October 22, 2002

Right now I am sitting in the library at school and forced to watch several ex-bethelites/BBC members act like they really care about, or even know what an education is. Then I am led to sit and ponder the question...Do they actually know something that I don't? Were talking about the people who get stoned and drunk nightly, have been known to deface other peoples property, and basicly just be assholes, and I fear that they might actually be doing better in school than I am.

As I read what you guys are talking about, with "women in rock" and "rock" in general, I came to the realization that well, I don't care. I listen to music still, but I don't really care about it. I don't get all hyped up about a song anymore like I did in High School. And then again, I have to ask, why?

And then (still stuck on the whole High School thing here) I wish I was back in High School. I miss having weekends to use as I pleased, not having to work, being stick thin, and so on.

And then I have to go because Courtney is here and she gives me something more interesting to do than sit here and bitch to you people. ;)

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