxes, retirement, medical, union dues, all that BS, I'm looking at less than $23,000 take-home. Shitty, huh?)
AND what I make is entry-level, government pay. If I got the same two-year degrees as my co-workers, and went out into the private world, I'd make even more.

Ok, so to sum it up, a teacher must have at least 4 years of college. Check out the teacher's pay scale:
They get the shaft.
Yeah what happened to your windshield is called thermal shock.

The opposite is how they temper safety gas. They hit still-hot windows with a blast of liquid nitrogen. This causes the outside of the glass to cool (shrink) quicker, and causes internal tension in the glass, making it a great deal stronger. Until the outside is damaged, then it breaks into little bits.

Just another useless hunk of info stored in the my head. I have many others.

How the hell is everyone?
(those of you I know mainly, but anyone else feel free to answer)
How many of you are in school, and what are the rest of you doing?

And Collins, I'll try and post every night, since my job makes me deal with all kinds of stuff, I seem to be full of insight lately. (lets not talk about what I'm full of normally)
also. today I heard someone say " buttsex? "
I laughed, and thought of Jimmy.
but then I realised someone was ripping him off.
I was disgruntled.
but then I laughed.
Next I run into Jimmy, or if he reads this, he'll see why I laugh.
One day, long ago he told me people said : " Tza! "
I was disgruntled.
Now i'll get to tell him people say " buttsex? " as commonly as "Hi there."
and laugh some more.

By the way, if you are posting here - whatever has done - has made it SLUX.
SLUX is a combonation of Slow and Sux.
The servers take forever now to generate / upload :\
I've just sent Mr. R an invitation to post here. I hope to gather Napster's email address by tomorrow and get him on this as well... that is, if he has a computer to work from. A side note : Today I saw a commercial which popularized "Home Computers" ... and the concept confused me. How many of you out there have computers where you 'share' the computer with your ENTIRE family? I wouldn't be able to take it. From the age of around 7-9 I've had my own computer (which at the time was a packard bell, and packard bells suck. a lot) I found it funny, very funny - that people buy computers on impulse these days -- not because they need it, as much as everyone else is getting a computer so they better as well.

I laugh at all of you out there having to share your computer with the rest of your family. & I also laugh at anyone who buys the game Frogger 2 for a PC to play on. I don't laugh if you've already bought it, played it, and have fun playing it. You are too far beyond laughing at. You are fit to be our president or a teacher at a public school. Hell, write news reports.
I've realised plenty of the 'news' that is fed to the public is a crock of shit.

" Panem et Circences " - Bread and Circuses.
I have it written on my wall.
Remember that always.
As long as you've got food in your stomache, and clowns to laugh at - everything's fine. ah hah. hah hah. hah.

In other news, What everyone wants to do with the _____.:::ó idea I'm not against, but it strays from the original reason I tried to get this together ( and is horribly, horribly failing at ). If you've gotten an invitation to this - I've given it to you because I respect your opinion, and would like you to contribute. I know, it's difficult at this moment in time - but with the Idea's that both Aaron (Whitechocolate) and Jake (not here yet) have contributed, I plan to make things much easier. I'm working on the site even as we speak. Or well, it should be done by this weekend.

I don't want to go to school tomorrow. But damnit, I'm going to have to. I think I'm going to go shoot myself now.
- bang.