September 30, 2003


I think i saw that one, but I think i was also bored, because i didn't pay attention...

however, that could also be because i was having a bad day when i was watching it.

Who knows.

At this point, I don't remember being immensely surprised by it, so i'll have to watch it again and see if i'm wrong about that.

Any others?
An upredictable movie: The Game.
[New Season]

I'd have to say that with the start of the new college year, I feel like a new person... even though I don't get to partake in college anymore.

Instead I've decided to do something else equally entertaining and far more cheaper. I'll just go to Odegaard and use all their resources. I have a ton of roommates all going to UW and friends that go there as well. Basically I can still read all the texts, attend the lectures, and walk around campus and nobody can stop me.

How's that UW TUITION BOARD!? Mwahahah... Free college never tasted so good.

Right now i'm reading up on my Developmental Psychology, all at the College's expense. Oh, and I'm using their wireless connection... mwahahaha again. And later, well later i'll prolly go up and use their Apple Cinema Displays to edit and work on pictures.


And James, seriously... do something about the background. That tiling is pissing me off in the retinas.


oh wait... didn't need the evil laugh for that.

Damn you, you stupid californian bitch, i hate you with all i am...


Had to vent that. I hate it when people have permanent guests over, and what do they do... they use all our water, stock the refrigerator with their food, use our electricity, take all the time in th bathroom, and then... then... they don't FUCKING PAY A CENT for it!

Ra...... ra.....

I had this conversation with Mr. Collins the other day... which was really last night, but i felt like "the other day" fit better... or sounded better, so i went with it...

but basically i ask... is there any movie you have seen that wasn't predictable? I can't think of any off the top of my head... at least none recent. So if anyone has any ideas about that... do tell.

Oh and... does anybody even know that the slugs moved back to this blogspot?

September 29, 2003

OOoo - neato.

with the new setup I can ( EASILY ) give everyone thier OWN little place to upload files, a personal ftp login, and email address.

not bad for 6.50 a month.
i said goddamn.

but um..oh well. ill just wait.

Personally, I like this.

I miss blogspot... perhaps i'm the only one. but then again, i've always been a fan of simplicity and such.

I had a picture to post, but i'm too tired to post it so i'll do it later.

September 28, 2003

Oooo. blogspotty. you'll also notice no images work.
by this time tomorrow, the board will be gone.

Confirm Plan Change >
Your request to change your plan has been received. This may take up to 24 hours to process. If you have not received confirmation and further instructions in 24 hours, please contact our Support Team at

gimme a bit o time.
and she'll be right back.

Hm....this isn't really nuking.

It's more like not feeding it, letting it whither and starve while we all watch, horrified.

Then again, some of us will be poking with sticks and watching it twitch and writhe in agony.

September 26, 2003

Think of the children!!!!!!!!! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


: (

Dear Customer:

This is a brief reminder that your payment for your web hosting account was due on 2003-09-20.
If you have already sent your payment, please disregard this letter and accept our thanks.

Please send check payments to:

Hostway Billing Center
P.O. Box 7044
Romeoville, IL 60446

Please include your domain name or customer ID on your check.


You can't! You can't... not when the third installment is finally almost done!

You sonofabitch!


board going away for a bit soon.
oh. and just for good measure.
im going to nuke for a second and third time.

September 23, 2003

hAy Jeff-o.

I'll live with you.

really.really i will. seriously.
[Room For Rent]

Finding a roommate is hard...
especially finding the right one...

especially finding one of the female persuasion.

Bah! I've gone through two potential roommates, both having problems keeping them from moving in.

Double bah.
But I think I'll be interviewing someone today who will definitely move in.

I think of this roommate thing because of what I have seen happen between another set of roommates, though I will mention no names.

See, the trick is... if you want to remain good good friends with someone, you avoid being roommates with them, unless you are POSITIVE that their inherent personality structures won't clash with yours. And who really is ever that positive.

The other trick, of course, is to have plenty of space available between the lot of you.

Oh well, that's all I had to say, because it's Tuesday at 1 and I don't have my post ready, [I won't go into it], and yeah...


September 22, 2003

Hey Steve, if you'd notice, all of the pictures drawn were flames. That was the point, I had one for James too, but it wasn't very funny so I didn't post it. That's cool if you don't want to pay, I talked to the lady down at the apartment office today, she said since you were still on the lease when we missed the deadline, you were just as legally responsible as we were for that payment. So if I were a petty jackass (which I'm not saying I'm not), I could bring you to small claims court for your fourth of the money, since there were four of us on the lease at that time. First of all, I was joking around with Courtney when I apparently claimed it "mine", and I actually said it was fine for you guys to come get it before the fifth. I bet she left out that part huh?

The best part about your reply, you called my flame "unfounded".

Now that's a crack up.

Actually, Aaron.
If you're going to resort to stupid and unfounded flames...
You really should take a look at yourself.
"Hey I've found a new game I can play...Heroes! Because now I can
play that and since it's turn-based I can talk to Ana and she won't get
pissed at me for playing a game while talking to her!"

Thanks, by the way, for buying the futon. Since it was declared to be "yours"
before my deadline. I imagine it was rather expensive, say $150.
Although I can't draw worth shit. I thought I'd do one.

September 21, 2003

"Every cynic is a disappointed idealist." George Carlin said that.

That idealism comes from naivety.


There were some stickers for Baseball....I only saw them on cars at the speedway though. Come to think of it, those may have all been hand painted.


The same goes for me as Steven - no stickers or dead kid shrines by the side of the road if I bite it. Just go out and get roaring drunk in my honor.
Actually I have to be the one to step up and say that James answers about women are just stupid. Just more of his "I have it all figured out" bull. Dunno why people don't realize this. Yes there are women who are like that. James can have them all to himself, I'm sure they'll be happy. But regardless, the generalization is bs. 'nuff said.

Jeff on the other hand, I know exactly what ya mean with the idealism thing. Of course, not all of us lose that..such as the aforementioned person. Sure those behaviors may change within those people..but they don't go away. But my issue with it is different than yours. I look back on that idealism as stupid, yet I miss it simply because it gave me some kind of meaning...or something. Not having that kinda leaves an empty hole inside me. Sucks a bit.

Bradbury, I really hate those fucking "In memory of" stickers people get on their cars. It's stupid. Nobody got one when Josh Baseball was killed at Spanaway Speedway. Nobody got one when Wendel Henry got hit by a car on Meridian. It pisses me off.
Anybody gets a bumper sticker for me when I die (And I know nobody cares enough anyway) I'll come back from hell and cauterize your ass shut with my pitchfork.

September 20, 2003

All right!
Stop whatcha doin'
'cause I'm about to ruin
the image and the style that ya used to.
I look funny
but yo I'm makin' money see
so yo world I hope you're ready for me.
Now gather round
I'm the new fool in town
and my sound's laid down by the Underground.
I drink up all the Hennessey ya got on ya shelf
so just let me introduce myself
My name is Humpty, pronounced with a Umpty.
Yo ladies, oh how I like to hump thee.
And all the rappers in the top ten--please allow me to bump thee.
I'm steppin' tall, y'all,
and just like Humpty Dumpty
you're gonna fall when the stereos pump me.
I like to rhyme,
I like my beats funky,
I'm spunky. I like my oatmeal lumpy.
I'm sick wit dis, straight gangsta mack
but sometimes I get ridiculous
I'll eat up all your crackers and your licorice
hey yo fat girl, c'mere--are ya ticklish?
Yeah, I called ya fat.
Look at me, I'm skinny
It never stopped me from gettin' busy
I'm a freak
I like the girls with the boom
I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom
I'm crazy.
Allow me to amaze thee.
They say I'm ugly but it just don't faze me.
I'm still gettin' in the girls' pants
and I even got my own dance

The Humpty Dance is your chance to do the hump
Do the Humpty Hump, come on and do the Humpty Hump
Do the Humpty Hump, just watch me do the Humpty Hump
Do ya know what I'm doin', doin' the Humpty Hump
Do the Humpty Hump, do the Humpty Hump

People say "Yo, Humpty, you're really funny lookin'"
that's all right 'cause I get things cookin'
Ya stare, ya glare, ya constantly try to compare me
but ya can't get near me
I give 'em more, see, and on the floor, B,
all the girls they adore me
Oh yes, ladies, I'm really bein' sincere
'cause in a 69 my humpty nose will tickle ya rear.
My nose is big, uh-uh I'm not ashamed
Big like a pickle, I'm still gettin' paid
I get laid by the ladies, ya know I'm in charge,
both how I'm livin' and my nose is large
I get stoopid, I shoot an arrow like Cupid,
I use a word that don't mean nothin', like looptid
I sang on Doowhutchalike, and if ya missed it,
I'm the one who said just grab 'em in the biscuits
Also told ya that I like to bite
Well, yeah, I guess it's obvious, I also like to write.
All ya had to do was give Humpty a chance
and now I'm gonna do my dance.

The Humpty Dance is your chance to do the hump
Do the Humpty Hump, come on and do the Humpty Hump
Do the Humpty Hump, just watch me do the Humpty Hump
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Oh, yeah, that's the break, y'all
Let me hear a little bit of that bass groove right here
Oh, yeah!
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let me tell ya a little bit about this dance
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First I limp to the side like my leg was broken
Shakin' and twitchin' kinda like I was smokin'
Crazy wack funky
People say ya look like M.C. Hammer on crack, Humpty
That's all right 'cause my body's in motion
It's supposed to look like a fit or a convulsion
Anyone can play this game
This is my dance, y'all, Humpty Hump's my name
No two people will do it the same
Ya got it down when ya appear to be in pain
Humpin', funkin', jumpin',
jig around, shakin' ya rump,
and when the dude a chump pump points a finger like a stump
tell him step off, I'm doin' the Hump.

The Humpty Dance is your chance to do the hump
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Black people, do the Humpty Hump, do the Humpty Hump
White people, do the Humpty Hump, do the Humpty Hump
Puerto Ricans, do the Humpty Hump, just keep on doin' the hump
Samoans, do the Humpty Hump, do the Humpty Hump
Let's get stoopid!

The Humpty Dance is your chance to do the hump
Do the Humpty Hump, come on and do the Humpty Hump
Do the Humpty Hump, just watch me do the Humpty Hump
Do ya know what I'm doin', doin' the Humpty Hump
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Oh, yeah, come on and break it down
Once again, the Underground is in the house
I'd like to send a shout out to the whole world,
keep on doin' the Humpty Dance,
and to the ladies,
peace and humptiness forever

September 19, 2003

i should sleep. but instead im posting.

3am. in four hours i work. aint it cool.
i'll probably end up leaving at 9am again, driving around the flight line and listen to 80s musik.
i love being in the air force.

HAHA-look at his shorts.

and concerning andy's picture, heres this fun little conversation:

cyclope45: i like how its like raining w/ no clouds.
zak p o w: I was going to put clouds
zak p o w: but remember what i told you
zak p o w: i added the rain last minute
cyclope45: i also like how theres a sun too
zak p o w: MOON
zak p o w: HENCE NIGHT
cyclope45: moon doesnt shine like that :P
zak p o w: havent you ever heard of MOONSHINE BEFORE?
zak p o w: well there it is.
cyclope45: if it was that "radiant" than why did he say "...dark and rainy night!?!"
cyclope45: key word-dark
zak p o w: ...
zak p o w: daaamn you
zak p o w: DAAAMN YOU

Since james sucks at drawing me:

i think thats more accurate.


fordyce drew this one btw. i hate him. i hate him so much.

She's sarge's little girl



you guys suck. none of you have done any. pff.

September 18, 2003

Oh how much i hate you... oh the hate i am feeling, i must kill, im cuting your break lines...yes...yes i am your fucken whore ...yiff....GOD I HATE THAT WORD!!!!!!!!!

I AM NOT A FURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with bradbury and the rest of you are fucking whiners. SHE DIED SHE WAS POPULAR GOOD FOR HER. If i have to sit though the WHOLE 13 CHANNELS I GET hearing about " how she was so young so hot and sexy and oh so full of ...... .... " Ill kill someone. Ill tell ya one thing, you have to suck a pretty good amount of cock to get on the news. * hint hint nudge nudge *

im going back to hell. AND FUCK YOU JAMES!!!!!!!!!
I agree with bradbury. If, say, I had died - none of you would have gotten CALLED by MR. HAMMOND the principal and have him leave a messege on your answernig machine about how I will be missed. Entirely a popularity scam, as DS would contest to. Some kid died off, who was an underachiever and in her classroom and dealt with 'shady people' - and when he keeled over nobody gave half a shit.

Personally, I could care less if some rich bitch in a honda civic gets blasted by an eighteen wheeler in front of the school. Heres when I will care :


see. there is me in my tza car. even though my car isnt green. but still. its the thought that counts. if i died in a car accident all of you motherfuckers better spam the hell out of the board with every catchphrase you can come up with. Ive been think up some myself. Here is some things I'd like to see you all post, of course I wouldnt see them being as I would dead, but again - it is the thought that counts :

" I hate that motherfucker. He is dead now "

" I guess you could say that life caught up to him. or. well. A big huge truck representing life, yes. you could say that it caught up to him at fifty five miles per hour. Bad life. Ba-a-a-d."

" James is dead. begin the rejoicing."

I dont know, Ive got nothing. but asides from all that here is a little 'project' for all of you. MAKE YOUR OWN RENDITION OF THE BOARD MEMBERS! thats right, get out your PAINTSHOP PRO and your PHOTOSHOP skillz for this one. Make yourselves a 350x350 image depicting each board member individually. I will be doing this for everyone, even old members of the board who left the slugs like the slugs would give half a rats ass if they were coming or going : like andy and chrissie and steven. To finish up my post and to kick this off, here is a couple I've already done.

the asian menace, jimmoi

the crazy ex girlfriend, heather

the angsty ex buddy, andy

my homo yifftastic scooter sibling, michael

I look forward to all of your's rendition of myself ;)
You guys completely missed the point I was trying to make there.

I'm not upset about her death. I could give a shit less about her.

It's more about how people have reacted to her new status as a road stain than the fact that she bit it.

My point:
Why is this a big fucking tragedy? Shit happens, she's dead. Get over it. In the past year, two other 16 year old Bethel girls were killed in auto accidents, neither of those was a huge deal.
Bradbury, I'm gonna have to agree with Bonnie on that... It makes absolutely no sense for you to be upset about about that chick dying. What does it matter how much or little attention someone else gets in a situation like that? If it was you, people who care about you would be mourning your death. Isn't that enough?

Remember Princess Diana... She died and they talked about it in the news forever...I was personally sick of hearing about it. The media covers what they think people in the audience will care about, they don't really's just a business. So don't take it personally.
I am becoming very loathesome of humanity.

This is not from anything said here...

but just a simple fact. A sad... sad simple fact. I feel as if people in general are... just... "ungh".

Do you remember when you were a kid and idealistic? And then you become an adult, and where does the idealism go? Really? Where... cause I'd like to know.

I wonder what would happen if you could just inject knowledge into your brain and start out life a little early, so you could enjoy and use some of that idealism...

meh, that prolly just means it would die at an even earlier age.

A part of me... a part of me feels like screaming and beating my fists upon anything that would give under such a beating...

and then the other part of me reminds me: what then?

and to that, i have no answer.
I'm not angry...just frustrated with the situation.

Yeah, we all make mistakes. It happens. Hers, although fatal, was a very small mistake. And she paid for it. You can only hope it ended quickly for her.

When it comes to the whole "popularity" thing, that's a little angering. The news media just helps keep the popularity contest going. Now there's going to be a huge shrine at the spot where she was killed (tacky little custom, isn't it?), and stickers on everyone's cars, a page in the yearbook dedicated to her. It's all a bunch of bullshit.

And all of her bullshit little friends, the stupid jockstraps, will all go to college on mommy and daddy's dime, and then be used car salesmen.
indeed, she was in Guys and Dolls last year...thats how i knew her, and yah i can redily admit that i didnt like her. But being in a drama production still brings people close together, and even though it took me about 24 hours for it to really hit me, i still felt really really bad.
Okay, while James had many valid points. In fact, I'd be loathe to disagree with them at all, Tom Leykis is not a fucking guru about reality. While I listen to the show while driving from time to time and do laugh at the hilarity, Tom Leykis is merely a shock jock who knows how to exploit a target audience in order to raise ratings and make a lot of money. Tom Leykis appears to know very little about the way people think in general, instead he knows a lot about one particular sect of the male gender, and he generalizes the rest of us into that sect. If you don't fit his stereotype, you are a "pussy", the man is a god damned ideological nazi, albeit a funny one. That is all I have to say about that.
However, Bradbury, she's still dead. Sure, she did something stupid, but I'm sure we've all done things like that if we were running late...we just didn't have the bad luck of getting hit. What's the point of being angry about it? She's dead, people are sad...yeah, she's getting a lot of attention because she was popular....but once again, why get angry? Just let those people grieve the way they know calling the news.
Well spoken James... anyone who disagrees with the points you made has got a very distorted perception of reality. Your words are also in sync with radio personality Tom Leykis 3-8pm 100.7 FM

September 17, 2003

Wow dude, I thought I was fucked up. Shit.


Zach-O, man, you're a god.

Now, I'm not the type to fuck with people's stuff, but that fucking rocks.

I'd have probably done worse, such as the classic "Toda bounce," a technique perfected by a friend of mine, wherein you just jump-sit on the hood of the car as hard as possible, thus reshaping the hood to match your ass and the engine.

Or just waited for the guy and kicked his ass.

Another good suggestion I heard: steal one of the plates. When he reports it stolen, he'll either has to get new plates (that don't say what he wants) or get pulled over a lot. At gunpoint. Cause if you're driving a car with a plate that's been reported stolen (which lasts five years if not recovered) you're treated as if you stole the car.



To 16 year-old dipshit high school girl: When 30,000 lbs. of truck traveling at 55 mph meets 3,000 lbs. of car traveling 5 mph guess what happens. Oh, yeah, you figured it out. Better luck in the next life. Anyone calls her a victim needs to get smacked. The driver of that truck is the victim.

Oh, look, someone who was popular died, better call out all three local news channels. Fuck I hate that. If that had been any of us, it would have only been a footnote in tomorrow's paper.
the other day i was at the store and i saw a car with vanity plates that said

"L 33 T"

i keyed the car.
ok. so we now have cable in Roy.
but first I would like to school you all in what Ive come to terms with sexuality.
at the foremost of the list is women. women are tricky creatures.
here are a few things Ive learned about women, and their libido.

1. Women want to be treated like shit - they will never outright tell you " Hey James I want you to treat me like dirt under your shoe, thats h.a.w.t." - oh no. Instead they'll deny the whole thing. They'll call you an ass and they'll say they hate you when its all battling themselves and the fact they they really want you to beat the living shit out of them and fuck them in the ass. This is what Ive come to the conclusion of because of the mentality of " Nice Guys Finish Last " - In the unlikely event you do not treat a woman like utter garbage, they'll throw you into the dreaded 'friend' category. Which is to say " Yes I will talk to you, no I will not fuck you or give you any sexual favors for candy. "

2. Sexual activity is most definately doubled in pleasure when I am in control. Take for instance the following images :

do you notice how happy these images make me?
Here I will make a graph for you :

as you will notice that I did not title this graph. This will make many teachers who taught me and SPECIFICALLY TOLD THE CLASS TO PUT A FUCKING TITLE ON THE GRAPH AND NOBODY EVER FUCKING DID AND THEY STILL GOT GOOD GRADES BUT NO I REMEMBERED AND ALWAYS PUT A TITLE BUT DID I GET BONUS POINTS? FUCK NO BECUASE THE CLASS WAS FUCKING INANE. In any event, if I did put a title to the graph it would be called " James happiness over bondage time. " or " Bondage goodness and happytime " or " Bondange and Good " or something. I dont know. Reguardless, we move onto number three.

.3 - which some of you will notice is actually three tenths of one, but for the rest of you will not notice and simply figure I put the period in the wrong spot - which I did, but then came up with a clever excuse for my mistake. Now, having come up with the clever excuse for my mistake, I have actually forgotten what numbe three was. Henceforth, we will move onto number four.

.4 - see above

5. Eating pussy. More and more I keep running into women who's male counterparts will not partake in such an activity. Surely men have gotten over the fact that they're licking a swollen open wound as much as women have gotten over the fact that they're swallowing a dirty meat rod! It confuses me so much how many men are still weary about this activity that sometimes I make a cute little vagina with my own hands and casually drag my tongue across and inside of my own two palms. Sure it tickles. Sure it gets saliva all over my hands. But you know what? When I get married my wife will be glad that I played with my false vagina hands.

6. I've suddenly realised that my post, howver long and boring and sexually tainted it may be, is full of sex sex sex. This may bother some people. So issue number six is specifically designed to appease and shut those fuckheads up.

7. Let me now deal with the obvious responses of " DUDE YOU DONT HAVE SEX HUR HUR " or " MAN I GET MORE SEX FROM MY FAT UGLY GIRLFRIEND WHO SMELLS LIKE URINE THAN YOU DO SITTING THERE TALKING ABOUT IT " or the ever famous, and my favorite : " YOU R HOMO " - To these I respond to, respectively - " In order to properly maintain a level of sanity and view sexuality as a whole, one must seperate themselves from the actual partaking of sexual events so that they do not become hedonistic in nature and drag themselves into never ending world of pain and pleasure. With this in mind, the probability of those actually having sex having any say on the matter is nil", "dude, your girlfriend smells like urine." and finally " I fucked your mom last night and she said I was homo too, mostly because I came in her ass."

8. marijuana. people who smoke too much weed are stupid. I'd just like to point that out.

9. more about the mysteries of women. I've also found that the more readily available you make yourself to a woman, the less she will want you. The trick is to be busy at all times, and ignore them. Or to be far away. If they cannot see you or cannot touch you or cannot actually grab your manstick of love and jerk on it violently until you are sufficiently gorged with enough blood in which to partake in the actual mating ritual which most people refer to as " FUCKING LIKE DOGS " then when they actually *CAN* get around you to do so, they will. Either that or they'll slap you when you whip out your little man and tell the woman ' get to work ' - reguardless of this, they'll still go home after calling you a grotesque pig and stick various objects into their slits of sexual pleasure such as champange bottles, baseball trophies, webcams, gallon bottles of orange juice, and three bags of marbles. You may not be getting action, but while she's rubbing the five inch tall g.i. joe against her vaginal love canal you can rest well at night knowing that she's thinking of you.

10. Women will always assume you are a dirty man. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO LIVE UP TO THIS ASSUMPTION. They will always play the lolita card on you. Always. There will always come a time when the mention of " a schoolgirl " or " cheerleader " somehow slips its way into your casual conversation with your female associate about video games ( HAH HAH HAH ) - and the next thing you know she'll be wearing knee-high socks, mary-janes, a pleated schoolgirl outfit, and a little-girl voice that she practiced for hours and hours in front of a mirror to get that perfect " HEY LOOK AT ME IM UNDER AGED " vibe to it. again, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to tell her that you have a special lollypop for her, or that she's been a bad girl and needs to be punished, or that you have some homework for her to complete. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

This constant notion that you will be a DIRTY OLD MAN comes from the fact that your female associate was MOLLESTED as a child by either HER FATHER or some other dirty old man, and from that experience when she was SIX YEARS OLD she has come to accept that ALL MEN would like to play around with little girls. Whereas this is mostly true in the south, this does not necissarily apply to all men. I, myself, find children terribly revolting and they make me want to vomit. Now vomit during sexual intercourse isnt necissarily a *BAD* thing, but have you ever tried to keep a stiff willie during vomiting your last meal? It is a difficult endeavor, I should say. Especially if you ate corn on the cob. Not only does the corn come out undigested, but jesus christ that Cob is a bitch coming back up.

I will continue with a follow up post later on today.

September 16, 2003

todays my birthday and im depressed because i turn 17 on this day. you know what that means? absolutely NOTHING i still got a year until i can do anything ... fun or exciting and im sure it might not be as exciting as i think it is but who knows some people might think it is and some might not. so yeah today sucks. wait today is the best day of my life. you know why because i get cable internet yeah boo ya. well i like that phrase boo ya yeah i think ill use that in every other sentence now. well goodbye ill post again in another 3 weeks or so. so ya .. boo ya.
nono its funny cause thats what this site has been for the past three days....and counting, but who am i to talk cause i really have nothing to contribute at the moment

September 13, 2003

[dead | daed]

It's funny, cause... i've seen james laugh at the concept of death, and the idea of death in others...

and yet, he also gets scared shitless when it is applied to him.

Something to consider.

September 12, 2003

Aaron, you forgot one thing.

Here I'll fix your post for you >>>

Johnny Cash, whether you like Country Music or not is an important musical figure. He played gritty country songs about real life shit. He never sold out and became a watered down pop musician. He's like the James Dean of music, with the moniker "The Man in Black", he was an undeniably cool icon. Also, he's one of the only older musicians not afraid to cover new material, that's what his last two albums were. Johnny Cash wrote great songs, and he is also dead. Dead.dead.dead.dead.dead. Did I mention he is dead?
Now, when I first read James' post I thought "Don't reply, that's what he wants." But I have to.

Johnny Cash, whether you like Country Music or not is an important musical figure. He played gritty country songs about real life shit. He never sold out and became a watered down pop musician. He's like the James Dean of music, with the moniker "The Man in Black", he was an undeniably cool icon. Also, he's one of the only older musicians not afraid to cover new material, that's what his last two albums were. Johnny Cash wrote great songs, so basically James, fuck you man.
Johnny Cash is dead.


and I laughed.

September 11, 2003

Now by no means am i a religious person, but by (insert deity here) ive recently just felt a need to communicate with something.
My prayer as of late has been thus--
"Dear Lord please give me the strength to not kill a small chinese man on this day of (insert date), He cant speak english and i cant speak chinese and neither should fault the other on the matter."
It has a strange calming effect
[mysterious 8:30]

I was woken up today at nine something by my boss calling me to tell me that she'd be in today, so that it would be alright to come into work today. Originally I thought the call was someone else because the ringer tone sounded different then the one I'm used to...

... but alas no, it wasn't and no fun chocolate center surprise awaited me in the form of a caller.

However, after the call, I noticed that someone called me around eight-thirty. The number was "Restricted" however, so I don't know who it was. Oh well, no big deal... except... this person has been trying to reach me for the last couple of days. I don't know who it is, because in the past it has said "Unavailable" and now "Restricted". I don't know who you are...

but damn, if you're gonna call me, try doing it at a reasonable hour. Obviously you want to talk otherwise you wouldn't keep calling... just... damn, think ahead... or put some initiative to actually call again in the same FUCKING DAY, instead of taunting me with a phantom caller...

Bah, i'm still half-asleep and this post is making no sense.

I hate you Sylvester Stallone... you and your Judge Dredd.

September 10, 2003

[Plan 12 from Inner Space]

I love this episode of the X-Files, because they mention Plan 9 from Outer Space, and it actually plays through for about three minutes. You can actually hear and see clips from it...

and i found that amusing, because it was such a horrible movie, that it became funny.

Damn, i wish i hadn't lost my copy of Glen or Glenda! The last time I remember having it was either that time we went camping at Dash Point, or it was that time we watched it in jOe's house.

I can't remember which.

And that is all for now.

September 09, 2003

Bonnie, that was great.

You pointed out something I forgot to: Most teacher strikes aren't about wanting a raise, they're about not wanting to take a pay cut. Seems like every time a contract comes up, the districts are trying to take away more than they offer in raises - something they no doubt have learned from big business.

Which is exactly the problem, schools are being run as if they are a business. Seems like a good idea to some, but in reality it doesn't work all that well.

Insofar as trying to control a classroom full of 8th graders goes: no thanks. Just being around them to fix shit is more than enough for me.
I don't really have a lot to say on the subject. However, my mom is a teacher. I know she'd still teach even if she got paid less because that's how passionate she is about it. I also know that most of her paycheck goes back to the students in the form of supplies, etc. or back to student loans.However, just because my mom is afforded that luxury of having the choice to work for little money due to my dad, doesn't mean all teachers are. Also, can anyone say they wouldn't want to get paid more reguardless of what their job is?

Aaron is right. The world needs teachers. I'd take that one step further and say that the world needs GOOD teachers who have an education, who know what they are talking about and who are passionate about what they teach. You know...I suppose it's hard to be too passionate about something when you're starving becuase you don't get paid enough to pay off your student loans AND eat...and hey, look...all your medical benefits just got taken away and oh you have pneumonia but you can't take off work because you don't have any sick days left...I guess that would kind of m ake it hard to teach when you're coughing up green goo every 5 seconds. You're right, Inverse Enigma, being a teacher is a shitty job. So why not make it better, and if not better, quit taking away what they already have. It's not an easy job, either. I can almost guarantee you couldn't last a day in an 8th grade classroom full of kids with ADD who have just come down off their medicine. almost forgotten about that damn little apartment in tacoma
Jimmoi since you live in Alaska wouldnt it be a safe assumption that to pick up bitches at the bar (or as you previously referred to them Mammoths of the Frozen Tundra) you wouldnt need much more than a bag of funyuns and perhaps weapons grade tranqulizer (aka Any type of hard liquor) if the need arises?
As for the whole teacher debate, my moms a teacher, and alls i know is that usually around the endish middle part of the month our fridge is pretty empty and my mom comes to me to borrow 20 bucks so her bank account doesnt close....its a strangely envigorating feeling knowing that you have less than a grand in the bank and you have more money than your parents. But thats what some teachers go through. except for the administration pricks who dont do much more than walk around the halls with walkee talkies....they get paid more than security guards cause they wear a suit and dont walk around looking like "biggee fresh" or Gary Coleman (we all know Tate here right?)

September 08, 2003

id add to this conversation, but i:

a) dont care
b) no longer pay taxes in washington
c) am not a teacher
d) am all of the above

but this is a good debate. i enjoyed reading it. i think a person (sides from bradbury) that can add some good input is napster. i remember his stories of being fed dorito chips and funyuns under the walkin closet door that was his room. or ds, since she is a teacher.

im bought a "vintaqe" michael jackcon red jacket (as seen in thriller!) and a ratt t-shirt. figuared i'll be set to pick up the bitches at the bar. haha. yea. fuck off.

[Developing the Leader with You]

'Tis funny...

out of all the words I likely misspelled, and out of all the words I typed,
You seemed to zero in on that one rather well...

Almost sounds like projection... mr. collins...
(and that's freudian too) ;)

1. there is a reason i didnt graduate highschool
2. there is a reason i didnt become a teacher
3. there is a reason that jeff typed : "
to be a teacher. In all fariness, I still keep"
( its called a freudian slip, he should understand that )
4. there is a reason that you should download the google toolbar, as it allows you to now blog via it.

5. i must now go defecate, there is a reason for this as well.

Funny thing is... i considered strongly to be a teacher. In all fariness, I still keep that as a potential possibility. All i would really have to do is go back for two more years of training... if that.

But really, one thing, or one major thing anyway, is the fact that i want to be able to eat more than a quarter pounder with cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I've heard it a thousand times: lots of teachers take on two jobs just to afford the luxury of following that passion of teaching because they have a family of their own and, as Bradbury elegantly pointed out, have student loands...

Until you accumulate student loans following what you want to do, i'd be careful what you talk about...

and this:

I'd rather fly passionate teachers in from the Philippines than send my kid off to learn from someone who thinks about teaching as "just their job."

I hope you were joking, and i figure that you were...

because seriously, people from the Phillipines? ANYBODY underqualified to teach should not be able to teach... then when have a nation of Bethel graduates basically...

no offense to all you Bethel Graduates, but i was one of you, and i remember some of the really dumb ass teachers in that school...

Really, who can recall a good teacher... and how many...
my list is fairly short: Colovos, Mr. Wright (i think was his name - Materials Science Teacher), Ms. Paris, Mr. Sawatski, Mr. Ball, Mr. Gliege (to some he may not have seemed it, but he was fairly decent)...

Short list eh, considering the number of teachers we had (and yes, i'm sure i am forgetting one or two).

I won't go to far into this, because Bradbury did a good job of outlining costs and all...

But i will give this... do you remember all those know-it-all substitutes who would come in and start trying to teach you, and you'd realize that you 1) knew more than they did about the subject, and 2) they really didn't know shit?

Yea, that's what you're basically asking to populate the school with... Not passionate teachers, but passionate substitutes.

So in the end... i think there's a good chance i would have been training for teaching if not for the fact that had i gone that route, it would have taken me years to pay off student loans, and more to have a house and all that.

No, they get paid shit, and we need them, and by that, they have every right to basically fight for their livelihood. Sometimes i'm surprised we have teachers...
That's a bit of a skewed view of the situation Jordan....

First off, 90% of the time teachers aren't striking to get some elaborate raise. Most often, it's to avoid losing things they already have. When they are striking for more money, it's usually for a cost of living adjustment.

Secondly, teachers get paid shit. Most garbage truck drivers make more money with better benefits than most teachers. Teachers need to spend a lot of the money they earn on education, both paying off the student loans they acquired in becoming a teacher, and paying for the ever continuing education they are required to take to keep their certificate.

"They have benefits... and they're not going to starve." Come on dude, that's a bullshit excuse. That's like saying "Homelessness isn't a problem, they can sleep in bus depots."

Better off paying teachers less? Where the fuck did you get that from? It has more negative consequences than positive ones. Can you say morale?

The idea of it just becoming a career isn't too far off - they pay administrators much more than they do teachers. There are a good number of people who go straight to the top without putting in years of making shit wages.

Also, the shitty pay keeps a lot of people that would have been excellent teachers from doing it. Take a look at Bethel's salary schedule

Let's see here, at an MA+45 and five years teaching you clear $40k a year. Or, a PhD and three years teaching. That's not going to attract a lot of people who would have otherwise been great teachers. $90,000 plus in education to start at $38K a year? Fucking shit man, no wonder there's a shortage of qualified teachers.
I never said nobody should be a teacher, I only said being a teacher is a shitty job. That, is a verifiable fact. Multiple know-it-all parents on your ass, other parents pissed because of their kid's bad grades. The school board able to overule your authority if someone bitches and moans loud enough. All while your salary isn't too far above the poverty line.

Do we need teachers? Yes...

Am I wrong in saying Teaching is a shitty job? No...

Personally, I think we're better off paying teachers less. They have benefits... and they're not going to starve. Who would you rather have teach your kid? Some low income teacher who teaches because it's their passion? Or some career oriented teacher who doesn't give a rat's ass about the kids.. and just wants to make a nice living? I'd rather fly passionate teachers in from the Philippines than send my kid off to learn from someone who thinks about teaching as "just their job." and I gurantee... that as soon as people start careers as teachers simply to make a good living... the passion..the inspiration for the kids... the force that encourages students to be successful.. will be lacking..if not absent.
Okay Inverse Enigma, let's take a look at what you've just said. Basically what you've said is that no one should be a teacher. THe problem with this is that society needs teachers. So, there has to be some sort of enticement to get people to be a teacher, and what is really the only thing this could be: MONEY!. Teaching is a job which requires a decent amount of education, and yet it pays so much less than jobs which require comparably less education. Yes, teachers know they're not going to make much money from the get go, but there's no one else to fight that battle for them, and it is a battle which needs to be fought. Our society needs teachers, and as long as this need exists, you are wrong.
What these teachers need to realize is... being a teacher is a shitty job. I wouldn't apply to work in fast food and then bitch about the pay. I know going in that it sucks. Teaching is a profession that people get into because they can't imagine themselves doing anything else. Now why...Why? do they continually go on strike to demand more money when they knew all along that the pay was shit?

September 07, 2003

[Every year]

So another year, another set of teacher strikes. I still remember last year when this came up as an issue... and the year before that...

I think this has been an issue since I was a junior in high school, maybe even before that.

I imagine that it will be this way until the economy picks up...

still though, it's a frustration... i can think of dozens of people i know that have said they would be teachers if only they would pay enough such to actually make a decent life for themselves.

in other less important news...

Demolition Man.


I had forgotten just how incredibly terrible this movie was... and then i saw it the other day.

I'm shocked that this and Speed were Sandra Bullock's career-founding movies.

I'm also shocked that there take on the future had Taco Bell being the only restaurant in the future. Taco Bell? I wonder how much Taco Bell spent funding this movie. Why didn't they just call the city Taco-angeles?

I hate you Stallone... but i'd never tell you that to your face cause you could prolly rip my arms off with but a thought.

But oh so do i hate you.

September 05, 2003

You know... this SoBig virus and this MSBlaster virus...

i'm glad i didn't have to worry about it.

cause it keeps screwing with everyone...

everyone but me.

However, i s'pose i shouldn't brag to much, or some bastard will come after me...

oh and...

ha ha ha haha ha... i bet james in iSketch...
yeeup, just had to add that in.

September 04, 2003

i think they forgot Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Turtles in Time, but a good list:


i plan to eventually own every single one of these movies too. i think that would be grande.
good times.

Big month in movies. SO much anticipation. Oh man.

Opening this weekend: SHAOLIN SOCCER!!! so much joy. sides from getting drunk this friday and saturday, im going to laugh it up at the american premire of this great movie and maybe see the ORDER. ooooo. creeeeeeepy.

Opening next weekend is Once Upon a Time in Mexico (i think...). I enjoyed Desperado, so i cant wait for this movie. Slema Hyeck and Blind Johnny Depp and shootings and flame thrower guitar cases. I think i just came in my pants.

and the weekend after that will be THE RUNDOWN. oh yes. i smell what the rock is cooking. and it smells like good times for all!

yes. a great month for movies.

September 03, 2003


Hmm, if everyone on the board, and everyone who reads the board could send me an email with their contact info, or post it (if you're daring enough), then that would be great.

Don't worry about sending me a virus or that sobig crap... having a Mac gives that little advantage.

Anyway, if everyone could, then that would help with something... and no, i won't spam you, that's just childish... unless you're the Pringles corporation of course.

September 02, 2003

How about
that would work. yea.
Tonight I had to deal with the moron/retard who called the publisher and got me canned. He was convinced to write a letter to the publisher, but the first letter was total shit. So tonight, we head back over there..and argue with the stupid fuck until he gives up and copies this letter that *I* wrote word for word in his handwriting...


Recently I contacted you in regards to a problem with the newspaper carrier Jordan Smith. I told you that among other things he had used an expletive to describe disabled customers. This was not actually true, and does not represent his attitude at all. I was very emotionally charged when I spoke with him on the phone, and I became mixed up about what he said.

I recently met with the carrier and he explained to me where he was coming from, and why he did what he did. I had first moved the paper box to a very awkward delivery location without consulting him, and he simply moved it for easier access.
My failure to communicate with the carrier is what the problem was based on. In retrospect, he has been providing extra convenience to my disabled client for as long as he has had the route. I did not have a legitimate complaint, and I could have avoided a lot of misunderstanding if I had contacted him in a calm manner without threatening him right away. I would also like to apologize for bypassing customer service when addressing this issue. At the time I thought it was a very big deal, and wanted to make a big deal out of it.

Please do not terminate Jordan’s contract over my exaggerated account of what happened. He has always been more than willing to accommodate my disabled client, and will continue to do such. I can be reached at (360) 333-**** and really want to see Jordan get his route back.

The Guy who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground

Argh... there should not be people this stupid walking around in the general public....

September 01, 2003

You would change it from loose-slugs?

For shame... for shame...??